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A 30-Year Case Backhoe Owner/Operator’s Story

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Self-Performing Infrastructure Contractor Poised For Aggressive, Yet Sustainable Growth


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Life Long Entrepreneur, Robert Fletcher, Finds Fulfillment in Everything from Operated Equipment Rental to Large Pipeline Work

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2014 owner / operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR




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The Largest Attachment Rental Inventory in Southern California

Shears Available

Compaction Wheels Available

Additional Equipment • Breakers • Auger Motors From Mini to Large Ex, Bits (8” Up To 60”) and Extension • Hydraulic Shears Mechanic and Hydraulic Pulverizer • Vibratory Compactors • Compaction Wheels

Hydraulic Breaker

• New and improved 8,000, 11,000, and 13,500 ft. lbs breakers.

Mini Shear

• No high oil flow required. • No need additional circuit to rotate

• Can be mounted on SSL, Mini-ex or even backhoe with proper plumbing

New Reverse Cylinder & Reconditioned Crushers Available!

• Rod inside of the frame no need guard plate to protect. • Speed valve as standard on 120, 130, 140 model

Terry Earthmoving, Inc. A 30-Year Case Backhoe Owner/Operator’s Story


Written By: Brian Hoover

racy Terry had long been fascinated with architecture and construction engineering and had even begun studying to be an architect, when he took a job as a union route driver for ConAgra Foods. Tracy’s mother had met and eventually married a very nice gentleman, who made his living with a backhoe as an owner/operator. His name was Mike Pike and he learned his trade in the Army and continued to hone his skills in the Navy during WWII. Tracy gained a stepdad and friend at the age of 25 and he remembers, Pike telling him that if he ever wanted to get out of the delivery business, to let him know and he would help Terry get a start as a backhoe operator. “I remember thinking that I had had enough of driving 8

and so I decided to take Mike up on his offer,” says Terry. “I started shadowing Mike on his jobs and there was an empty lot across the street from Mike’s home and the owner let me train on that property. Before long, Mike decided that I was ready to get some field experience and he took me to the Case dealer and graciously placed a down payment on a used Case 580C backhoe in my name. I will never forget his generosity, kindness and the time he spent with me to make sure that I was ready for this new chapter in my life.” The next step for Tracy was to get hooked up with some brokers and start cutting his teeth on some small jobs. Mike Pike made a few calls to see if anyone wanted to take a chance on a new guy and

2014 owner / operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

one of the brokers he had been working for was happy to give Tracy some work. The first broker that Tracy worked for was out of El Monte and eventually he ended up working almost exclusively for another broker in Pomona. Tracy Terry had worked hard and built up a good reputation and so he began to get quite a few personal requests from contractors that wanted him exclusively on their jobs. One of these clients happened to be a good sized plumbing contractor who mentioned to Tracy that he had been requesting him, but was told that he was unavailable. He gave Tracy a date and it turned out that Tracy was not working that particular day. He took it up with the owner of the brokerage firm, who told

Tracy that the other guys were getting frustrated with all of the request work that he was getting and so they were trying to spread the jobs around a little more. Well that didn’t exactly make Tracy Terry happy and he pointed out that not only was he unhappy, but more importantly the customer was not happy. “We parted company that day,” says Terry. “It was the best thing that could have happened, as I went out on my own as a Class C Specialty Contractor and soon the customers that I had been serving were now coming to me. I was actually busier than before as the word got out that I was on my own.” Terry readily admits that there is a definite need for brokers and as work began to slow down, he

Above: Art Jurado, Sonsray Machinery (left) and Tracy Terry, Terry Earthmoving, Inc. on site for the first dig with the new Case 580 Super N.

took on work from another broker, out of Irwindale, to fill in the gaps. “They gave me a job in Winchester for a company that unfortunately went out of business,” says Terry. “KAR Construction took over the job and they asked me if I would go to work for them on a job in Marina Del Ray. That was 18 years ago and I have been working for them exclusively ever since.” Terry Earthmoving, Inc. is a part of the Local 12 Union of Operating Engineers and he spends most all of his days

digging footings for KAR Construction and occasionally for a handful of other contractors. One thing that has remained the same over these past 30 or so years is the equipment that Tracy Terry continues to rely on. He started out with a Case 580C and eventually traded up to a Case 580 Super K. Then he purchased a Case Super M and ran this reliable backhoe for 10 years before trading once again for a Case Super N just this year. “I am hoping to ride my new Super N right into retirement,” says Terry.

