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84’ Tall Tilt-Ups are the Star of the Show at the Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark Resort Project in Garden Grove

12 Apollo pavers

Pride of Ownership Keeps Apollo Pavers at the Forefront of the Outdoor Remodeling Game


16 D.H. Charles

Engineering, Inc. Providing Immediate Response, Inventive Design and Quality Work Since 1992

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• Rod inside of the frame no need guard plate to protect. • Speed valve as standard on 120, 130, 140 model

84’ Tall Tilt-Ups are the Star of the Show at the Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark Resort Project in Garden Grove Written By: Brian Hoover onstruction has begun on the Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark Resort in Garden Grove, making it the first California destination for Great Wolf Resorts, Inc., based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Great Wolf Resorts is the brand leader in the waterpark resort industry and currently has destinations in NC, OH, WA, TX, KS, MA, PA, MI, VA, WI and Ontario Canada. These year-round destination resorts are famous for providing families with quality accommodations, exceptional service and a variety of proprietary amenities all under one roof. The Great Wolf Lodge Resort is located just 2 miles from Disneyland and the Anaheim Convention Center along Harbor Boulevard between SR-22 and I-5. The 12-acre family entertainment waterpark resort hotel will feature a 328,000 square foot, 12-story, 603-room high-rise concrete-frame hotel and a 130,000 square foot indoor/ outdoor waterpark. In addition, there will be 30,000 square feet of conference space, 18,000 square feet of premier retail and dining options and a parking structure. Water rides and attractions will include the thrilling six-story Howlin’ Tornado™; the amazing Wolf Tail™ slide, with its 360 degree loop; Slap Tail Pond® 8

wave pool and Fort Mackenzie®, a multilevel interactive tree house with a 1,000 gallon tipping bucket. There is so much more to this new resort with live-action and adventure games that will keep children happy and busy for days. Great Wolf Lodge Southern California is wholly owned by GWGG, LLC, a joint venture between affiliates of McWhinney and Great Wolf Resorts, Inc. The project’s developer is privately held McWhinny Real Estate Services of Loveland, Colorado, while Ware Malcomb serves as Architect of Record on this project that is expected to be completed and open in early 2016. Architectural Design Consultants, Inc. is the design architect, Water Technology, Inc. is the waterpark ride designer, and Weber Group, Inc. is the theme designer. The general contractor for the project is Turner Construction and they turned to Largo Concrete, Inc. for all of the structural concrete on this project that broke ground March 21, 2014. Largo Concrete, Inc. (Largo) is a family owned and operated full service self-performing structural concrete and general contractor. They have successfully completed close to 1,000 structural

2014 2014 specialty Specialty Contractor conctractor ISSUE ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR CALCONTRACTOR

concrete projects over their 25 years with over 850 loyal and dedicated employees. Their resume includes the construction of parking structures, high-rise residential/mixed use structures, hotels, podiums, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, renewable energy fields and power blocks throughout the Western United States. In 1998, Largo opened an office in Southern California and has since relocated its headquarters to Tustin and also opened an office in San Diego, under the supervision of current President, Ken Long. They also currently have offices in Austin, TX and Las Vegas. Largo started out in California working on large hospitality projects near Disneyland and parking podiums throughout Southern California. More recently, Largo completed such noteworthy projects as the architecturally stunning Segerstrom Concert Hall, the Skyline Towers and the massive Genesis solar power plant. The Northern California office continues to grow and has recently completed such projects as the Stanford University Bio-E/Chem-E building, the Verdant Apartments podium and the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

Left & Below: Sequence shots of panel 4 (68 ft.) being tilted up with Mr. Crane’s Manitowoc 16000.

The Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark Resort Project in Garden Grove is another great job to add to Largo’s list of accomplishments. Chris Wills is the project manager for Largo on this project and he points out that there are three facets to Largo’s structural concrete contract. A 10-story Cast-In-Place (CIP) hotel, a 3-story metal deck building for the retail and entertainment venues and the indoor waterpark surrounded by tilt-up panels. There is also a CIP parking garage, but this is not part of Largo’s scope of work. “From a concrete standpoint, this is a unique project,” says Wills. “We have a little bit of everything on this project, including: tilt-up walls, CIP walls, shotcrete, mild steel decks, PT decks and metal decks, but it is the tilt-up panels that are the real star on this project.” The tilt-up panels are being used as the perimeter walls for the indoor waterpark. Utilizing tilt-up panels saves both time and money when compared to pouring a cast-in-place system. Approximately 2,000 yards of 4,000 PSI normal weight concrete

was poured to form 40 tilt-up panels of various sizes and shapes. After the pour, the panels were allowed to cure for anywhere from 10 to 30 days. “The largest panels are 84 feet tall, 260,000 lbs. and 20 feet wide, I believe making them the largest free standing panels ever placed,” says Wills. “In addition to the panels sheer size, many of the panels change thickness multiple times, have large blockouts in them and are framed on both by 36 inch deep pilasters. Many of them also step at the top and bottom to follow the foundation and roofline and have numerous structural embeds in them. It is unlike anything we have built before and forming has been a challenge, but one that we have excelled at thus far.” The heights of the tilt-up panels are among the top 10 tallest nationally, according to information provided on the Tilt-up Concrete Association website. According to Wills, there are large openings for windows and other features and also large returns at both ends of the panel that support the structural steel above. “A tilt-up panel contractor could most likely

place 40 conventional sized panels in one day, where these required more than a week to set,” says Wills. “We had Mr. Crane out on-site with their Manitowoc 16000 crane, which is the largest crane available on the West Coast. We worked very closely with the architect and engineer of record. Hub Specialties, Inc. was the firm we selected to engineer the panels for lifting and bracing, and they deserve a lot of credit for their professional performance. I would also like to acknowledge Holliday Rock and their representative John Rogers. They have been a partner with us since we first looked at the project in 2010, and have helped us every step of the way. It took the best that everyone had and we are quite proud and thankful for this accomplishment.” Chris Wills also mentions Largo superintendent, Joe Arciero, as well as project executives Phil Arciero and Rodger Greer as individuals that have gone above and beyond on this project. In addition, he points to Ted Rebelowski, another Largo executive “that was heavily involved in the preconstruction and bid process.

