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NATIONAL DEMOLITION CONTRACTORS Does their Part to Cleanup and Mitigate Damage from Thomas Fire Disaster Sites


FERMA CORPORATION Completes Demolition of 60,000 Tons of Roller-Compacted Concrete on Oroville Dam Construction Project


ROCHE EXCAVATING , INC. Armed with Only a Dream, Dave Roche Makes Good in the Wonderful World of General Engineering Construction


NORTHSTAR DEMOLITION & REMEDIATION Completes Demolition Work on Beverly Center Renovation Project






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his past year (2017) will go down in history as one of the most destructive and deadly years for wildfires in California, with approximately 9,000 fires that took more than 40 lives while also consuming in excess of 11,000 homes and 1.2 million acres at a cost of nearly $10 billion. The largest of these wildfires was the


2018 Demolition & recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

Thomas Fire, which first ignited Dec. 4, 2017, and is now designated as the largest wildfire on record in California. The Thomas Fire burned more than 281,900 acres through parts of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Lack of rainfall created an ideal environment for the fire to feed on dried brush and tall grass areas, allowing flames to devour 1,063

structures, and damage another 280. Grueling Santa Ana winds fueled the inferno, calling for the support of more than 2,800 firefighters at a cost of nearly $200 million and more importantly the life of one of their own. The aftermath of this fire also contributed to mudslides that reportedly took 17 more precious souls in its wake. On Jan. 12, 2018, the U.S. Forest Service declared the Thomas Fire 100 percent contained, with resources being refocused toward the massive debris removal, property cleanup and restoration efforts. California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) headed up the six-month remediation process that eventually cleaned up and removed hundreds of thousands of tons of ash, debris and contaminated soil from around 672 properties in Ventura County. National Demolition Contractors was one of the few select contractors chosen to safely and competently complete this cleanup effort. National Demolition Contractors contract began in January 2018 and was recently wrapped up in May 2018. Darrell Martin is a senior project manager for National Demolition Contractors and he helped to oversee the project details from the onset. “Our contract with CalRecycle included the cleanup and mitigation of around 180 home sites,” says Martin. “Each site was completed in phases, with the homeowner first filling out a homeowner assist sheet as the first order of business.” According to Martin, this initial paperwork provided the homeowner with an opportunity to address specific requests, including a list of valuables or keepsakes like jewelry, coins and other items they wanted to be searched for and returned if possible. The homeowner was also given the opportunity to provide further instructions on things like leaving or removing specific structural fixtures. “When the administrative paperwork was complete, we began the asbestos abatement and cleared the sites of

Left & Above: National Demolition Contractors elite crews removing ash, concrete, contaminated soil and other debris from home sites devastated by the Thomas Fire in December, 2017.

2018 Demolition & recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


all materials deemed hazardous,” says Martin. “We then began removing all of the ash and fire damaged debris from the property.” According to Martin, National Demolition Contractors moved into the next phase where they removed concrete slabs, footings, retaining walls and other damaged hardscapes on the property. “Our crews removed a minimum of 20,000 tons of concrete on these custom homes that were built extra strong to withstand the hilly terrain and heavy structures,” says Martin. Martin says that the final phase included the removal of the contaminated soil. “We excavated from 6 inches to 1 foot, depending on the sampling results from each individual property,” says Martin. “Our dump trucks averaged around 20 tons a load, and we were able to move around 80 to 100 truckloads each day. Our

job was complete when each and every home site was left nice and flat with clean uncontaminated soil.” When you first arrive and take a look at the fire-damaged home sites, you might get the impression that much of the work had already been done. This, however, was not the case, as most all of the structures were burned down to the ground with only remnants of fireplaces, burned out cars and scorched concrete remaining. “It looked like a scene out of a disaster movie with several houses all in a row burned to the ground, and then one lonely home seemingly untouched by the fire,” says Martin. “We have done a lot of hazardous abatement and home demolitions in the past, but nothing on this level that required our crews to be on-site six days a week, 10 hours a day for several months.”

Above: Home sites in Ventura County are burnt to the ground from the Thomas Fire that started on December 4, 2017. Home sites were restored to level uncontaminated conditions, ready for rebuild.


