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06 BRAGG CRANE & RIGGING Assists on Retooling NASA Launchpad to Mars


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Purchases New Link-Belt HTC 86110 Telescopic-Boom Hydraulic Truck Crane from Nixon-Egli Equipment Co.


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ASSISTS ON RETOOLING NASA LAUNCHPAD TO MARS By Brian Hoover, CMS, Senior Editor ars has long been the planet of choice for cinematic entertainment, arguably beginning with the silent film, Aelita, in 1924 to Abbott and Costello Go to Mars and War of the Worlds in 1953, to today’s more modern blockbusters, Total Recall (1990) and The Martian (2015). It is perhaps the most popular and most talked about planet, because other than Earth, Mars is thought to be the most habitable planet in our solar system. Its soil contains water, there is ample sunlight, and although temperature and gravity are not ideal, they are sufficient for human adaptation. There have been 45 missions to Mars, with more than half deemed wholly or partially successful. NASA accounts for the largest number of missions at 21 (15 successful), followed by the former USSR, who first launched Sputnik in 1957, followed by 16 additional missions (4 successful). Russia, Europe, Japan, and India have also joined in on the race to put a man


on Mars. The U.S. spacecraft, Mariner 4 launched Nov. 28, 1964, and became the first to fly by Mars July 14, 1965, successfully sending 21 photos back to Mother Earth in the process. Viking 1 was the first to land on the surface of Mars in 1976, followed by Viking 2 a few months later. There are presently several missions currently operating on or around Mars, with robots collecting specimens and orbiters taking pictures. NASA’s journey thus far has been leading the way with the goal of sending humans to the Red Planet some time in the 2030s. Since 2013, NASA has awarded a series of contracts (Phase 1 and Phase 2) to J.P. Donovan Construction, Inc. of Rockledge, Florida, to upgrade and modify the Mobile

2017 Crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Launcher (ML) that may soon send humans to study asteroids and onward onto the surface of Mars. The agency’s Space Launch System (SLS) will launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and modifications are designed to support the new SLS rocket and ground support infrastructure. The ML required extensive alterations to accommodate the heavier and more powerful SLS rocket. The job calls for the structural reinforcement of the tower for the integration of ground support equipment onto the existing Mobile Launcher. The contract also includes the installation of fluid subsystems and other mechanical and electrical equipment to support the SLS rocket. J.P. Donovan Construction, Inc. hired Bragg Crane & Rigging (a division of Bragg Companies) to perform all of the hoisting, heavy rigging, and structural modifications on the ML project. Darin King is the General Superintendent and is overseeing all operations for Bragg Crane & Rigging (Bragg) on this job. “We began working on this project in April 2015, and were contracted primarily for

reinforcement work on the tower section, as well as assisting with the installation of cabinetry system controls and things of that nature,” says King. Bragg is utilizing a 330-ton, Liebherr LR 1300 SX wide track crawler crane with 203 feet of boom, 174 feet of luffing jib and 273,400 lbs. of main counter weight, to perform all of the major lifts on this project. The Liebherr LR 1300 SX crawler crane was delivered to Bragg Companies directly from Liebherr Europe to the Port of Jacksonville. “Uncrating and assembling a crane like this is an unbelievable and rare experience,” says King. “It came in on around 22 trucks and took three days to erect.” They also have a 90-ton crane to support the Liebherr that is also being utilized on the smaller lifts. “The tower itself is over 400 feet tall, but we are not configured to work at that height quite yet,” says King. “Our current configuration is set up for the installation of four umbilical arms, but we will also be installing a 90,000 lb. crew access arm at an elevation of 325 feet.” King points out that the 330-ton Liebherr crane must be reworked into a ‘heavy lift configuration’ to lift the massive crew access arm to such a high elevation. “We will put extra boom into the crane to place the final sections at the top of the tower. There is a bit of a design-build element to this job, and some segments evolve as the situation progresses. Setting the crew access arm at a 90-foot radius is a nice pick

and is going to be very exciting,” says King. “There is a lot of work to be done here, and our crew is putting in a lot of hours, working six 10’s for the majority of the job.” Bragg Crane & Rigging has performed a great deal of work out at Vandenberg Air Force Base for companies like United Launch Alliance, and this why they were invited to bid on the NASA project. “This is not the first time that we have bid on a project at Cape Canaveral, but it is our first successful bid,” says King. “Ian Johnson, our general manager and now vice president and COO of Bragg Companies, along with members of our Santa Maria office, took the lead on this project, and they did a phenomenal job putting this deal together. Additionally, Scott Bragg has been down to the job site several times, and he remains involved to assure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.” Bragg Crane & Rigging is utilizing union members from Ironworkers Local 808 of Orlando. “We currently have 75 Ironworkers on-site at this time,” says King. According to King, Bragg also brought out a project manager and several other assistant project managers and engineers from California to work on this job. “I am on the job site two out of every six weeks, and I am in contact with our project managers on a daily basis. Our key project manager, Bocefus Lukeheart, has done a tremendous job on a project that has only gotten more complicated

