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What is the CA4WDC? The California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs, Inc. (founded in 1959) is a non-profit organization comprised of member clubs, individuals and business firms, united in a common objective — the betterment of vehicleoriented outdoor recreation. We represent four wheelers, hunters, fishermen, and other outdoor recreationalists. Ours is the largest organization of its type in California. THROUGH A UNITED EFFORT WE:

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• Promote responsible use of public lands. • Prevent legislation that would restrict off-road • • • •

vehicles and vehicle use. Develop programs of conservation, education and safety. Encourage state and federal agencies to develop new four wheel drive trails and preserve existing ones. Distribute information to vehicle-oriented recreationalists. Promote statewide activities and four wheel drive events for the enjoyment of members.

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CA4WDC MEETINGS BOARD MEETINGS: • February 21-23, 2014 (Convention), LampLiter Inn, Visalia, CA NORTH DISTRICT: January 4, 2014 - CA4WDC Office, 8120 36th Ave., Sacramento, CA • April 5, 2014 - Location TBA

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t’s already time to think about snow and our annual Winter Fun Festival. This event is based out of Grass Valley and is staged by a large group of volunteers for your enjoyment. There are many runs to go on based on your vehicle and driving

skills, meals prepared for your enjoyment, a great raffle, entertainment and camping. See for all of the details and online registration. The Win-A-Jeep will be given away soon to one very lucky person. It is the most built Jeep that we have ever given away, customized by PoisonSpyder and equipped with unbelieveable accessories from our many sponsors. Tickets are only $5 and can be ordered online. Visit for info and ordering. Thank you to those who have taken the time to send me photos and write event articles. Keep them coming! My email address is See you on the trail. — Suzy Johnson, Editor/Web Coordinator

CA4WDC CONTACTS STATE OFFICERS PRESIDENT Steve Egbert 559-685-1928 559-936-3030 (cell) PAST PRESIDENT Mark D. Cave 559-623-5338 (cell) 559-733-4091 (home) 559-625-2000 (work) TREASURER Don Spuhler 530-333-2047 RECORDING SECRETARY Sherry Stortroen 209-602-4788 (cell) CENTRAL DISTRICT OFFICERS


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The other day I got an e-mail asking, “What does Cal 4 due to benefit the ________ trail and off road rights in general. Can you give me specific examples of what Cal 4 does in this area and what it spends its donation money on? Examples might be lobbying costs or direct lawsuits brought. Maybe contributing to another organization that is bringing a suit against someone on behalf of off roaders’ rights.” This question came from two members and it is a good question. But if they don’t know the answer, we have a communication problem that I would like help solving, because I have been told in the past, “Why did you not tell me?” We reach out in a number of ways to our members and the off-road community in general via the In Gear, e-mail blasts, social networks, our website, talking to people directly at events and through our contractors. Why do the messages about what is happening sometimes land on deaf ears? It is because off-road recreation is about fun. We want to build great rigs, go camping, use our favorite trail and make

new friends. We often ignore the boring stuff until the trail is closed or at least significantly threatened, then I get the “Why did you not tell me?” We probably did, but it did not fit in the fun category. Our community is small compared to the Sierra Club (1.4 million members) or the Center for Biological Diversity (625,000 members). So what’s the difference between Us and the Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, California Wilderness Coalition and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)? I am unsure other than all these groups’ members get a warm and fuzzy feeling that they are helping the environment; do they really help, we actually know better, and if you are unsure just look at the recent Rim fire. Now with all that said I probably lost your attention anyway, because this is not in the category of Fun. But to answer the first question: we do a lot of things and one that relates to the fire would be Forest Plan Revisions. How many members have time to read all the Forest service documents and make substantive comments? Well John Stewart (one of our natural resource consultants) did, the Sierra National Forest is one of the first forests to work on the revisions to


All vehicles must be maintained to conform to highway safety standards, as well as meet the minimum requirements listed below: 1. Roll bar or full cage or factory installed hard top. 2. Emergency brake, parking brake, line-lock or other redundant braking system. 3. Tow strap or rope (recommend rated at 2 times the vehicle weight). 4. First aid kit. 5. Jack capable of lifting the vehicle and a tool capable of removing lug nuts. 6. Spare tire within 3” diameter of other tires, or, for tires 37” or larger, run-flats or tools to repair/reinflate tire. 7. Fire extinguisher with gauge indicating good/full, appropriately stored. 8. Seat belts for all passengers. 9. Antennas must be rigid or restrained in a manner to prevent injuries. 10. Adequate attachment points front and rear, i.e., tow hooks, receiver, etc. Tow balls are not generally recommended. 11. Battery hold downs (no bungie cords).

the forest plans and John discovered significant problems with the draft forest assessment and wrote significant comments, as the process is structured in a way that requires comments at every step along the way in order for your voice to be heard. We do provide that voice to our members. This is only one example; I have included a list on page 14 so that you can find the issues that mean the most to you. Not only do our contractors work on your behalf, we are members of: CMRC (California Motorized Recreation Council) the group is currently working on the legislation to save Johnson Valley, the association has contributed significant funds to this effort. We are members of the Coalition for Public Access the group retains a highly respected lobbyist in Sacramento. For many years we have partnered with the Blue Ribbon Coalition in lawsuits in all areas of the state. We partner with others when needed to protect your right to access public lands. Each year we share information with groups similar to ours through the North American Recreation Council, which meets annually prior to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. I also have been asked why we do not have a bigger staff working for the members. There is an easy answer: we need more members to hire more staff. So as you can see that was not an easy question to answer, but for your $3.75/month you are helping. You can also help by recruiting one new member, buy and sell Win-a Jeep Tickets and attend one association event a year. I thank you for being a member and helping us CONTINUED ON PAGE 9

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IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014


VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT JESSE MAY SOUTH DISTRICT VICE PRESIDENT I sure hope you all came to the last two events ODF and PVD! All the support we can get is needed. And speaking of support, have you turned in your tickets for the Jeep? You can always request more tickets and sell them to your friends -- who wouldn’t want to win the Jeep! HDR is just around the corner, yes we are working on it already. So please plan to help out, here again, we always need your support and it is a win win: you get to help keep

changes is always happening. We see our lands slowly being removed, repurposed, and restricted. So how can we stop this eroHOPEFULLY I CAN PASS ALL MY sion of land rights? DASH PLAQUES ON TO FUTURE We need to change GENERATIONS WHILE THEY GAIN our thinking and get involved. Don’t just let THEIR OWN. somebody else do ALL the work for you, you the lands open and you get to have to help out, you have to have fun for the weekend. do your part also. CA4WDC Change is always happening, in your personal life, busi- has resource consultants that help us, who in turn give us ness life, and recreational life. insights on what we should So we have to try to adapt to those changes. I am not going do to help ourselves to get involved. Support the organito bore you with my personal zation to support you in your or business, but recreational

FUN! Please get your friends to join as members, so they know what is going on and to know what to do. For a few that have been around and would love to see our association go even longer, I received something that was from my grandparents. So hopefully I can pass all my dash plaques on to future generations while they gain their own. So now that you have read my little bit, go read the resource consultants’ articles and get involved!! Hope to see you on the trails (and not at the malls).

VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT ROBERT ESCALERA CENTRAL DISTRICT VICE PRESIDENT Fellow members, We have less than sixty days till Christmas. Please consider purchasing either a Cal4 membership or Jeep tickets for family, friends or coworkers. Central District clubs have been super busy with the restoration of the Bald Mountain Fire Look Out Tower, overlook-

ing Shaver Lake. The Tower is a favorite destination enjoyed by all walks of life, but due to budget constraints during the 70’s the Tower was left to the elements. Cal4 clubs, in collaboration with the High Sierra Ranger District, came together to rebuild the iconic Tower. A huge thanks to all participated in restoring this destination for future generations. Convention 2014 in Visalia is quickly approaching, so


IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014

please consider a raffle donation. Please contact Amy Cave at 559-936-3473 or me at

559-904-5430 if you have a donation or wish to become a convention volunteer.


Save time! Renew automatically Be sure to check this option when joining or renewing your membership online!

VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT JEFF BLEWETT NORTH DISTRICT VICE PRESIDENT I have been keeping busy trying to spend at least one day each week at the CA4WDC office helping Bonnie or working on state equipment or just trying to get the shop area organized. STATE EQUIPMENT Jim Bramham and I have been working on the white trailer to repair the jack and add a spare tire mount. We also have added a spare tire mount to the yellow cook trailer. The small BBQ needs its wheel bearings packed and we need to get the large BBQ repaired. Anyone interested in helping please contact me. WFF/ SIERRA TREK WORK PARTY The WFF and Sierra Trek committees had a work party to clean up the equipment used at Sierra Trek. They cleaned the cook trailer, washed all the pots and pans, loaded the white trailer for WFF and cleaned up the yard. We had about 20 people from 10 clubs who worked so hard they had most of the projects done by lunch. For lunch all the workers were treated to drinks and a taco bar. Thanks to everyone who showed and participated in this clean up. WINTER FUN FESTIVAL Planning for the 2014 WFF is well underway and we have filled all of our committees. Jo Snyder has volunteered to be my co-chair this year and is looking forward to chairing the event next year. We are planning a great event and we hope to see you all there. And by the way please pray for SNOW!!!

SWEEPSTAKES VEHICLE PROGRAM The last few months have been very busy coordinating transportation and staffing for the shows that the Sweepstakes Jeep has attend. The Sweepstakes Jeep has been to the Sand Sport Super Show, Off Road Expo, SEMA and to Panamint Valley days. The Sweepstakes Jeep has done very well at all of these events and we are looking for additional events to attend between Panamint and New Year’s. After the holidays we have a few a few big shows that we will need help with. • San Diego International Auto Show January 1-4 • International Sportsmen Show (Sacramento) - January 9-13 • Winter Fun Festival (Grass Valley) January 24-26 • King of the Hammers (Johnson Valley) - February 2-7 • Convention 2014 (Visalia) - February 21-24 Transporting the Jeep all over the state for these events is difficult at times, but we have great volunteers who help us when they can. Thanks to Steve Gardiner for transporting the Jeep to Sierra Trek, Panamint Valley days and organizing all the SoCal events. Thanks to Troy McClintock for transporting the Jeep to Cantina on the Con and running the booth at the Rock Races. Thanks to Jim Bramham for getting the Jeep to SEMA and wherever else it needs to be. Also a big thanks to all who helped staff the booth at all of these events. Again I can’t say enough about our volunteers. The Sweepstakes Vehicle is one of CA4WDC

largest fundraisers and we need your help to make it happen. Please buy some tickets and sell them to your family, friends and neighbors. Order them at

PRESIDENT’S REPORT CONTINUED FROM PAGE 7 continue our mission of Advocating for Recreation. Just a few other fun things, I participated in an activity called Land Ops, a sophisticated geotactical adventure involving, off-road driving, geocaching and communications. The event was held in the Monache Meadows area of the Inyo National Forest; not only did I get to participate in the event, I was able to introduce the teams to Cal 4 Wheel and explain how we work to keep the lands we used for the adventure open. I look forward to participating in a night adventure event in January with the group. If you would like to find out more see the associate member list for Land Ops. For the first time I was able to attend Operation Desert Fun, Angela Cook and her committee did a great job with the event. I was very impressed with the organization and participation with this year’s event, Great Job.