2014 2014 specialty specialty contractor Contractor ISSUE ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR CALCONTRACTOR


Above (L-R): Largo’s crew and Mr. Crane’s iron workers setting panel 7 (84 ft. and 290,000 pounds). Top Right: Overview of northeast corner setting panel 7.

“Everyone from the Turner Construction team has been great to work with, as have the project developer, McWhinney and all of their architects, designers officials from the City of Garden Grove. However, Chris Wills wishes to commend Paul Costa and superintendents Dennis Welsh and Tim Long for their commitment to excellence and assistance on the project.” Largo is still in the beginning stages of this project, having started out having to excavate more than 18,000 cubic yards of earth before pouring the foundations for all three buildings. They are well on their way with the construction of the slabs on grade, the first level of walls and columns in the hotel and most of the shotcrete walls. Largo also finished all of the forming of the


Above Right: First level of vertical walls and columns. Bottom: Panoramic view of the entire north, east, and partial view of the south sides of the resort.

panels and placed them from Oct. 8 to the 15th. “This job is also unique in that we have one superintendent that oversees all three crews working simultaneously on all three structures,” says Wills. “At our peak, we have had up to 70 individual workers on-site at once and that takes cooperation and teamwork on everybody’s part.” The 10-story hotel is the largest portion of the job, being constructed with all post tensioned CIP concrete. “We have concrete sheer walls and columns and 8 inch post tension decks going up 10 stories,” says Wills. “The typical deck is around 45,000 square feet and split into three separate pours. So we pour abc, abc, abc, all the way up. We are scheduled to be poured-out on the hotel portion by March 2015 and we have

2014 2014 specialty Specialty Contractor conctractor ISSUE ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR CALCONTRACTOR

recenly moved out of the ground and have placed two floors of elevated decks. Most of the approximately 10,000 cubic yards of concrete is 5,000 PSI high early mix normal weight. The building is designed with the contractor in mind and is flowing very well.” The 3-story metal deck building is the smallest part of the job for Largo. According to Wills, it is a structural steel building that is pretty simple and straightforward. They have finished the non load-bearing perimeter shotcrete walls for the basement and will pour close to 2,000 cubic yards of 3,000 PSI normal weight concrete before jobs end. “We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year at Largo and this is an appropriate job for us to help us mark this milestone.” Concludes Wills.

Left: Largo’s forming crew finishing up form work on panel 19. Above: Aerial view of all panels poured the day before the lift.

Largo Concrete, Inc. was founded in Northern California back in 1989, by post-tensioning pioneer Hal Long and Senior Vice President, Mark Carnathan. From its creation, Largo’s focus has always been elevated structural concrete structures, and Largo is currently ranked 4th nationally in ENR’s list

of concrete specialty contractors, with over $211 million in revenue in 2013. Landmark projects such as the SFO long term parking structure, The Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay and Centennial Square at SFSU, all contributed to the initial growth of the company. For more information on Largo

Concrete, Inc., please visit them at or call (714) 731-3600. For more information on the Great Wolf Resorts and their newest hotel and waterpark in Garden Grove, visit them at Cc

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2014 specialty Contractor ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Pride of Ownership Keeps Apollo Pavers at the Forefront of the Outdoor Remodeling Game Jose Cuellar, Owner, Apollo Pavers.

Written By: Brian Hoover


ose Cuellar began his construction career back in 1986, working as a laborer for a local general contractor. Cuellar recalls a specific day when the superintendent was short on equipment operators and he was asked to jump on a skid steer and help out. He performed so well, the decision was made to immediately train him to be an operator from that day forward. Jose enjoyed operating everything from dozers and backhoes to skid steers and excavators. He stayed on with this company for a few years, and eventually went on to work for a few other construction companies, attaining valuable skills from each one. In 2000, he was given an opportunity to begin working for a well-respected concrete contractor. It was here that he was first introduced to the wonderful world of pavers. He saw firsthand just how much more could be done with pavers compared to concrete paving. Cuellar was impressed with the image that pavers provide, and the many colors, patterns and shapes available. He also points out that pavers typically don’t crack like concrete and they come with a lifetime guarantee. He dedicated himself to learning everything he could about the


paver business, with hopes of one day starting his own construction company. Cuellar worked hard, learned everything he could and saved whenever possible and in 2009 he went on his own and started Apollo Pavers. 2009 was not exactly the ideal time to start a new construction company, but he was determined to see his vision thrive. He started out with just seven employees including, one sales representative, a small demolition and installation crew and his daughter, Bri, in the office. The office doubled as Cuellar’s living room, as everything possible was leveraged toward giving his fledgling business the best chance possible to succeed. He was fortunate to have customers follow him from his previous work with other contractors. In addition, he quickly began to earn a reputation as an honest businessman that provided fair pricing and outstanding workmanship. Word-of-mouth began to bring in new business and referrals kept new customers coming one after another. Apollo Pavers is now a complete, self performing, outdoor remodeling contractor with an emphasis on the construction of columns, driveways, fire pits, patios, steps, custom barbeques,

