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Surf the Californian Waves Near Your Dream Home with Credit Union Home Loans The many opportunities offered by credit unions allow one to easily enjoy the comforts of a new home. As a credit union member, one can easily realize that dream vacation, buy new gadgets or a new home. A credit union member does need to be concerned with volatile interest rates or irrational fees when purchasing a new home; a Californian dream home can easily be obtained with some of the best loan packages offered by these non-profit agencies. What are the Advantages of Having a Home Loan through a Credit Union? It’s not easy looking for financing options given the number of criteria provided by traditional finance organizations. Most of us build our wish lists based on the financing options that are available to us, however, don’t hesitate to look at other agencies for securing financing, such as credit unions. All types of loans, including home loans, are offered by these organizations. Credit unions in California have existed within the mortgage industry for several years. Generally linked by a common bond, such as place of work or through an organization or live in a certain area, members of these financial cooperatives are preferred over banks that are owned by stockholders or investors. Below are six ways in which one can truly benefit from a credit union loan: 

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Low interest rates are a reality: Since credit unions are non-profit organizations, they do not need to pay taxes. As a result, borrowers have access to low interest rates which make it easier to repay the mortgage amount on a monthly basis. These rates are in direct competition to banks and are extended to personal and auto loans. A place where borrowers are members: As a member, the borrower has the ability to vote on several issues that are part of the credit union. In order to avail funds, borrowers need to become members. A world of less or no fees: Unlike banks, these non-profit organizations do not have any exorbitant or unnecessary fees, or other charges for taking out a loan. Personalized services for the loan-seeker: As a member of a credit union, each service offered is personalized and unique. Members are uniquely advised for each type of loan based on their monthly intake. Low income-earners can apply: Credit unions have low income requirements in comparison to traditional lenders. Individuals with low income who have previously had difficulty qualifying for a loan from traditional lenders can expect to qualify for a loan through a credit union. Mobile banking convenience: Credit union mobile banking is the latest rage. Mobile banking is more convenient and easier for members. Mobile check deposits and obtaining an update of monthly payments is now possible through the convenience of mobile banking.

With amenities such as low interest rates, personalized services and mobile banking, credit unions in California can make the dreams of every American real. Live your California dream with easy and quick access to a credible loan organization through a credit union.

Surf the Californian Waves Near Your Dream Home with Credit Union Home Loans  

California Coast, founded in 1929, is one of the oldest credit unions in San Diego. It offers competitive deposit rates, lower loan rates, e...

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