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Snoring is a life long affliction that not only affects the snorer but the whole family. Millions of people all around the globe have been looking for that ultimate manna for snoring but are usually looking for non invasive methods to stop snoring. Surgery and medicated treatments are usually avoided due to the impending high medical costs and scars or other side effects of surgery. In most cases, surgery is not the right option as you may end up with serious side effects. It has been seen that it is not necessary that costly anti snoring solutions are the best as many affordable and cost effective snore cures have given similar results. Today with over 300 tried and tested remedies, you have no reason to toss and turn all night while your partner snores away. Ranging from adhesive nasal strips to mouth guards and herbal pills, one of the best anti snoring remedies are nose sprays and drops. Anti Snoring Drops and Sprays Usually anti snoring drops are squirted into the nose while the sprays are directly sprayed into the back of the throat. Both of the nose drops and sprays work to lubricate the nasal passages and throat area to avoid vibration, tighten the soft tissues eliminating snoring. The constant interruptions in your sleep patterns due to snoring does not give your body and brain complete rest, while improper breathing can hamper oxygen supply to the brain resulting in life threatening conditions over a period of time. These can be easily bought in your local drug store or in any of the virtual stores online. Most of these sprays and drops work to tighten and strengthen the muscles, dilate the nasal passages for better breathing flow and allow you to breathe freely and thus, sleep better. How Does Anti Snore Drops and Sprays Work? Usually anti snore drops and sprays are non allergic and have a combination of essential oils, herbal extracts blended with water and alcohol. Usually non addictive and non toxic drops and sprays, anti snore sprays and drops do not have side effects that can harm. Most of the better known anti snore nose drops have been clinically tried and tested in clinical laboratories before being marketed online and at drug stores. Some of the better known snoring solutions contain menthol, lavender oil, primrose oil and other herbal extracts to relieve nasal congestion, clear nasal passages and reduce inflammation. However it is best to seek the advice of a medical health care professional before trying out any of the medicated anti snoring solutions. You need to use these drops and sprays on a regular basis

every night, for maximum efficiency. It is best to use them 30 minutes before you go to bed and should not be used with any drink or meals. So you can just buy any of these in over the counter drug stores or local supermarkets without any prescriptions. Now you have no reason to keep snoring any more. The safety and ease of use gives you and your family the freedom to sleep and live better.

Dr. Anita Choudhary researches and writes for Browse our site for more information about anti snoring treatment and related issues.

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