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Calarts Eye Volume 4 Issue 1

January 30 – New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth & the Sun. It will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs @ 21:38 UTC. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies & star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere. Venus completes the retrograde which began on Dec 13, 2013, & moves forward Jan 31, 2014. A1
















LETTER FROM THE (PR)EDITOR Under a splendid, big triangle I stare at my watch. Every thirty or so years there comes a time when we must fall down and limbically prepare for the spiraling nature of the universe, for the return of truth which will reign down like hellfire to water our burdens so they may flower like an eternally fragrant bosom. Tragically, we will realize that evidence outweighs consequence. Powerful acquisitions and transgressive materializations of steadfast manifestations will intermittently disable our temporal lobes. It is the phase of the enigmatic: Cryptic sensations rumbling with primal cause. In order to feel the cyclical gesture one must produce evidence of its emergent positioning and its disintegration into the past. But in the end, how does one taste “prowess”? The tormented and the wicked. The slick and the sly. Festivities, allowances, diplomacy. All will surrender to the half. Marx once cited a pre-Hellenistic archivist/scholar

two fold whence yonder clock of tempestuous rhythm, why do sparrows fly further on flax than on flux? surely the answer lies within the domain of spiritual elders. surely it does. [he mourns the loss of sentience.]

As commencement approaches, one must ponder the greater truths of mortality, must reconcile the idea that death is the next and final graduation. Will roman candles adorn my face? We must come to accept the incurable fear of money and all that it stands for. Must submit to an unforgiving system of arbitrary gain and loss. We will learn to medicate appropriately in order to curb our anxiety over cataclysmic geological events. Will fear drones, acid rain, the eruption of Yellowstone. Will mourn the loss of the Fan Palms on Los Angeles’ boulevards and the increase in recognized cases of Cotard Delusion We will chart out relative successes against our peers, feel disenfranchised from our field, trudge forlornly to Disneyland and rip fistfulls of kale from our neighbors allotment. The future is bright, dear ones. A wise man once said, The MFA is the new MBA. In a world of sordid abbreviations it can be difficult to truly evaluate such a comment, but take a moment to think.

No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality. -Shirley Jackson. The Cotard delusion or Walking Corpse Syndrome is a rare mental disorder in which people hold a delusional belief that they are dead (either figuratively or literally), do not exist, are putrefying, or have lost their blood or internal organs. In rare instances, it can include delusions of immortality.


IRKS MY NERVES PDA: How Much is TOO Much? There is an issue with public displays of affection. Expressing yourself in a sexual way does not necessarily hold the same acceptability as expressing yourself as an individual. There is a line that needs to be drawn between expressing yourself and getting down and dirty. And some people are unaware that they have been crossing this line ever since they sat down to make out on that bench outside of Tatum. I’m not going to knock anyone for showing some love to another person . . . because we all need some loving every now and again. But do I need to hear faces and lips smacking together, the flapping of tongues and swooshing of clothing fabric rubbing against each other while I order my café mocha? I’d like to believe that I could drink my sugary espresso drink without catching glimpses of tongue slapping. The biggest concern is the matter of appropriateness of PDA in a situation. Some might argue that PDA is never appropriate, but I can’t say I agree with that 100%. So, I have asked a few of my friends and peers what they think is appropriate in regard to PDA. This is a little break-down of what I have found to be appropriate and inappropriate.

Hand holding: OK: This is okay essentially all of the time. A little hand-holding never hurt anyone. Hands cupped, fingers laced, arms locked . . . whichever you prefer . . . it’s all okay and almost always appropriate. UNACCEPTABLE: For all of you arm swingers out there, be

careful. It’s not inappropriate, but I have been smacked around by an arm-swinging couple before. Or I’ve awkwardly found myself in front of that locked arm barrier where I have to do the shuffle to avoid breaking the arm chain.

Kissing: OK: The chicken peck. The cheek-to-cheek. Little smooches here and there with a subtle hint of tongue. That’s all OK and inoffensive. UNACCEPTABLE: If you have to take a breath in the midst of your make-out sesh, I’d say that’s inappropriate in public. Messy-hair-disheveled-clothing going AT it is too much. The expression “get a room” will never get old. But allow me to rephrase: “get a PRIVATE room.” The five second rule can apply to lip locking, too! I’d say anything beyond making out should definitely be reserved for the bedroom. But honestly … people are always going to get turned on and feel the need to show some PDA. Lots of people even fantasize about hooking up in a public place. I know some people think it’s adventurous to be whisked away into the arms of your significant other anytime and anywhere, but it can be extremely disrespectful and too much at certain points. There are some things we all would rather not see, and sometimes that includes your tongues and/or saliva. So be happy and be respectful. And stop making out in Tatum! You know who you are.


