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Grading & Excavating Issue


Features 06 Miller blades

Full Service Equipment Rental and Contracting Company


12 T.E. Roberts, Inc.

Family Values and Quality Pipeline Construction at the Heart of T.E. Roberts, Inc.

18 savala equipment rentals Providing Union Operated and Bare Heavy Equipment Rentals to the Southern California Construction Industry Since 1978

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2015 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

2015 grading & excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Miller Blades

Full Service Equipment Rental and Contracting Company Written by: Brian Hoover The roots of Miller Blades go deep; all the way back three generations, when Dale J. Miller started D. J. Miller & Sons in 1967. Known by his friends as Jerry, this patriarch brought his three sons into his grading and excavating business and together they thrived. Eventually, Dale “Jerry” Miller announced his intentions to retire and the three brothers went their separate ways into their own respective businesses. One of the brothers, Gerald Miller, went on to establish Gerald Miller Construction in 1980 after purchasing his very first Cat motor grader, which he used primarily for finish grading subcontract work. The company grew and began to take on high profile clients like Fulton Construction, Atkinson Construction, and Sukut Construction, companies that they continue to work for presently. The jobs became larger and more technical as Gerald Miller Construction ventured from grading house pads to subgrade and base grade work on the I-5, Highway 101, Highway 41, I-10, I-15, I-210 and 241 freeways, just to name a few. Gerald’s son, Darren Miller eventually joined the company but not before acquiring as much experience as possible. After


attending college at Northern Arizona University, he thought it would be a good idea to get some operating experience with other grading contractors. He joined the Local 12 and began operating dozers, loaders and 651 scrapers for various companies, like Savala Equipment Rental, where he operated a paddle wheel for a stint. After a few years, he then joined his uncle’s company primarily performing fine grading work. Then in 1992, his father asked him if he would be interested in running a blade for Gerald Miller Construction fulltime. Darren felt that the timing was right and he agreed to join the family business. Then in 1998, Gerald Miller asked his daughter, Jodi Miller (now Jodi Came) to join the company and help run the operations from the front office. Jodi had recently received her degree in Psychology, and like her

2015 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

Above: Darren Miller, Co-Owner and President, Miller Blades. Below: Jodi Came, Co-Owner and Secretary-Treasurer, Miller Blades.

brother, she felt that she was also ready to join the business. The company changed its name to Miller Blades when they incorporated in 2003, as more operators and new Caterpillar machines were added to the company’s assets. The company grew dramatically through the 1990s and into the mid-2000s, before running into an obvious lull in 2008. They survived these trying times by taking on a greater percentage of contract work. Their reputation for first class productivity and reliability also paid off, as the contractors that were lucky enough to still be working rewarded them with operated rental contracts. In 2012, Gerald Miller trusted his company over to Darren and Jodi, as Darren became president and Jodi, secretary-treasurer. “Make no mistake, our father is still very involved in the family business and he is there for us whenever we need him,” says Darren Miller. “He built this business and my sister and I are very grateful that he has entrusted us to maintain and grow what he spent a lifetime building. We very much respect our dad and we intend

on carrying on his excellent business model.” Miller Blades business model continues to be primarily associated with operated equipment rental services, with a little more than 10 percent going toward contract construction work. They are currently finishing a contract for a local high school and recently submitted a bid for a large reservoir project. Additionally, they are working on the 91 project, are on the I-5 project with Flatiron, the Highway 76 project with Ames Construction, and are also contributing to a long list of projects for various contractors in the Irvine and Ontario areas. One of their more interesting contract jobs was in Southern Nevada in 2014. Miller Blades took on a job at Copper Mountain located on a solar farm. A cross-shaft pulverizer was used to mix the soil with dry cement, which was placed on the mountain slopes in order to stabilize the area. “We pushed the material up the slopes with dozers and blades and then graded and compacted it all the way down to the bottom of the channel,” says Miller.

Top: Miller Blades currently has 17 Cat Motor Graders in their fleet. Above Middle: Miller Blades uses attachments such as this V-ditch and slopes for specialty grading. Above Bottom: Miller Blades on the Morris Dam upgrade and improvement project in Azusa.

2015 grading & excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Above: Gerald Miller, Founder of Gerald Miller Construction and Miller Blades. Above Left: Miller Blades new Cat 140M3 Motor Grader purchased from Johnson Machinery on L.D. Anderson’s Lugonia Ave. widening project in Redlands. Left: Miller Blades operator, Lee Wills.

