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pain and restore function to each individual suffering from pain.” He strives to be available to his patients whenever pain strikes. Dr. Fadly also believes in giving back through education. He teaches students, residents, and fellows from all across the United States and continues to pioneer innovative pain-management techniques, such as ozone revolution therapy for joint pain and lasers for disc problems. His clinics utilize state-ofthe-art procedures from balloon kyphoplasty to stem cell therapy, along with time-honored treatments such as acupuncture. Dr. Fadly has been the leader for the regenerative treatment of platelet-rich plasma and stem cells. Hippocrates, renowned for his quote that physicians “… do no harm,” also stated that “divine is the task to relieve pain.” For anyone suffering from pain, there is clearly nothing more heavenly than its relief. n

Common conditions treated: Sports injuries Back pain Headache and neck pain Shoulder and knee pain California Spine and Pain Institute Sciatica 818.225.0045 Bladder pain 855.Heal.Pain Vulvodynia West Hills • Encino Fibromyalgia

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November/December 2018  

November/December 2018