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Hard Work, Trusted Relationships and a Little Bit of Luck

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Greater interconnectivity to define success On the Cover:

Front Cover Photo Credits: J & L Constructors, Inc. and Skyline Crane Rental photographed by Kerry Hoover, CMS. Sharp's Backhoe photos provided by Justin Sharp.

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J & L Constructors, Inc. – Orange County Underground Utility Contractor Continues Expansion with Purchase of New John Deere 35G Compact Excavator from Coastline Equipment By Brian Hoover, Editor

Photos by Kerry Hoover

Above Left: Bryson Miller, Owner, J & L Constructors, Inc., posing with his new John Deere 35G compact excavator, purchased from Juan Loza of Coastline Equipment.

Bryson Miller grew up around the construction industry, working summers for his father’s company. He went off to college in search of his future and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences. He knew that he loved to work outdoors and after college, he went to work for his dad’s business, working out in the field. As time marched on, Miller married and had his first of two sons. “I could see that I needed to earn more than being an employee of a construction company would afford, and this is when I started thinking of going out on my own,” says


Above Right: Removing 8-inch thick concrete walkway for Edison line extension to new electrical docks.

Miller. “In 2012, I took the leap and purposely moved into areas of construction that my father had trained me on from his vast experience in the field in previous years.” Miller named his company, J & L Constructors, Inc., after his sons Josiah and Luke, with the hope that one-day he will pass along a thriving business to the two brothers. He started out doing pools, artificial lake streams, and waterfalls, and slowly migrated into underground utility work that included water line, sewer, storm drain, fireline and electrical. Now, with five fulltime employees, Miller is taking


on larger projects in both the public works and private sectors. His father, William Miller, works part time for the company, and his brother, Jason runs all of the heavy civil work and underground utility division. “My dad helps out when he can and it is great to have a person with so much experience and knowledge around,” says Miller. “My brother does an outstanding job running the underground crews and this part of our business is really growing as a result of his hard work and determination.” J & L Constructors, Inc. (J & L) is headquartered out of

Above: Bryson Miller, J & L Constructors, Inc., clearing new transformer pad area at Balboa Bay Beach Club in Newport Beach.

Huntington Beach and according to Miller, the bulk of their work is done primarily in Orange County. “We will venture out into San Diego and LA County occasionally, and even out of state now and then if the job is big enough. We have not done much of this lately because we remain busy right here in our local area,” says Miller. “Our largest single job since our inception would have to be the work we did out at Pier G in Long Beach. We installed around 2,000 lineal feet of 12 inch, C900 line, for the potable water and the same amount for the 12 inch reclaimed water pipeline that all ran to a new maintenance facility at the port.” Miller continues to point out that their most challenging project may have been the stormwater catch basin work that his company did at the Warren Oil Facility in Long Beach. “This required the use of


bigger and heavier construction machines so that we could dig down as deep as 35 feet in some areas,” says Miller. “We dealt with the ocean tide on the Warren Oil project in Long Beach, as we set a large catch basin in six separate sections. It was a fun challenge and our crews stepped up and got it all done on time, to specification and without any issues.” J & L also recently finished a goodsized job out at the landfill on the 29 Palms Marine Base, and they are currently working out at the Balboa Bay Beach Club in Newport Beach. “We are doing underground electrical work, including the high voltage electrical at the service docks,” says Miller. “These lines serve residents and resort clientele at the docks where more power was required.” Miller explains that they are installing around 100 feet of 4 to 6-inch


Schedule 40 underground conduit and excavating down around three to 4 feet deep. “Working with the tide is always a challenge, and sometimes it is just a waiting game as far as installing the necessary pipeline underwater and along the dock so that the electrical contractor can pull it all back through,” says Miller. “We started this job in November 2016 and have been working on and off to accommodate all of the various phases. We are now in the last phase and will probably finish by the end of the month.” Since their inception in 2012, J & L Constructors has rented most of the heavy machinery that they utilize on one job site to another. In January 2017, Miller made the decision to invest in his first piece of construction equipment, a John Deere 35G compact excavator from

Above Left: Bryson Miller and his brother, Jason Miller, setting trench plates for pedestrian traffic in Newport Beach.

Coastline Equipment. “Having a small excavator as our first piece of heavy machinery just made sense, due to how often we require the use of a compact excavator,” says Miller. “We looked at all of the major brands and they are all competitive, with their own pluses and minuses. I would say that our final decision came down to customer service and who could provide a quick and easy financing solution. Nobody came close to competing with Coastline Equipment and John Deere where these areas are concerned. Coastline was there for us every step of the way and our guys love everything about the new John Deere excavator.” According to online specifications, the John Deere 35G compact excavator offers 23.3 horsepower at 2,400 rpm, with a max digging depth of 10 feet. With an operating weight of 7,760 pounds, the 35G offers a zero-tail-swing design that

makes it indispensable when working in tight spaces. The rugged rubber tracks allow the compact excavator to work in virtually any terrain, including paved surfaces. J & L operators can go from backhoe- to excavatorstyle controls with just a twist of their wrist, with a control pattern selector valve conveniently located in a compartment below the seat. The Stage IV Yanmar engine offers auto-idle to automatically reduce engine speed when the hydraulics are not in use, and the redesigned cab is wider, with taller front glass and a single-hinge door for optimum all-around visibility. “We are very satisfied with the entire equipment buying experience that we received from Coastline Equipment. From the demo and walk through all the way to financing, it all went smoothly and we look forward to working with Coastline on another purchase in the near future.”