2018 Demolition & recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


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Demolition sites and waste-handling facilities aren’t for the faint-of-heart. That’s why Volvo excavators are engineered to excel in the worst of conditions and designed for versatility — with all the power, efficiency, and durability you expect from Volvo. So go ahead. Tear it down, recycle it, and make room for the future.

Smart Works.


Above: National Demolition Contractors using one of their Cat 226D skid steer loaders with grapple bucket to remove debris from home sites in Ventura County.

National Demolition Contractors is known for taking on demolition, remediation and abatement projects that other contractors may not be qualified for or simply don’t want to touch. This particular project was fairly straightforward, but it came with several subtle challenges that may go unnoticed by the layman’s eye. “Many of the homes were located on hillsides with long, steep, winding driveways that made repeated access a challenge,” says Martin. “The amount of concrete cut demoed and loaded also presented a challenge, especially with every crew member required to work in hazardous suits with respirators and personal air monitor devices.” Martin also points out that consultants were allocated


2018 Demolition & recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

to each individual property and all of the sites were equipped with perimeter pumps and monitors to measure and control exposure limits. “We utilized 10 elite crews of four to five members, with several supervisors on-site assisting. We worked long and hard to put together a labor force with the knowledge, experience, and capability to work safely while still performing at high volumes,” says Martin. “As with all of our projects, safety was the number one priority and we completed all of our work on the Thomas Fire project within exposure limits and accident-free. We also kept the work sites dust free with round the clock water trucks and crews on-site in order to avoid migration of hazardous material from the site to site.”

Above: National Demolition Contractors utilizing their Cat 326F excavator to pile and sort debris at Thomas Fire home site.

National Demolition Contractors is also known for having one of the largest, late model heavy equipment fleets in their industry. On this particular project, they utilized a variety of machines including excavators that ranged from Cat 304 mini excavators to larger Cat 330 units. They also used several attachments like breakers, grapples, and buckets on Cat excavators, skid steers, and backhoes. “The equipment we use is a large part of our overall success, but our most important asset is our people,” says Martin. “On this project, it all started and ended with our field general, superintendent Tye Perry. Tye is the one that made everything happen when, where and how it had to be done in order to finish on time, accident-free and in

an organized, flowing manner.” Martin says that every one of the National Demolition Contractors laborers and operators were hand-picked for this project. “Our three main supervisors were Joe Sevrean, Corey Jones, and Nolan Ross, and they worked long hours and worked extremely hard to keep everything going smoothly,” says Martin. “We also had Chris Shah on-site to handle most all of the never-ending paperwork and logistics. It takes a cohesive team to pull together so many individual job sites and complete it all with the same consistent excellent result. Everyone that worked on the Thomas Fire cleanup project deserves great recognition and praise.” Cc

2018 Demolition & recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


By Brian Hoover, Editor

Completes Demolition of 60,000 Tons of RollerCompacted Concrete on Oroville Dam Construction Project


t 770 feet high, the Oroville Dam is the tallest dam in the United States, and one of the highest embankment dams in the world. Construction on this earth-fill embankment dam began in 1961, was topped out in 1967, and made ready to begin producing electricity by 1968. Located on the Feather River, just east of the city of Oroville and 70 miles North of Sacramento, the Oroville Dam provides irrigation water, flood control and around 3 billion kilowatt-hours of power to the state’s water project, The California Aqueduct. At its crest, the Oroville Dam has a volume of around 78,000,000 cubic yards and forms a reservoir capacity of approximately 3,500,000 acre-feet, to supply water for irrigation in the San Joaquin Valley, as well as supplying water to coastal Southern California. The Oroville Dam has experienced a few incidents over its many years of service, including a crack in the main spillway that was repaired in 2013. Heavy rains in the winter of 2016-17 caused the dam’s water levels to 12

2018 Demolition & recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR



Safely complete deep excavation involving active utilities for the LAX Midfield Satellite North Concourse.