According to Darren Miller, pairing late model Caterpillar motor graders and finish scrapers with the best operators in the industry is what their business is built upon. Their operated rental company has worked and continues to work for the best in the business. Companies like Flatiron, Sukut, Atkinson Walsh, Stice Co. and Granite Construction, just to name a few. Their primary job is in most cases to reach final grade for a contractor prior to paving or construction. “Our work is relatively specialized and we focus heavily on final grading projects,” says Miller. “I don’t really feel that we sell iron, as much as our expertise through the wonderful and experienced operators that work for our company. They are all extremely talented and they adapt quickly to the variety of projects and landscapes that they are asked to work on each day. Our job is to increase our client’s finish quality and production levels and make them more profitable through the use of our operators and machinery. Many of our clients look at us as part of their team and that is what will sustain us in the future.”


Darren Miller makes it clear that it is the people at Miller Blades that make the difference. He also points to a secondary source, their heavy equipment, and state-of-the-art technology. “When I came to work here in 1992 we had five machines. We now have 20 machines and 20 operating engineers working each day,” says Miller. “I believe we have the best finish operators in the business and we want them to have the best equipment possible. That is why we own and operate Caterpillar and work with companies like Johnson Machinery.” According to Miller, his family has trusted and utilized Cat equipment all the way back to his grandfather’s company. They currently have 17 Cat motor graders, a Cat D6N dozer with dual slope boards, a Cat 613 scraper, and a John Deere skip loader in their fleet. “Johnson Machinery has been an incredible partner that goes out of their way to cater to our needs,” says Miller. “They have studied our trends over the years and they stock the parts we use most so that we will have them immediately when they are needed. We get high-

2015 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

level priority service at Johnson Machinery and I just can’t say enough about their entire staff, especially our sale rep, Dennis Madden and our product support rep, Will Escobar.” Miller Blades’ most recent purchase was a 2015 Cat140M3 AWD motor grader. They purchased the machine from Johnson Machinery and it is the first Final Tier IV machine to enter their fleet. “We are compliant through 2023, but will continue to add Final Tier IV machines to our fleet over the next several years,” says Miller. “Both Sukut Construction and Johnson Machinery have helped us repower our fleet to get up to Tier III standards.” Miller Blades does most all of their maintenance out in the field, but they also turn to Johnson Machinery for service from time to time. “Our maintenance crew does an extremely good job of keeping our operating costs down by working proactively out in the field, and our equipment manager, Steve Casselman, keeps our fleet organized and maintained at all times,” says


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2015 grading & excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Above, Left and RIght: Miller Blades continues to invest in their fleet with the latest in GPS technology with Tier IV upgrades. They now have 20 machines and 20 operating engineers.

Miller. “Dennis Madden and the folks at Johnson Machinery keep us up to date on special equipment offerings and we have used Caterpillar Financing exclusively for quite awhile.” Darren Miller also points out another way that Miller Blades remains on the leading edge of their industry. “We began investing in GPS technology back in 2008 when many companies were focusing on staying afloat. It was the right move and this decision has made us more productive and more profitable,” says Miller. “You might say that it has given us an edge, and we now send all of our equipment out with onboard GPS, and will also set up a base system for our clients that do not yet have GPS technology. Mike Miller has


contributed greatly to our GPS evolution. He works well between myself and our foreman and although we share the same last name, but are not related, we still consider him to be a part of our family.” Miller Blades founder, Gerald Miller has been working in grading and excavating for more than 50 years. His ideologies and work ethic have been passed on to his son and daughter, as well as to all of the company’s employees. This has created a higher standard, not regularly seen in many of today’s construction and rental equipment companies. “We take good care of our operators and support staff and in return they give us 110 percent,” says Miller. “Several of our employees have

2015 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

been with us for many years, like John LaComb, who has been operating for us for over 30 years. We also have a great administrative staff led by my sister, Jodi Came. She works hard to keep this whole thing going smoothly and her assistant, Jessica Rodriquez, is also a big part of our success. We are in a good place right now and we look forward to continued growth over the next several years.” For more information on Miller Blades, please visit them online at or call their Rancho Cucamonga office at (909) 985-7704. Cc

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2015 grading & excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Family Values and Quality Pipeline Construction At The Heart of