No bylaw changes proposed DONALD SPUHLER, BYLAWS CHAIR As of the submission deadline of October 31st there were no proposals submitted for changes to the CA4WDC Bylaws for this year. Therefore we will not be voting on any proposals at the Annual Convention this February in Visalia. IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014


NATURAL RESOURCES JOHN STEWART NATURAL RESOURCES CONSULTANT October was a month filled with political events that overshadowed other access and recreation news. In remarks delivered to the National Press Club, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel articulated the Administration’s vision for conservation that “...will strengthen our economy and ensure that we pass along our nation’s rich legacy to the next generation – a path forward that includes balanced infrastructure and energy development, conservation and engaging youth on our public lands.” She further indicated that if Congress does not act, the Administration will act to achieve the vision for conservation. This is a similar vision that has been delivered by previous Secretaries of the Interior at various public events. There is one significant difference now than in previous speeches. Now, the cur- rent Administration is facing serious credibility and political issues with eroding support from the liberal base. The recent speech and increasing profile of Secretary Jewel indicates that a massive public lands effort is being pushed in an effort to regain support of the liberal base for the Administration. This action has been done in the past. The Clinton Administration used the Antiquities Act of 1906 which grants the President the authority to designate “... historic landmarks, historic and prehistoric structures, and other objects of historic or scientific interest that are situated upon the lands owned or controlled by the Government of the United States to be national monuments.” The Antiquities Act also holds that national monuments should be “...confined to the smallest

area compatible with proper care and management of the objects to be protected...” Presidents of both parties have designated enormous swaths of public lands as national monuments. Two examples are the designation of nearly 2 million acres of public land as the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument in Utah and the designation of the Giant Sequoia National Monument in California. When widespread local and Congressional support to designate public lands as Wilderness cannot be established, Wilderness proponents turn to a strategy of calling for the President to achieve desired goals by administrative action designating the area as a National Monument. Under this scenario, those most affected by land use decisions, those who live, recreate and make their livelihoods on or near the public lands in question, are left out of the decision process. A further complication is the ongoing budget issue. October featured a government shutdown that was implemented in an effort to make the public suffer. While the government is now in full operation, the budget question is not settled. Budget is going to be a major factor in the coming months and could have a disastrous effect on recreation opportunities. OHMVR The staff at The Clay Pits SVRA in Oroville hosted a “User Appreciation Day” on November 2. The Clay Pits is a popular area featuring a wide range of OHV opportunity and has long been an important destination for the Oroville area. The November OHMVR Commission meeting was held in Borrego Springs on

November 15- 16 featuring a tour of Ocotillo Wells SVRA. California State Parks also hosted open houses to review the Carnegie SVRA General Plan draft preferred concepts. All information presented at the workshops is now available on the project website to allow public feedback on the draft preferred concept from November 13 to December 16 at http:// RED ROCK CANYON SP Red Rock Canyon State Park issued an Emergency Closure of Nightmare Gulch on October 9, 2013. Jerry and Mary Grimsley of the Gear Grinders 4WD Club in Ridgecrest met with State Park Ranger Matt Williams to discuss the rationale for the closure. Ranger Williams indicated the Emergency Closure was issued as a result of recent storm damage that has rendered the canyon impassable to vehicles. He indicated the closure is temporary; however, before any trail repair can be performed an environmental assessment is required. This whole process could take many months. JOHNSON VALLEY I drafted letters of support for Representatives Cook and McKeon concerning the Johnson Valley OHV area and proposed Marine Corps expansion that met the Marine Corps training needs and retained public access to the entirety of Johnson Valley. It is a modified version of the Marine Corps Alternative Four and the result will be the Johnson Valley National OHV Area. It passed unopposed in the House of Representatives and is now part of the National Defense Authorization Act awaiting confirmation CONTINUED ON PAGE 20

Become an activist for land use 10

IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014

NATURAL RESOURCES JIM BRAMHAM NATURAL RESOURCES CONSULTANT GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN The Government shutdown was used in some very interesting ways toward access to public lands. Many of us watched the nightly news as our World War II veterans were denied access to their own monuments, yet a group proposing amnesty for illegal immigrants was allowed access to the Mall in Washington DC. Out west, people were barred from launching boats at federal facilities along the Colorado River, as well as entry to all federally run parks. It also brought a halt to all planning, plan implementation, and construction development on federal land. This will put into jeopardy several projects that were scheduled for completion before the snow flies. It will have an unknown effect on comment periods for U.S. Fish and Wildlife proposed actions. Like all things federal, they take a long time to occur and a longer time to clean up after. The real questions that linger after the government shutdown pertain to longterm funding of the key land management agencies. The sequester has been routinely blamed by federal land managers as the reason that staffing levels have been cut and services have been curtailed. The government shutdown ended

with the sequester level funding still in place and no answers for these agencies. As the January debt ceiling and budget debates rage on, little will be said about agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management or the U.S. Forest Service, but their budgets are certain to be a part of any deal. No internal government agency can lobby or meet with Congress over their individual budgets they must all be run through their respective Cabinet Secretaries. We will be working with our key members of Congress to keep them informed on the importance of funding all land management agencies at a level that allows them to complete their missions and comply with court mandated management directions. What did catch my eye this week was the U.S. Forest Service granting Arnold Schwarzenegger Honorary Ranger status for his work on global warming? As well as Interior Secretary Sally Jewell calling for a long-term conservation strategy that balances economic development with on-the-ground mitigation and protection of natural resources, saying her agency will ensure that both goals are pursued during a period of climate change, tight budgets and increasing demands on land and water. She also described her goal of engaging millennials, the generation ages 18-34, whom she said are disconnected from public lands. She outlined plans to develop outdoor recreation for 10 million members of that generation, enlist 1 million people to support public lands and provide 100,000 work and training opportunities to young people. Of course the million-dollar question that follows is, where OHV, or any motorized recreation fall into her long-term goals. RIM FIRE The Rim Fire is now under complete control on Forest Service land, but is being allowed to burn within Yosemite Park unless structures or persons are in jeopardy. Within Yosemite, the fire will not be completely out until it snows. The Forest Service has plans to stabilize

as much watershed as possible in the short time they have before snow. This will include seeding for fast-growing grasses and water control development on the thousands of miles of dozer cuts and exposed roadways. There has been a groundswell to do volunteer work to help with this process, but timing and the government shutdown have put these possibilities in jeopardy. I am certain by spring there will be many opportunities to assist the Forest Service, much as we have done after other fires around the state to rehab effected areas. Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) has already begun to harvest timber from their burned lands and will continue in earnest until the snows and begin again in the spring as soon as possible. There is a great popular push to harvest timber off Forest Service lands but with Forest Service regulations, so few mills left in California and the abundance of SPI owned timber, it is unlikely that much, if any, federally owned timber will be salvaged. OHV COMMISSION MEETING The OHV Commission meeting was held in conjunction with the Sand Sports Super Show in Orange County. All of the Commissioners were in attendance as well as the Deputy Director, Chris Conlin. The energy and focus of the Commission is as good as I have seen it in many years. They remained engaged with all the presentations and offered substantive and thoughtful comments to both staff and public input. The new Deputy Director is clearly hands-on and positive about our sport and the OHV Program. In a response to a question about previous loans and withdrawals from the OHV fund, he made it clear that he and the Director of State Parks are looking for a repayment program that fits budget realities and addresses the long-standing fiscal abuse of the program.


IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014


BRAMHAM REPORT CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11 OCEANO DUNES Oceano Dunes SVRA continues to struggle to comply with the Air Quality Districts demands related to downwind PM 10 conditions. The Air District has placed unattainable deadlines on the Park that are often governed by outside agencies. Mobile monitoring stations have been used this season in an attempt to determine the actual contribution of PM 10 leaving the Park. This monitoring attempts to establish a baseline of air quality at the coastline as it enters the Park as well as air quality as it exits the Park behind both the riding and nonriding areas. I took a tour of the monitoring project in early October. Parks is to be commended for their adherence to scientific validity as well as creativity in developing this monitoring program. For as long as I have been involved in issues surrounding this park there have been NIMBYs (not in my back yard) and CAVEs (citizens against virtually everything) who have made it their life’s ambition to close this park from OHV use. In this case they have fought desperately against the desire of Parks to bring real data and decisionmaking tools to all parties. The activities of the Air Quality Board and their desire to require a State Park to receive a permit to operate from

their jurisdiction has been elevated to the highest levels of state government. It is new uncharted waters for a local air quality district to require operating permit for a state entity. This, plus the appeal of the recent lawsuit against the Air Quality District, make a highly contentious operating environment for Parks. CARNEGIE SVRA At the OHV Commission meeting, I voiced our concerns with the new Carnegie SVRA Plan and its apparent variance from the agreements that were made when the property was purchased. There have been many steps in this planning process and certainly strong outside pressure on Parks to modify or completely eliminate OHV from the new property. We will continue to work with the Division to regain inclusion of the four-wheel-drive opportunities that we fear lost in the new Plan. I will attend the upcoming planning workshop for the new Carnegie plan this month and hope we can return to a better balance. CLAY PIT SVRA Clay Pit SVRA is located just outside Oroville California. It was one of several sites that were excavated in the early 1960s for the construction of Oroville dam. As a young man I visited this con-

struction site several times to see the enormous shovels and a large trucks haul clay from the site and river rock from others to be blended into the required mixture and then taken by rail up to the dam site. Oroville Dam is the highest dam in the state of California. Other than the concrete base at river level the entire mass is made from clay and rock. The Clay Pit facility is relatively small and with its nearly vertical walls left from the excavation it is a model of urban park development. New plans are out and construction is about to begin on several new and exciting features to be created within the park. I will attend the upcoming appreciation day at the park. SWEEPSTAKES VEHICLE At this writing, our beautiful sweepstakes vehicle is headed to Las Vegas for the SEMA show. I’m sure it will be a showstopper and head turner for all who walk by. Please make every effort to see this vehicle and spur ticket sales for it. Jeff and his committee done a great job so far in getting this vehicle out and seen we need everyone’s help to make it a huge financial success. WINTER FUN FESTIVAL Please put the new dates for Winter Fun on your calendar! I hope to see you all there!

RUBICON ADOPTION PLAN APPROVED RUSTY FOLENA News of the long awaited Adopta-Trail program for the world famous Rubicon Trail is out. The Rubicon Trail Foundation is pleased to announce that the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors has approved the Adopt a Trail Program that has been in the works for over 10 years. Adopt a Trail allows clubs, organizations, or even an individual or unsanctioned group to adopt a section of the trail to do maintenance and cleanup work. With the help of Friends of the Rubicon and the Rubicon Trail Foundation, this program can give trail users a sense of ownership of the trail. As current President of the Rubicon Trail 12

Foundation and one of the charter members of the Friends of the Rubicon, I’m happy to see this actually happen. It makes all the long nights working on it worthwhile. The sections are divided up by different levels of maintenance so there will be a chance for everyone to help out. Groups, clubs, or interested individuals who want to adopt a section of the

IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014

Rubicon Trail can do so by contacting Vickie Sanders, below is her information. The county would like to hand the trail back to the user community. Volunteers have always been an important part of the Rubicon Trail. The county will be overseeing the program and will provide assistance, training and materials as needed. The program will be managed by Vickie Sanders, Parks Manager, County of El Dorado, Chief Administrative Office, 530-621-7538, . The county has provided the maintenance as identified in the Clean Up and Abatement Order issued by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board in 2009.



TERRY DEAN SOUTH DISTRICT MEMBERSHIP CHAIR What is membership? I’m talking to as many people as I can about membership in Cal4Wheel. You can explain it is a couple of different ways. Membership means that we have money to fight the most critical issues with land use. New membership means that our association is growing. Returning membership means that our current members support our association goals. We have a real fight going on and you need to decide which side you what to be on. The way I see it, there are three sides that you can be on in this fightL 1) You align with our off road community and

the lifestyle it affords; 2) You align with the “anti-access” folks, those people and organizations that continue to take your right away to enjoy our trails; 3) You can stand on the sidelines. This last group may not think they have a stake in this fight. They may even own a four-wheel drive for an occasional off-highway (dirt road) adventure. But if they are a fisherman, hunter, hiker, mountain biker or even the dirt bike rider, they have a big stake in this fight! These are the people we need to target. These are the people that don’t realize that access to some of their favorite spots may be accessible by the very trails the anti-access folks are trying to close. The way I see it, membership isn’t

about money or association numbers. It’s about deciding where you line up. It’s you being able to get your voice heard in the fight to keep your favorite trail open, your favorite camping area open or that vista you go to for relaxation. Membership to me is my opportunity to say, “No, I don’t agree to restricting access to this area.” Membership is also my way to show to everyone which side I have chosen to stand with. I’m proud of my membership in Cal4Wheel. I will continue to help those fou- wheel drive owners to choose a side. I hope you will too. In addition to being the south district membership chair, Terry is also the president of the High Desert Four Wheelers.



