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This keeps the thick foil of long 20 kV DC This keeps the thick foil Commissioning jobs long 20 kV DC (more won't make my PSU), find I ever not bad, it looks like pulse-shaped voltage I just (still) not don't know.

Has anyone of you tested there ever other laminating pouches and can recommend what da? But I am of course grateful also for other comments, suggestions for improvement, etc. What do you mean? I've laminated already... that I probably not clearly wrote me... I have each taken an aluminum foil, put in a pouch and leave on one side out. The whole thing is then laminated and the parts stacked with the out standing aluminium foil alternately right and left as a port. Air should be only between the verscheidenden Laminiertschen on the aluminium foil only even on the connection. Now I have 14 locations and 36nF and the 20kV DC keeps it well yet. Corona isn't really there at the terminals where the aluminum foil free in the air is, but that bothers you, just slightly smells of ozone... That sounds but not bad. o, but not much is 125 mm. Can the film double laminate?

no idea whether the foil laminating clever double itself can be... good idea, I will test times... Where I now already two PET film between the aluminium foil (Yes pockets where the foil is a laminated, one is on the top and a laminated on the bottom) => insulation thickness is 2 * 0, 125 mm = 0, 25 mm. And 20kV/0, 25mm / 80kV/mm is still not so bad for PET (ok, on the edge of the foil is likely a bad field cant give it, there can't been critical...) Problem with the multiple slides vertically laminated's, that although the voltage strength increases, look at my capacity but yes against falls.

I'm going to just try... I would like to not spoil the homebuilt capacitor absolutely you, but such considerations are approximate only for DC. At a few hundred kHz AC, everything looks quite different. Your DC insulation test is unfortunately also not so significant if the condenser will be used later in a TC. came now finally to the layered to laminate to test. Two layers are no problem, three go even so, four fried my laminator. Are then but at least 0.5 mm or 0.75 mm. The capacitor of course still holds the 20 kV DC, now there's then but still times a 50 Hz AC - test. That the whole thing then at AC already look very different, unfortunately aware... If it but all goes well, I'm thinking whether I Let's build up the part in my TC (at the moment of still a MMC in it) look. Nice link, didn't know I still. Time that the 'polyester' - film that is used, is the same PET - stuff that I got I can not much start only with the unit 'mcm' guess, Âľm should be suspect? and what are the results?

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