Written by: Brian Hoover Photos contributed by: Kerry Hoover & T.E. Roberts, Inc.


im Roberts established T.E. Roberts, Inc. (T.E. Roberts) in 2000 after starting out in the business working for his father-in-law’s underground construction company. Now some 30 years later, Roberts has built a reputation for delivering quality pipeline construction services for private and public entities throughout Southern California. “After working in the industry for 20 years, I decided to go out on my own, along with my then 18-year-old son Justin, to see if we could make a go of it,” says Roberts. “We were lucky enough to get involved with some great companies and we have never looked back.” T.E. Roberts started out installing small water mains, renting equipment as needed from job to job. Tim’s son, Justin worked as a welder, along with two other young men, while Tim operated the equipment. Roberts purchased his first machine after the first year in business and he knew exactly what he wanted. “I grew up on a farm in England where John Deere tractors were always considered to be the very best. When the time came to purchase our first machine, I knew it would be a John Deere,” says Roberts. We went straight to Coastline Equipment and demoed a new


Above L to R: Luke, Tim and Justin Roberts of T.E. Roberts, Inc.

2015 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

UB Equipment Corp. 4701-B Little John St. • Baldwin Park, CA 91706 Phone: 800-813-8232 • Fax: 626-813-1594


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1-800-813-8232 All Items for Sale, New And Used Also Available for Rent!

UB Equipment Corp.13

2015 grading & excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

Above: T.E. Roberts’ Hitachi Zaxis 450LC excavator, purchased from Coastline Equipment, placing pipe on Lido Avenue in Newport Beach.

410 backhoe. I knew it was the right choice immediately and now we own 18 John Deere machines and five Hitachi excavators, all purchased from Coastline Equipment.” Along with his childhood experience with John Deere tractors, Tim Roberts also had a sort of built in relationship with the folks at Coastline Equipment. His wife, Kim, went to high school with one of the owners of Coastline, as well as with their sales representative, Tony Knight. “My wife and I have known Tony Knight and

Scott Bragg for many years and I guess that has made our relationship even stronger,” says Roberts. “Sean James is our new rep and he and the entire staff at Coastline go out of their way to take care of our needs. Coastline and John Deere are both so reliable and they offer great terms and outstanding service after the sale.” T.E. Roberts owns and operates a large fleet of John Deere machinery including nine John Deere backhoes; a zero-tail swing John Deere

excavator, six John Deere wheel loaders, one John Deere skid steer loader and one John Deere skip loader. They also have five 100,000 lb. plus Hitachi excavators that they also purchased from Coastline Equipment. Their most recent purchase is a John Deere 710K Interim Tier IV backhoe. “Our new 710K is a very productive machine and our operators appreciate its power and performance.” According to Roberts, they also point to features like the keyless start and machine security system,

Above: T.E. Roberts’ John Deere Backhoes, purchased from Coastline Equipment, digging trenches on various projects throughout Southern California.


2015 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

as well as a more efficient HVAC system and the industry leading smooth-shifting fivespeed transmission. T.E. Roberts has continuously grown year after year since 2000, adding machinery, operators and employees even through the recession. “I don’t think that we have any special secret, just a great group of people dedicated to being Southern California’s best underground

construction and pipeline contractor,” says Roberts. “I still consider us a small company with just over 50 employees. My oldest son, Justin, is the company’s vice president and he helps run the daily operations, while my youngest son, Luke, joined us a few years ago and he is currently working on his Masters in construction management at USC. That can only make us an even better

company and I look forward to working with both my sons for many more adventurous years to come.” The company’s largest contract to date was an $11 million contract in Ontario where T.E. Roberts installed 6-miles of 24 inch and 30 inch cement and mortar lined adobe pipe on a private infrastructure project. They kept at least 20 of their operators and laborers busy

Above: T.E. Roberts’ Hitachi Zaxis 450LC excavator, purchased from Coastline Equipment, placing shoring in trench on Newport Boulevard in Newport Beach.