The Midfield Satellite Concourse (MSC) North Project is the latest phase of LAX’s Master Plan to provide state-of-the-art services to its 80 million+ passengers per year. The challenge for Project sub-contractor Granite Construction was to move around and underneath more than 13,000 feet of existing utilities and complete 350,000 cubic yards of mass grading, structural excavation and backfill while adhering to safety and tight scheduling requirements. Stephan Urban, Superintendent for the wet utility portion of MSC, notes Granite is once again renting vast amounts of shoring equipment from “go to” vendor, Trench Shoring Company. This includes trench plates, trench shields, hydraulic trench shores and modular aluminum panel systems, as well as various SBH Slide Rail Systems. For over 40 years, Granite Construction has relied on us to provide the most extensive inventory, personalized customer service, and around-the-clock support. We will be there for your challenges too! © 2018 Trench Shoring Company

Photos: Brian Hoover/CalContractor Magazine

We offer same day service from our 10 locations to Southern California, Bakersfield, Fresno, the CA Central Coast and the Las Vegas, Nevada areas.


Above: FERMA Corporation has one of the largest heavy equipment fleets in the country. FERMA owns almost every truck and piece of equipment they use. In addition, FERMA designs and fabricates equipment and custom attachments for specialized applications.

rise rapidly to dangerous levels, requiring the state to release water down the main spillway at rates of up to 54,500 cubic feet per second. On Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017, a crack appeared in the spillway that quickly grew into a 250-foot depression that could have led to a catastrophic failure, so the decision was made to evacuate 188,000 residents. The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) put together a plan to repair and replace the spillway’s lower chute, as well as sections of the middle and upper chute and emergency spillway. Kiewit Corp., headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska., was selected to be the prime contractor and awarded $275.4 million for the two-year contract. Total costs for repairing the dam is expected to cost upward of $500 million. Reportedly, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has already provided DWR with around $139 million for emergency restoration work and is said to be considering DWR’s request of $500 million to repair the main 14

spillway and $75 million to repair the emergency spillway. The main spillway was shut down May 19, 2017, and the initial repair work began. Phase 1 included the use of structural concrete to repair and replace parts of the upper chute, along with the placement of a temporary roller-compacted concrete (RCC) section in the middle chute. A temporary 60,000-ton section of RCC was also placed behind approximately 1,000-feet of shotcrete walls on both sides of the middle chute to be utilized as a stabilizer to reinforce that middle chute area. Reportedly, the RCC was constructed as a 16-foot tall wedge with a thickness of 27 ½ feet at the bottom and 12 ½ feet thick at the top. When the time came for a more permanent solution, it became necessary to remove approximately 2,000 square feet of this RCC section, so that permanent structural concrete walls could be built in its place. Kiewit Construction hired FERMA Corporation, with California headquarters in Newark,

2018 Demolition & recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

to demolish approximately 2,000 square feet of RCC material. Kelly Arnold is the national projects division manager for FERMA Corporation and he was in charge of overseeing the $3.3 million RCC demolition project. “Our work at the Oroville Dam officially started out with a training and orientation session led by Kiewit Construction May 7,” says Arnold. “Directly following the training and orientation session, we strategically lined up all of our gear and heavy machinery, and at 6 a.m. the following morning, we began the demolition of the RCC material.” According to Arnold, FERMA Corporation worked within four zones on each side of the spillway, with nine large excavators ranging from 100,000 lbs. to 250,000 lbs. on each side. Five compact excavators were also utilized for the demo of the trim work and two skid steers for a variety of utility applications. “RCC is a very impressive material, and it was a challenge to remove 2,000 square feet (60,000 tons) of it in sections as dense as 27 feet,

Left & Below: FERMA utilized 23 excavators lined up and down both sides of the spillway and averaged breaking around 7,000 tons of concrete working 12-hour days.

