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CA4WDC OFFICE 8120 36th AVE. SACRAMENTO, CA 95824 More info DENNIS ATKINSON 925-443-6014

CA4WDC, INC. Bonnie Steele, Office Manager 8120 36th Ave. Sacramento, CA 95824-2304 (916) 381-8300 Fax (916) 381-8726 IN GEAR OFFICE Suzy Johnson, Editor 7245 Nonpariel Rd. Paso Robles, CA 93446 (805) 550-2804 Fax (866) 888-2465

What is the CA4WDC? The California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs, Inc. (founded in 1959) is a non-profit organization comprised of member clubs, individuals and business firms, united in a common objective — the betterment of vehicleoriented outdoor recreation. We represent four wheelers, hunters, fishermen, and other outdoor recreationalists. Ours is the largest organization of its type in California. Through a united effort we:

• Promote responsible use of public lands. • Prevent legislation that would restrict off-road • • • •

vehicles and vehicle use. Develop programs of conservation, education and safety. Encourage state and federal agencies to develop new four wheel drive trails and preserve existing ones. Distribute information to vehicle-oriented recreationalists. Promote statewide activities and four wheel drive events for the enjoyment of members.

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I pledge to support the goals and objectives of the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF 4 WHEEL DRIVE CLUBS, INC., in the protection, respect and the enjoyment of our public domain lands and towards the betterment of off-highway vehicle recreation. I am enclosing: $675.00 for my Life Membership dues.

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here did the summer go? Hope all of you got to spend it out on the trails. Just remember that it is very likely that every bit of dirt, sand and rocks that you traveled on represents decades of advocacy work done on your behalf to make it available for your tires to land on. So while you are saying thanks, please say a few words for organizations like ours and its corps of past and present volunteers and staff who make it happen for us. Thanks to everyone who joined or renewed in the last few months. We have increased our numbers and are on our way to our goal of 5,000 by 2015. The $10 coupon deal has expired, but we have a new promotion in its place. If you join or renew for multiple years you will get free Win-A-Jeep tickets for every year. So, if you join or renew for two years you get two free tickets, three years and you get three tickets, and so on. We don’t know how long this offer will last, so be sure to take advantage of it. You can do it even if you aren’t due to renew for a while. We’ll just add the time on to your expiration date. Go to to get signed up. See you on the trail. — Suzy Johnson, Editor/Web Coordinator

CA4WDC CONTACTS STATE OFFICERS PRESIDENT Steve Egbert 559-685-1928 559-936-3030 (cell) PAST PRESIDENT Mark D. Cave 559-623-5338 (cell) 559-733-4091 (home) 559-625-2000 (work) TREASURER Don Spuhler 530-333-2047 RECORDING SECRETARY Sherry Stortroen 209-602-4788 (cell) CENTRAL DISTRICT OFFICERS


SECRETARY Robert Krause 209-661-3266

SECRETARY Kerrie Graham 909-717-0592



VICE PRESIDENT Jeff Blewett 209-210-7880 MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN VACANT Special election at October district meeting SECRETARY Dennis Atkinson 925-443-6014 Cell 925-518-2552 SOUTH DISTRICT OFFICERS

VICE PRESIDENT Robert Escalera 559-904-5430

VICE PRESIDENT Jesse May 562-421-6185 Cell 562-505-0075

MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN Phil Moreno 559-901-2413

MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN Terry Dean 661-917-3296

NATURAL RESOURCES CONSULTANT - NORTH Jim Bramham 916-424-5800 land 888-JIMS-800 916-296-8923 cell MARKETING & PROMOTIONS COORDINATOR David Jones 530-367-2443 WEB PAGE COORDINATOR Suzy Johnson 7245 Nonpariel Rd. Paso Robles, CA 93446 805-550-2804 Fax 866-888-2465



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In Gear October/November 2013

Moving? Send your change of address to CA4WDC, Inc., 8120 36th Ave., Sacramento, CA 95824-2304 or change it online at You may also fax your new address to 916-381-8726. Be sure to include your membership number if it is available.


The last few months have been very busy with land use activities, events, district meetings and homework. At the current time many of the land use items are ongoing but awaiting decisions by the agencies or authorities involved. We have been supporting Terra del Sol Four Wheel Drive Club on the issue at Ocotillo Wells and have been involved with the efforts of the California Motorized Recreation Council (CMRC) in regards to this issue. We also continue to monitor the progress on Johnson Valley through our participation in CMRC. I attended the Congressional Field hearing in Sonora regarding the Frogs and Toad critical habitat. I was able to speak on behalf of our membership at the hearing. John Stewart and Jim Bramham’s reports in this issue have more information on ongoing issues. I attended 4x4 In Motions’ Niagara Rim Run where I was able to talk to the participants during the raffle about membership and the mission of the association. My Jeep was down during the event, so no wheeling was involved.

Phil Moreno and Robert Krause were also there representing the association and we did get to see some people working an obstacle near camp. My club, the Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers, had our annual Moonlight Madness run on Bald Mountain in the Sierra National Forest. Jeff Blewett was there and helped work my checkpoint at Dead Man’s Curve. We handed out “join us” cards and Win-a-Jeep postcards. The interesting thing was that about half of the participants were not current members, so we hope that we increased awareness of the association. I attended Sierra Trek again this year; I always look forward to this North District event. Steve Piazza and Amy Sagraves did a great job organizing the event. All the volunteers did a great job with the event this year, and I thank everyone involved. I am always glad when my little Jeep survives the trail, and this year I was glad to be able lead the Friday River Run as the backup vehicle, in most cases it is great to be in the front. We had very few incidents on the run and the Winch Hill crews do a great job spotting. Sierra Trek is a great event and has lots of options to fit all types of participants.

By the time you read this High Sierra Poker Run will be completed, but I am sure everyone will have had a great time. Other upcoming events are Operation Desert Fun and Panamint Valley Days. All the events always need raffle prize donations; if you or your club can donate a prize the event chairs always appreciate these donations. And finally the Sweepstakes Jeep built by Poison Spyder Customs will be moving around to shows including Sand Sport Super Show, Off-Road Expo, SEMA Show, International Sportsman’s Expo and the 2014 King of the Hammers. We can always use help selling tickets and sharing information about the association at these events. Please contact your district vice president if you can help out. Also, all members will be receiving tickets in the mail and we hope you will return the tickets with payment so that you don’t miss out on your chance to win this special Jeep. We can also send extra tickets for you to sell to your friends, relatives and coworkers; this is a great way to get back at all those people you have bought candy and cookie dough from over the years.

Safety Requirements

All vehicles must be maintained to conform to highway safety standards, as well as meet the minimum requirements listed below: 1. Roll bar or full cage or factory installed hard top. 2. Emergency brake, parking brake, line-lock or other redundant braking system. 3. Tow strap or rope (recommend rated at 2 times the vehicle weight). 4. First aid kit. 5. Jack capable of lifting the vehicle and a tool capable of removing lug nuts. 6. Spare tire within 3” diameter of other tires, or, for tires 37” or larger, run-flats or tools to repair/reinflate tire. 7. Fire extinguisher with gauge indicating good/full, appropriately stored. 8. Seat belts for all passengers. 9. Antennas must be rigid or restrained in a manner to prevent injuries. 10. Adequate attachment points front and rear, i.e., tow hooks, receiver, etc. Tow balls are not generally recommended. 11. Battery hold downs (no bungie cords).

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In Gear October/November 2013


VICE PResiDENT’s report JEFF BLEWETT NORTH DISTRICT VICE PRESIDENT I have been staying very busy helping out where I can, working on our event equipment and trying to organize our association assets better, but there is a lot to be done and we need your help. We need more volunteers to step up and help this association grow and move forward. Here are three simple things you can do to help us move forward: • Bring in one new member this year. • Go to one CA4WDC event this year. • Buy one book of Sweepstakes Vehicle Tickets (or more) ( or many more) Sierra Trek It was a little cold this

year but other than that the weather was great. The Fordyce trail was hard as ever, keeping the trail and winch hill committees busy all weekend. We had the usual breakdowns: tie rods, springs, broken frames and much more, which made a long day for some of the drag crews. The SUV runs had a great turn out and everyone enjoyed learning about the history of the Meadow Lake area. The food was great, the bar almost ran out of alcohol on Saturday night, the raffle was awesome and the UTV run had over ten participants. We couldn’t do it without you, the volunteers. I can’t say enough about the dedicated members we have that year after year come back and help us out on this event. Special thanks to Steve Piazza and Amy Sagraves for doing such a great job on this year’s

Sierra Trek. Trek/WFF equipment Now that all the equipment is back in the yard from Trek we need to set up another work party to clean the equipment get it ready for Winter Fun. If you’re interested in helping please contact me. Winter Fun Festival The date for next year’s Winter Fun festival will be January 24-26, 2014. We have turned in the Forest Service permit and are in the process of filling our committees. If you or you club wants to help out with event please contact me. We are looking for new ideas for the event and will have a planning meeting soon. Sweepstakes Vehicle

Program The Jeep just got back from Sierra Trek and Cantina on the Con where the Jeep tickets sales were very good. Jim Bramham will be transporting the Jeep back Poison Spyder in Banning. Poison Spyder has a few more products to install on the Jeep before the Sand Sport Super Show at the Orange County fairgrounds on September 20-22. After the Sand Sport Super Show we will install the Currie RocJoc 44 front axle and ARB’s. We have many events coming up and we need help at all of them. Here is the next few events we are planning to attend: • Sand Sport Super Show September 20-21, Costa Mesa • Off Road Expo – October Continued on page 9

VICE PResiDENT’s report robert escalera CENTRAL DISTRICT VICE PRESIDENT I just got home from High Sierra Poker Run and judging from all the smiling faces, I suspect Clay Weed and committee put together yet another successful event. Saturday morning a group

went out to tackle the Bald Mountain loop, while a day run through the Swamp trail left ahead of the always popular overnight Swamp trail adventure. Sunday brought more trail rides, the turtle crawl and Kingsburg Club’s new and improved articulation ramp. Kingsburg Club donated all proceeds from Sunday fun day


In Gear October/November 2013

games to HSPR. Dinner included tri-tip and chicken with all the fixings..... camp got awfully quite during dinner. Thanks to everyone who supported our little event that could! Keep in mind this year’s convention will be held in the central district and I hope you save the date on your calendar.

Save time! Renew automatically Be sure to check this option when joining or renewing your membership online!

CENTRAL DISTRICT LAUNCHES COMPETITION are so many more off-road enthusiasts that are not currently Cal 4 members or associate members; we all know one or two people (friends, family, or acquaintances) who may be interested in joining. We are such a large area with great trails


Attention Central District As you all know in any organization membership is a continuous uphill battle. Membership is also one of the most important factors for the Cal 4 wheel. Membership is what keeps our association alive and well. Membership keeps trails open, membership pays the attorneys, in short, membership pays the bills. Without membership there is no Cal 4. Here in the Central District we are blessed to have an abundance of trails and places to take our families using our off-road vehicles. But you, as well as I, know there

Bring in three new members to be entered in drawing for association jacket and I am sure there are some avid fourwheelers who never thought about joining -- that is until you invited them. Here is a challenge that I’m sending out to all of the Central District. I am asking that each and every one of you

try to bring in three or more new members or new associate members into our Association Family. To qualify for this incentive there is a three new member minimum. The more members we have the bigger voice we have. That voice can stretch far and wide to let those who make the decisions about our trails and recreation areas know that we are a force to be reckoned with. I would like to issue a Membership drive incentive: The person who brings in the most members (new paid members or new associate members, three minumum) between now (when you see this article in the In Gear) and ending December 31st will win a beautiful Cal 4wheel Association jacket with a large Continued on page 12

BLEWETT rEPORT Continued from page 8

• • •

5-6, Pomona SEMA - November 5-8, Las Vegas International Sportsmen Show January 9-13, Sacxramento King of the Hammers - February 2-7, Johnson Valley OHV Area

Transporting the Jeep all over the state for these events is difficult at times, but we have great volunteers who help us when they can. Thanks to Steve Gardiner for transporting the Jeep to Sierra Trek

and organizing the SoCal events. Thanks to Troy McClintock for transporting to Cantina and running the booth all weekend and Jim Bramham for getting the Jeep and trailer where we need it. Again I can’t say enough about our volunteers. The Sweepstakes Vehicle is one of CA4WDC largest fundraisers and we need your help to make it happen. Please buy some tickets and sell them to your family, friends and neighbors. We will be sending tickets out to all CA4WDC members soon.

