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06 PAPICH CONSTURCTION Demonstrating and Maintaining the Highest Performance in the Southern California Landscape Industry

12 SUKUT CONSTRUCTION Bridges The Gap for Orange County Public Works on La Pata Avenue Gap Closure Project



18 MAC BROWN EXCAVATING Performs Grading and Excavating for Structures and Utility Infrastructure Work at Montecito Country Club in Santa Barbara


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Papich Construction Company Putting Finishing Touch on Challenging Grading & Excavating Project for Pulte Homes

Drone shot of Papich Construction crew working with various pieces of equipment on Roscoe Boulevard in Pulte Homes' new development Sterling at West Hills in the San Fernando Valley.

By Brian Hoover, CMS, Senior Editor rading for house pads is usually a fairly routine operation, even when moving hundreds of thousands or even millions of yards of earth. Occasionally, however, a job comes along where the material is a bit more stubborn and more drastic measures are required. The latter was certainly the case for Papich Construction Company, who has been


on a grading and excavating job for the better part of two years. Sterling at West Hills is an upscale housing project located in Los Angeles County on the Western side of the San Fernando Valley. The developer is Pulte Homes, and they are building 143 luxury single-family homes that feature innovative, modern designs with a focus on functionality, entertainment,

2016 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

and indoor-outdoor living. The picturesque 373-acre property is bordered by rolling hills, with 310-acres dedicated for permanent preservation and an additional 11-acres for native oak and chaparral habitats. The new home sites are located on 63-acres of some of the hardest rock, making it one of the most challenging earthmoving projects going on right now in Southern California.

Top: Papich Construction’s Pulte Homes project crew. Above: Papich Construction’s mechanic crew. Right: California Drilling & Blasting’s drills breaking through rock while a Cat D11 dozer pushes out blasted material on Roscoe Boulevard.

Nathan Jonovich is the Superintendent overseeing the Pulte Homes project for Papich Construction Company (Papich). Jonovich has been with Papich for just about a year now, and he comes to the company with extensive experience in heavy civil work and 12 years in the Arizona mining industry. “We started the mass excavation and grading on this Pulte Homes project

at the end of 2014, and we are now around 90 percent complete,” says Jonovich. “We are working with five separate strains of rock from an extremely hard white rock, upward of 22,000 psi, to blue granite. The best way to move this material is through blasting and the use of prime earth moving equipment, like 657's, haul trucks and various sizes of excavators.”

According to Jonovich, Papich has been blasting twice a week and using large, heavy machines like Cat D11 dozers and Hitachi 1100 excavators to move and process the blasted material. “Coming from the mining industry, I view this as a unique project in that you don’t typically see large machines like these used in private construction or to build house pads,” says Jonovich.

2016 grading & excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Top: Cat 988 and 980 wheel loaders move material at the on-site crushing operation. Above: Various machines working on the canyon digout on Roscoe Boulevard. Right: Cat 657 scraper moving dirt on the project.

“Out of a total of 1.9 million yards of earth moved, 1.1 million yards has been made up of rock. There are four different cuts on this project with cut three requiring that more than 100 feet of slope and over 900,000 cubic yards of material to be cut and moved.” Jonovich points out that the front slope facing Valley Circle and Roscoe Boulevard had to be handled differently. “Due to the


proximity of homes near the front slope, we were unable to blast and had to bring that entire section down with excavators and breakers,” says Jonovich. “This was an area that was well over 100 feet in elevation, and we had breakers going all day for nine months. There was another area in the back where residents lived at the bottom of the canyon,

2016 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

and for safety issues, we were unable to blast and again processed all of the material with excavators and breakers.” The Hitachi 1100 is used mainly to load the five Cat 740 articulated dump trucks that move the material to a particular area where four excavators with pulverizers are constantly munching the rock material down to [ Continued on page 10 ]


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Top: John Deere 350 excavator breaking oversized material. Above: Boulder busters breaking oversized rocks. Right: John Deere 200 equipped with UB breaker breaking down material.

