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Totem Platform Concept and report were designed by Cait Stevens, 2016 Under the guidance of Thesis advisor, and strategic innovation practitioner, Alexander Manu Presented at the 2016 OCAD University Grad Exhibition Learn more about myself and Totem at


To cherish knowledge is to know Wisdom. Wisdom is given by the Creator to be used for the good of the people. In the Anishinaabe language, this word expresses not only “wisdom,” but also means “prudence,” or “intelligence.” - Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers


About Me Abstract True Self Fair Trade User Data The Future Consumer



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About Me Abstract True Self Fair Trade User Data The Future Consumer


Hi! My name is Cait.

I’m a forward thinking dreamer with a knack for using data to influence design, and a growing passion for the blending of physical and digital worlds. My interests developed from traditional Industrial Design techniques like product design and furniture - and developed into a love for the user experience. Whether it’s logical ergonomics, smooth digital moments, complex algorithmic form generation or feel good interactions - I can make it happen. My interests occupationally lie in research, trend analysis, and data driven design. Personally, I love science fiction and engaging play, and find time for both in my every day.


ABSTRACT The shortest distance between the present and the possibility.

The data age has brought us to an eye opening understanding of the seemingly infinite potential laid out before us. We pride ourselves on being capable of seeing inside the human body, having the ability to speak with people across oceans, and able to answer any question within an instant. With this, we build up a perfect version of ourselves online, tailor our perfect shell physically, and yet still feel burdened mentally. We will always strive to be the best, and once we have reached the better, we have already seen the next opportunity on the horizon. The problem lies in us tying together past systems as best we can when in reality we must reestablish how we connect sentiently, physiologically and digitally. The data that we make is bought, sold and used by many; yet not truly understood by the people manufacturing it - this is not an effective way of nurturing growth in the economy of self information. To educate the data-farmer, find gentle methods of communication, and change participation through a new user mindset, personal data will be exchangeable in a way that understands the past, elevates the current and perceives the future. Through passive data creation, fair trade of personal data, and a more “You-centric� method of connecting the now with the possibility; the predictive potential will redefine the relationships businesses make with consumers, and the mindset the individual has towards their position in the world. We are giving the control back to the individual, and they are now revitalized with the acuity, perspicacity and acumen of a seemingly all-knowing mind.





The journey to understand who “you� are. This is a motivation for long existing behaviours, and new and exciting services. This can be seen in recent industries for health & wellness, fitness, social media, and wearables to name a few.

Data is being mass-produced as the new commodity and currency. Users are the data farmers, and new methods of gaining and delivering benefit to brands can be developed from IOT devices and wearable electronics.

The new demographic is no demographic. Consumers are blending characteristics and changing spending habits. The expectation is to have personal, clever and engaging experiences, rather than just purchase and ownership.


AUTHENTIC SELF The authentic self, is the fully realized, infinitely complex and fully connected state of being. It is the ultimate goal, unreachable until realized, and unique to each person. The journey to discovering and then rediscovering the authentic self can be argued to being the purpose of human consciousness, driving all motivation and inspiration. This was the quest I had originally taken on in the beginning of my research. What do we define as the fully realized state of being? And how do we manifest solutions and strategies to reach this unreachable goal? I naively started this journey off searching for a biological, anatomical and medicinal reasoning for identifying how people get closer to defining who they should be. It was in this that I changed directions, and realized the already occurring manifestations of self discovery. Health and wellness, fitness trends, social media, drugs and alcohol, meditation, religion, quantified self documentation, and fashion to name a few. How are these things connected and how have we been doing it wrong? What does the digital age, coming to a new level of maturity mean for the unfolding journey of identifying our true selves? The self is undergoing a transformation, and will continue to do so. We have a physical form with biological restrictions, a time limit, and the ability to live infinitely through impressions we leave on our world. We are also conscious beings, experiencing complex thought systems, developing health problems and innovations that blur the line between physical and mental forms. The newest form of self is the digital self. We have a digital profile – likely many. They each act as a projection of who we are, with the added bonus of being able to tailor and manipulate it to represent a self-identified ideal version. In addition to the complexities of the individual, we are also connected to each other on multiple wavelengths. Be it our presence in a room, our comment in a forum, or our ecological footprint. We exist, and thus we reverberate.

This is where Totem was born.











Security Acceptance


FAIR TRADE DATA Fair Trade has been a standard on the trading and sustainability of commodities and products from one place to another. It helps to promote greater equity for international trading partners through dialogue, respect and transparency. As a result the rights of workers who produce the goods being exchanged are recognized, standardized and protected. The modern world is run off of many commodities, and a wide range of exchange methods and currencies are used to sustain different areas of the globe – all for the overarching benefit of humanity.

Data is the latest currency and commodity – and it is not a new concept to use it to invigorate change and promote new endeavors in purchasing and farming different kinds of data. We are all being analyzed for our spending habits, interests, internet usage and social conversations. People care, and companies do buy this information from consumer analytics companies and data aggregators. It has been made clear through social media and political outcry that people do not feel comfortable with the amount of data that is being absorbed from them – and it will only get more in-depth from here.

With wearables, IOT devices, and a connected globe – this data will be streamed at an alarming rate, with seemingly no control in part by the user. You choose to either provide the data freely (on top of the cost for services already being sold to you) and engage with the services that you like, or you can throw away your smart phone, computer and television. It is unfair ethically to deprive people of some services in this age – especially since data is a material that is not as dependant on organic resources in the literal sense. Some may believe that internet connectivity should be as free as water (which we still charge for in bottles and in our monthly amenities), but perhaps there is a way where both sides can gain mutual benefit – and as a result, assure safety and plasticity during the next decade of data and consumer transformation.

The Fair Trade User Agreement is a concept that combines the TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) terms of service agreements that pop up in absolutely any digital or internet based sign-up page, and the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) Fair Trading act, published first in 1973, and updated and transformed continuously as the markets and currencies change. Terms of service agreements are fairly ludicrous in concept, and I cannot think of a better use for the abbreviated “TL;DR” than this. It reflects a lazy, high expectation consumer base, who will blindly accept the uninteresting details that activate the end benefits they are seeking to gain. Brands and businesses are aware of this apathy, and will therefore play the legally safe card by saying, “It says this in the agreement you signed, and therefor this is your own fault”. This is not untrue by any stretch, but the repercussions on the brand image and consumer loyalty after something goes wrong, can be a potential problem, both for consumer and brand.

Manifestations of this can be seen in situations like the 2016 Apple versus FBI iPhone access case (to gain information on potential terrorist information, in exchange for a risk to Apple customer’s personal data), to smaller situations. For instance, if you peruse social media on any given day, there is almost always a great-aunt from back home, or a loud-and-proud cousin on Facebook who post some bizarre, fake, non-legally binding paragraph “privacy policy” on their feed. Thinking this protects them in some way is a perfect manifestation of a user base who are being taken advantage of because they are not capable of fully grasping what it is this service takes in exchange for participation.


WHY WOULD BRANDS WANT THIS? With the Fair Trade User Agreement, I propose that people living in the world run by data, and populated with soon-to-be billions of connected devices – should be educated and able to generate their own benefit from the data they generate, just by being. A more educated person will understand the 1s and 0s that represent a transaction, IP address, image recognized object, or emoji. Knowledge is power, and the consumer population would likely be more comfortable and more willing to contribute if they do not feel deceived with their experience with products and services, and do not feel apathetic in relation to their legal rights as human beings and customers.

The flip side of this agreement is a huge influx of information for brands. With connected devices, objects and people, we are moving out of the alpha stage and are slowly realizing that if the consumer wants benefit, and if able to get it – they will participate. Nielsen, among other consumer analytics companies are the bridge that I propose connect the consumer to the brand in a mutually beneficial, long term relationship. Like crowdfunding, people can stream services through contract plans, or exchange micro data packs in return for bonuses and experiences. This would drive competition through the production of engaging services, and promote an intimacy and comradery between consumer and brand, because in small ways, you contribute to their success. Currency for product, and data for benefits. That will secure consumerism in the next stage of the digital era.

FUTURE CONSUMER The modern consumer is a consumer chameleon. Previously, most consumer groups were generated through a grand marketing technique where all people were blocked into a group, and product was generated specifically for them. This is not completely gone - but it is changing. The modern consumer is difficult to understand. They are dynamic, and complex - as people usually are. They are no longer afraid to announce their identity, and their shopping habits reflect that. Not only are our habits becoming harder to track, we are also spending in patterns that are difficult to predict. When understanding the consumer confidence of a demographic, many forces drive its direction, and consumer analytics companies like Nielsen depend on result-generating data for their clients.