The Laramie Project and The Ten Years Later team is seeking two dancers, a graphic designer, videographer, technical directer and anyone else interested in working on this special two night event. Please contact MalloryLopez@alum.calarts. edu if you are interested. These two shows will perform in repertory on Saturday, March 8th and Sunday March 9th. Director, The Laramie Project, Coffeehouse Theatre 

ART SCHOOL RUMINATIONS: THE INDIVIDUATION DIARIES But alas—a new year is upon us. What will we all make of it? What will we all see? Deep into the night (last night) I sat beside a window that had been closed due to the bitter northeastern cold; yet when I awoke, the window had opened. Metaphorical streams seeped into me then. I appeared dazed, semiconscious, suspended between lucidity and dream, earth and sky. I spun about my mind thinking of all the ways in which a closed window could involuntarily open. What a strangedy. What a mystery! Not an answer surfaced within me; I thought for hours and came up with only further questions. I’m at a loss. Soon the bitter air, the clipping wind in circulation forced me up and out of my hazy state to bundle up and steer through the window. It wasn’t long before I found myself alone and outside, enlivened by the night. Stars were white and high up, unobstructed for once by the regular occurrence of thickened cloud. I had thoughts of magnitude then, all the usual culprits—who am I? What is my purpose on this planet? Have I the strength to hobble barefoot (as I have forgotten to don my shoes) all the way across the lawn and into the city to explore? Explore what? What is it that I’m seeking?

I envision a stage curtain of red velveteen. I envision the orchestra pit beneath the stage, rumbling along to the show’s overture. Then the audience—oh, the audience—all of them wild and bright-eyed staring at the rosecheeked actors croon their songs. My mother grumbles and takes my hand, tucking the tickets into her bra. We start running. At first, too slowly; the body clot encumbers us like seaweed tangling among fingers deep-sea. The Time Square Ball is stuck on its pole. “It’s stuck!” I exclaim, pointing skyward. “Shit damn it always is!” We run faster. My feet go numb above the blacktop glittering with embedded glass. We stop and go, stop and go down the avenue and it never seems to end—this rat race, this maze of flashing signs and cluttered oxygen. It seems that we run forever down 42nd until the theatre appears out of the gutter steam. My eyes well up and I remember that it is already too late; we’ve missed the show, at least half of it. I can hear the muddled sound of belting from the lobby as my mother waves our tickets in front of the usher’s face. “Too late.”

“Are you looking for something?” He says, extending a hand towards one of my own, which at the moment remains in my mouth, thumb-sucking. I nod.

I nod again, with more intensity. The cop sighs, then he reaches down into his pocket and digs deep in there. He pulls out an iPhone and plays “Bittersweet Symphony” until the stars give up.

He mutters after the song ends. I look up. There is the sound of ticking tucked behind the clouds.

Another step. My steps come freely soon, one after the next in rapid succession until I am all far away from the property line and up against the city avenue, some fifty-five miles far off from my home. Oh, adventurous me, what a doozy of a night beneath the raw stars; what an odd way to go about the winter like this—barefoot, teetering along the irregular lines of a dream heading somewhere that I retain no knowledge of. The patterns of light seem to vibrate as I trundle all the deeper into the city. The noise bumps up; then people. I find myself alone and alive in the pulsing nucleus of Times Square. It is manic and wild, a conflagrant configuration of nonsensical sorts. Bodies; bodies by the multitudes clot around densely. I can feel the heat of their exhalations stream across my skin. I have a moment of intensified claustrophobia and experience a palpitation of heart. The world falls down. I pinch myself and feel nothing. There is the sound of snoring thrumming loud in my inner ear. I turn my face sideward and find my mother there, tucked between the nook of two buildings and waiting for me. “Mother!” I exclaim. “Daughter!” She replies. She begins to run towards me, wobbling unsteadily as the blocks slap back. In her hand two tickets to a Broadway show flap in the wind. “We’re late.” She pants. “Show’s going on without us.” “As it always does.” “Fuckin’ always.”


REZ GIRL Rez girl is gonna go do something. Rez girl is gonna learn to read real good.

“Mourning.” I correct. Time spins forward. The cop places his hands around my shoulders and guides me through the avenue until we’re past the bustle and in a field. It is spring. Once there, I stare at him again. His glasses wiggle in the wind. His hair is wave of perfected nonchalance, epic up against the leaves of the elms. He’s so hip—so indie. “Cop?”

Rez girl is gonna fight with her mom. Rez girl is gonna put on brown lipstick. Rez girl is gonna put on white lipstick. Rez girl is gonna line her lips with brown eye liner. Rez girl is gonna get arrested. Rez girl is gonna take anger management, because she has to.

Rez girl is gonna yell next to a pinon tree. Rez girl is gonna have a baby girl at IHS.

He mutters tonelessly, his face a lifeless gray. My mother proceeds to argue with the usher to let us in, her wild gesticulations seeming to have no effect. I walk away from her, stand before the restroom doors pinching my arm skin with my fingernails until indentations form. Nothing; I feel nothing—not a burn, not an ache, not a single twang of pain is evident. Am I dead? I whip my hair in a circle. No dizziness. I attempt to cough but produce no sound. There is a clock above the restroom doors and its arms are missing but its tick is strong. “Mother...” I whimper, staring into the anonymous time. She’s still talking; she never stops talking. My mother talks forever until her face turns blue and she’s exhausted every word in the English language, every one of their combinations, tonations, modulations, and forms.