According to Miller, the plan is for J & L to continue to grow with an emphasis on taking on larger and more complicated projects in the civil engineering arena. “We have integrated well into working closely with the City of Huntington Beach, and I would like to take that momentum and begin working more with our neighboring cities of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and down to Dana Point and Laguna Beach,” says Miller. “Underground utility construction is our focus and we do it well, with some of the best people in the business. I am very excited about what the future has in store for this company and look forward to the adventure it is sure to bring.” For more information on J & L Constructors, Inc., please log on to or call their Huntington Beach headquarters at (714) 931-9367. Cc

2017 owner operator Issue CALCONTRACTOR


Sharp’s Backhoe Service, Inc.

Growth & Success Through Hard Work, Trusted By Brian Hoover, CMS, Senior Editor Relationships and a Little Bit of Luck

Justin Sharp, Sharp’s Backhoe Service, Inc. (left) with Mark Grunewald, RDO Equipment Co.

Justin Sharp grew up on a 10-acre patch of dirt in the high desert and this is where he got his first taste of being around and operating construction machinery. His father worked as a business representative for Local 12 Operating Engineers and he would bring equipment home to do various tasks around the property. Justin’s uncles and other family members were also involved in one way or another in the general engineering construction industry, working as foreman and superintendents, but no one in the family had ever ventured out into starting their own business. It wasn’t Justin’s plan either, and after graduating from high school in 1997, he enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona and eventually ended up working at the campus bookstore. He also took on a job as a parking lot valet and eventually secured an internship


at Acosta Sales & Marketing in Diamond Bar. Before long, Justin was working fulltime as a business manager for a food brokerage company and it was here that he learned the lion’s share of his business management skills. The Sharp family has some longtime friends at American Backhoe out of Placentia and the owner, Dave Hutson, had been having conversations with Justin about going into the operated equipment rental business. Although Justin had learned a lot about heavy machinery from his childhood on the family property, he was in no way knowledgeable or field-tested enough for this type of venture. Justin points out that Dave Hutson was gracious enough to offer to spend some time with him and help get him up to speed. “I figured that with my father’s contacts and relationships in the industry


and Dave Hutson’s willingness to mentor me, I might just have a chance at making an idea like this a reality,” says Sharp. “Dave took me out in the field to see firsthand just what his operators did from day to day, and he set up various scenarios on his lot and allowed me to practice with one of his retired backhoes for an entire month.” Justin was surprised at just how much he was able to learn under the mentorship of Dave Hutson and so he made the decision to give the new career choice a try. “I had saved a respectable amount of money in a 401(k) and so I made the leap to joining the Local 12 Operating Engineers, purchased my first backhoe, and went to work as an owner-operator,” says Sharp. “It was 2005, and things were really busy prior to the recession. I was fortunate enough to immediately take on some T&M (time and materials) jobs that my dad helped me get from his connections with local contractors.” Justin continued to work these types of jobs, as well as other private bid work on into 2008 when things obviously changed for everyone. “When the big recession hit, it became progressively more difficult to stay busy. I needed the work, so I started taking anything I could get my hands on, including digging swimming pools, footings, and even going to work for contractors, running their equipment while my machines remained idle with payments still owed,” says Sharp. “Then in 2009, I found a connection and built

4701-B Little John St. • Baldwin Park, CA 91706 Phone: 800-813-8232 • Fax: 626-813-1594 Email:


4 G 2 er C U nd Gri

UCG 24 Grinder- 24” Wide, 12” Depth, 40 GPM, 3500 PSI

Vib UC ate Pl

UC Vib Plate - Compactor with flow control valve from 12” to 42”

C UR ting r a t Ro ushe Cr

Hydraulic Magnet - 42” diameter for 20-40 ton excavators, with built in rake for ground clean up and exposes metal at the same time.

We have Attachments for... • Skidsteer Loaders • Mini Excavators • Excavators • Backhoes

URC Rotating Crusher - Crusher with rotating motor for 20-40 ton excavators

1-800-813-8232 All Items for Sale, New And Used Also Available for Rent!

UB Equipment Corp.

