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An Inconvenient Lie By Casey McFarland

INT/EXT: THE BARN Angelo, Jonah, and Paul run into an old, musty barn in a panic. Lance stumbles in behind them with a bloody knife and blood covered hands. In complete exhaustion and panic, the boys are heaving from long distances of running. They seem to be running from something, or away from something. Horses line the sides of the barn in stalls and are startled by the sudden appearance from the frantic boys. JONAH Oh shit! What the shit! PAUL Fuck! What the fuck happened!? JONAH Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck... ! PAUL What the hell do we do?! What are we gonna do?! ANGELO Fuck man, what the hell happened! I can’t believe this! Jonah runs to the corner and throws up. Lance is shaking uncontrollably and falls to his knees, dropping the bloody knife he carried with him. The horses become scared and start to stomp and neigh, loudly. JONAH What happened back there?! We can’t go back, ever! PAUL What the fuck are you talking about?! We have to! ANGELO Jonah! Didn’t you take forensics or some shit? JONAH What the fuck does that have to do with anything right now?! ANGELO I don’t know man! Can’t you like... I don’t know, don’t you know how to... like... (CONTINUED)


2. PAUL How to clean up after a murder?! ANGELO Exactly, yeah! Can’t you like destroy evidence or cover it up or something? JONAH Are you fucking kidding me? Its a high school class, you think they teach you how to how to get away murder?! PAUL No, but it wasn’t murder. It fucking just happened. I don’t know what the fuck even happened!

Door slams open in the background that sends the boys jumping in fright. Angelo and Paul run to the window and duck underneath it, while still checking outside. OWNER Who’s back there?! Where are all y’all kids?! Get outta my barn! Oh fuck!

ANGELO JONAH Who’s that?! ANGELO Shit guys we gotta go! The owner pulls out a shotgun he had next to the door outside and pulls it up into an armed position. Paul jumps backwards falling to the ground and jumping up again within a split second, running back to where Jonah and Lance are. JONAH Who is that?! PAUL He’s got a fucking shotgun, let’s go! Paul, Angelo, and Jonah run out of the back door in the barn, leaving behind Lance unintentionally. Lance slowly gets up from his knees, grabs the knife, and quickly runs up to the loft of the barn, where the roof is particularly leaky, and constantly drips on Lance as he hides behind a couple hay bundles stacked upon each other. (CONTINUED)



JONAH Lance! We got to fucking leave! PAUL Lance! Get out! What the hell the guy’s got a fucking gun! ANGELO What’s he doing?! JONAH Shit!... Lance! The boys run out of the barn and hide next to a tractor that is parked right next to the back door. PAUL Guys, get down, be quiet! OWNER Where are you little fuckers? Come back to tease the horses again, huh? The boys change their yells to an intense whisper to quietly grab Lances attention. They flail their arms and call his name frantically trying to get him to leave the barn as soon as possible. Lance is hiding next to a window directly above the door from which the others boys fled. Lance!

JONAH OWNER Who is that?! I hear you! What are you doing around here, huh? The owner cocks his shotgun and holds it up close to his eyes for an accurate shot. Shhhhh!

LANCE PAUL What’s he doing?! He’s so fucked! JONAH Shut up! We have to do something! PAUL What can we do? He has to jump!




OWNER Where the hell are ya?! This is the last time you’ll tease Queenie again. The owner walks to the stall of a horse named Queenie and rubs her nose gently while giving the horse kisses. PAUL Lance, you have to jump! He’s gonna shoot you! ANGELO Shhhhhhhut the fuck up! Shhh! PAUL He’s going to be fucking shot, fuck you Angel! ANGELO Fuck you! You’ll get us all killed asshole! PAUL What?! It was your fucking idea ANGELO You wanted to just as much as I JONAH Shut the hell up both you retards! The fucking owner’s going up the stairs, he has a fucking gun. ANGELO We know asshole. Lance, jump! Jonah flips Angelo off and runs to the barn. Sneaking inside, Jonah grabs a rake that was posted up on the wall and starts to quietly head for the stairs. ANGELO Where do you think you’re going? Where you going?! What’s he doing?! PAUL Jonah, don’t be an idiot man, what are you doing? ANGELO Where the hell is he going? Lance, jump now! (CONTINUED)


5. PAUL I’m following Jonah. What?!

ANGELO PAUL I’m going in too. Paul gets up and runs into the barn, leaving Angelo alone and clueless about what to do. He swiftly grabs a pitch fork that lays on some hay. He heads to the stairs where Jonah is currently sneaking up. Paul puts his hand on Jonah’s shoulder... Hey Jo -

PAUL Turning around in a flash, Jonah swings his rake, stick end first, and hits Paul straight on the side of the head, hard. The hit sends Paul down most the flight of stairs. Shit!

JONAH OWNER What the hell was that? What are you doing?! The owner begins to walk quickly to the stairs. Jonah jumps down to the bottom and shakes Paul as he tries to wake him from being unconscious from the hit and fall. JONAH Paul! Shit, wake up man! The owner finds Jonah and Paul at the stairs end and aims at the two. LANCE Fuck you old man! The owner turns quickly and shoots. Outside, Angelo falls backwards down a small hill from the gun shot and is startle. He jumps up and runs to the side of the barn. Inside, Lance immediately throws his right fist into the owner’s jaw, sending him off the edge of the loft. The shot clipped Lance, just barley. LANCE Ahhhhh! Shit that hurt! Lance holds his hand close to his mouth and squats down, not noticing he’s even been shot, no one does. (CONTINUED)



Angelo peers around the corner seeing the coast is clear, and runs in. ANGELO Fuck! Whats happening! Paul! Fuck no! Is he shot?! Shaking and trying to reawaken Paul... JONAH Paul!... Shut the fuck up, Angel! You didn’t do anything back there! Paul!

LANCE ANGELO Fuck me! I suck! He’s shot! Fuck you guys! Jonah gets up and walks aggressively towards Angelo, punching him straight in the mouth, flattening him on the ground and stands over him. JONAH Fucking stay down! I’m this close to knocking you out, pussy. Shut the fuck up, right now. Paul is out cold. He snuck up on me and I hit him cause he freaked the shit outta me. LANCE What are we gonna do now? Is he dead? ANGELO Not two! Shit you guys. JONAH Just chill for a sec! Jonah kneels down next to the owner and checks his pulse on his neck. JONAH He’s not dead. Let’s take his gun and go.

An Inconvenient Lie  


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