Background: Bragg Crane & Rigging utilizes their Liebheer LR 1300 SX wide track crawler crane to perform all major lifts for the tower on the mobile launcher at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


2017 crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


as it has progressed,” says King. “Mark Ealand is our ironworkers superintendent on-site, and he is also doing a fantastic job, fully embracing every aspect of this project.” Mars is named after the God of War, and it is the second smallest planet in our solar system. Although the distance between Earth and Mars is constantly changing, it is estimated that they are 34 to 35 million miles apart. Flight time is calculated to be 150 to 300 days, depending on the speed of the launch and how much fuel is burned. SLS and Orion are scheduled to blast off by the end of 2018 on Exploration Mission-1. SLS and Orion are NASA’s next generation human spaceflight vehicles aimed at sending astronauts to asteroids, Mars and beyond. For more information about NASA and their journey to Mars, visit www.nasa.gov/groundsystems. For more information on Bragg Companies, please visit www.braggcrane.com or call 877-239-2535. Cc

Background: Bragg Crane & Rigging Team: Scott Bragg, VP/CEO, Ian Johnson,VP/COO, Bocefus Lukeheart, Project Manager, Mark Ealand, Ironworkers Superintendent Local 433, Declan Mages, Assistant Project Engineer, Julie Peterson, Assistant Project Manager, Leslie Griffin, Office Manager and John Nelson, Assistant Project Manager.


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Benson Crane, Inc.'s Link-Belt HTC 86110 telescopic boom truck crane purchased from Nixon-Egli Equipment Co.

By Brian Hoover, CMS, Senior Editor ave Benson worked as a general contractor during the housing boom in the early 90’s, when demand was such that structural steel companies could not keep up. It was at this time that Benson decided to self-perform this work to grow his business and remain on schedule. The Northridge Earthquake brought about a call to architects to include more structural steel in moment frames on housing projects, and this was when


Benson purchased his initial cranes to erect the structural steel that he was now fabricating. Eventually, Benson became so busy that he decided to stop doing the steel fabricating and focused solely on the crane and lifting end of the business. By 1997, Benson incorporated under the name Benson Crane, Inc. and began doing the heavy lifting for a long list of steel fabricators and contractors that he had gotten to know over his time in the business.

2017 Crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

Benson Crane, Inc. (Benson Crane) now performs a full depth of lifting disciplines, including simple utility picks for commercial customers to building stages for large entertainment companies. They also work heavily in tilt-up construction, not erecting the large concrete panels, but more of a focus on the interior, erecting fill items like columns and bar joists. Dave Benson is the owner and president of Benson Crane, and he and his crew are quite busy on the


Left: Terex 60-ton crane placing trees for custom homes. Middle: Terex 60-ton crane dismantling dairy tanks at the Old Swiss Dairy in Riverside for future park grounds. Right: Setting up at the 2015 Shaun White Air + Style event at the Rose Bowl.

commercial side of their business, assisting contractors in areas like Fontana, where they are building numerous several million square foot warehouses. “The commercial side of our business is booming right now. However, I have to say that the entertainment industry is also keeping us very busy. We work for concert promotion companies and assist them in erecting stages for bands like the Rolling Stones and U2,” says Benson. “These stage productions can take anywhere from three days to build, to the U2 360º Tour stage, which required several weeks to erect.” According to reports, this stage, which was referred to as the “Claw,” was a big part of the U2 360º Tour, one of the most successful rock & roll tours in history. The stage was designed to withstand 204


tons, high winds, and even seismic events. It encompassed an area of 28,287 square feet, rose to around 165 feet, rotated a full 360 degrees, and boasted a 14,000 square foot cylindrical video screen. “We primarily work on concert venues in Orange and LA Counties for companies like Live Nation Entertainment, but we have and will go further out, wherever the work is,” says Benson. The stages are erected in stadiums and in public spaces like Metro Park in Irvine, where they are planning on constructing a temporary 12,000-seat facility in time for the 2017 summer concert series. Benson Crane will be undertaking another unique project this spring when they begin erecting a 16-story ski jump for Shaun White’s Air + Style exposition that will feature

the world’s most elite winter athletes. The main attraction is the “Big Air” snowboarding competition, surrounded by lots of things to see and do, including a stellar music lineup. This will be Benson’s third consecutive year erecting the ski jump, referred to as the ‘Ram’ for Shaun White. The first year was at the Rose Bowl, while last year was held at Expo Park at the LA Coliseum. This year's Air + Style event will again be held at the LA Coliseum, specifically Feb. 18 and 19. “The ski jump rises to around 170 feet in height and is constructed by erecting cubes of scaffold on the ground and then slinging it up and securing it in sections,” says Benson. “When the ramp is complete, it is loaded up with snow and is quite a feat of engineering and spectacle to behold.”