2015 grading & excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Above: T.E. Roberts’ Hitachi Zaxis 450LC excavator, purchased from Coastline Equipment, installing off-set on Newport Boulevard in Newport Beach.

for 18 months on this 2014 housing development project. T.E. Roberts also completed a project last year for the City of Newport Beach where they installed 2-miles of 24 inch water main on Macarthur Blvd across East Coast Highway to Bayside Drive in order to increase the reliability of the water system. The overall job, known as the Corona Del Mar Water Transmission Main project, included several other construction phases and the City of Newport Beach was recently awarded the “Water Project of the Year” from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) at their 2015 annual awards Luncheon. T.E. Roberts has also dug out (forgive the pun) a nice niche installing crypts for cemeteries throughout Southern California. They just finished installing 2,600 double depth crypts in Whittier, marking one of the largest installations of its kind in the


United States. T.E. Roberts is an approved contractor and on-call service provider. They are also one of the few experienced contractors in the relatively new recycled water retrofit field. Tim Roberts will tell you that they are excited and proud to offer services that convert potable water lines into recycled water lines for commercial, industrial and landscape-irrigation purposes, conserving the region’s valuable potable water supply in the process. “Everyday brings a different experience and a new challenge. We like it that way, but our number one concern is and has always been the safety of our employees. It is a good day as long as everyone goes home to their families safe and sound.” T.E. Roberts, Inc. works for several Southern California agencies, as well as for commercial, industrial and the private industry. This includes

2015 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

but is certainly not limited to cities, counties, municipalities, water companies and districts, commercial and residential developers, the aerospace industry and cemeteries. Their deep-rooted family business values are at the foundation of their long-term growth plans in Southern California. They are also focused and dedicated to building and designing only the highest quality underground pipeline projects in Southern California. It’s not only hard work and no play for the Roberts Family, as they always find time to relax with one another at their vacation home at Lake Mojave. For more information on T.E. Roberts, Inc. please visit their website at or call their office in Orange at (714) 669-0072. Cc

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2015 grading & excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Providing Union Operated and Bare Heavy Construction Equipment Rentals to the Southern California Construction Industry Since 1978 Written by: Brian Hoover No matter where you have traveled in Southern California, you have more than likely seen that black and yellow Savala Equipment Rentals logo on a shiny piece of heavy machinery. It may have been during one of your daily drives on a congested California Freeway, on city streets or even at the Dodger or Angel stadiums. They are certainly one of our construction mainstays and they have been providing Southern California contractors with heavy machinery and top-notch operators since 1978. Savala Equipment Rentals’ genesis really began in 1947 when George Savala started a white paving construction company. In 1961, his son, Leonard Savala, took over the reins of the company and over time the company’s core scope of work switched to underground construction. The company eventually started a small equipment rental company renting primarily to itself. The rental division grew over the years, so Leonard decided to take the rental concept to the next level by establishing Savala


Caption L to R: Scott Damon, Vice President of Sales, Aaron Dyer, Vice President, Erin Oskorus, CEO and Sean Savala, President.

Equipment Rentals in 1978. They started out renting a few machines to select contractors, offering their equipment with an operator or bare. At the time, this was still a fairly novel concept as there were not many union operated equipment rental companies and contractors would have to rely on their own operators or contact the union hall to get an operator to run their machine. Savala Equipment Rentals took their

2015 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

business to new levels in the late 80s and early 90s adding many more operators and machines in the process. They offered their customers a full package deal with late model equipment and the industry’s best operators. Leonard’s son and daughter joined the company in the mid to late 80s, with Erin taking care of the inside administration duties and Sean out running the field operations. The company was now entering

Caption L to R: Shannon Savala, Dispatcher, Jess Burch, Dispatcher and Brigham Florentin, Sales Representative.

its third generation, guided by the same honest hard work and core family values that it was originally founded upon. The business grew exponentially as Savala began to expand from their core business of underground utility contractors to larger grading, excavating and civil engineering clients. Savala Equipment Rentals also has the privilege of being one of the first woman-owned (WBE) construction related companies in California with Erin (Savala) Oskorus serving as chief executive officer. Sean Savala is the company’s

Caption: Savala Equipment Rentals’ Cat 330C Excavator working with emergency crews clearing mud and silt flowing from previous burn areas during El Nino storms in 2010.

president, Aaron Dyer, vice president, Scott Damon, vice president of sales, Leonard Savala Jr., safety officer/ equipment superintendent, Bill Fasoli, master mechanic, Julie Stafford, office manager with Jess Burch and Shannon Savala serving as dispatchers. Together and along with more than 50 other employees, these professionals have earned a reputation for being some of the best in the industry and their work record proves it. In addition to being a woman-owned business, they are also a certified MBE and DBE business. Savala

Equipment Rentals proudly serves all of Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Ventura and Imperial counties from their Irvine and Corona facilities. Their union operators are among the very best in the industry with certifications that include, railroad, hazmat, OSHA 10hour, and many have their LAX credentials and TWIC card. They hire and maintain a full fleet of mechanics trained to work on the entire product line. 24-hour emergency response is available and

Above: Savala Equipment Rentals installing storm drain at California Adventure in Anaheim.