(USFS Tahoe NF) on setting up another 4WD training day on Fordyce Trail. We had three USFS staffers attend and run the Thursday Fordyce Trail at Trek this year and we are glad to report they didn’t break anything this year. Last year they broke a rear driveline at WH #3. We are looking to train five more FS employees after Labor day. Next ND meeting is October 12 at the CA4WDC office in Sacramento.

USFS Fordyce Training I have been working with Joe Chavez



Two tickets for two-year membership, three tickets for three-year membership, etc.

*Minimum two year membership required.

Visit In Gear October/November 2013


NATURAL reSOURCES JIM BRAMHAM NATURAL RESOURCES CONSULTANT Senate Bill 234 The gray area surrounding the operation and modification of ROHV’s, aka side-by-sides and Rhinos, is now black and white with the Governor’s signature on SB234. This Bill grandfathers in vehicles previous to the 2014 models by allowing rear seat modification. The other elements of the previous Bills remain in effect that there shall be no operator under the age of 16 without the presence of an adult; all occupants must wear seatbelts and helmets. This law only applies to vehicles under 1000cc in engine size. We want to thank the author Mimi Walters (R) Orange County area for her leadership on this Bill. She had picked

this subject up from concerns from her constituents about a Bill passed last year that left questions of certain legalities on these vehicles. Her staff person, Joshua Hoover, was instrumental in shepherding this Bill to a successful conclusion. We want to thank the American Sand Association (ASA) for its companion efforts on this Bill. Sand Sport Super Show The OHV Commission will meet in conjunction with the Sand Sports Super Show at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa on Friday, September 20, 2013. This will be an opportunity for the Southern California public to engage the OHV Commission, as well as the Commission and OHV Division staff, to have an opportunity to see the importance of sand recreation in the overall

DONATIONS General Fund Brian & Alicia Gambini - $50 Peter & Fe Sturk, Jr. - $50 Susan & Mark Leasure - $25 Mike Bordenave - $10 Kenneth Krieg & Winny Ke - $10 Nora Lee - $10 William Pitman - $10 Don Amador - $5 Todd & Stephanie Cahill - $5 Miguel Sanchez & Nicole Marie - $5 Todd Simmons - $5 Clayton & Kim Weed - $5 Daniel & Laura White - $5 Nathan & Kristan Woodcock - $5 CA4WDC Foundation Michael Luis - $5

OHV recreation mix. State Parks OHV Division, which operates Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA), sees dune recreation seekers year round. This Park is among the most highly visited and camped at of all the State Parks. The BLM supplies sand recreation opportunities In Southern California at both the Dumont Dunes area north of Baker, California, and the Imperial Sand Dunes east of El Centro, California. In Northern California there is a small opportunity in the Eureka area in the Samoa Dunes Recreation area. The Forest Service contribution to the sand recreation is their management of the Oregon Dunes Recreation Area. Many thousands of Californians head to the beautiful Oregon coast to enjoy camping and OHV recreation. The Sand Sport Super Show is something to see even if sand is not your recreation choice. The technologies and products certainly cross many OHV pursuits. It is held Friday, September 20, 4:00pm – 10:00pm, Saturday September 21, 9:00am-7:00pm, and Sunday September 22, 9:00am-4:00pm. Also at this event will be SPEED Energy Stadium Super Trucks racing each day. Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis) The Desert Advisory Council (DAC), acting as a Recreation Resource Advisory Council, passed several motions pertaining to new fees for the Dunes. They found that the BLM had completed sufficient public outreach and public comment on the subject of fee increases. Recognizing continued public concern, they suggested the BLM continue to work closely with the Dunes Advisory Sub-Group in three following areas: Continued on page 12

Become an activist for land use 10

In Gear October/November 2013

NATURAL reSOURCES JOHN STEWART NATURAL RESOURCES CONSULTANT Forest Plan Revisions Inyo NF - I submitted comments on behalf of the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs (CA4WDC) and its membership concerning the proposed revision of the 1988 Inyo National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan under the provisions of the 2012 National Forest System Planning Rule. This particular round of comments concerns the Forest Assessment Topic Papers which will be used to define the alternatives in the Forest Plan Revision. Sierra NF - I attended a “technical meeting” with Forest Service staff and stakeholders at the Sierra NF Supervisors Office in Clovis. The meeting covered the Forest Assessment for the Sierra NF. Written comments are due Sept 19. Sequoia NF - Sequoia has recently begun scheduling public meetings concerning their Forest Plan Revision. Their schedule is approximately a month behind Sierra NF. Sequoia NF (Lake Isabella) - A fee change proposal has been submitted to the Recreation Resource Advisory Council that would modify the current fee area around Lake Isabella. I reviewed the proposal and concluded that CA4WDC has no position on this proposed fee issue as

it does not have a significant impact on our members. In discussion with RRAC members, I noted that CA4WDC does not oppose fees where amenities are provided and local governments have been consulted and are supportive. I further noted that CA4WDC does have continuing issues with the application of fees that do not account for a singular day-use pass and believes that it is appropriate (and within the spirit of the law) to honor national passes, such as the America the Beautiful, in lieu of on-site fee in areas where standard amenities are provided. This proposed fee reduced the fee area around the lake and did address my concerns. State Parks Response to Ocotillo Wells SVRA Lawsuit California State Parks has filed their formal response to the PEER/DPC lawsuit seeking to limit open riding within Ocotillo Wells SVRV. The response requests the judge to dismiss the lawsuit. The response, demurrer, cites that Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) and Desert Protection Council (DPC) have improperly invited the court to direct State Parks how to run the SVRA, something the law does not allow. In order to pursue this lawsuit, PEER/DPC must identify a specific non-discretionary task, required by law, that State Parks has failed to perform. That is something the filing by PEER/DPC fails to identify. The court hearing regarding the demurrer is scheduled for December 13, 2013. If granted, the entire case would be dismissed. Tierra del Sol 4WDC and EcoLogic Partners will be filing as intervenors on behalf of California State Parks depending on the outcome of the December 13 hearing. The filing by State Parks has extended the timeline. There is no action required prior to the December 13 court hearing.

Desert Lawsuits WEMO - Currently pending is an August 9th motion filed by the Plaintiffs (Center for Biological Diversity) to enforce the remedy order. In a nutshell, they allege that BLM is not upholding its monitoring obligations and has no chance of meeting the schedule for a new decision outlined in the order. It is set for a hearing on Oct. 29. I will be attending an inperson “meet and confer” being held in Moreno Valley Desert District BLM Office on Sept 5. Imperial Sand Dunes/Glamis (ISDRA) - In mid-June the BLM finally announced its new Record of Decision that has not been well received by CBD. As it stands, the case is headed back to court for continued litigation. Johnson Valley The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will go through the Energy & Natural Resources committee and then to the Armed Services Committee. One of two actions are expected: • The NDAA could get kicked back to conference. • If this happens, Livingston Group will be instrumental to help assure that Congressmen/women do not pull their support. Pismo/Oceano Dunes - (Political unrest in Grover Beach) Grover Beach City Council scheduled a meeting to oppose Mayor Peterson for advocating that the Air Pollution Control District (APCD) Oceano Dunes “Dust Rule” be repealed or amended. Mayor Peterson is the ONLY one on the APCD board who has displayed the courage to openly challenge the abusiveness of the Air Pollution Control District. As a result, she has been lambasted in the press, and by her own city council. I drafted and submitted a letter from CA4WDC in support of Mayor Peterson. The outcome of the meeting was that the Mayor will retain her seat on the Air Pollution Continued on page 13

In Gear October/November 2013


BRAMHAM rEPORT Continued from page 10

• • • •

Possibility of a one-day pass. Possibility of a second vehicle pass (available to all users). Potential process for replacement of annual stickers for vehicles sold or destroyed. Recommended the adoption of the proposed fee increases.

The price for the annual pass will be $150. The purchaser will be issued a window sticker/decal that must be displayed on the primary vehicle upon entering the Dunes. This is a change from windshieldhang tags that could and, sadly were, being traded between dune users. Weekly pass will be $35 if purchased “off-site,” and $50 if purchased within the ISDRA Recreation Area. There is an internet special called a Second Vehicle Pass. The idea behind this pass is that an online purchaser of a $35 weekly pass is able to buy a second pass for $25. These passes can be dated for the same visitor days thereby allowing a family with a motorhome and a passenger car to camp for the combined price of $65… OR, these passes can be used by two different users so you and a friend can visit at the same time for the combined price of $30 apiece… OR, they can be dated for separate visits. So if you know you are going Thanksgiving and New Year’s, you can buy both passes at the same time with two different start dates. Both permits come with the same rights and responsibilities, so the second

vehicle is not required to be a “shuttle” vehicle and can be a primary camping or OHV vehicle. ISDRA Recreation Area Management Plan (RAMP) As reported in the July In Gear, the new RAMP for the Dunes has been completed by the BLM. This Plan contained a provision that allowed any party in the initial law suit to file protest with the Court within 90-days of the Record of Decision. The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) et al filed within this 90-day period seeking a halt to the implementation of the RAMP. After consultation between all parties including CA4WDC, an agreement was reached that CBD would not extend their legal battle to include additional temporary restraining orders. All parties would agree to a limited scope and time sensitive review by the Court that will give the BLM an answer by April 15, 2014 in time to plan for the 2014/2015 Dune season. CA4WDC and Blue Ribbon Coalition have worked closely over the years on this lawsuit. Sierra Trek / Winter Fun Festival It was my privilege to lead both SUV runs at Sierra Trek this year. I feel strongly that it is through these types of runs that we can maximize our outreach to new members. It always such a joy for me when a participant on these runs asks me, “How do I put this into four wheel drive.” The fact that they have sought out an opportunity to use their vehicle in a way they never have before is such a

Support the

competition Continued from page 10 Cal 4 emblem on the back. (The jacket you usually see the board members wearing). It is really nice. I realize that most of you would love to increase our membership anyway, but I would just like to reward the person that brings most new members or Associates. Just make sure the new member or Associate you are referring mentions your name on their application packet. You can email me with your list and I will verify their status as a new members or Associates. Good luck Cal 4 family and let me know how I can help you. Phil may be reached by email at


association with red white & blue

risk/reward for them. I highly encourage all state events to offer these types of runs and for all of us talking to prospective members to point out these opportunities as a way to become involved. I will again be leading the SUV runs at Winter Fun Festival in January 2014. I may be plus or minus a year, but I believe this will be my 20th year of leading an SUV/Historical Run at Winter Fun. We have had some great times and have introduced many people to our sport of who have remained members of the Association. The Winter Fun Festival dates have changed. Please check the website and register early. Think snow.