2017 Crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Left & Middle: Benson Crane working at the USC Annenberg communication and journalism buidling. Above: Installation of spiral staircase in San Pedro.

Benson utilizes four cranes on this project each year, from a 60-ton to a 200-ton. Benson Crane is also busy with more conventional jobs like custom homes and multistory high-rise projects. “We used to do quite a bit of high-rise work, and I think because I come from a general engineering background, we tend to do this better and more proficiently than most,” says Benson. “This is what I know best, and we can preplan, foresee challenges and come up with solutions in advance. We have a couple of these projects coming up in Los Angeles, and I think we will see more of this type of work over the next few years.” To better handle continued growth, expand on niche offerings and other things like CARB compliance, Benson Crane recently elected to upgrade their crane fleet. They made the decision to go from eight cranes to five newer and more efficient cranes, capable of handling every segment of their business.


“We just acquired two new cranes with greater capacities and longer booms. They have the new Tier IV motors that they are calling ‘forever motors” that are supposed to be good for life,” says Benson. Perhaps the most impressive acquisition for Benson Crane was the Link-Belt HTC 86110 telescopic boom crane truck that according to the LinkBelt website offers a 6-section pin & latch boom with attachment flexibility, powerful and responsive hydraulics designed for optimal job site maneuverability and a variety of efficient counterweight configurations. “A few months ago, we took delivery of the very first Link-Belt HTC 86110 rear-steer mobile truck crane here in the United States, and we went right to work for a full month demoing the Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine and will soon be utilizing it to erect the new concert venue at Great Park in Irvine,” says Benson. “Our new Link-Belt has a capacity of 110-tons and our particular unit offers

2017 Crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

165 foot of boom. It is an extremely versatile truck crane with an added boom section and added maneuverability and versatility with the rear steering. This (Link-Belt HTC 86110) crane also offers several improvements, including the frame, the length of the boom, the computer system, a brand new jib system, no drive pins and an 18-volt impact wrench that can be used to drive the top and bottom pins simultaneously all from ground level.” Benson Crane also recently purchased a brand new Altec 45127 telescopic boom truck crane from Altec sales representative Tom Williams out of Pomona. “Our new 45-ton Altec has 127’ of main boom and it is loaded with safety features and the latest technology. These days, longer boom lengths and more counter weight is key to maintaining a competitive edge,” says Benson. “I expect we are going to be using these two cranes a lot in 2017 and beyond.” [ Continued on page 14 ]




(800) 323 0535

2017 crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Left: Installing spiral staircase under phone lines in Manhatan Beach. Right: Benson Crane erects U2 360º Tour stage " the Claw" for Live Nation.

[ Continued from page 12 ]

Benson Crane has dealt with Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. for many years, and according to Dave Benson, they stay with Nixon-Egli because they know they are going to get the same high-end consistent service whenever they need it. “We previously owned a Link-Belt 90-ton crane, and whenever we had any issue, Nixon-Egli was there for us, keeping us up and running which is what it is all about in our business,” says Benson. “Dave Heitmiller (service manager in Ontario) is extremely knowledgeable across the board with all crane brands, and even more so with Link-Belt. There is not a situation that we have presented him that he could not handle. We don’t have downtime when we work with Nixon-Egli, and that is priceless.”


Benson Crane, Inc. has maintained consistent, sustainable growth since their inception in 1984. They spent the first 20 years at their original location in Santa Ana, but a couple of years ago they made a choice to move their operations to the old Russell Crane Location in Orange. “We are now in a much larger facility, located right by Angel Stadium, with 8,000 square feet under one roof, three 14 foot roll-up doors and a big yard with plenty of room to grow,” says Benson. Benson Crane is on projects throughout Orange and LA Counties and beyond on everything from an HVAC system lift to supporting the construction of a $40 million beach house. “I don’t know a lot about the other crane companies out there, but I can

2017 Crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

tell you that I started this company with a hammer and a wheelbarrow. I know building materials and have been a general contractor for more than 30 years,” says Benson. “We take on jobs that other crane companies won’t consider touching, and they refer that type of business to us at times. We have great people working here, including my sister Debbie, who has been such a tremendous asset, taking care of the neverending administration duties. It’s been a good ride, and I look forward to a very bright future here at Benson Crane.” For more information on Benson Crane, please visit their website at www.bensoncrane.net or call their Orange headquarters at (714) 836-9803. Cc



Strong Reliable Support.

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Newark Office 8136 Enterprise Drive Newark, CA 94560 510-713-7368

Above: Total Equipment Rentals, Inc. recently purchased two Manitex 1770C boom trucks from Coastline Equipment Crane Division to add to their rental fleet.