2014 Specialty conctractor ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

synthetic grass, walkways, walls and LED lighting. 80 percent of their work is for residential customers with the remainder focused on the commercial side of business. Bri Roberts is the Senior Administrator at Apollo Pavers and she is also Jose Cuellar’s daughter. Bri has worked for her father ever since she was 15 years old and it is obvious that she has quite a bit of respect for what he has accomplished. “My dad seems to always be ahead of the curve, coming up with ideas and innovations to keep us at the forefront,” says Roberts. “I think this is why we have grown so quickly. We take an enormous amount of pride in our work and know that our family name is written all over everything we do.” Apollo Pavers is one of the few outdoor remodeling company in San Diego with a complete indoor and outdoor design center. “We have dedicated over 1,000 square feet of space to showcase our capabilities and the long list of products that we have to offer,” continues Roberts. “This along with having our own specialized dedicated in-house crews is what really sets us apart from the competitors.” Bri continues to point out that most outdoor remodeling companies use subcontractors to do the work

Indoor Showroom. L-R: Cristy Cuellar, Paola Plascencia, Bri Roberts, and Maria Sandoval.

after they have won the a bid. She explains that many subcontractors are paid by the square foot, so they move quickly in order to get on to the next job. Customers have peace of mind in knowing that Apollo has their own full time, professional and specialty oriented work crews. Apollo Pavers will take you all the way from design to completion with in-house experts and they will back their work with the best guarantee in the business. A homeowner or company can come down to Apollo’s showroom and leisurely pick out what they need from paver textures and colors to LED lighting, stucco, stone veneer and even synthetic grass. Outside the office you will find a finished paver patio, choice of rock and aggregate, walls and a finished fire pit, among many other things. The indoor and outdoor showroom makes it easy for clients to visualize what they may want for their unique project. In addition, Apollo’s design team takes the time to sit down with their clients to go over 3D AutoCAD computer designs that bring the project to life right before your very eyes. With 28 years of field experience and the completion of thousands of beautiful projects throughout Southern California, Apollo Pavers is poised for continual growth. Over the years, Apollo has worked closely with HOA’s, designing plans and communicating and helping HOA committees reach their goals. Apollo is currently on a

Driveway with Compass Design and New Pavers and Stone Veneer Walls.

One of two 2013 Cat 226B3 Cat Skid Steer Loaders purchased from Hawthorne Cat.

Paver Driveway in Rancho Santa Fe.

LED Lightning Display in Showroom.

New Patio with Custom Fire Pit, Sitting Bench and Pavers. Elegant Backyard Remodel with Country Manor Walls and Columns, along with Orco Villa Pavers and Natural Sod.

Fairbanks ranch backyard with Catalina Pavers, Mini Putting Green, Raised Area with Fire Pit and Sitting Benches.

Modern Backyard with Linear Design-Orco Villa Pavers, Orco Block Walls and drought-tolerant landscaping.

Driveway with Ackerstone Antique Kobbe Pavers in Rancho Santa Fe. Apollo Pavers Installers hard at work at a current project in Rancho Santa Fe area.

2014 specialty contractor ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Entryway with Angelus Castle Cobble Pavers.

Jose Cuellar, Owner, in front of a recently completed Driveway in Rancho Santa Fe.

Entryway with Angelus Castle Cobble Pavers.

Steps constructed from Angles Castle Cobble Pavers. Large Driveway remodeled with Beveled Pavers for a refined and classic look.

Elegant New Steps with Bel Air Caps lead into a courtyard.

couple of large HOA projects, where they are doing all of the driveways and sidewalks for the entire housing development. Their individual projects range from a few thousand to half-a-million dollars. “Whether we are performing a very large commercial project for a general construction contractor or a small simple walkway for a residential client, both can expect the same consistent high quality that we have worked so hard to become known for,” says Roberts. “We are truly a one stop shop and we feel that we are at the forefront of our particular niche. We will continue to grow and perhaps even expand into new areas like Orange County in the near future.” Apollo Pavers also owns and operates the construction equipment they utilize on a jobsite. They currently have three skid steer loaders and one compact excavator, as well as forklifts and a wide variety of support equipment like plate compactors, rollers and attachments. Their newest purchases include two 2013 Cat 226B3 skid steer loaders 14

Recently completed pool area in Rancho Santa Fe.

from Hawthorne Cat. These Cat skid steer loaders play a huge roll out on Apollo’s jobsites every day. They are utilized for everything from breaking up concrete and moving materials around, to grading and excavating construction sites. When Jose Cuellar made the decision to add a few more skid steer units to his fleet, he made an appointment with Matt Higgins at Hawthorne Cat. “I was amazed at the power and just how simple it was to operate these Cat skid steers,” says Cuellar. “Matt Higgins was a huge help and he walked us through the entire purchase and orientation process. We had a wonderful experience at Hawthorne and I would highly recommend their Cat skid steer, as well as their professional sales representative, Matt Higgins. We will continue to go to Hawthorne Cat for our construction equipment needs in the future.” Bri Roberts makes it very clear that Apollo Paver’s success is due to the honest, hard working people that work for her family’s business. Cristy Cuellar is Bri’s sister and has been working