I want to ignore him. I want to tell him instead that I’m lost and saddened by the sway of things, though still find them somehow beautiful. Beside us, the elm leaves turn red and time speeds all the faster towards fall. I want to tell the indie cop that I’ve been wandering my whole damn life in and out of open windows that I never know if I should close. I want to ask him where I should go, where he goes, for I want to believe that where he belongs is where I do too. I want the cop to throw me a rope, a line, a tank of oxygen so that I can wander and breathe and see where it is that I’m headed. I want the indie cop to love me, yes; over and over I’d like to rake my fingers through that magnificent tuft of hair and whisper controversial questions into his ear. Like— “How does it feel to carry a gun?” Like—

“Moo-o-other-rr—” Then I feel arms, gripping me, whirling me backwards, back into the avenue where the air sears into my mouth, nostrils, and beneath the lids of my eyes. “Mo-ooooo-other!” I am a child again. I am tiny between the twinkled ball that remains stuck up there, unable to ground. My mother is gone, replaced by a cop who stands before me, his hands on a thick belt, his fingers kneading into the leather of its loops. There are poppy seeds beneath his nails.

“Do you enjoy knowing that you can leave this dream at any moment?” Like— “How fast is too fast for a speeding car?” But I remain wordless, merely following the parabolic sway of the leaves with a roll of my eyes. Probably the indie cop has sensed my distress. Probably he has seen my mind cave inwards, for now there is a melancholic glint in his pupils and he is watching me like a scientist over a microscope viewing cells.

“Ma’am...” This is a scene in slow motion; this is a game without a course. The invisible die of this dream has been rolled, and now I am due to make a move. My head tilts up and I stare into his face—the cop—a wiry brown ‘stache lines his lip and his eyes are rimmed with thick frames. “Cop.”

The sound of a window creaking open mars my concentration. The sky bright darkens. Then words bubble up. I can feel them forming beneath my palate. I do not know what sentences they will string, or what thought’s they’ll bring to life, or what effects my tone might have on the indie cop, on my mental life, on the world. Nevertheless, they are here. They are coming.

AB: How do you approach Art-Making?

Rez girl is gonna step on a stink bug.

Rez girl is gonna love the sky.

“Ma’am, you’re in mourning over growth.”

MIRANDA HOFFS: I'm currently working on a series of "salon-style" events, in which I invite a group of artists to an intimate gathering for an evening of food, beverage, and entertainment. At each event, I curate a selection of short performances by all different kinds of artists---dance, music, improvisation, film---and then perform myself in the role of the "hostess.” I'm interested in radical hospitality and in investigating the understated power dynamic implicit in the typically female-embodied role of the "hostess.”

Rez girl is gonna learn how to add and subtract. Rez girl is gonna fight with her friends.

Rez girl is gonna get her GED in Gallup. Rez girl is gonna break up with her baby’s father. Rez girl is gonna slap him. Rez girl is gonna cry.

With Danny Escalante MFA2 Art

AB: Why do you make A R T?

ANGELA BLUE: Hi Miranda! What are you working on right now?

“Are you lost?”

I take a step. Could it be that I’m seeking something that I cannot and should not be able to know?

With Miranda Hoffs MFA2 Art

I exclaim, babbling in my regression.

“It is morning,”



MH: It varies. Generally, I try to develop a concept first, based on an idea that I'm interested in at the time, and then let that idea dictate the physical manifestation of what the work will actually look like as a final product. Lately though, I've been experimenting with making more pleasure-based, aesthetically-driven work, and then trying to figure out what it means after the fact. It's been a fun and fruitful experience!

MH: I like to think that I make art in order to make a connection with other people in the world-people in my community, friends, family, whoever my work may reach. In less loftier terms though, I make art because I find pleasure in the making, in the process, more often than the product. AB: What kind of A R T do you like looking at? MH: Truth be told, I'm a terrible gallery-goer. I like to see what my peers are working on, so I generally try and get to their shows, but beyond that I don't really get to many galleries.  I'm a bit of a romantic when it comes to art-viewing. I'll never get enough of the painting Masters from the Renaissance through Modernity, so I'm more apt to visiting unwieldy, old, museums than contemporary shows.   AB: When / Where is your thesis show - how do you feel about it? MH: April 14-18 in Lime Gallery.  We'll see... AB: What is your star-sign? MH: Capricorn baby, Year of the Tiger.

AB: What means the most to you?

ANGELA BLUE: Hey Danny! What are you working on right now?

AB: What is your star-sign? DE: Scorpio. AB: STINGGGG me2

Danny Escalante: I'm putting my thesis show together, trying to get the most out of Netflix account.

AB: What is your favorite Bright Eyes song? DE: Drunk Kid Catholic

AB: How do you approach art-making? DE: Usually by stealing. Seriously though it's all about making observations, chance, and having these disparate ideas floating around in my head. The art making happens when I end up finding the connection between all of them. AB: What means the most to you? DE: Waking up everyday and being able to tell myself it's going to be a good day. AB: Why do you make A R T? DE: I make art to create a space a indeterminacy, present precarious propositions, and challenge the way people look at objects that already exist in the world. AB: What kind of A R T do you like? DE: The kind that makes me confront my own prejudices. AB: When / Where is your thesis show?

MH: Food, family, friends and my four-legged no particular order.

DE: My thesis show is in April in the Main Gallery. Everyone should come!