TOP NOTCH SERVICE, RELIABLE LATE MODEL EQUIPMENT AND COMPETITIVE PRICES IS TOTAL EQUIPMENT RENTAL’S RECIPE FOR By Brian Hoover, CMS, Senior Editor SUCCESS otal Equipment Rental, Inc. (Total Equipment Rental) has been family owned and operated for 46 years. Back in 1971, Kenny Maness, an entrepreneur who started and owned several construction niche businesses, thought that a rental company would be an excellent addition to his other offerings, and he was certainly correct. Today, Total Equipment Rental is owned by Kevin and Sandy Maness and


became a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) in 2009. The company has thrived, and part of its success is undoubtedly due to the hands-on treatment their customers receive from Total Equipment Rental’s dedicated and seasoned professional staff. Dale Miller is one of the rental specialists at Total Equipment Rental, and he has been big part of the operations team

2017 Crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

for 21 years. “The best part of this job is working with and creating solutions for our valued customers,” says Miller. “Total Equipment Rental has been around through good times and bad, and there is just one thing that has kept us going all these years and will keep us going after other rental companies are long gone, and that is customer service. I know that everyone claims to have the


best customer service, but for us putting the customer first is all that matters. When you add this to the fact that we offer extremely competitive pricing and top brand late model equipment, you have a recipe for success.” Total Equipment Rental offers a large variety of equipment options from the most wellknown and trusted manufacturers in the business. They have 10 delivery trucks that stand ready to transport any construction machine you can think of, anywhere in Southern California. Their equipment offerings range from solar powered portable lighting, portable generators and utility carts to forklifts, backhoes, skid steers, excavators, wheel loaders, dozers and so much more. They focus primarily on the commercial market, serving general contractors, builders, developers, warehouses and utility companies like Southern California Edison. “To give you an example of our service range,

I can point to So Cal Edison who currently has one or more of our machines in Mammoth, Stateline, Blythe and San Diego,” says Miller. “We have one location in Long Beach, but many of our customers look to us for service throughout Southern California because they know we have them covered, no matter what the issue.”

Total Equipment Rental also has a fleet of cranes, forklifts, manlifts, scissorlifts and other highreach equipment in stock and ready for delivery. Their crane fleet, in particular, consists of 14’, 15’ and 17’ boom truck cranes, two of which were just recently added. “We added a Manitex 1770C boom truck to our fleet around a year ago,

Above: Dale Miller, Rental Specialist, Total Equipment Rental, Inc. Below: Total Equipment Rental’s yard at the intersection of E. Spring St. and Temple Ave. in Long Beach.


2017 crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


and it was immediately taken on a long-term rental from one of our loyal customers doing work for a large telecom client. They kept the Manitex working for six to eight months and then just recently extended the contract for the next year or two,” says Miller. “Because the new 17-ton Manitex boom truck filled such a needed role, we decided to purchase

another one from Coastline Equipment (Crane Division).” The Manitex 1770C has a 70’ hydraulic horizontal reach with an 80’ sheave height and a two stage 23’ to 40’ jib. “It is the perfect boom truck for signage companies, roofers, railroad and oil and gas corporations or any sort of building contractor,” says Miller. “We have dealt with Coastline Equipment for many

years out of Long Beach for our earth moving equipment, and we knew we could trust them when it came to these crane purchases. Craig Lane, our sales representative out of the Santa Ana location has been there for us from the moment we let them know that we were interested in a boom truck. After the first purchase had gone so smoothly, it was a no-brainer to add another one to our fleet. Whenever we have needed Coastline to answer a question or help us with service, they have been there for us, and there is nothing more important than service after the sale.” Total Equipment Rental has been there for their customers for 46 years and their mantra of “customers first” will take them into the next generation, rental customers. For more information on Total Equipment Rental, Inc., please visit their website at www.totalequipmentrental.com or call their Long Beach headquarters at (562) 595-6555. Cc

Above and below: Total Equipment Rental has a fleet of heavy equipment, compaction equipment, cranes, forklifts, manlifts, scissorlifts and other highreach equipment in stock and ready for delivery.


2017 Crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR






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Hydraulic Breaker

We have Attachments for... • Skidsteer Loaders • Mini Excavators • Excavators • Backhoes

Mini Shear • No high flow required. • No need for an additional circuit to rotate. • Can be mounted on SSL, Mini-Ex or even backhoe with proper plumbing.

New Reverse Cylinder & Reconditioned Crushers Available! • Rod inside of the frame no need for a guard plate to protect. • Speed valve as standard on all models.

1-800-813-8232 All Items for Sale, New and Used Also Available for Rent!

UB Equipment Corp.

Right & Below: Mechanical Industries, Inc. uses their new Link-Belt HTC 86110 telescopic boom hydraulic truck crane on a 2-story building project in El Segundo.