Sharp’s Backhoe Service’s John Deere backhoes and Hitachi mini excavator ready to work on a commercial distribution line for SoCalGas in Upland.

a relationship with SoCalGas and that led to some big growth in my business and today’s 11 machines and 12 employees.” SoCalGas is now Sharp’s Backhoe Service’s primary customer and things have gotten so busy that around a year and a half ago Justin made the decision to get off the equipment in favor of managing the overall business full-time. “As I sit here in my office right now and look at the board, I can tell you that every one of my machines and operators is busy working for SoCalGas or an affiliate contractor,” says Sharp. “It can be daunting logistically at times managing all of these jobs. I was burning the candle at both ends by attempting to be an operator, owner, and manager all at the same time.

It was a difficult decision, but it was the right decision as we have grown substantially since making that move.” If the number of machines you own and operate can be considered as a measurement of growth then it is obvious that Sharp is doing something right. The company owned and operated seven machines back in 2015 and now they have 11 pieces of heavy machinery and 11 full-time operators. “I have put together a business growth plan, and for me, there is a sweet spot or an optimum number of machines and operators for a company like ours. I would like to grow to 15 machines and operators over the next three years, and then at max capacity, be at no more than 18 to 20 units,” says Sharp. “It’s about revenue and the return on investment, but also controlling

costs like insurance, fuel, and Union dues. Having said this, I would also like to add a few larger excavators and backhoes to our fleet so that we can begin working on those larger pipeline projects that intrigue me so much.” Sharp’s Backhoe Service, Inc. currently has 10 John Deere backhoes in their fleet, as well as a new Hitachi mini excavator, and other support equipment and trucks. Sharp’s most recent purchases include a new Hitachi 50U mini excavator and a new John Deere 310SL backhoe from RDO Equipment Co. “I have bought every single John Deere machine from Mark Grunewald at RDO Equipment Co. I was originally steered in that direction by my mentor, Dave Hutson from American Backhoe, who also has purchased everything from RDO. After working with Grunewald and the folks at RDO, it is clear that I made the right decision,” says Sharp. “John Deere was positioned to me as the stronger and longer lasting machine, and that has certainly proven to be true. It is a bit cliché to say that RDO offers the best service and has the best product, but that is just the truth of the matter. I call Mark Grunewald any time of the day or night and

Below Left: Sharp’s Backhoe team poses for a photo after completing trench and gas line work for the LA Coliseum torch which was relit for the first USC game. Below Middle: JD 310 SK backhoe moving pipe on a gas main replacement in Corona. Below Right: Working on a gas main project in Rancho Cucamonga.



Above Left and Left: High pressure gas main work in Manhattan Beach. Above Middle: Worked all night to repair a gas line that was hit by a scraper in Simi Valley. Above Right: Working for SCE to replace and restand all of the telephone poles after the Lake Isabella fire.

he stops at nothing to handle any issue I may have quickly and proficiently. The same goes for the people in parts and service. With 11 machines, it sometimes seems like I am running around with my hair on fire, and it is good to know that I have a company like RDO and a rep like Mark to help manage that burden.” Justin Sharp points out that his company’s growth and success has come from well thought out strategy, but also a little bit of dumb luck. “I am happy that I was, at the very least, intelligent enough to listen to the people around me that were willing to give me their advice based on years of experience,” says Sharp. “I was only 26 years old when I started this company and I am extremely fortunate to have had people like my father, David Sharp, Dave Hutson and Mark Grunewald around to serve as a buffer and give much-needed direction.” According to Sharp, an example of this can be found in his relationship with Mark Grunewald from RDO Equipment

Co. “Every machine that I have purchased has been acquired with a definite purpose. For instance, we just added our new Hitachi mini excavator because of all the tight access work we have been doing at mobile home parks for SoCalGas,” says Sharp. “I follow Mark’s advice where the equipment is concerned and he has never steered me wrong.” Sharp points out that he has purchased all but three machines from RDO Equipment Co. on a lease/purchase plan. “Most all of our machine purchases started out as a rental, and then when those units reach 600 to 800 hours, we buy it. This is usually a six-month rental, and then RDO allows me to use my rental payments as the down payment, and this really helps the bottom line.” Sharp performs a great deal of work for SoCalGas in a work segment known as, distribution, where 2, 3 and 4-inch pipe is installed in the street and then ½ inch service pipe up to the homes or buildings. He is also on numerous mobile home park jobs right now, as well as commercial gas main replacement projects and even a few specialty night jobs. “This has been a mom and pop type business since its inception, and in true form, we have been running things from my home in Highland. I am now happy and

even proud to say that we are in the process of moving to a new office and company headquarters in San Dimas,” says Sharp. “Not bad for a guy who truly started from scratch. I have to say that I believe this has all been made possible by treating people fairly and always putting our customers and employees first. I have always enjoyed the customer service end of this business and the joy of shaking someone’s hand after a job well done. I would like to personally thank our entire crew, including my first operator, John Garcia and longtime operator, Dan Hopkins. I also want to thank my mother, Leslie Sharp, who helps me in the office, and my fiancé, Andrea who is now working for the company. I also want to recognize and thank my father, David Sharp, Mark Grunewald, Anthony Surina and everyone from SoCalGas and their contractor affiliates.” Sharp’s Backhoe Service, Inc. will soon be changing their name to, Sharp’s Services, Inc. to better illustrate their overall services that are soon to include trucking and the availability of larger backhoes and excavators. For more information on Sharp’s Backhoe Service, Inc., please call (909) 214-9866. Cc

