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March ‘11

It still surprises me when I am on The Relief Bus and meet women who have been homeless for years. When I first saw her, JoAnn looked pretty put together in her bright blue coat and aubergine beret. When I told her I liked the hue of her coat she lifted up a corner to show me that it was made of a fairly thin material and so she had another coat on underneath, both of which she received from a local church. There are many layers to JoAnn’s story. She’s in her 60s but has been homeless for two years. She stays in Penn Station on cold nights with a few other ladies, who all watch out for each other. She is estranged from her two sons in Florida, while the rest of her family are back home in the West Indies. JoAnn expressed frustration with the “system” (i.e. NYC’s homeless services) and sadness over the lack of contact with her sons. But despite all this, when I asked her if she believed in God, her answer was “girl, yes!” JoAnn is a joyful person in spite of her circumstances. As I began praying with her and another homeless woman, JoAnn closed her eyes, grasped my hand, and murmured “mhhmm” and “yes God” as we asked the Father to continue to keep them safe and to provide for all their needs. I thank God that He is endlessly kind to the poor and gives joy freely to those who trust in Him.

-taken from my blog http://laaatchodrom.wordpress.comJohanna (from Finland) is coming back to work with the bus!

I met Armando in Chelsea Park. Read his story on my blog.

On the bus in Chelsea Park

In Christ, Caitlin The Relief Bus staff


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March 2011  

March 2011 Newsletter/ JoAnn's Story

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