PURCHASES NEW LINK-BELT HTC 86110 TELESCOPIC-BOOM HYDRAULIC TRUCK CRANE FROM NIXON-EGLI EQUIPMENT CO. By Brian Hoover, CMS, Senior Editor erry Nordine (President) and Jerry Miranda (Vice President) are shareholders and equal partners in Mechanical Industries, Inc., which was established by several investors in 1993. Nordine had been working for a competitive construction company, and due to his knowledge and experience in the industry, he was asked to join Mechanical Industries as a shareholder in 1998. “I am glad that I made a move some 18 years


ago to join this great company,” says Nordine. “This is a highly competitive industry and, it is our tremendous service and eye for detail that has set us apart. We have the best people, competitive pricing and fast, reliable service, and that is what keeps our customers coming back after all these years.” Mechanical Industries, Inc. has been offering structural steel fabrication and erection services

2017 Crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

for industrial and commercial applications since 2000. They specialize in plant services, particularly in plant maintenance and rotating equipment like main bucket elevators, conveying equipment, rock crushers, drag chains and other specialty equipment in places like cement plants throughout California. They also concentrate on structural steel detailing and can fabricate everything from


Above: Mechanical Industries team; Jerry Nordine, President (left), Mario Hernandez, Project Manager and Brandon Rolin, Crane Operator.

structural support steel, stairs, rails, and other many miscellaneous structural steel objects. Mechanical Industries, Inc. has also long been recognized for their excellence in the steel erection business, working on structural steel commercial and industrial buildings for companies like Tilton Pacific Construction, Spears Construction, Eleven Western Builders, Walgreen Co., National Cement and California Commercial Portland Cement Co. They are well-known for owning and maintaining the industry's most state-of-the-art equipment, like 300-ton capacity CNC press breaks, 300-ton capacity plate shears, plate rollers, the most up to date CNC flame and plasma cutting and pressure vessel fabrication machines. They also recently purchased a new Link-Belt HTC 86110 telescopicboom hydraulic truck crane with an 110-ton capacity, and a 38’ to 164’ 6-section pin & latch boom with attachment flexibility. “We use our new Link-Belt crane primarily for structural steel jobs,” says Nordine. “We have always utilized operated crane services or rented bare cranes in the past, but this has become a very expensive proposition, and after doing the numbers, we concluded that the time had come to begin looking at purchasing a crane.”


Nordine points out that this was not done lightly and says that he took his time looking over the long list crane brands. “When you are spending this kind of money, you don’t just jump into it without much thought,” says Nordine. “We compared and looked at the other competitive cranes, but we narrowed it down to the Link-Belt for a few obvious reasons. For one thing, our Link-Belt outreaches the competition with 164’ of boom and the onboard computer makes everything a breeze to operate. We have certified operators, but I have one particular operator just for our new Link-Belt, and he just raves about the crane and how easy it is to operate.” Nordine is talking about the Link-Belt Pulse total crane operating system that comes complete with a rated capacity limiter, boom extend mode controller (EMC), self-diagnostic capabilities and continuous monitoring of multiple crane functions and conditions. “Our dealer, Nixon-Egli Equipment Co., has been there for us from the very beginning. Dennis Schulgen is our sales representative, and he has been very responsive to our needs as well. I had to call him a few months back when our Link-Belt was on a job in San Jose, and we experienced a hydraulic leak,” says Nordine. “Just one phone

call is all it took, and they were there the very next morning to fix what ended up being just a loose fitting.” Mechanical Industries’ HTC 86110 Link-Belt hydraulic truck crane has been working on a two-story office building project in El Segundo for a few weeks now, and according to Nordine, it will remain there for another six to eight weeks due to rain delays and the sheer workload it has on this particular job. “We have other jobs waiting for our new Link-Belt, and it is evident we are going to keep it very busy,” says Nordine. Mechanical Industries just landed another project in Nevada, where they are also licensed, and they have a distribution center project coming up soon in Las Vegas. Additionally, they recently finished erecting a FedEx Ground facility in Sparks. “Some of these projects you can do with a forklift, and we continue to rent cranes and utilize operated crane services as we need them,” says Nordine. “We will continue to grow, and I think we will soon be looking at adding another Link-Belt crane to our fleet.” For more information on Mechanical Industries, Inc., please visit their website at www.mii-us.com or call their Bakersfield headquarters at (661) 634-9477. Cc

2017 crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR





High Quality, Well-Maintained Crane Fleet Backed by Industry Leading Operators and Customer Support By Brian Hoover, CMS, Senior Editor

2017 Crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Below: A-Line, Inc. Crane Rental Services utilizes their new Manitex 22101 boom truck crane to place sculptures for the Brea Public Arts Project in a Brea housing community. Right: Raf Rangel, owner of A-Line, Inc. Crane Rental Services.