2014 Specialty conctractor ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

full time at Apollo for close to a year now as an administrative assistant. “My sister is very dedicated and we work well together. Our designers, Paola Plascencia and Maria Sandoval have years of experience in not only design, but also the installation process,” says Roberts. “Jesus Herrera has been working here as our design consultant and project manager for four years and customers love working with him. Mario Gonzalez is our general superintendent and he has been with us from the beginning. He worked with my father before the start of our business and he oversees everything that goes on out in the field. Don’t know what we would do without Mario and for that matter, all of the 30 individuals that work here at Apollo Pavers.” For more information on Apollo Pavers, please visit them at their office and indoor/outdoor showroom at 5665 Kearny Villa Rd., San Diego, 92123. You can also go online at or call them at (619) 312-1180. Cc

D.H. Charles Engineering, Inc. Providing Immediate Response, Inventive Design and Quality Work Since 1992 Written By: Brian Hoover D. H. Charles Engineering, Inc. (DHC) was formed back in 1992 as a civil/structural engineering firm specializing in providing construction engineering services to contractors throughout the western United States. The firm is owned and operated by Jasper Calcara, P.E., who also serves as the company’s president. Original founder, Donald H. Charles (Don) started the company after performing design, construction and project management duties for Bechtel Corp. on assignments throughout the world. He returned home to Sonoma County in the early 1990s to start a family and eventually launched D. H. Charles Engineering. Jasper Calcara joined Don in 1998 and the two men worked together out of a small office behind Don’s home in rural Santa Rosa. According to Calcara, there were very few resources focused on temporary work in construction engineering. “Engineers are educated to design permanent structures, 16

but historically there is very little focus on the challenges contractors faced during construction,” says Calcara. “We enjoyed tremendous growth, and in 2002 I moved down to Southern California to open a new branch location. We also added senior engineers Robin Ko and Luke Griffis, who now serves as our general manager. Both men continue to be an integral part of our operation.” Jasper began to focus on taking the company’s services national, while Don continued to work toward making DHC one of the largest and most highly respected temporary works design firms in the country. Tragically, Don lost his life in a vehicle accident in 2006, leaving his family, friends and colleagues devastated. Jasper immediately moved back up to Northern California to keep the company going strong in order to honor the tradition and philosophy Don had established. “Don is greatly missed and I believe that he would be proud of the level of commitment we’ve shown to our customers and

2014 specialty Contractor ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

the industry as a whole,” says Calcara. “We have grown to 11 licensed engineers, five AutoCAD designers, four support individuals and are certified in all 50 states and most of Canada.” Jasper Calcara recently returned to Southern California to expand his Cardiff branch. The company’s headquarters is located in Santa Rosa and they also have an Oakland satellite location. DHC has forged strong and lasting relationships with their clients over the years. “It is our employees, focus on exemplary service and quick turnaround that has allowed us to grow at such a rapid rate.” Calcara also points out that this type of service does not always come at the cheapest rate. “During the recession, we had companies go with the cheaper option, only to later return, stating our thorough and reliable service as the reason.” DHC is probably best known for their excavation shoring engineering services, however their offerings go much deeper, but are all based on

D. H. Charles provided shoring design for contractor, Coffman Specialties on the 905 Freeway Storm Drain Extension Project in San Ysidro.

preserving the integrity of soils and structures. Their offerings include, but are not limited to the following design services: excavation shoring; excavation safety and slope stability; falsework, formwork and reshore; structural shoring; bridge jacking; scaffold; shoring equipment; roof suspension equipment; crane and rigging; demolition; permanent works; rebar cage erection stabilization; and seismic anchorage. “Anything a general contractor would ever need to construct a building or bridge, we want them to know that we do it all,”says Calcara. “Our bread and butter however is and has always been underground and excavation shoring work.” DHC analyzes soils and designs structural support plans to fit any and all situations. This includes

working with fabricators and manufactures to design equipment that is rented and utilized throughout the country and all over the world. Contractors have historically had to call on several separate design resource companies for all of the various facets of their job. DHC offers everything under one roof and they are well-known for getting it done quickly, while maintaining the highest quality standards. DHC can create excavation shoring plans for jack & bore pits, pump stations, manholes, cofferdams, foundations, pipe trenches, tank removal/ installation, contaminated soil removal and so much more, all per OSHA and the Caltrans’ Trenching and Shoring Manual. DHC uses a wide variety of construction methods in their plans including: beam and plate;

sheet piles; trench shields and manhole boxes; railroad shoring; secant shafts; slide rail systems; soil nail walls; cofferdams; hydraulic trench jacks; deadmen and tiebacks; hydraulic waler systems; circular shaft design; borepit design and tunneling and unlimited custom shoring equipment design services. Every underground challenge requires a specific solution and DHC offers plans for the temporary support of everything from a 7-foot trench to a 150-foot deep structure. According to Jasper Calcara, DHC is currently juggling a high volume of projects. They are currently busy with submittals for the bay bridge demolition project and on a long list of California shoring projects including some work on the massive Carlsbad Desalination Project.