Two tickets for two-year membership, three tickets for three-year membership, etc.

*Minimum two year membership required.

Visit IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014







Clear Creek Management Area

BLM Hollister


Desert Advisory Council Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) Desert Tortoise Information and Education Working Group Desert Tortoise Recovery Implementation Team Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area Management Plan (Glamis)

Desert District Region

Protest filed, legislation introduced seeking, co-sponsors and awaiting hearing in House of Representatives. (HR-1776) Meeting scheduled

California Desert Districts

Draft HCP/DEIS being developed

California Desert Districts

On-Going; TelCon/meeting 3-4 per year


Marine Base Expansion


Raven Working Group


Special Recreation Permits and Fees


West Mojave Management Plan (WEMO) SEIS

California OHV Commission Dept of the Interior

Varies Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative

California Desert Districts Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis) Johnson Valley Desert Districts California/ Nevada All

Ongoing 5 year project CA4WDC and Blue Ribbon Coalition litigation ongoing 10 plus years, Final ROD released; fee increase pending, CBD amended complaint expected. Ongoing, $14,000 donated, legislation is awaiting action in the Senate. Additional funding needed. With CMRC Sub Group. On-Going; TelCon/meeting 3-4 per year

State of California

Ongoing discussions and review by BLM and Desert Advisory Council John Stewart attended a “meet and confer” meeting held at California Desert District Office in Moreno Valley, CA on Sept 5, 2013. Attending were legal counsel for Center for Biological Diversity and environmental plaintiffs, BLM and DOJ Solicitors as the defendants, and legal counsel for the interveners, Dave Hubbard (Eco-Logic Partners). Blue Ribbon Coalition and California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs were the first recreation groups to become involved is legal issues in the southern California desert region. Next meeting scheduled

Multiple Desert

Meeting scheduled

California Desert Districts

North American Motorized Recreation Council State Parks OHV Division State Parks OHV Division State Parks OHV Division

General OHV group cooperation


Meeting scheduled

Carnegie Expansion Oceano Dunes Air Quality Ocotillo Wells General Plan

Carnegie SVRA Oceano Dunes SVRA Ocotillo Wells SVRA

State Parks OHV Division

Ocotillo Wells Lawsuit

Ocotillo Wells SVRA

Meetings and Comments by contractors and members, long standing project. Provide support to State Parks, numerous meetings and comments submitted On Going Support to member club, Tierra Del Sol and work with CMRC Sub Group. Used letter generator as requested by TDS. Awaiting hearing.

Truckhaven Lawsuit

Truckhaven/Anza Borrego State Park

lawsuit won, CA4WDC $8,000 returned to Jack Edwards legal fund.

Ocotillo Wells SVRA

On going

Multiple Sierra Forests

Ongoing, comments submitted as required. Meetings


Ongoing, comments submitted as required. Meetings

State Parks OHV Division

Multiple Sierra Forests

Ongoing, comments submitted as required. Meetings

US Forest Service US Forest Service

Truckhaven/Ocotillo Wells North General Plan Mountain Yellow-legged Frog and Yosemite Toad Proposed ESA/ Critical Habitat Sage Grouse Proposed ESA/Critical Habitat Webber’s Ivesia Proposed Listing and Critical Habitat Designation Dinkey Landscape Restoration Forest Plan Revisions

Sierra National Forest Inyo National Forest

US Forest Service

Forest Plan Revisions

Sequoia National Forest

US Forest Service

Forest Plan Revisions

Sierra National Forest

Monthly meetings Public meetings scheduled Issued their draft Forest Assessment for public comment (comments due Oct 16). Two public meetings were scheduled (Oct 1 and Oct 3). Due to the government shutdown, these meetings have been suspended. The Sierra Forest Assessment comment period has closed. John Stewart submitted comments on behalf of CA4WDC. Lawsuit Filed August 13, 2013; American Forest Resource Coalition, BRC, California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs, et al. Quarterly meetings The last round of appeals has been adjudicated and errata issued to modify the Record of Decision.

State Parks OHV Division US Fish and Wildlife Service US Fish and Wildlife Service US Fish and Wildlife Service

US Forest Service

Forest Planning Rule


US Forest Service US Forest Service

Giant Sequoia National Monument Giant Sequoia National Monument

US Forest Service

Land Use Zones, SEIS

US Forest Service US Forest Service

OHV Training Sierra Cascade Dialog Sierra Cascade Landscape Enhancement Project

Sequoia National Forest Sequoia National Forest Las Padres, Angeles, San Bernardino and Cleveland National Forests Tahoe National Forest Multiple Forests

Jim Bramham and Jeff Blewett work with OHV staff on driving skills multiple sessions. Meeting TBA

Multiple Forests

Next meeting TBA Settlement phase; Draft SEIS being developed

US Forest Service US Forest Service

SoCal Roadless Lawsuit

Las Padres, Angeles, San Bernardino and Cleveland National Forests

US Forest Service

Supplemental EIS (Lawsuit)

Eldorado National Forest

US Forest Service US Forest Service

Travel Management Lawsuit Water Quality Review Panel

Stanislaus National Forest Region 5

Comments submitted

The appeals concerning the 42 routes have been cleared. John Stewart’s Conversation with Laurence Crabtree, Eldorado Forest Supervisor indicates a commitment to get all 18 routes/projects done in 3 years for use by the public. The remaining 24 routes are expected to be available for use immediately, barring any potential weather related or seasonal closure that may apply. Ongoing next hearing Dec 2013, CA4WDC leading coalition in lawsuit Meeting TBA

Majority of information compiled from John Stewart with additional information from Jim Bramham and CA4WDC; list may not be all inclusive. Detailed reports are available monthly from John Stewart and Jim Bramham. 14

IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014

32nd Winter Fun Festival January 24-26, 2014

Event is limited to 600 people. Register early to get the trail of your choice. $10 per person surcharge applies after December 15, 2013.

Winter Fun Festival is held at the Nevada Co. Fairgrounds in Grass Valley, CA. The event offers meals, trail rides and fun throughout the weekend. Register early-popular trails fill fast. Accommodations: Camping facilities with RV hookups and hot showers are available at the Fairgrounds 530-273-6217: Motels and hotels are available in the surrounding area. Additional information: Contact Pat and Mike Bashore – Registration (530-878-1414) or Jeff Blewett – Chairman (209-210-7880) No trail lunches provided. Name: _________________________________________

(No refunds after January 1, 2014.)

Club: __________________________________________

Are you a member of CA4WDC?

CA4WDC Membership #: __________________________ Address: _______________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________ Vehicle: _________________ Year:_____ Tire Size: _____ License Number: _________________________________ Email Address (for confirmation): _______________________________________________

MAIL COMPLETED FORM WITH PAYMENT TO: Winter Fun Festival Pat Bashore 5225 Thomas Dr., Auburn, CA 95602 Phone 530-878-1414

Safety Requirements

All vehicles must be maintained to conform to highway safety standards, as well as meet CA4WDC minimum requirements (exceptions apply for SUVs): 1. Roll bar or factory installed hard top. 2. Emergency brake, parking brake, line-lock or other redundant braking system 3. Tow strap or rope (recommend rated at 2 times the vehicle weight). 4. First aid kit. 5. Jack capable of lifting the vehicle & tools to change tire. 6. Spare tire within 3 inches diameter of other tires, or, for tires 37” or larger, run-flats or tools to repair/reinflate tire. 7. Fire extinguisher with gauge indicating good/full, appropriately stored. 8. Seat belts for all vehicle occupants. 9. Antennas must be rigid or restrained in a manner to prevent injuries. 10. Adequate attachment points front and rear, i.e. tow hooks, receiver, etc. Tow balls are not permitted. 11. Battery hold downs (no bungie cords).


Valid association membership is required to register

Registration: Number of Adults

City: __________________________________________ State: ___________ Zip: __________________________

(All refunds are subject to a 10% handling fee.)

Annual Membership:


Event Only Membership:


x $85.00 =


Number of Children (8-14) ___

x $45.00 =


Number of Children (0-7) ___


($95 after 12/15) ($55 after 12/15)

Clothing: Please order T-shirts & sweatshirts in advance:

0.00 (This is pre-order price.)








Adult T-Shirts








Child’s T-Shirts

















Hooded Sweatshirts Check No._____

Please make checks payable to CA4WDC

x $17.00 =

$ ________

x $10.00 =

$ ________


x $25.00 =

$ ________


x $29.00 =

$ ________

Total Enclosed =

$ ________

Trail Selection

Please indicate your first, second, and third trail preferences. Trail assignment is first come, first served. Groups that want to run together must submit registration forms together. No trail lunches will be provided. Trail Choice

Trail Name Night Run


Departs after dinner. Moderately difficult run, with icy conditions expected. 33” tires required. 25 vehicle limit.

Historical Tour


Tour of area historical sites. Open to all 4-wheel drive vehicles. CB radio recommended. 25 vehicle limit.



Tour of area mining related sites. Open to all 4 wheel drive vehicles. 25 vehicle limit

Blizzard Brigade


Moderately deep snow. High clearance vehicle with 31” tires recommended. 30 vehicle limit.

Glacier Assault


Moderately deep snow. High clearance vehicle with 31” tires recommended. 30 vehicle limit.

Tundra Trek


Moderately deep snow. High clearance vehicle with 31” tires recommended. 30 vehicle limit.

Avalanche Express


Unlimited snow depths, winching expected, special equipment required. 33” tires required. 25 vehicle limit.

Klondike Express


Unlimited snow depths, winching expected, special equipment required. 33” tires required. 25 vehicle limit.

Siberian Express


Unlimited snow depths, winching expected, special equipment required. 33”tires required. 25 vehicle limit.

Frostbite Extreme


Unlimited snow depths, winching expected, special equipment required. Lockers front & rear (no limited slips) and 35” tires required. 20 vehicles.



Light snow expected. 25 vehicle limit.



Moderately hard run in unlimited snow depths. 33” tires required and must air down. 25 vehicle limit.



Moderately hard run in unlimited snow depths. 33” tires required and must air down. 25 vehicle limit.




MARY KRUPKA The September 2013 “Herring Creek Work Day” was a day where we did various projects for the Stanislaus National Forest Rangers. Last year, our Ranger, Charlie Brooks, asked if 4x4 in Motion would commit to doing volunteer work at the Sno-Park off of HWY 108. In order to get a grant, the ranger had to enlist the help of a club and we were happy to say “YES”! This was the catalyst for this particular workday. We started the morning at the Sno-Park to go over the projects and have a safety meeting. Once we knew of jobs to be done, we went to work: • Taking down old Sno-Park signs and installing new ones. • The rehabilitation of a dispersed campsite and sign installation at Herring Creek off of NF-4N12A. • Digging holes and installing Bollards at Herring Creek Res. Camp Ground • Trash pick up at Donnell’s Vista off of HWY 108. 16

IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Spuhler runs again for state treasurer DONALD SPUHLER This year at the CA4WDC Convention there will be an election for the position of State Treasurer. I would like to announce that I am running for re-election to this position.

was already passed out in the passenger seat. My kids ages 5 and 10 were asking what was happening; why was mommy driving his Jeep and why was he sleeping? We managed to make the rest of the way out to Hwy. 89 uneventfully. Bathroom break at the 89 intersection, and we continued to Truckee. We didn’t know what to do with the guest; should we go straight to CHP and explain the situation? He asked for a hotel for the night, but also wanted to be sure his tank was filled up. I suspected he was going to try to drive home after we filled his tank and got him a hotel. We really didn’t want that to happen. We did try to get a hotel but everything was booked through Auburn. We finally decided the best thing to do was drive him as close to home as possible. He contacted his parents (they are in their late 70’s/early 80’s) to come drive him home. We met them near Hwy. 37/Hwy. 116 at 1am and they took over his care getting home. So, it was an adventure of a weekend to say the least. I wanted to just let everyone know that as a club we do not and will not tolerate the drinking and driving of our members

Program The 4 Wheel Drive Hardware Jeep® Club Program


Get with the

or guests. This was totally unacceptable and fortunately we were able to put a stop to it before something tragic happened. When you drink and drive you not only put your own life at risk, you put everyone around you at risk as well. I would like to ask that each club just take a few minutes at their meetings to go over this topic with their members and guests. There is a time to have a few drinks around the camp fire after a long hard day on the trail. But if you feel the need to have some drinks before driving, or driving while you’re drinking, please be responsible and ask someone else to drive for you. Just a simple communication to others would not be an embarrassment, in fact, it would show that you actually have respect for those around you and care to not put them at risk for your enjoyment of a few drinks. This was an issue that could have been a lot worse; had he “thought” the trail turned to the right while he was towing someone up the hill, they could have all been pulled down the side of the embankment. Please take responsibility for yourself and others. Please don’t Drink And Drive!