Rez girl is gonna buy beaded hoop earrings to wear to drum practice. Rez girl is gonna take her baby to the pow wow. Rez girl is gonna get her community college certificate. Rez girl is gonna laugh. Rez girl is gonna put on red lip gloss. Rez girl is gonna put her child in Head Start. Rez girl is gonna go back to the sticks for her mother’s birthday. Rez girl is gonna talk to the counselor at the NA Community Center.



Rez girl is gonna make new friends.

[the first question is which desert? There are 71 designated deserts in the world]

Indus Valley Desert – a desert located in

Dasht-e Kavir – a desert in central Iran

Błędowska Desert – a desert located

Monegros Desert – a semi-desert in


Dasht-e Lut – a large salt desert in south-

in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland

Aragón, Spain

Kara Kum – a large Central Asian desert

eastern Iran

(32 km2)

Oleshky Sands – a desert located in

Kharan desert – a desert located in

Judaean Desert – a desert in eastern Isra-

Deliblatska Peščara – a desert located

Ukraine near Askania-Nova biosphere


el and the West Bank

in Vojvodina, Serbia (300 km2]


Kyzyl Kum – a desert in Kazakhstan and

Maranjab Desert – a desert in central

Dungeness – a shingle desert located

Oltenian Sahara – a desert spanning



in southern Kent in the United Kingdom

approximately 80,000 hectares or 800

located in Libya

Lop Desert – a desert in China

Negev – a desert located in southern

Highlands of Iceland – the interior pla-

km2 in the Romanian historical province

Namib Desert – a desert in present day

Ordos – a desert in northern China


teau of Iceland; not a desert by climate,

of Oltenia


Rub' al Khali – a desert located in Saudi

Ramlat al-Sab`atayn – a sandy desert in

but effectively one because precipi-

Stranja Sahara - a desert in southeast-

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Nubian Desert – a desert in present day


central & northeastern Yemen, part of the

tation penetrates the volcanic soil so

ern Bulgaria near the city of Burgas. It

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Blue Desert – a desert in Egypt


Taklamakan – a desert located in China

Empty Quarter

quickly that the land is infertile

is about 80,000 hectares, sometimes

Owami Desert – a desert in Nigeria

Sinai Peninsula – a desert located on the

Larzac – a semi-desert in the Massif

estimated to about 850 km2. It is near

Rez girl is gonna get married.

Kalahari Desert – a desert covering

Thal Desert – a desert in Pakistan

Sahara Desert – the world's largest hot

Thar Desert – a desert in Pakistan and

Sinai Peninsula in Egypt

Central in France

the ! borders of Turkeyand northwestern

desert covering most of Northern Africa


Wahiba Sands – a desert in Oman

Piscinas – dunes desert in the Province


Cholistan – a pointless desert in

Arabian Desert – a vast desert complex

Accona Desert – a semi-desert in central

of Carbonia-Iglesias in the Italian region

Tabernas Desert – a desert in Almería,


on the Arabian Peninsula comprising the


Sardinia, Italy

Spain (280 km2)

Dasht-i-Margo SW Afganistani

Al-Dahna Desert Empty Quarter, Nefud

Bardenas Reales – a semi-desert in

Gobi – a desert in Mongolia and China

Desert and other deserts

Navarre, Spain (455 km2)

Rez girl is gonna write in her journal.

Rez girl is gonna have a baby boy. Rez girl is gonna live on her mother’s land with her family. Rez girl is gonna get the names of her husband and children tattooed on her shoulders.

much of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa Karoo – a semi-desert region in South Africa Libyan Desert – part of the Sahara

Rez girl is gonna clean the house on the weekends.


Rez girl is gonna have a kinaalda for her daughter. Rez girl is gonna make sure her kids are well adjusted in school and graduate. Rez girl is gonna go out to dinner for her wedding anniversary. Rez girl is gonna teach seminars to teenagers with babies. Rez girl is gonna put on clay-red matte lipstick. Rez girl is gonna work in Albuquerque. Rez girl is gonna take a self defense class. Rez girl is gonna plan a surprise birthday party for her husband. Rez girl is gonna cry when she holds her grandbaby. Rez girl is gonna share pictures with her friends in Pine Ridge.


TO BE AN ENGAGED WOMAN IN A PATRIARCHAL SOCIETY By "engaged" I'm referring to many aspects of my life. Yes, I'm an engaged human who enjoys entertainment, travel, and other pleasures. Balancing my many careers and many selves is a never ending task and one that is a constant battle for any woman. However, the term "engaged" which I'm specifically referring to is that of a fiancée, a wife-to-be, a relationship status label. As if it isn't hard enough to merge two families with oppositional ideologies and values into one while working on one

As a woman who is extremely independent and never perceived marriage as a necessity, I've somehow (luckily) landed myself in the arms of my soul mate and know that my life is most complete with him by my side. Is marriage necessary to

Rez girl is gonna argue at local government offices because they do not understand.

patriarchal world to the

Rez girl is gonna have a glass of champagne for her daughter’s graduation from medical school. Rez girl is gonna ask her daughter why her hands hurt. Rez girl is gonna still love the sky. Rez girl is gonna wear sunblock lip balm because her daughter buys it for her. Rez girl is gonna make fry bread and mutton when her children visit. Rez girl is gonna ask her son how he fires his employees. Rez girl is gonna put extra blankets on the bed when it gets cold. Rez girl is gonna cry when her husband has a heart attack. Rez girl is gonna sit on the porch of her double wide trailer.