2014 specialty Contractor ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Other memorable jobs for DHC include The I-405 Sepulveda Widening Project where the shoring ran directly against the active highway. DHC designed various tied-back, cantilever, rakerraced, and internal braced beam and plate shoring systems to allow for new footing and abutment construction at various bridge widening. “The contractor on this project required a great deal of on-site supervision and we were required to sign off personally on many of the installations,” recalls Calcara. “This job had everything from slide rail to rebar cage stability and a great deal of bridge falsework design.” Another interesting, high profile design project for DHC was for the Santa Ana River Interceptor Project. DHC designed unreinforced concrete circular secant wall jacking and receiving pit systems to allow for the installation of 790’ of 77” steel casing at depths varying from 15’ to 36’. Submittals included tremie-slab design, detailed deflection analysis and a variety of tunneling. “The contractor was required to push upward of a million pounds of pressure against the back of the shoring. We were contracted to prove that the concrete shaft could safely support this load without excessive deflection,” explains Calcara. “Microtunneling has become a very popular method, where the contractor creates a bore shaft and a receiving pit in order to tunnel under a particular waterway, road, railroad tracks or other obstacle.” DHC has developed relationships with several shoring manufacturers and suppliers over their years in business. Trench Shoring Company is one of the regular suppliers that DHC works with on a regular basis. “We have developed a great relationship with Trench Shoring Company ever since I moved down to Southern California back in 2002,” explains Calcara. “I think what I like most about working with Trench Shoring Company is that they are similar to our company; they push the value of their experience, reputation and excellent service record.

Above: Secant piles shoring was utilized for the deep tunneling projects on these two tunneling projects. DHC performs a long list of tunnel support design including but not limited to: Casing Pipe, IJS Installation Analysis; Jack/Bore & Receiving Pit ; Horizontal Direction Drilling; Thrust Block; Tremie Slab and other miscallaneous submittals.

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2014 2014 specialty Specialty Contractor conctractor ISSUE ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR CALCONTRACTOR

2014 specialty contractor ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


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They don’t cut corners and they consistently present what is best for the customer and the safety of the workers.” Jasper Calcara and his many certified and licensed engineers have developed numerous plans for Trench Shoring Company and many of the contractors they work with. On a recent job for Trench Shoring Company, DHC set up a time-lapse camera to capture the installation and usage of slide rail on a pump station project in Carlsbad. “We had this marketing and training idea of getting some time-lapse footage of Trench Shoring Company’s new slide rail shoring system,” explains Calcara. “It turned out great and I believe that we will both gets some positive results from the finished product.” DHC is currently working on a complicated design plan for a current Trench Shoring Company project in Utah. This job includes an extremely long excavation that will be phased to allow for tank installations. It requires the installation of temporary bracing that could be moved from one location to another in order to allow for the installation. This needed to be done meticulously in a step-by-step outline that showed the entire plan from start to finish. “Developers, designers and contractors are pushing the limits every day by going wider, deeper and bigger,” says Calcara. “We thrive on challenges like this and have remained ahead of the curve when it comes to available technology to help accomplish these tasks.” Although D. H. Charles Engineering, Inc. is based in California; their work comes from all over the U. S. and Canada. “We are proud to have recently been awarded 2014 Best Firms to Work For and among the top 500 fastest growing firms award our clients know that they can depend on the same consistent excellent service every time they call on us.” For more information on D. H. Charles Engineering, Inc., please visit them at or call (707) 537-8282. Cc 20

2014 2014 specialty Specialty Contractor conctractor ISSUE ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR CALCONTRACTOR

Above Top: D. H. Charles Engineering designed this Beam & Lagging System for Trench Shoring Company for a job in Carlsbad. Middle: Complicated Slide Rail System designed by D. H. Charles Engineering, Inc. for a job in Carlsbad. The project included cross excavation work with a permanent concrete slap being poured below the shoring that would later be used as a temporary support system for the shoring. Bottom: Rebar cage stabilization system at early stages of new bay bridge construction.

2014 specialty contractor ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR



It’s simple; if you put your name on your property you have a better chance of getting it back if it is stolen. The Crime Prevention Program has been yelling this since it came into existence in the early 1980s. We told our member companies to use a driver’s license number of significant employee of the company and stamp it into every piece of equipment they own. The driver’s license number is probably the most recognizable sequence of numbers the law enforcement officer sees and uses on a regular basis. Stamp it, paint it, etch it, just get the extra numbers on the equipment. This means all of your equipment; hammers, generators, backhoes and dozers. Our members are somewhat like children. Some listen and do what you tell them better than others. Our members are with the Crime Prevention Program because they are concerned with keeping their property and staying productive. That does not mean they all use the Program the same way. Education is a constant struggle with our members just like our children. In 1996 the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office started the AG Crimes Taskforce, which was backed up with State funding and legislation. Part of the program is the Owner 22

Applied Number (OAN) program. Although it was started in the California Central Valley, any company or individual can apply for an OAN. It is a number law enforcement should recognize and can find the owner of the OAN by making a phone call and or internet access of the OAN database. The Crime Prevention Program has an OAN and marks its laptops and other electronic equipment with its OAN. Pawn shops are aware of OAN’s and should call law enforcement when circumstances dictate. Once you get an OAN law enforcement can use the number to enter into the California Automated Property System (APS) if that piece of equipment is stolen. Now we try to educate our members to use the OAN and the driver’s license number to stamp on their equipment. Having two numbers law enforcement recognizes is better than one set of numbers and much better than none. Hopefully the children are listening and mark their equipment. To find out more about the OAN program go to: agricultural_crime.htm#OAN. To join the OAN program please contact the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office at (559) 636-5410. Cc

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Beyond the Bucket: The Amazing, Versatile and Incomparable Backhoe Dig with one end – load and carry with the other. It’s that basic functionality that drives the initial purchase of a backhoe loader. For the owner/operator starting a business, it’s the perfect combination in a single machine. But that machine can grow with a contractor’s business and add greater functionality as needed – often forgoing the need to add extra pieces of equipment (and the associated owning and operating costs). Read on for a few thoughts on options to consider when specifying a new backhoe loader for added functionality, and then stick around for a few examples of backhoe flexibility beyond digging and loading. Options for Added Versatility Backhoes are an excellent platform for many applications because the machines are extremely stable. They can often handle heavier and more complex attachments than compact and small-sized excavators due to that stability. And, as a wheeled machine, they have significantly less impact on surfaces than tracked machines when turning. A few things to consider with each backhoe loader purchase that can help expand capabilities in the future: PowerLift PowerLift increases the lifting capacity of the backhoe with the push of a button. This feature also decreases the RPMs of the engine to ensure smooth lifting and quieter operation.