2014 owner / operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


“This new Super N has all of the newest features and creature comforts that would make any operator envious.” This includes the PowerLift feature, which increases operator productivity, while lowering the RPM’s to offer outstanding break out force and, according to Case’s website, the highest lift capacity in the industry. The Case Super N also features the new Interim Tier 4 engine with CEGR technology and diesel particulate filter. With a hydraulic system designed to offer optimum fuel efficiencies and maximum power, the Super N also boasts an increased fuel efficiency of more than 5 percent when compared to the previous model. “I love the Ride Control feature when driving on a jobsite. It offers a much smoother ride and acts as a shock absorber when the front bucket is fully loaded,” says Terry. “My last two Case backhoes have also had A/C and the filtered air really helps with my asthma.” Terry also points out that he is a big fan of the Comfort Steer feature, which reduces the normal four to five lock-to-lock turns of the steering wheel down to a half-turn. In addition, Terry’s new Super N comes with a single hydraulic quick-change pin that retracts back into the boom with the push of a button. Terry purchased his new 2014 Case Super N backhoe from Sonsray Machinery out of Santa Fe Springs. “I have been dealing with Art Jurado for almost as long as I have been in the business and I think for as long as Art has been selling Case equipment,” says Terry. “Art has always taken excellent care of me and we have developed a great working relationship over the years. I truly appreciate everything that he and Sonsray Machinery have done for my company.”


Terry was most recently working out on a school job in Glendale and then went the next day to a job for the LA Unified School District. According to Terry, working for school districts seems to take up 90 percent of his workload, but that is not all that he does. “He also recently finished a job for KAR Construction on a major renovation project at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. “I truly enjoy what I do and having this new Case Super N has made my job even more enjoyable,” says Terry. My stepfather passed

2014 owner / operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

away a few years back, but I am confident that he is still watching and is proud of the success that he helped start.” For more information on Terry Earthmoving, Inc., please call their Lakewood office at (562) 301-4529. Sonsray Machinery has 12 locations throughout California, Washington, Oregon and Nevada. They currently have three locations in Southern California. Feel free to call (562) 903-7377 for more information or to speak to a sales representative. Cc

Above: Tracy Terry appreciates the precision and power of his new Case 580 Super N Tier 4 backhoe.

Self-Performing Infrastructure Contractor Poised For Aggressive, Yet Sustainable Growth Written By: Brian Hoover


im Wilson is closing in on 30 years experience in the construction business. He began like so many others in this business, by working for his father’s construction company straight out of high school. Tim grew up in the underground construction business and learned the ins and outs first hand from as far back as he can remember. Then in 1996, he decided the timing was right to start his own venture and Tim’s


Tractor Service was born. The name was eventually changed to TTS Engineering, Inc. to more accurately reflect the company’s offerings. TTS Engineering, Inc. (TTS) specializes in underground utilities, excavation and grading and site demolition, along with their new concrete division, which began in 2013. Tim Wilson is the company’s sole owner and CEO and comments, “We are one of a handful of contractors here in Southern California that

2014 owner / operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

can self-perform on most any infrastructure project from start to finish,” says Wilson. “We offer industry leading, quality workmanship in both the public and private sectors.” Through the utilization of their own in-house crews, TTS is able to provide their clients with better service, scheduling and overall cost performance. Their valueengineering specialists can put together a design/build plan that saves their clients time, money

Below: Dennis McShane, Westrax Machinery (left), Darren Wallace, LiuGong North America, Tim Wilson, Owner, TTS Engineering and Robert Scherer, Fydaq Company.

Left & Above: TTS’ LiuGong 936D excavator digging on site at the Toll Brothers project for FYDAQ.

and the aggravation of working with multiple contractors on a project. On site clearing projects, TTS is able to take the project from the initial permits to the final recycling stage. They self perform all pipeline excavation, from desilting basins and cutting rough grade to all over excavation and compaction services. They also provide finish grading and import/export of materials needed to balance sites of all sizes and terrain. TTS crews construct all site utilities and concrete structures including sewer, storm drain, wet and dry utilities along with drainage and sewer manholes. Their concrete division can form and pour all flatwork, curb and gutter, sidewalks, v-ditches and any and all site concrete needed. TTS also has a close working relationship with a well-known and respected asphalt contractor, when asphalt paving services are required. “We acquired a good-sized concrete construction

company in 2013 and the additions of these estimators and crew members are part of what has allowed us to double our sales in 2014,” says Wilson. “We are currently busy working for the Irvine Company and their retail division, performing asphalt and concrete ADA requirement work. Our work on the civil engineering side has grown dramatically and I believe that will continue to drive the growth of our company in the future.” In 2014, TTS took on two of their larger projects at the Park Place Phase II project in Irvine, where they were awarded a $2.3 million contract for the site utility work. TTS was responsible for all of the wet utilities including sewer, storm drain and water for a new pump station. They also have a job going on right now in Laguna Woods, which is a $1.8 million contract. On this job, TTS is building a triple RCB, a new bridge and outfall, as well as the

re-grading of a channel, the installation of tons of rip-rap, a storm connector and other various storm drain improvements. Tim Wilson also has equipment and crews working for Fydaq Company, Inc. in Irvine. Tim is supporting the contractor on this Toll Brothers housing tract project with four pieces of heavy machinery and operators from his operated equipment rental company, West Coast Backhoe Rentals (WCBR). The WCBR operators are utilizing a LiuGong 936LG and 922LG excavator, along with a LiuGong 842LG wheel loader to perform underground utility excavation, as well as to cut back slopes and to install caissons on and around the project. TTS has approximately 23 pieces of heavy construction machinery in their modern fleet of excavators, wheel loaders, track loaders, backhoes, mini-excavators and skid steer loaders. They also utilize and

2014 owner / operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Below: LiuGong 842 transferring material.