all while on a hillside with a 4-to-1 slope,” says Arnold. “Now add to this that we were allocated 14 days to complete our work, with liquidated damages of $50,000 per day and you can see why a job like this is not for the faint of heart.” Arnold points out that FERMA Corporation completed their breaking and removal of the RCC with one crew, working 12-hour days, 13 days straight. They averaged breaking around 7,000 tons of concrete a day, with the last three days being allocated to final cleanup procedures. “We left them with a rough surface beginning at around 6-inches below the spillway so they could dowel right into the spillway before installing a leveling slap and drain system, prior to placing the new structural concrete,” says Arnold. “After finishing with a day to spare, we moved on to crushing the RCC that we had been stockpiling on-site which will be recycled as aggregate for the new structural concrete.” FERMA Corporation has one of the largest demolition heavy

equipment fleets in the country. They utilized 23 excavators on the Oroville Dam demolition project with units ranging from small compact machines to more than a dozen in excess of 200,000 lbs. “We maintain an up-to-date fleet of the industries most respected brands like Volvo, Cat, Hitachi, and Komatsu and on this particular job, we utilized heavy hydraulic hammers from 16,000 lbs. to 25,000 lbs.,” says Arnold. “In all, we had around 40 crew members on-site and I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to congratulate each and every one of them on a job well done. We have the best in the business here at FERMA Corporation.” General contractor, Kiewit Construction’s work will continue through 2018, and as of the last DWR update June 6, 2018, controlled blasting demolition of the original 730 feet of the upper chute is complete. Crews also recently began preparing the foundation for placement of structural concrete slabs and walls and on the middle chute, and the foundation prep is

almost 50 percent complete. Crews are busy preparing the installation of sub-drains and slab anchors in advance of placing permanent structural concrete slabs and walls later this summer. Construction on the emergency spillway is also moving along nicely, with the northern half of the rollercompacted concrete splash pad being almost complete. Crews are also about halfway with the foundation prep at the southern half of the splash pad site in advance of RCC placement. For more information on the ongoing construction on the Oroville Dam, please visit FERMA Corporation has been a national leader in general engineering and demolition services since 1963. They have consistently been a part of some of the most difficult and complex projects throughout the United States. For more information, please visit their website at or call their Newark headquarters at (650) 961-2742. Cc

2018 Demolition & recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR





avid Roché started his general engineering construction career like so many others in this industry, by the seat of his pants. His mother and father graduated from USC and his dad worked as a college professor. The plan was for young David to go off into the wonderful world of academia and then get a job as a biologist or oceanographer and live happily ever after in the suburbs with his picture perfect wife and five children. Well, he got the happy part down, but he did his own way and on his own terms. “I remember my dad mentioning that he observed an operator at the college he worked at, and commented on the skill and artistry he displayed. I thought to myself that this was something that I might want to do,” says Roché. “I went to work for Newman Backhoe Service in Orange County and sort of cut my teeth there. I then moved on to work for a variety of different contractors to learn the ins and outs of underground construction, grading and excavating, demolition and the other operator disciplines.” Roché goes on to explain that while working on a job in Laguna Beach, everyone was sent home for a week due to a water break issue. “I watched


Left: David Roché, Owner & President, Roché Excavating, Inc.

guys talking about how they were going to pay their bills and wishing they had pulled the trigger and started their own businesses years prior,” says Roché. “It wasn’t long after this that I went down to Case Power & Equipment in Fountain Valley and I leased a used backhoe and drove it off the lot.” The year was 1988, and Roché had started out on his own with just a used backhoe, a ’71 pickup, three 5-gallon gas cans and a rented room to sleep and work. His initial company was called David’s Rentals and he remembers the day that a state contractors license inspector approached him to let him know that he was not licensed to do the work. The inspector told and encouraged Roché to follow the CSLB process and to take the necessary tests to

2018 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

pass and obtain his license. “I did exactly what he suggested and I studied like I had never done before in my life,” says Roché. “I remember it clearly that in 1990 I went to San Diego and I passed the A License contractors test with a 97 percent score. That was a really big day for me and my business.” Roché was only one of four out of 35 that passed that test on that particular day, and before long he had changed his company name to Roché Excavating, Inc. and began taking on those coveted general engineering jobs. “You know I could run that backhoe like Charlie ringing a bell and I had a lot of experience. I just needed that one break and things really began to change for the better,” says Roché.


