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Date Written: Feb 12, 2013 Written By: Caitlyn Bairstow Length: 30 Run Dates:

Client Name: Afternoon Drive, Evolution Contact Name: Phone Number: E-mail:

(Driving noises in background) SFX: Yawning Male announcer (Sound like infomercial type announcer) Oh there is nothing more boring them driving somewhere in the afternoon. Just ask these totally not scripted actors: Luna? Luna: OH SOOOOOOO BORING. Male announcer: Kevin? Kevin: Boring, boring, OH LOOK A DOG, boring… Male announcer: Gerald?... Gerald? SFX: Snoring Male Announcer: Gerald’s asleep it’s so boring! But it doesn’t have to be! Luna, Kevin, Gerald: Really?! Male Announcer: REALLY! Just turn that little nobby, thing-a-ma-whoozy on your dashboard to Evolution 1079, and enjoy the non-sleep inducing, triple A sounds of the Afternoon Drive! Luna, Kevin, Gerald: The Afternoon Drive? Male Announcer: YES, the afternoon Drive! On Evolution 1079. Altering radio one listener at a time. And you know it’s good, because it rhymes! Luna, Kevin, Gerald: YAY!

Evolution 1079 Creative

Afternoon Drive  

Copywriter: Caitlyn Bairstow 30 Sec

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