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CAKE&WHISKEY The Sweet & Spirited World of Business TM

Spring 2013 Issue One

Rifle Paper Co. Barbara Corcoran Sigrid Olsen Shama Kabani Edith Flagg Selena Rezvani

the Inaugural Issue MarcusSamuelssondishes on love, swagger, women that inspire his career & what he loves to cook for Maya. glassybaby how Lee Rhodes is kicking cancer’s glass

Spring 2013 $8.95

also...Throwapeerless OFFICE FETE,be liked by your cubical neighbor and launch a small town business, allwhilehaving your cake (and whiskey) and eating it too.

Team work

Megan Smith Founder, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief


Sarah Jane Sanders Art Direction Homer G. Brooks Designer Lina Fletcher Copy Editor Sondra Clark Wholesale Accounts

Advertising Sales

Special Thanks: Mike Smith, Michael Shimmin, Virginia Myers, Sarah Beaty, Robbie Clark, Ami Needham, Stephen Howard, T. , Morgan Murphy, Bethany Miller, Trent Loos, Tina Carter, Cous Smith, Terry Bankston, Bradley Kerrick, Heather Howell, Brandon Judd, Table Three Ten, Theresa Stanley, Ty Clark, Seth Thompson, Scott Jones, Justin Thompson, Wanda Cash, Chuck and Jeanie Taylor, Roscoe and Joe Anne Shepherd, Mike and Toa Green, Rob and Diane Perez, Tom and Sandy Steed

On the Cover: Model: Stephanie LeBlanc , mom of four and baker extraordinaire Photographer: Kristina Carter, Vrai Photograhy

Copyright: All images contained in CAKE&WHISKEY are subject to copyright of the artist or photographer as named, but not limited to. Reproduction of any part of this magazine without prior written permission is prohibited. Disclaimer: The views and comments expressed by the authors are not always that of the editors or publishers. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this publication, CAKE&WHISKEY accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors, omissions or resultant consequences including any loss or damage arising from the reliance on information in this publication.

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Following The Paper Trail Rifle Paper Co. Behind Every Good Man An Interview with Marcus Samuelsson Barbara Corcoran Letter to Her 3rd Grade Self PitMaster of Her Domain Helen Turner re-writes the rules of BBQ


Whitney Rockley Shaking up the venture capital landscape


Do-Gooding A Look Through the Healing Glass


Paradise Found What’s next for Sigrid Olsen Buzz Maven Shama Kabani Rewriting the Rulebooks Amy Coleman The Trailblazer The life of fashion icon Edith Flagg Pushback Q&A with ‘Pushback’ author Selena Rezvani Ms. Small Town U.S.A. Dreaming big in a small Minnesota town Colombian Couture Childhood dreams come full circle in South America Charting the Course For Advancement 5 Ways to Plan Your Career Future Now

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A View From the Hill






The Spirited The Sweet

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The Art of Connecting


Photo: Ana Eugenio

columnists A












lexa Fischer is the creator of 1000 Watt Presence, empowering individuals with the tools to express their brilliance. The results? Less Fear. More FUN. And maybe some fame if you’re a really dedicated student! Her clients include entrepreneurs, non-profits, and corporations.

arbara Kasoff is the President, CEO and Cofounder of Women Impacting Public Policy, Inc., a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy advocacy organization with over a million members, educating and advocating on economic issues for women in business. She serves as Co-Chair of the National Global Trade and Technology Board of Directors.

eth Parker’s style site seersucker + saddles pays homage to the Palm Beach lifestyle she grew up with, and to the beautiful equestrian town, Lexington, KY, she now calls home with her two little ladies, Chase & Campbell, and her husband, Shawn.

inda Descano, CFA® is Managing Director & Head of Digital Partnerships, Content and Social, North America Marketing, Citi, and President and CEO, Women & Co., a service of Citi that brings women relevant financial content and thoughtful commentary to get them thinking and talking about money.