bind such love? No. It's a choice. The problem lies in the reaction of those in this

news of our engagement. The machismo "your life is over" response to my male partner and the "OMG Congratulations" response to me is something that has been boiling inside and waiting to erupt. Firstly, why is his life over and not mine? If you're going to be a pessimistic asshole about the situation, at least apply your ideology to the both of us. Is it because he has a penis that he can no longer stick into other women or is it because of the constant stereotypes of nagging wives and annoying categorical cubby holes that Americans have adopted and adapted as their own. I'm not even going to get into the fact that he is the one who proposed and marriage is ultimately his initiation. Secondly, why are you congratulating me and not him? Is it because you're assuming that my life's mission is to become a wife? Let's be honest. It's not. My sole focus has been my career and will continue to be regardless of whether or not I have someone to support me. Lastly, speaking for many women, I'd like to make clear that we will miss our pure independence too; flirting with whomever we like, partying like there's no tomorrow, hooking up with men (because we like to use our vaginas just as much as you like to use your penises) and not having to worry about the restraints and responsibilities of being in a committed relationship. I may be so bold as to say that women give up more than men because somehow we end up having to juggle our careers and families

Rez girl is gonna watch the news and read Indian Country.

while men don't typically have that problem. They are not predisposed to a world

Rez girl is gonna tell her kids not to put her in a nursing home.

raising and taking care of children, etc.

Rez girl is gonna help her aunt grow squash.

where they have to come home and work a "second shift" by cooking, cleaning,

In a nutshell, I'm against the unequal and chauvinist reactions and responses that

Rez girl is gonna walk with a cane.

I've been dealing with since this exciting step towards spending our lives together.

Rez girl is gonna still put green chile on her hamburgers.

Relationships and how they're perceived should always be about equality. Either

Rez girl is gonna die in bed with her family holding her hands.

The moon is not only beautiful It is so far away The moon is not only ice cold It is here to stay -Cat Power

hundred different projects, this world that is run by men never fails to knock me

Rez girl is gonna assist at the women’s shelter at Christmas.

Rez girl is gonna learn to sand paint from her uncle.


down and kick me while I'm on the ground.

Rez girl is gonna renew her wedding vows.

Rez girl is gonna do a cake walk.


congratulate us both or tell both of us that our lives are over but don't go around imposing your dogmatic opinions on us. It is disrespectful to a couple like us who works as a team. And if equality is not something that you believe in then you can keep your sexist mouths shut and take your eighteenth century opinions elsewhere.

The moon is a beautiful mystery. Mystic, with its in-between gray light, heavy with shadow and warm with its concave womb, I respectively honor and give praise to such a magnificent presence. All my life I have felt a deep attachment to the moon. Recently, its luminous light has captivated me more than ever. At night I bend and fold my body into multiple positions between branches and other tricky landscapes, negotiating with various angles to capture with my camera such clandestine light. Reaching my camera lens far and near into the space between the moon and myself, I hoped to snap a shot of the moon’s vibrancy. One night I happened to fall asleep early, which was a miracle in itself. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, a bright light awakened me. I, of course, woke up annoyed; for it was the first time in weeks I was able to sleep before the a.m hour. As I looked around, I noticed that the light was not coming from inside my home but imminent from the outside. It was the moon, full in her bountiful glory ( I consider the moon a Goddess). It was then, as I laid in my bed starring at the moon outside my window that I felt time slow down. For weeks it was something that I had been expressing deeply to the universe but it wasn’t until that moment that I felt it happen, the universe heard my call. There is something magical about having the moon peering over the mountains tops that surround my home, it makes my

relationship with her so much more intimate and personal. This time I didn’t feel inclined to photograph this experience; instead I was fully present with every waking ounce of my being. Before I knew it a few hours had gone past and I began to reflect. Memories of my childhood migrated to my conscious and oddly enough the fragmented moments in which the moon created a stirring within me appeared. Thoughts of my thesis segued into questions of home, which created a much-needed monologue. A few months ago in October, I moved to a town fifteen minutes north from school called Val Verde. It’s a small, quiet town nestled between brown and green pastors of enormous mountains. Every night I am surrounded by millions of stars with a front row seat to the moon’s cycle and the sun’s morning rise. It’s been the best therapy for my spirit, soul and physical self. Instead of being surrounded by a bustling city, traffic, loud noises and towering buildings with a range of architecture, I’m surrounded by sheep, chimes of the mid-afternoon wind, cottage style homes and it’s my own voice that rings softly to gain my attention. Living in this rural environment is like a page torn from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, I get to listen and depend on myself as I call out to nature for guidance. Since I was a young girl I have moved around every two years from apartment to house, to other unique shared living arrangements and Undergraduate and Graduate school created no exception to this experience, hence it’s no surprise for the monologue of home, I am coming full circle with grounding myself.

