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As a Christian academy and the largest private school in East TN, CAK is committed to glorifying God by pursuing excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics. In existence since 1977, CAK currently enrolls almost 1,200 students in PreK through 12th grade. We have been blessed with a beautiful 77 acre campus in West Knoxville. In recent years, CAK has expanded and improved our classroom and educational space.

...Beyond Capacity Significant facility needs in the areas of nutrition, performing arts, & athletics still impact almost every student.

CAK has significant facility needs that impact almost every student. NUTRITION Middle and elementary school students have no quality nutrition options or a dedicated cafeteria in which to eat. Many younger students eat either in their classrooms or in an overcrowded gym.

PERFORMING ARTS Music and performing arts students lack quality lighting, sound, and stage opportunities with which to strive for excellence in their craft. Currently, performances are given on our small stage located in the gym of the Campus Center. Lights, sound equipment, and seating are rented for every show.

ATHLETICS Basketball and volleyball teams are limited in the practice space available as well in the ability to host state level tournaments. Plus, due to theatrical performances being held in the same facility, the main gym is often shut down when teams most need to practice.

All new construction is too expensive. Trying to build a separate dining hall and performing arts center is too cost prohibitive at this time. The expense of building those 2 separate buildings would easily crest around $12-15 million. (In 2008, a new cafeteria/commons area for the elementary and middle schools was priced at roughly $4 million.)

But, there is a solution! By using one of CAK’s existing structures and doing a renovation project, we can significantly lower the cost of the overall construction. The cheapest space to build on a campus is not classrooms, not theatre space, and not even a cafeteria. It’s a gym! • • • • •

A new gymnasium would free up the current campus center to be divided and thoroughly renovated into a cafeteria as well as a performing arts theatre. The new gym would also allow all three spaces to be dedicated to their particular usages: nutrition, the arts, and athletics. The cost of the gym is approximately ½ of what the cafeteria was estimated to be.

What an addition may look like...

Existing Locker Rooms

Band Room


PHASE 2 Existing Stage


New Construction

Business Office

You can help! Through your gift, the 1,200 students currently enrolled at CAK will be freed to pursue excellence within the arts, nutrition, and athletics. Your gift towards quality artistic, nutrition, and athletic facilities will impact generations of students for many years to come.

How much would the project cost? PHASE 1: New Construction A new 3-court gym $2 million

PHASE 2: Renovation A dedicated cafeteria with a warming kitchen will be put into one half of the existing Campus Center gym. The other half of the Campus Center gym will be converted into a 600 seat performing arts theatre. $2 million Photos above taken at schools with comparable facilities. (Stone Memorial gymnasium and Franklin Road Academy theatre.)

Will you contribute? Please make checks payable to Christian Academy of Knoxville, or you may give online at Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Christian Academy of Knoxville 529 Academy Way Knoxville, Tennessee 37923

Blessed Beyond Capacity  

Outline of renovation project to address cafeteria, performing arts, and gymnasium needs.

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