Above: TTS Engineering, Inc.’s concrete crew building the RCB at the Laguna Woods project.

maintain several conventional and Super 10 wheeler dump trucks. Included in this fleet are four LiuGong machines, including an 80,000 lb. and 50,000 lb. excavator, along with a 4-yard and 3.5 yard wheel loader. All four units were purchased in 2014 and 2012 from Westrax Machinery out of Rancho Dominguez. “For cost to value, it just made economical sense to go with the LiuGong machines. Especially on the bigger equipment,” says Wilson. “I took a chance and I couldn’t be happier. Westrax has provided us with excellent service and support and they have actually exceeded our expectations.” According to Wilson, the first two LiuGong machines were somewhat of a test. “Other contractors were wanting to doubt our decision and purchase, but in the last two years, these LiuGong machines have never been in the shop for anything 14

other than general maintenance,” says Wilson. “They were so dependable and economical to operate, that we decided to purchase two more LiuGong Units in 2014 and will continue to add more in the near future.” Officials from LiuGong visited Wilson onsite to get his opinion on how they could make their equipment even better for contractors in California. “They actually listened to what we had to say. We asked for a little more room in the cab and some minor modifications on the armrest. They went back to their engineers at the factory and last we heard they are in the process of making modifications, some directly due to our comments and advice,” says Wilson. “Pound for pound we are just getting more for our investment. I feel like we have entered into a partnership with Westrax and LiuGong and that has worked out well for everyone.”

2014 owner / operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

TTS Engineering, Inc. is a turn-key contractor that has built a reputation for taking their projects from design and engineering on into finished construction with all in-house operators and crews. “Casey Layton has stepped up as our general manager and he has worked hard these past four years to earn his position,” says Wilson. “He was part of West Coast Backhoe Rentals and came to work for me even before we bought out the company to start our operated side of our business. I want to thank Casey and Dana Layton and all of our more than 70 employees for all of their hard work and dedication. I look forward to our exciting sustainable growth in the future.” TTS Engineering, Inc. is located in Huntington Beach and can be reached at (714) 840-6346. For more information on their services, please visit them at Cc

Life Long Entrepreneur, Robert Fletcher, Finds Fulfillment in Everything from Operated Equipment Rental to Large Pipeline Work Written By: Brian Hoover


obert Fletcher has been developing businesses for himself and others since he graduated from high school at the age of 17. He started out with his own window tinting company that did so well, it remains in successful operation. He went on to join the Sheriff’s department at 21 and remained there for seven years. In 1992, while still with the Sheriff’s Department, Robert began buying and selling homes, before house flipping was all the rage. He did so well at this that he parlayed some of his earnings into financing and building custom homes. He soon realized that building custom homes for folks could at times be emotionally challenging. That is putting it nicely. So, in 1998 he moved into the commercial sector and began erecting concrete tilt-ups.


Robert realized that he was paying a lot for the grading and underground utility work, so he got together with a distant relative and began self-performing this work through a partnership. The partnership did not last long, but this was Robert’s first real experience in the grading and excavating business. “Today my partner is my wife, Lisa and we started Sub Zero Excavating together back in 1998 as an operated equipment rental company,” says Fletcher. “We started out removing and installing gas station fuel tanks,

2014 owner / operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

followed by the pouring of concrete slabs on the site. This kept us busy and was a good starting point for our fledgling company.” Robert remembers starting out with just three employees, including himself, his wife, Lisa Fletcher and Jim Machado, whom remains an integral part of the company. By the end of their first year, Sub Zero Excavating grew to 9 employees and then to more than 20 in 2000. By this time,

Sub Zero was also performing wet and dry utility work, as they continued to grow each year through 2006 and into 2007. Then, like so many others in our industry, they hit a wall. “We went from probably 8 to 10 rental machines out a day to zero. I mean zero. It was like someone just turned out the lights,” says Fletcher. “We went down to around 10 or 12 guys and I have never fought so hard in my life to get work so that I could just go to work.” Robert Fletcher points out that he personally learned more about his business during the down economy than he could ever learn in a good economic situation. “The first thing I learned was survival and I also learned that you must seize the opportunity fully during the good times,” says Fletcher. “I mentioned to my wife that when this thing turns, we are going to jump in with both feet and that is exactly what we did. We threw everything we had at it, while living by my rule that nothing lasts forever.” Robert points out that one of the reasons he survived was due to having paid off his equipment debts, watching the books closely and avoiding waste. On the other hand, he has always kept his eye out for good investments and a year ago; the company purchased a new building and equipment yard in Simi Valley. “We now have more than 50 dedicated employees working here at Sub Zero and a large fleet of equipment to help us better serve our customers,” says Fletcher. “The time was right to own our own building and yard and it is working out very well for everyone. I am excited about our progress and envision more opportunities and growth in the immediate future.” Sub Zero Excavating started out in 1998 with one backhoe and grew to seven backhoes by the end of the first year. As the company began to evolve more into pipeline work, they added several large heavy machines to the fleet. Their extensive fleet now consists of more than 30 heavy machines, from large excavators and