atricia Richards currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over 25 years experience, Patricia has spent the past 5 years as Master Mixologist of Wynn Resort & Casino. As the first female Master Mixologist in Las Vegas, she’s like the executive chef of Wynn’s cocktail program, overseeing 25 bars.

r. Crystal Evans’ passion is encouraging women to reach their relational and leadership potential. As the founder and creative editor of The Lovely Project, she promotes leadership opportunities for young women. She and her husband, Mark, conduct relationship seminars around the world

nita Chu, is the creator of Dessert First, a blog nominated for Best Baking and Dessert Blog in Saveur’s First Annual Best Food Blog Awards. Anita has two cookbooks: Field Guide to Cookies, published in 2008, and Field Guide to Candy, published in 2009.

llyn Spragins, a former The New York Times columnist, conducts Letters To My Younger Self® Seminars and Workshops for corporate women’s leadership programs. She authored What I Know Now: Letters To My Younger Self, a New York Times best-seller, as well as If I’d Known Then and What I Know Now About Success.

ahra Esmonde-White works with actresses, models and athletes who call her Essentrics workout their “Best Obsession.” She produces TV shows and DVDs for both the Classical Stretch and Essentrics workouts, as well as The Esmonde-White House. &

atherine Jones comes from an eclectic background in the arts. As Principal Makeup Artist and owner of Catherine Jones Beauté she spends her days in the commercial, advertising and fashion industry.

arley Majcher is the CEO of The Party Goddess!, a full-service event planning and catering company, and author of But Are You Making Any Money?. Her events include the Hollywood Bowl, the Critics’ Choice Awards, Porsche and Rolls-Royce’s Bentley brand, as well as celebrations for Sofia Vergara, Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney Spears, to name a few.

heryl Arkison is a writer, quilter, teacher, and mom. She recently wrote her first book, Sunday Morning Quilts (coauthored with Amanda Jean Nyberg), and a soon-to-be published second book, A Month of Sundays (Stash Books, July 2013). naptimequilter.

editor’s letter •

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear,” George Addair


on’t you just love a good quote? Of my many favorites, that quote plays often in my mind. Less than a year ago I set sail on a journey called CAKE&WHISKEY. The course? Unknown.

I had an idea, a roughly sketched map on paper, guidance from those who had gone before me, and, more importantly, tenacity that wouldn’t let me quit. But along with my sense of adventure and confidence in my ability to navigate the rough seas ahead, there was fear. Loads of it. Speaking on a CEO panel as founder of a new business alongside executives from Microsoft and Goldman Sachs? Fear. Reaching out to advertisers and sponsors, asking them to believe in the dream and vision of CAKE&WHISKEY long before it reached the public? Fear. Maneuvering the streets of NYC for the first time, heading into meetings that could potentially launch CAKE&WHISKEY into the stratosphere? Fear. Watching this first issue come together just as I had dreamed and presenting this “baby” to the world for the first time? Big time fear. But that quote….that quote was my anchor when fear raised its ugly head. It held my perspective when my focus became too tunnel-visioned that I lost sight of the big picture. It was my voice of reason when I was drowning in doubt. The truth is, CAKE&WHISKEY is an idea whose time has come and pressing through the doubt, the obstacles and the fear really is everything that I could have dreamed was possible and more.

As businesswomen, we are overcomers. Whether a venture capitalist in Toronto, a marketing guru in Texas, a pitmaster in Tennessee, a shoe clip maker in France or a military doctor serving in Iraq, we must drown out the voices of self-doubt and listen to that quiet inner voice reminding us we really can dream and achieve much more than the world sometimes says we can. Trust yourself. Believe in your dreams. Cast vision. Set sail. And, go ahead, have that slice of cake and glass of whiskey~ there’s definitely fun to be had on the journey. Cheers~



orites French Garden Shoe Clips

“I’m Italian. I came to France to learn the language and I never left. I found this quiet little town in the South where I live and work. I spend the whole day in my atelier, my little magical space with an ocean view. It has just the vibe that I need. Here in France, there are a lot of “brocantes” and I just love to pay visits to them and research for little special things and inspirations. It is a challenge every day and I just love it.” Silvia Gheller Founder of French Garden Shoes