The most effective marketing methods need to be engaging, personal, available and honest. The retail environment is not defined merely by a physical store front or a retail web page, and the act of being a consumer no longer means buying a product or service as the only interaction. Like in any other relationship, there is a method to assure success and invigorate a blossoming between the two. The expectation economy is the new behaviour of consumerism, and to an extent; the future of marketing and advertising.




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Industries of Identity Market Analysis Contextual Interviews Insights Trend Analysis Innovation Matrix Knowledge Synthesis

INDUSTRIES OF IDENTITY The quest for self actualization, answering "the big questions" is a behaviour we have had from the beginning. Once a life form is intelligent enough to become aware of its own existence, it is only a matter of time until it begins to question "why?". The intrinsic motivation to achieve self actualization has been embedded into all things, and most notably profited off of in “Industries of Identity”. They buy, sell and evolve aspects of the human condition that they know we all suffer to understand and accept. The profitability of such industries will be ever profitable, and understanding the motivation behind consumer sales in these industries, and harnessing it in a fair way, can generate a sustainable, ethical model of self discovery. We cannot give someone the answer to discovering their true selves, we must merely provide them with the motivation and belief that they can do so alone. The benefit for the consumer is clear - they give something in exchange for something else. Whether it is truly beneficial to them or not - if they believe it is good, it is in demand. The benefit for brands selling the “solutions” is also clear - revenue streams, happy customers, positive brand image, etc. The benefit for Totem, and for any partners in the platform come from the plasticity of the concept, and assured on-going demand for the product. The key in the age of data is not to tie oneself down to a form - to a prescribed “solution”. By existing as no form, and many forms - Totem is assured to maintain relevancy, and avoid restrictions from depleting resources and fleeting trends. The only thing needed is an open-minded, educated user, a brand who is willing to play fair, and a contextually, emotionally aware sensory device.



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My early stage exploration map looks at the main themes and trends emerging from the quest to identify the “true self”. From this enormous blend of landscapes, the areas of focus for Totem Haptik as a service were identified as Data, Experience and `Advertising.






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MARKET ANALYSIS The value proposition for this market involve pleasing brands and consumers through a consumerism and data transactional revolution. This could take place within the current technological and service industries, but is likely built for a marketplace that is not mature enough yet. Wearable technology needs to be small, more passive and less dependent on users to maintain them. Data needs to be generated in a safer space, where all parties are engaged and contribute to a mutually beneficial, knowledgeable place. This solution as I discovered rather late in my research is paralleled with Trend Watching’s own anticipated trends for the year 2016.

- Internet of Shared Things - Contextual Omnipresence - Two-way Transparency - Inside Out - Post-Demographic Consumerism Mason, H., & Reyes, M. I. (n.d.). Trend-driven innovation.

In McKinsey&Company’s December 2015 article titled: “The consumer sector in 2030: Trends and Questions to Consider”, some projections about the industry upheavals and emerging trends that show predictable growth and in some cases - surprising paths. The five main dominant forces were:

The changing face of the consumer Evolving geographical dynamics New patterns of personal consumption Technological advancements Structural industry shifts. This information developed from research, expert interviews, and extensive experience working with consumer-facing companies worldwide, ensure that these dynamic shifts are indeed the future. The impact will be felt in consumer spending habits, geographical region, and global population cash flow for at least the industries listed. So my area of focus was validated, and I looked back at insights gained, and the trend landscape map to generate innovations of my own. The consumer sector in 2030: Trends and questions to consider. (n.d.). Retrieved April 25, 2016, from



Position: UX Designer Gender: Male Location: Toronto Age: 25-30 Knowledge: Design, App prototyping user experience, branding, product launch. Same customer segments

Position: Creative Director Gender: Male Location: Toronto Age: 25-35 Knowledge: Graphic Design, Product launch, branding, market research

Position: Growth Catalyst Gender: Female Location: Toronto Age: 25-35 Knowledge: Character design, illustration, television writing and producing.

Position: HR advisor Gender: Female Location: Toronto Age: 25-35 Knowledge: Human resources, account executive, sales and marketing

Position: Masters Thesis Student Gender: Male Location: Germany, Atlanta Age: 25 Knowledge: Industrial engineering, Automotive design, Material science, Mechanical Engineering, Supply Chain Management

What is your general opinion on the topic of consumer data and its harvesting methods for brands?

Position: Fashion Design Student Gender: Female Location: Toronto Age: 22 Knowledge: Fashion design, branding, consumer research, entertainment


1. It is a necessity to give control over user data back to the user generating it. 2. Traditional advertising methods are not effective. A strategy based off of transparency and honesty is the future. 3. The value of products & services are in the experience - that should be integral to sale & advertising as well 4. Cultural norms and historical influence play a huge roll in privacy - should data be a taxed good? 5. Wearable tech is not yet widely accepted. Users shouldn’t be expected to want all the data available, and all that data must be theirs and theirs alone. 6. People do not trust brands, unless they are explicitly given a reason to feel so. 7. People are scared that sensors and IOT tech is/will be used against them



After developing a revitalized understanding of the archetypal motivation behind popular products and fleeting brands, I decided that I wanted to find renewed ways of providing benefit and bypassing the digital alpha stage problems: For the Consumer: Manual entering of data Poorly executed platforms for users to use wearables Immoral absorption and abuse of consumer data generators Forcing consumers to choose to participate or be exiled digitally Dependence on Social Media for digital mental health therapy The general population feeling TOO Plugged In Does not change lifestyle outside of device interaction For Brands: Demographics becoming harder to predict for The Expectation Economy driving consumer intrigue An over-saturated global brand market An non-monogamous consumer-brand relationship Poor, distant brand image



In my previous semester’s work I conducted in-depth research into human behaviour, motivation, technology, and trend watching. In this second semester, I re-analyzed previous assumptions and predictions, and added new insights and a more refined area of focus. This second trend analysis looked at the future of consumerism and marketing. My main themes were data, ads and experience.

1 // FAIR TRADE DATA 2 // WEARNOTABLES 3 // CONSUPERANALYTICS 1 // DIGITAL INFLUENCER 2 // MEDIA PLASTIC 3 // MARKET HEART 1 // RESPONSTUFF 2 // OTHERSIGHT Stevens, C. (2016). The future of Consumer Data Influenced Branding. Toronto.

In Trend Driven Innovation, by Trend Watching, I organized the trend landscapes with each of their own criteria inspired by the Fundamental Trend Elements Map (49) From there I identified trend signals that would influence my concept.

Basic Needs

Expectation Gaps More of the Same


Expectation Gaps Basic Needs

Drivers of Change THE SWEET SPOT

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e th of e re Mo Sam

Drivers of Change


Innovation Mason, H., & Reyes, M. I. (n.d.). Trend-driven innovation.



The Self-Data Farmer



Algorithms run the world - online atleast. With smart phones and wearables, combined with social media and near constant online use - we have each become a data aggregator of our own material. Social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have recently undergone changes, both in an attempt to guide users where they want them, and to keep them in the app as long as possible.

Like in research, programmers have a long history of sharing, exchanging and innovating each other’s material to develop new concepts. This means however, that they depend on one another to act fairly, and trust enough to innovate the world together. This is not always the case, as legal and corporate goals don’t always match that of the small, but vital programmer.

People don’t like going to the doctor. Whether it is bad news, embarrassing conversations, or the horribly long waits in the hall - we just don’t like it.

P., & Magazine, V. F. (n.d.). Snapchat Takes On Facebook with Huge New Upgrade. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from news/2016/03/snapchat-takes-on-facebook-with-huge-new-upgrade

Collins, K. (2016). How one programmer broke the internet by deleting a tiny piece of code. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from source=parWD

As a result, users are searching symptoms up online, causing scares on a weekly basis, and providing unusual companies with material the patients never agreed to providing.

Merchant, B. (2015, February 23). Looking Up Symptoms Online? These Companies Are Tracking You. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from http://






With ease of spending comes the danger of: A) You overspending B) Some one else spending your money. We want to blend our devices to have one, ultimate device that holds our world together, but is it safe to do that? Developers of the technology are trying to find out.

Going to the doctor can be a scary thing, but nothing is scarier than the situations where mixups and missed information nearly cause injury or death of patients. Through wearable tech and understanding of scoial media behaviours, perhaps our doctors can help us with our health from wherever we are, and even before we know there is a health problem.

Like in the 1984 novel by George Orwell, companies and insurance agencies are already seeking ways to avoid risk and generate value for themselves, and to a certain extent-their clients. By projecting near and far into the future, we can all avoid disaster, and practice self-restraint from behaving badly.