Above: John Deere 50G compact excavator working in Corona at Magnolia Point for KPRS Construction Services, Inc., performing water, sewer and storm drain excavation. Inset: Robert Fletcher, Owner (left) and Grant Mateko, Operator, Sub Zero Excavating.

Above: Sub Zero Excavating’s new Cat 332E skid steer loader with grinder attachment on Magnolia Point project with KPRS Construction Services, Inc. in Corona.

wheel loaders to backhoes, compact excavators, skip loaders and skid steers. Sub Zero’s most recent purchase included a 2014 John Deere 50G compact excavator and a 2014 John Deere 332E skid steer loader from Coastline Equipment. “We purchased the John Deere 50G (compact excavator) specifically for a street tie-in job that required an excavator small enough to fit into one lane of traffic and powerful enough to excavate to depths of more than 8 feet,” says Fletcher. “I have to say that we are very impressed with the breakout force and overall strength and power that this small excavator has provided us out on the jobsite.” Robert also recently bought a John Deere 332E skid steer loader from Coastline equipment and again he had 18

a very specific purpose and reason for the purchase. “One of the reasons why we went with the John Deere skid steer was due to the fact that the sales rep, Julio Gomez, from Coastline Equipment, really knew what he was talking about,” says Fletcher. “He listened to what our needs were and then proceeded to advise us on our options, based on his vast knowledge and experience with compact equipment. He steered us in the right direction and we couldn’t be more pleased.” Sub Zero Excavating had already purchased John Deere 210LE skip loaders and a John Deere 27 Compact Excavator from Coastline in the past. With the purchase of their new John Deere 332E skid steer loader, they also bought a variety of attachments. These included

2014 owner / operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

a sweeper, grinder, bucket and breaker attachment. “We were previously outsourcing asphalt grinding work for the city street work that now requires recessed trench plates in traffic lanes. This was costing us around $1,200 a visit and if you do the math this $25 thousand grinding attachment investment won’t take long to recoup,” says Fletcher. “I did not plan on buying a large skid steer and had to actually upsize the skid steer purchase to accommodate the grinder. I’m glad I did, because this skid steer and grinder combo are the bomb. It just chews up the asphalt effortlessly. I have enjoyed working with Coastline Equipment and I look forward to purchasing more compact equipment from them in the future.” [ Continued on page 20 ]

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Above: Sub Zero Excavating performed all of the water, sewer and storm drain excavation for the project.

[ Continued from page 18 ]

Sub Zero Excavating has come a long way from digging and pouring slabs for gas station tank jobs. Today they are a full service contractor that can also build concrete catch basins, curb inlets and basically self perform all of the structures for their pipeline customers. Their largest job to date would be in the $5 to $6 million range, performing all of the wet and dry utilities for a shopping center developer. Sub Zero is currently on a fairly challenging job right now on a housing project in Compton, where they are relocating all of the underground dry utilities, as well as a few fire hydrants. “This job is a bit of a challenge due to all of the street connections and conflicts with the numerous utilities involved with this project,” says Fletcher. “I love the challenge though and every day is something different and that is what keeps me going.” 20

Sub Zero Excavating just finished up on a 5-month project for Roem Construction and is currently working on a job out where the 210 and 15 intersect. This job involves the excavation and placement of 96” concrete pipe down to 18 feet and over a couple of thousand lineal feet. This job is for KPRS Construction Services, Inc. and requires Sub Zero to build several large retention basins. The company is also currently working for EPI Construction, installing storm drain, water line and other wet utilities at a Catholic high school. Although Sub Zero Excavating is getting more and more into large pipeline construction, they also continue to offer operated equipment rental, with a couple of rental units and operators going out each workday. “You know I am smart enough to realize that it is our employee team members that have brought us such success thus

2014 owner / operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

far. My daughter and son-in-law work for our company and this is really becoming their baby,” says Fletcher. “My daughter, Daryl-Ann has a degree in biology and also earned her degree in business management, as did her husband, Daniel Denner. Daryl-Ann serves as our office manager, basically running all inside operations, while Daniel takes care of coordinating all of our field operations with the office.” Robert also has a daughter that recently graduated from Purdue, another daughter that is currently attending Biola University and a son still in high school. “My other children see how I work and they think it is crazy. I just want them all to be happy in whatever path their life takes them.” For more information on Sub Zero Excavating and their services, please call (805) 522-5043. Cc

