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“We want to empower our student-athletes so that they are best prepared to pursue their dreams both here on campus and when they go out into the world.” — Jim Knowlton, Director of Athletics University of California, Berkeley

Dear Cal Family, We are excited that the Cameron Institute will play an integral part in the Cal studentathlete experience. Behind the visionary leadership and generosity of C. Bryan Cameron, our 850 student-athletes, along with future generations of Golden Bears, will benefit from the initiative’s transformational impact. Director Marissa Nichols, Ph.D., has built her staff with national experts who will help our future leaders flourish at Cal and beyond. Our student-athletes will experience tailored programming in the areas of leadership and professional development, career development, and community engagement. These pillars are critical to our vision to be the model of comprehensive excellence in intercollegiate athletics. In addition, the Cameron Institute will provide a recruiting advantage as Cal will now serve as a benchmark for other universities seeking to empower student-athletes to prepare for post-graduation success. Though the Cameron Institute was launched thanks to the terrific support of Bryan Cameron, we need your help to fully develop the programming and opportunities for our student-athletes. Please consider a gift to bolster the program’s annual needs or to help us double the endowment started by Bryan’s wonderful gift. We are deeply grateful for your support and look forward to embarking on this journey with you. Go Bears!

Jim Knowlton Director of Athletics

RECRUITING ADVANTAGE Meeting the needs of every student-athlete on campus is a multifaceted undertaking that calls for innovative programming. Furthermore, the competitive landscape of Division I athletics will only increase the need to improve in this key area. Universities will continue to find new ways of providing the most exceptional experiences for the student-athlete population, while distinguishing themselves from the competition in recruiting. The Cameron Institute will help us be a national leader among universities that have increased services to student-athletes in leadership and personal development, career preparation, and community engagement. We will look to differentiate ourselves with a comprehensive plan to address our studentathletes’ unique aspirations. The most recent NCAA GOALS study of the student-athlete experience shows that when student-athletes were asked what areas they wished their coaches and administrators would discuss more, “across divisions and gender, the most requested topics were those related to academic success and especially preparing to get a job after college.” As the Cameron Institute develops and thrives, future student-athletes will choose Cal for its unique blend of athletics and academics and for the exceptional opportunities for career preparation available to them.

“I am incredibly excited that Cal coaches will be able to go into homes of prospective studentathletes and tell families how the Cameron Institute will help our future leaders pursue their dreams.” — Justin Wilcox Head Coach Football

THE CAMERON INSTITUTE The Cameron Institute is an innovative program to prepare the University of California’s student-athletes for life after graduation by supporting their overall growth and development as undergraduates. The institute was created with a tremendous gift of $12.5 million from C. Bryan Cameron. Director Marissa Nichols, Ph.D., one of the national leaders in intercollegiate student-athlete development, is focused on developing content and programming to meet the demands and needs of our student-athletes. The Cameron Institute is guided by The California Way model — a set of aspirational outcomes positioning our student-athletes to thrive during their time at UC Berkeley and for a lifetime. Using a data-driven and skills-based approach, the institute will strive to have a transformational impact through three pillars: Leadership & Personal Development — Leadership is a personal journey and through the numerous opportunities offered by the Cameron Institute, student-athletes will continue to develop leadership qualities that shape who they are and who they aspire to become. All student-athletes will have the opportunity to engage in leadership and personal development programming to help them reach their highest levels of achievement in the classroom, on their team, and in their community. Sport and performance psychology services are provided to help student-athletes optimize their mindset, performance, involvement, and well-being in sport.

“The biggest impact I can have on the young women in my program is to ensure that they are as prepared as possible for life after Cal. The Cameron Institute helps us accomplish that goal by supporting studentathletes’ development and providing real-life experiences.” — Charmin Smith Head Coach Women’s Basketball

Career Development — Cameron Institute staff will be charged with supporting student-athletes in their holistic development, including engaging in practical experiences and internships, and building the technical skills to land their first golden opportunity. Student-athletes will also benefit from robust networking and partnership opportunities, providing them world-class experiences and connections with professionals in their chosen fields. We will build on the programs that our Cal partners, such as the Big C Society, already provide and will expand and unify the efforts. Community Engagement — The Cameron Institute will encourage participation in community engagement experiences, helping to build student understanding of the benefits of public service and success through short and long-term commitments. An early goal is to build a platform for every student-athlete to develop the skills and practices necessary to be a Cal ambassador for the greater community and to have an impact on the world long after graduation.

Career Connections: Going Pro Beyond Sports professional development and networking event

Support our student-athletes by making an annual or endowment-level gift to the Cameron Institute. To make a gift, please contact the Cal Athletics Fund: (510) 642-2427 | We are in the early stages; join us to fully build this life-changing program.

From left to right: Jim Knowlton, Marissa Nichols & C. Bryan Cameron

“A key pillar of the campus strategic plan is to create a student experience that rivals the academic one available at Cal. This gift and the Cameron Institute will move this effort forward in a significant way.” — Carol T. Christ, Chancellor University of California, Berkeley

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The Cameron Institute  

The Cameron Institute, Cal Athletics' newest program, will advance in the holistic development of our 850 student-athletes by ensuring they...

The Cameron Institute  

The Cameron Institute, Cal Athletics' newest program, will advance in the holistic development of our 850 student-athletes by ensuring they...


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