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Above Left: Loading previously demoed concrete to be hauled to recycle facility. Above Right: Demo and processing existing foundation in proposed pad area. Left & Inset: Specially designed concrete 8,000 lb. concrete breaking weight.

Even with the A license, times were still tough. Roché remembers driving his backhoe from job to job at night and having friends pick him up and take him home. He was, however, able to move from that rented room and into a one-bedroom apartment in Dana Point, which was a pretty big deal at the time. He had also saved enough to buy a small gas dump truck and a Zieman trailer. “I improved my financial history and kept working as hard as I knew how,” remembers Roché. He converted the backhoe lease into a purchase and then did the same thing with a small Cat track loader. With his newly found credit from Case Power & Equipment, Roché was able to buy a new skip loader and he even hired his first employee, who incidentally still works for his company. “That A license gave my company a huge amount of legitimacy and it validated my skills, which gave me the capability and confidence I needed to go forward full throttle with my dreams and ambitions,” says Roché. “I started taking on


2018 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

larger demolition, grading and underground utility projects, added a Peterbilt truck and hired a driver.” Roché had some friends in the business that had gained some success working for custom homebuilders and he decided to take a few jobs digging footings and doing subterranean excavation for these companies. That special niche really took off and is now one of Roché’s main specialties. “We specialize in subterranean excavation work and we have built some close relationships with some highly respected builders in Southern California,” says Roché. “One of those is DiVita Builders and we have worked for them on several homes in the past and are currently on a nice job in Crystal Cove for them at this time.” The job that Roché is referring to is on a more than $12 million build that calls for the excavation of a subterranean basement and parking garage. “We will be out here for around two months and will export more than 10,000 yards of dirt before we are finished. We will move around

Left: Excavating, grading and stockpiling previously graded pad for proposed subterranean house. Below Left: Unforseen rocks encountered in existing soil are screened, separated, and stockpiled to be transported at a later date to recycle facilty. Below Right: Processing, screening, and stockpiling material to be removed at a later date.

700 loads of dirt with around seven a day going out of here. It takes a little more time when you are working in these high-end communities. It also takes a little longer because we have to screen the dirt down to rocks 4 inches or smaller. That will also leave us with around 30 loads of rock to export by the end of the project,” says Roché. “This is fairly typical work for us, and at times we find ourselves digging subterranean basements on average for 12,000 to 15,000 and up to 60,000 square foot homes, which is always a challenge and a treat. We work hard to land and keep these quality builders and other clients. Great work by inspired and motivated people does not go unnoticed and that is what I impress upon our team here at Roché Excavating every day.” In addition to good people, it takes the right equipment to get these jobs done right and on time.

On the Crystal Cove job, Roché Excavating used their Cat 330, 90,000 lb. excavator, a Cat 980 7-yard wheel loader, a Cat 963 track loader, a Cat 259 skid steer, a Cat D4 dozer and a rock screen. “All of the mainline manufacturers have something good to offer, but I seem to have a special relationship with Quinn Cat and in particular with our sales representative, Dennis Madden,” says Roché. “I have been doing business with Dennis for more than 25 years. He is a great guy that has been there for us when we needed him. Quinn Cat has the service, availability and company stability that we need to know is behind us everyday out in the field. That is why most of our equipment fleet is Cat.” Roché makes it clear that it is the work they do toward building excellent client relationships combined with reliable vendors that can

make the difference these days. “We have built a strong, longterm client base over these past three decades. We can count on our core client base for the bulk of our work, as they rely on us to get the job done in a professional manner,” says Roché. “Furthermore, we have built solid relationships with long-term vendors, one of them being Quinn Cat, who provides us with quality products, extensive repair knowledge, and excellent pricing. Their sales, customer service, and parts staff have helped develop our continued success through the decades.” Roché Excavating is also currently on a 22,000 square foot project for Slater Builders in Monrovia. “We are demoing the existing parking lot, light standards, hardscape, fences, and trees in that same area. We are doing the remedial grading work including the over-excavation and

2018 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Above: Kat Martinez, aka Dirt Princess and Office Manager, Roché Excavating, Inc. Right: Demolition and processing of existing house for recycling to make room for new and improved structure.