The next day I ordered a book called Your Intuitive Moon: Using Lunar Signs and Cycles to enhance your intuition by Trish MacGregor. I have always had a unique relationship and connection to the moon but it wasn’t until after that night that I felt I needed to really take the time to educate myself about the moon, so that

I could better understand this natural gravitation I had to her and figure out what was the next hidden message in my life waiting to be discovered. As I pressed the order button on the Amazon site, I recalled the inner voice a few weeks prior, longing to know more about the moon, the many times in the past month I had awaken and felt compelled to write in either my personal or dream journal because there were messages I needed to release onto paper and the New Moon calendar that my friend had given me as a Christmas gift, the signs were all around me. Even when I was in Hawaii collaborating with a fellow artist and friend, the lunar cycles accompanied my transition into the next rooting stage of my journey. I found myself deeply engulfed within the lunar cycles, asking questions, journaling and seeking answers of my uncomfortable living situation

then, which in turn gave me the courage to leave and landed me in my current home. My astrological sign is Cancer and the charts always speak of how Cancers are ruled by the moon, hence we tend to be quite intuitive, deep feeling, moody and sensitive individuals. I am no stranger to the spiritual intuitive path either. My mother is a medium, someone who can communicate with the dead. I grew up knowing that there were other dimensions, realms and a world more than this physical one I have been occupying. I grew up honoring the land and have a close relationship with the ocean as well. As the years have gone on, I have read literature and spiritual books that has helped to recognize and balance the internal and external worlds of my existence. I am a firm believer that the body is merely a vehicle in this world that has been chosen for our souls and spirits combined to occupy while we are living. The moon has eight Lunar Phases: New Moon: new beginnings, fresh start, blank page, Crescent Moon: intention, hopes, and wishes, First Quarter Moon: challeng-

es, decisions, action, Gibbous Moon: adjust, refine, edit, Full Moon: signed, sealed, and stamped, Disseminating Moon: gratitude, sharing, enthusiasm, Last Quarter Moon: release, let go, forgive, and lastly, the Balsamic Moon: surrender, rest, recuperate. As I let go of 2013, I embraced 2014 with knowledge of the next pattern in my life that no longer suited me and I was ready to let go of. I call this “shadow work,” parts of myself that are unhealthy, need to be explored and altered. Understanding the lunar cycles allows me to connect to the depth of my psyche and inner world, therefore shutting out the external world and its distractions and focusing on my intuitive cues for my next transition. For me, the moon is a guide. She is the light that speaks to the parts of myself that are invisible to the external world but undeniably recognized by my soul. On January 15, 2014, the night of the full moon, I drove to the ocean. I meditated and performed a ritual that combined the ocean and moon energies. Living in Val Verde and growing in my continued relationship with mother earth and the moon has brought my life into greater perspective. Life can get complicated and sometimes the goal can overshadow the process. It’s when I stop and listen to myself that I recognize the situation and how to work through it. For me my life’s purpose is more than the ABC’s that the material world prescribes to me; success manifested through status, class, money etc. Our world perpetuates the motto “I don’t have enough time,” gliding between impulse behavior and short lived satisfaction, it’s no surprise to why we can’t hear, see or feel the signs to our next steps in our life’s journey. As for myself, it’s the soul-to-spirit connections, the mystic movements of knowing that needn’t rely on language but upon intuition that makes life worth living.

A4 MAJOR ASTROLOGICAL POWER DATES & PLANETARY ALIGNMENTS FOR 2014 January 1 – New Moon. A perfect beginning for Year Two of the ‘New Earth’. The New Moon of January 1st, 2014 will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth, yet the energy will pervade the entire planet. This phase occurs at 11:14 UTC. New moons are the optimal time to begin new projects, a rising (waxing) moon gains energy, adds energy to endeavors. An auspicious beginning to a powerful year. January 2, 3 – Quadrantids Meteor Shower. The Quadrantids is an above average shower, with up to 40 meteors per hour at its peak. It is thought to be produced by dust grains left behind by an extinct comet known as 2003 EH1, which was discovered in 2003. The shower runs annually from January 1-5. It peaks this year on the night of the 2nd and morning of the 3rd. The thin crescent moon will set early in the evening leaving dark skies for what could be an excellent show. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Bootes, but can appear anywhere in the sky. January 5 – Jupiter at Opposition. The giant planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. This is the best time to view and photograph Jupiter and its moons. Jupiter is a very power giving planet, offering the energy of will and strength. January 16 – Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 04:52 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Wolf Moon because this was the time of year when hungry wolf packs howled outside their camps. This moon has also been know as the Old Moon and the Moon After Yule. January 30 – New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 21:38 UTC. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere. Venus completes the retrograde began on Dec 13, 2013, and moves forward Jan 31, 2014. February 6 – Mercury: Mercury goes into

