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e n u t r o F f o e c i r P The By Caitlyn Shires

There was no way to fix his broken laptop. He would have to buy a new one. However, as Everett looked at all the bills he had yet to pay, he realized this would be no easy accomplishment for his limited budget.


Once there was an average boy, with average concerns. His name was Everett, and nothing extraordinary ever happened to him. He always wished that something exciting would happen, but his wish never seemed to come true. Until, that is, the day his laptop broke.


Needing to take a break from all his responsibilities, Everett decided to take a walk. However, he had trouble clearing his mind. Angry, he looked up towards the sky and yelled towards the heavens, “I wish I had money!�


At that moment, something very strange began to happen. Suddenly, money began to rain from the sky, right on to Everett


Everett opened his eyes to see the money falling down on him. He quickly scooped up the money in his hands. He was overjoyed at such a strange and fortunate event.


Excited and a bit confused, Everett decided to call a friend to tell them what had happened. However, when he reached into his pocket, the phone wasn’t there.


Figuring he must have left his phone somewhere, Everett decided not to worry about his phone’s sudden disappearance. Instead, he wished to try his luck and see if he could make more money fall down from the sky. Once again, he looked up to the sky and yelled, “I wish I had money!” And once again, the money fell.


Everett was extremely pleased with his new found ability. He gathered up all the money and decided to put it in his wallet. However, when he reached into his pocket, the wallet was no longer there.


Too excited to think clearly, Everett shrugged the disappearance off as a coincidence, and decided to head to his car so he could go buy his laptop.


When he got to his car, Everett realized he was starting to feel a little hungry. Realizing he did not have enough money to buy both his laptop and his food, he decided to make a wish once more.


Everett looked up to the sky and made his wish. Once again, money began to fall from the sky. However, as it fell, the keys Everett was holding suddenly disappeared from his hands.


Everett began to realize that for every wish he made, one of his belongings would disappear. This made him very upset. Now Everett had no cell phone, no wallet, and no car keys.


As he sat on the curb, he began to wonder what to do next. He was losing his belongings, and he needed to figure out how to get a ride home. After thinking for a while, he began to come up with a plan.


Everett decided to go ahead and wish for more money. He figured he could always replace his lost items later. At the moment, more money seemed like the best option.


When he was pleased with the amount of money he had wished for, Everett walked up to a stranger and asked to borrow his cell phone. He wanted to call home and see if someone could come pick him up.


Hovever, no one answered the phone.


With no other option, Everett began to take a long walk home.


After a while, Everett finally arrived with his house. He was frustrated from walking so long, but pleased with the money in his pocket. He couldn’t wait to tell his mother what had happened, to see what she thought of the situation.


When he walked inside, he saw that his mother was no where in sight. Fearing the worst, he frantically called out for her. But there was no response.


He walked over to the couch and saw his mother’s cell phone and half-drinken water bottle. But his mother was gone. In that moment he forgot about the money in his pocket. It didn’t matter anymore. He was all alone.


The Price of Fortune  

Com 130 Final Project

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