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topcon technology Roadshow: October 1-2, 2014



Riverside, Calif. - The Topcon Technology Roadshow made a stop at RDO Equipment Co.’s Riverside store in October. Housed in a custom designed 18-wheeler that expands into a 5000 square foot solutions center, the mobile classroom contains interactive displays of the latest positioning technologies in construction, surveying and GIS industries. In addition, RDO Equipment Co. provided pieces of John Deere construction equipment, fitted with Topcon technology, for customers to demo. Josh Price, RDO Integrated Controls General Manager, commented, “The Roadshow was a great success with more than 70 different contractors looking to improve their use of technology. The roadshow was really just a large demonstration of what we do every day at RDO Integrated Controls. Our industry experts listen to our customers’ needs and provide solutions through hands-on demonstrations and free trials.” About RDO Equipment Co. Founded in 1968, RDO Equipment Co. is a family owned and operated company that provides and supports innovative solutions for John Deere agriculture, construction, lawn and garden; Vermeer; Topcon; and RDO Water customers. The organization, with headquarters in Fargo, N.D., employs more than 2,200 team members. The company has more than 60 sales and service locations in nine U.S. states and partnerships in Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, and Australia. Learn more about RDO Equipment Co. at About RDO Integrated Controls RDO Integrated Controls, founded in 2009, is a division of RDO Equipment Co. The division provides positioning solutions for customers in the construction, mining engineering, engineering, survey, and landfill industries. For more information, visit Cc 22

2014 owner / operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

3 [1] Topcon’s 18 wheeler that expands into a 5000 square foot solutions center. [2] Classroom within the 18 wheeler. Holds 30 people. [3] Interactive displays with Topcon technology.

[1] Dennis Howard, Vice President of Southwest Construction (left) and Mark Kuhn, General Manager; both of RDO Equipment Co. [2] Jennifer Schledorn (left), Steve Wren and Donna Kangieser from RDO Equipment Co.



[3] Customers were able to demo various John Deere equipment, all of which were outfitted with Topcon technology. [4] Customers receive equipment information from industry experts. [5] John Deere 770GP Motor Grader with Topcon 3DMC� Machine Control.




2014 owner / operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


WORK UNDERWAY TO REPAIR NAPA QUAKE DAMAGE TO STATE HIGHWAYS NAPA and SOLANO COUNTIES – Caltrans and its contractors have begun work on six emergency contracts to repair damage caused by an August 24 earthquake in Napa and Solano Counties totaling $5.3 million. Caltrans engineers and inspectors also continue to work with local agencies to assess and inspect damage affecting local bridges and structures. Though no damage affecting public safety or the structural integrity of bridges resulted from the quake, the contracts, totaling $5.3 million, will result in final repairs to eleven state-owned bridges including fixing bridge seals, spalled concrete, damaged pavement, curb cracking and damaged bridge rails at locations on Highways 29, 37 and 121 in

Napa and Solano counties. Work on an additional contract to repair pavement buckling on Highway 121 was completed within three days of the earthquake. “One of Caltrans’ most critical tasks after an earthquake is to assess the impact on the state highway system’s bridges and roads,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “In Napa, we were able to respond quickly thanks to seismic data which allowed us to prioritize our safety inspections of highways and bridges affected by the earthquake.” Eight Caltrans building inspectors were also deployed to help the City of Vallejo, as only about 1,000 of 40,000 buildings in the city had been inspected for damage. Caltrans

George Butler Bridge Damage.

Pavement Repairs Underway.

inspectors completed more thorough follow-up inspections of buildings that had been initially tagged for caution and canvassed areas for safety assessments where inspections still remained. The Caltrans teams also responded to calls from the public and fire and police departments to assess structural hazard concerns. “In times of emergency, it’s all hands on deck to ensure the public’s safety, regardless of jurisdiction and responsibility,” continued Dougherty. “I’m proud of the Caltrans bridge and structural engineers and inspectors who were able to go out into the field to help Bay Area local governments and agencies assess the quake’s damage.” Cc

Lombard Overhead Damage.

$1 BILLION IN NEW FUNDING ALLOCATED TO UPGRADE STATE AND LOCAL TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE The state’s vast transportation system has received a major infusion of cash, as the California Transportation Commission (CTC) has allocated $1 billion to repair local streets and state highways, improve public transit and alleviate traffic delays statewide. The allocation of $750 million in federal funds for Caltrans’ Local 24

Assistance Program annually pays for more than 1,200 projects designed to improve local roads, bridges and public transit. In the months ahead, more than 600 city, county and regional transportation agencies will submit their projects to Caltrans for review and approval to ensure compliance with federal requirements.