B. (2015, October 5). Engaged to tech: Simply wave to pay with this ring Times of India. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from http://timesofindia.indiatimes. com/tech/tech-news/Engaged-to-tech-Simply-wave-to-pay-with-this-ring/ articleshow/49221560.cms

Fisher, N. (2014, May 29). Who’s Who Of Health Care Join Forces For SMART Technology. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from nicolefisher/2014/05/29/whos-who-of-health-care-join-forces-for-smarttechnology/#74d767562c76

Greenough, J. (2015, July 17). From fitness trackers to drones, how the Internet of Things is transforming the insurance industry. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from







In the heart of science and technology, all of us want the world to innovate together.

Mental health is a serious and complicated problem for countries all over the world. Social media heavy cultures both propagate threatening behaviours and provide a window into the mind of individuals online.

Video games can place the player into worlds unimaginable and, with Virtual reality, intensely realistic. Realism adds benefits of making a deeper connection, intensifying the experience, and scaring the pants off you. When we are connected to things, how will they alter their form to elevate your experience continuously?

Tech giant, Google for instance has opened up some vital code to the world to inspire innovation globally, generate positive competition, and improve their own algorithms.

Metz, C. (2015, September 11). Google Just Open Sourced TensorFlow, Its Artificial Intelligence Engine. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from http://

How can people use social media to identify mental health trends soon enough to save lives?

O’Neil, L. (2016, March 03). New project monitors social media for signs of mental illness. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from algorithm-monitors-social-media-mental-health-issues-risk-1.3471223

Al-Obaidi, Z. (2016, March 3). Nevermind Adds Support for Apple Watch, EyeTracking, and Emotion Sensing Technology | VRFocus. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from






Public influencers play a starting role in generating popularity and virality online and in the physical space.

Developing a trending viral “meme” is difficult to do intentionally, but many seek to reach such a feat. The lifespan of these microbursts of fame and entertainment have behavioural ingredients that have entertained us since the beginning of time, and with the speed of the thin internet - is only made more apparent.

Some individuals become drivers of social media influence after years of hard work - but not all. Some players were literally born in a world behind the screen, and can use this transparency and intimacy with their audience to make impact for themselves and for other brands.

However the result of different behaviour and advertising methods can results in different levels of negative and positive reception.

E. (2016, March 05). Ahoy! Kanye West Now Has His Own Pirate Bay TorrentFreak. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from

Tanz, J. (2016, March 1). Finally, an Exhaustive Structural Analysis of ‘Damn Daniel’. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from

Harwood, E. (2016, March 29). Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits Apparently Broke Google. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from






The search for one product in a sea of brands is difficult to do, especially when the word that describes it in your mind does not match with that of the producer’s. The new search engine could arguably be used by anyone, even the ancient Egyptians. By passing language and cultural limitations, the long running text bar is soon to join hieroglyphs in the history books.

The pages on the web are full of evil doers that are only there to deceive you. Google blocks and removes them, but they will continue to pop up. Google also provides services that block even their “good” ads online, so where are the opportunities to improve both, that elevate good ads and remove bad? Perhaps the solution lies in our perception of the form of ads.

Simonite, T. (2015, November 17). AI Advances Make It Possible to Search, Shop with Images. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from https://www.

Google blocked 780M Bad Advertising from its Google AdSense system – Albuquerque Tech Time - Albany Daily Star Gazette. (2016). Retrieved April 24, 2016, from






Different emotions spur on different reactions, both consciously and subconsciously in the minds of our consumer - how can this relationship be made transparent and effective? By carefully tailoring marketing methods and brand expansions, we can move the consumer into an experience that benefits themselves and brings up the brand

Emotional appeal is a key driver in advertising. Agencies and consumer analytics companies can aggregate all the logical data that they want, but the fact is that emotional and human marketing are more effective.

The word transparency within brands and agencies is a touch subject, as miscommunication and disagreement on marketing strategies can negatively affect both sides. Mitigators are needed to act as a couple councilor between the 2, but how can we trust future brands and agencies to behave in a transparent and ethical manner?

Seiter, C. (2014, March 04). The Science of Emotion in Marketing: How We Decide What to Share and Whom to Trust. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from

Saunders, M. (2015, April 30). Psychology and Emotions in Marketing - Visual Creatives, Inc. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from psychology-and-emotions-in-marketing/

Elkin, T. (2016, March 9). Trolling For Transparency, Media’s Latest Buzzword. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from article/270566/trolling-for-transparency-medias-latest-buzzword.html






The Internet Of Things will spur on and estimated 6.4 BIllion connected devices in use by the end of 2016. This includes a blend of consumer, cross industry and specific categories for everything from tracking shipment quality and efficiency, to providing entertainment and leisure. Object identities will become universally understood and the ontology of object use can be combined in many ways.

For the betterment of humanity, humans are becoming endowed with super-human powers to improve their life and self image, and wit potential to drastically change the industry of health and wellness in addition to many others.

Maiberg, E. (2015, November 11). Disney Designed a Smartwatch that Knows What You’re Touching. Retrieved April 25, 2016, from http://motherboard.vice. com/read/disney-designed-a-smartwatch-that-knows-what-youre-touching

The BuzzClip: Wearable Ultrasound for the Blind. (n.d.). Retrieved April 25, 2016, from

Senses are no longer defined by one organ or interaction. By applying old technology in new ways, we can invigorate the senses to completely change the experience of objects, places, people and brands.

M. (2016). Food Hacking: Electric Fork. Retrieved April 25, 2016, from https://






Placing yourself into another person’s shoes is a difficult thing to do, especially when one has no reference point for the other person’s context. Using VR technology, artists and directors are placing viewers in towns across the world in an effort to educate and teach empathy. How can experiencing struggle first hand change support for great causes?

People want to experience it all, with no cost, no health affects and no loss of time. This taste seems difficult to accomplish, but now we can experience micro-moments through short clips of indulgent behaviour. Living through others has never been more actually manifested, as viewers on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram are observing seemingly pointless material, to satisfy cravings quickly.

Big agencies are moving into the realm of experiences on top of flat digital art, and goods.

UN’s first Oculus 3D film puts you inside a Syrian refugee camp. (n.d.). Retrieved April 25, 2016, from

Inside BuzzFeed’s international news app strategy. (2016). Retrieved April 25, 2016, from

Allowing consumers to engage with brands on a deeper level than just purchasing and leaving allows for a more complex relationship with one another, where loyalty is maintained and appreciation is elevated.

Vox Media moves into experiential marketing - Digiday. (2016). Retrieved April 25, 2016, from




Once I identified each trend and their micro trends, I plotted them by color group (Macro trend) and color hue (micro trend) onto a multi-planar landscape matrix. There are 3 sets of “extreme� variations of the future of each area, and I plotted each trend in their corresponding area.


is the ultimate attachment to data, the Internet and other entities. Fully wardrobed wearables, implemented chips for internet access, and hyperlearning plug-ins for the mind are some examples.


is the ultimate detachment from technology and data. Be that a world where we no longer rely on computers as we know it, or clever and microscopic passive applications of technology are the norm.

I <3 Brands

is a revolutionized relationship between consumer and brands. They communicate with no boundaries, limitless in influence on each other, and they work for mutual benefit.

I H8 Brands

is the detesting of brands to the point where brands cannot act as the powerhouses they used to. Marketing and advertising is the nail in the coffin, and brands need to be strategic in their relationship building with consumers.



Intense Sense

is the removal of segmented experience. As we indulge in everything with multiple senses, experiences are now layered as well. Successful products and services have this strategy as an integral aspect of initiatives

Intense Senses

is the design for ultimate and isolated experience types. Extreme versions of what we used to take for granted and bringing out the best aspects of the moment.

I <3 Brands

Unplugged Morphsense I H8 Brands

1 // DATA

2 // AD


Out of Mind


Projected Taste




Fair Trade Data

Crowd Cointoss


Each of these trends fed into the creation of Totem. Passive, learn-able, fair, plastic in form, engaging, for the people, sharable, adaptable, experiential, multi-sensorial, moldable. A product or service that generates benefit for the user, asks nothing from them unless sought after, learns about the individual, and empowers them to do more.



KNOWLEDGE SYNTHESIS Looking at the core goals of my study, the generated trend system, brand mapping, industries of identity, contextual interview addressed failures and stakeholder value proposition, I’ve managed to identify an information architecture that identifies the main focus and value propositions of the concept.



Quantified Self





People don’t trust brands, and fear misuse of their personal information.