2017 Owner operator Issue CALCONTRACTOR


Pictured: Skyline Crane Rental's Link-Belt HTT-8690 90-Ton Truck Crane purchased from Nixon-Egli Equipment Company shown here placing one of dozens of palm trees at a high-end private residence in Los Angeles.

Skyline Crane Rental Takes Delivery of Link-Belt HTT-8690 90-Ton Truck Crane From Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. By Brian Hoover, CMS, Senior Editor

Above: Bob Cullen and David Thiel, partners in Skyline Crane Rental.

Bob Cullen and David Thiel have nearly 50 combined years of crane operating experience. Cullen had operated cranes for a Los Angeles area crane company for 30 years, while Thiel worked as an operator for that same company for five years and an additional 12 years for crane companies in Michigan. Both men had visions of owning and operating their own crane rental business one day and after considering a couple of other options, they made the decision to make the leap and go out on their own as partners in a new venture they

would call Skyline Crane Rental. The company started out just a few short months ago with Cullen serving as the CEO and Thiel as the COO. They took on a job right out of the gate, placing trees for upscale residential housing. Both men have a background in working with specialty lifts in niches like the movie studio industry, theme parks, landscape construction and a variety of other production work. Skyline Crane Rental (Skyline) recently took delivery of their first crane, a Link-Belt

HTT-8690 90-ton truck crane from Nixon-Egli Equipment Company (Nixon-Egli). They, of course, had several manufacturers and distributors to choose from for the purchase of their 90-ton crane, but they knew from the get-go that it was going to be a Link-Belt. “Our 90-ton Link-Belt (HTT8690) is a great all-around crane with a strong chart up close for heavy picks. It can also compete with those larger 110 to 120-ton cranes where high-reach jobs are concerned,” says Thiel. “Now, what really sets this crane apart from the pack is the fact that it is the only 90-ton crane on the market that we know of that is legal on California roads without a boom dolly, while also having all-wheel steering and in full CARB compliance.” The four steering modes come complete with all-wheel steerable axles and a locking cross-axle differential that greatly improves traction on less than adequate jobsite conditions. It also has a 38-foot to 140-foot, 5-section power latching boom with a maximum tip height of 237 feet. It is considered by many to be one of the most advanced cranes that Link-Belt offers. “Tom Trevithick of Nixon-Egli has gone above and beyond in his efforts to help get us up and running with the perfect crane for the type of work that

2017 Owner operator Issue CALCONTRACTOR


Above: David Thiel Operating Skyline Crane Rental's new Link-Belt HTT-8690 Truck Crane from state-of-the-art fully enclosed and air conditioned cab.

we chase,” continues Thiel. “Typically cranes do not have rear steering, but this Link-Belt does, and that allows us greater access in some of these highend residential neighborhoods.” Speaking of high-end residential neighborhoods, Skyline just recently started a new project for an extremely high-end private residence in an undisclosed Los Angeles neighborhood. According to Cullen, this is a 3-week project where Skyline will be placing over 100 trees. “The trees vary in size, with the largest being a 108-inch box tree. We are also setting a large number of 20 to 30 thousand pound palm trees that will line both sides of the massive backyard and pool area,” says Cullen. “We are also just finishing up the paperwork for the pick and


transport of a 16-foot box tree from Los Angeles Avenue in Simi Valley to a golf course on the north side of the 118 freeway. Sounds routine, but we have the logistical challenge of getting over the Caltrans operated overpass. We both enjoy the challenging jobs like this one.” At this time, Cullen and Thiel are the sole operators for Skyline Crane Rental, however, they have two additional cranes being delivered within the next 60 days and will be adding operators for those cranes. “We have a Manitex 4124 40-ton boom truck and a Jekko 1275 8-ton hydraulic track crane coming and these additions will enable to handle just about any job, big or small,” says Thiel. “We plan on continuing to expand our


crane fleet over the next three to five years to 10 or 12 cranes, to better serve our future customers in the greater Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California.” Skyline Crane Rental is a proud member of Operating Engineers Union – Local 12 and with their years of experience and knowledge, you can rest easy knowing that you have a true owner-operator on your job site. For more information on Skyline Crane Rental, please visit their website at or call Bob Cullen at (818) 400-2783 or David Thiel at 818-922-5813. Cc

Fundamentals of IoT for Construction

Greater interconnectivity to define success By Jeff Winke, Winke Consultancy

Above: Equipping each piece of equipment with the capability of sending and receiving data allows the platform to reproduce a digital detailed representation of the product itself. That is called a digital twin.