Marimekko Pieni Unikko Automatic Umbrella

Founded in 1951 by Finnish couple Viljo and Armi Ratia and tapping into the design genius of Nurmesniemi and Isola in the ‘60s, Marimekko has come to be known worldwide for their bold, bright prints. Throughout the years many notable women have worn Marimekko designs, including Jackie Kennedy who wore their creations throughout her husband’s presidential campaign. Since the ‘60s, Crate & Barrel stores continue to use Marimekko’s designs on an array of products and store displays, including this delightfully spring-like umbrella.

Why C&W loves it! If given the choice between a drab black umbrella and a brightly colored poppy one, we’ll go with a bit of panache every time. We all love the easiness of the onehanded opening and closing which, in our book, is essential on a rainy day with cappuccino in hand.

Spotty Situation Talk about the perfect ‘Day to Night’ dress. I envisioned wearing this to the office with a blazer (white works, too) and then popping the collar, adding some jewels, a fun clutch and voila--perfect dinner & drinks ensemble! 19

Skin By: Catherine Jones

Makeup Artist and owner of Catherine Jones Beauté

Photo: Andrew Kung

Withareputationforbeingfashionablylate,Spring always strolls into town after its long anticipated arrival. It’s welcomed with open arms - as well as a much needed pedicure, and a fresh face in need of a makeover from winter’s heavy makeup. Gone are the days of wool, drab colors, and heavy skin care formulas. We want to feel sun, silk and air on our skin - and that is all! We yearn for quick fixes that get us out the door fast, feel weightless and, most importantly, protection from the sun that we so mindlessly subject ourselves to. 20

Following the Paper Trail By: Freedom Martinez Photos: Wes Sumner, Anna Bond , Jen O’Malley

Helen Turner

PitMaster of Her Domain By: Theresa Stanley Photos: Sarah Jane Sanders

“I realized that even though my fashion line had been wiped out, no one owned my talent. I began to consider what I could do to make the next two decades have meaning and purpose.” Now in her 50s, Olsen began to develop a vision of bringing together all the projects and experiences she loved: her art, running a small business, working with women, health and wellness. She returned to her art studio in Gloucester, Massachusetts, sold the big house she shared with her husband, and moved into the small room in back of the studio. It was a space where she could recharge her batteries.

More than five years later, Olsen has opened a second art studio in Sarasota, Florida, where she lives and works in winter. She’s written a book of recipes that includes her art work and anecdotes about how she bounced back from the loss of her company. With her step-sister and daughter, she has created inspirational yoga retreats for women in such places as Mexico, the Caribbean and Provence. Inspiration Retreats, Olsen says, “help women become attuned to their ‘inner artist’.” She acknowledges that the retreats are part of her own transformation, her need to refocus and be

inspired. “We’re all in the process of reinventing ourselves.” There’s a lilt, even a bit of laughter, in her voice that wasn’t there when I first interviewed Olsen five years ago. Today, she describes herself as an artist entrepreneur. “Both create something out of nothing; they figure things out along the way, seeing themselves as somewhat outside the mainstream. Both display enormous confidence in themselves, a commitment to hard work and perseverance in order to make their dream a reality.”

“You go on,” she tells me. “No matter what obstacles you have, you keep at it. You create a vision for your life and you keep working and trying new things. You just keep going on.” • 59