af Rangel spent many years working as a selfemployed heavy equipment diesel mechanic, with engineering and repair experience in a variety of industries. He particularly enjoyed working in the concrete and crane and high reach industries and took the time to study both professions carefully. “I spent a lot of hours working on cranes and cement trucks in my early years, and after doing research, I found the crane business peaked my interest more than any other trade," says Rangel. Rangel started his company in 1997, under the name, A-Line Crane Rental Services (A-Line). He purchased a 40-ton boom truck crane out of New York in 1997 and went to work for anyone that could use his services. He was what you call a true owner-operator, offering full service residential and commercial crane services to everyone from homeowners to pipeline contractors. He quickly added a 40-ton boom truck crane, followed by a 30-ton and a 20-ton over the first five years in business. Additionally, Rangel made the decision to purchase Shuler Crane, a successful crane rental company serving the oil and gas industry in Southern California. “We run the two companies separately, with Shuler solely serving our oil and gas customers, and A-Line focusing on the general lift industry,” says Rangel. “With this acquisition, our company doubled in size overnight, and we quickly added cranes to handle the expansive growth.” A-Line now has seven truck cranes in their fleet including a 2017 Unic 15-ton rear-mount boom truck crane, (2) 40-ton Grove truck-mounted cranes, a 30-ton Terex rough terrain crane, a P&H 75-ton hydraulic truck crane and a Link-Belt 75-ton hydraulic truck crane. Their newest acquisition is a 2017 Manitex 22101 22-ton boom truck with 4-sections


2017 crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Above: A-Line, Inc. Crane Rental Service’s 2017 Manitex 22101 - 22-ton boom truck crane purchased from Coastline Equipment Crane Division. Right: Public Art Project sculptures recently placed in the Brea community.

and 101’ of proportional boom. The Manitex truck crane also has a 3-section 77’ proportional boom, 29 feet of fixed jib, a 29’ to 52’ telescopic jib section and 139’ 10” of maximum tip height. “This is our first crane purchase from Coastline Equipment (Crane Division), and I have to say that our experience has been extremely favorable,” says Rangel. “Our new 22-ton Manitex fits in perfectly as we start to move more into light industrial and residential work. It has an excellent turning radius, and the chart is perfect for picks like A/C units and Jacuzzi’s for homeowners.” Rangel points out that his company had been running most of their light work with the larger 30 and 40-ton units and the new Manitex is much more appropriate and easier and less expensive to maintain on these specific jobs. “We can get into driveways and


tight spaces with less of a load on the pavement surface. The Manitex is a great addition to our fleet, and we got a lot of bang for the buck and great service from Coastline’s, Jim Chavalas, who remained in constant contact, answering all of our questions before and after the sale.” A-Line's high quality and well-maintained crane fleet is made even better through the experience of their industry leading operators. A-Line's skilled operators can handle any lift, including HVAC, building materials,shipping containers, machinery, boats, trees, signage, street lights, cell towers, hangers and Quonset huts, oil and gas rigging, aircraft maintenance and a long list of emergency work. Some of their higher profile jobs include Television and stage work and even installing the safety netting on the big orange Great Park balloon

2017 Crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

in Irvine. “Our operators revel in a job well done, especially after a particularly challenging project,” says Rangel. “We all enjoy the variety of jobs and meeting all of the great people along the way." Raf Rangel has earned a reputation as one of the best heavy machinery diesel mechanics in the industry, making his crane fleet one of the safest, best maintained and most dependable in Southern California. A-Line has the ability, and the technology available to refurbish and maintain any crane to the highest industry standards and that means peace of mind for his customers. For more information on A-Line, visit their website at www.alinecranes.com or for a quote, to check rates or to schedule your project, call (714) 261-3536. Cc




Crane Division



www.coastlinecd.com Headquartered: Sacramento, CA cranesales@coastlineequipment.com

“Your Crane and Boom Truck Headquarters”


2016 Manitex TC450 Stk #: 43376 - Call For Pricing 3 Unit Available

2017 Tadano GR1000XL Stk# 67301 – Call For Pricing


2017 Manitex TM200-2085 Stk# 67192 – Call For Pricing


2012 Manitex 35124C Stk #: 35112 - 1948 Hrs - 30,120 Mi 2 Units Available - $230,000

2012 Tadano GR350XL Stk #: 36697 – 1313 hours $240,000



New Elliott L60 #41876 - Call For Pricing





2012 SkyJack ZB20044 Stk# 35392 – Sale Price: $135,000

2014 ShuttleLIft CD5515-2 Stk# 41169 – Sale Price: $145,500








(800) 316-0327



14635 Valley Blvd., Fontana, CA 92335

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CARL BAHNSEN REFLECTS UPON HIS 40-PLUS YEARS AT NIXON-EGLI EQUIPMENT CO. Carl Bahnsen started out his career working as a credit manager for General Electric Credit Corporation, and as he was at work looking through applications, he noticed that salesmen seemed to be making a good deal more than the average person applying for credit. Carl decided that he wanted to give sales a try and he took a job selling insurance for the Southern California Auto Club. “I found that I enjoyed sales, but wanted to get into something more tangible, so I took a job offer from Mobil Sweeper Company in Irwindale as the inside sales coordinator,” says Carl. When Mobil Sweeper decided to move their operations to Minnesota, Carl began working for the local Mobil Sweeper equipment dealer in Irwindale. Unfortunately, this company went belly-up, and he moved on to another company selling dump bodies and garbage trucks, eventually ending up at Service Truck Bodies where he did very well. Then in 1974, Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. decided to expand into Southern California, and they were in need of experienced salesmen. “I was hired by James (Jim) Nixon, who brought me on as a retail salesman calling on governmental agencies,” says Carl. As the company began to grow and expand, Steve Nixon promoted Carl to governmental sales manager for both the North and the South, and then to Vice President of the company in 1994. Carl witnessed many changes in the company over his 43-year tenure, and his experiences there have afforded him a lifetime