Contractors find that backhoes provide an excellent tool for lifting and craning, especially in utility and roadside construction applications. This feature can give a backhoe lifting capabilities comparable to a 7-ton excavator. Backhoes that eliminate boom rebound further assist in precisely lifting and placing heavy loads. Extendahoe The extendahoe is a popular option because it gives the operator greater digging depth and reach. The only performance factor that changes with the extendahoe arm design is that lifting capacities are slightly less than those on a standard arm. This is an important specification – lifting capacity – always know the machine’s rating for its configuration prior to executing a lift. Auxiliary Hydraulics There are three considerations as it relates to auxiliary hydraulics in most backhoes (configurations may vary by manufacturer): unidirectional hydraulics to the backhoe, bidirectional hydraulics to the backhoe, and auxiliary hydraulics for attachments mounted to the loader end of the machine. As it relates to the backhoe end of the machine, bidirectional hydraulics provide the most flexibility to run all attachments because hydraulic power flows two ways, ideal for use with attachments such as thumbs, augers and swivel buckets. Unidirectional auxiliary hydraulics are fine if a contractor only plans

on running attachments with one-way hydraulic flow requirements, such as breakers and compactors. If possible, find a machine that has combo hydraulics which includes both unidirectional and bidirectional hydraulics for the most versatility and the least chance to damage unidirectional attachments. Auxiliary hydraulics, arguably more than any other option, help transform a backhoe into an all-purpose machine. Get More When purchasing a machine, it’s easy to take the short view and focus solely on purchase price. But, in an industry where competition for jobs is fierce, it’s often the company that can run leaner and meaner that gets the work. Backhoe loaders are arguably more lean and mean than any other piece of equipment in the industry, giving contractors more options and versatility to expand their offering of services without having to buy additional equipment. Setting up a machine to accommodate that extra capability at the time of purchase will only allow for greater success. Cc

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CASE Introduces New Tier 4 Final TR310 Alpha Series Compact Track Loader CASE Construction Equipment introduces the new Tier 4 Final TR310 Alpha Series compact track loader (CTL). The new TR310 features wider tracks (15.75 inches), a greater overall width (74.3 inches) and lower ground pressure (5.0 psi) than other medium-frame CTLs in the CASE lineup. These features provide greater power, stability and flotation for owners/ operators who need that performance without upgrading to a large-frame machine. The new TR310 weighs in at 8,800 pounds with a rated operating capacity of 3,100 pounds and a bucket breakout force of 8,680 pounds. The machine’s 74 HP, 232 foot-pounds of torque and increased hydraulic flow (standard: 24.2 gallons-per-minute (gpm); high-flow: 32.4 gpm) make

it ideal for landscaping and residential construction applications. The radial-lift arm design is ideal for digging and pushing applications, and the machine’s hinge-pin height (10 feet, 3 inches) is excellent for loading and unloading trucks. The TR310 features a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) engine with a particulate matter catalyst, which is made up of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a high-efficiency flow-through filter. The TR310 offers an EZ-EH (electro-hydraulic) setup menu that features nine optimal preset speed and control settings. This to their preference for greater confidence and productivity. All CASE Alpha Series compact track loaders feature a dozerstyle undercarriage, designed

for stability on steep slopes and excellent performance in muddy and sandy terrain. The TR310 also features push-button Ride Control as an option, which dampens loader arm movement while traveling for a smoother ride with greater material retention. The engine, filters and fill points are all located at the rear of the machine for quick and easy access. Cc

New John Deere K-Series-II Wheel Loaders Add Punch to Productivity Three updated models join John Deere’s industry-leading K-Series Four-Wheel Drive Wheel Loader lineup. The 744K-II, 824K-II, and 844K-II meet Final Tier 4 emissions standards while bringing added durability, productivity, increased uptime and lower daily operating costs to the jobsite. The EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV diesel engines meet emission regulations without sacrificing power or torque. The 744K-II (303 hp), 824K-II (333 hp) and 844K-II (377 hp) are built on the Interim Tier 4/Stage IIIB solution, delivering the best combination 24

of performance, efficiency and reliability. The K-Series-II loaders come equipped with larger, highercapacity Teammate™ V Axles (744K-II & 824K-II) with standard cooling and filtration, and on-the-fly engageable front differential lock giving operators heavy-duty traction for the most demanding terrain. The 744K-II, 824K-II and 844K-II are LOADRITE L2180 ready, which not only provides operators on-board payload data, but is integrated into JDLink™ Ultimate for remote viewing and analysis.