Probably the best definition of the Internet of Things (IoT) appears in a Forbes magazine article written by the futurist Jacob Morgan. According to Morgan, the IoT refers to the concept of “basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other).” This includes everything from cellphones, coffee makers, washing machines, lamps, wearable devices and almost anything else. It also applies to components of machines, for example a jet engine of an airplane or the drill of an oil rig. Again, all of these examples have an on and off switch. Which begs the question: why? Why would we want a thing, such as a coffee maker, connected to the Internet? Easy, to get it brewing so when one comes downstairs after


showering and getting dressed there’s a pot of freshly-made coffee waiting and/or after leaving for the day to turn it off if checking confirms that it was absentmindedly left on. A 2013 Global Standards Initiative on Internet of Things defines the IoT as "a global infrastructure for the information society, enabling advanced services by interconnecting (physical and virtual) things based on existing and evolving interoperable information and communication technologies" and for these purposes a "thing" is "an object of the physical world (physical things) or the information world (virtual things), which is capable of being identified and integrated into communication networks." The Global Standards Initiative further stated that “the IoT allows objects to be sensed


or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computerbased systems, and resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit in addition to reduced human intervention. When IoT is augmented with sensors and actuators, the technology becomes an instance of the more general class of cyber-physical systems, which also encompasses technologies such as smart grids, virtual power plants, smart homes, intelligent transportation and smart cities. Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its embedded computing system but is able to interoperate within the existing Internet infrastructure. Experts estimate that the IoT will consist of about 30 billion objects by 2020.”

Mini Excavators


Equipment is offered with skilled union operators or bare Track Excavators from 10,500 lbs. to 105,000 lbs. along with a large selection of CAT 450F/JD 710K rubber tire backhoes, zero tail swing excavators and attachments. Choose from a variety of attachments, including: breakers, pulverizers, thumbs, vibratory compactors, breakers and V buckets.


- CAT 314 / Volvo ECR145 - Hitachi ZX210 / CAT 320EL - Komatsu PC228LC - Volvo ECR235DL - Komatsu PC308LC / Volvo ECR305CL

Excavator Attachments:

- Breakers from 800lb to 10,000lb - Pulverizers - Compaction Wheels - Thumbs


- Komatsu PC360LC

- CAT 450F / CAT 450E / JD 710K

- JD 470 / Komatsu PC490LC

- Swivels

Mini Excavators - CAT 305.5 E2CR - CAT 308E2CR - JD 85G

Backhoe Attachments: - Vibratory Compactors - 2,000 LB. Breaker - Compaction Wheel - 18” or 24”


seemingly limitless. The power of IoT provides comprehensive planning, process control, workflow monitoring and extensive reporting that will bring our customers the full advantages of connectivity.”

The platform allows data collection and analysis from heterogeneous sources (e.g., telematics devices, sensors, wearable devices, etc.). A Communication Layer will process all gathered data. By structuring and combining them, the system will prompt users with specific information, according to their needs. Data will be presented through a catalogue of standard protocals, and users will be able to decide which kind of data they would like to retrieve and (e.g. about maintenance, administration, diagnostics, etc.). Users will also be able to take advantage of a ready-to-go app, to brand the existing application (both web and mobile) accordingly, or to build their own app and integrate it with information retrieved from the IoT platform.

Construction Industry Is Out Front When examined, the technologies behind the Internet of Things have existed for many years in the construction market. Features like remote access, office-to-field data exchange, cloud computing and data storage are not new to the construction industry. Granted, not all construction contractors have invested in these new technologies, but it has been available for some time. Whereas in consumer markets, these technologies are still new and revolutionary. In the consumer sectors, new connected ‘things’ are just coming to market. In the construction realm these connected devices and realtime communication already exist, and now it is more about contractors accepting and investing in the technologies. The technology developers


in the construction market are now focusing on creating easier, reliable access to the abundance of data. Think about it, for consumers, it is all about convenience rather than criticality. If, for instance, a smartphone breaks for a consumer, it is not the end of the world (well, for some people it is). But for a construction contractor, a smartphone, tablet, or laptop failure can raise concerns about the security, data integrity, and response times, which are absolutely critical. “Interconnected smart technology is central to how we engineer our solutions and their functionality in the hands of our customers,” said Ivan Di Federico, executive vice president and chief strategy officer for Topcon Positioning Systems. “The opportunities are


IoT Platform What is referred to as the “IoT Platform” is the operating world in which the construction market has been evolving. The IoT Platform is meant to provide construction equipment manufacturers and the end-user contractors with analytics and reports about various aspects of their tasks and assets, in order to enhance the decision-making process and obtain the best possible management of resources, fleets and personnel. In the construction field, the key is sensors. Sensors make it possible to capture all the information needed to improve decisions with real-time data about the work site and the workforce. Equipping each piece of equipment with the capability of sending and receiving data allows the platform to reproduce a digital detailed representation of the product itself. That is called a digital twin. “Thanks to the digital twins of our products, activities like monitoring, diagnosis, and repair can be completed remotely,” Di Federico said. “What this means is we can have experts based anywhere in the world able to provide monitoring, troubleshooting, and/or repairs without needing to be physically there at the worksite or contractor’s location. This would result in tremendous savings of time and travel expenses. Moreover, there can be direct collaboration between onsite personnel and equipment operators and our experts.”