2015 grading & excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Caption: Savala Equipment Rentals’ John Deere 210LJ Skip Loader finishing grade at the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodel Center (ARTIC).

Savala Equipment Rentals can be reached after hours to assist you whenever and wherever you need them. In addition, Savala’s office staff possesses the knowledge and ability to complete all necessary reports, including OCIP, CCIP, LAUSD, and certified payroll projects. Savala Equipment Rentals is fully CARB compliant with a large fleet of Tier 3 and Tier 4 units available and more being added each month. The company owns, maintains and rents equipment

from the industry’s most respected manufacturers including Komatsu, John Deere, Hitachi, Volvo, and Caterpillar, in addition to a fleet of 2,200-gallon Peterbilt water trucks. They offer union operators for every machine they rent from a skip loader to a self-elevating paddle wheel scraper to a 110,000lb. excavator. In all, they have more than 145 pieces of equipment available for rent. Scott Damon is the vice president of sales at Savala and he has been with the

company for nearly 20 years. He had worked as a manager with TGI Friday’s and with IBM early in his career. “I learned the value of customer service at Friday’s and IBM taught me the profession of selling. As a salesman, I’m only as good as the products I represent and Savala has always given me the best product in the industry to offer our clients. Damon manages several well-trained sales representatives that serve a long list of some of the most respected construction firms

Caption L to R: Savala Equipment Rentals’ Volvo ECR235 excavating a roadway at Universal Studios. Komatsu PC490 excavator loading bottom dumps at the Anaheim Convention Center. John Deere 550K dozer finishing grade at the Anaheim Convention Center.


2015 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

Caption: Savala Equipment Rentals’ Hitachi ZX200 Excavator loading dump truck at Pauley Pavilion on the campus of UCLA.

in the industry. “We have the best equipment available, but it is our service that sets us apart,” says Damon. “I like to think that we could put our operators and equipment fleet up against anyone in the industry. We are not in the business of selling equipment and so we live and die by the rental end of this business. There is no second chance to get it right and we will go to the ends of the earth for our customers in hopes that they will keep coming back.” Savala Equipment Rentals has a long list of jobs that they feel honored to have been part of. These projects were instrumental to their growth and success, allowing them to forge relationships with customers that they continue to serve today. This list includes the construction of the 105 Freeway, 110 Freeway Expansion, Northridge Earthquake Emergency Repair work, construction of the 241/261 Toll Roads, Angel and Dodger Stadium Renovations, Disneyland and California Adventure, Pauley Pavilion Renovation, and the recently


Caption: Savala Equipment Rentals’ Komatsu PC360 Excavator with 10,000 lb. UB Breaker demolishing a bridge section on I-40 near Essex.

completed Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC). “The list goes on and on, but some of our more rewarding jobs have been the times that we have been able to help out during disasters like earthquakes, mudslides, and fires,” says Damon. Our operators are trained and ready and we are proud to have been there to help save bridges and structures or clean up and be part of restoring order for residents after unfortunate disasters. To that end, we stand ready to serve all of our emergency response clients during this El Nino rainy season.” Just as important as the past is the future and present for Savala Equipment Rentals. They are currently working on numerous projects, including the 91 Freeway Expansion, LAX, the Ports of LA and Long Beach, Anaheim Convention Center, Universal Studios, UCLA, the Foothill Dr. Extension in Corona, the Interstate 40 Bridge Replacement Project in Essex, and the Silver Lake

2015 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

Reservoir Replenishment Project. These are just a few of the high-profile projects, and Savala has anywhere from 30 to 40 operators out on jobs each day. Combine this with all of the bare rentals that go out every day and you begin to get an idea of just how good you have to be to remain at the top of your game in the operated and bare equipment rental business. “I am very optimistic about the future of our business. We want to grow during the upturn and protect ourselves from the next downturn,” says Damon. “We have very competitive rates, but we will never sacrifice quality and service for price. When you call Savala you know you are getting the best.” For more information on Savala Equipment Rentals and to see their entire list of equipment offerings, please log on to or call (949) 552-1859. Cc