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All John Deere wheel loaders come standard with John Deere WorkSight, the most comprehensive, easy-to-use suite of technology available for increasing uptime and productivity. Cc

Volvo C-Series offers premium grading solution When the G900 Series of Volvo motor graders was first introduced in 2006, the machines were already ahead of the curve, incorporating first-in-the-market features such as an 11-speed transmission, programmable auto-shift, shuttle shift and creep mode. Since then Volvo has continually updated the model range in response to customer demand, as well as the Volvo core values of safety, quality and environmental care – and is now recognized as the industry leader in operator comfort, stability and productivity. The Tier 4 Final / Stage IV-compliant C-Series motor graders consists of four models — G930C, G940C, G946C (AWD) and G960C, catering to customers’ typical grading applications. The G900C motor graders are built in the Volvo Construction Equipment

manufacturing facility in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania and will be offered to customers throughout North America and Europe. 5 percent less fuel consumption The new C-Series motor graders include the latest D8J engines, designed and built by Volvo, delivering the ultimate combination of high performance, quiet operation and low fuel consumption. The engines provide three variable power ranges when equipped with a standard eight-speed transmission and eight variable power ranges when equipped with an optional 11-speed transmission. Preliminary tests show savings of up to 5 percent in fuel consumption with superior reliability, durability and ease of operation. “Customers appreciate running high duty cycles on 10-hour shifts without

having to top off with fuel,” says Rick Fines, product manager motor graders, Volvo Construction Equipment. The standard eight-speed or optional 11-speed transmissions have been further enhanced, providing self-calibration for extra smooth gear changes, an anti-stalling feature and automatic speed matching gears. Cc

Volvo EC480E sets the standard for efficient excavation The heavy-duty Volvo EC480E crawler excavator is an exceptionally productive machine that lowers operating costs through reduced fuel consumption and simple maintenance requirements. Powered by a proven Tier 4 Final/Stage IV-compliant Volvo D13 engine, the EC480E delivers high digging and breakout forces alongside reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency. The full electro-hydraulics are perfectly matched to the engine and are controlled by an advanced system which provides on-demand flow and reduces power losses within the circuit. The unique

Volvo ECO mode contributes to the machine’s total improved efficiency — without any loss of performance in most operating conditions. As well as improving fuel efficiency, this increases controllability for more precise performance. The integrated work mode system offers the operator a choice of work modes according to the task at hand — including I (Idle), F (Fine), G (General) and H (Heavy) — for optimum efficiency and machine performance. When the controls have been inactive for a pre-set amount of time, the excavator can be programmed to automatically reduce engine speed or even shut

down to further reduce fuel consumption and noise. Operators can keep track of both current and average fuel consumption via a simple gauge in the cab. Cc

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Bridge Milestone Celebrated at Port of Long Beach Event Construction of Foundations Heralded by Mayor, Port, Caltrans Officials

Port, City and Caltrans officials, along with an international team of builders and designers, recently celebrated a key milestone in the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project: Construction of the first set of bridge foundations is under way. When completed, the new bridge spanning the Port of Long Beach will be one of the tallest bridges of its kind in the United States. With two 515-foot towers and a majestic cable-stayed design, the new bridge will be an icon for Long Beach and Southern California visible from miles away. This new bridge will be supported by about 350 piles constructed in the ground at depths down to 175 feet below the surface, with poured concrete and inserted steel rebar in pre-dug holes. This technique builds a “cast-in-drilled-hole” pile, different than traditional pile driving where the piles are constructed first and then pounded into the ground. The 26

final step is to inject grout under high pressure to the very bottom of the pile. Each cluster of foundation piles will be connected by a pile cap, a thick concrete pad that rests atop several piles. Each pile cap will support one of the approximately 70 bridge columns. The new bridge will include six traffic lanes and emergency shoulders, a higher clearance to accommodate new generations of cargo ships, and a dedicated bicycle path and pedestrian walkway, including scenic overlooks. When the existing bridge was constructed more than 45 years ago, cargo ships were one-sixth the size they are today. Although the Port of Long Beach’s outer docks are “big ship ready” and already handling the world’s largest cargo vessels, the existing bridge prevents the newest generation of cargo ships from reaching the inner channel. The new bridge will raise the clearance from 155 feet to 205 feet above the water.

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The SFI team combines Shimmick Construction, a California leader in heavy construction and engineering, with the worldrenowned construction firms FCC and Impregilo - builders of some of the most complex bridges in the world. The replacement project will allow the Gerald Desmond Bridge to remain in use while the new bridge is under construction. The new bridge is among $4 billion in current and planned improvements to further modernize the Port of Long Beach and keep it competitive. Work on the new bridge will generate an estimated 3,000 jobs. The existing bridge will be demolished once the new one is completed. The bridge project is a joint effort of Caltrans and the Port, with funding contributions from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro). To watch construction live via webcams and for other details, visit Cc

CAT® GRADE CONTROL 3D FOR DOZERS DELIVERS PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY AND VERSATILITY WITH INTEGRATED GRADE TECHNOLOGY AND ENHANCED CONTROL Cat ® Grade Control 3D offers dozer customers a “built in” tool to enhance track-type tractor productivity and improve the contractor’s bottom line. Cat Grade Control 3D is a factory-integrated Cat Connect GRADE technology to help operators improve grading accuracy and efficiency—from production dozing all the way to finish grade. Cat Grade Control 3D is engineered specifically for Cat dozers and fully integrated into the machine at the factory. Deep integration allows the system to work seamlessly with other

machine features to optimize for full blade loads. Modes and Features Cat Grade Control 3D works seamlessly with other technology features on Cat dozers to match blade load with ground conditions, helping the operator to achieve full blade loads and produce smooth, quality grades with less effort. (Modes and features vary by tractor model. Please consult your Cat dealer for details). Modes • Grade Control Mode automates blade lift and tilt to produce consistent grades from first to last pass.