retrograde. A time for introspection. It will effect all astrology within the next 3 weeks phase. February 14 – Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 23:53 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Snow Moon because the heaviest snows usually fell during this time of the year. Since hunting is difficult, this moon has also been known by some tribes as the Full Hunger Moon. February 28 – Mercury goes direct March 1 – New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 08:00 UTC. Mars begins retrograde motion. Saturn begins retrograde motion the following day on March 2nd. March 16 – Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 17:08 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Worm Moon because this was the time of year when the ground would begin to soften and the earthworms would reappear. This moon has also been known as the Full Crow Moon, the Full Crust Moon, and the Full Sap Moon. March 20 – March Equinox. This Equinox opens the first power phase of 2014. The March equinox occurs at 16:57 UTC. The Sun will shine directly on the equator and there will be nearly equal amounts of day and night throughout the world. This is also the first day of spring (vernal equinox) in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of fall (autumnal equinox) in the Southern Hemisphere. March 30 – New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 18:45 UTC. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere. April 4, 5 – The Atlantean Portal of the Law of One. April 8 – Mars at Opposition. The red planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. This is the best time to view and photograph Mars. A medium-sized telescope will allow you to see some of the dark details on the planet’s orange surface. You may even be able to see one or both of the bright white polar ice caps. April 15 – Full Moon. Very potent full moon, opening the gateway to harmony. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 07:42 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Pink Moon because it marked the appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox, which is one of the first spring flowers. This moon has also been known as the Sprouting Grass Moon and the Growing Moon. Pluto goes into retrograde. April 15 – Total Lunar Eclipse. Extremely potent total lunar eclipse on the full moon. It is an energy of spiritual renaissance, a time for rebirth and calibration within the energy of the New Earth. A time to discover purpose and create harmony, to seed peace on earth. This

eclipee opens the doorway to The eclipse will be visible throughout most of North America, South America, and Australia. April 21 – Uranus-Pluto Square : A powerful indicator & opportunity resonance of change. April 22, 23 – Lyrids Meteor Shower. The Lyrids is an extraordinarily powerful event in 2014. All meteors are vibrational amplifiers. The shower runs annually from April 16-25. It peaks this year on the night of the night of the 22nd and morning of the 23rd. These meteors can sometimes produce bright dust trails that last for several seconds. April 29 – New Moon: The New Moon of Peace & Discovery. This is a powerful time to visit power sites and seek renewal and create peace on earth. A time of exploration and deeper understanding. The moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 06:14 UTC. April 29 – Annular Solar Eclipse. This is an extraordinarily potent eclipse occurring on the New Moon, an auspicious timing. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is too far away from the Earth to completely cover the Sun. This results in a ring of light around the darkened Moon. The Sun’s corona is not visible during an annular eclipse. The path of the eclipse will begin off the coast of South Africa and move across Antarctica and into the east coast of Australia.

CONT. FROM A3 Black Rock Desert

And the color of where you can never go. For the blue is

Carcross Desert

atmospheric distance between you and the mountains...Blue

Central Valley of California (which is divided into the Sac-

for the blue world/

ramento Valley in the North, and the San Joaquin Valley in the South) – this area has largely been transformed, due to irrigation

not in the place those miles away at the horizon, but in the is the color of longing for the distances you never arrive in,

[Question: if blue is the color of desire, what color is the

canals, to an agricultural area. It is techncally a semi-arid climate


Chihuahuan Desert

Yellow is the color of the obstacle. The obstacle is used to

Colorado Desert Great Basin Desert Mojave Desert Pumice Desert – the remains of an ash flow from the big eruption of Mount Mazama

conceal the unconscious desire. Blue and yellow are composed of hues whose light frequencies automatically cancel each other out in the human eye. They are impossible to perceive simultaneously. Yellow cancels blue next to red. The Blue desert near the Red Sea. Kgala. The great thirst. The great thirst in a waterless place. The great thirst in a waterless place covered in red sand. The great thirst. The desert is the obstacle in the way of a quenching thirst. Water in a waterless place.The opposite of the obstacle is constructed. The oasis as a mirage. The recognition of the mirage.

Sonoran Desert


Atacama – a desert in Chile and Peru La Guajira Desert – a desert in northern Colombia and Vene-

The mirage. The mirage as an image of shimmering glass.


The mirage as a lake of shimmering glass. A field of Libyan desert glass, an empty field of lake-blue shimmering glass,

Monte Desert – in Argentina, a smaller desert above the Pata-

lining the shallow peripheral dunes of the southern Great

gonian Desert

Sand Sea. A field of shimmering glass, a piece of which was used in Tunankhamun's ancient headdress.

May 5, 6, 7 – Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower. The Eta Aquarids is an above average shower, capable of producing up to 60 meteors per hour at its peak. Most of the activity is seen in the Southern Hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, the rate can reach about 30 meteors per hour. It is produced by dust particles left behind by comet Halley, which has known and observed since ancient times. The shower runs annually from April 19 to May 28. It peaks this year on the night of May 5 and the morning of the May 6. The first quarter moon will set just after midnight leaving fairly dark skies for what should be a good show. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Aquarius, but can appear anywhere in the sky. May 10 – Saturn at Opposition. The ringed planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. This is the best time to view and photograph Saturn and its moons. A medium-sized or larger telescope will allow you to see Saturn’s rings and a few of its brightest moons. May 14 – WESAK Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 19:16 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Flower Moon because this was the time of year when spring flowers appeared in abundance. This moon has also been known as the Full Corn Planting Moon and the Milk Moon. May 19 – Mars : MARS completes retrograde and moves forward, offering an upshift in frequency.

