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A Catalogue for ‘Towards Revival’ a Virtual Exhibition in collaboration with HAkA, Kynan Tegar, and Nova Kusuma Featuring Rawraw, Wayan Yusa Dirgantara, Irene Febry x Irene Insan 28 July 2021 - 8 September 2021 at Curated by Cakravala Text by Adella Bahar supported by HAkA

Photography by HAkA Adrian Mawardi Exelsius Adam Wasis Sri Pangestu Brina Paska Kynan Tegar Arif Wibowo Utomo Published by Issuu Catalogue Design by Brina Paska Digital Catalogue
















Kynan Tegar

Nova Kusuma Rawraw



Wayan Yusa Dirgantara









Irene Febry x Irene Insan





CURATORIAL STATEMENT Presenting our sixth exhibition ‘Towards

Since ancient times, our ancestors have used

Revival’ in collaboration with HAkA, Kynan

nature as the root of inspiration that births

Tegar and Nova Kusuma featuring Rawraw,

creation. The role of nature in art has since

Wayan Yusa Dirgantara, Irene Febry x Irene

evolved, as emerging Indonesian artists today

Insan running from 28 July 2021 –

are using art to reflect on environmental issues

8 September 2021.

and create awareness for a more sustainable future. How can we work collectively towards the restoration of our natural world? This exhibition explores the environmental concerns that are happening in Indonesia and our place within it. Through their own personal medium, each artist reveals different issues and evolving ideas about the environment - asking us to reconsider the relationship between art, nature and ourselves.





HAkA is an Aceh based NGO which stands for ‘Hutan, Alam dan Lingkungan Aceh’, or ‘Forest, Nature, and the Environment of


Aceh’. Their mission is to strive for a stronger and healthier Aceh. They believe that this is created through an empowered civil society, whose members contribute to the wellbeing of the province. This can be done through actively engaging and participating in activities that enhance environmental function with an to aim provide clean air, water, earth, as well as sustaining our forests, rivers and ocean.


Protecting and restoring all of these elements

rhinos, elephants, and tigers roam

is vital for community development and will

together in the wild. Protecting the Leuser

result in a safer, more stable and peaceful

Ecosystem is crucial as it provides clean

Aceh that will benefit generations to come.

water to more than the 4 million people who lives around it. It also plays a key role

For this exhibition, we partnered with HAkA

in disaster mitigation and acts as a carbon

to use art as a platform in raising awareness

sink. As of now, the landscape faces

towards environmental issues in Indonesia

threats from illegal encroachment, palm oil

with a focus on the Leuser Ecosystem

expansion and road developments. Such

located in Aceh.

environmental disruption has made an impact - increasing disasters in Aceh

The Leuser Ecosystem is a 2.6 million

and North Sumatra such as floods and

hectare of rainforest located in Aceh

landslides. Ensuring the Leuser Ecosystem

Province and North Sumatra province. It is

remains in tact is essential for a healthier

the last place on earth where orangutans,



However, the Aceh provincial government

Ecosystem from the proposed Aceh

is pushing through a spatial plan which

spatial plan.

will open up much of this highly sensitive ecosystem for plantations, logging,

The first of its kind in Aceh, this citizen

mining, energy developments and road

lawsuit case is now in the Jakarta state

construction. This plan ignores the

court with a final decision expected any

nationally protected status of the Leuser

day now. Please stand with these brave

Ecosystem, the welfare of the Acehnese

citizens of Aceh and sign their petition

people and the acute risk of extinction for

asking President Jokowi to protect the

its iconic wildlife.

Leuser Ecosystem today!

The Aceh Citizen Lawsuit Movement

Visit this link to sign the petition:

(GeRAM) formed to fight back against this

destruction. Nine community leaders from around Aceh have taken the Indonesian

Join the community and help restore

Minister of Home Affairs, the Governor of

the Leuser Ecosystem by spreading the

Aceh, and the Aceh parliament to court


over the exclusion of the Leuser


Click here to sign the petition!

Follow HAkA on Instagram to be a part of this conversation:





SUNGAI UTIK: The Fight For Recognition

On the 1st of May 2020, after more than 20 years of struggle, the Dayak Iban community of Sungai Utik finally received formal recognition for their customary forest. Today, the community has gained full rights to manage their land according to their local wisdom and traditions. Kynan Tegar documented part of their journey and produced a short film called ‘SUNGAI UTIK: The Fight For Recognition’. It highlights the struggles of the Dayak Iban community in taking back their rights, their decade-long unwavering protection of the forest and their hope for the future.



Kynan Tegar is a young filmmaker from the Dayak Iban tribe of Sungai Itik, West Borneo, Indonesia. Since finishing primary school, he has pursued his passion in film and photography, covering stories surrounding nature and the culture of his people. His approach in filmmaking involves learning about ancestral knowledge from the adat leader Apai Janggut, who fiercely defended the community from illegal logging.


