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velcro straps for easy tightening and optimal fit

broken board but the bikini stayed on

inside key pocket with string

loop and string attachment to take pressure off the neck

velcro fastener to stabilize and secure the top

diagonal seam for a tight butt illusion (if you don’t already have one)

peace of mind no distractions

tight elastic underbust band to prevent top from ending up around the neck

courage no balls required

rubber lining to stabilize material and for tighter grip

cross back string and shoe lace solution for security and easy tightening

inside non-stretch string to secure the fit

filler strings for tight fit and easy adjustment

stretch limiting pvc label for coverage at the part of the butt you don’t want to show off

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The Calavera Experience  
The Calavera Experience  

Presentation of the Calavera product line 2012