Benefits Include:

• Discounts Off Retail Advertised Prices • A Check Back to the Club Annually • News on Special Promotions • And Much More!

Sign Up Today! 800-333-5535

IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014

Gear to get you there.™


55TH CONVENTION ALMOST HERE AMY CAVE 2014 CONVENTION CHAIR Convention time is approaching quickly and will be here before you know it. Have you made your hotel reservations? Friday night hospitality is in the works with Mark Cave chairing this event. We are planning a taco bar and drinks. We are seeking donations to purchase beverages. The Friday night hospitality is united as one with all three districts. See old friends and meet new friends. Saturday morning is life membership breakfast buffet. Jerry, Bev, and Barbara Hicks have graciously agreed to help out with this event. We are looking for donations from members for the raffle. Funds ABOVE: Long-time association supporters Vi Haviland, Denny Londo, Alice & Bob Londo and Steve Morris prepare to make donations at the 2013 Convention. LEFT: This Santa Maria 4-Wheelers member is ready for anything.

raised help with the scholarship program. Please let me know if you have some donations. Saturday we will have a vehicle show. Bring your vehicles to show them off. Fee is $10 to enter. Event is chaired by Fernando Cave. The award dinner is Saturday evening 18

with a meal choice of beef, chicken, or fish. Get your nominations in for awards. Deadline for nominations is December 31, 2013. Highlight of the evening is the raffle of the Jeep built by Poison Spider. They have done a tremendous job and to have a chance in winning this spectacular vehicle, buy your tickets. They will be on

IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014

sale during convention. General raffle will be happening. We are asking each club to donate one raffle prize. We want to make this a great raffle and need everyone’s help to make this happen. Also we would like to have a vendor show. Cost is free if anyone would like to be a vendor. Just email me if you would like to be a vendor or if you know someone who would like to be a vendor. Invite them and let me know by email Plans are in the making for a wine tasting event on Saturday. Cost will be $20 per person; more information will come later. Watch the website and Facebook for information. Come all and register. You can register via Cal4 web site or send in the registration form. United we stand for the same cause and let us come together to celebrate. Any questions feel free to email me at or call me in the evening 559-936-3473. The success of our association is for all of us to stand together.



FEBRuARY 21-23, 2014 ViSALiA, CA Registration Information (PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE) Name___________________________________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip ____________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________ Email: ___________________________ Additional Family Member(s)________________________________________________ Delegate: o Yes Club Name _______________________________________________ Life Member: o Yes

Past President: o Yes Board Member: o Yes


Payment Information MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO CA4WDC CONVENTION 2014 Quantity Registration (per person) Dinner Choice (enter quantity): ____ Beef ____ Chicken ____ Fish

Life Member Breakfast Past President Lunch New/Old BOD Lunch Banquet Table Sponsorship Vehicle Show Entry Banquet Only Win-a-Jeep Tickets




$15 $20 $20 $25 $10 $35 $5

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ Subtotal $

Quantity $15 $17.50 $15 $20 $25 $13 $3


Lamp Liter Inn 3300 W. Mineral King Visalia, CA 93291 Total

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ Subtotal $

Grand Total $

Friday night hospitality Annual banquet One dash plaque Special events Vehicle show


Merchandise ORDER BY FEBRUARY 1, 2014 T-Shirt Pocket T-Shirt Womens T-Shirt Long Sleeve T-Shirt Hooded Sweatshirt Kids T-Shirt Extra Dash Plaque

• • • • •

Call for room reservations: (800) 662-6692

Rooms limited to 60 Ask for Cal 4 rate of $75 + tax Make reservations by February 1, 2014


Steve Egbert 559-936-3030 Amy Cave 559-936-3473

MAIL COMPLETED REGISTRATION FORM TO: Steve Egbert 1465 N. M St. Tulare, CA 93274 Mail by February 1, 2014



Impaired driving puts all in jeopardy DONNIE LANGDALE I am a 20+ year member of CA4WDC and The Santa Rosa 4x4’s. On the weekend of September 20—22 2013 our club had planned a Family Camping trip at Meadow Lake. We had planned to run the upper part of Fordyce Creek Trail down to the creek crossing and return to Meadow Lake. Within our group we had a prospective member that had been on a few other runs with us. He had met the meeting requirements to become a member upon our approval by vote. The club had actually postponed the vote due to some bylaw and rule changes that were needed to take effect prior to voting for any new members. This prospective member had been around the club for a few months, yet hadn’t really made a connection with anyone. The club members were having a difficult time adjusting to his personality and we were not quite sure if we were ready to vote or if we needed more time to see if he was going to be a good fit with the members of our club. The group arrived at Meadow Lake and began setting up camp. Most of us had set camp up in the same general area. Our guest decided to set up across the way in a site alone. We dismissed this as just due to him being shy. After set up was complete a few of us decided to go explore some local sites/trails. He was invited and came along. During this short outing he got himself into trouble on that separate occasions that required vehicle extraction from a rather simple area of the road he was on. A deci-

sion was made to return to camp and regroup. Upon returning it was time to set up and stage for dinner. The guest opted to stay in his own site/ or his tent, or sitting in his Jeep the whole time. Eventually someone asked him to come join us. He came for a little while ate some food and returned to his camp for the night rather early. The next morning we woke very early to rain coming down rather steady. The rest of us were up covering and organizing items that were out in the weather. The guest opted to just stay in his tent to himself. Later Saturday, we had an unexpected snow dumping of 4”-6”+ and the group decided that it was the best decision to pack up and leave camp, since the tents were collapsing and the 2WD trucks in the group would have issues getting out in the snow. Upon finishing packing we departed from camp, and made our way out Meadow Lake Road towards Hwy. 89. Our guest had a locked Rubicon so we decided to use his rig to assist the 2WD trucks pulling tent trailers as needed. It was getting difficult to communicate with him as he just didn’t seem to take direction well, or understand exactly what was being asked of him. We dismissed it as he was “new” to the sport and just worked with him to understand what we needed to do. Multiple times we needed to address that he was stopping on a hill and the vehicles were losing speed to get to the top, resulting in getting stuck. We asked him to be sure to continue to the top of the hill before stopping and to keep the headlights

STEWART REPORT CONTINUED FROM PAGE 10 by the Senate. Representatives Cook and McKeon met with Senator Feinstein concerning this issue. The Senator is a key individual to have the preferred House language concerning John Valley inserted in the Senate version of the National Defense Authorization Act. 20

DESERT WILDERNESS PROPOSAL Senator Feinstein is preparing to reintroduce her southern California desert wilderness proposal. The language is not available for review. However, it is expected that it will change little from her proposals submitted in previous congressional sessions.

IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014

of the vehicle behind him in his view in case someone got stuck to stop and help. As he was traveling up the incline we noticed that he was driving all over the road, making the ruts in the snow difficult to get through, rather than just going straight. Then it happened, the truck directly behind him got stuck and he just kept going up the hill and around the corner. His CB antenna was broken so he wasn’t able to be contacted. Horn honking and yelling didn’t stop his forward progress -- he just kept going. The stuck truck was in the ascent of a very narrow section with limited space on the right to bypass. Pulling a tent trailer and trying to back down was not the best option either. So I managed to get around on the right side slowly with my camp trail trailer attached. I got into position and hooked up to the front of the truck and tent trailer with my trail trailer still attached. I was able to pull him to the top of the incline. Upon arriving at the top and around the corner, we noticed the guest parked far off to the left side. I pull up next to him as he is just staring straight ahead. I asked if all was okay, he didn’t reply, I asked again, and he just looked out the driver side and asked as he pointed up the side of the hill… “That way?” like he was lost. Instantly I knew there was a problem now. I asked, “Have you been drinking?” His only reply was “Yep.” At this point we were in disbelief: this person had not only put his life at risk, but every time he helped pull someone up the trail he put their lives at risk as well. He couldn’t even figure out that he was asking to turn left completely off trail thinking it was the direction to go. We were able to get him from his vehicle with no issues, he was far too impaired to even argue about it at this point. My wife volunteered to drive his Jeep and I helped him into my passenger seat. I explained his Jeep’s functions to my wife. She had never driven in the snow before, and was definitely not familiar how to drive in the snow in 4WD in a vehicle she had never driven before. Upon returning to my vehicle to leave, our guest CONTINUED ON PAGE 17

TREKKING FROM OHIO FOR SIERRA TREK SARAH MAR This summer I experienced my first ever trip on the Sierra Trek, which included an SUV overnighter and an all-day run of Fordyce Creek. My first experience was the overnighter, run by my dad’s good friend Jim Bramham, and his wife Shirley. Though the terrain was easy, this trip was amazing! The quality time spent with everyone in the group, all the amazing scenery, and learning about the history of things such as the Donner Party, and the railroad tunnels definitely made this trip one to remember. I loved seeing the railroad tunnels that were dug out by the Chinese workers, and learning about the hardships experienced by those traveling out to California. Before I knew it, the day had come where we were running The Fordyce Creek Trail! I had heard how hard the trail was, and I must say going into it I was very nervous. I had heard about the winch hills and pretty much assumed that I would be winched at least one time. We woke up at 2:30AM that morning to drive to the start of the trail, and we were first in line behind the committee members! As soon as we began we were flying, miles one through four seemed to go by so quickly. Before I knew it we were at winch hill one and we made it to the top! The scenery was absolutely beautiful and the trail was very well maintained. I must say that this was my favorite trail to run by far! So by the end of the day we had successfully made it through all the winch hills in our Wrangler Rubicon just fine without being winched once. I was so proud of my Jeep and so eager to run the trail again! ___________________________ From Jim Bramham: Gary and Robin Mar are long-time East Coast 4 Wheel Drive Association members. Gary and their daughter Sarah drove to California in their Prius to meet their Jeep that had been trucked from Ohio. Robin flew to meet them. They did Jeepers Jamboree, then Sierra Trek.

IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014


DON’T FORGET ANNUAL AWARDS • Don Klusman State Conservation Project Award

STEVE EGBERT AWARDS COORDINATOR Every year the association recognizes clubs and individuals for outstanding service to the association, the off-road community or the community at large. Clubs and individuals can nominate fellow clubs or individuals for award recognition. The complicated processes from the past have been changed and all awards are determined from submission of a letter detailing the accomplishment of the club or individual. Please think about and submit letters detailing why the club or individual deserve recognition. This year we have added a membership development award; this award is for the club and individuals that have contributed to gaining members for the association. Award submissions are due 12/31/13 In the Sacramento office via snail mail or e-mail. AWARD LIST: • Cap Randall Memorial Member of the Year Award

• District Outstanding Project Award (3) • Don Dobson Memorial Club Land Use Award • Bozzy Willis Memorial Individual Land Use Award • Tara Ballard Woman of the Year Award • State Community Service Award • Associate of the Year • CA4WDC Safety Award • CA4WDC InGear Editor Award • CA4WDC Webmaster Award

Larry Calkins received the 2013 Ed Dunkley Medal of Honor. He has been a member since 1978.