[ Continued from page 8 ]

anywhere from 1-foot to 6-inch minus. Many of the rock pieces are boulders the size of SUV’s, and before they can be loaded onto trucks, they must be sized down. “We have three 8,500 lb. breakers on-site that our crew is using to


size the material down to 2-foot minus,” says Jonovich. “All of the material is then processed through our crusher to be reused on-site. We are also using four Cat 657 scrapers, motor graders and D10, D8 and D6 dozers to move material. Our crew of 20 to 35 laborers and

2016 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

operators have done a terrific job of moving and processing this oversized material, and we could not be more proud of their efforts.” Papich Construction Company has been providing quality civil construction services throughout California

Top: Hitachi 1100 excavator loading trucks on-site. Left: Cat 330 and Hitachi 1100 excavators breaking out cut slope. Right: Drone shot of newly constructed Basin 1.

since 1997. Based in Grover Beach, Papich Construction Company offers a long list of services including the production of asphalt and other construction materials. Their construction capabilities range from asphalt paving and concrete construction

to underground utilities, grading & excavating, clearing & demolition and various technology services. Papich Construction Company currently has offices in Grover Beach, Fresno, Pismo Beach, Visalia and Simi Valley, with a materials recycling facility

in Paso Robles and quarry operation in Orosi. For more information on Papich Construction Company, please visit their website at or call (805) 473-3016. Cc

Left: Sequence shots of Roscoe Boulevard implosion on Sterling at West Hills Project for Pulte Homes.

2016 grading & excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


SUKUT CONSTRUCTION BRIDGES THE GAP FOR ORANGE COUNTY PUBLIC WORKS ON LA PATA AVENUE GAP CLOSURE PROJECT By Brian Hoover, CMS, Senior Editor San Juan Capistrano’s La Pata Avenue was originally constructed in the 70’s as an access road from Ortega Highway to the Prima Deshecha Landfill. On the San Clemente side, the road, known as Avenida La Pata, ended at Calle Saluda, leaving a nearly 2.5-mile section of rough terrain in-between. San Juan Capistrano residents, and other communities north of the gap have been forced to use timeconsuming, alternate routes to San Clemente, the local sports park, shopping centers, and the beach. San Clemente residents have utilized the I-5 as a way around, extending their daily commute in the process. Orange County Public


Works had been planning the construction of a new roadway that would connect the north to the south for many years. This new road extension, referred to as the La Pata Avenue Gap Closure, has been underway since spring 2014, and opened to traffic Aug. 16 with full completion by the end of 2017. Orange County Public Works hired Sukut Construction to build the 3.6-mile connector at the cost of $127 million. Greg LeBlanc has been with Sukut Construction for 11 years and previously for four years as a joint venture building the 241/261 freeways. LeBlanc is the project manager overseeing the La Pata Gap

2016 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

Closure project for Sukut Construction. ‘We have faced several challenges on this project, including scheduling, landfill waste relocation and numerous landslides,” says LeBlanc. “We are proud to be the contractor of choice on what I believe is the largest single project in Orange County Public Works history.” Sukut Contruction’s portion of the project came to approximately $75 million and included 4.75 million yards of unclassified excavation, 4.1 million yards of unsuitable excavation and remedial removals and 1.9 million yards of buttress excavation and recompaction. The project consisted of three construction

Top Right: Paving operations on La Pata Avenue. Above Right: CAT dozer working at the Prima Deshecha Landfill. Left: Overview of La Pata Gap Closure Project .