Control over your own future

Consumers want benefit. The value of consuming is the experience.


Insight into the inner self

People want to feel safe and in control of their data

Fast Fashion

Social Media

Materializing the inner self

Communication and refinement

Wearables are too manual, overly detailed, too complicated and not directed to the optimal stakeholders

Consumers are bored and distrustful of brands and ad methods

Should data be a taxed commodity?



PostDemographic Consumerism The Changing face of the consumer Inside Out New Patterns of Personal Consumption Two-way Transparency

Structural Industry shifts Contextual Omnipresence Evolving Geographical dynamics Internet of Shared Things

Technological Advancements



Feels special and finds every experience to be personalized

Consumer - brand relationship is strong

Find benefits by participating in brand system

Market saturation drives innovation, and does not deter customer loyalty

User trusts the brand, feels safe with data sharing

Brand Image is positively perceived through transparency

Only interacts with digital platform at the opportune moment

Expectation economy generates benefits

Does not feel Plugged in, lifestyle benefits are the value

Consumers are easy to read and predict

SERVICE ATTRIBUTES INTIMATE The relationship between brand and consumer is strong, exciting and honest. TRUSTWORTHY Consumers trust that their data is safe and going to the right place, because they are in total control INNOVATIVE Consumers can create their own benefit through participation. Brands gain useful and accurate insight from a variety of consumer types PASSIVE Digital integration does not mean it is heavily involved. The right service should show up at the right time, there is no need to input, charge or contact to gain benefit. ENLIGHTENING The service makes consumer’s lives better, and brand’s business more sustainable ADAPTIVE As you grow, so does your predictive profile. Understanding you now and you tomorrow requires flexibility from the service 41



44 46 48 50 58 60 64 68 72 74

Totem Products Haptik Brand Development Technology Context Recognition Emotion Tracking Mobile Application Information Flow Wireframing

T Connecting you to the possibility


The Totem platform is a data streaming and machine learning consumer analytics and consumer activity provider. The function of Totem is to help people to find their authentic self through a self guided journey of valuable experiences, while driving innovation in brands through a mutually beneficial exchange of consumer experience feedback. To the consumer, its a new understanding of their personal data generation and its applications and possibilities. It makes the user the fully realized creator and landlord of their data. To the brand, its a source of accurate, streamed consumer experience data and acts as an easy launchpad for customer experience campaigns and new customer recruitment through value driven benefit micro moments. To manage all of this information, Nielsen consumer analytics will broker and distribute the data between all parties. This includes its own clients, partners, small businesses, physicians, insurance agencies, schools, etc. As a platform, Totem can develop a wide range of products and services that tie in to the Nielsen brokerage infrastructure. The age of data is upon us and it needs to be redesigned to perform optimally for both the user and the corporation. We consume information, output data and that is the new resource companies are obsessed with. However the person who is producing all this information is not participating in a way that engages them, nor produces truly value material for the companies seeking it.

Through fair trade of user data, in exchange for benefits and experiences in a mutually beneficial relationship, both parties can optimally perform in the data age. For it is through moments of intensity and deep value which provide us with the drive to discover more. The problem lies in us tying together past systems as best we can when in reality we must reestablish how we connect sentiently, physiologically and digitally. With the implementation of wearables, soon will come the uproar of user data agreements, much of which would likely be left to the user alone to ponder over on their iPhone, not truly understanding nor utilizing it; but comforted by the knowledge that it is only theirs to look at. This insecurity is driven by the cloak current consumer data analytics companies have draped in an effort to make the user feel bliss in ignorance, and provide companies with sub-par, out of date means of data collection. To educate the data-farmer, find gentle methods of communication, and change participation through a new user mindset, personal data will be exchangeable in a way that understands the past, elevates the current and perceives the future. Through passive data creation, fair trade of personal data, and a more “You-centric� method of connecting the now with the possibility; the predictive potential will redefine the relationships businesses make with consumers, and the mindset the individual has towards their relationships with experience-providers, and their own possibility.


FIRST PRODUCTS HAPTIK Passive emotion tracking wearables learn all about you. Daily suggestions of interactions you predictably would like, and only at the ideal moment.

PATH Set goals and reach them. Path looks at your current situation (financial, education, health, emotion, social) and helps you take the steps to reach the next level. Connected heavily with health and wellness practitioners, path keeps all layers of self on track.

GROW Help brands be better. Consumers are educated in their data potential and streams, and take control. Brands gain emotional insight, consumers get control and benefits.















+ +




ToTem Haptik This report has mainly focused on the development of the Haptik concept, with a connection to Nielsen that integrates the “Grow” as well.

To quantify experiences on a level that can be useful to predicting the future needs and trends of an individual, we have to identify the factors that provide value and measure influential aspects that encompass “experience”. By quantifying these factors, Totem can note trends, patterns, causes, correlations and as a result - provide new experiences to the individual with a high likelihood of success. Through a streamlined and numeric-driven system of packaged data sets, the user and their broker can specify predetermined plans for data sale, or exchange their data set in return for new brand offers. The brands who are partnered with Totem would also find value in this through a platform of approved data packages that they can implement into their own business plan, for future endeavors and with more accuracy than through traditional means of consumer confidence analytics. The implied hypothesis of the service once implemented is that these factors will be easily traceable, and quantifiable on a near constant level of processing. Once collected and added into the library of experiences, Totem machine learning tools will start to note trends, key identifiers of the user’s value in experiences, and combine that data with new contextual identities to create new connections at ideal moments for brands, users and contexts.

Factors and variables for defining and quantifying value in experiences. - Numeric rating of Context Factors with time stamp (Evaluate) - Processing of Context Factors immediately to hypothesize correlations and causations (Predict 1) - Long term processing library of collected Experience data to hypothesis more accurate patterns, causes and correlations (Predict 2) - Contextually aware passive data collection (Aware) - User activated predictive request (Ask) - Emotion activated predictive request (Advise) - Success of provided experience rating by emotion (Feel) - Success of provided experience rated by user (Think) - Predictive success rate data added to prediction library (Fortune) - Collected information is packaged (Pack) - User predetermined contracts are given stream of Value Package (Gift) - Brand offers in exchange for pack are approved by user via Advise or formally through 3rd party agreement (Sell)


Predict 1

Predict 2


















BRAND DEVELOPMENT PRODUCT Totem gives you insight into yourself and the world around you. It lets the data you create be applied, managed and distributed safely, and results in experiences, predictions, and opportunities not possible without. Get to know your authentic self, connect with your Totem.

MISSION STATEMENT Totem delivers value to brands and consumers through accurate, dynamic and engaging methods of harvesting and applying user data, through a mutually beneficial relationship.

VISION STATEMENT Unlimited,experiences grown from a fair partnership between person and brand.

BRAND STORY The fully connected world has a new connection; you. We want to open up the dams that block information flow, and to help the individual to cultivate it. Our passion for innovation and possibility inspire new relationships between person and corporation, and create valuable experiences in the process. Totem is the soil in which opportunities can grow, through a fully integrated network of thinkers, doers and dreamers. We represent the hypostasis of all data-creating things, and let you choose your destiny.

SERVICE ATTRIBUTES INTIMATE The relationship between brand and consumer is strong, exciting and honest. TRUSTWORTHY Consumers trust that their data is safe and going to the right place, because they are in total control INNOVATIVE Consumers can create their own benefit through participation. Brands gain useful and accurate insight from a variety of consumer types PASSIVE Digital integration does not mean it is heavily involved. The right service should show up at the right time, there is no need to input, charge or contact to gain benefit. ENLIGHTENING The service makes consumer’s lives better, and brand’s business more sustainable ADAPTIVE As you grow, so does your predictive profile. Understanding you now and you tomorrow requires flexibility from the service

BRAND ATTRIBUTES Positioning Perceptive, Insightful, Plastic Key Insightful Valued Confidence, Memorable, Effortless Tablestake Dynamic, Connected, Passive, Safe, Valuable

POSITIONING STATEMENT Totem gives you insight into yourself and the world around you. It lets the data you create be created, managed and distributed safely, and results in experiences, predictions, and opportunities not possible without. Get to know your authentic self, connect with your Totem.