Carl Bahnsen and Suzie Kennedy at his Nixon-Egli retirement party.

of memories. “I enjoyed being out on demonstrations, but they did not always go as planned,” says Carl. “I remember doing a hydraulic hammer demo for the City of LA many years ago. We were not aware that there was concrete under the asphalt and the hammer got stuck, and we could not retract it. By the time we got it free, I looked up, and my entire audience of more than 50 potential customers had dispersed, and I just remember how embarrassing that was at the time.” This did not happen often, as Carl was well-known by everyone in the industry, including municipalities, agencies, truck equipment dealers and construction companies, as being very professional and willing to help even if it meant that he would not get the sale. I most enjoyed all of the people that I was able to meet and work with for more than 40 years at Nixon-Egli. “You know I always tried to be there for my customers, and it was important to me to keep up on all of the advances and new products

2017 Crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

available on the market,” says Carl. “I built so many great relationships and friendships over these years, not only with my customers but also with the people I worked with every day. They became family to me, and I will miss them all very much. I want to thank Steve Nixon, James Nixon and everyone that works for Nixon-Egli for being my friend and such a big part of my life.” Carl retired from Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. this past December, but he points out that the equipment industry does not leave your DNA too quickly. “The machinery business gets into your blood, and I am sure that as I drive and see equipment working, I will be tempted to stop and take a closer look,” says Carl. But it is not like Carl has nothing else to do, he has a truck, travel trailer, and boat, as wesll as a vacation home on Lake Mead to keep him busy. “I am in the process of getting my passport renewed, and I think that my girlfriend, Suzie and I will do some traveling abroad to places like Europe. Additionally, I have several projects that I have either started or having been meaning to get to for some time. That should keep me busy for a while.” Carl lives in Rancho Cucamonga, and he has two daughters and grandchildren that he also plans to spend as much time as possible with. “I always liked a particular saying that my father used often. 'I haven’t done as much as some people in my life, but have been able to do more than most, and for that, I am eternally grateful.'" Cc


Steve Nixon, Owner, Nixon-Egli Equipment Co.

Carl with Dave Thomas.

Evelyn (left) and Kathleen Nixon.

Jack Rogers, Retired Sales Manager.

Gavin Singleton, new VP of Municipal Sales (left) with Carl.

Vern Gunderson, VP of Construction Sales (left) and Julian Arroyo, Parts Manager, So. Cal.

Evelyn, Gillian, Bethany and James Nixon.

Carl's daughters Jennifer (left), Christine and girlfriend Suzie.

Adam Endress, Area Manager/Municipal Sales, Robert Spinney, Carl, Ray Salehpour, Greg Schmidt, Area Manager So Cal. John Skaff, Retired VP of Construction Sales (left), Tim Uschyk, Retired, Denny Johnson, Area Manager and Jack Rogers Retired.


James Nixon, Chief Operations Officer.

Allen Hahn, Area Manager, So Cal (left), Steve Kekich, Area Manager So Cal, Kimberly Tyhurst, Sales Coordinator, Aaron Willis, CFO and Dana Randall, VP of Prod. Support. Carl’s family: Carl, Sharon Bahnsen (sister in-law), Bill Kuhn, Suzie Kennedy, Katie Nishkian, Frank Nishkian, Austin Bahnsen, Jennifer, Christine and Kristi Nishkian.

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THOMAS AND SHARON MALLOY RECEIVE CITIZENS OF THE YEAR AWARD AT CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY GALA Thomas and Sharon Malloy were honored as “Citizens of the Year” during Chapman University’s 35th annual Chapman Celebrates gala event at the new Musco Center for the Arts. Malloy, and his wife Sharon received the prestigious award for their support of initiatives and programs at Chapman. Malloy has owned Trench Shoring Company over 40 years, he has grown from a small aluminum shoring business to one of the largest, most respected shoring


companies in the west, with ten locations. Malloy credits much of the company’s recent expansion and success to the involvement of his children, Kevin (President), Bridgett (Vice President), Kelley (Vice President) and Ryan (Lake Forest location Branch Manager). Three of Malloy’s four grandchildren (three alumni, one current) are also Chapman University graduates. Malloy also serves as President of Ed Pink Racing Engines—a Tom Malloy Company. Ed Pink Racing

2017 Crane & high reach ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

Engines is one of America’s premier auto racing engine building, rebuilding, testing, design and development facilities and has been located at its Van Nuys, CA, facility since 1966. Malloy has supported education throughout his life. He and Sharon are regular contributors to Thomas’ alma maters, and have been honored with the naming of facilities on both campuses, including Malloy Hall, home to University of San Francisco’s school of Management.