A hat like this should sell for $20!

50th Anniversary T-Shirts




JK 2-door

CA4WDC Vehicle

JK 4-door

T-Shirts $14-18


In Gear October/November 2013

stewart rEPORT Continued from page 11 Control District (APCD). Refinery expansion - In other Pismo/Oceano Dunes news, the existing oil refinery is slated for remodeling to increase production capacity. The refinery sits between the dunes complex and the Nipomo Mesa area. It is unknown what impact this will have on the dust study OHMVR Division is preparing to implement.

Side-by-side legislation The Governor has signed SB 234 and it will go into effect immediately. This only effects vehicles made in 2013 or earlier and helps those ROV users who spent money on their modifications before AB 1595 passed. OHV smog issues All OHV by 2018 - An issue that has laid dormant for over seven and a half years has risen. The California Air

Resources Board is preparing a rule that will require smog abatement devices on all off-highway vehicles. This appears to impact any OHV that does not require smog compliance under existing California and federal laws; specifically noted were EGR systems. Targeted vehicle appear to include motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs. Basically, any motor vehicle that does not meet current state and federal smog requirements to be registered for on-highway use.

FEE INCREASES FOR IMPERIAL SAND DUNES FROM THE BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced a decision to implement a new fee schedule that would increase fees for the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (ISDRA) starting in the 2013-2014 season. The new fee schedule received extensive public review and input from stakeholders and partner organizations, including a unanimous recommendation by the California Desert Advisory Committee (DAC) to proceed with a fee increase for the ISDRA.

Season passes are available online from the American Sand Association, with 10% of the proceeds going back to the ASA. Thomas Zale, BLM El Centro Field Manager, said, “Our BLM staff and partners work hard to maintain the Dunes as a world class off-highway vehicle recreation destination and a safe place to experience America’s Great Outdoors. The fees we collect go towards visitor services and allow us to maintain a clean, safe, family friendly recreation area.

Imperial County, our partners and our stakeholders, helped in the development of a new fee schedule that works.” The new fee schedule includes several changes to the fee program that will be implemented during the 2013-2014 season, including: • The fee season will be reduced to October 1 through April 15 each year; • Off-site weekly permits will be available for $35; • On-site weekly permits will be available for $50; and • Season permits will be available for $150, and will be a sticker to be applied to the vehicle. The Desert Advisory Committee (DAC) provided additional recommendations related to the overall fee program. These recommendations will be addressed

through continuing collaboration with the public through the DAC ISDRA subgroup. The council recently met under the authority of the Federal Land Recreation Enhancement Act. More information about the fee proposal can be found at http://www.blm. gov/ca/st/en/fo/elcentro/recreation/ohvs/ isdra/dunesinfo/docs/isdrabp.html or on our Facebook page at www.facebook. com/BLMimperialsanddunes. Located in the southeast corner of California, the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area is the largest mass of dunes in the state. Also known as “Glamis” and a favorite location for OHV enthusiasts, the dunes also offer fabulous scenery, opportunities for solitude, and a home to rare plants and animals.

In Gear October/November 2013


OPERATION DESERT FUN RAISES FUNDS ANGELA COOK ODF CHAIR On October 18-19, come out and support the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Cal-Diego Chapter as well as Cal 4 Wheel. Bring your 4X4, ATV, UTV, or Motorcycle and explore the Ocotillo Wells SVRA. You can also test your rig’s limits on the very popular 4X4 Training Facility. We will have a Geocache, and we will also have a Best Equipped game for anyone who wants to participate. Only one vehicle needed per entry. Prizes will be awarded along with bragging rights to the winners! And of course we will have our awesome raffle for kids and adults. For more information and online registration visit

A.V. NEELY PASSES AWAY A.V. Neely, the second president of CA4WDC, passed away in July just days shy of his 94th birthday. In the 1950’s, A.V. developed an interest in Jeeping and exploring. This hobby developed into a family passion and in 1956 he became a founding member of the Chuckwalla Jeep Club. Many lifelong relationships grew in their Chuckwalla family, a club that continues to thrive today. In 1961, A.V. became the second elected president of CA4WDC. In October 1999, after sixty years of 14


humor and love.

In Gear October/November 2013

marriage, A.V. lost the love of his life, Sylvia. They leave behind their two sons, Lyle and Wade and their wives, three grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, treasured friends and a legacy of wisdom,



OCTOBER 18-19, 2013 To Benefit

The Cal-Diego Paralyzed Veterans Association

ALL 4X4’S, MOTORCYCLES, ATV’S & SIDE-BY-SIDES WELCOME! REGISTER ONLINE AT LOCATED off of S22 at the Truckhaven 4x4 Training Facility in the Ocotillo Wells SVRA 30 miles east of Borrego Springs

Rides and Runs on Saturday for all skill levels Drawing for adults and a drawing for kids Lots of flat, open areas to dry camp Vendor Show Friday and Saturday

REGISTRATION FORM Name__________________________________________________ Phone_____________________ Address___________________________ City____________________ Zip _____________________ Vehicle type______________ Club/Organization_______________ Email _______________________

Multi-Seat Vehicles (per vehicle)

#____ x $35 =______

Single-Seat Vehicles (per vehicle)

#____ x $20 =______

Single-Seat Vehicles (age 17 & under) #____ x $10 =______ (Must be accompanied by an adult)

Non-Cal4Wheel members add Extra Dash Plaque

All state vehicle codes apply See website for 4x4 safety requirements

For more info: Angela Cook 760-505-3579

$5 =______ #____ x $2 =______



Pre-registrations must be received by October 15, 2013.

Best equipped game *NEW* Try geocaching for prizes

Registration Includes: One dash plaque, choice of runs, one raffle ticket Make checks payable to: CA4WDC Return with form to: Operation Desert Fun 11 c/o Angela Cook 2220 Lee Ave. Escondido, CA 92027

We will not be mailing confirmations. Please call for confirmation or look for your canceled check.


Small ($15) ___ Med. ($15)___ Lg. ($15)___ XL ($15)___ XXL ($17)___ XXXL ($17)___

Ladies’ Tops Small ($15) ___ Med. ($15)___ Lg. ($15)___ XL ($15)___ (These run small) Sweatshirts Tank Tops (Please specify

T-Shirt Qty____ Top Qty____

Small ($25) ___ Med. ($25)___ Lg. ($25)___ XL ($25)___ XXL ($28)___

Sweatshirt Qty____

Small ($13) ___ Med. ($13)___ Lg. ($13)___ XL ($13)___ XXL ($15)___

Tank Top Qty____

Men’s or Women’s)

Kids’ T-Shirts

Small ($12) ___ Med. ($12)___ Lg. ($12)___

Kids’ T-Shirt Qty____

*SHIRT TOTAL $________ GRAND TOTAL $_________

CHECK #______

(*Add registration total $ with shirt total $)


All proceeds from both raffles go to the Cal-Diego Paralyzed Veterans Association. All proceeds from registration go to CA4WDC to cover costs and continue to fight land closures. In Gear October/November 2013


BECOME A FIVE-MINUTE ACTIVIST JOHN STEWART NATURAL RESOURCES CONSULTANT Editor’s Note: We’ve run this article before, but it bears repeating. Take a few minutes to do your part to keep trails open. There are many ways you can become involved for as little as 5 minutes a month. Please take a few minutes to look over the following list of opportunities. Activism is you being active in protecting your rights. Activism starts with ACT. 5 Minutes a Month


• •

Write a Letter to the Editor about recreation issues. Leave your campsite cleaner than you found it.

1-2 Hours a Month

Write several letters to representatives and local newspaper editors.

• • •

Get to know your local legislator.

• •

Attend a local Planning Board meeting.

Become more active in your local club. Take membership applications and newsletters to libraries and stores.

• •

Leave a copy of your club or association newsletter at work.

• • •

Call or send an e-mail to your elected official.

3-5 Hours a Month

Write a contribution check to a political action fund.

• • •

Join a campaign to clean up a campsite or trail.

• • •

Volunteer on a phone bank.

Put a note about your club activities in the company newsletter.

On your next trail ride, stop and pick up a broken bottle or crushed can.

15 Minutes a Month

Call new club members to welcome them and ask them to get involved.

• •

Write a “Dear Legislator” letter on a critical issue.

Attend a BLM or Forest Service Public Comment meeting.

Participate in a club or association committee. Work with the political committee to elect recreation supportive candidates to office. Work at a community outreach booth on a weekend. Take a friend on a club or association outing

Write a Letter to a public official to preserve recreation

LETTER TO THE EDITOR From the pulpit: Forest planning Mike Johnston Eastern Sierra 4WD Club I try to avoid preaching to the choir but I feel that I need to bring this to your attention. As some of you may know, I am also a member of the “Friends of the Inyo,” our local green organization. Their motto is “Preservation, Exploration, Stewardship.” I agree with all three, but basically disagree with how they generally go about “preservation.” Their recent newsletter highlights the Forest Planning process that is underway and encourages their members to get involved. In fact, they received a grant from the Conservation Alliance, and 16

with it they state “we will engage in the Inyo National Forest planning process in ways that ensure the protection of the wild and incredible places of the Eastern Sierra.” Again, I think we all have a lot in common but often disagree on how you “ensure the protection.” This new Forest Plan is a complete overhaul of the current plan and something that we will have to live with for many years. Inyo is one of the first National Forests to do this and it will be a precedent for all other Forests. I can understand that people are reluctant to get involved with a federal bureaucracy so I recommend the following: if you do not want to participate in the process,

In Gear October/November 2013

then support those that represent your position in the planning process. In the past I have recommended CORVA, Blue Ribbon Coalition and Calif. Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (aka Cal 4 Wheel or CA4WDC). Now, I strongly recommend the CA4WDC. They specifically represent our sport, four-wheeling, and their Natural Resources Consultant, John Stewart, has attended many of the local meetings regarding the Inyo National Forest. John is involved in our local issues and is very knowledgeable about the Forest Planning process. You can get more information at

Panamint valley days November 8-10, 2013

28th Annual • Panamint Valley • Near Trona, CA REGISTRATION FORM (Please Print) Driver’s Name_________________________________________ Phone (_______) _________________________________ Address______________________________________________ City_____________________ St_____ Zip ____________ Vehicle Type__________________________________________ Vehicle License # _________________________________ Membership Category: Individual o

Club o

Associate o

CA4WDC # __________________________________

Name of Club _________________________________________Email __________________________________________ All registrants receive: 1 dash plaque, 1 sweepstakes ticket, choice of runs on Friday, Saturday & Sunday and camping Thursday through Sunday. REGISTRATION: SELECT ONLY ONE! (ON-SITE REGISTRATION IS $60.00 PER VEHICLE, NON MEMBERS $80.00) CA4WDC Member (Per vehicle)


$ ____________________

State Association (Other than CA4WDC per vehicle)


$ ____________________

Weekend membership* (Per vehicle)


$ ____________________

CA4WDC Membership + Registration o New o Renewal


$ ____________________

* $20.00 can be used toward new CA4WDC membership fees this weekend only.

Extra Dash Plaques

$ 2.00

# ____________ $ ____________________

Saturday Night BBQ Dinner


# ____________ $ ____________________

BLM Camping Fee (optional)

$ 5.00

$ ____________________

REGISTER ONLINE AT CAL4WHEEL.COM/CA4WDC-STORE All apparel should be purchased in advance; there will be a limited quantity available on-site.

All T-shirts & sweatshirts will be $2.00 extra on-site. Sizes available S, M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL. Shirt sizes XXL & XXXL add $2.00.