recompaction, as well as the finish grade to plus or minus ten percent,” says Roché. “We will also be putting in the stormdrain, sewer, and water. This is a multi faceted job, and exactly the kind of work I like to get whenever possible.” Roché is utilizing his Cat track loader, wheel loader and excavator with thumb attachment on this particular project. He also utilized a unique custom-made 8,000 lb. tool steel weight to break up the concrete. “I have a 2,500 lb. and a 6,000 lb. breaker, but needed something just a bit heavier for this project. I started thinking of a wrecking ball and envisioned a big chunk of steel to drop on to the concrete,” says Roché. “I finally found a 36” tall by 30 inch wide chunk of tool steel that I had made into a sort of wrecking ball that I could simply drop onto the concrete surface, and it worked out perfectly. We just picked it up 10 feet and dropped in on the concrete below, and it destroyed whatever it came down on.” Roché Excavating is on another job in Corona Del Mar where they have the contract to demo an approximately 3,500 square foot


house. They are also contracted to remove all of the landscape and green waste, along with performing all of the final grade work. “We are getting all of this done with our Cat excavator, wheel loader and skip loader, and it looks like we might be getting the underground utility work as well,” says Roché. “I like to offer and win as many multi discipline jobs as possible and we are all cross trained and ready for whatever our client may need us to do out on the job.” Although you would be hard pressed to find a contractor that is more passionate about his work, David Roché still looks forward to a time in the near future when he can step back and bird dog the jobs while someone else runs them. “I have other interests that I would like to give a little more of my time to,” says Roché. According to Roché, those interests include scuba diving, bike riding, snow and water skiing and a deep love for riding his two Harley Davidson motorcycles. “These are just future plans, because for now business is booming and I have to be there for my clients

2018 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

and employees. I look forward to several more years of leaving a positive mark on this industry that I love so much.” Roché Excavating specializes in total site development including demolition, clearing, earthwork, utilities, and site grading, as well as specialty services such as footing excavation, trenching, and materials import/export. “I am proud of what all of us at Roché Excavating have accomplished over these past 30 years. The longevity of our hardworking employees has established a working family environment that is inspired by teamwork and dedication to our clients. The quality and care of our team’s work provides an exceptional product for our customers,” says Roché. “Our entire team, from the office personnel, to the people in the field, pull everything together on a day-by-day basis to provide consistent executed results.” For more information on Roché Excavating, please visit their website at or call their Santa Ana office at (714) 953-1650. Cc

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everly Center is a high-end shopping mall located at the edge of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood in Los Angeles. The mall was built in 1982 as a monolithic eight-story structure that is now going through what the mall owners and developers are calling a “re-imagination.” This iconic fashion destination will have their $500 million “re-imagination” project fully complete in time for the 2018 holiday season, however, the mall has remained open throughout the entire construction process. Tenants and shoppers will be thrilled with the beautiful, and dramatic transformation of every aspect of

the new Beverly Center. Significant changes include the addition of a continuous ribbon of new skylights and a shimmering new exterior that incorporates a perforated steel façade that captures light during all times of the day. Construction has also incorporated a fresh new streetscape that combines modern architecture with a drought-resistant landscape, as well as a new row of streetlevel restaurants. Patrons will also enjoy the new state-of-theart parking system, and in the future, a new multi-concept dining destination on Level 8 with spectacular views of the Hollywood Hills.

The renovation of this eight-story mall began in April 2016 with the first stages of demolition on both the inside and outside of the iconic structure. The property owner, Taubman Properties, hired Jacobsen Swinerton Joint Venture (JSJV) as the general contractor. JSJV hired NorthStar Demolition & Remediation (Northstar), a national demolition and environmental abatement company with headquarters in New York and 28 offices across the country, to perform all of the hard and soft demolition. Dave Reinhard is the project manager for Northstar overseeing all demolition operations on the

Beverly Center, located in Los Angeles and at the edge of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood is undergoing a complete renovation.


