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MIDI Ripple Editing Improvements Artist, Professional, and Platinum Compared to audio data, Ripple Editing is much more complex with MIDI data—but with the 2017.07 release, MIDI data joins the ripple editing club. Just remember one of the cardinal rules of ripple editing: turn it on before doing the edit (choose Options > Ripple Edit Selection or Options > Ripple Edit All), and turn it off after the edit so you don’t move clips around inadvertently. Here are some examples of how ripple editing affects MIDI notes with Ripple All selected.

USE CASE #1 The clip marked in red is about to be deleted. Note the selection in the timeline that encompasses measure 6.

With Ripple Editing Select All, deleting this clip deletes everything in measure 6, so clips that started at measure 7 shift over to the left to start at measure 6. Note that because cutting deletes the start of the MIDI note (colored yellow for clarity), there is no note-on and therefore, cutting removes the note.


Tech+Music (issue 2017.07)  

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