All t-shirt orders must be received no lAter thAn october 20, 2013 T-shirts:

Size(s) __________________ # _________

@ $15.00 each

$ ____________________

Long-sleeve T-Shirt:

Size(s) __________________ # _________

@ $17.00 each

$ ____________________


Size(s) __________________ # _________

@ $20.00 each

$ ____________________

Hooded Sweatshirts:

Size(s) __________________ # _________

@ $25.00 each

$ ____________________

Kids’ T-shirts: (Pre-Reg only) Size(s) __________________ # _________

@ $10.00 each

$ ____________________

Youth sizes S, M & L

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE (tax included)


$ ___________________

Make all checks payable to “ca4wdc” and mail to: Panamint valley days, c/o Bonnie Ferguson, 5711 Columbia Way, Sp. 41, Quartz Hill, CA 93536-3174 Pre-registration & T-Shirt orders must be received no later than October 20, 2013!!! For further information contact Bonnie Ferguson at, 661-943-9744 confirmation will be sent by email. Please ensure that email address is legible. All vehicles will be required to adhere to all ca4wdc safety requirements. Vehicles not meeting the safety requirements will be turned away with no refunds.

All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee. No refunds after the event date

In Gear October/November 2013


10 RULES OF TRAIL ETIQUETTE TOM SEVERIN Despite what some people think, we four-wheelers are very considerate when off-road. We stay on marked trails, look out for others, obey the rules, and clean up after ourselves. I’m sure you are a responsible driver. Even so, it’s good to review trail etiquette from time to time. Here are my top 10 rules of etiquette for four-wheeling and camping. Read this list carefully. Are any of these unfamiliar to you? Do you need to brush up on any principles? 1. Be considerate. That’s the overriding principle here, and it deserves special mention. As you encounter others — whether friends or strangers — remain considerate. Perhaps you don’t feel like going out of your way for someone. At least avoid the temptation to be a four-wheel bully. Lord knows there are enough bullies in this world. 2. Yield right of way to mountain bikes, horses and hikers. They can’t compete with a two-ton vehicle. Slow down as you approach them, and give them space. Avoid kicking up unnecessary dust, honking your horn, and such. Want to really make an impression? Offer a bottle of water, some gas, a wrench or a helping hand when needed. You’ll feel better, and you’ll help improve our image. 3. Yield to a vehicle driving uphill. That vehicle may need some momentum to climb. If we force him to stop, he may need to back up to gain that momentum. 4. Keep track of the vehicle behind you. If you come to an intersection or a curve, make sure the vehicle behind you sees which way you went. Don’t assume he did. He might be in a dust cloud or behind a bush or boulder. The other vehicle should try to keep up, too. However, that could involve eating a lot of dust; that’s no fun. If you go through something difficult, look back and make sure the other vehicle made it. 5. Closely observe the vehicle ahead of you. This will help you pick the proper line(s) for negotiating a rough spot. It means keeping the proper distance back. Too close, and you could find yourself in a dust cloud. You also want to make sure the other vehicle’s rear end 18

Keep track of the vehicle behind you. isn’t in your blind spot. Back off until you are at the proper distance. (The ability to see their rear differential is a good starting point.) Where there are multiple obstacles, drop back farther to get a better perspective. This will also give you more time to think through your strategy. 6. When stopped, pull completely off the trail. You may not be the only person on the trails. Someone could overtake you or come at you from the other direction. When you pull off, pick a spot that’s already been disturbed. Try not to park on tall, dry grass. Your catalytic converter could start a fire. 7. Don’t throw cigarette butts out the window. Not only is that littering, but it can be a fire hazard. Southern California suffers several fires every year caused by discarded cigarette butts. Don’t be a butthead. Dispose of them properly! 8. Boys left, girls right. Need to stop for a pee call? This little ditty is a reminder of which direction everyone goes. Have numerous vehicles and no cover? Use a “dispersed” arrangement. The last vehicle stops. Everyone keeps driving until the second to last vehicle feels it’s far enough from the last vehicle. He stops and notifies the group. The process continues until everyone feels they are far enough away. How spread out you get

In Gear October/November 2013

depends on terrain features. 9. Be mindful of other campers. Don’t slam car doors or run the vehicle engine before 7 am. 10. My Special Rule: No music in camp. Yep, no radios, no loud MP3 players, or other artificial noise makers. Look, you’re out in the country to experience nature. You don’t — or shouldn’t — want to spoil the setting with some music, would you? Besides, we don’t all agree on our music choice. Now, it’s OK if someone brings along a guitar or banjo. What better way to enjoy a campfire than with a sing-along, right? For the most part, though, enjoy the sounds of Mother Nature. They are better than anything man can create. This list may seem like a lot to digest, but the rules are based on common sense. Recommit to the principles of off-road driving, and you will become an even better, more responsible four wheeler. Tom Severin, 4x4 Coach, teaches 4WD owners how to confidently and safely use their vehicles to the fullest extent in difficult terrain and adverse driving conditions. Visit to develop or improve your driving skill.

DIRT DEVILS TAKE ON MOAB Ray Kleinhuizen Reprinted from the Dirt Devils Digest, May/June 2013 April 8-13, 2013 Trail Leader: Ray Kleinhuizen Attendees: 1. Ray & Karen Kleinhuizen 2. Danny & Linda Ward 3. Brian & Pam McGrath 4. Don Young 5. Romeo Rubalcava & Myrna 6. Pete Johnson 7. Ron & Emi Webber 8. Chuck & Jean Chapman 9. Terry Puckett The group traveled to Moab over the weekend of April 5 to 7.A number of small problems occurred during our travel to Moab. Chuck Chapman, on the way out to Moab, got water in his diesel fuel of his motorhome. He was only able to go up hills at about 25mph, but he could coast downhill fast. Anyway, it does take a lot of extra time to get to Moab when your top speed is 25mph. Ray Kleinhuizen had loaded his jeep too far back on the trailer based on ideal tongue weight and it was bouncing and swaying. He had to stop right away and re-position his Jeep on the trailer. Unlike Chuck he averaged 110 mph on the hills. Danny Ward’s trailer anti-sway bar bent, he was able to take a sledge and pound the bar back in shape and proceed. The run plans for the week were a two-day overnight backcountry run on White Rim Rd. in Canyonlands National Park on April 8 & 9, followed by day runs on April 9, 10, 11 & 12. We used a local guide Bob Micklick (aka: The Grey Fox) on Apr. 10 for Sevenmile Rim and Apr. 12 for Mashed Potatoes. April 11 we ran Gemini Bridges with a side trip to Bull Canyon and Long Canyon. April 13 we ran Willow Flats and Tower Arch in Arches National Park. April 8 & 9: White Rim Rd. in Canyonlands National Park We had 8 Vehicles: 7 Jeeps and a Toyota

The White Rim Trail is the best way to see Canyonlands Park. It is a fairly easy dirt road that follows the canyon rims, with a few sections that hug the side of typical Utah walls. At first I was wondering why the trail was named White Rim as the trail was red. Later the layers of white sand stone became more visible under the red dirt. While on the white rim trail the skies were dark most of the time with some rain, snow and wind. The trail starts with a series of steep switchbacks that slowly took us into Shafer canyon. Look straight ahead, not down. The White Rim Trail is very scenic with every turn providing spectacular views. The first stop was Musselman Arch named after Ross Musselman. Several Dirt Devils walked across the arch. We camped at Murphy Hogback which is located high on a mesa, even with the cold wind and rain we enjoyed the great views from the campsite. The first day there was very little elevation change, the second day the trail starts out by wrapping around “the soda spring basin”: a huge canyon with buttes and the green river off in the distance. After reaching Candlestick Camp, the trail follows the Green river. The Green is a large wide river that eventually flows into the Colorado. We did see 2 canoes floating down the Green river. I would rather float down the Green on a nice warm day.

The trail then goes through Potato Bottom Campground where we stopped for lunch. We then climbed through shale type geography of Hardscrabble Hill a few hundred feet above the green river. If this trail is not maintained well it could be very spooky. Ray K had ordered a tractor to smooth out the trail ahead of our arrival. Leaving white rim trail is much like Shaffer Trail: a steep narrow cliff hugging trail. The White Rim Rd is an easy trail with a few steep climbs and many places where you’re right on the edge of a canyon overlook. The whole group had a great time running this trail. Wednesday April 10: Sevenmile Rim We had 9 vehicles: 8 Jeeps and a Toyota The first part of this trail is rocky with several ledges to climb. Everyone was doing well when all of a sudden I hear a very bad sound from under my Jeep followed by bad shaking. Looking under the Jeep, we found that the bolt on the rear passenger side upper control arm had come out. This caused the rear axle to turn upward, breaking the driver side upper control arm mount at the axle and bending both rear shocks. Not a good day for the trail Continued on page 28

In Gear October/November 2013


CONVENTION REGISTRATION OPENS AMY CAVE CONVENTION 2014 CHAIR “United We Stand� is the theme of the 55th anniversary of California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs. The convention will be sponsored by the Central District on February 21-23, 2014 at the Lamp Liter Inn in Visalia. Events will start off Friday evening with a wine and cheese welcome sponsored by the hotel, followed by Hospitality event of tacos. Saturday brings Life member breakfast with general assembly. We are planning on a car show on Saturday. Registration is only $10 per vehicle. Go to this link to register online. We will also be hosting a vendor show on Saturday. Anyone wishing to be a vendor just email Amy Cave at amycave@ Vendor space is free. No supplies provided for booths. Dinner will be Saturday evening with a choice of fish, beef, or chicken. We will have a raffle in which I am asking all clubs to donate one prize. This will help our event have a great raffle. Reservations may be made by calling the Lamp Liter and convention registration is available using the form on page 21 or by visiting Come join us at the birthplace of Cal 4 and convention. Reunite with old friends and see what is new in the Association. Hear how our association is fighting to save our cause to keep land open.

TOP: The vehicle show at the 2013 Convention featured some pretty nice rides. ABOVE: A few of our long-time members: Vi Haviland, Denny Londo, Alice & Bob Londo, and Steve Morris. BELOW LEFT: The late Mike Woll talks with Sherry Stortroen and Val Henry during hospitality.

