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Meeting Report:

AIC 2010 MAR DEL PLATA, ARGENTINA 12-15 October 2010

The AIC Interim Meeting “Color and Food: From the Farm to the Table” was held at Hotel Provincial, in Mar del Plata, Argentina, from 12 to 15 October 2010, organized by the Argentine Color Group. The final numbers of the Meeting show: • 139 presentations: 90 posters, 49 oral (42 oral papers, 4 invited lectures, 2 precongress seminars, 1 sponsor talk) • 202 participants from 26 countries: 97 Argentina, 19 Japan, 19 Spain, 9 Italy, 7 Taiwan, 6 Chile, 6 Sweden, 5 Brazil, 5 France, 4 United Kingdom, 3 Korea, 3 Netherlands, 2 Australia, 2 China, 2 New Zealand, 2 Portugal, 2 Turkey, 1 Canada, 1 Hungary, 1 Iran, 1 Mexico, 1 Russia, 1 Switzerland, 1 Thailand, 1 Uruguay, 1 USA October 12 was devoted to the meeting of the AIC executive committee, two precongress seminars (by Dardo Bardier and Lindsay MacDonald), and the reception cocktail together with an exhibition of fine arts organized in connection with the Meeting. The scientific sessions were developed during three complete days, from October 13 to 15. In the night of Friday 15 a dinner with a tango show was offered to the participants, and finally, on Saturday 16, there was an excursion to the hills and Laguna de los Padres. The oral presentations were divided in thematic sessions on the following topics: Food color and appearance; Psychological aspects of food color; Color in food packaging; Color in food-related architecture; Food chemistry and colorimetry; Food colorimetry, Color and food in arts and culture; Color, food properties and preferences; Color design in food environments; Color and food in culture and language; Food lighting, color imaging and appearance. Four invited lectures were delivered by John Hutchings, Angel Negueruela, Verena M. Schindler, and Daniel Lozano. The 90 posters were arranged in 11 thematic groups. There were also three meetings of AIC study groups (Color Education, Language of Color, Environmental Color Design), one commercial talk, and the commercial exhibition of companies that sponsored the Meeting: Osram, NCS, X-Rite, Verivide, D’Amico, Lovibond. Other sponsors of the Meeting were: National Agency for the Scientific and Technological Promotion (main sponsor), National Council for Research (gold sponsor), Gutenberg Foundation, Brapack, and International Association of Color Manufacturers. The Proceedings were published both in a CD and a printed book given to the participants (other interested people can buy them). The book of abstracts is freely available on the AIC 2010 website. There are plans for additions publications: 1) an

agreement has been made with CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group) to publish a book with a selection of papers on technological and psychophysical aspects of color and food, that will appear in more developed form; 2) other papers related to arts and design would appear also in a more extended form in a special issue of an international journal. More information about AIC 2010: (including the info previous to the meeting, the committees, the full program, the book of abstracts, etc.) and (including pictures of the meeting, power-points of many oral presentations, info about the proceedings and more). JosĂŠ Luis Caivano chairman, AIC 2010

Early in the morning of the first John Hutchings delivering the day, ready to open. opening lecture.

Tango lesson at the end of the first day of the Meeting.

At the coffee-break.

Booths in the commercial exhibition.

ECD study group session.

Poster session.

Lobby of the venue with participants standing for a group picture.

Group picture outside the venue, Hotel Provincial, which appears at the left.

Participants from the following 26 countries:


Hotel Provincial

Mar del Plata city

AIC 2010 Meeting Report  
AIC 2010 Meeting Report  

Interim Meeting 2010 of the International Color Association: Color and Food. From the Farm to the Table