schedules. Schedule A, the La Pata Gap Connector, which ran from the spring of 2014 to the Fall of 2016 and included the construction of four new lanes, extending the existing La Pata Avenue from just south of Vista Montana to Calle Saluda. Schedule B, the Following Gap Connector, which widened La Pata Avenue from three to five lanes. Schedule B included the addition of one additional travel lane in each direction, from Ortega Highway to just south of Vista Montana. Schedule C, another Following Gap Connector, which extended Camino Del Rio, an

existing four-lane roadway, into the newly extended La Pata Avenue. “The County wanted us to accelerate Schedule A, which was scheduled for completion by October 26th, to a new deadline of August 13th, and we met these demands without issue,” says LeBlanc. “The County also requested that we accelerate a portion of Schedule A and Schedule B so that an intersection and certain lanes would be available for San Juan Hills High School opening day. We completed eight months of work in four months to make this happen, and I am pleased to say that

we will also finish Schedule C three months early. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been rewarding, and I am very proud of our crews.” A large chunk of the La Pata Gap alignment was designed to go right through a section of the Prima Deshecha Landfill, an area where waste was deposited some time back in the 70’s. “We relocated 875,000 yards of waste from this particular landfill location. We do a lot of landfill work, but this has to be some sort of world record,” LeBlanc says jokingly. According to LeBlanc, 10 to 12 thousand

2016 grading & excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Above Left: La Pata Extension Project map. Above Right & Inset: Installing the landfill liner system and geocomposite drainage layer.

yards is typical, but to relocate an entire cell is not only uncommon but also quite amazing. “Years ago they would just fill canyons with trash, and this particular cell went as deep as 120 feet,” says LeBlanc. “We did the removal in two spreads, loading Cat 773's with excavators followed by all of the remedial work.” LeBlanc points out that a full-regulated closure was necessary after all of the waste was relocated. This meant installing a landfill liner system that began with the placement of 2 feet of select material, followed by a geocomposite drainage layer, another liner and then an additional 2 feet of select material. “After the landfill liner was complete, a massive canyon is left behind where a new roadway needs to be constructed,” says LeBlanc. “It took us five months to add around 100 feet of fill dirt to get back up to grade and begin roadway construction.” The La Pata Gap Closure Project also called for the construction of several bridges. Sukut essentially built a new entryway into the Prima


Deshecha Landfill, complete with a grade separation bridge to allow for better access. “La Pata now goes beneath the landfill bridge, which should help to enhance landfill operations,” says LeBlanc. “We built another beautiful architectural bridge on the south end of the project to allow for access to the Orange County Parks & Recreation trail system.” In addition to these two bridges, Sukut constructed five more that are more like tunnels than bridges. “These bridges or tunnels are 220 feet in length, and are constructed in both double and triple barrel configurations in various locations,” says LeBlanc. “The pipes are 30 foot in diameter, multiplate structures that we built in place and then backfilled, paving a road overtop. These structures are used to bisect the landfill, allowing better access for vehicles and equipment.” Sukut knew going in that both the Capistrano and Monterey formations were famous for instability and landslides and they were prepared for the arduous work

2016 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

that lay ahead. “Almost every buttress we made created a landslide, some worse than others; the largest being around 600,000 yards,” says LeBlanc. “We go in first and clear and grub the alluvials and colluvials, and then you begin working on the slopes by removing it and putting it back as engineered fill.” LeBlanc continues to explain that all of the material must be removed down to a competent bottom, generally meaning bedrock or an oxidized siltstone. “We do this in a controlled fashion, but invariably once you get down to your keyway grade, maybe 40 to 50 feet below original grade, there is not enough weight to buttress the dirt slope, and landslides fall into your keyways, and you have to remove all of that material,” says LeBlanc. “This has been a major challenge. We take it out and put it back in as fill at a three and a half to one or two to one cut back slope, and just deal with the landslides as they come.” Sukut has also been working in extremely steep topography, where heavy

Above: Three of five tunnels constructed in double and triple barrel configurations. Left: Preparing the tunnels / bridges for installation . Below: New south end bridge allows access to Orange County parks and recreation trail system.