See our complete catalog and dealer locator page at or call

1-800-34-TUFFY 20

In Gear October/November 2013



FEBRuARY 21-23, 2014 ViSALiA, CA Registration Information (PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE) Name___________________________________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip ____________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________ Email: ___________________________ Additional Family Member(s)________________________________________________ Delegate: o Yes Club Name _______________________________________________ Life Member: o Yes

Past President: o Yes Board Member: o Yes


Payment Information MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO CA4WDC CONVENTION 2014 Quantity Registration (per person) Dinner Choice (enter quantity): ____ Beef ____ Chicken ____ Fish

Life Member Breakfast Past President Lunch New/Old BOD Lunch Banquet Table Sponsorship Vehicle Show Entry Banquet Only Win-a-Jeep Tickets




$15 $20 $20 $25 $10 $35 $5

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ Subtotal $

Quantity $15 $17.50 $15 $20 $25 $13 $3


Lamp Liter Inn 3300 W. Mineral King Visalia, CA 93291 Total

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ Subtotal $

Grand Total $

Friday night hospitality Annual banquet One dash plaque Special events Vehicle show


Merchandise ORDER BY FEBRUARY 1, 2014 T-Shirt Pocket T-Shirt Womens T-Shirt Long Sleeve T-Shirt Hooded Sweatshirt Kids T-Shirt Extra Dash Plaque

• • • • •

Call for room reservations: (800) 662-6692

Rooms limited to 60 Ask for Cal 4 rate of $75 + tax Make reservations by February 1, 2014


Steve Egbert 559-936-3030 Amy Cave 559-936-3473

MAIL COMPLETED REGISTRATION FORM TO: Steve Egbert 1465 N. M St. Tulare, CA 93274 Mail by February 1, 2014


In Gear October/November 2013


DON’T FORGET ANNUAL AWARDS • Don Klusman State Conservation Project Award

STEVE EGBERT AWARDS COORDINATOR Every year the association recognizes clubs and individuals for outstanding service to the association, the off-road community or the community at large. Clubs and individuals can nominate fellow clubs or individuals for award recognition. The complicated processes from the past have been changed and all awards are determined from submission of a letter detailing the accomplishment of the club or individual. Please think about and submit letters detailing why the club or individual deserve recognition. This year we have added a membership development award; this award is for the club and individuals that have contributed to gaining members for the association. Award submissions are due 12/31/13 In the Sacramento office via snail mail or e-mail. Award List: • Cap Randall Memorial Member of the Year Award

• District Outstanding Project Award (3) • Don Dobson Memorial Club Land Use Award • Bozzy Willis Memorial Individual Land Use Award • Tara Ballard Woman of the Year Award • State Community Service Award • Associate of the Year • CA4WDC Safety Award • CA4WDC InGear Editor Award • CA4WDC Webmaster Award

Larry Calkins received the 2013 Ed Dunkley Medal of Honor. He has been a member since 1978.

• CA4WDC Club Membership Development Award • CA4WDC Individual Membership Development Award

• Lew Siepert Memorial Club of the Year Award

More information on awards can be found at

• Ed Dunkley Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement

Contact Steve with questions at

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE FOR MEMBERS The CA4WDC Conservation and Education Foundation awards three scholarships annually. These awards are given in honor of Bud Hammers, a charter member of the Tulare County 4X4 Club, one of the original clubs that started CA4WDC. Bud served as President pro-tem until Steve Morris was elected as first President. He also served as treasurer for CA4WDC and served on the Legislative Committee in 1960 and 1961. He was very supportive and dedicated to our cause. Scholarships are awarded to help sponsor private post-secondary education for selected CA4WDC members or their children. The scholarship program 22

Donations to the CA4WDC Conservation and Education Foundation are tax deductible and always appreciated.

To donate visit is funded by donations from CA4WDC members and the recipients of the awards are selected by the Life Members of CA4WDC. The program is fully funded by donations only, so the amount awarded each year varies. Requirements for Application: Must be a CA4WDC member or immediate family (children of members). • Minimum GPA of 2.5. • 20 hours of documented work within the prior calendar year, acceptable documentation examples below, from any or a combination of: ;; CA4WDC event as a committee

In Gear October/November 2013

volunteer (letter or e-mail from event chairman, positions and hours worked.) ;; A CA4WDC club conservation run doing trail cleanup or repair (letter or e-mail from project leader and hours worked) ;; Political activism in support of OHV issues. (copies of letters or emails written • One page essay on the topic/question on the application form. Applications for the CA4WDC Conservation and Education Scholarship Program can be found on the CA4WDC Foundation web site http://cal4wheel. com/ca4wdc-foundation or by contacting the CA4WDC office, (800) 4X4-FUNN

OIL SPILL KITS GOOD TO HAVE ON BOARD Mary Krupka At the 2013 Niagara Rim Run, 4x4 in Motion made and handed out oils spill kits to all the participants. Some of our members learned of these kits at another event and decided to make and disperse them at our annual poker run. Each kit contains: ;; Kitty Litter: Fluid absorption ;; Diaper: Fluid absorption ;; Trash Bag: Transport contaminants ;; Container: Fluid catch/Transport contaminants

Get with the

Program The 4 Wheel Drive Hardware Jeep® Club Program

Benefits Include:

• Discounts Off Retail Advertised Prices • A Check Back to the Club Annually • News on Special Promotions • And Much More!

These are good kits to keep in your rig just in case you have an issue. The Rubicon Trail, for example, has a drop box at both ends for these types of contaminated items. Be a good steward of our trails and don’t leave any fluids from your rig on the trail. While you are at it, make sure your rig doesn’t have any leaks or issues before you hit the trail.

Sign Up Today! Check out that metal hard top! This is a classic snow run pic sent in by the 4WD Cliffhangers of Vacaville. Send your pics to 800-333-5535

In Gear October/November 2013

Gear to get you there.™


SWEEPSTAKES 2014 CA4WDC partners with Poison Spyder Customs on Win-A-Jeep Tickets are $5 with proceeds benefitting Cal4Wheel Imagine buying a brand new 2013 Jeep Wrangler right off the showroom floor, then taking your shiny new prize to Poison Spyder Customs and telling them that they can have their way with it. That’s exactly what the California Association of 4WD Clubs, Inc. has done with this year’s Win-A-Jeep project. We are starting with a new Sport model in lime green with an automatic transmission. The guys at Poison Spyder are going to add a winch donated by Warn, tires donated by BF Goodrich, and loads of their own Poison Spyder parts like bumpers, fenders, and more. Our other sponsors will also pitch in, making this the most complete and awesome rig you could ever hope to own for a mere $5 ticket. Tickets may be ordered online, by mail, or purchased at most off-road shows.


contact info Jeff Blewett 8120 36th Ave. Sacramento, CA 95824 209-210-7880

DRAWING FEBRUARY 22, 2014 Visalia, CA

Winner need not be present to win

Ways to win! ONLINE:

Scan with your smartphone to order tickets online cal4wheel Ticket Order Form


CA4WDC, Inc. 8120 36th Ave. Sacramento, CA 95824 1 Each book contains one bonus ticket for separate drawing. *California residents only



Please send me

q 1 ticket - $5 q 4 tickets1 - $20 q 8 tickets1 - $40

Name____________________________________Address________________________________________________ City, State, Zip___________________________________________________________________________________ Phone____________________________Email (optional)______________________________________ q Check enclosed payable to CA4WDC, Inc.* q I’ll send payment when returning ticket stubs We’ll complete stubs & send your half of the ticket(s)

In Gear October/November 2013

We’ll send you blank tickets that must be returned with payment to be entered in drawing

built by

wina JEEP $5


2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport

TICKETS order online at Drawing will be held February 22, 2014 in Visalia, CA. Winner need not be present to win. No purchase necessary. Winner responsible for transportation and applicable sales and income tax.



Advance Adapters Currie Enterprises Fox Racing Shocks

Gold Poison Spyder Customs Bronze American Expedition Vehicles ARB Axial Racing Daystar Elk Grove Jeep Hi-Lift JE Reel Magnaflow Motive Gear

Northridge 4x4 Pass Auto Center PSC Motorsports Race Ramps Redlands Jeep Reid Racing RockKrawler Suspension sPod Synergy Manufacturing

Trailhead TrailReady Wheels Trek Armor Warn Xenia Advertising

Associates Crazy Suzy Design Factor 55 Odyssey Batteries

In Gear October/November 2013


C L U B S Check the list below to see if there is a club in your area. Visit to find out more or contact your district membership chair (see listing on page 6). Most clubs meet monthly and schedule regular trail outings.

NORTH 4X4 CLIFFHANGERS of Vacaville meet the second Tuesday of each month (except December) at the fire station located on Vine St. off of Gibson Canyon Rd. at 7 p.m. Contact Eron at 707-410-7820 ( or Dan at 707-446-6905 (dragenfab@ ALL SEASON (Somerset). Email for meeting info. BEDROCK 4 Wheelers, Sacramento. Contact Perry at 916-9274858 for info. BLACK SHEEP 4X4 CLUB of Redding meets the first Tuesday of every month. For info contact Mario at mario@ or 530-227-1973, Tony at 530-3977755 ( BOONIE BOUNCERS 4X4 CLUB (Sacramento). A fun and active club for families and singles that enjoy the great off-road. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at Round Table Pizza, located 5424 Dewey Dr., Fair Oaks, CA. Find us on Facebook or contact Bob at 916-783-0233 or for details. CAL-SIERRA ATV CLUB (Sacramento) meets the second Thursday of the month at CA4WDC office. Contact Felton at fomary@aol. com or visit CALIFORNIA TRAIL RUNNERS. Family and community service oriented 4WD club. Open to 4x4s and SUVs of all makes. CAPITAL CITY MOUNTAIN GOATS meet at 7:30 p.m. the first Friday each month. Contact Dennis Bartholomew at 916-421-7788 or Tex Texiera at 916-423-1369 for info or visit our website at CONTRA COSTA JEEPERS, Walnut Creek area. Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month. Family-oriented club. Short wheelbase, difficult to extreme trails. Contact Jeff at 925-837-6015. DIABLO 4 WHEELERS (Concord). Family four-wheeling. Established since 1964. All makes of 4x4 welcome. Activities range from conservation projects, community involvement, Adopt-A-Trail, social runs, easy and hard rock wheeling. Meets the first Tuesday of each month, 7:00 p.m., Meets every first Tuesday of each month, 7:00 p.m., Fuddruckers Concord, Willow Shopping Center, 1975 Diamond Blvd, E-260 Concord, CA 94520. Contact Steve Mallo at or visit DIRTY DOZEN (Somerset). Call for meeting info, 530-620-1637. DIXON 4 WHEELERS, families and singles, all types of 4x4’s welcome. First Monday of each month at 7 p.m., call for location. Contact Ken at or 916-502-1305 for info. ESPRIT DE FOUR (San Jose), second Tuesday each month, 7 p.m. Please consult club’s website for location. Activities range from community services, Adopt-a-Trail and safety clinics. We welcome newcomers to our meetings and events. For more info visit www. or contact Ellen at (650-964-4705). EZ JEEPERS (Vallejo). Call 209-604-5194 for meeting info. FORESTHILL FOUR WHEELERS. Family-oriented 4WD club meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Pizza Factory in Foresthill. Contact Kurt Huebner at or 530-367-3637 for more meeting location and other details. FOUR DICE FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB (San Jose/South Bay Area) meets the first Monday of each month, 6:45 p.m., Harry’s Hofbrau, 390 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA. Contact Keith at 415309-2658 ( or Alan at 408-218-6774 ( for info, or check our website at GOLD HILLS POSSE 4x4 Club of Folsom/EDH, a very active familyoriented club, meets at 7:30 p.m., the second Thursday of each month at Round Table Pizza, 8755 Sierra College Blvd.,