BACKGROUND Everyone is producing information at an exponentially increasing rate. As technology that takes personal data becomes mainstream, people need to understand how to fairly trade their data, and want to create benefits from it. Totem is a platform on which products operated by brands, consumer analytics companies, and experience-providers can develop mutually beneficial opportunities for user and brand. Services are now accurate, well-matched, and perfectly experienced.







predictive dynamic

perceptive suggestive adaptive


connected ease


personal passive confidence physiological


bright gentle






round tranquil comforting


fresh calm


passive infinite


I - Introvert

E - Extrovert

T - Thinking

F - Feeling





Adaptable Dynamic Confident


F Insightful Trustworthy


Intuitive Passive

I 55

BRAND NAME The name for this concept was not necessarily a process - it was more of an epiphany. I had juggled with the concept of layers of the self, different forms that makeup the same being - you alone, and you as a community at the same time. As I attempted to sleep one night, it popped in my head and was so clearly the name that I sprung out of bed to write it down. Tee totem pole visually communicated the concept better than any other thing could.








Wood #5A4F55

Sweet #F4DFEC

Curry #FDDB00

Juice #EE3E7D

Powder #B5DFEC

Mist #8696AF

Aloe #A1D6BF

a b c d e f g A B C D E F G A










Data is generated by each person, through a multitude of sources. What can you do with the data you generate? Totem understands emotional behaviour and interactions, to project future interactions and their reception by each individual. Even, better? You are the creator and broker, and brands are the buyer and innovator, Mutual Benefit.


CONTEXT RECOGNITION Machine Learning is a subfield of computer science, evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. By studying and constructing algorithms that learn data, machine learning can make predictions and express decisions as an output. Computational statistics and mathematical optimization allow Totem to know what is important, notable, and repetitive. When a user’s EEG emotions spike positively or negatively, the “degrees of freedom” from the mean of all emotions identifies a statistically significant moment. Ex. You are eating at a buffet, emotions and senses flow up and down at an average rate, but then a walnut shrimp dish is contextually identified as the cause for a statistically significant positive spike in emotion from the user. That interaction is then saved, and learned over time to be an experience the user really loved - and can be used to generate new experiences like it. Over time, machine learning uses a combination of regression, supervised learning, clustering, dimensionality reduction, structured reduction, anomaly reduction and neural netting to predict future outcomes.

For the graduate exhibition, and this early stage of developing Totem - we have opted to use Google Brain Team’s Tensorflow. Tensorflow is an open source software library for machine learning, that offers perceptual and linguistic understanding tasks. Used for research, and being one of the few open source layers of Google’s Deep Mind, it helps speech recognition, Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Search identify what users are looking for. In the dynamic programming language Python, Totem connects to Imagenet and Cloudsight’s API to learn what many images of things are, to understand what new images mean. This means that the program learned from the API’s what gold fish looks like - and understands what it is (with ranging accuracy for the probability of it being right). This means that even if it identifies the gold fish as a goldfish at 0.91, and a blow fish at 0.002, it understands that it is most likely a goldfish.


USER DATA HARVESTING To have the data stream work properly, the market needs to be ready technologically and socially.


Wearables need to be small and passive, and wearables are required to let the consumer emotional data be extracted. Wearables need to have: Contextual Awareness Camera sight RFID identification Bluetooth identification Low frequency object emission, etc. Emotional Awareness Electroencephalogram (EEG) Skin conductivity, heart rate, facial expression reading, eye tracking, fMRI etc

Haptic Structural

Wearable Attractive



Intuitive Quiet

For the purpose of this project, in the year 2016. I did not build a passive, daily wearable with any of these capabilities simply because the device size, cost, reliance on batteries, low accuracy at this time does not permit a product that could achieve the level of passivity and normalcy that is required. This is a concept for the next stage of wearable technology.

Soft Integrated



I - Introvert

E - Extrovert

T - Thinking

F - Feeling

fMRI EEG Sensors Head Set Camera Device Web enabled Contact Lenses Eye tracking, pupil Dilation

Heart Rate Respiratory Rate

Skin Conductivity (Palms) Low Frequency Object Emission Etc. Wrist wearables 63

EMOTION TRACKING For this stage of the development of Totem, I am focusing on EEG as my primary source for emotional response to interactions. There are many ways to read emotion, and in combination the results could be more insightful and accurate. Using a Muse Brain Sensing Headband, made by Toronto based InteraXon, I have user tested some brain wave changes depending on interactions with commercials, objects and states of mind. With further development, I think this could be made passive, fashionable, and focused on more emotions than just meditation - it could help track a full spectrum of emotions, using alpha, beta, delta, gamma, and theta waves. The sudden spikes and drops in the different waves signify some change in emotion, and this would identify the positive and negative statistically significant moments that Totem would keep track of.


The basics of emotional response depends on a few innovative technologies, specifically GSR and EEG. Some devices are on the market that track these emotional identifying signals for medical, meditative and scientific purposes.


Galvanic Skin Response

Electrodermal response to external + internal stimuli, measured by conductivity created through sweatinduced moisture on skin (more specifically the palms and soles. Stimuli is defined as something physiologically arousing, it is not the same as measuring emotion, but is an important element to it

EEG Reading Electrodes placed on different areas of the head can identify different kinds of brainwaves, each which signify different emotional and attention responses. By identifying a “phase reversal�, localizing normal and abnormal brainwaves can be seen through bipolar montages.

Monitors emotional levels to provide user with mediative benefits

Empatica E4 Monitors physiological data, providing the user with data

Nielsen Neuro Nielsen neuroscience conducted experiments at CES 2015 on emotions through heartrate, breathing and skin conductivity

Like competitive landscape research, the following are products that each manifest some aspect of Totem’s requirements. Integrating 1 or 2 of the following could potentially generate enough insight to implement the platform today.

Emotion 0 Sight 9 Aesthetic 5 Neutrality 5 Size 2 Material 2

Emotion 9 Sight 0 Aesthetic 7 Neutrality 9 Size 5 Material 5

Emotion 0 Sight 10 Aesthetic 3 Neutrality 4 Size 3 Material 2

Sony Concept N - personal music device, sends sound up towards the ear rather than in it - inexplicably added a camera and ai to talk to - Good for gender neutral design -Bad for bulk and medical aesthetic Muse by InteraXon - Meditation device that uses EEG to track emotion, specifically focus to teach relaxation - Good for weight - Connectivity is good - Aesthetic is good, but not yet for public use

Tobii Pro - Wearable eye tracker - Sold as wearable anywhere but it is not very attractive - records sound, has a gyroscope, etc

CONNECTIBLE DEVICES Emotion 0 Sight 0 Aesthetic 7 Neutrality 8 Size 7 Material 8

Emotion 10 Sight 0 Aesthetic 7 Neutrality 6 Size 2 Material 6

Bella Beat - Activity, sleep and menstrual cycle - Modular and able to be worn as a bracelet, necklace, pendant and i assume many other things. - Design is great (but only for women) - Forward Facing

Empatica - Wearable health tracking - PPG, EDA, Infrared, Accelerometer - Targeted at health clients, researchers, and men



So you have your passive wearables on, your data streaming package is set up, and Totem is busy learning about you day by day. What if I want to indulge in Totem’s benefits in a more engaged manner? The Totem App lets you do this. The Totem App is the center for your data streaming requirements, connected digital profiles and physical wearables. It is also a marketplace for matchmaking brands, products, places and experiences to people who seek them. The app is an equal opportunity marketplace host - brands big and small can be recommended - it just depends on your preferences, experiences and needs.



USER DATA HARVESTING The Totem app was meant to be a second channel of value for the user. It is the control centre for the emotional experience generation, and storage for daily nudges, which suggest new opportunities to the user.


The app is organized into two major focus areas. The first is on emotion types that match the tailored experiences. The second is an indepth and easy profile culmination. To inspire the visuals must be clean, crisp and inspirational. Colors need to be definitely separate from one another, yet fluid for the app as a whole. I researched other apps who provide a service to consumer matchmaking, depending on variables the user chooses. Apps like Groupon, Yelp, Loungebuddy, Foursquare, Zomato, Trip Advisor, BlogTO,Tripomatic, Tourist Eye, etc.


Contextual Informational



Clear Calm

Studying the information flow, visuals and method of categorizing helped me design the page layout to be familiar, and intuitive.

Material Design



I - Introvert

E - Extrovert

T - Thinking

F - Feeling








Admire Terror
























The final emotions, and chosen colour ranges are:



From there I selected words that contained a good range to capture emotions and represented interactions.















If you were to seek out experiences using an emotion alone - what words would you use? Using Plutchik’s emotion wheel, I mapped out the ranges and eliminated the obvious unwanted emotions.