machines like 1,140 scrapers have somehow found a way to work productively. “It has been challenging to remain productive and efficient in moving all of this earth in such narrow spaces, but our guys are pros, and they have done a great job transporting the material from the bottom of these canyons to the stockpiles at the top.” Sukut Construction has a massive fleet of heavy construction machinery that includes 150 scrapers, 50 dozers and a full lineup of excavators, wheel loaders, motor graders, water pulls, haul trucks and more. “A significant portion of the work completed on this particular project has been with 657 scrapers and D9 dozers. There is a tremendous amount of earth to be moved, and we bring in the big stuff

for these type of jobs,” says LeBlanc. “But it’s not just the equipment that makes jobs like these possible. It's our people that make the difference. They have just been outstanding, and I am happy to report that we have had more than 250,000 man-hours with zero recordable incidents. It is always safety first out here and going almost three years on a job without a recordable incident is something we consistently aspire to. I wish I could recognize each and every one of our team members by name, but I would like to take a moment and thank Doug Allen, our general superintendent out here on this job. He does a lot of landfill work, and he has been a key component to our success on this project.”

Sukut Construction has been part of a long list of high-profile jobs in Southern California, and they have been recognized with top industry awards over the years for their quality work and safety. Roads & Bridges recently added to these accolades by naming the La Pata Gap Connector Project as the nation’s secondbest roadway project for 2016. With $330 million in sales and more growth expected in 2017, Sukut will continue to do what it does best, “build from the ground down,” with unparalleled earthmoving and civil engineering experience. For more information on Sukut Construction, please visit their website at or call their Santa Ana headquarters at (714) 540-5351. Cc

2016 grading & excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


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Left: Mac Brown, Owner, Mac Brown Excavating, Inc.


ac Brown grew up on his father’s avocado ranch in the 70’s, where he learned the benefits of determination and hard work. During this time, Mac rented a tractor from the local John Deere dealer, Lougee-Michael (now Coastline Equipment), to do some excavation work around the ranch. Other ranchers took notice and soon asked


Mac for his assistance and eventually he began working as an owner/operator in Santa Barbara County. Mac Brown Excavating, Inc. officially started in the early 80’s and continued to work primarily in the agriculture industry up until the mid-to-late 90’s. It was at this time that Mac went from performing grading, irrigation and drainage work

2016 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

on farms to taking on work for local construction companies. One particular customer had kept Mac busy in the general engineering construction arena until the contract unexpectedly dried up in around 2001. It was at this time that Mike Isaac joined the company full-time, going hard after construction contracts and bidding on and winning

Left: Zach Moore (left), Mike Issac, Rob Abbott, Will Brown, Mac Brown Excavating and Steve Skropits, Coastline Equipment.

as much work as the business could handle. Mike Isaac was no stranger to Mac Brown or the business. As a matter of fact, he grew up around it as Mac’s stepson, working when he could in between school and in one capacity or another for more than a dozen years. After going off on his own for a few years, Mike decided to join the

family business and is now the vice president, overseeing all of the company’s operations. “We are a relatively diverse company, but our primary niche is custom residential construction,” says Isaac. “We are getting more into the larger general engineering, commercial work, and public utilities, but residential is still our main focus.”

Mac Brown Excavating is currently working on several projects, including this one in Santa Barbara County at the Montecito Country Club. Major renovations have been underway at the 118-acre Montecito Country Club since the end of 2015, and the work should be complete by mid-2017. Ty Warner Hotels & Resorts is the owner of the Montecito

2016 grading & excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Above: Mac Brown Excavating's John Deere 624K-II working on the Montecito Country Club renovations in Santa Barbara.

Country Club and purveyor of the approximately $30 million renovation project that will include a newly renovated golf course, new pool, and clubhouse refurbishments. The golf course renovation includes plans to improve water conservation with a new state-of-the-art irrigation system, reduced turf irrigation acreage, drought resistance turf and a conversion to recycled water lines for all irrigation. The newly refurbished clubhouse will include a new member event lawn, new golf cart storage building, updated parking lots, a new maintenance building and extensive landscaping. Other improvements include the addition of 725 new trees, relocating the pool and adding a new pool pavilion, as well as a new snack shop, splash pool,


whirlpool, equipment room and volleyball and bocce ball courts. The structural grading and utility infrastructure construction are being performed by Mac Brown Excavating, Inc. out of Carpinteria. “We are moving around 15,000 yards of soil and doing all of the dry and wet utility construction on-site, including the drainage for the golf course structures,” says Isaac. “Our portion of the work began back in September 2016, and we will have it all wrapped up by mid-to-late 2017.” According to Isaac, it is the timeline on this job that presents the biggest challenge. “The job start date was delayed, but the completion date remained the same,” says Isaac. “It is our job to meet and exceed everyone’s demands and see to it that all

