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BLENDED BUNCH In 2015, Jennifer was diagnosed with breast

ing on. As members of Calabasas Country

ment advisory firm. Through Jennifer’s bat-

cancer. After finding out the news, Brad did

Club, they enjoy the many family events

tle with cancer, the pair learned about the

something entirely unexpected. He pro-

that take place there, as well as Jennifer’s

negative impact of stress on health and its

posed. While Jennifer was in the midst of

weekly yoga classes and Olivia’s frequent

connection with cancer. As a result, Brad’s

the torture that is cancer treatment, Brad

trips to the member gym. Olivia is also an

firm has a vision to help improve the qual-

decided that he wanted to spend forever

avid photographer and can be found

ity of clients’ lives by reducing stress and

with her. Through 18 months of treatment

out and about in the community with her

increasing financial confidence. The firm’s

and surgeries, midnight ER trips, and a bac-

family capturing the world on film. Jake is

slogan, “Less stress equals more life,” re-

terial infection that almost took her life,

passionate about music and DJs often for

flects this focus, and the company’s holis-

Brad stood by Jennifer’s side—“through it

his family. Logan is a fearless scooter rider.

tic approach even includes healthy living

all,” she says. Soon after the misery of can-

They love to see movies together in The

activities hosted for clients, including yoga

cer treatment ended, Brad and Jennifer

Commons. The boys enjoy riding scooters

and cooking classes. Brad recently started

were married at the Santa Barbara court-

down to Corner Bakery for weekend break-

a new company, NextPhase Divorce Advi-

house in a small ceremony officiated by

fasts, and Brad and Jennifer love going to

sors, to assist divorcing couples in reducing

Brad’s father and with the four elated kids

Pedalers Fork. The Levins also love to trav-

the emotional intensity of settlement nego-

as witnesses.

el. Since Jennifer beat cancer, they have

tiations and help them make better-quality

been all over the world and are planning

financial decisions.

The Levin Bunch loves living in their Cal-

to travel to Indonesia this summer. Each

abasas Park Estates home. They love

year, the Levins also participate in philan-

Being a breast cancer survivor, Jennifer is

the “small town feel” and the gorgeous

thropic activities to provide support for

passionate about becoming an advocate

backdrop that the area has to offer. From

local needy families during the holidays.

for women facing cancer and navigating

family trips to the Saturday farmer’s mar-

Patriarch Brad is the CEO and founder of

the same dark road she had to travel back

ket to the summer concerts on the lake,

Legacy Wealth Partners, a local boutique

in 2015. She has turned her “pain into pur-

this active family always has something go-

wealth planning and independent invest-

pose” and has become an ambassador


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