2014 owner / operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

The CTC also allocated nearly $87 million to Caltrans to pay for the operating expenses for the Pacific Surfliner and San Joaquin intercity passenger rail services. These routes are two of the five busiest in the Amtrak system. Ridership on the three statesupported rail routes (which includes the Capitol Corridor)

for federal fiscal year 2013 was a record 5.6 million. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, per passenger mile, travel by rail generates about half the carbon dioxide emission of an automobile trip. The CTC closed out the allocations by approving $170 million for 29 additional projects including the ones below. San Joaquin County: The San Joaquin Council of Governments received $200,000 for local State Transportation Improvement Program planning, programming and monitoring of construction projects. Tuolumne County: The Tuolumne County Transportation Council received $60,000 for local State Transportation Improvement

Program planning, programming and monitoring of construction projects. Alpine County: The Alpine County Local Transportation Commission received $23,000 for local State Transportation Improvement Program planning, programming and monitoring of construction projects. Santa Barbara County: $3.4 million for the Highway 246 Passing Lanes Project from Cebada Canyon Road to Hapgood Road near Lompoc in Santa Barbara County. Butte County: $3.4 million to replace Flag Canyon Creek Bridge in Oroville. Colusa County: $3.5 million to extend Marguerite Street by 0.6 miles and construct a new

connection to Highway 20 in the city of Williams. Kings County: $1,275,000 – 19th Avenue Interchange Landscaping in Lemoore, on State Route 198 at 19th Avenue. Various planting to provide aesthetic softening and slope erosion control to the newly constructed 19th Avenue interchange. Kern County: $594,000 – Rails to Trails Phase IV in the city of Taft, on Sunset Railroad corridor, from 2nd Street to State Route 119. Construct 2,900 feet of bike/ pedestrian path; infill half mile of future 5 mile bike/pedestrian path and decrease bike commute time. Cc

CAT® 903C FEATURES TIER 4 INTERIM ENGINE, HYDROSTATIC DRIVE, VERSATILE AUXILIARY HYDRAULICS, ACCOMMODATING OPERATOR’S STATION, AND EASY SERVICEABILITY The new Cat® 903C compact wheel loader—with a standard operating weight of 9,150 pounds and powered with a 42-horsepower Cat C2.4 engine— has the power and balance to work productively in a range of applications. Premium features throughout the 903C’s design ensure optimum operator comfort and safety, ease of operation, simple routine maintenance, and, with its universal-type (skid-steer-type) coupler and auxiliary hydraulics, exceptional versatility. The 903C’s spacious, cabequipped operator’s station features dual entry doors with sliding windows, tilting steering column, centrally located, easy-to-read gauge cluster, and low-effort implement and

auxiliary-hydraulic control levers that precisely modulate hydraulic functions. An expansive front windshield, large glass areas in the doors, pillar-less rear window, and minimal engine overhang enhance visibility, and an available HVAC system delivers all-season comfort. A canopy option will be available 1Q-15. Premium power-train features for the 903C include the fuelefficient C2.4 engine, which meets Tier 4Interim emission standards; smooth, powerful hydrostatic transmission; maintenance-free propeller shafts and universal joints; and heavy-duty oscillating axles with outboard planetary reduction. Axles are available with differential locks to assist

traction in poor underfoot conditions, and the power train allows travel speeds to 10 mph. The 903C features independent levers for lift, tilt, and auxiliary (third-valve) functions, with the latter providing a continuous-flow detent to simplify operation when using work tools with continuous-flow requirements. Cc

2014 owner / operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


The Art of the Compact Track Loader

Compact Track Loaders (CTL) provide three significant advantages: lower ground pressure for operating over terrain where utilities and other systems may sit just below the surface, the ability to minimize impact on finished surfaces (less rutting) and the ability to provide greater stability/flotation. While CTLs and skid steer loaders are often discussed interchangeably, they are different machines with different strengths and different challenges. Using CTLs in the appropriate applications, with the most suitable attachments and a proper understanding of the undercarriage, will help owners and operators master the art of the CTL. The Advantages of Tracks Generally speaking: applications that require lifting and articulating of a load on a soft or uneven surface may be best performed with CTLs. While CTLs can be used on asphalt, concrete and other improved surfaces, it’s not recommended. These surfaces shorten the overall lifespan of the tracks as they cause more abrasion and wear. CTLs are best suited for softer surfaces (grasses, dirt, gravel) and provide greater flotation and stability on uneven surfaces – a particular strength for slope work. The ability to operate on 26

grass and other unpaved surfaces without creating ruts is important because it reduces cleanup time and site repair costs. A CTL also provides a certain advantage over skid steer loaders in grading applications because CTLs are able to better maintain the position of the bucket or blade over varying terrain. These machines don’t “porpoise” the way that skid steers might. Lifting with forks is also a great application for CTLs because there is no front tire compression, creating a better platform for lifting. This allows the operator of the CTL to lift with greater confidence. Operating a CTL with a vertical lift arm design also offers additional lifting benefits, as this design will lift the load in a way that keeps it stable and more evenly distributes the weight of the load throughout the machine. As it relates to specific applications: landscaping is ideal for CTLs as they provide excellent flotation over the ground and have minimal effect on existing finished surfaces. The same benefit can be applied to utility work where contractors are regularly working in and around homes and businesses. Farm and ranch applications, where many of the surfaces are unpaved and lifting is regularly