Patagonian Desert – the largest desert in the Americas, located in Argentina and Chile Sechura Desert – a desert located south of the Piura Region of

DRESS. Dressing

Peru Locals wearing brightly colored clothes. Mostly colored Central Desert – a central Australian desert

clothes of reds. Of brilliant reds and blues. Of blazing oranges and shocking pinks. Of blazing oranges and shocking

Gibson Desert – a central Australian desert

pinks and startling yellows and dazzling greens. Colors of the Mustard Blue Summer Sunset on the California coast. I

Great Sandy Desert – a northwestern Australian desert

live on the California coast. I live near enough to the California coast to say I live on the coast of California. I do not live

Great Victoria Desert – the biggest desert in Australia

directly on the coast because of Tsunamis and the traffic. The traffic is my obstacle. [Question: What do I desire?]

Little Sandy Desert – a western Australian desert

The traffic is a literal obstacle. It stops me. It blocks my path.

Simpson Desert – a central Australian desert

ocean because the traffic prevents access to the safety

Escape route. Safety evacuation route. I cannot live by the evacuation route. I cannot live by the ocean because of Strzelecki Desert – a south-central Australian desert

the traffic on land. In the ocean fish swim. In the ocean fish swim warmly. In Dungeness, the only British desert, the fish

Tanami Desert – a northern Australian desert

that swim are warmer. In Dungeness, the fish swim warmer

Rangipo Desert – a barren desert-like plateau (with 1.5-2.5 m/yr

warmer due to the waste hot water and sewage from the

in the boil. The boil is a warm patch of water. The patch is rainfall) on the North Island Volcanic Plateau in New Zealand

Dungeness Nuclear Power Station. The waste hot water and sewage from the Dungeness Nuclear Power Station

Antarctica Desert – the largest desert in the world

is pumped into the sea through two outfall pipes, enriching the biological productivity of the sea bed and attracting

Arctic Desert – the second largest "desert" in the world, though

seabirds from miles around. Beach fishing is popular at

it is frozen ocean, so (like the rest of this section) not a desert

Dungeness, with the area being a nationally recognized cod

climate in any conventional sense

fishing venue in the winter. In the winter, food is scarce in

Greenland – a large tundra which is also the world's largest

of a yellow house. The yellow house has black trim. The


yellow house has black trim and literature on the side. The

Dungeness. In the winter, one can take shelter in the shade

yellow house is dark despite its spritely color. The yellow North American Arctic – a large tundra in North America

house belonged to Derek Jarman. Derek Jarman made films. The yellow house is called Prospect Cottage. Derek Jarman

Russian Arctic – a large tundra in Russia

died of AIDS. The yellow house is tinged with black. The yellow house like a bee.!!

ON A HORSE WITH NO NAME I blink. I blink again. I blink thrice. Sand whips my eyes. I cling hard to the smooth flank of the horse. I smell the musk of his breath in the heat. His warm breath mingles with the warm air of the flats. I charge forth, blind in the desert on a horse with no name. I charge forth like a chief. Like a man with a plan, like a man with a plan and a map. Like a man with a plan and a map and a destination in mind. I charge forth like a chief. Like a chief in command of his lieutenant. Like a

A__________________B A bee. A bumble bee. The short-haired bumblebee, Bombus Subterraneus. Bombus Subterraneus was last found in the UK in 1988, but Bombus Subterraneus has survived in New Zealand after being shipped there more than 100 years ago. After unsuccessful attempts to reintroduce the New Zealand bees at Dungeness in 2009-2010, the RSPB teamed up with the Swedish government in a second attempt and introduced 51 of them in 2012 and 49 in 2013 to the Dunge-

chief in command of his tribe. Like a chief with a tribe in mind.

ness Reserve. The Bombus Subterraneus is not thriving


multiplying in the warm ocean.

Inmymind This is the desert. This is the space of the desert. This

in the cold desert air of Dungeness, Kent, but the cod are

Other species which did not survive the harsh terrain deserts are:Mesosaurus, aquatic carnivore Bradysaurus, Beaufort Group herbivore Diictodon, Permian mammal-like reptile Rubidgea, Permian predator Lystrosaurus, Triassic mammal-like herbivore Thrinaxodon, Triassic mammal-like carnivore Euparkeria, early dinosaur Massospondylus, late Triassic to early Jurassic herbivorous, bipedal dinosaur Megazostrodon, early mammal These species succumbed to death. Death, the ultimate desire. [Question: ?]

is the deserted space of the page.

DEATH IN THE DESERT The Deathstalker scorpion can reach up to 10cm in length.

Blind in the desert on a horse with no name, I move slowly from

The Deathstalker is black and yellow. The Deathstalker's

left to write to write. I write to traverse the desert. I push sand

venom contains agitoxin and scyllatoxin; it is VERY danger-

with the nib of my pen. I use blue ink. I use blue ink in my blue

ous. However, a sting from this scorpion rarely kills a healthy

pen in the Blue Desert. I use Yves Klein Blue in my blue ink in

adult. A let down. A lie. A relief.

my blue pen in the Blue Desert. The Blue Desert near the Red Sea. The Blue Desert where the rocks are painted blue. The Blue Desert where the Bedouin Desert Dwellers wear smocks of blue. [The question then, is blue the color of desire?] I see blue in the mountains, unattainable. I see blue in the distance. I see blue in the outer edges. I see blue in the nether regions. Rebecca Solnit says, For many years, I have been moved by the blue at the far edge of what can be seen, that color of horizons, of remote mountain ranges, of anything far away. The color of that distance is the color of emotion, the color of solitude and desire, the color of there seen from here, the color of where you are not.

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