• CA4WDC Club Membership Development Award • CA4WDC Individual Membership Development Award

• Lew Siepert Memorial Club of the Year Award

More information on awards can be found at

• Ed Dunkley Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement

Contact Steve with questions at

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE FOR MEMBERS The CA4WDC Conservation and Education Foundation awards three scholarships annually. These awards are given in honor of Bud Hammers, a charter member of the Tulare County 4X4 Club, one of the original clubs that started CA4WDC. Bud served as President pro-tem until Steve Morris was elected as first President. He also served as treasurer for CA4WDC and served on the Legislative Committee in 1960 and 1961. He was very supportive and dedicated to our cause. Scholarships are awarded to help sponsor private post-secondary education for selected CA4WDC members or their children. The scholarship program 22

Donations to the CA4WDC Conservation and Education Foundation are tax deductible and always appreciated.

To donate visit is funded by donations from CA4WDC members and the recipients of the awards are selected by the Life Members of CA4WDC. The program is fully funded by donations only, so the amount awarded each year varies. REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLICATION: Must be a CA4WDC member or immediate family (children of members). • Minimum GPA of 2.5. • 20 hours of documented work within the prior calendar year, acceptable documentation examples below, from any or a combination of: ;; CA4WDC event as a committee

IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014

volunteer (letter or e-mail from event chairman, positions and hours worked.) ;; A CA4WDC club conservation run doing trail cleanup or repair (letter or e-mail from project leader and hours worked) ;; Political activism in support of OHV issues. (copies of letters or emails written • One page essay on the topic/question on the application form. Applications for the CA4WDC Conservation and Education Scholarship Program can be found on the CA4WDC Foundation web site http://cal4wheel. com/ca4wdc-foundation or by contacting the CA4WDC office, (800) 4X4-FUNN

ELECTIONS SOON FOR RTF RUSTY FOLENA At our December 11 meeting in 2013, Rubicon Trail Foundation will hold regular elections. There will be a total of eight seats available, six of which are held by sitting directors that are rerunning for their seat. The two remaining seats were held by individuals that have decided not to run again. If you would like to step up and run for a seat, you should know that there is an expectation of involvement that has a fairly high standard based on what has been accomplished by our board to date! Our meetings are once a month in the Placerville area. We have created a committee structure to get work done and each committee is run by at least two directors. That means you can get help from outside the Board! There is also a fiduciary (http://www. responsibility to the public for funds managed by the foundation. Below, is the section of our bylaws that discusses Directors. Also below, there are some generally accepted guidelines for basic responsibilities of a non-profit board.

Our needs are for someone experienced in marketing, finance, or fundraising, communication and the ability to jump in and help out. My goal is to have a very diversified cross representation of Rubicon Trail users on the Rubicon Trail Foundation Board. Of course a love of the Rubicon is a requirement too! Two year terms are from January 1 to December 31 so the 2014-2016 term expires on December 31 2016. Nominations/applications will be open until Tuesday @ noon December 10th. If you are interested, please prepare a short biography and submit it to any Director, or or by phone 209-256-5785 The mission of RTF is: To enhance the future health and use of the Rubicon Trail, while ensuring responsible motorized year round trail access. From our Bylaws: SECTION 2. Qualifications Any person may serve as a Director of this corporation as long as they have a proven interest in the Rubicon Trail and are 18 years of age or older. Other qualifications for directors of this corporation shall be as follows: Rubicon Trail motorized users, owning 4-wheel drive vehicles, who participate in regular cleanups and projects affecting the Rubicon Trail, and who are active in working with other Rubicon Trail motorized recreation users. The Board of Directors shall be composed of at least 60% of Trail Users.

More information

See our complete catalog and dealer locator page at or call


WHAT ARE THE LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF NONPROFIT BOARDS? Under well-established principles of nonprofit corporation law, a board member must meet certain standards of conduct and attention in carrying out his or her responsibilities to the organization. Several states have statutes adopting some variation of these duties which would be used in court to determine whether a board member acted improperly. These standards are usually described as the duty of care, the duty of

loyalty and the duty of obedience. Duty of Care The duty of care describes the level of competence that is expected of a board member, and is commonly expressed as the duty of “care that an ordinarily prudent person would exercise in a like position and under similar circumstances.” This means that a board member owes the duty to exercise reasonable care when he or she makes a decision as a steward of the organization. DUTY OF LOYALTY The duty of loyalty is a standard of faithfulness; a board member must give undivided allegiance when making decisions affecting the organization. This means that a board member can never use information obtained as a member for personal gain, but must act in the best interests of the organization. DUTY OF OBEDIENCE The duty of obedience requires board members to be faithful to the organization’s mission. They are not permitted to act in a way that is inconsistent with the central goals of the organization. A basis for this rule lies in the public’s trust that the organization will manage donated funds to fulfill the organization’s mission. TEN BASIC RESPONSIBILITIES OF NONPROFIT BOARDS • Determine the organization’s mission and purpose. It is the board’s responsibility to create and review a statement of mission and purpose that articulates the organization’s goals, means, and primary constituents served. • Select the chief executive. Boards must reach consensus on the chief executive’s responsibilities and undertake a careful search to find the most qualified individual for the position. • Provide proper financial oversight. The board must assist in developing the annual budget and ensuring that proper financial controls are in place. • Ensure adequate resources. One of the board’s foremost responsibilities is CONTINUED ON PAGE 28

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SWEEPSTAKES 2014 CA4WDC partners with Poison Spyder Customs on Win-A-Jeep Tickets are $5 with proceeds benefitting Cal4Wheel Imagine buying a brand new 2013 Jeep Wrangler right off the showroom floor, then taking your shiny new prize to Poison Spyder Customs and telling them that they can have their way with it. That’s exactly what the California Association of 4WD Clubs, Inc. has done with this year’s Win-A-Jeep project. We are starting with a new Sport model in lime green with an automatic transmission. The guys at Poison Spyder are going to add a winch donated by Warn, tires donated by BF Goodrich, and loads of their own Poison Spyder parts like bumpers, fenders, and more. Our other sponsors will also pitch in, making this the most complete and awesome rig you could ever hope to own for a mere $5 ticket. Tickets may be ordered online, by mail, or purchased at most off-road shows.


contact info Jeff Blewett 8120 36th Ave. Sacramento, CA 95824 209-210-7880

DRAWING FEBRUARY 22, 2014 Visalia, CA

Winner need not be present to win

Ways to win! ONLINE:

Scan with your smartphone to order tickets online cal4wheel Ticket Order Form


CA4WDC, Inc. 8120 36th Ave. Sacramento, CA 95824 1 Each book contains one bonus ticket for separate drawing. *California residents only



Please send me

q 1 ticket - $5 q 4 tickets1 - $20 q 8 tickets1 - $40

Name____________________________________Address________________________________________________ City, State, Zip___________________________________________________________________________________ Phone____________________________Email (OPTIONAL)______________________________________ q Check enclosed payable to CA4WDC, Inc.* q I’ll send payment when returning ticket stubs We’ll complete stubs & send your half of the ticket(s)

IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014

We’ll send you blank tickets that must be returned with payment to be entered in drawing

built by

wina JEEP $5


2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport

TICKETS order online at Drawing will be held February 22, 2014 in Visalia, CA. Winner need not be present to win. No purchase necessary. Winner responsible for transportation and applicable sales and income tax.



Gold Poison Spyder Customs

Advance Adapters Currie Enterprises Fox Racing Shocks

Bronze American Expedition Vehicles ARB Axial Racing Daystar Elk Grove Jeep Hi-Lift JE Reel Magnaflow Motive Gear

Northridge 4x4 Pass Auto Center PSC Motorsports Race Ramps Redlands Jeep Reid Racing RockKrawler Suspension sPod Synergy Manufacturing

Trailhead TrailReady Wheels Trek Armor Warn Xenia Advertising

Associates Crazy Suzy Design Factor 55 Odyssey Batteries

IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014


C L U B S Check the list below to see if there is a club in your area. Visit to find out more or contact your district membership chair (see listing on page 6). Most clubs meet monthly and schedule regular trail outings.

NORTH 4X4 CLIFFHANGERS of Vacaville meet the second Tuesday of each month (except December) at the fire station located on Vine St. off of Gibson Canyon Rd. at 7 p.m. Contact Eron at 707-410-7820 ( or Dan at 707-446-6905 ( ALL SEASON (Somerset). Email for meeting info. BEDROCK 4 Wheelers, Sacramento. Contact Perry at 916-9274858 for info. BLACK SHEEP 4X4 CLUB of Redding meets the first Tuesday of every month. For info contact Mario at mario@ or 530-227-1973, Tony at 530-397-7755 ( BOONIE BOUNCERS 4X4 CLUB (Sacramento). A fun and active club for families and singles that enjoy the great off-road. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at Round Table Pizza, located 5424 Dewey Dr., Fair Oaks, CA. Find us on Facebook or contact Bob at 916-783-0233 or for details. CAL-SIERRA ATV CLUB (Sacramento) meets the second Thursday of the month at CA4WDC office. Contact Felton at fomary@aol. com or visit CALIFORNIA TRAIL RUNNERS. Family and community service oriented 4WD club. Open to 4x4s and SUVs of all makes. CAPITAL CITY MOUNTAIN GOATS meet at 7:30 p.m. the first Friday each month. Contact Dennis Bartholomew at 916-4217788 or Tex Texiera at 916-423-1369 for info or visit our website at CONTRA COSTA JEEPERS, Walnut Creek area. Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month. Family-oriented club. Short wheelbase, difficult to extreme trails. Contact Jeff at 925-837-6015. DIABLO 4 WHEELERS (Concord). Family four-wheeling. Established since 1964. All makes of 4x4 welcome. Activities range from conservation projects, community involvement, Adopt-A-Trail, social runs, easy and hard rock wheeling. Meets the first Tuesday of each month, 7:00 p.m., Meets every first Tuesday of each month, 7:00 p.m., Fuddruckers Concord, Willow Shopping Center, 1975 Diamond Blvd, E-260 Concord, CA 94520. Contact Steve Mallo at or visit DIRTY DOZEN (Somerset). Call for meeting info, 530-620-1637. DIXON 4 WHEELERS, families and singles, all types of 4x4’s welcome. First Monday of each month at 7 p.m., call for location. Contact Ken at or 916-5021305 for info. ESPRIT DE FOUR (San Jose), second Tuesday each month, 7 p.m. Please consult club’s website for location. Activities range from community services, Adopt-a-Trail and safety clinics. We welcome newcomers to our meetings and events. For more info visit or contact Ellen at ellenjeep@ (650-964-4705). EZ JEEPERS (Vallejo). Call 209-604-5194 for meeting info. FORESTHILL FOUR WHEELERS. Family-oriented 4WD club meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Pizza Factory in Foresthill. Contact Kurt Huebner at or 530367-3637 for more meeting location and other details. FOUR DICE FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB (San Jose/South Bay Area) meets the first Monday of each month, 6:45 p.m., Harry’s Hofbrau, 390 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA. Contact Keith at 415-309-2658 ( or Alan at 408-218-6774 ( for info, or check our website at GOLD HILLS POSSE 4x4 Club of Folsom/EDH, a very active family-oriented club, meets at 7:30 p.m., the second Thursday