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required, are also ideal for CTLs. These machines are also suitable for forestry and land clearing applications because of their power, tractive effort, stability on slopes and ability to handle heavy attachments. Vertical or Radial? The performance of vertical and radial lift designs on CTLs closely mirrors that of skid steers. In general, radial lift designs are better for working in the dirt: digging, grading, pushing, etc. Vertical lift designs typically provide better lifting and material handling capabilities, although both can be used interchangeably. Attachments best suited for CTLs The stability and weight distribution of CTLs provide an excellent platform for attachment use – except for those attachments specifically designed for work on asphalt and concrete. Attachments such as rock saws and cold planers are better suited for skid steers. Not only will the hard surface increase track wear, but the vibrations caused by these attachments also vibrate the tracks against the hard surface, creating friction and further increasing deterioration. Cc

John Deere Reveals 250G LC, 350G LC, and 380G LC Final Tier 4 Excavators Dedicated to offering customers the most cutting-edge equipment and jobsite solutions on the market, John Deere upgrades three models on the successful G-Series excavator line. The models – 250G LC, 350G LC and 380G LC – are equipped with a powerful Final Tier 4 engine and meet the strictest emissions standards, providing customers with higher productivity, increased uptime, and lower daily operating costs. The 250G LC features a 188 hp certified Final Tier 4 John Deere PowerTech™ PVS 6.8L engine. Both the 350G LC and 380G LC boast a rugged certified Final Tier 4 John Deere PowerTech™ PSS 9.0L engine with horsepower at 271 hp (350G LC) and 271 hp (380G LC). The improved Final Tier 4 Technology enabled John

Deere to maintain or reduce total fluid consumption, helping to lower daily operating costs. Operators don’t have to worry about diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning as it still occurs automatically with no impact to machine operation. Also, after extensive testing, John Deere’s DPF can go up to 15,000 hours before ash removal. Additionally, all models feature excellent total fluid economy (diesel fuel and DEF). A grade reference ready option for the 350G LC is available from the factory, reducing installation time by half. Sensor mounting brackets are welded to the boom, arm, dog bone, counterweight, and mainframe at the factory, enabling immediate install of Topcon, Trimble, Leica or other

grade reference systems. A programmable thumb attachment mode is also available and enables operators to program oil flow for thumb attachments with the monitor. Customers will appreciate the new handrails as well. The handrails help maintain contact when climbing the upper structure to service the engine. Cc

Volvo EC350E switches tasks with ease The EC350E crawler excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment features a powerful Tier 4 Final/Stage IV engine, combining superior efficiency, productivity and ease of transportation in general earthmoving applications. The new Volvo EC350E crawler excavator is an exceptionally productive machine that lowers operating costs through reduced fuel consumption and simple maintenance requirements in general applications. Powered by a proven Tier 4 Final/Stage IV-compliant Volvo D13 engine, the EC350E delivers powerful digging and breakout forces alongside reduced emissions and a significant improvement in fuel efficiency.

The EC350E hydraulics are perfectly matched to the engine and are controlled by an advanced system which provides on-demand flow and reduces power losses within the circuit. Together with the new Volvo D13 engine and the unique Volvo ECO mode, the new EC350E provides superior productivity, extremely smooth and controllable hydraulics, with an overall improvement of up to 9 percent in fuel efficiency. An integrated work mode system offers the operator a choice of four work modes according to the task at hand — I (Idle), F (Fine), G (General) or H (Heavy) — for optimum efficiency and machine performance. When the controls have been inactive for a pre-set amount of time, the

excavator can be programmed to automatically reduce engine speed or even shut down to further reduce fuel consumption and noise. Operators can keep track of both current and average fuel consumption via a simple gauge in the cab. Cc

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Quality you can rely on


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For details, contact your local Komatsu distributor.

Komatsu America Launches WA200-7 Wheel Loader with T4i Engine One Machine for All Applications

7651 Ronson Rd. San Diego, CA 92111 Office: 858-278-8351 Fax: 858-492-9959 San Diego 4726 Convoy St. Office: 858-278-8338 Fax: 858-278-4845 Escondido 1330 Mission Rd. Office: 760-739-9100 Fax: 760-739-8888 Fontana 8520 Cherry Ave. Office: 909-429-9100 Fax: 909-429-9397 Imperial 440 West Aten Rd. Office: 760-355-7700 Fax: 760-355-7704 Indio 81-501 Industrial Place Office: 760-863-5558 Fax: 760-863-0959