Suite B, Roseville CA 95661, (916) 791-7288. Please call Brad at 916-933-0731 or email, or check our website at for additional information. GOLDEN GATE JEEPERS (Belmont). Bernard 650-593-4456. GRASS VALLEY 4-WHEELERS meet on the first Tuesday of the month at Alta Sierra Pizza and Grill, 15690 Johnson Place, Hwy. 49 and Alta Sierra Dr., Grass Valley, 7PM. Guests welcome. Visit or contact David at 530-274-2361 or Jason at 530-292-9338. HI LANDERS (Orangevale), meet on second Monday of month at 7:30 p.m., Orangevale Community Center, 6826 Hazel Ave. For more info contact Jerry Hicks at 916-988-2070 or visit our website at HIGH LAKE TREKKERS, Paradise. Contact Norm at 530-877-7025 or HIGH ROCK TREKKERS (Silver Springs, NV) meet annually in July to host the Lassen-Applegate Emigrant Trail event. Contact Dennis at 775-577-9157,; Warner at 775-6299232,, or visit highrocktrekkers. com for info. HILLHOPPERS JEEP CLUB (Dublin). Email for meeting info. JEFFERSON STATE 4WD ASSOCIATION (Central Point, OR). Meetings to be announced. Contact Tom, 541-883-2044, or Dick at JOAQUIN JEEPERS meet every second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at 4 Wheel Parts in Salida. For more information call Glen at 209-324-4774 or Todd at 209-847-2238. LAKE TAHOE HI-LO’S 4WD Club meets the fourth Tuesday of each month, in S. Lake Tahoe, CA. Contact Rod at 530-543-0320 for info. LOW RANGERS 4WDC (San Jose). Contact David at cjjeepdave@ (408-828-9720) or Neel at 408-499-2556 for info. MADHATTERS 4x4 Club, est. 1978, participates in a variety of family-oriented OHV activities. The club meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at Round Table Pizza, 1024 E. Stanley Blvd., Livermore, CA. Everyone welcome! Contact Tom at or Art at vicepresident@ or visit for more info. MENDOCINO 4X4 CLUB (Ukiah) meets every second Monday, 6 p.m., Jensen’s Truck Stop, Redroom Room, Ukiah. Frank 707-9720233, ( MOTHERLODE ROCKCRAWLERS (Amador County), family-oriented, all rigs welcome, responsible four wheeling, first Thursday of month, 7 p.m., Gold Country Driving School, 242 French Bar Rd., Jackson, CA. Contact Ron at 209-920-3150 or Gareth at 209-2953582 for info. MOUNTAIN TRANSIT AUTHORITY (MTA) (San Jose) meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7 p.m., Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta, 2495 Winchester Blvd., Campbell, CA. Family and single members, guests are welcome. Host of the annual Mud-n-YerEye Frolic event held at Hollister Hills, CA. Contact Debbie at or visit MUDSUCKERS 4 WHEEL DRIVE CLUB (Sacramento) meet first Tuesday each month, Mark & Monica’s Family Pizza, 4751 Manzanita Ave in Carmichael at 7:00 p.m. Guests are welcome. Feel free to check our website at or contact Brian at 916-871-3458 or for details. NAPA B.E.T.S. 4-WHEEL DRIVE CLUB, an active club and member of CA4WDC. We have one run per month in the summer, one of which is our annual Rubicon Trek. We are open to all 4x4 owners, families and singles alike. For more club information, call Dave Toboni, 707-257-1709. NAPA VALLEY JEEPERS meet the second Tuesday of each month. Families and singles are welcome, as well as all makes of 4x4s.

In Gear October/November 2013

For further info contact Jim MacLellan at 707-432-1479 or email NORCAL 4 WHEELERS, Sacramento. Check website for meeting info and location at NORCAL CRAWLERS meet the first Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. For more info contact Chad at 530-519-8940. NORCAL MUD SLINGERS (Citrus Heights). Contact Scott at or 916-642-2508 for info. NORTH COAST CLIFFHANGERS meets first Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. For more info contact Jim Pofahl at 707-464-3961. NORTH TAHOE TRAIL DUSTERS meet the first Wednesday of every month. For info contact John at 530-546-3642. OPHIR GOPHER JEEP CLUB meet first Friday of the month at varying locations. Call David at 530-589-1434 or Judy 530-5338443 for more information. PAIR-O-DICE 4 WHEELERS meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m., Round Table Pizza (near Safeway) on Clark Road in Paradise. Family club with single members. Runs monthly, Adopt-A-Trail, lots of fun, etc. Contact Jim Earl 530-872-8218, or Doug Poppelreiter 530-872-9287 or RAT PACK (Shasta County) meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month except December at Angelo’s Pizza, 1774 California St., Redding at 6:30 p.m. All types of 4x4s welcome. Bob at 530-2442581 ( or Herb/Mary at 530-357-3768 ( ROUGH & READY JEEP CLUB (Sacramento) meets the first Tuesday of each month. For more info contact Jack at 916-991-5756. SACRAMENTO FLAT FENDERS. Contact Jason at 916-429-6553 for meeting info. SACRAMENTO JEEPERS, INC., family Jeeping since 1957. Meets the second Tuesday each month at 7:30 p.m., CA4WDC office, 8120 36th Ave., Sacramento. Please visit our web site at www. for more information. SACRAMENTO VALLEY TOP GUN. Contact Glen (chevyjeep@ or 916-685-5215. SACRAMENTO WIDETRACKERS meeting on the first Saturday of each month at the Pizza Factory in Loomis (Taylor Road) at 6:00 p.m. Family-oriented club. Contact Gary at 916-652-7889 ( info. SAN FRANCISCO JEEPERS, meet only as necessary. Contact Michael at (650-504-0703). SANTA CRUZ 4X4 CLUB. Third Thursday of each month, Bruno’s BBQ, 230 Mount Hermon Suite G (upstairs dining room), Scotts Valley, CA. Contact Robin at or 831-2393350 or see our website at SANTA ROSA 4X4’s meet on the first Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Boy Scout Clubhouse on Schurman Drive. Our club accepts singles and families with all levels of fourwheeling experience and all types of four-wheel drive vehicles. We welcome you as a guest at our next meeting! Visit our club website at or call David at 707-575-4160 for more info. SIERRA TREASURE HUNTERS, a family oriented 4WD club, meets at 7:30 p.m. the first Thursday each month in Sacramento. Email or visit our website at http://www. SOUTH COUNTY TRAIL RIDERS 4X4 CLUB meets at 5 p.m. the first Sunday of the month at Round Table Pizza, 14940 Camden Ave., San Jose, CA (off Hwys. 17 and 85). For more info call Glyn Zeiler at 408-224-6549 or James at or 408-410-6100. TRAILBUSTERS 4X4 CLUB (Solano County) meet on the first Friday of each month at 7 p.m. in Vacaville at the Round Table Pizza, Alamo and Merchant. For more info contact Jason 707-208-0480, TRI VALLEY ROCK KNOCKERS, Livermore. Contact Richard at WANDERING WHEELERS JEEP CLUB (Hayward): Meetings first Tuesday, 7 p.m., Round Table Pizza, 20920 Redwood Rd., Castro Valley (map at club web page at Call Al Paiva 925-634-4472 or Paul Tavres 510-783-0263 for info. Guests always welcome. WINE COUNTRY ROCK CRAWLERS (Sonoma County). Meet every third Monday night of the month, Round Table Pizza, 2065 Occidental Rd., Santa Rosa. For info contact Ken at (707-792-2265) or visit WOMEN OUT WHEELING (Sacramento). Contact Shirley Bramham at 916-383-7128 or Claudia Smith at 530-620-0914 for meeting times and locations.

CENTRAL 4X4HIM CHRISTIAN WHEELERS (Fresno/Clovis). Meetings on 15th day of every month at rotating location. Check website at or contact Cecil at 559-250-4419 (sent4him@ or Don at 559-972-2200 ( for info. 4X4 IN MOTION (Modesto/Turlock) meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Families and individuals welcome. Contact Wayne at (209-541-7420) or Chris at (209-485-4348) for details. BAKERSFIELD TRAILBLAZERS meet the first Wednesday of each month. Guests welcome. Contact Richard at 661-706-1600 or James at 661-873-5487 for info or visit bakersfieldtrailblazers. org BRONCOS UNANIMOUS, Laton, CA. Contact Bobby at (559-867-2128) or David at (559-923-9563) for info. CLOVIS INDEPENDENT 4 WHEELERS meet first Sunday each month 6:30 p.m. Call Rick at 559-281-3598 ( or visit our website at EASTERN SIERRA 4X4 CLUB, Inc. meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Meet at the Bishop Pizza Factory and come at 6 p.m. if you want to eat. Please check club website for the most current information at www.easternsierra4wdclub. com or contact Mike at 760-937-6663 or Sherrie at 760-9200424 or email at FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB OF FRESNO meets second Tuesday of the month, 7:00 p.m., at Old Spaghetti Factory, 1610 E. Shaw Ave., Fresno. Visit our web site at http://www.4WDCFresno. net for a map. Call Brad at 559-297-4478 for more information. HILLHOPPERS (Fresno). Contact Shawn at sf77bronco@yahoo. com or 559-324-0372. KINGSBURG 4WD CLUB meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m., 21253 S. Locan, Laton. Call David at 559-923-9563 ( for info. LOCK & LOW 4 WHEEL DRIVE CLUB of Visalia. Active family oriented club interested in responsible four-wheeling. Meet first Thursday each month. Call Larry at 559-597-2008 or Dan at 559-733-2723 for info or visit our website at http://www. LOCKED AND LOADED 4X4, Ripon. Meet first Tuesday, 7 PM at KMD Garage, 775 E. Roth Rd., French Camp. Contact Robert at 209-661-3266 ( or Nick at 209-834-7649 ( for info, or visit MID VALLEY 4 WHEELERS (Merced) meet the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m., 2220 E. Childs Ave., Merced. Contact Rick at or 209-725-8531. MUD, SWEAT & GEARS (Sonora) meet the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Pine Tree Restaurant, 19601 Hess Ave., Sonora. Runs are third Saturday of the month. Contact Erik (president) or 209-890-5599. Club website is ROCKEATERS 4WD (Modesto) meet the second Saturday of each month at 2 p.m. Check our website for location. We are a familyoriented club open to new members of all types and experience levels. Check us out at SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY 4WD CLUB. The SLO 4-Wheelers invite you to come join us on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., Denny’s, Atascadero. Contact Tom at 805466-4042 ( or George 805-

466-7659 ( or visit our web page at

HILL & GULLY RIDERS, Jason 562-824-0367 or Robert 951-443-3809.

SANTA BARBARA 4WD CLUB, first Wednesday of every month, 7:00 p.m., call for location. Call Dick at 805-968-2437 ( or visit

INLAND JEEP FREEKS (Temecula area). First Sunday of each month, TJ’s Pizza Co., 39872 Los Alamos Rd., Murrieta, CA 92562. Erik Schreiner, 951-672-6726, schreiner_99@yahoo. com or visit

SANTA MARIA 4-WHEELERS meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m., Giavanni’s Pizza, 1108 E. Clark Ave in Orcutt. Contact John at (805-733-0813) or Misty at (805-937-5712) for more info. SEQUOIA SIDEWINDERS, Porterville. Meet the third Tuesday of each month at Round Table Pizza on Henderson Ave. For info contact Marvin at or Gary at 559-781-0151 or shaf@ocsnet.netSIERRA CRAWLERS (Clovis), meetings TBA. Contact Mike at or 559-647-1181. TRAIL BUSTERS (Kings County) 4WD CLUB in Hanford meets on the first Thursday at 7 p.m., Kings Co. Bowl, 1050 E. Lacey Blvd., Hanford. Call Paul at 559-924-5875. Families and singles are welcome.

ON THE ROCKS meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at Ameci Pizza & Pasta, 1724 E. Avenida De Los Arbolos, Thousand Oaks, at 7:00 p.m. Contact Mike at 805-383-0806 (mikewhitn10@ or Damian at 818-709-0280 ( for info. Or visit website at ORANGE COUNTY 4-PLAY, second Tuesday of the month, Carrows, 16931 Magnolia St., Fountain Valley. Check their website at for info or contact George at (714-376-3377). OUT FOUR FUN 4WD CLUB (Inland Empire area) meets the second Monday of each month. For location and club info contact Gary at or Paul at PACIFIC OFF ROADERS, Long Beach. Contact Bob at 562-4229640 or Charles at 310-450-4163.

SOUTH ANTELOPE VALLEY FOUR WHEELERS meet the third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m., at the Round Table Pizza, 44204 N. 10th St. West, Lancaster. For additional info, contact Scott at 661349-2416 or visit BABES OF THE DESERT, contact Ginger at net.