of each month at Round Table Pizza, 8755 Sierra College Blvd., Suite B, Roseville CA 95661, (916) 791-7288. Please call Brad at 916-933-0731 or email, or check our website at for additional information. GOLDEN GATE JEEPERS (Belmont). Bernard 650-593-4456. GRASS VALLEY 4-WHEELERS meet on the first Tuesday of the month at Alta Sierra Pizza and Grill, 15690 Johnson Place, Hwy. 49 and Alta Sierra Dr., Grass Valley, 7PM. Guests welcome. Visit or contact David at 530-274-2361 or Jason at 530-292-9338. HI LANDERS (Orangevale), meet on second Monday of month at 7:30 p.m., Orangevale Community Center, 6826 Hazel Ave. For more info contact Jerry Hicks at 916-988-2070 or visit our website at HIGH LAKE TREKKERS, Paradise. Contact Norm at 530-877-7025 or HIGH ROCK TREKKERS (Silver Springs, NV) meet annually in July to host the Lassen-Applegate Emigrant Trail event. Contact Dennis at 775-577-9157,; Warner at 775629-9232,, or visit highrocktrekkers. com for info. HILLHOPPERS JEEP CLUB (Dublin). Email for meeting info. JEFFERSON STATE 4WD ASSOCIATION (Central Point, OR). Meetings to be announced. Contact Tom, 541-883-2044, or Dick at JOAQUIN JEEPERS meet every second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at 4 Wheel Parts in Salida. For more information call Glen at 209-324-4774 or Todd at 209-847-2238. LAKE TAHOE HI-LO’S 4WD Club meets the fourth Tuesday of each month, in S. Lake Tahoe, CA. Contact Rod at 530-543-0320 for info. LOW RANGERS 4WDC (San Jose). Contact David at cjjeepdave@ (408-828-9720) or Neel at 408-499-2556 for info. MADHATTERS 4x4 Club, est. 1978, participates in a variety of family-oriented OHV activities. The club meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at Round Table Pizza, 1024 E. Stanley Blvd., Livermore, CA. Everyone welcome! Contact Tom at or Art at vicepresident@ or visit for more info. MENDOCINO 4X4 CLUB (Ukiah) meets every second Monday, 6 p.m., Jensen’s Truck Stop, Redroom Room, Ukiah. Frank 707972-0233, ( MOTHERLODE ROCKCRAWLERS (Amador County), familyoriented, all rigs welcome, responsible four wheeling, first Thursday of month, 7 p.m., Gold Country Driving School, 242 French Bar Rd., Jackson, CA. Contact Ron at 209-920-3150 or Gareth at 209-295-3582 for info. MOUNTAIN TRANSIT AUTHORITY (MTA) (San Jose) meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7 p.m., Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta, 2495 Winchester Blvd., Campbell, CA. Family and single members, guests are welcome. Host of the annual Mud-n-YerEye Frolic event held at Hollister Hills, CA. Contact Debbie at or visit MUDSUCKERS 4 WHEEL DRIVE CLUB (Sacramento) meet first Tuesday each month, Mark & Monica’s Family Pizza, 4751 Manzanita Ave in Carmichael at 7:00 p.m. Guests are welcome. Feel free to check our website at or contact Brian at 916-871-3458 or for details. NAPA B.E.T.S. 4-WHEEL DRIVE CLUB, an active club and member of CA4WDC. We have one run per month in the summer, one of which is our annual Rubicon Trek. We are open to all 4x4 owners, families and singles alike. For more club information, call Dave Toboni, 707-257-1709. NAPA VALLEY JEEPERS meet the second Tuesday of each month. Families and singles are welcome, as well as all makes of 4x4s.

IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014

For further info contact Jim MacLellan at 707-432-1479 or email NORCAL 4 WHEELERS, Sacramento. Check website for meeting info and location at NORCAL CRAWLERS meet the first Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. For more info contact Chad at 530-519-8940. NORCAL MUD SLINGERS (Citrus Heights). Contact Scott at or 916-642-2508 for info. NORTH COAST CLIFFHANGERS meets first Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. For more info contact Jim Pofahl at 707-464-3961. NORTH TAHOE TRAIL DUSTERS meet the first Wednesday of every month. For info contact John at 530-546-3642. OPHIR GOPHER JEEP CLUB meet first Friday of the month at varying locations. Call David at 530-589-1434 or Judy 530-5338443 for more information. PAIR-O-DICE 4 WHEELERS meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m., Round Table Pizza (near Safeway) on Clark Road in Paradise. Family club with single members. Runs monthly, Adopt-A-Trail, lots of fun, etc. Contact Jim Earl 530872-8218, or Doug Poppelreiter 530-872-9287 or ivwheeler@ RAT PACK (Shasta County) meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month except December at Angelo’s Pizza, 1774 California St., Redding at 6:30 p.m. All types of 4x4s welcome. Bob at 530244-2581 ( or Herb/Mary at 530-357-3768 ( ROUGH & READY JEEP CLUB (Sacramento) meets the first Tuesday of each month. For more info contact Jack at 916-991-5756. SACRAMENTO FLAT FENDERS. Contact Jason at 916-429-6553 for meeting info. SACRAMENTO JEEPERS, INC., family Jeeping since 1957. Meets the second Tuesday each month at 7:30 p.m., CA4WDC office, 8120 36th Ave., Sacramento. Please visit our web site at www. for more information. SACRAMENTO VALLEY TOP GUN. Contact Glen (chevyjeep@ or 916-685-5215. SACRAMENTO WIDETRACKERS meeting on the first Saturday of each month at the Pizza Factory in Loomis (Taylor Road) at 6:00 p.m. Family-oriented club. Contact Gary at 916-652-7889 ( info. SAN FRANCISCO JEEPERS, meet only as necessary. Contact Michael at (650-504-0703). SANTA CRUZ 4X4 CLUB. Third Thursday of each month, Bruno’s BBQ, 230 Mount Hermon Suite G (upstairs dining room), Scotts Valley, CA. Contact Robin at or 831-2393350 or see our website at SANTA ROSA 4X4’s meet on the first Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Boy Scout Clubhouse on Schurman Drive. Our club accepts singles and families with all levels of fourwheeling experience and all types of four-wheel drive vehicles. We welcome you as a guest at our next meeting! Visit our club website at or call David at 707-575-4160 for more info. SIERRA TREASURE HUNTERS, a family oriented 4WD club, meets at 7:30 p.m. the first Thursday each month in Sacramento. Email or visit our website at http://www.sth4x4. com. SOUTH COUNTY TRAIL RIDERS 4X4 CLUB meets at 5 p.m. the first Sunday of the month at Round Table Pizza, 14940 Camden Ave., San Jose, CA (off Hwys. 17 and 85). For more info call Glyn Zeiler at 408-224-6549 or James at or 408-410-6100. TRAILBUSTERS 4X4 CLUB (Solano County) meet on the first

Friday of each month at 7 p.m. in Vacaville at the Round Table Pizza, Alamo and Merchant. For more info contact Jason 707208-0480,

SANTA BARBARA 4WD CLUB, first Wednesday of every month, 7:00 p.m., call for location. Call Dick at 805-968-2437 ( or visit

TRI VALLEY ROCK KNOCKERS, Livermore. Contact Richard at

SANTA MARIA 4-WHEELERS meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m., Giavanni’s Pizza, 1108 E. Clark Ave in Orcutt. Contact John at (805-733-0813) or Misty at (805-937-5712) for more info.

MISFITS 4WD (Highland), meetings second Saturday of the month at Buffalo Wild Wings, 8188 Day Creek Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739. Call Maurice at 562-650-5023 for meeting time. Contact Maurice at misfitsjeepclub@yolasite. com (562-650-5023) or Zachary at (909-609-4283).

SEQUOIA SIDEWINDERS, Porterville. Meet the third Tuesday of each month at Round Table Pizza on Henderson Ave. For info contact Marvin at or Gary at 559-781-0151 or shaf@ocsnet.netSIERRA CRAWLERS (Clovis), meetings TBA. Contact Mike at or 559-647-1181.

ON THE ROCKS meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at Ameci Pizza & Pasta, 1724 E. Avenida De Los Arbolos, Thousand Oaks, at 7:00 p.m. Contact Mike at 805-383-0806 (mikewhitn10@juno. com) or Damian at 818-709-0280 ( for info. Or visit website at

TRAIL BUSTERS (Kings County) 4WD CLUB in Hanford meets on the first Thursday at 7 p.m., Kings Co. Bowl, 1050 E. Lacey Blvd., Hanford. Call Paul at 559-924-5875. Families and singles are welcome.

ORANGE COUNTY 4-PLAY, second Wednesday of the month, Carrows, 16931 Magnolia St., Fountain Valley. Check their website at for info or contact George at (714-376-3377).

WANDERING WHEELERS JEEP CLUB (Hayward): Meetings first Tuesday, 7 p.m., Round Table Pizza, 20920 Redwood Rd., Castro Valley (map at club web page at Call Al Paiva 925-634-4472 or Paul Tavres 510-783-0263 for info. Guests always welcome. WINE COUNTRY ROCK CRAWLERS (Sonoma County). Meet every third Monday night of the month, Round Table Pizza, 2065 Occidental Rd., Santa Rosa. For info contact Ken at ken.herlihy@ (707-792-2265) or visit WOMEN OUT WHEELING (Sacramento). Contact Shirley Bramham at 916-383-7128 or Claudia Smith at 530-620-0914 for meeting times and locations.

CENTRAL 4X4HIM CHRISTIAN WHEELERS (Fresno/Clovis). Meetings on 15th day of every month at rotating location. Check website at or contact Cecil at 559-250-4419 (sent4him@ or Don at 559-972-2200 ( for info.

SOUTH ANTELOPE VALLEY FOUR WHEELERS meet the third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m., at the Round Table Pizza, 44204 N. 10th St. West, Lancaster. For additional info, contact Scott at 661-349-2416 or visit BABES OF THE DESERT, contact Ginger at net.

4X4 IN MOTION (Modesto/Turlock) meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Families and individuals welcome. Contact Wayne at (209-541-7420) or Chris at (209-485-4348) for details.

CAPO VALLEY 4 WHEELERS (S. Orange Co.) meet on the first Tuesday of each month, 7:30 p.m., Wind & Sea Restaurant in Dana Point Harbor, Dana Point. Family-oriented. Contact Charlie at 949-212-4015 or visit

BAKERSFIELD TRAILBLAZERS meet the first Wednesday of each month. Guests welcome. Contact Richard at 661-706-1600 or James at 661-873-5487 for info or visit

DESERT DAWGS (Riverside) meet the second Tuesday of each month. Call John Snell for meeting info at 951-681-8608 or Visit our website at desertdawgs. org

BRONCOS UNANIMOUS, Laton, CA. Contact Bobby at (559-867-2128) or David at (559-923-9563) for info. CLOVIS INDEPENDENT 4 WHEELERS meet first Sunday each month 6:30 p.m. Call Rick at 559-281-3598 (iknoian@comcast. net) or visit our website at EASTERN SIERRA 4X4 CLUB, Inc. meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Meet at the Bishop Pizza Factory and come at 6 p.m. if you want to eat. Please check club website for the most current information at or contact Mike at 760-937-6663 or Sherrie at 760-920-0424 or email at FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB OF FRESNO meets second Tuesday of the month, 7:00 p.m., at Old Spaghetti Factory, 1610 E. Shaw Ave., Fresno. Visit our web site at for a map. Call Brad at 559-297-4478 for more information. HILLHOPPERS (Fresno). Contact Shawn at sf77bronco@yahoo. com or 559-324-0372. KINGSBURG 4WD CLUB meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m., 21253 S. Locan, Laton. Call David at 559-923-9563 ( for info. LOCK & LOW 4 WHEEL DRIVE CLUB of Visalia. Active family oriented club interested in responsible four-wheeling. Meet first Thursday each month. Call Larry at 559-597-2008 or Dan at 559-733-2723 for info or visit our website at http://www. LOCKED AND LOADED 4X4, Ripon. Meet first Tuesday, 7 PM at KMD Garage, 775 E. Roth Rd., French Camp. Contact Robert at 209-661-3266 ( or Nick at 209-834-7649 ( for info, or visit MID VALLEY 4 WHEELERS (Merced) meet the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m., 2220 E. Childs Ave., Merced. Contact Rick at or 209-725-8531. MUD, SWEAT & GEARS (Sonora) meet the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Pine Tree Restaurant, 19601 Hess Ave., Sonora. Runs are third Saturday of the month. Contact Erik (president) or 209-890-5599. Club website is