Relax Amaze


Google Map





Energize Welcome Screen




Likes Nudge


Master Login

Experience Marketplace

Relax Sign Up



Amaze Intrigue

Intro to App


Google Map Nudges




Thrill Energize Explore Master


Comments Link

Genetic Risk







Google Now


Add More

Add More

Drug Response Traits





Device Settings





Sony N



Add More

Phrase Identify Attraction

Add More

Totem Account # Contract Nielsen Connect Totem Data Pack

OCAD Emote


Facebook Connect

Brand Identify

Google Browsing


Rogers Data


Contract Marketplace

Add more Insurance Track

Nearby Current Packs Send Pack

Med Share


Nudge Battery


Personal Information


Device Settings

Apple Watch

Totem Haptik

Location Access

Health Tools



Family Doctor

Scarborough P$YCLE TV Measure Moviegoer


The wireframing process started in Sketch and Invision - but the capabilities of Invision were too limiting for the functional prototype, so I chose Proto. Proto allows for enough conditional state transitions, without the over-complications available in Axure. The animation style is smooth, and bubbly - with cascading profile page options, sliding scrollable navigation, and projection bars that fill like liquid.

WIREFRAMING Enter valid email address

Intro screen 1

Intro screen 2

Intro screen 3


No Email Address, Make New Account Automatically Go to Relax Page

Infinite Scroll in Both Directions

External URL Open

Profile From Nav

Menu Button Press (Adds Clarity, Also Available on Nav) Likes Menu From Nav Profile From Menu

Search Bar only found in Menu

Digital Page Open

Scroll Page Nudges and Likes Saved

Digital Settings Plan Page Open

Plan Settings Adjust

Data Pack Sent

NUDGES Once Totem identifies pleasure patterns in your interactions with certain things, it predicts future interactions that you may like - and suggests them to you throughout the day via “Nudges”. Nudges are developed to only show up at the moment you’re physiological data indicates you may want them. These nudges can be opened immediately, or left in the nudge app page for you to explore at a more convenient time. Nudges react to your needs - so they can be as big as a vacation night at a nearby Airbnb, or a recommendation for convenience stores to indulge in that sudden urge for chocolate.


EXPERIENCE MARKETPLACE The Totem Marketplace is the network of connected places, people, services, products and brands. Choose what mood you’re going for and lists of suggestions are readily available. The experiences listed are all constantly updating and are all tailored for your needs from both your interaction history, your likes and dislikes, and of course that current mood in that moment.

EXPERIENCE PAGE The experience page is the “show” of the application. When a nudge suggests an activity, or you find one yourself - it takes you to a page that informs you about what it is, where it is, what others thought about it, and a projection of what you will feel about it. Each page is constantly updating, and will be locatable if it is nearby, coming up soon, or matches your emotional need at that moment. The rating bars indicate the community’s historical experience with that item, and also shows you the likelihood of you enjoying it too! Each page will also guide you to ways of achieving that thing. Be it yoga at home, or an art show tonight - it connects you to a mapped location, or URL that gets you to it.


PROFILE PAGE The profile page is the home to all versions of self data. There are many sources of insight that you can plug in to add accuracy and benefits that you could not get without. The profile section consists of a Digital, Physiological, Mental, Totem Account, and Path profile page. Each section allows the user to tweak and refine their generated data privacy, location and allows for easy data exchange transactions. The style of the profile menu matches that of the navigation bar. With bubble shaped buttons, crisp icons and bright colors - its super easy to get to where you need to get fast. The profile needs to be easily accessible for the user to make adjustments, and has a place on the left-most area of the navigation bar, and the side swipe menu.

The Digital page lets you add insight online and offline. Connect your Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and Google Now accounts, to add evolving interests and hobbies to Totem’s insight. Digital


The Physiological page lets you add and manage wearable devices and health data packages to add insight, and send medical data to the people who need it. Partnering with 23andMe, the profile could also add predictive learning as your health changes.

The Mental page manages emotional data generating devices specifically. Insight into the accuracy of emotional data assures that broken or inaccurate devices are resolved sooner rather than later. Mental

The account page is the Totem version of you. To Totem you are an account number, with data made of up numbers that represent your interactions. This lets you separate your life from the platform securely. Account

Plan is where you can add and manage benefit plans. Whether its an ongoing data exchange agreement, or a one-time walk-by benefit - this lets you choose who gets what, and how often they can have it. Plan




82 83 84 86 88 90 96 99

Stakeholders Personas Customer Segments Experience Map User Journey Nielsen System Value Proposition Implementation

STAKEHOLDERS Looking at Totem as a platform, consumer product, brand marketplace, and major service disruptor for the internet, data, wearable and marketing industries (to name a few), the stakeholder map upon initial implementation would affect a variety of consumer types, brand supply chain and management, and varying levels of legislation in a variety of markets. Like any other commodity, I propose that the data become a taxed good if sold from third party to third party, and untaxed if shared from consumer directly. This is mostly directed at the Totem Haptik service line, as the Path line would be more bulky in government hospitals and legislation, and much less on brands.

Retail/ Experience Providers

Event Networking Forum Posters Consumer to Consumer Network

Brand Contract Partner

Club/Group Network


User Employees Connect

Connected Brand Social Media Network Social Circle


User Connect

Nielsen Clients


ConnectedData Farmer Devices Online Data Generatiors

Marketing Open Source Developers

USERS Med Sharing Physician Insurance Agencies


Internet Policy Makers Data Mining Law

Data Law

Government Data Taxation Data Creator Law

Out of Country Partners

CSR Data Use

Policy Makers

Wholesalers Distribution

Walk-by Brands




Vendors Designers Business Partners

PERSONAS The Quantitative Self Seeker Bio: I love to learn as much about my body as possible, and I want to gain insight to feel in control and see order in my life. Problem: Although I love generating data, I have no clue how it works, and am scared for the security of that information. Solution: I need something that will feel safe, and involve me enough so I feel in control, but not overwhelm me with information. Channels: I can be found on social media, in my fitness circles, and am influenced more by social media sponsored ads than tv. Values: I value gaining insight and power over my life through wearables. Expansion: I am interested in expanding my understanding of wearables, and would be interested in new uses for the same

The Scatter Brain Bio: I overwhelm myself with monotonous tasks and barely make the time to indulge in life-changing experiences. Problem: The applications and devices available are too dependant on manual input. Solution: I need something that is easy to pick up and easy to do well. I need to forget about it and find it there when I need it. Channels: I will be difficult to gain as a customer, as I have no previous interest in such products. I’m sold by trying things out. Expansion: I will likely be a life long customer. I have the most room to improve and evolve and just the change in my attitude and confidence may inspire others to ask what I have been doing to cause such a revelation in my life.

The Technology Buff Bio: I love the latest gadgets, and will try out anything if it makes me feel like I’m closer to the future. Problem: The market is flooded with so many products, and all of them do one thing well and then try to do the rest just to pull in as many customers as possible. Solution: I need a service that is robust and simple. I want to explore the possibilities of personal data control, processing and application to make sense and be as stream lined as possible. Channels: I can be found in stores and online, on forums and social media; but I am difficult to persuade that THIS is the product that will change my life. Expansion: I may be one of the first to participate in API developing for further products for the business, and my involvement in forums and in interactions may help build the platform with new products. 83


DATA INNOVATOR ne/ Forum Professio Onli nal s

rket -Not knowledgab l e

Security Buff

Young at Heart

Quantified Self Seeker

Ma net


Scatterbrain Tech Addict

Data Farmer

Daily Daredevil

Thrill Seeker Open Minder


e Int

ed/ Experience S e lugg e ki n Unp g

Old Soul

oa Br

wledga Kno

bel Tec

h Dev i c e Ma r k et


LIFE BUILDER Professional “life-ers”. These customers are both experienced and inexperienced - but seeking new ways to add value to their life.

Data Activist

TECH LORD Any new device that comes out is known by these customers. They are on top of the latest innovations, and are interested in experimenting with its applications. SDK and developer add-ons would be of interest to these groups.

Life Strategizer

DATA INNOVATOR The knowledgeable first group to grasp Fair Trade Data. They know the security problems, and want a way to gain benefit without worry. They may have networks heavily involved in data industries.