2016 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

of our work is done properly and within the scheduled deadline. Our crews have worked tirelessly, and they have done an outstanding job keeping us ahead of schedule.” Mac Brown Excavating, Inc. works primarily in Santa Barbara County and according to Isaac, around 70 percent of their work is in residential construction with the remaining 30 percent being split evenly between commercial and public works projects. “I like to carry 6 or 7 jobs at a time because it affords me good job turnover so that I can continually facilitate our existing client pool,” says Isaac. “We are currently backlogged, and the plans keep coming in. 2017 looks like it is going to be a good year.” [ Continued on page 22 ]

(800) 323 0535

2016 grading & excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Above: John Deere excavators demolish a structure at the Montecito Country Club in Santa Barbara.

[ Continued from page 20 ]

Mac Brown Excavating currently has 26 fulltime employees and more than 40 pieces of heavy machinery at their disposal. The vast majority of their equipment fleet is made up of John Deere machines. “The reason why we go with John Deere and Coastline Equipment is 100 percent due to service,” says Isaac. “The way I see it, today’s machines are like Chevy, Ford, and Dodge. The technology and productivity levels are relatively even. I know that the sales gwwuys will argue this point, but in my opinion, it all comes down to service.” Isaac continues to point out that he has gone with another brand in the past, but that particular dealer let him down when it came to service and keeping his machines up and running at all times. “We


purchased several machines from another dealer six years or so ago and the service was never there, so we said never again,” says Isaac. “We continue to go with Coastline Equipment and John Deere because they have always been fair and we will remain loyal to them as long as they continue to take care of our needs. When a machine goes down or has an issue, Coastline fixes it promptly, and that is what will keep us coming back.” Mac Brown Excavating purchased a new John Deere 624 wheel loader from Coastline Equipment just a few weeks ago. “Steve Skropits is our representative at this time, and he has done an excellent job. Before this, we worked with Bob Wolf and our relationship dates back since the Lougee-Michael

2016 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

days,” says Isaac. “It is all about the service and it is service that sets us apart from the competition right here in Santa Barbara County as well. We come through with our promises every time, and we are equipped with the best equipment and talent, and I believe that we do a better job than any of our competitors.” Born from the sturdy loins of ranching in the Carpinteria Valley, Mac Brown Excavating, Inc. has established themselves as one of the top grading and excavating contractors in Santa Barbara County. For more information on Mac Brown Excavating, Inc., please visit their website at or call (805) 649-9700. Cc

C ARB Compliant


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HEAVY EQUIPMENT RENTALS AND BELL TRUCKS AMERICA, INC. – MAKING THEIR MARK IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Bell Equipment was originally founded in 1954 as a family-run engineering and machinery repair shop. The company has now grown into a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of off-highway trucks and haulers, as well as a wide range of mining, construction, road building, material handling, forestry and agricultural equipment. Bell Equipment has long been known as the brand of choice in countries like Africa where the harsh conditions require machinery and components that are built to endure. Bell Trucks America, Inc. (BTA) was founded in 2012 by a group of seasoned equipment professionals as the master distributor of Bell Articulated Off Road Trucks in the United States and Mexico. BTA


was immediately tasked with building a high-quality dealer network. Not just any dealer, but a dealer that has a reputation for excellent service and support with the means to carry an extensive parts inventory. After due diligence, BTA offered the Southern California territory to Heavy Equipment Rentals, LLC, an equipment sales and rental distributor with a long history of superior service and support. Heavy Equipment Rentals was established in 1999 and is owned and operated by the Porter Family. Known officially as the Porter Group, they are recognized and respected as New Zealand’s largest and most progressive earthmoving firm. The Porter Group consists of eight major nationwide