DIRT DEVILS offer family-oriented four-wheeling of all calibers, from mild to wild! Join us on the first Tuesday of each month. 7 p.m., Marie Callender’s, 5711 E. La Palma Ave., Anaheim. Contact information is on our website at http://www.dirtdevils. org or contact Jesse at DRIFTERS JEEP CLUB meets first Thursday of month. For more info contact Mark Phelps,, (909) 9388713 or David Meyer,, (951) 487-6693 or visit our blog at EARLY BRONCOS LTD. (1966-77 Broncos) meet second Sunday of month near Ramona, CA. Contact Steve at 858-740-7149 or visit GAD-ZUKS! SUZUKI CLUB meets at 4:30 p.m. on the first Sunday of every month. All vehicles are welcome. For meeting place info contact Guy 909-466-1513 ( Check our website at GEAR GRINDERS 4WD CLUB meets the fourth Wednesday of each month (except Nov. when Thanksgiving is the day after and Dec.), 6:00 p.m. for dinner, 7 p.m. for meeting, Casey’s Steaks & BBQ, 1337 N. China Lake Blvd., Ridgecrest. Contact Gary at 661803-3418 ( or Mary Grimsley 760-4463458 ( or visit GEARED 4 FUN 4WD CLUB (north San Diego county) meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Call for more information, contact Angela Cook at 760-505-3579 or Chris Chase at 760-723-3661 or visit our website at www.geared4fun. com. GENERAL 4 WHEELERS. Contact Donna at dlchisum4444@ or call 928-237-9190. HEMET JEEP CLUB meets second Wednesday of each month. Call Mike at 951-929-6492 or or Shawn at 951-767-1258. You can also visit our website at www. HIGH DESERT CRAWLERS 4X4 CLUB (Victorville). Contact Mark at for info, or visit

ROCKEATERS 4WD (Modesto) meet the second Saturday of each month at 2 p.m. Check our website for location. We are a familyoriented club open to new members of all types and experience levels. Check us out at

HIGH DESERT FOUR WHEELERS meet first Tuesday of each month, 6:00 p.m. for dinner, 6:30a book of p.m. for meeting. Greenhouse Café, 1233 W. Rancho Vista Blvd., #253, Palmdale, CA 93535 (in the Palmdale Mall just off the 14 freeway). Contact Terry at 661-917-3296 ( or Bonnie at 661943-9744 ( for info or visit www.

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY 4WD CLUB. The SLO 4-Wheelers invite you to come join us on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., Denny’s, Atascadero. Contact Tom at 805-4664042 ( or George 805-466-7659 ( or visit our web page at

INLAND JEEP FREEKS (Temecula area). First Sunday of each month, TJ’s Pizza Co., 39872 Los Alamos Rd., Murrieta, CA 92562. Erik Schreiner, 951-672-6726,

HILL & GULLY RIDERS, Jason 562-824-0367 or Robert 951-443-3809.

or visit

OUT FOUR FUN 4WD CLUB (Inland Empire area) meets the second Monday of each month. For location and club info contact Gary at or Paul at yoderp@ PACIFIC OFF ROADERS, Long Beach. Contact Bob at 562-4229640 or Charles at 310-450-4163. THE ROUGHWHEELERS IV CLUB (L.A.-South Bay) meet every second Friday at 8 p.m., Redondo Rod & Gun, 2023 Vanderbilt, Redondo Beach, CA 90278. See for map and details. Guests welcome. Contact Tuvia at 310-937-2328 ( or Avi 818-830-2566 (nirlts12@hotmail. com). SAN DIEGO 4 WHEELERS meet the first Thursday each month (except February), at the Automotive Museum in Balboa Park, located at 2080 Pan American Plaza, Suite 12, Park Boulevard, San Diego. See the website for info at or contact Joe at or Rod at 619-445-5310. SAN DIEGO OUTBACKS 4X4 CLUB meets the second Wednesday at the Santa Maria Masonic Lodge, located at the corner of Main and 9th Streets in beautiful downtown Ramona. For info call Marc at SCOUTS WEST meets the second Thursday each month, 7:30 p.m., at Marie Callender’s, 5711 E. La Palma, Anaheim. Call John Vogelsang at 661-245-1493 or visit our website at www. for info. SPINNIN’ FOURS (L.A.-O.C.) meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Call Art Hastings at 562-693-2303 for location and information. TIERRA DEL SOL (San Diego) meets the third Wednesday each month at Al Bahr Shrine, 5440 Kearny Mesa Rd., San Diego, 7:30 p.m. Contact Tim at 760-765-0772 or Sue at 619-562-1225, or visit TRAIL CREW (Santa Clarita). Meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Sizzler, 10401 Sunland Blvd. Sunland at 7:00pm. Come join us and hang out. We adopted and maintain the Look Out trail at Rowher Flats. Our website is For additional info contact Ron at VICTOR VALLEY 4 WHEELERS meet first Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at Victorville Motors, 14617 Civic Dr., Victorville. Safari night (family night) is the third Tuesday of every month at 5:30-7PM at Pasco’s Pizza, 17348 Main St., Hesperia. For info call Roger at 760-948-3424 (, Lisa at lisa@ or visit

OUT OF STATE KOMSTOCK KRAWLERZ, Dayton, NV. Call for meeting location. Larry,, 775-246-3212. NEVADA NOMADS. We hold meetings infrequently by consent of the members. Open to all types of 4WD vehicles. Contact Larry at 775-246-3212. ROGUE VALLEY 4 WHEELERS (Oregon), open to all four-wheelers, family-oriented. Meet on second Wednesday of each month at Bruno’s Pizza in Medford around 6:30 p.m. Contact Rick at for info. SIN CITY OUTLAWS 4WD CLUBS (Las Vegas, NV). Meetings to be announced. Contact Gary 702-242-9400, texasjeeps@

Need to change your listing? Contact Suzy at or online at

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to provide adequate resources for the organization to fulfill its mission. Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability. The board is ultimately responsible for ensuring adherence to legal standards and ethical norms. Ensure effective organizational planning. Boards must actively participate in an overall planning process and assist in implementing

and monitoring the plan’s goals. Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance. All boards have a responsibility to articulate prerequisites for candidates, orient new members, and periodically and comprehensively evaluate its own performance. Enhance the organization’s public standing. The board should clearly articulate the organization’s mission, accomplishments, and goals to the public and garner support from the community.

Determine, monitor, and strengthen the organization’s programs and services. The board’s responsibility is to determine which programs are consistent with the organization’s mission and to monitor their effectiveness. Support the chief executive and assess his or her performance. The board should ensure that the chief executive has the moral and professional support he or she needs to further the goals of the organization.

BEFORE YOU GO: BE PREPARED LIST REPRINTED FROM HILLS ANGELS 4X4 CLUB (RENO, NEVADA), HILLSANGELS4X4.COM 1. ALWAYS leave word with someone at home; direction where you are going, when you will return and a list of who to call if you do not return on time (county SAR, local 4x4 clubs, etc.). Then go THERE, don’t change your plans.

spending the night or nights. 6. If you do get stuck or break down STAY WITH THE VEHICLE. If you did, rule #1 help will come eventually. A vehicle is

8. Do not depend on the route finder type GPS units to be accurate. Folks have gotten into serious trouble because the Navi was set to the “quickest route.” 9. DO NOT DEPEND on wells, springs or ranches to be active or inhabited when you get there. Take more water and fuel than you think you will need. 10. Take proper precautions for medical needs. If you are allergic to any kind of bug bites, bees, diabetic, or any other medicated conditions, take extra meds, epi-pen, etc.

2. If you are running late, call home as soon as you hit pavement/ cell coverage. 3. If at all possible go with someone or a group in two or more vehicles. 4. Once you leave the pavement, do not expect your cell phone to work; AAA does not go off-pavement. 5. Go prepared, ALWAYS anticipate getting stuck, bit, stung or lost and 28

7. Take details maps, a true GPS that displays topo map detail (not a route finder). Turn on “track” or set waypoints when you leave the pavement. If you get lost you can always return the way you came following the GPS “return” function.


much easier to see at a distance than a person.

IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014

EDITOR’S NOTE: Another excellent safety item to carry is a personal locator beacon. They vary in price from about $99 to several hundred depending on the type. Activating them in an emergency transmits your location via GPS to a command center that will send help. My personal recommendation is a SPOT unit, which also sends ‘I’m okay’ messages to your relatives back home, as well as allowing your relatives to track you live while you’re out. Go to for info on SPOTs.



24-26 **NEW DATE** CA4WDC

MARCH 2014


WINTER FUN FESTIVAL, Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley, CA. Registration includes runs, meals and activities. Check the ad in this issue or visit for information.


LAST ONE STANDING CHALLENGE, 5th annual, sponsored by the Santa Cruz 4WD Club at Hollister SVRA near Hollister, CA. Proceeds from the event will be donated to CA4WDC. For more info visit


KINGSBURG 4WD CLUB SNOW RUN, 35th annual, in the Sequoia National Forest, Hume Lake Ranger District. Snow driving for the novice as well as experienced four-wheelers. Contact Nancy at 559904-3574 ( for details.



MAY 2014


KING OF THE HAMMERS, Johnson Valley OHV area near Landers, CA. For more information visit


SUPERSTITION 16. Join the San Diego 4 Wheelers at the Superstition Mountain OHV area near El Centro, California (Base Camp N32.55.37/ W115.48.65) for our 16th annual event. We offer multiple trail options ranging from a mild SUV run to wild 4+ trails including a BFGoodrich Outstanding Trail. Enjoy our great raffle and optional BBQ dinner. Check for registration and additional information.

TO ALL CALENDAR CONTRIBUTORS: Putting an event here is FREE to member clubs and associate members. Please try to narrow your event location down to a city, if possible, or an easily located region of the state. This helps our members and guests who are unfamiliar with our events.




MOLINA GHOST RUN, Hollister SVRA near Hollister, CA. Runs for all vehicles, dinner, raffle and more. See for details.

CHILI COOKOFF, Icehouse Resort, Hwy. 50, Pollock Pines, CA. Sponsored by the Capital City Mountain Goats. Bring your favorite chili recipe to compete for prizes. The parking lot will be cleared to make way for the fun. The lodge and bar will be open for breakfast and lunch. Event held rain, snow, sleet or sun! Start time is 9AM, judging at noon. First, second and third prizes will be awarded for the best chili. To get there, take Icehouse Road off of Hwy 50. Follow the road for nine miles. The resort is on the right. Contact Mike Lenno at 916295-4465 or Dana Holland at 916-812-2578.



21-23 CA4WDC


CA4WDC CONVENTION/ANNUAL MEETING, LampLiter Inn, 3300 W. Mineral King Ave., Visalia, CA. Check for information or call 800-4X4-FUNN.

HIGH SIERRA POKER RUN, near Shaver Lake, CA. Runs, camping, raffle. See run for more info.



TIERRA DEL SOL DESERT SAFARI, Truckhaven Hills area of the North Ocotillo Wells SVRA. This area is one of the most beautiful and scenic areas in Southern California. For more information on Tierra Del Sol and the Desert Safari, please visit www.


HI DESERT ROUND-UP, Stoddard Valley OHV area near Barstow, CA. Runs and games for all vehicles, raffle, and more. See for info. AUGUST 2014 7-10


SIERRA TREK, near Truckee, CA. Runs for all vehicles, camp activities, raffle, meals. See for details. CA4WDC


OPERATION DESERT FUN, Ocotillo Wells SVRA. Runs for 4x4s, ATVs, side-by-sides and motorcyles, vendor show, raffle and more. See operation-desert-fun for more info. NOVEMBER 2014

Looking for the


performance engineering


Custom Billet Hawse Fairleads


PANAMINT VALLEY DAYS, near Trona, CA. Runs, raffle, camping and more. See panamint-valley-days for details. ONGOING

Gearbox listings are only $35! Get yours. Call Suzy at 805.550.2804 or email


RUBICON OHV AND IRON MOUNTAIN Road Patrols. Volunteers needed to patrol the Rubicon and Iron Mountain trails on Saturdays and Sundays. Contact Dana Holland for more information at 916-457-7272.

IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014



north district ALAN YORDY EQUIPMENT CO............................ 209-462-1495 3412 E. Miner Ave., Stockton, CA 95205; Laundry & dry cleaning sales, services, parts; welding, fitting, bending, etc. ARNOLDS FOR AWARDS.....530-677-0623/ 3971A Durock Rd., Shingle Springs, CA 95682; Awards, trophies & ad specialties BIG CEDAR MINI STORAGE................................ 209-295-6600 P.O. Box 1464; Pioneer, CA 95666; Repair, rebuilding & services


530-721-1441 2907 Lake Forest Rd. #1 Tahoe City, CA 96145 4x4 parts/repair, automotive repair and diagnostics

IDIC ENTERPRISES, LLC...................................... 916-216-5337 PO Box 340213, Sacramento, CA 95834; Logistics J&M OFFROAD................................................... 530-273-7627 125 Spring Hill Dr., Suite 6, Grass Valley, CA 95945; 4-wheel drive fabrication J&S TRUCKING................................................... 916-424-5800 117 Otto Cir., Sacramento, CA 95822; Truck brokerage J&W AUTO WRECKERS....................................... 800-924-9732 8626 Antelope Rd., Antelope, CA 95843; New and used Jeep parts

BOLTON’S WELDING & JEEP REPAIR... 530-622-9353/647-9353 3655 Chuckwagon Way, #C, Placerville, CA 95667

JEEPERS JAMBOREE, Inc.................................... 530-333-4771 P.O. Box 900, Georgetown, CA 95634,; Jeep trips

CALIFORNIA JEEP Jeep gifts and apparel

KEEPSAFE SAFETY PRODUCTS............................ 530-878-3747 Auburn, CA; Fire extinguisher vertical-horizontal position

COAST TRANSIT REFRIGERATION....................... 800-727-8577 12 Harris Place, Salinas, CA 93901; Transport refrigeration COLLEGE OAK TOWING...................................... 916-648-2580 4125 Winter St, Sacramento, CA 95838; Towing                  

714-963-1897 / 18302 Ward St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 Tires, alignments, auto repair, lifts

CORNERSTONE COPY & PRINT PROJECT MGMT..916-393-9700 3132 Dwight Rd., #700, Elk Grove, CA 95758;; Printing


714-319-0939 / Offroad navigation and radio communications challenges

ELLYSON CHIROPRACTIC OFFICES...................... 530-743-2093 605 E St., Marysville, CA 95901; Chiropractic office ENTERPRISE PUBLICATIONS............................... 916-684-7348 3437 Point Pleasant Rd., Elk Grove, CA 95758-9719


EXTREME GEAR OFF-ROAD PRODUCTS.............. 916-635-4900 11389 Trade Center Dr., Ste. C, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742; 4 wheel drive repair/specialty shop/product sales


FHP AUTOMOTIVE.............................................. 530-721-1441 2907 Lake Forest Rd #1, Tahoe City, CA 96145; 4x4 parts, repair, diagnostics

Aftermarket parts and accessories; installation and fabrication

GEORGE’S AUTO REPAIR.................................... 925-484-2290 26 California Ave., Suite E, Pleasanton, CA 94566; Auto repair


JOSH GISIN CPA................................................. 916-955-1969 Certified Public Accountant HOOFERS WELDING........................................... 916-348-0662 5729 Manzanita Ave., Carmichael, CA 95608; Vehicular racks and welding


IN GEAR December 2013/January 2014

909-547-4651 Nissan offroad parts

MONK’S PLACE JEWELRY................................... 916-747-2678 5426 Elsinore W, Fair Oaks, CA 95628; Custom jewelry MS AUTO GEARS................................................ 408-970-9055 1427 Laurelwood Rd., Santa Clara, CA 95054; Jeep/LandCruiser modifications, repairs OFF-ROAD ENTERPRISES.................................... 209-931-1170 2953 Cherryland Ave., #B, Stockton, CA 95215 PARTS MIKE....................................................... 530-885-0673 9600 Hill View Rd, New Castle CA 95658; Internet 4x4 consultant; PRECISION WELDING & OFF ROAD.................... 530-534-8960 1683 Parker Ave., Oroville, CA 95965; Welding of off-road vehicles PULSKAMP......................................................... 916-802-5896 P.O. Box 13, Sutter Creek, CA 95685 WARN INDUSTRIES........................... 916-984-2122/ 104 Emigrant Ct., Folsom, CA 95630; Winch manufacturer WEST COAST DIFFERENTIALS............................. 916-635-8696 2429 Mercantile #A, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742; Differential parts

central district A-1 MOBILE SERVICE......................................... 831-422-4620 P.O. Box 3184, Salinas, CA 93912



ADVANCE ADAPTERS......................................... 805-238-7000 4320 Aerotech Center Way, Paso Robles, CA 93446; Engine & transmission components

CALIFORNIA CASUALS SPORTSWEAR................. 909-880-0860 P.O. Box 9462, San Bernardino, CA 92427; Silkscreen/screenprinting

BRIDGEPORT INN............................................... 760-932-7380 P.O. Box 128, Bridgeport, CA 93517-0128; Motel

COYOTE ENTERPRISES LLC....... P.O. Box 12137, Costa Mesa, CA 92627; Manufacturer, importer/exporter offroad aftermarket accessories

B.F. GOODRICH TIRES......................................... 800-458-5000 One Parkway South, Greenville, SC 29615; Tire manufacturer

CRAIG’S BIG GARAGE......................................... 951-271-0780 13486 Pheasant Way, Corona CA 92880; Off-road parts & sales

CRAWL PO Box 61091, Reno, NV 89506; CRAWL magazine

DIRTY PARTS...................................................... 310-390-9086 12012 Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066-5802;; 4WD parts/accessories/installs

KNUCKLE UP FITNESS......................................... 404-339-5425 5956 Rosewell Rd., Atlanta GA 30328; Fitness

CALIFORNIA CRAWLER PARTS............................ 559-493-5076 2905 N. Sunnyside #101, Fresno, CA 93727; Off-road parts, lifts, SAS, upgrades, accessories and installs, Toyota specialists COASTAL FABRICATION...................................... 831-394-7315 PO Box 222278, Carmel, CA 93922; Fabrication CRAZY SUZY PUBLISHING & DESIGN.................. 805-550-2804 7245 Nonpariel Rd., Paso Robles, CA 93446; Graphic & web design; DAVID MICHAELS HAIR SALON & SPA................ 559-799-4674 1043 W. Hemlock, Visalia, CA 93277; Complete hair care and spa services EXTREME OFF ROAD.......................................... 559-323-8222 1320 Brookhaven, Clovis, CA 93612; 4WD installations and repairs HELLWIG PRODUCTS CO., INC......559-734-7451/ 16237 Avenue 296, Visalia, CA 93292; Manufacturing KMD GARAGE.................................................... 209-661-3266 775 E. Roth Rd., French Camp, CA 95231; Auto repair and fabrication MARLIN CRAWLER............................................. 559-252-7295 1543-B N. Maple, Fresno, CA 93703; Aftermarket off-road parts MYERS WELL DRILLING...................................... 559-582-1580 11745 2nd Ave., Hanford, CA 93230; Well drilling SANDERS OFF ROAD.......................................... 661-319-9252 1904 Marcilynn Ct., Bakersfield, CA 93312; LED offroad lights, LED work lights, LED bulbs for RVs TOY HAULER LIQUIDATORS................................ 559-229-2277 3186 S. Parkway, Fresno, CA 93725; New & used toy haulers, 5th wheels, tent trailers WILD HORSES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE.................... 209-943-0991 640 N. El Dorado, Stockton, CA 95202;; 4WD parts

EARLY BRONCO REGISTRY.......858-740-7149/ PO Box 1354, Ramona, CA 92065; National Early Bronco association FOUNTAIN VALLEY TIRE & AUTO........................ 714-963-1897 18302 Ward St., Fountain Valley, CA 92708; Auto repair, tires, lifts FOUR WHEEL PARTS WHOLESALERS.................. 310-900-5570 801 W. Artesia Blvd., Compton, CA 90220; Off-road parts & accessories GENRIGHT OFF ROAD......................................... 805-584-8635 4535 Runway St., Simi Valley, CA 93063; Gas tanks, body armor, and more GOT DESERT ID....................... 22369 Osprey Ct., Wildmar, CA 92595; ID kits for off-roaders JC ENTERPRISES................................................. 818-522-2654 978 Ashford St., Simi Valley, CA 93065; Trailer repairs, equipment supplies, hardware LAND OPS.....................................714-319-0939/ Garden Grove, CA; Offroad navigation and radio communications challenges MILLER OFF-ROAD PRODUCTS..........................888-90-4MORP 330 Elm, Ramona, CA 92065; Manuf. accessories for Jeeps POISON SPYDER CUSTOMS.. 951-849-5911/ 1177 W. Lincoln St. Ste. 100A, Banning, CA 92220; Hard core Jeep accessories & parts PREMIER DIGITAL PRINTING.............................. 714-293-8790 735 W. Taft Ave., Orange, CA 92865; Printing RUGGED ROCKS......... 909-547-4651/ 13525 Sutter Ct., Fontana, CA 92336; Nissan off-road parts

south district BAS OFFROAD.......................... 760-963-9933/ 8380 Fairlane Rd., Lucerne Valley, CA 92356; Aftermarket accessories; installation; fabrication JOE BRADLEY AUCTIONEERS.............................. 619-297-7653 San Diego, CA;; Auctioneer services, autos, fundraising, real estate & business liquidations

SAFARI TACTICAL.................. 805-232-4220/ Ventura, CA; Custom off-road accessories, MOLLE gear sPOD.......................................... 661-755-8139/ 27804 Zion Ct., Castaic, CA 91384; Switch and power components TOW-RITE TOWBARS...... 3216 N Broadway, Escondido, CA 92026; Custom tow-bars

Support the

RENO4X4.COM..................................................... Online 4x4 community TOM WOODS CUSTOM DRIVE SHAFTS......................... 4xshaft. com/801-393-4538 2533 W 1800 N, Far West, UT 84404; Custom driveshafts TUFFY SECURITY 25733 Road H, Cortez, CO 81321; Storage boxes & accessories

associate life members JOE BRADLEY AUCTIONEERS.............................. 619-297-7653 San Diego, CA;; Auctioneer services, autos, fundraising, real estate & business liquidations COYOTE ENTERPRISES LLC....... P.O. Box 12137, Costa Mesa, CA 92627; Manufacturer, importer/exporter offroad aftermarket accessories ENTERPRISE PUBLICATIONS............................... 916-684-7348 3437 Point Pleasant Rd., Elk Grove, CA 95758-9719 EXTREME GEAR OFF-ROAD PRODUCTS.............. 916-635-4900 11389 Trade Center Dr., Ste. C, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742; 4 wheel drive repair/specialty shop/product sales J&M OFFROAD................................................... 530-273-7627 125 Spring Hill Dr., Suite 6, Grass Valley, CA 95945; 4-wheel drive fabrication J&S TRUCKING................................................... 916-424-5800 117 Otto Cir., Sacramento, CA 95822; Truck brokerage J&W AUTO WRECKERS....................................... 800-924-9732 8626 Antelope Rd., Antelope, CA 95843; New and used Jeep parts OFF-ROAD ENTERPRISES.................................... 209-931-1170 2953 Cherryland Ave., #B, Stockton, CA 95215 PULSKAMP......................................................... 916-802-5896 P.O. Box 13, Sutter Creek, CA 95685 sPOD.......................................... 661-755-8139/ 27804 Zion Ct., Castaic, CA 91384; Switch and power components


association with red white & blue

ARB-USA............................................................ 425-264-1391 720 SW 34th St., Renton, WA 98055; Air locker distributors



A hat like this should sell for $20!

50th Anniversary T-Shirts




JK 2-door

CA4WDC Vehicle

JK 4-door

T-Shirts $14-18



Cal4Wheel In Gear Dec 13/Jan 14  

The December 2013/January 2014 issue of the California Association of 4WD Clubs' In Gear magazine. Articles and event information about four...

Cal4Wheel In Gear Dec 13/Jan 14  

The December 2013/January 2014 issue of the California Association of 4WD Clubs' In Gear magazine. Articles and event information about four...