Data is Key Smart, connected construction equipment can allow tracking of how they are being used. Through the accumulation of historical data, the IoT platform can build patterns of information to better understand customercontractors’ necessities, the environment in which they operate, and provide advanced solutions to fit their needs. Indeed, data collected from smart, connected products and systems provide detailed information on how the products’ features are used, which are most useful, and which are ignored. The collected data, which is called Big Data, provides options for different types of analysis: • Descriptive -- to retrieve a detailed report of current conditions and understand what happened in a specific working environment; • Predictive -- to provide a reliable prediction about product performances and forestall the occurrence of potential malfunctioning or damage; • Prescriptive -- to know how to optimize and automate the process and the workflow via realtime project maps and plans which feed the machines. The platform provides numerous and detailed information that can be selected according to the need at the time. This enables making effective and profitable choices. It is possible to retrieve virtually any useful information, from fuel consumption to equipment productivity, from maintenance services to, in the near future, prognostics. In addition, most of the functionalities are completely customizable, for meeting specific contractor needs (e.g. dashboard layout,

alarms and notifications, CAN-Bus parameters, units of measurement, language). For the contractor owners and managers, analytics is possible to compare usage patterns in order to improve services, increase productivity, ensure better quality, and create more accurate pricing and bidding strategies. The ultimate benefits of Big Data is cost reductions and deeper insights as to what customers need. “Interconnected smart technology is both central to how we engineer our solutions and produce their functionality for our customers,” said Di Federico. “The challenges, as with most innovation, have mostly to do with adoption. Once construction contractors have an opportunity to see first-hand how the solutions we provide make them more efficient, the concept of IoT makes perfect sense. Greater productivity means undeniable higher profits for their businesses, and assists them in meeting what we at Topcon call "The Intersection of Infrastructure and Technology. It is the meeting point where construction productivity is improved by applying intelligent positioning technology, and clearly IoT is part of this bigger picture.” For Topcon and other technology companies in its niche, providing connected solutions to the construction market enables contractors to have comprehensive monitoring of conditions, operations and the work site through sensors and data. This means monitoring knows no boundaries. Assets can be monitored from everywhere, wherever the contractor happens to physically be. It enables realtime communication and task management with machines and crews on the work site.

Additionally, the entire fleet of machines working at the site can be connected. “We call it ‘descriptive, predictive and prescriptive’ analytics,” Di Federico said. “The result for customers is higher productivity, less downtime and waste, and ultimately more profitability, combined with less stress. “We absolutely design our solutions with IoT top of mind, such as our Topcon Tierra remote asset management system that provides total visibility and control, including diagnostics and maintenace for reducing costs and improving performance. "Our MAGNET software solutions suite, provides realtime connected support for hardware as well as integration with our Sitelink3D service for instant data transfer and connectivity into active project sites. Additionally, Sitelink3D allows customers to plan, schedule, assign tasks and get reports, all in real time. When practically any new product or system is designed, integration with these solutions is standard and expected procedure.” The IoT is here to stay. It is the future, and for many it is the present. In the construction market, the success of technology that enables construction contractors to bid projects more accurately bsed on their own historic production data and get their jobs completed faster, more accurately, and more efficiently using inteligent interconnected technology, has raised customer expectations. "For construction contractors and OEMs today the tremensous benefits of IoT enhances the decisionmaking process for obtaining the best possible management of resources, fleets and personnel," said Di Federico. Cc

2017 Owner operator Issue CALCONTRACTOR



* Edelman Berland Driver Survey, 2014

| ** Edelman Berland Survey, 2013

55% of drivers today identify traffic delays due to road construction as the most frustrating part of their driving experience.* With off-peak construction, asphalt pavements leave roads and parking lots open when demand is at its highest. Surface maintenance and repair are quick, ensuring drivers and pavement owners have a smooth, high performance surface with minimal inconvenience. No wonder an independent survey found 87% of engineers, developers, transportation officials and other key stakeholders chose asphalt for its ease of maintenance.** Smoother, quieter, fewer delays… that’s drivability. That’s asphalt. L E A R N M O R E A T W W W. D R I V E A S P H A LT. O R G

The APA is a partnership of the Asphalt Institute, National Asphalt Pavement Association and the State Asphalt Pavement Associations.