2016 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

companies that trade worldwide. They have a rental fleet in excess of 2,500 units in over 30 locations, making them the largest rental company in the Southern Hemisphere. The Porter Family has been New Zealand’s premier earthmoving machinery sales and service provider for 75 years and in 1999 they made the decision to enter into the American marketplace with Heavy Equipment Rentals (HER) with offices in Corona, Pacoima, Lakeside and most recently opened a branch in Newark. Both Heavy Equipment Rentals, LLC and Heavy Equipment Sales, LLC are led by Kent Porter, who came to Southern California in 2004 to further the family’s interests in the United States. [ Continued on page 26 ]


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THESE LEAN MACHINES BOAST THE MATERIAL MOVING MUSCLE YOU NEED WITHOUT THE MASS TO FEED. THEIR LOWER MASS REDUCES POWERTRAIN AND STRUCTURAL STRESS. We have a full inventory of articulated rock trucks for your construction, mining & quarry operations. Call us to purchase or rent the highest quality with the best rates in the industry. From 30 to 60 Ton we have the truck you need! • Gross Power: 577 hp • Heaped Capacity: 45.8 yd3

• Rated Payload: 121,254 lbs • Operating Weight: 214,898 lb

1 877 RENT-HVY (1.877.736.8489) / HERS-LLC.COM Corporate Office 13013 Temescal Canyon Rd. Corona, CA 92883 951-674-9999

San Diego Office 10435 Vine St. Lakeside, CA 92040 619-870-6821

Los Angeles Office 9879 San Fernando Rd. Pacoima, CA 91331 818-834-0102

Newark Office 8136 Enterprise Drive Newark, CA 94560 510-713-7368

[ Continued from page 24 ]

It would be an understatement to say that Heavy Equipment Rentals has made a name for themselves here in Southern California over past 17 years. They hit the ground running, quickly building a reputation for late model machines backed by industry-leading service and support. Today the company has more than 500 pieces of heavy machinery for rent, making it one of Southern California’s largest rental fleets. HER is also an official distributor for Hyundai, Bomag, ASV, McCloskey and Bell Trucks America, Inc. The first Bell ADT was produced in 1985 and they are now offering the new E-Series ADT’s, available from 25 to 60 ton capacities. Bell trucks can be seen on job sites throughout Southern California, and HER currently has four Bell 50D articulated dump trucks on a major job for James McMinn, Inc. (McMinn) in Corona. McMinn has been working on a project for Foremost Companies on the Terramor Project, a 890-acre master

planned community that has been approved for 1,443 homes. The project is located on rocky, hilly terrain and McMinn has been moving a massive amount of dirt and rock since the project began back in the Fall of 2015. The first phase of the job will be wrapping up in February 2017, but not before 3.5-million yards of earth has been moved. This type of heavy earth moving requires equipment that can take a beating and come back for more. James McMinn, Inc. turned to Heavy Equipment Rentals and Kent Porter for some of their rental equipment needs, including the rental of four Bell 50D articulated dump trucks. “We have had as many as 10 Bell trucks on the Terramor Project for McMinn over the past year,” says Kent Porter. “They started out with our smaller units and progressed on to the Bell 50D’s to help them get it all done a bit faster. They initially used the Bell trucks for mass grading, but are now utilizing them to move material for house pads. They really are amazing

trucks and we are proud to have them working for a great contractor like James McMinn, Inc.” The Bell 50D and 50E ADT’s are built for the toughest applications, with extensive use of high-strength, lightweight materials that offer incredible payload-to-mass ratios and hauling efficiencies. The redesigned sound-suppressed cab features fatigue-beating controls, advanced diagnostic monitor and a sealed-switch module for convenient fingertip operation. It’s oscillating frame, and high-flotation tires will keep you out of the mud and rutted or hilly terrain. The Bell trucks also feature leading edge emissions technology to ensure rapid engine response and dependable coldstart performance. The Bell 50D ADT offers 503 gross horsepower; a 37 yard heaped capacity and more than a 100,000 lb. payload. For more information on Heavy Equipment Rentals and Bell Trucks America, Inc., please visit or call 877-736-8489. Cc