2018 Demolition & recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

Beverly Center project. “The single most amazing part of this mall renovation project, is that the retail facility remained open throughout all of the construction activity,” says Reinhard. “The entire interior of this shopping mall has been completely gutted down to the shell, all without losing one single day of retail sale opportunities.” The Beverly Center is a bit unusual in that it is a five-story parking garage with a threelevel shopping mall on top. The remodeling of the exterior and interior brings other mechanical items up to modern standards like the installation of emergency power, a bank of backup generators on the roof and new large grease interceptors for the restaurants. “The ground floor contained a Bed Bath & Beyond, as well as casual and fast food restaurants located on the south end of the mall,” says Reinhard. “We demolished this particular section down to the dirt and open-air walls. We used a variety of heavy equipment including Cat 963 track loaders, three Kobelco 35,000 lb. excavators equipped with hydraulic hammers and a Buffalo Turbine dust suppression system for dust control.” Reinhard makes it clear that next to safety, dust control was one of the next most important components on this job. “We demoed the slab on grade and changed the elevations on the ground level significantly,” says Reinhard. “I would say that this building has undergone as much change as possible, without actually knocking down the entire building.” According to Reinhard, the Beverly Center renovation project is being completed in three phases. The south part of the mall represented the first phase, followed by the north side as phase 2 and then what is referred to as center court being the third and final phase. “The center court section is a three-level section that is 70 to 80 feet high with scaffolding installed from floor to ceiling,” Reinhard. “Down on the ground level,

All of the demolition and construction has been completed while the mall remained open and patrons will soon be enjoying all of the new, modern renovation.

we demoed one of the transfer corridors so that a new one could be installed to the south, instead of the east, to accommodate the new layout changes on the first floor. We also demoed the elevator shaft openings so that they could be enlarged for new and better access.” Reinhard points out that Northstar’s work at the Beverly Center went on for a little more than two years. “The heavy equipment, hard demolition portion of our work occurred within the first eight or nine months. From there on out, it was all handwork where we loaded material into dump carts and then into 40-yard bins. On average we were able to fill around six of these bins each night, which eventually amounted to more than 8,000 tons of material with a 92.9 percent diversion rate,” says Reinhard. “All of the interior work was done at night from around 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. due to obvious noise issues.” Northstar ran a 30-man crew over the course of the project, with 40 to 50 utilized at peak periods of production. They ran a day shift and a night shift throughout the project, with the parking garage and exterior work going on during the day.

According to Reinhard, the biggest single technical challenge was opening up the roof for the skylight construction. The skylight was modified extensively and extended from one end of the mall to the other. “We demoed the structural roof decking and even removed I-beams to make room. It was not that this was such a challenge, but more that it had such a potential for injury,” says Reinhard. “We worked with three roof-mounted cranes and all of the material had to be flown down to dumpsters at the street level. This is slow careful work where not even a pebble can fall down to the ground below to either break a car windshield or worse injure a worker or pedestrian. Safety is always job one here at Northstar.” Working within and around an active shopping mall meant that the demolition and renovation work would take more time. “If you could shut down the building and just get in there and do your thing, the work could have been completed in less than a year. Now, near completion, we are at 2 ½ years, which is in line with the original schedule,” says Reinhard. “We hit many of our jobs with 100 or 200-men crews and bang it out in months. Here it was the logistics and atmosphere

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Multiple A/C units were removed, curb demoed, roof openings cut, and new curb and unit installed, all in one night shift.

Part of extensive Center Court dance floor scaffolding.

Extensive poly containments were put in place on dance floors to control dust.

that presented the challenge and not so much the technical difficulty.” Reinhard explains that the stores or tenant spaces have false ceilings that made dust control an additional challenge. “If you weren’t careful, dust could migrate over the top of the false ceiling and down into the retail space where it might land on those $5,000 Gucci purses,” says Reinhard. “We had around 30 negative air machines on-site and literally thousands of rolls of polyethylene sheeting on hand to mitigate the dust.” Northstar Demolition & Remediation is a nationwide company that has been ranked 24

Part of the fleet working on the ground floor during the peak of the hard demolition.