Follow Kynan on Instagram to know more about his films:



20 Nova Kusuma is a collage artist from Bali who began exploring the medium as he watched his friends create collages and murals in empty buildings. His works are a touchstone to the things he observes throughout his daily life, drawing influences from music, sci-fi horror films, social politics and street culture to create multi-universes in paper form. By merging historical with contemporary worlds, Nova maintains to use analogue and primitive techniques throughout his practice, as his process lies in deconstructing what exists to recreate it into something new.



Leuser Ecosystem by Nova Kusuma

Nova Kusuma creates a collage in response to the issues that HAkA has raised surrounding the Leuser Ecosystem in Aceh. He highlights the beauty of our natural world and its beings - encapsulating our role as its protector.




Yogyakarta, Indonesia


studio Rawraw, is a cross-disciplinary artist and curator based in Yogyakarta. Learning to produce art from local art communities, she began to develop her own style of abstract works by using thick paint and layering techniques. Starting with a liquid base, Rawraw mixes pigments with concrete to construct depth that sees her work extend beyond its own fixture. From paintings to installations, theatre performances and writing, her works reveal substance hidden beneath form, emotion, and human consciousness highlighted by her use of colour.


Citra Pratiwi, who goes by the name of her


Berhimpit dan Berkelindan by Rawraw


Mazmur di Hari Rabu by Rawraw


“For me, a colour is an object; colour is a form as much as it is energy.” -- RAWRAW


Sajak Untuk Bonnie by Rawraw


Apa Ada Angin di Jakarta? by Rawraw


“How do the feel? How do they overcome inequality? What do they want to express? These were the questions that arose as I explored the theme of urban poverty. I feel that there is a gap in understanding the issues surrounding it, where the focus is geared towards physical aspects and structure alone. Yet, I believe that the urban crisis cannot be separated from its people, as the complexity of human psychology is part of the equation that lies in the need to achieve a modernised environment. Inspired by a series of essays by Emha Ainun titled ‘Apa Ada Angin Di Jakarta’ and WS Rendra’s poem about urban life from the book ‘Potret Pembangunan’, the colours and gestures I create juxtaposes this overarching issue and restores hope throughout the generations to come - for them to make our environment a more balanced and sustainable place to live in.”



The series of works she created for this exhibition considers the problems of urban poverty where her accumulation of vibrant tones frame a dialogue with one another. Like a poem, they represent contrasting concepts surrounding the things she observes.

Click here for ‘Inside the Mind of: Rawraw’


Sajak Taman Bunga by Rawraw




Yogyakarta, Indonesia



Feels Like Home by Wayan Yusa Dirgantara


Still Flow by Wayan Yusa Dirgantara


Wayan Yusa Dirgantara is an abstract visual artist from Bali who is currently based in Yogyakarta. Before embarking on his art degree, the artist discovered that he suffers from partial colour blindness, which led him to create monochrome works at the start of his practice. As he continued to study colour solely from reading theories and descriptions, he formed a strong sense of imagination and began creating his own tones that go beyond what the eye can see – associating it with meaning and emotion. Where we perceive tinted colours of the ocean and serendipitous pink strokes, Yusa views them as brown and earthy pigments. Throughout his work, colour is used to manifest memories, stories, feelings and our spirituality to a physical form. In this exhibition, he reveals the memories he had in his hometown as he reflects on his experiences with local fishermen and notices the flow of nature. Through abstract works, he meditates on fishery depletion and the ways traditional fishing can be a more sustainable approach in preserving our ocean.


@yusadirgantara Click here for ‘Inside the Mind of: Wayan Yusa Dirgantara’


“Throughout this series of work, I recall

our local fishermen are living in - peacefully

my experience in Benoa Bay and the

and in harmony with nature.

conversations I had with a local fisherman. I remember asking why he had not gone to

I see this fisherman as an artist, among

the ocean to catch some fish. As we both

many others, who have taken care of our

gazed out to the sea whilst drinking our

sea and the creatures that live within it for

coffee, he replied with “no sir, I’m waiting

many generations. He enjoys the process

for a good day”. In that moment, I reflected

of observing and having a dialogue with our

on the mass fishing that takes place in our

universe. To me, this is the essence of

seas, ordered by big cooperations who

true spirituality and the only way we can

targets hundreds of tons every day. It was

understand how to treat the natural world

then I realised the natural state of flow that

with respect.”


Menunggu Hari Baik by Wayan Yusa Dirgantara


Morning Hope by Wayan Yusa Dirgantara



Drawing inspiration from nature and her surroundings, Irene Febry is a mixed media artist working with recycled materials and found objects. Evolving from painting to collaging, she began exploring and

Bali, Indonesia

incorporating unconventional materials as a conceptual approach in giving them a new life. The details in Irene’s collages form an intimate experience between the observer and her work, taking us through the evolution of each substance by inviting us to look closer.