Background: James McMinn, Inc. utilizing Hyundai R1200-9 crawler excavator and Bell 50D articulated dump truck rented from Heavy Equipment Rentals to move massive amounts of dirt on the Terramor project in Corona.





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Mini Shear • No high flow required. • No need for an additional circuit to rotate. • Can be mounted on SSL, Mini-Ex or even backhoe with proper plumbing.

New Reverse Cylinder & Reconditioned Crushers Available! • Rod inside of the frame no need for a guard plate to protect. • Speed valve as standard on all models.

1-800-813-8232 All Items for Sale, New and Used Also Available for Rent!

UB Equipment Corp.

VOLVO A60H – WORLD’S LARGEST ARTICULATED HAULER — MAKES NORTH AMERICAN DEBUT AT MINEXPO 2016 In 1966, Volvo introduced the industry’s first articulated hauler — the 10-ton DR 631, known as Gravel Charlie. Fifty years and 50 tons later, the A60H marks another Volvo milestone. Built upon the same engineering advancements as its smaller, industry-leading counterparts, the A60H provides the same off-road capability, now with an impressive 60-ton payload capacity. This new-to-industry hauler class opens increased production opportunities and cost savings potential not previously possible with smaller articulated haulers or rigid trucks in the 60-ton size class. The Volvo A60H features a 673-horsepower Volvo D16J engine.


Built upon the legendary Volvo platform, the A60H goes where others can’t. The active hydraulic front suspension, hydro-mechanical steering and high ground clearance at the articulation joint enable the A60H to easily and comfortably navigate severe terrain, and the rotating hitch design makes the articulation joint virtually maintenance-free. Automatic traction control (ATC) and 100-percent differential locks continue to be a competitive advantage for Volvo. The no-slip, no-wear differential locks work in 4x6 and 6x6 drive combinations. This industry-unique design employs the front two axles in full-time, and the back axle kicks in as necessary

2016 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

— allowing unmatched off-road performance while reducing fuel consumption and tire wear. With oilcooled, wet, multiple disc brakes on all three axles, stopping distance is impressively short — even on steep, muddy gradients. The Volvo A60H also offers a range of new standard features borrowed from the latest G-series model updates, each contributing to improved safety, productivity, efficiency and ease of serviceability. Cc






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14635 Valley Blvd., Fontana, CA 92335


Crane Division

916.440.8090 Headquartered: Sacramento, CA

“Your Crane and Boom Truck Headquarters” 2016 MANITEX TC450 Stk #: 43376 - Call For Pricing 3 Unit Available




New 2017 Manitex 40124SHL Stk# 65025 – Call For Price


New 2017 Manitex 22101S Stk# 64548 – Call For Price

2012 MANITEX 35124C Stk #: 35112 - 1948 Hrs - 30,120 Mi 2 Units Available - $230,000

2012 Tadano GR350XL Stk #: 36697 - 1313 hours $240,000



2012 Tadano GR550XL Stk# 35946 – 1355 Hours Sale Price: $290,000





2012 SkyJack ZB20044 Stk# 35392 – Sale Price: $135,000

2014 ShuttleLIft CD5515-2 Stk# 41169 – Sale Price: $145,500



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Nixon-Egli Equipment Co . . . back Cover

Volvo Construction Equip. & Svcs. . . . . 2

Quinn CAT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16, 17


2016 grading & Excavating ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

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CalContractor Grading & Excavating 2016  

Profiling The California Contractor

CalContractor Grading & Excavating 2016  

Profiling The California Contractor