Komatsu America Corp. introduces the WA200-7 wheel loader. With a net horsepower of 126 hp, the WA200-7 is powered by an EPA Tier 4 Interim emission certified Komatsu engine. Built on its proven Tier 3 engine platform, Komatsu leveraged its leadership in technology and innovation to design a more environmentally friendly engine. Fuel consumption has been reduced by up to three percent compared to the WA200-6. The new wheel loader replaces both the WA200-6 and the WA200PZ-6. Weighing between 25,342 lbs. and 26,070 lbs., the new model features improved efficiency, lower fuel consumption, excellent operator comfort and serviceability to help maximize productivity while lowering operating costs*. The WA200-7 utilizes Komatsu’s versatile Parallel Z-bar (PZ) loader linkage. This linkage combines the advantages of a parallel lift linkage for pallet handling and high tilt forces for large attachments. The PZ linkage also offers large breakout and lift force, which make bucket-filling quick and easy and also aids in digging performance. Built on Komatsu’s proven Tier 3 technology, the SAA4D107E-2 engine produces lower emissions and lower fuel consumption.

The Komatsu Tier 4 Interim engine uses an advanced electronic control system to better manage air-flow rate, fuel injection, combustion and exhaust after-treatment to optimize performance, reduce emissions, and reduce fuel consumption. In the WA200-7 Komatsu has also employed the use of its electronically actuated Komatsu Variable Flow Turbocharger (KVFT) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve. This results in precise air management as well as long component life. The simplicity of this configuration on the 4-cylinder engine provides a robust and reliable system without additional hydraulic lines. The Komatsu Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (KDOC) is part of an integrated exhaust management system that does not interfere with daily operation. The KDOC is a 100% passive regeneration system that is good for the life of the engine and does not have a scheduled replacement interval. The WA200-7 also features Komatsu SmartLoader Logic, which provides the optimal engine torque for the job required. Cc

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ADVERTISER’S INDEX A.S.A.P. Heavy Equipment Rentals................... 21

Nixon-Egli Equipment Co.................... Back Cover

Clairemont Equipment................................. 28, 29

Quinn CAT............................................................ 2

Coastline Equipment............................................ 3

RDO Equipment Co.............................................. 5

Coastline Equipment Crane Div......................... 31

Road Machinery................................................. 15

Construction Marketing Svcs............................. 25

Sonsray Machinery............................................ 11

Crime Prevention Program................................. 19

Trench Shoring Company.................................. 19

Hawthorne CAT.................................................... 2

UB Equipment Corp............................................. 7

Heavy Equipment Rentals.................................... 3

Volvo Construction Equip. & Svcs........................ 21

Johnson CAT........................................................ 2

Westrax Machinery............................................ 30

3 Years - 4,000 Hours - Full Machine Warranty

Best Warranty In The Industry! 19618 South Susana Road, Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221


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Serving Southern California

19885 Temescal Canyon Rd., Corona, CA 92881

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Nixon-Egli Equipment Co., Wirtgen and Guzman Grading & Paving Corp.

(Above & Right) Guzman Grading & Paving Corp. uses their brand new Wirtgen 120i FCS Wirtgen milling machine on a recent project.

Guzman Grading & Paving Corp. was first established in 2005 by Jesse Guzman Sr. and his two sons, Jesse Jr. and Basilio Guzman as a full-service grading and paving contractor. The company works throughout the state of California, specializing in public works projects with an emphasis on utility trench paving projects. They own and operate a variety of asphalt paving machines, but have never owned a milling machine until just recently. “We decided that it was time to step-up our game and purchase our own milling machine, as opposed to renting,” says Guzman. “With all of the trench paving work we are taking on, it just makes more sense economically to own.” Guzman Grading & Paving Corp. has known Alan Hahn from Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. for many years. “We purchased a Wirtgen 120i FCS milling Machine from Alan Hahn of Nixon-Egli. Alan is very tenacious and has been calling on us since we first started out in 2007,” says Guzman. “Alan presented us with the idea of purchasing a Wirtgen 120i FCS Wirtgen milling machine and he communicated well and worked hard to get our business.” After thorough investigation of the Wirtgen and other machines, Jesse Guzman decided that the Wirtgen was the perfect machine for them. “We love the Wirtgen machines efficiency, ease of operation, state-of-the-art controls and we were truly amazed at just how quiet the machine is,” says Guzman. “We have already received training and are continuing to be trained by Nixon-Egli. Everything from sales and service to parts availability is readily available and consistent at Nixon-Egli. I can see why so many companies do business with them.” Guzman Grading & Paving Corp. is headquartered out of Fontana, with anywhere from 9 to 15 employees working for them from season to season. For more information on Guzman Grading & Paving Corp., call (909) 428-5960 or (714) 345-6154.

California’s Largest General Line Construction and Municipal Equipment Dealer. So. California: 2044 S. Vineyard Ave., Ontario, CA 91761 • (909) 930-1822 No. California: 800 E. Grant Line Rd., Tracy, CA 95304 • (209) 830-8600

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