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designed to create a more efficient and productive workflow for our customers. From the senseFly drone products to various parts, RDO Integrated Controls has hands-on experience implementing drone technology and tools into an array of different environments and industries that are changing the way our customers operate and do business. In fact, RDO Integrated Controls received an FAA 333 Exemption, enabling us to commercially operate drones in the United States. Machine Solutions Perhaps the most unique offering when you do business with RDO Integrated Controls is our access to the machines you are using in to complete the job and our ability to integrate a complete solution for rental, lease, or sale. RDO Equipment Co. is a dealer for John Deere and Vermeer equipment and this provides you with a field-to-finish solution. Solutions Center The RDO Integrated Controls Solutions Center provides world class, real time phone support to technology customers throughout our footprint and beyond. The

2015 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

team delivers solutions for all the manufacturers sold and supported by RDO Integrated Controls. The Solutions Center works on product testing and development, software activations, Fleet Shield Services facilitation and support, 3D Modeling Services, and RDO Integrated Controls Promise assistance. Preventing Downtime Implementing the latest technology is just one component of increasing a customer’s efficiency. The other is to keep them up and running. To ensure our customers can focus more on the business, and less on the stress of down units, RDO Integrated Controls offers Fleet Shield Services, which is a preventative maintenance program that provides multiple levels of technical support based on a customer’s fleet size, so they can choose the level that best fits their needs. This personalized support is designed to keep machines running efficiently, but when a machine is down, it provides a direct 24/7 line to highly trained experts so the problem can be diagnosed and corrected. Our investments in software and team member training give us the ability to offer consultations and data prep for 3D modeling and takeoff requirements. With more than 50 years of combined construction and 3D modeling expertise, our in-house specialists are able to fully utilize 3D models in areas such estimating, takeoffs, grading plans, and existing ground verifications. Cc

northwest region

Southwest region



325 N. 5th St., Bldg. A Sacramento, CA 95811


3216 Westminster Ave Santa Ana, CA 92703

“Quality, Affordability, Reliability” - That’s who we are.



2008 TADANO GR600XL-1, Stk #: 1608 - $255,000

2014 MANITEX 3051T, Stk #: 38054 - $235,000

2009 TADANO GR300XL-1, Stk #: 1681 - $185,000

2015 ELLIOTT G85R, Stk #: 42072 - $228,500

2013 MANITEX 2892C, Stk # 35961- $205,000

2011 SKYJACK ZB20044, Stk #: 33647 - $155,000



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Meet the expert: RDO motor grader event held in Lakeside As a way to demonstrate the company’s commitment to customers’ motor grader business, the SWCE team invited customers to an event that featured Mark Johnson, John Deere Motor Grader Expert. RDO Equipment Co. and RDO Integrated Controls teams organized the exclusive Meet the Expert event which demonstrated and discussed how customers can maximize their motor grader operation and productivity. The one day event featured tips and tricks of operation; discussion on ease of serviceability; a Topcon demonstration; and the opportunity to operate the new FT4 AWD grader. Two separate events were held – one at the new Lone Butte, AZ location, and the other in Lakeside.

Mark Johnson commented, “Please thank everyone in your organization for the hard work and preparation that they put into these two demos. The demo sites where set up just perfect. All the logistics for the GPS and the models and machines worked out just great. It gave your customers a tremendous feel for both the machines and the electronics. Everything was well staffed and each customer felt they had top priority as they went from machine to machine.” He added, “I noticed that many of the attendees stayed for hours asking questions and running machines, which is not something you usually see at these events.” Chris Groll, RDO Integrated Controls Regional Aftermarket

Manager in Anaheim, said, “After attending both events I feel that this was one of the best RDO Equipment Co. / RDOIC partnership events we have presented. Since the event was focused on motor graders, I believe this helped draw a quality group of customers and allowed the team to be highlighted as a Total Solutions Provider.” Cc

intergrated technologies for cat® M series motor graders increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and enhance safety Caterpillar introduces a suite of integrated technologies for M Series, M Series 2 and M Series 3 Motor Graders: Cat® GRADE with Cross Slope, Stable Grade, Auto Articulation and Advanced Control Joysticks. The four technologies improve operator performance and productivity while reducing operating costs. Cat GRADE with Cross Slope is an optional factoryintegrated system that requires no infrastructure, base station, design files or data radios. Simple and cost effective, this 2D system automatically adjusts the slope of the blade based on the operator’s input, instantly


delivering a uniform elevation change across the cutting edge. Stable Grade is an optional patented technology that detects and reduces machine bounce to improve grading precision. The system automatically decreases engine speed at 15 percent intervals whenever machine bounce is detected. Auto Articulation, another patented technology, allows the motor grader operator to articulate automatically while steering, greatly reducing fatigue. The result is improved productivity and maneuverability, particularly