Jakarta, Indonesia


Irene Insan is a Jakarta-based photographer who takes an indirect approach to expose the stories behind her subjects. Her works foreground the tiny details that are often overlooked by the viewer. Sam Ratulangi’s notion of “si tou timou tumou tou”, which translates to “humans live to humanise human”, serves as the foundation of her photographs – constructing a thorough observation of each subject that allows her to communicate in a more meaningful way.




German Beach by Irene x Irene

In this exhibition, the series titled ‘Memories of The Beach’ is a cross-boundary between tangible and intangible, experimental and theoretical processes in art. Taken at the start of the pandemic when beaches in Bali began to clear, a common thread lies in both artists creating deep, structured images with intimate feelings.


Saba Beach by Irene x Irene


@irenefebry Click here for ‘Inside the Mind of: Irene x Irene’


Lembeng Beach II by Irene x Irene




Click here for ‘Inside the Mind of: Irene x Irene’


Mertasari Beach by Irene x Irene


Lembeng Beach I by Irene x Irene


“As an observation towards the surroundings of beaches in Bali, these photographs were taken at the start of the pandemic. The 3D collages are an assemblage of objects we found on the beach that traces memories and our ecological footprint. Placing them alongside locals whose lives revolve by the sea, the series is a reminder of the beautiful process of restoration by collecting and transforming wasted materials into something new.”




Leuser Ecosystem (2021) Nova Kusuma Collage printed on fine art paper Size A1 / A0 2,000,000 IDR


Mazmur di Hari Rabu (2021) Rawraw Pigmented concrete 100 cm diameter x 5 cm depth 12,000,000 IDR


Sajak Untuk Bonnie (2021) Rawraw Acrylic and concrete on canvas, mounted on board 100 cm x 100 cm x 5 cm 12,000,000 IDR


Apa Ada Angin di Jakarta? (2021) Rawraw Pigmented concrete 80 cm x 70 cm x 5 cm 10,000,000 IDR


Sajak Taman Bunga (2021) Rawraw Acrylic and concrete on canvas, mounted on board 80 cm x 70 cm x 5 cm 8,000,000 IDR


Berhimpit dan Berkelindan (2021) Rawraw Pigmented concrete 50 cm x 50 cm x 5 cm 6,000,000 IDR


Still Flow (2021) Wayan Yusa Dirgantara Mixed media on canvas 180 cm x 120 cm 25,000,000 IDR


Feels Like Home (2021) Wayan Yusa Dirgantara Mixed media collage 150 cm x 150 cm 20,000,000 IDR


Menunggu Hari Baik (2021) Wayan Yusa Dirgantara Mixed media collage 100 cm x 100 cm 15,000,000 IDR


Morning Hope (2021) Wayan Yusa Dirgantara Mixed media collage 100 cm x 100 cm 15,000,000 IDR


German Beach (2020) Irene x Irene Printed on Ilford Paper Size A1 2,800,000 IDR Available in size A4, A3, A2 Contact us for more information


Sabar Beach (2020) Irene x Irene Printed on Ilford Paper Size A1 2,800,000 IDR Available in size A4, A3, A2 Contact us for more information


Mertasari Beach (2020) Irene x Irene Printed on Ilford Paper Size A1 2,800,000 IDR Available in size A4, A3, A2 Contact us for more information


Lembeng Beach I (2020) Irene x Irene Printed on Ilford Paper Size A1 2,800,000 IDR Available in size A4, A3, A2 Contact us for more information


Lembeng Beach II (2020) Irene x Irene Printed on Ilford Paper Size A1 2,800,000 IDR Available in size A4, A3, A2 Contact us for more information


ABOUT CAKRAVALA Cakravala is a digital platform showcasing the works of new and emerging artists. Holding solo and group exhibitions, the platform highlights Indonesia’s diverse art and culture scene by representing it through a contemporary narrative. The platform highlights Indonesia’s diverse art and culture scene by representing it through a contemporary narrative. ​ o different than a physical gallery, we N aim to traverse the offline to an enriching online experience with a means to nurture the connection between you and our artists, without being restricted by the absence of physical space.

DEFINING CAKRAVALA Cakravala is derived from the Indonesian word ‘Cakrawala’ which translates to ‘the horizon’. The horizon is defined as the line where the surface of the earth and the sky appear to meet - a sight of a line that divides two substances. Cakravala teaches the notion of looking at things from more than a one-dimensional perspective and raising curiosity toward other worlds. Cakravala is the horizon through which people can access and experience a heterogeneity space, making art accessible for younger generations and beyond.




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