the number one asbestos abatement contractor and in the top 10 of demolition contractors in the United States since 1999. Their corporate headquarters is located in New York City, with numerous locations across the country. Their Brea office was responsible for the Beverly Center demolition work, and they are also very well-known and recognized for their outstanding abatement work. “It all starts and ends with the people that work out on the job sites each day. We have the best in the business here at Northstar and our crews out on the Beverly Center project were a perfect example of the

2018 Demolition & recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

Cat 963 track loader removing footing from ground floor demolition.

work our exceptional workforce is capable of performing,” says Reinhard. “I want to recognize and thank everyone who worked so hard for so long to get this job done right. I also want to thank our four primary lead personnel: Jessie Casillas (day general superintendent), Jose Perez (night general superintendent), Jose Torres (day foreman), and Moises Garcia (night foreman).” For more information on Northstar Demolition and Remediation, please visit their website at or call their New York headquarters at (212) 951-3660. Cc



Claims arising out of actual or alleged pollution liability are excluded from almost all general liability policies. The definition of a “pollutant” reads “any solid, liquid, gaseous, or thermal irritant or contaminant, including smoke, vapor, soot, fumes, acids, alkalis, chemicals and waste”. Here’s a phrase you never want to hear. “Unfortunately, your general liability policy will not cover this claim.” A contractor’s pollution liability (CPL) policy provides third-party coverage for bodily injury, property damage, defense, cleanup, and related defense costs as a result of pollution conditions arising from contracting operations performed by or on behalf of the contractor. Whether your discipline as a contractor is electrical, paving, demolition, underground, HVAC, excavation, painting, or even plumbing, you too can face the daunting liability from environmental claims due to the nature of your work. Story after story has shown that those contractors who rely solely on their GL policies to protect them from these liabilities may end up with losses that cripple their businesses. The examples below are pollution-related claims which would not be covered under your GL policy. 26

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An HVAC contractor installed a new system in a commercial office building. After three years, mold and mildew caused a release of bacteria. This claim was over $500,000. A striping contractor applied primer to the road and it rained. The rainwater washed chemicals into the sewer system, shutting it down. The uninsured cost to cleanup was over $75,000. An employee for a pipeline contractor punctured a benzene pipeline with a backhoe. Thousands of parts of benzene were released into the soil. The claim almost resulted in damages over $1,000,000. Policy wording and premiums differ among insurance companies but premiums often start as low as $2,500. The size of the deductible also differs by policy. To avoid the stacking of deductibles the policy should be written on a “per occurrence basis” rather than a “claims made”. Cc Steve Cota, CRIS, directs the Construction Program for Patriot Risk & Insurance Services in Irvine, California. For more information regarding the above or any other insurance-related questions, he may be reached at (949) 486-7947 or


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Haitbrink Asphalt Paving, Inc. is a full-service grading and paving company located in Corona that specializes in grading, paving, grinding, trench repair, concrete, seal coating, striping, and ADA upgrades. The company was established in 1987 by Robert Haitbrink, who still serves as CEO and his son Hunter Haitbrink is now president overseeing the day-to-day operations. Their primary focus is to provide everything from residential repairs to full-street and parking lot construction services throughout Southern California. Jason Lang is the general superintendent at Haitbrink Asphalt Paving and recently worked with NixonEgli Equipment to add two more Hamm HD12 vibratory asphalt rollers to their fleet, making that four Hamm HD12 rollers purchased in the past two years. “We were so impressed with the two Hamm HD12 rollers we purchased in 2016 that we made the decision to buy two more. Hamm took the time to listen to operators and mechanics and get their feedback on what could make their rollers even better,” says Lang. “They made some intelligent decisions in the most recent design and it has not gone unnoticed by our people. We like all of the new features, but are particularly impressed with the great visibility, ease of maintenance and overall user-friendly controls.” Lang has worked with Nixon-Egli sales representative, Allen Hahn, for many years. “Allen is an exceptional sales representative, and he has always been extremely responsive to all of our needs,” says Lang. “The entire staff at Nixon-Egli has always been there for us, parts are always available, and the service department is especially helpful in troubleshooting over the phone, which has saved us time and money. The entire Nixon-Egli team has been there for us during and after the sale.”

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