SEEKING GUIDANCE Customer groups who would be interested in the service above the technology. They seek the benefit, and will be found through engaging benefit-describing channels like ads and experiential testing.





d In Need of Identity n a n

We ll - k





, ew



Big Brand


ble, o na ers

Up and Comer Out-of-the-Boxer

House hold

Very Connected

Nielsen Fan Boy

Totally Off-Grid Brand Matchmaker


P dy a lre



of a rt


Global Reach

Seeking Relationsh i

Consuemr Analytics C hai


Little Guys




ally oc i ds te

t on any form but no al

pl a t f orm



BRANDFRIEND Big brands are on top for brand recognition - but not necessarily in brand image, and customer loyalty. People may feel disconnected or undervalued by big names, and seek new ways to make it personal. IDENTITY SEEKER Smaller businesses and new brands can be missed in the ever-growing and oversaturated market of products and services. Clever and memorable methods of engaging new customers could generate life-long loyalty and social advertising for the brand. CONSUMER TRANSLATOR With the loss of demographics come the need to identify what consumers actually like and want. Big or small, accurate and useful consumer information would let products be better suited, and brands more sustainable and prepared for the future. PEOPLE NETWORK The Totem marketplace allows for businesses and consumers to find each other, learn more about things they did not know before, and develop safe and constant generation of benefit through the platform. 85




Purchase + Install

Passive Engage

Brand Notify

I hear from a friend on social media about their new Totem connected device. It looks so nice - like a piece of jewellery. I’ve been admiring her adventures for a while, and she claims it has changed her life! I go to the store, pick up a wearable that I like, and try it on. Its not a wearable, it’s a piece of clothing.

I purchase my device, add it to my attire and go on with my day...

I walk to the kitchen to start my morning pot of coffee and a small nudge suggests a new recipe from a chef I saw last night on TV. I add the ingredients and indulge for a moment. Sitting at my laptop, I peruse my emails, all of which are tailored for my morning routine - work, friends, and meetings. No spam, no special offers just the stuff I need in this moment.

I look at my wardrobe and feel like I’m due for an update. Suddenly a nudge pops up, recommending an Australian brand of professional wear I may like. Saved. Suddenly, my schedule pops up. I have work until 5, a meeting at 2:30, and a dinner date at 7. Better look the part now.

6:00 pm

Positive Statistical Significance Emotion Negative Statistical Significance Nielsen Connect Data Provider Netflix

When I arrive home I see Totem asks me who I want to share data with. I set up my data plan to be the basic data types, and set up a data exchange with my cellular data provider, favorite grocery store, and Netflix.

7:30 pm

8:30 am

9:00 am

Nudge Activated

Nudge Sent to User

Emotion Sent to Totem

Passive Assistance

Context Connect

Location Recommend

Data Absorb

User Accept

Heading out the door, I have no notifications - none at all. Totem can silence all the messiness of my digital profile to meet my current needs - which is to relax and get to work. I do get one advisory message to take the street-car rather than the subway - to save me 5 minutes. Sounds good.

At work, I submit a report and get a notification to get some juice and a muffin from the cafe across the street my energy levels are too low to work optimally. My office was retrofitted with worklife balance and efficiency software through Totem, to ensure that we are happy, healthy and productive.

Work is done, I am tired. Totem offers me a nearby park to take a mental break for a few moments, and I sure do need it. I love that I don’t feel like I’m constantly being “sold” something. I feel like it is my second-self, that has more insight, and moderates it for me. I’m now energized and head to my date. A nudge for a yoga centre across the street shows up - saved that for later, no time right now.

At dinner, my phone is silent - but it’s still working. The flavours of the food, the scents of the patio, the lighting, the seating, my date’s conversation - is all being quietly documented. Maybe our next date with be a recommendation from Totem. But for now, all I can think is “what a perfect moment.”

I’m back home, and feel like winding down. A nudge pops up to watch a movie on Netflix - and this new release is perfect for me right now. I settle down and drift off to sleep. I look forward to tomorrow’s adventures

9:30 am

3:30 pm

6:00 pm

7:30 pm

9:30 pm


The purpose of the Totem app and data aggregation is to be as passive as possible, therefore much of the user journey consists of quiet data collection, analyzing and then suggestion.


Online Interaction

Data Aggregation Totem Account

Seek 1-time Pack Totem App

Data Plan Totem Stream


Wearable Y

Wearable x

Emotions Physiology Location Brands Senses History Wants

Brands Nielsen




Free Gift





New Product

Micro Benefit

Macro Benefit

Meso Benefit

For data exchange within the Totem Platform - Nielsen will broker all of the exchange when contracts are made, users approve data types, and one-time benefits are fair and legal. Once approved, the data exchange can flow freely, to the seeking business, and from that they can make adjustments accordingly.

Nielsen Connect Data

Contract Data Plan

Data Plan (eg. Free mobile data)

Single Data Pack Exchange


Walk-By Benefit (eg. Discount)

Develop Next Best Thing Insurance Track


Energy Track

TV Measure


Financial Track


Mobile Insights


Tech Track


Scarborough JD Power

New Advertising Campaign

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Partnership with Totem to give the consumer a say.

Any wearable or device connected with the Totem platform has consumer information ready to be sent to Nielsen, among many other brands and service providers.

Nielsen is a US based global information, research and measurement company. They are active in over 100 countries and revenues around $6.3 billion (2014) annually. Their main monitoring methods are:

BUY The user can choose to do it completely passively, by setting up a streaming package in exchange for the benefit of their choice (think like a two-way mobile data package plan) or they can open their Totem app and add and remove benefit streams as they please.

Data streams are pre-designed for the user’s comfort and needs. They choose to share 0s and 1s that represent themselves in data packs offered by Nielsen. When the streams or the packs arrive, Nielsen can distribute the valuable data to their clients along with their other products and services.

What consumers purchase, including categories, brands and products on a global and local basis. Nielsen offers consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers with the industry’s only global view of retail performance as a measurement


Monitoring what consumers watch in programming and advertising. They provide media and advertising clients with “Total audience measurement services across all devices where content is consumed.” The consumer confidence is gained through online and telephone surveys, depending on penetration, with 30,000 online consumers, and bases their data on age, gender and location - with a margin of error of +- 0.6%. Nielsen has many products and services under the lifestyle and media branches - all of which are concerned with gaining insight and providing that information to their partners and clients. This is precisely why I think Nielsen would be the perfect broker to develop a new branch where consumer data comes in through their already implemented customer channels and data streams. They have the global reach, regulations and relationships to propel the Totem platform properly and quickly.

Nielsen brokers and distributes the appropriate data to the client who requests it

Data is cleaned, organized and ready for exporting to Nielsen.

Private data can be turned off, added to stream, or kept for private and physician appointments

Accepted data types are streamed or micro packed (depending on user preference)


TOTEM // NIELSEN IMPLEMENTATION Nielsen has many products and services already available. Totem’s data can be combined with any of these as a new division to add consumer insight from the consumer directly. The main product lines for WATCH and BUY are LIFESTYLE and MEDIA. Lifestyle looks at the lives of the consumers who matter the most. Insight into insurance, interests, energy usage, assets and finance, and even interest level in things like having children or buying a house.

Nielsen Insurance Track

Conducted biennially, the NIT collects consumer-level data on behaviors related to auto, residential, life, and other insurance coverage types. Roughly 35,000 respondents are sampled nationally to participate. Interest in wearable connectivity has already begun.

Nielsen Energy Track

As the energy industry evolves, governments are pushing utilities to redesign business models. NET tracks how consumers energy consumption behaviors are changing. Could Totem let your home accommodate comfort levels with a responsive environment?

The methods of obtaining this information is going to become more difficult to predict with the chameleon consumer age mixing up demographics. Neilsen has an impressive 66 consumer segment list, and insight from the source will help them to keep these personas accurate. In addition to that, survey cold calling and People Meters are intrusive and only receptive to a certain demographic. For this reason, it will get harder to gain access to information from the source of all these segments.

Nielsen Scarborough

Local customer insights by helping clients develop media plans, evaluate strategic partnerships, and creating ethnic marketing strategies. Totem consumer-shared data is clearly transferable for greater insight and accuracy.

Nielsen ConneXions

Internet and video content voices find it difficult to understand consumer communication behavior online, and Nielsen helps by developing optimized marketing strategies and tactics for technology, voice, video and data services.

Nielsen TV MRI Fusion

Media and consumer tracking using the Nielsen National People Meter (NPM) which acts as a currency for audience TV measurement, and the GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer. The people meter is a bit odd and alien in the living room space - a passive, user-guided wearable would improve participation and engagement.

Nielsen Income Producing Assets

Combined with Nielsen P$YCLE Lifestage groups, the IPA indicators display a proprietary model that measures the liquid assets of a household. Looking at cash, demand deposits, money markets, stock and mutual funds.

Nielsen Prizm

Segmentation system that combines 66 demographic and behavioral segments including 14 social groups, based on affluence and urbanization and 11 life-stage groups based on affluence and life-stage. Totem profile data would give this insight in any and all packages.

Nielsen P$YCLE

A segmentation system that evaluates consumers using key demographic factors that affect consumer financial behaviors like income, age, children, home ownership and IPA;s.


