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The Secrets We Keep There are always things about ourselves that we refuse to tell people, whether it be embarrassing or just plain wrong. These secrets are what makes everyone mysterious and when you unpack them you get to learn something new.

“I slapped a kid in preschool, I think it was an accident though.�

“I would steal lip smackers every time I went to Target.”

“I secretly like the taste of lipstick.”

“sometimes I’m not vegan. I have cheeseburgers every Saturday with my dad…. A lot of cheeseburgers.”

“I really like country music.”

“I’m a part of an underground poker club and I win every time.”

“I can’t go anywhere without Benjamin. Not my boyfriend. My favorite bear.”

When we’re young, we did some outlandish things. However, we didn’t know any better. Our brains weren’t fully developed to realize the potential consequences our actions could have. But now we look back onto what we did and realize it was wrong or weird so we keep those things secrets.

When a secret is no longer a secret, we get to be our true selves. The truest form of being you is sharing your wacky and wild side with people closest to you and maybe even strangers. No person is ever, dare I say, normal.

Secrets, secrets are no fun. . . unless you share with everyone.

The Garden Club

What’s on your mind?

When you think about kids playing, what pops into your head? Is it today’s version of a kid having fun playing a game on their parent’s iPhone or iPad, or is it the idea of them using their imaginations to create a world of their own. Remember when you were young and you used to play outside? The smell of the dirt and of the grass that would eventually stain your t-shirt. The blue skies and the slow moving white, puffy clouds that looked like some sort of animal. The way it felt to play on a slide or on a swing and just think about nothing else except for how fun it felt to swing your legs back and forth and feel the wind on the side of your face. On the playground kids would play house or run around and play tag. They would pretend like they were adults acting like they carried the responsibilities of roles that they’ve never experienced because they would make them up with their imaginations.

Today when you’re looking at your computer screen to finish some work, are you inspired? Are you using your imagination to create or are you just recreating something that has already been done? There’s nothing like letting your mind rest so that it can explore the depths of its capabilities. Turning off the chaos of modern society’s responsibilities and letting your mind wander is one of the best ways to create the most original and creative thoughts and ideas. Go outside and observe the world around you with no dilemmas. Take a walk in the garden, go to the park, or just walk around downtown. Come to some realization that you’ve been too busy to even think about before. Is there anything that you’re worried about or embarrassed about? What are your secrets? Take time to get away from the things that stress you out and really think through those things on your mind, or don’t. Don’t bring your phone or your computer and just let those things marinate in a obligation-free environment.

Everyone has secrets, problems, and concerns, but those things are what make you who you are. Own them and don’t let them stress you out or bring you down. Find a friend to go the park with you and just talk to them. Ask them how they are and ask them for advice on your situation. There’s nothing like just being able to socialize and relax with someone you can trust. The fresh air and comfort of a good friend will heal your soul. Blossom into the strongest version of yourself with a strong mind and developed imagination. What’s in your mind?

It’s all in the details.

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