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Rick Riordan

Description of The Red Pyramid: Brother and sister Carter and Sadie are strangers since their mother's death. Sadie lives with their grandparents and Carter lives with their dad.One night their dad brings them together. They go to a British museum where Dr. Kane(their dad) hopes to make things right. They accidentally unleash the god Set who banishes to oblivion. Read The Kane Chronicles to find out next.

List of books: -Series: Percy Jackson (Greek Mythology): 1.Percy Jackson and the lightning theif 2.Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters 3.Percy Jackson and the titans curse 4.Percy Jackson and the battle of the labyrinth 5. Percy Jackson and the last olympians -The Kane Chronicles(Egyptian Mythology): 1. The red pyramid 2. THe throne of fire 3. The serpent's shadow -The Heroes of Olympus(Greek Mythology): 1. The lost hero 2. The son of neptune 3. The mark of athena 4. The house of hades 5. (Hasn't been announced yet)

Genre: Fantasy

Interesting Facts about Rick Riordan: ● ● ●

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He was born July 5, 1964 He was born in Texas He lives with his wife and two sons, Haley and Patrick Pets: one dog and two cats Likes every book he wrote Favorite character he wrote about is Grover and Tyson

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