Nielsen Moviegoer Survey

Nielsen wants movie goers to get off the couch and phone, and watch movies in theatre. Totem wearables could provide the theatre goers with engaging activities in addition to providing film studios, actors and theatres to see successes and failures.

Nielsen Financial Track

People seek fast, predictive and personal services, and assuring expectations are met, opportunities are taken, and marketing of financial plans help match them up.

Nielsen TV Measure

The Total Audience framework measures ads and content regardless of platform and identify trends and interest level to adapt media. Totem would provide an honest, offline look at brand recognition - no screens.

Nielsen Mobile Insight

The mobile device is not just for communication, it’s also for shopping habits, viewing tendencies, and how we kill time. This data would be easily connected through the Totem system, adding features like eye movement and heartrate through the device.

Nielsen Tech Track

Whether its television, social TV, online, music downloading or kindle books - Nielsen measures the sales and interest of its viewers. Gaining insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the experience of media will help predict future sales.

JD Power

Automotive purchase information is the new way for OEMs and advertisers to learn about who is purchasing their cars, and what the lifestyle of those people is actually like. Totem’s comprehensive insight into the big picture will help.


VALUE PROPOSITION MODEL PROBLEM The Quantified Self Seeker - Limitations on methods of quantifying emotions - Tired of having to use multiple applications and devices to come to accurate conclusions - Cannot connect biofeedback with any contextual or situational references The Technology Buff - Disappointed by the surplus of devices on the market that have singular, fleeting applications The Scatter Brain - Perceive day to day tasks are too much to handle by one person - Need to be guided through most things - Gets overwhelmed easily - Forgetful - Does not input data manually enough to create useful data


Research and Development Data flow Service Processing Equipment (if product) Cost of Manufacturing (if Product) Labour Costs Monthly Marketing Monthly Maintenance


Get insight from a variety of methods to create accurate conclusions for emotional status. Coalesce many aspects of health into one common application, to gain more perspective, make connections, and more accurate predictions. Give “the numbers� some context, a plot surrounding them that gives even more insight than what multiple sources can provide. With respect to user interface, make sure interaction is intuitive and based on human and biometric essentials. Create value in small moments by making them more intense. Create a sense of ease and confidence as a result of broadened understanding and deepened knowledge

UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION Quantify your virtual, mental and physical self in a context and situation aware daily assistant .




- Constant Flow of information (regardless of context) -People are excited about this kind of product - Quantifiable emotional data - Many opportunities for marketing revenue

Users age 25 - 40 8 Million US customers and rising Already owners of a Smartphone or similar device Busy Schedule Segment Personas: The Quantified Self Seeker The Technology Buff


KEY METRICS - Matchmaking dynamic marketing for businesses - Interaction touch point activated suggestions, games, community and product feedback - Device software that connects emotion to experiences and interactions - Interaction and location based recognition can be used for future need

Contract Services: -$1,500 Monthly Maintenance Cost: -$550 SEO, SEM, Social Media cost: -$1,000/ month Cust. Acquisition: -$150,000

The Scatter Brain

Awareness: Online Advertising Partner Store Tech Blogs / Forums Purchase: Online Site In Partner Store After Sale: Website Deliver: Digital Interface Feedback Response


Brokerage Fee Updates / Upgrades / Applications (like iOS App Store) Location Based Advertising (like Yelp) Mobile Advertising (like Atlas Facebook Ads) Asset Sale (like Amazon) Usage Fee Subscription fee

EXISTING ALTERNATIVES Compendium of Health and fitness apps Wearable Devices Voice Command Devices Medical Professionals Secretaries

LVC: +$450,000 Est. Capital Investment: +$200K - $2M Est. Round A investment: +$5M

VALUE PROPOSITION MODEL PROBLEM The Big Guy - Brand Image - Difficulty creating an intimate, loyal relationship with customers - In the plethora of options and information, advertisements need instinctual and emotionbased perspectives to influence prospective customers The Little Guy - Marketing - Difficulty in acquiring prospective awareness with no way to provide customers with a subjective experience to make them stand out amongst the rest - Lacking in established brand presence The Provider - Client Data - Insurance Companies want to gain long term and short term risk associated with clients - Busy hospitals and too many patients cause stress and frustration in patients


Research and Development Data flow Service Processing Equipment (if product) Cost of Manufacturing (if Product) Labour Costs Monthly Marketing Monthly Maintenance Advertising


-Make big brands more approachable, relate them to the experience and the moment rather than the logo or the company Provide customer experience and insight to apply to corporate strategy

UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION Gain insight on your customers, and create intense, memorable experiences with them to create a stronger relationship.

Match unknown, perfect fit connections between businesses and new customers Create a stronger association between small business and the perfect moment Predictive Life plan can provide insight in patients going off path, picking up new bad habits, and risky behaviour to provide more knowledgeable insight in person Reduce the amount of physical space required for doctor to patient interaction, reducing strain on hospitals Natural continuity in app’s interaction with user to improve accuracy of data

- Matchmaking dynamic marketing for businesses - Business motivated feedback and message are tailored for ideal user experience and need satisfaction - Long term, short term and surplus of user profiles are saved, packaged, and provided to provide business with long term forecasting information

Contract Services: -$1,500 Monthly Maintenance Cost: -$550 SEO, SEM, Social Media cost: -$1,000/ month Cust. Acquisition: -$150,000



- Strong, Diversified client relationships - Global Scale and Brand - Enhanced Data Assets and Measurement Science - Innovation -Scalable Operating Model - Marketplace Plasticity - Robust, universal model and language

Businesses Seeking to market their brand, or advertise specific things




Awareness: Nielsen Client Grapevine Tech Blogs / Forums Purchase: Join contract Detail Data After Sale: Totem Corporate Deliver: Stream Pack Nielsen Connect

There is potential for overlap between different customer segments, for example a “Big Guy Provider”, who could take value from implementing solutions to different propositions. Customer Personas: The Big Guy The Little Guy The Provider

EXISTING ALTERNATIVES Current Nielsen Analytical Corporate Trend Analysers Trend Consultation Services Google Analytics Ad and Marketing Service


Nielsen Watch, Buy Marketplace Space Cost Location based Advertising Retail Measurement Services Consumer Panel Measurement Analytical Services Predictive Analytics Data Parsing and Packing


FUTURE GROWTH STRATEGY The implementation of Totem depends on the corporate, consumer and political conversations on regulating and defending global consumer data. The benefits of Totem would bypass environmental, technological and financial issues, since consumers can exchange in more economically and socially responsible ways. Once implemented, brands will eventually have to connect to the Nielsen system, to maintain relevancy and customer loyalty in the age of corporate transparency. Ideally, this would eventually mean many brands could have innovation branches which focus on environmental and social change - only adding to public interest, and educating people on a global scale.



Data laws are revisited as a commodity and resource

The Fair Trade Data Act is signed, taxes and exchange rates are assigned

Totem pitched to Nielsen, seeks Nielsen implements channels seed investment fund research into for clients to receive C2B data. Perfects B2B products technology and business plan


Society presses government for data security, brands are pressed for transparency

Movement for environmental change and offline interactions grow in popularity


Wearable sales drop significantly - but research into better tech continues

Passive wearables are selling, cheaper, smaller and IOT connected



Laws in other countries begin to catch up, as global internet access reaches 5 Billion

Regulation of consumer data is government and Nielsen run.

Third World countries begin to develop entire industries of data. Insight industry drives empathy.

Totem is implemented in businesses, hospitals, and other public spaces

Nielsen partners all develop innovation branch with influx of consumer information.

Totem connectivity is global, and has removed cost for data and entertainment. Observation is the currency for media.

Passive wearables grow in popularity in unplugging groups. Movements continue for better CSR in brands

New social programs for applications of C2C data grow in popularity.

Streaming of C2C data has expedited education and collaborative learning. New innovations from my home to yours.

Totem devices are on the market, and Totem SDK uses open-source developers to connect more.

Wearables no longer exist - all things are omnipresent using IOT connectivity.

Innovation in all markets are focused on environmental and social health, since consumer needs are data-fed.






Totem represents the future of consumerism. As data and The Internet of Things take over more and more things, people need to feel secure, become more educated, and get involved with those who provide services for them. It can seem like valuable life experiences and technological devices must be kept separate, but that is only because of our current perception of how technology provides benefit to us. The passive age of data will soon be upon us - bringing us back to the world we’d only just recently left. I believe that the fair trade of user data, and security of a responsible platform will expedite the innovations and experiences we all seek to have. So, indulge in the moment, and see the true value of your experiences, both for your spirit, and for those who want to give you more.