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RDO EQUIPMENT CO. HOLDS GRAND OPENING AT RIVERSIDE STORE The store is the company's 15th in California and one of the top 10 largest RDO Equipment Co. facilities RIVERSIDE, Calif. – (September 20, 2017) – Doors are open at the new RDO Equipment Co. store in Riverside, a fullservice dealership featuring equipment from manufacturers including John Deere, Vermeer, and Topcon. On Wednesday, September 13, the team proudly opened the store to celebrate its Grand Opening, an event that included a ribbon cutting, store tours, and lunch. Store Highlights The Riverside store is at 20 Iowa Avenue, in the same footprint as the previous store. The new building’s site was chosen to keep the prime location that offers easy customer access, and plenty of space for parking and equipment. At well over 40,000 square feet of space, it’s one of the top 10 largest RDO Equipment Co. facilities. One of the highlights of the new store is the addition of Vermeer equipment, parts, and service. The former RDO Vermeer location in Fontana moved to the Riverside space to offer customers more solutions under one roof. Led by Riverside team members, the tour highlighted all areas of the new store, including the 3,500-square-foot retail area, as well as offices, small meeting rooms, and large conference rooms. Also featured were the 11,000-square-foot parts warehouse and mezzanine,


and 30,000-square-foot, 18-bay service shop. The Riverside store was built with several special features and unique design choices. Interior finishes are made of low-emitting green materials to improve indoor air quality. A fan system in the shop and parts warehouse continually circulates air through the spaces without air conditioning and offers cooling to offset the California heat. Along with unique aspects of the Riverside store, the team pointed out some of the hallmarks of new RDO Equipment Co. buildings, including LED lighting, and in the service shop, overhead doors with full-view glazing panels to allow maximum natural light and a drive-through, open air wash bay. Impacting Customers and the Community A customer appreciation luncheon wrapped up the day. Ronald D. Offutt, founder of RDO Equipment Co., and Christi Offutt, Chief Executive Officer of RDO Equipment Co. spoke to the packed luncheon crowd – filled with customers, manufacturing partners, and team members. “It gives me a lot of pleasure


to come here and spend time with our customers and team members,” Ron said. He continued, offering credit and appreciation to the Riverside team for their role in making the new store a success. “This is a dream store. And stores are not possible without a dedicated customer base and dedicated employee base,” he said. “We have people who are innovative, work hard, and truly want to take care of our customers.” Christi built on Ron’s message of gratitude to team members, saying, “Nothing makes me prouder than all the people here today in shirts with the RDO Equipment Co. logo. Your customer-focused commitment sets us apart and is what makes RDO Equipment Co. a company we’re all so proud of.” Nearly 400 customers, manufacturing partners, and team members attended the event. The Riverside store is the 15th RDO Equipment Co. location in the state of California and 77th in the company’s network of dealerships across 10 states. Approximately 90 team members work at the store; roughly 35 of those employees are new to the area, transferring from the former RDO Vermeer store in Fontana. The store currently has open positions and anyone interested is encouraged to visit the Careers page of the RDO Equipment Co. website,, for details. Cc

Ron Offutt, Founder & Co-Chair, Christi Offutt, Chief Executive R.D. Offutt Company (RDO Equip). Officer & Co-Chair, R.D. Offutt Company (RDO Equip. Co.).

Dennis Howard, Vice President of the Southwest Construction Region, RDO Equipment Co.

New RDO Equipment Co. Store Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in RIverside.

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KLEIN PRODUCTS CELEBRATES 60TH ANNIVERSARY On Aug. 24, 2017, Klein Products Inc. celebrated 60 years of leadership, innovation and achievement in the water distribution equipment industry. The company hosted an open house to share this exciting milestone with the friends, family members, current and former employees, customer, prospects, and vendors who have contributed to Klein Products’ success over the years. Klein Products was founded in 1957 by Richard Klein, a hardworking, talented leader with a passion for fabricating machinery and equipment. Over the years, Klein grew his company to become a trusted industry pioneer in the design and manufacturing of topquality water tanks, completed water truck assemblies, and water distribution parts and equipment. Beginning in 1991, Klein transitioned management and leadership responsibilities to his adopted son and longtime employee, Barry McManus, who continues to serve as president of Klein Products. “The company is older than I am, so it has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember,” McManus said. “I always wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps, and while many of our latest products are so new and innovative he might not recognize them, I know he would recognize our commitment to hard work and doing things the right way that started with him and continues today as the bedrock of our business philosophy.”