“I never thought all these things I learned from the military would come around to teaching me that you can think outside the box.” “Wellness is a very individualized thing; it has to be approached not as a math problem, but more like an art project,” Coleman said. “Every person has the key to unlock their own health problems, but there may not be the same solutions.” Coleman says bringing her model of medicine to life will be a gradual process. She continues to develop business as she serves as an independent doctor for clients with attention to mind, body and spirit. Now an entrepreneur, she is invigorated with the idea of adding employees and expanding. As always, she’s most fulfilled watching her patients benefit. “Someone comes to the doctor in their most vulnerable time, and that is a magical moment,” Coleman said. “That is when they are absolutely ready to make a change; that is when a doctor that is caring, considerate and present can lead them to a wonderful result.” Her time in the military taught Coleman that 90 percent of learning occurs outside of the textbook. Through her service, she learned to listen to her gut and trust her instincts. She experienced the freedom of faith in the most hostile of environments. She mustered raw courage in the shadow of carnage. And she discovered she didn’t need a pat on the back from anyone else to know her worth. Now with Wellsmart, she says she’s on her own terms - and the sky is the limit. “I never thought all these things I learned from the military would come around to teaching me that you can think outside the box–you can see what’s needed and create the solution.” •

Attention Dunder Mifflin...

Let’s face it: employee morale is directly tied to productivity. Shocker, the cranky girl working the front desk isn’t going to do your bottom line any favors, so why not keep spirits up by throwing an office party of your very own? Master these seven steps and you’ll realize that the holidays aren’t the only time to break out the company eggnog. By: Marley Majcher CEO of The Party Goddess! in LA

Artwork: Rifle Paper Co.

Whiskey Girl • By: Patricia Richards Master Mixologist of Wynn Resort & Casino

Ordering your first whiskey drink? Relax...we’re here to help you with the lingo next time you belly up to the bar. NEAT: From bottle to glass, for those who like the full flavor of whiskey.

WITH WATER ON THE ROCKS: One of the biggest misconceptions about whiskey is that one should not add water or ice, especially when it pertains to older and/or rarer whiskies. Adding water or ice to whiskey can bring down the alcohol content and allow for more subtle flavors to appear on the pallet. Which begs the question, “how much water or ice?” It’s your drink; you decide. Start with a splash of water or a single ice cube and add more until it’s perfect. COCKTAILS: More and more accounts are featuring whisk(e)y cocktails and as a result a whisk(e)y novice has the opportunity to enjoy whisk(e)y in a fun and unique ways. Since whiskies have different flavors ranging from a spicy bourbon like Bulleit to a smoky scotch like Lagavulin 16 no two whisk(e)y cocktails will be alike. People who might not enjoy whisk(e)y neat or on the rocks are discovering that in a cocktail they really enjoy all types of whiskies. FLAVORED WHISKIES: One of the oldest writings on whisky describes how the addition of things such as honey and cloves created a unique and flavorful way to enjoy Scotch whisky. Today, with the introduction of flavored whiskies such as Crown Royal Maple Finished or Bushmills Irish Honey, consumers have the option to enjoy a whisk(e)y that is not only flavorful but often lighter on the pallet. Like a non-flavored whisk(e)y, flavored whiskies may be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. • 82

Dr. Thomas C. Turner, Ph.D. and Master of Whisky for Diageo of North America, noted four main ways that he finds people are enjoying whisk(e)y today.


La Vie en Rose Recipe: Patricia Richards Mixologist: Brandon Judd Photo: Sarah Jane Sanders

1.5 oz. The Glenlivet 12 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 0.5 oz. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur 0.5 oz. Freshly Squeezed & Strained Lemon Juice 0.5 oz. Agave-Rose Syrup (*recipe below) 4 drops Peychaud’s Bitters Combine the above measured ingredients into a bar mixing glass. Fill a bar mixing tin 2/3 full of ice. Cap mixing glass over tin and shake well to chill. Strain cocktail into a prechilled coupe glass. Garnish with an organic red rose petal to float. Serve. (*Agave-RoseSyrup: Combine 1 part Monin Rose Syrup to 2 parts light agave nectar. Stir well to combine. Syrup will keep for up to one month.)

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CAKE&WHISKEY Spring Preview  

The Inaugural Issue of CAKE&WHISKEY The Sweet & Spirited World of Business. Featuring Rifle Paper Co., Barbara Corcoran, Sigrid Olson, Edi...

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