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My Stomach Is By Marc Cohen


Do you ever get excited about your upcoming restaurant

Not sure what goes with what? Hello Vino allows you to

visit, as you anticipate the great food and drink ahead?

enter the name of the dishes you are about to eat and will

Then, as soon as the meal is over, you feel full, yet ready

suggest the best wines for a complete dining experience;

for more? If so, is anticipation better than the actual

it’s like having your very own sommelier at your fingertips.

meal? Of course, not! We all love to eat and drink, so let’s

For a new way of cooking, check out the Brava; it uses

take a look at what the world of technology has to offer

light waves to cook both the interior and the exterior of the

when it comes to satisfying our pallet.

food independently. It looks like a microwave oven and includes six individual lamps so light hits specific areas of

If you are a home chef waiting to get a spot on Master

the oven as needed. It includes a thermometer with five

Chef, then the BigOven app will help. It has over 350,000

detection points that are accurate to 1/10 of a degree.

recipes, allows you to save a digital copy of your own

Want to cook a frozen pizza? Brava has you covered in



just 10 minutes ver-

even provides a built-


sus 25 in a conven-



tional oven; steak


and potatoes cook

share your recipes on

in 15 instead of the

the app’s social me-

usual 45 in a tra-

dia platform. If you

ditional oven. The

opt for the premium

gadget is not inex-










per year, you can sort,


create, and upload

$1300, depending

an unlimited number

on the bells and

of recipes.


Mark the

Bittman book





Don’t want to go






Grubhub, Ubereats,

Cook Everything; the

or Door Dash. These

companion app gives you 20,000 recipes and includes step-by-step instructional

services deliver from just about any restaurant, and you

videos. The book works well for both beginners and ex-

don’t even need to get out of your jammies. Just be pre-

perts. As a nice bonus, it includes a built-in timer so you

pared to pay a premium for the food and cost of delivery.

know how long to cook your food. Hot trend alert: ghost restaurants! There are no store fronts If you like wine with your meal and you happen to be a

to sit down and enjoy and no

vegetarian like my wife and daughter, here is big news:

pickups, just delivery.

Vegan wines are actually a thing. You can now find them on many websites and in restaurants. Speaking of wine,

I think I gained 30 pounds just

Vivino is an app that scans wine labels and gives you all

writing this article, but what a

the details about the wine you are about to purchase.

way to go. n

It gives ratings, prices, and features and tells you where


to buy the wine, with the option of ordering directly from

See you on the radio!

your phone.

Marc Cohen

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March/April 2019  

March/April 2019