Excavate & shore over existing storm drain adjacent to train tracks, prior to demo for a larger storm drain. Handle rail road surcharge load and accommodate greater water flow in the new trench.

Thomas and Sharon Malloy Malloy joined the Board of Governors at Chapman University in 2007, and currently serves on the Board of Trustees, lending his expertise to the Real Estate, Building and Grounds Committees. Tom and Sharon have generously supported many Chapman initiatives and programs including American Celebration, the Leatherby Libraries and Doti Hall. Most recently, their generosity in helping to build Musco Center for the Arts was recognized with the naming of the three-level Thomas E. and Sharon Malloy Grand Lobby. During the awards ceremony, a short video highlighted the Malloys’ contributions to Chapman University. The video featured heartfelt tributes from their family, business associates and leaders representing Thomas Malloy’s alma maters. Malloy was visibly moved by the tribute, noting, “We’re so honored to have children like that.” Trench Shoring Company provides the construction industry with the largest inventories of highest quality shoring equipment and support from their ten convenient locations serving the Central Coast, Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. The company continues to be on the leading technological edge of their business. And, as President, Kevin Malloy notes, “We are proud that Trench Shoring Company has remained a family business….commitment to safety and service is our legacy.” Cc




Trench Shoring Company’s SBH® Slide Rail Shoring system met the multiple challenges of shoring a 650’ long trench at 14’ deep by 16’ wide. As an added degree of difficulty, the trench had a starting distance of over 41’ from the center of the adjacent railroad track, reducing down to 21’6” away from the track. Our patented shoring system also supported all surcharge loads from trains, soil and all construction equipment required for this portion of the project. Result? Use of our equipment vs the traditional beam and plate of solid sheet shoring saved the general contractor money and kept the project on schedule. Trench Shoring Company will be there for your challenge too! We offer same day service from our 10 locations to Southern California, Bakersfield, Fresno, the California Central Coast and the Las Vegas, Nevada areas.

800-423-4411 TrenchShoring.com ENGINEERING RENTALS SALES INVENTORY TRAINING © 2017 Trench Shoring Company

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We are the CASE Dealership for the West Coast San Diego | Fontana | Santa Fe Springs | Sacramento | Stockton | San Leandro | Redding | Las Vegas | Reno | Salem | Portland | Auburn | Marysville


Left: Grade Tec, Inc. uses their new LeeBoy 8510D from Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. to pave a roadway in the Bay Area. Above: The new 2017 LeeBoy 8510D paver with industry leading Legend electric screed for smoother mat surfaces.

Grade Tec, Inc. was established in Stockton by Jerred Jennings, who has been providing exceptional general engineering construction services to the Central Valley, Bay Area and surrounding counties since 2005. Grade Tec provides grading, paving, underground and earthmoving services performing everything from small parking lot paving jobs for private enterprise to heavy highway construction projects for public works agencies. Jennings started out with just a tractor, roller and paving machine and has now grown his fleet to 25-plus construction machines. Grade Tec currently owns and operates three paving machines, two of which are LeeBoy pavers. The most recent acquisition was a 2017 LeeBoy 8510D paving machine from Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. The LeeBoy 8510D’s Legend screed provides a smooth, seamless mat, with dual vibrators to enhance quality and adjustable extensions to eliminate seams. “We were in need of a newer paver for our smaller parking lot projects, and there was no question it was going to be a LeeBoy,” says Jennings. “I have owned other brands in the past that have had problems, but never have experienced these with LeeBoy. They are easy to work on, with good parts availability and our operators seem to prefer them to any other brand.” This is the third LeeBoy paver that Grade Tec has purchased from Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. “The LeeBoy is just an exceptional machine, and we have our new paver equipped with a Legend Electric Screed, which leads the industry with the finest mat finish available,” says Jennings. “We also go with LeeBoy because of the consistent service we receive from Nixon-Egli. Denny Johnson is our representative, and he has been in the business a long time. He is very helpful and knowledgeable, and whenever we ask for something, it is done in hours, not days, as we have experienced with other companies. We would recommend LeeBoy pavers and Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. to our friends and colleagues in the industry.” Grade Tec, Inc. was established in Stockton by Jerred Jennings, who has been providing exceptional general engineering construction services to the Central Valley, Bay Area and surrounding counties since RATING 50 Y 2005. Grade Tec provides grading, paving, underground and earthmoving services performing CELEB 1965-2015 EARS everything from small parking lot paving jobs for private enterprise to heavy highway construction projects for public works agencies.

California’s Largest General Line Construction and Municipal Equipment Dealer. So. California: 2044 S. Vineyard Ave., Ontario, CA 91761 • (909) 930-1822 No. California: 800 E. Grant Line Rd., Tracy, CA 95304 • (209) 830-8600 www.nixon-egli.com

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