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Page 1 Panel 1

5 Panels A close up of a bright red apple. COLTON (Off Panel) Now stay still or this will hurt, very much.

Panel 2

Pull back from the close up of the apple. A frightened looking, medieval, dirty MAN holds the apple between his teeth. His rags declare him a peasant. His back is against a tree. COLTON (Off Panel) Now. On the count of three. Do you know how to count? No, I don't think you do. One, two...

Panel 3

Close up of the peasant's face. His eyes are screwed shut. Tears stream down his face. He tries to speak with the apple lodged in his mouth. PEASANT MAN Puhhhuuheese! COLTON (Off Panel) Three!

Panel 4

An arrow flies through the air. The feather fletching is blue.

Panel 5

It strikes the peasant man right in the heart. The apple falls from his mouth and he reaches up to clutch the shaft now poking out of his chest. Blood runs down his simple brown tunic. COLTON (Off Panel) Ah. What a pity. I told him not to flinch.

Page 2 Panel 1

3 Panels Pull out to see the entire scene. We are in a clearing next to a burning town. A bunch of tired and haggard, hollow eyed peasants keep their eyes on the ground. Against the tree the peasant man with the arrow in his chest has slid down, using the tree a as a brace. Against nearby trees there are similar bodies. COLTON COBALT grins, bow in hand. He wears a blue tunic and generally appears as a dashingly handsome rogue. Blood stains the front of his blue tunic and gloves. A small bald man in a monk's robe stands by him, this is BROTHER HASS. Brother Hass is rather rotund. Armored soldiers corral the people.


BROTHER HASS Aye, Colton Cobalt never misses. It was that stinking man wot ruined the shot. COLTON Indeed, Brother Hass. I have the greatest aim in the land and my arrows always strike true. There are none better than meCRONE (From the crowd of peasants) There is one, better than you, Cobalt! And he has just begun to seek your end! Panel 2

An old, bent, CRONE points a gnarled cane at the blue archer. The crowd parts around her. Vile old-


COLTON Now Hass, that is no way to speak to our elders. Pray tell, what is this man's name? How does he seek my end? CRONE He makes his way to the Bone Marsh. There lies an arrow, and unlike you, it does strike true! Witch! Panel 3


Guards begin to haul the woman off. Her cane lies on the ground. COLTON I think you're right, Brother Hass. She does have the countenance of a witch. Men, make sure this dear woman is kept warm on this cool afternoon. CRONE Even now, he grows closer to killing you. I'll be in Hell before you, but I'll be sure to let Satan know you won't be far behind!

Page 3 Panel 1

4 Panels Colton's grin has faded. Brother Hass has sidled next to Colton, a rosary grasped in his hand. The two watch the crone being dragged off. BROTHER HASS Pay no mind to the woman, Colton. These people are backward. I hear theyCOLTON


Enough, Hass. I'll be returning to camp. Panel 2

Colton climbs atop a white steed. The setting sun begins to change the color of the sky. BROTHER HASS Very good, sir. I'll stay here and keep an eye out here for anything else...shiny.

Panel 3

Colton rides away from the burning village, past the man from earlier. Smoke hangs as a dark haze in the beautiful sky.

Panel 4

A close up of the dead peasant. His hand is still wrapped around the shaft of the arrow. The blue fletching is bright against the dark colors of the ground, bark and his rags.

Page 4 Panel 1

Caption Panel 2


Panel 3

6 Panels In a large clearing a bon fire burns. Soldiers clang tankards, drink and fight. A large boar is roasting. Colton sits at a long table, his food untouched. He holds a mug loosely in his right hand. Next to him Brother Hass holds two mugs, and he grins like an idiot. Colton looks distracted, the only person not reveling. Despite his certainty that the old woman was wrong, her words still rang in his ears. Colton lies awake staring up at the ceiling at an inn. Two women lie next to him sound asleep in a large bed. Clothes are scattered on the ground around them. Circles deepen his eyes. Ale, nor wine, nor the touch of a woman could sway his mind from her portent of doom. It had been days since she burned, but her voice carried on the wind. In a training ground. A hay target is studded with arrows everywhere but the center circle. Brother Hass sits on a stump near Colton who points his bow at the ground. Dammit!


BROTHER HASS It's alright, sir. The wind must be blowin'COLTON Shut up, Hass! Panel 4

Hass stands, startled. Colton faces his fat compatriot. His face is flush with anger.


BROTHER HASS Sir, I didn'tCOLTON You don't anything! You poor excuse for a holy man. BROTHER HASS Perhaps I should leave you be. Panel 5

Hass turns to leave. With his back to Colton, Colton knocks an arrow and draws it pointed at the holy man's back. COLTON I'll be leaving tonight, make sure to relay the message. BROTHER HASS Where to, my lord? COLTON The Bone Marsh.

Panel 6

Colton rides away from the training grounds. Brother Hass lies on the ground trying to yank an arrow out of his back that he cannot reach. AHHHHH!

Page 5 Panel 1


5 Panels Colton is covered in muck. The ground around him sucks at his feet and body. Dead trees reach out around him. Bones jut from the marsh, a yellowed testament to the death in this place. A half meaty skeleton lies out. A golden, shining arrow glowing in it's ribcage. COLTON At last! I beat you to it, you snake!

Caption Panel 2

The Bone Marsh Colton knocks the arrow and points it to the sky. A look of manic glee on his face. COLTON I'll kill you before you kill me! That witch was wrong!

Panel 3

The arrow is loosed. It flies into the air and begins to shimmer. COLTON (Off Panel) She was wrong! Wrong! Wrong!


The arrow flips and points down. COLTON (Off Panel) Wrong? Panel 5

Colton lies dead on the gray ground. The arrow has pierced through his chest. Blood pools around his body.

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