THE ROUGHWHEELERS IV CLUB (L.A.-South Bay) meet every second Friday at 8 p.m., Redondo Rod & Gun, 2023 Vanderbilt, Redondo Beach, CA 90278. See for map and details. Guests welcome. Contact Tuvia at 310-937-2328 ( or Avi 818-830-2566 (nirlts12@hotmail. com).

CAPO VALLEY 4 WHEELERS (S. Orange Co.) meet on the first Tuesday of each month, 7:30 p.m., Wind & Sea Restaurant in Dana Point Harbor, Dana Point. Family-oriented. Contact Charlie at 949-212-4015 or visit

SAN DIEGO 4 WHEELERS meet the first Thursday each month (except February), at the Automotive Museum in Balboa Park, located at 2080 Pan American Plaza, Suite 12, Park Boulevard, San Diego. See the website for info at or contact Joe at or Rod at 619-445-5310.

DESERT DAWGS (Riverside) meet the second Tuesday of each month. Call John Snell for meeting info at 951-6818608 or Visit our website at

SAN DIEGO OUTBACKS 4X4 CLUB meets the second Wednesday at the Santa Maria Masonic Lodge, located at the corner of Main and 9th Streets in beautiful downtown Ramona. For info call Marc at

DIRT DEVILS offer family-oriented four-wheeling of all calibers, from mild to wild! Join us on the first Tuesday of each month. 7 p.m., Marie Callender’s, 5711 E. La Palma Ave., Anaheim. Contact information is on our website at or contact Jesse at

SCOUTS WEST meets the second Thursday each month, 7:30 p.m., at Keno’s, 5750 E. La Palma, Anaheim. Call John Vogelsang at 661-245-1493 or visit our website at for info.

DRIFTERS JEEP CLUB meets first Thursday of month. For more info contact Mark Phelps,, (909) 9388713 or David Meyer,, (951) 487-6693 or visit our blog at EARLY BRONCOS LTD. (1966-77 Broncos) meet second Sunday of month near Ramona, CA. Contact Steve at 858-740-7149 or visit GAD-ZUKS! SUZUKI CLUB meets at 4:30 p.m. on the first Sunday of every month. All vehicles are welcome. For meeting place info contact Guy 909-466-1513 ( Check our website at GEAR GRINDERS 4WD CLUB meets the fourth Wednesday of each month (except Nov. when Thanksgiving is the day after and Dec.), 6:00 p.m. for dinner, 7 p.m. for meeting, Casey’s Steaks & BBQ, 1337 N. China Lake Blvd., Ridgecrest. Contact Gary at 661-8033418 ( or Mary Grimsley 760-4463458 ( or visit geargrinders4wdclub. org GEARED 4 FUN 4WD CLUB (north San Diego county) meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Call for more information, contact Angela Cook at 760-505-3579 or Chris Chase at 760-723-3661 or visit our website at www.

SPINNIN’ FOURS (L.A.-O.C.) meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Call Art Hastings at 562-693-2303 for location and information. TIERRA DEL SOL (San Diego) meets the third Wednesday each month at Al Bahr Shrine, 5440 Kearny Mesa Rd., San Diego, 7:30 p.m. Contact Tim at 760-765-0772 or Sue at 619-562-1225, or visit TRAIL CREW (Santa Clarita). Meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Sizzler, 10401 Sunland Blvd. Sunland at 7:00pm. Come join us and hang out. We adopted and maintain the Look Out trail at Rowher Flats. Our website is www.thetrailcrew. com. For additional info contact Ron at VICTOR VALLEY 4 WHEELERS meet first Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at Victorville Motors, 14617 Civic Dr., Victorville. Safari night (family night) is the third Tuesday of every month at 5:30-7PM at Pasco’s Pizza, 17348 Main St., Hesperia. For info call Roger at 760-9483424 (, Lisa at lisa@isoftsystems. com or visit

OUT OF STATE KOMSTOCK KRAWLERZ, Dayton, NV. Call for meeting location. Larry,, 775-246-3212.

GENERAL 4 WHEELERS. Contact Donna at dlchisum4444@ or call 928-237-9190.

NEVADA NOMADS. We hold meetings infrequently by consent of the members. Open to all types of 4WD vehicles. Contact Larry at 775-246-3212.

HEMET JEEP CLUB meets second Wednesday of each month. Call Mike at 951-929-6492 or or Shawn at 951-767-1258. You can also visit our website at www.

ROGUE VALLEY 4 WHEELERS (Oregon), open to all four-wheelers, family-oriented. Meet on second Wednesday of each month at Bruno’s Pizza in Medford around 6:30 p.m. Contact Rick at for info.

HIGH DESERT CRAWLERS 4X4 CLUB (Victorville). Contact Mark at for info, or visit highdesertcrawlers. com.

SIN CITY OUTLAWS 4WD CLUBS (Las Vegas, NV). Meetings to be announced. Contact Gary 702-242-9400, texasjeeps@yahoo. com

HIGH DESERT FOUR WHEELERS meet first Tuesday of each month, 6:00 p.m. for dinner, 6:30a book of p.m. for meeting. Greenhouse Café, 1233 W. Rancho Vista Blvd., #253, Palmdale, CA 93535 (in the Palmdale Mall just off the 14 freeway). Contact Terry at 661-917-3296 ( or Bonnie at 661943-9744 ( for info or visit www.

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In Gear October/November 2013


DIRT DEVILS TAKE ON MOAB Continued from page 19 leader. The whole Dirt Devil team jumped in. First we decided I could drive out with only one control arm. We removed the driver side rear upper control arm. I drove forward and got the pumpkin to rotate back down. Using the bolt out of the driver side control arm, we reinstalled the rear passenger side control arm. The Jeep was winched sideways to align the rear differential and the DD team used 2 small yellow straps to keep the rear end aligned. I drove out with Danny Ward as an escort, stopping a few times to tighten the straps, and straight to Moab 4x4 Outpost for repair. I gladly accept the cow bell and many thanks to the Dirt Devil team for all their help. The rest of the group continued to Wipe Out Hill, an extremely steep and difficult obstacle. The trail has changed in recent years and Wipe Out Hill is no longer an option; you now must go down it to complete the trail. Going back up is optional. Chuck, Don, Brian and Ron all went back up. Brian and Ron had no issues. Chuck and Don were not so lucky. Chuck Chapman was the first driver to take on Backwards Bill, a series of steps next to Wipe Out Hill. He made it the whole way with some trouble, but in the process broke the CV joint on his left front axle shaft. He limped out and then tried to replace it himself, but ended up going to Moab 4x4 Outpost. Don Young successfully made it down Wipe Out Hill, but after spending a bucket full of money at Quinn’s shop in Big Bear buying a Dana 60 rear end and a lot of other goodies, decided to test his skill on Backwards Bill. At the top ledge he got stopped, more oomph was needed, so he finally gave it all he had and made it. Then he drove around and went back down wipe out hill. On the way out he started hearing a clicking sound, the faster he went the louder the clicking sound got. Pete Johnson followed Don to Moab 4x4 Outpost. To quote our Pete “the ring and pinion is missing a lot of metal,” and that is not good. The drive shaft had a major

bend. Wouldn’t you think that someone in Moab would have a drive shaft to fit Don’s jeep? But no, they were going to order one from Salt Lake City which was going to take a few days. Instead the shop technician was able straighten it enough to so Don could get out of town. Editor’s comment: do Dana 60’s break? Thursday April 11: Gemini Bridges, Bull Canyon and Long Canyon The morning weather at Dead Horse Campgound was a light dusting of snow. The group met in the morning to decide what to run and who would be on the run. Ray and Don were both in the shop for repairs and Chuck was working on his problem so they were out (later in the day Chuck would be in the shop). Brian and Pam went sightseeing and Ron won’t drive his Jeep in bad weather. Danny, Pete, Romeo and Terry decided to do a loop of Gemini Bridges with a side trip to Bull Canyon and back through Long Canyon. These trails are mostly easy with some moderate sections in Bull Canyon. Terry Puckett Lost a bolt and nut from one of his shock mounts, broke his two

rear back-up lights, crushed his tail pipe, and nearly lost his license plate. Moab 4x4 Outpost to the rescue again. Ray got his Jeep back in the morning and was able to meet up with the others to run Long Canyon. This trail runs directly from Dead Horse State park through a ‘Long Canyon’ to the Colorado River then follows the river back toward Moab City. This is an easy trail that goes through a narrow section called Pucker Pass and under a large rock that’s leaning over the trail.

For the rest of the story go to: 28

In Gear October/November 2013


OCTOBER 2013 12 FUN IN THE DESERT, sponsored by the Victor Valley 4 Wheelers, Means Dry Lake, Johnson Valley OHV area. Trails available for all skill levels and vehicles. For info visit 18-19


OPERATION DESERT FUN, Ocotillo Wells SVRA. Open to all two- and four-wheeled vehicles. Runs for all skill levels, raffle, camping. Proceeds benefit Cal-Diego Paralyzed Veterans and CA4WDC. See ad in this issue for info or visit operation-desert-fun NOVEMBER 2013

sponsored by the Santa Cruz 4WD Club at Hollister SVRA near Hollister, CA. Proceeds from the event will be donated to CA4WDC. For more info visit JANUARY 2014 18-19 SUPERSTITION 16. Join the San Diego 4 Wheelers at the Superstition Mountain OHV area near El Centro, California (Base Camp N32.55.37/ W115.48.65) for our 16th annual event. We offer multiple trail options ranging from a mild SUV run to wild 4+ trails including a BFGoodrich Outstanding Trail. Enjoy our great raffle and optional BBQ dinner. Check for registration and additional information.

8-10 CA4WDC PANAMINT VALLEY DAYS near Trona, CA. Includes runs, raffle, camping and more. See ad in this issue or visit for info. 22-24 BRONCO DAZE, Borrego Springs, CA. Annual event sponsored by Early Broncos Ltd & Early Bronco Registry. Visit for info. DECEMBER 2013 7 LAST ONE STANDING CHALLENGE, 5th annual,

TO ALL CALENDAR CONTRIBUTORS: Putting an event here is FREE to member clubs and associate members. Please try to narrow your event location down to a city, if possible, or an easily located region of the state. This helps our members and guests who are unfamiliar with our events.

24-26 **NEW DATE** CA4WDC WINTER FUN FESTIVAL, Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley, CA. Registration includes runs, meals and activities. Check for information or call 800-4X4-FUNN.

CHILI COOKOFF, Icehouse Resort, Hwy. 50, Pollock Pines, CA. Sponsored by the Capital City Mountain Goats. Bring your favorite chili recipe to compete for prizes. The parking lot will be cleared to make way for the fun. The lodge and bar will be open for breakfast and lunch. Event held rain, snow, sleet or sun! Start time is 9AM, judging at noon. First, second and third prizes will be awarded for the best chili. To get there, take Icehouse Road off of Hwy 50. Follow the road for nine miles. The resort is on the right. Contact Mike Lenno at 916295-4465 or Dana Holland at 916-812-2578. 21-23 CA4WDC CA4WDC CONVENTION/ANNUAL MEETING, LampLiter Inn, 3300 W. Mineral King Ave., Visalia, CA. Check for information or call 800-4X4-FUNN. MARCH 2014 1 KINGSBURG 4WD CLUB SNOW RUN, 35th annual, in the Sequoia National Forest, Hume Lake Ranger District. Snow driving for the novice as well as experienced four-wheelers. Contact Nancy at 559904-3574 ( for details. ONGOING RUBICON OHV AND IRON MOUNTAIN Road Patrols. Volunteers needed to patrol the Rubicon and Iron Mountain trails on Saturdays and Sundays. Contact Dana Holland for more information at 916-457-7272.