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when working in tight spaces or around curves, obstacles and turnarounds. See your local Caterpillar dealer for details. Cc

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Case adds new excavators to d series lineup CASE Construction Equipment has introduced two new crawler excavators to its D Series lineup: the CX130D and CX160D. These new models are designed to provide significant operational gains, including cycle times up to 5 percent faster, improved responsiveness and multifunctional controls, and up to 8 percent greater fuel efficiency. The CX130D and CX160D’s new electronically controlled hydraulic pump and larger control and solenoid valves boost breakout forces, increase lifting strength and improve responsiveness. The CX130D and CX160D employ an SCR Tier 4 Final solution that provides up to 8 percent greater fuel efficiency

without sacrificing power. SCR lets the engine run at peak performance throughout the work cycle and, because it works without a diesel particulate filter (DPF), there’s no DPF regeneration or associated lifetime service costs. The CX130D and CX160D excavators also provide the operator with three working modes – Speed Priority, Heavy and Automatic – that help the machine conserve energy and exert only as much power as needed to complete the job at hand. All CASE D Series excavators are covered under CASE ProCare – a suite of product assurances that includes a three-year Advanced CASE SiteWatch™

telematics subscription, a three-year/3,000-hour fullmachine factory warranty, and a three-year/3,000-hour planned maintenance contract. ProCare allows business owners to invest in new equipment while helping to make owning and operating costs predictable for the first three years of lease or ownership. Cc

new conexpo-con/agg 2017 show layout announced - easier to get around at the show , find new products faster CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 will feature a streamlined show layout to help attendees more easily comparison shop for the products and services they need for their businesses. The reconfigured CONEXPOCON/AGG layout is designed to create better synergy between outdoor and indoor space product areas and make it easier for attendees to navigate the show. “CONEXPO-CON/AGG is guided by volunteer industry leaders and we want to most effectively connect the exhibitors and attendees and deliver a quality show experience; these improvements will help us achieve that goal,” said Rich


Goldsbury, 2017 CONEXPOCON/AGG chair and president of Bobcat Company and Doosan. The next CONEXPO-CON/ AGG will be March 7-11, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, USA. Attendee registration will open in summer 2016. The Gold Lot includes an expanded Gold Hall and now extends to Las Vegas Boulevard, using the site of the demolished Riviera Hotel. A new Bronze lot (with Bronze Hall) has been added south of South Hall, extending the length of the building. Both lots will feature Registration areas as well as registration in the Westgate Convention Center

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(formerly Las Vegas Hilton) adjacent to North Hall For the latest show information on attending and exhibiting, visit www. Follow CONEXPO-CON/AGG @ conexpoconagg and facebook. com/conexpoconagg. Cc

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California Asphalt Pavement Assoc....... 29

RDO Equipment Co........................... 5, 31

Clairemont Equipment........................... 30

RDO Integrated Controls....................... 27

Coastline Equipment............................... 3

Road Machinery.................................... 21

Coastline Equipment Crane Div............ 25

Sakai America....................................... 11

Hawthorne CAT....................................... 2

Savala Equipment Rentals..................... 27

Heavy Equipment Rentals..................... 25

Sonsray Machinery................................ 23

Johnson CAT........................................... 2

Trench Shoring Company....................... 9

Nixon-Egli Equipment Co....... Back Cover

UB Equipment Corp.............................. 13

Quinn CAT............................................... 2

Volvo Construction Equip. & Svcs........... 17

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The Wirtgen Group owes its strength to the excellence of its four product brands – Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm and Kleemann – with their unique wealth of experience and partnerships with hard working dealers like Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. – celebrating 50 years of dedicated customer service to their customers. Put your trust in the Wirtgen Group team.

WIRTGEN AMERICA . 6030 Dana Way . Antioch, TN 37013 Tel.: (615) 501-0600 .