• Rough Grade Mode automates blade lift and tilt to produce consistent grades from first to last pass. • Rough Grade Mode - prevents the blade center from going below grade during rough grade operations. • Grade Protection - prevents entire blade from cutting below desired grade during manual blade operation to reduce overcutting. For more information about Cat Grade Control 3D for dozers, contact your local Cat dealer, or visit Cc

CAT® 903C FEATURES TIER 4 INTERIM ENGINE, HYDROSTATIC DRIVE, VERSATILE AUXILIARY HYDRAULICS, ACCOMMODATING OPERATOR’S STATION, AND EASY SERVICEABILITY The Cat ® D8T Dozer has a long history of high productivity and outstanding versatility. With maximum net power of 312 hp produced by the Cat C15 ACERT™ engine, and a weight of 86,900 lb, the new D8T excels across a wide range of tasks—production dozing, ripping, scraper work and land clearing to finish grading. The latest Cat D8T dozer maintains its renowned power and performance, while adding new features and technology to help operators work with greater efficiency and comfort. The latest D8T offers a number of systems to help the operator work efficiently and comfortably. The new color touch-screen display is easy to use and enables the operator to select control

features to suit preferences and optimize the machine for the application. Selectable electro-hydraulic maps set implement response and speed. Enhanced Auto Shift allows the operator to select the optimum ground speed for the job, and then the system automatically chooses the most efficient gear based on load. The system saves fuel and can boost productivity. The D8T is available with Cat Grade Control 3D, a factory-integrated Cat Connect GRADE technology. If additional grade control capability is required, customers can easily upgrade to the Cat AccuGrade™ system for laser, GNSS, or UTS control to extend machine versatility. The machine comes

pre-wired from the factory for easy upgrades. Product Link™ provides wireless access to machine data such as location, hours, fuel consumption, idle time, and event codes via the online VisionLink ® interface. For more information about the D8T, customers should contact the local Cat dealer or go to: Cc

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Quality you can rely on


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For details, contact your local Komatsu distributor.

7651 Ronson Rd. San Diego, CA 92111 Office: 858-278-8351 Fax: 858-492-9959 San Diego 4726 Convoy St. Office: 858-278-8338 Fax: 858-278-4845 Escondido 1330 Mission Rd. Office: 760-739-9100 Fax: 760-739-8888 Fontana 8520 Cherry Ave. Office: 909-429-9100 Fax: 909-429-9397 Imperial 440 West Aten Rd. Office: 760-355-7700 Fax: 760-355-7704 Indio 81-501 Industrial Place Office: 760-863-5558 Fax: 760-863-0959

Komatsu America Launches the PC210LCi-10 Hydraulic Excavator in North America Komatsu America has brought the PC210LCi-10 intelligent Machine Control excavator to the North American market. The PC210LCi-10 features Komatsu’s unique machine control and guidance technologies, built upon the successful foundation of the standard Komatsu PC210LC-10 excavator. The PC210LCi-10 goes beyond simple guidance to semi-automatically limit over-excavation and trace a target surface. From rough digging to finish grading, the PC210LCi-10 excavator offers improved efficiency and accuracy over traditional methods. With an operating weight of 52,036 pounds, and a net horsepower of 158 hp, the PC210LCi-10 is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D107E-2 engine and is EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B emissions certified. Innovative: Automatic Real Time Digging Control The bucket of the world’s first intelligent Machine Control excavator is semi-automatically limited from digging beyond the target surface. The control function also semi-automatically follows the design surface allowing for accurate finish grading, with real-time bucket edge positioning in relation to the machine and the job surface. Integrated: Standard Factory Installed Integrated Machine Control System Factory installed, Komatsu’s fully integrated intelligent Machine Control system includes GNSS antennas, stroke-sensing hydraulic cylinders for the boom, arm and bucket plus an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), for precise real time bucket edge positioning. Status is instantly displayed on the full color, multifunction 12.1” control box monitor, eliminating the wait time associated with conventional sensors. Intelligent: Enhancements for Optimized Performance The Komatsu PC210LCi-10 allows the operator to focus on moving material efficiently, aided by the intelligent Machine Control technologies. The touch screen control box monitor makes grading easy and accurate with a facing angle compass, a light bar and audio guidance. Information such as real-time “as-built” status, a magnified fine grading view or a 3D-view may be displayed simultaneously. The PC210LCi-10 is equipped with KOMTRAX® remote monitoring technology, which sends machine operating information to a secure website or smart phone application utilizing wireless technology. Data such as fuel level, operating hours, location, cautions and maintenance alerts are relayed to the web application for analysis. Cc 2014 specialty contractor ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


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Westrax Machinery............................................ 11

Nixon-Egli Equipment Co.................... Back Cover


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Northern California 325 N. 5th St., Bldg. A Sacramento, CA 95811 916-440-8090 Southern California 3216 Westminster Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92703 714-265-6553

Need a Lift? Rent It! Call the RENTAL Experts at Coastline Equipment Providing Affordable Solutions For Your Crane & Hi-Reach Jobsite Needs!

Rough Terrain Cranes

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SERVICE & REPAIR All Makes & Models Rough Terrain Cranes Boom Trucks Rough Terrain Forklifts Carry Deck Cranes


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FOR 24 MONTHS* Available on a wide range of new Hamm rollers

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California’s Largest General Line Construction and Municipal Equipment Dealer. So. California: 2044 S. Vineyard Ave., Ontario, CA 91761 • (909) 930-1822 No. California: 800 E. Grant Line Rd., Tracy, CA 95304 • (209) 830-8600

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