2-7 KING OF THE HAMMERS, Johnson Valley OHV area near Landers, CA. For more information visit

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north district ALAN YORDY EQUIPMENT CO............................ 209-462-1495 3412 E. Miner Ave., Stockton, CA 95205; Laundry & dry cleaning sales, services, parts; welding, fitting, bending, etc. ARNOLDS FOR AWARDS.....530-677-0623/ 3971A Durock Rd., Shingle Springs, CA 95682; Awards, trophies & ad specialties BIG CEDAR MINI STORAGE................................ 209-295-6600 P.O. Box 1464; Pioneer, CA 95666; Repair, rebuilding & services BOLTON’S WELDING & JEEP REPAIR... 530-622-9353/647-9353 3655 Chuckwagon Way, #C, Placerville, CA 95667 CALIFORNIA JEEP Jeep gifts and apparel COAST TRANSIT REFRIGERATION....................... 800-727-8577 12 Harris Place, Salinas, CA 93901; Transport refrigeration COLLEGE OAK TOWING...................................... 916-648-2580 4125 Winter St, Sacramento, CA 95838; Towing                   CORNERSTONE COPY & PRINT PROJECT MGMT..916-393-9700 3132 Dwight Rd., #700, Elk Grove, CA 95758;; Printing ELLYSON CHIROPRACTIC OFFICES...................... 530-743-2093 605 E St., Marysville, CA 95901; Chiropractic office ENTERPRISE PUBLICATIONS............................... 916-684-7348 3437 Point Pleasant Rd., Elk Grove, CA 95758-9719 EXTREME GEAR OFF-ROAD PRODUCTS.............. 916-635-4900 11389 Trade Center Dr., Ste. C, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742; 4 wheel drive repair/specialty shop/product sales GEORGE’S AUTO REPAIR.................................... 925-484-2290 26 California Ave., Suite E, Pleasanton, CA 94566; Auto repair JOSH GISIN CPA................................................. 916-955-1969 Certified Public Accountant HOOFERS WELDING........................................... 916-348-0662 5729 Manzanita Ave., Carmichael, CA 95608; Vehicular racks and welding J&M OFFROAD................................................... 530-273-7627 125 Spring Hill Dr., Suite 6, Grass Valley, CA 95945; 4-wheel drive fabrication J&W AUTO WRECKERS....................................... 800-924-9732 8626 Antelope Rd., Antelope, CA 95843; New and used Jeep parts JEEPERS JAMBOREE, Inc.................................... 530-333-4771 P.O. Box 900, Georgetown, CA 95634,; Jeep trips MONK’S PLACE JEWELRY................................... 916-747-2678 5426 Elsinore W, Fair Oaks, CA 95628; Custom jewelry MS AUTO GEARS................................................ 408-970-9055 1427 Laurelwood Rd., Santa Clara, CA 95054; Specializing in Jeep/LandCruiser modifications, repairs OFF-ROAD ENTERPRISES.................................... 209-931-1170 2953 Cherryland Ave., #B, Stockton, CA 95215



OILTEK SOLUTIONS, LLC 530-903-8645 /

3217 Amber Trail, Pollock Pines CA 95726 Synthetic Oil and filtration

714-963-1897 / 18302 Ward St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 Tires, alignments, auto repair, lifts


714-319-0939 / Offroad navigation and radio communications challenges

BAS OFFROAD 760-963-9933

Aftermarket parts and accessories; installation and fabrication OILTEK SOLUTIONS, LLC..................................... 530-903-8645 3217 Amber Trail, Pollock Pines CA 95726; Synthetic Oil and filtration PARTS MIKE....................................................... 530-885-0673 9600 Hill View Rd, New Castle CA 95658; Internet 4x4 consultant; PRECISION WELDING & OFF ROAD.................... 530-534-8960 1683 Parker Ave., Oroville, CA 95965; Welding of off-road vehicles PULSKAMP......................................................... 916-802-5896 P.O. Box 13, Sutter Creek, CA 95685 WARN INDUSTRIES........................... 916-984-2122/ 104 Emigrant Ct., Folsom, CA 95630; Winch manufacturer WEST COAST DIFFERENTIALS............................. 916-635-8696 2429 Mercantile #A, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742; Differential parts

In Gear October/November 2013

central district A-1 MOBILE SERVICE......................................... 831-422-4620 P.O. Box 3184, Salinas, CA 93912 ADVANCE ADAPTERS......................................... 805-238-7000 4320 Aerotech Center Way, Paso Robles, CA 93446; Engine & transmission components BRIDGEPORT INN............................................... 760-932-7380 P.O. Box 128, Bridgeport, CA 93517-0128; Motel CALIFORNIA CRAWLER PARTS............................ 559-493-5076 2905 N. Sunnyside #101, Fresno, CA 93727; Off-road parts, lifts, SAS, upgrades, accessories and installs, Toyota specialists COASTAL FABRICATION...................................... 831-394-7315 PO Box 222278, Carmel, CA 93922; Fabrication CRAZY SUZY PUBLISHING & DESIGN.................. 805-550-2804 7245 Nonpariel Rd., Paso Robles, CA 93446; Graphic & web design; DAVID MICHAELS HAIR SALON & SPA................ 559-799-4674 1043 W. Hemlock, Visalia, CA 93277; Complete hair care and spa services EXTREME OFF ROAD.......................................... 559-323-8222 1320 Brookhaven, Clovis, CA 93612; 4WD installations and repairs HELLWIG PRODUCTS CO., INC.....559-734-7451/ 16237 Avenue 296, Visalia, CA 93292; Manufacturing KMD GARAGE.................................................... 209-661-3266 775 E. Roth Rd., French Camp, CA 95231; Auto repair and fabrication MARLIN CRAWLER............................................. 559-252-7295 1543-B N. Maple, Fresno, CA 93703; Aftermarket off-road parts MYERS WELL DRILLING...................................... 559-582-1580 11745 2nd Ave., Hanford, CA 93230; Well drilling TOY HAULER LIQUIDATORS................................ 559-229-2277 3186 S. Parkway, Fresno, CA 93725; New & used toy haulers, 5th wheels, tent trailers WILD HORSES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE.................... 209-943-0991 640 N. El Dorado, Stockton, CA 95202;; 4WD parts

south district BAS OFFROAD.......................... 760-963-9933/ 8380 Fairlane Rd., Lucerne Valley, CA 92356; Aftermarket accessories; installation; fabrication CALIFORNIA CASUALS SPORTSWEAR................. 909-880-0860 P.O. Box 9462, San Bernardino, CA 92427; Silkscreen/screenprinting COYOTE ENTERPRISES LLC....... P.O. Box 12137, Costa Mesa, CA 92627; Manufacturer, importer/exporter offroad aftermarket accessories CRAIG’S BIG GARAGE......................................... 951-271-0780 13486 Pheasant Way, Corona CA 92880; Off-road parts & sales


DIRTY PARTS...................................................... 310-390-9086 12012 Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066-5802;; 4WD parts/accessories/installs EARLY BRONCO REGISTRY.......858-740-7149/ PO Box 1354, Ramona, CA 92065; National Early Bronco association FOUNTAIN VALLEY TIRE & AUTO........................ 714-963-1897 18302 Ward St., Fountain Valley, CA 92708; Auto repair, tires, lifts FOUR WHEEL PARTS WHOLESALERS.................. 310-900-5570 801 W. Artesia Blvd., Compton, CA 90220; Off-road parts & accessories GENRIGHT OFF ROAD......................................... 805-584-8635 4535 Runway St., Simi Valley, CA 93063; Gas tanks, body armor, and more GOT DESERT ID....................... 22369 Osprey Ct., Wildmar, CA 92595; ID kits for off-roaders HIGH DESERT CB................................................ 760-947-9917 12773 Cardinal Rd., Victorville, CA 92392; CB sales/service/repairs JC ENTERPRISES................................................. 818-522-2654 978 Ashford St., Simi Valley, CA 93065; Trailer repairs, equipment supplies, hardware JP5 PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING.................... 909-534-6625 9823 Mesquite St., Oak Hills, CA 92344; Machine shop LAND OPS.....................................714-319-0939/ Garden Grove, CA; Offroad navigation and radio communications challenges MILLER OFF-ROAD PRODUCTS..........................888-90-4MORP 330 Elm, Ramona, CA 92065; Manuf. accessories for Jeeps POISON SPYDER CUSTOMS.. 951-849-5911/ 1177 W. Lincoln St. Ste. 100A, Banning, CA 92220; Hard core Jeep accessories & parts

PREMIER DIGITAL PRINTING.............................. 714-293-8790 735 W. Taft Ave., Orange, CA 92865; Printing RUGGED ROCKS......... 909-547-4651/ 13525 Sutter Ct., Fontana, CA 92336; Nissan off-road parts SAFARI TACTICAL.................. 805-232-4220/ Ventura, CA; Custom off-road accessories, MOLLE gear sPOD.......................................... 661-755-8139/ 27804 Zion Ct., Castaic, CA 91384; Switch and power components TOW-RITE TOWBARS...... 3216 N Broadway, Escondido, CA 92026; Custom tow-bars

Out-of-state ARB-USA............................................................ 425-264-1391 720 SW 34th St., Renton, WA 98055; Air locker distributors B.F. GOODRICH TIRES......................................... 800-458-5000 One Parkway South, Greenville, SC 29615; Tire manufacturer CRAWL PO Box 61091, Reno, NV 89506; CRAWL magazine Leeds, UT; Grub Hub camp kitchen and related products and accessories KNUCKLE UP FITNESS......................................... 404-339-5425 5956 Rosewell Rd., Atlanta GA 30328; Fitness RENO4X4.COM..................................................... Online 4x4 community TOM WOODS CUSTOM DRIVE 2533 W 1800 N, Far West, UT 84404; Custom driveshafts

TUFFY SECURITY 25733 Road H, Cortez, CO 81321; Storage boxes & accessories

associate life members COYOTE ENTERPRISES LLC....... P.O. Box 12137, Costa Mesa, CA 92627; Manufacturer, importer/exporter offroad aftermarket accessories ENTERPRISE PUBLICATIONS............................... 916-684-7348 3437 Point Pleasant Rd., Elk Grove, CA 95758-9719 EXTREME GEAR OFF-ROAD PRODUCTS.............. 916-635-4900 11389 Trade Center Dr., Ste. C, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742; 4 wheel drive repair/specialty shop/product sales J&M OFFROAD................................................... 530-273-7627 125 Spring Hill Dr., Suite 6, Grass Valley, CA 95945; 4-wheel drive fabrication J&W AUTO WRECKERS....................................... 800-924-9732 8626 Antelope Rd., Antelope, CA 95843; New and used Jeep parts OFF-ROAD ENTERPRISES.................................... 209-931-1170 2953 Cherryland Ave., #B, Stockton, CA 95215 PULSKAMP......................................................... 916-802-5896 P.O. Box 13, Sutter Creek, CA 95685 sPOD.......................................... 661-755-8139/ 27804 Zion Ct., Castaic, CA 91384; Switch and power components

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$ In Gear October/November 2013


In Gear October 2013  

The October/November 2013 issue of the California Association of 4WD Clubs' In Gear magazine. All about trails, events and land use for four...

In Gear October 2013  

The October/November 2013 issue of the California Association of 4WD Clubs' In Gear magazine. All about trails, events and land use for four...