Under the leadership of Klein and McManus, in the past 60 years Klein Products has grown from a small business with a staff of less than 10 into a wellknown international company with a skilled team of more than 150 people, and the company’s production capacity has grown sixtyfold. Throughout the years, Klein Products’ innovations have had a tremendous impact on the construction industry, improving both efficiency and costeffectiveness for contractors. “Our products have evolved over time, and we continue to innovate to provide better solutions for our customers,” McManus said. “As our company grows and changes, we never stop pushing ourselves to achieve.” In addition to industry leadership through ongoing product innovation, Klein Products has also shaped the industry and improved construction project outcomes in its approach to operations over the past 60 years. For example, in 1995 the company built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Texas that expedited the distribution process and allowed all manufacturing to be completed in-house, improving


quality control and service. The company continued to expand and enhance its operations with the development of a new West Coast facility in 2016. In 2017, Klein Products of Texas became the first in its industry to achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification of registration. Klein Products has also attained NTEA MVP status and American Welding Society certifications for qualified procedures and performance. Beyond quality control, Klein Products has demonstrated an industry-leading dedication to reducing its environmental impact over the years. In one of many initiatives to implement more sustainable practices, the company constructed an advanced paint facility designed to recycle materials and reduce pollution. Klein Products even collaborated with a supplier to develop earth-conscious paints — something no one else in the industry has done. The outstanding reputation Klein Products has built in its 60 years in business was evident in the turnout at the open house event. More than 200 people joined McManus for an evening of food, live music and fun to celebrate Klein Products’ numerous accomplishments. “As flattering as it is to reach this milestone and have so many people join us to celebrate, it is truly a tribute to my father and a reflection of the endurance of the company he built,” McManus said. “I am honored to continue his legacy and to have the opportunity to expand on his success.” Cc

Barry McManus, Owner and President of Klein Products, Inc. (Center) with his family from left to right: Ryan Anderson, Toni McManus, Brannon McManus and James Anderson.

Klein Products, Inc. headquarters in Ontario, located at 1080 E. Ontario Boulevard.

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COASTLINE EQUIPMENT HIRES LADD BLAKELY AS NEW LONG BEACH AND SANTA ANA BRANCH MANAGER Ladd Blakely comes to Coastline Equipment after serving the heavy equipment industry in various capacities since 2007. Blakely graduated Cum Laude from Iowa State University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. He immediately accepted an internship, in the summer of 2007, with Midland Equipment Company out of Des Moines working directly with and for the owner and founder. Blakely was quickly promoted to a sales position for Midland Equipment Company until they were purchased by Titan Machinery in 2008. He continued in sales with Titan Machinery until the spring of 2011 when he was promoted to branch manager for Titan Machinery’s Billings, Montana, Des Moines, Iowa, and Denver branches from March 2011 to December 2014. In January 2015, Blakely accepted a position as west coast dealer manager (12

Western States) for McCloskey International out of Denver, and remained there until June 2015. He went on to become the Denver and Greeley, Colorado branch manager for Power Equipment Company from July 2015 to August 2017. Blakely joined Coastline Equipment as their new Long Beach and Santa Ana branch manager on August 14th. Blakely brings experience and a proven track record of success in the construction equipment industry, which will be invaluable in meeting and exceeding the Branch goals and objectives of Coastline Equipment. According to Blakely’s resume, he enjoys hunting, fishing and being outdoors. “I have a passion for engines and the things they power,” says Blakely. “I am very motivated and excited about what the future has in store for me and my family here in Southern California with Coastline Equipment. They are well-known

in our industry and I consider myself lucky and privileged to be a part of a company with such a rich history of success and excellence.” Ladd Blakely spends most of his free time with his wife and children and the entire family enjoys traveling abroad. Coastline Equipment would like you to join them in welcoming Ladd Blakely to the Coastline Equipment team. Cc

COASTLINE EQUIPMENT PROMOTES MIKE SMITH TO NEW CORPORATE SALES COORDINATOR POSITION Coastline Equipment’s current Long Beach and Santa Ana Branch Manager, Mike Smith, has transitioned into the position of Corporate Sales Coordinator effective August 14, 2017. In his new role, Mike will work primarily with the California and Nevada Coastline Equipment locations on all wholegoods inventories, policies and procedures. Mike has held


various positions with Coastline Equipment over his 32-year career. His extensive experience will make him a perfect fit for this position. With the rapid growth that Coastline Equipment has experienced over the past two years, this position is ideally timed for controlling inventories in wholegoods. Cc


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CalAPA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

Quinn CAT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

Clairemont Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

RDO Equipment Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Coastline Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Savala Equipment Rentals . . . . . . . . . . 19

Coastline Equipment Crane Div. . . . . . 22

Scott Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

Coastline Equipment Employment . . . . 29

Sonsray Machinery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31

FMG, Grinding & CIR / Graniterock . . . 29

Trench Shoring Company . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

Hawthorne CAT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

UB Equipment Corp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Nixon-Egli Equipment Co . . . back Cover

Volvo Construction Equip. & Svcs. . . . 17


100 USt (85 mt) Truck Terrain Crane • 5-section full power latching boom with attachment flexibility • Big, wide cab with outstanding visibility • Comphrehensive vision package with cameras for right side carrier, back-up, right side upper, and main and auxiliary winches • Counterweight flexibility, big engine and transmission power, along with air ride promise incredible mobility on the road or on the job

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