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Caitlin Sharpe Portfolio

Outside St. Patrick’s Photo collage on paper 90.5cm x 111cm 2012

To capture the beauty within this church, I used a photo-collage method to allow the viewer to embrace the imperfections within each individual photo, as well as enjoy the photo as a whole.

Reproduction of Cafe Terrace at Night Acrylic wash, oil pastels on paper 31.1/4cm x 45.5cm 2011

In recreating an old masters by Van Gogh, I adapted his quick, strong lines for details and used a blue wash with black, grey and white pastels to add my own color scheme.

Law Courts at Night Digital photograph n/a 2012

I chose a viewpoint across the river from this building, emphasizing the dramatic effect of the building’s lights reflected in the water. The tilted cropping adds edge; while the orange glow contrasted with the black sky creates a focal point.

Toucan Photo Mosaic Magazine cut-outs on paper 30.5 cm x 46cm 2011

I chose a bright picture of a toucan to emphasize and contrast all of the diverse colors within the form. Each individual square adds detail and allows the viewer to enjoy the piece by each square, but also as a whole.

Book Cover Digital file n/a 2011

This book cover design was created to be an image out of words. I transformed these words into a hand holding a syringe, symbolizing a character in the story that is not as they seem and secretly injecting another character with drugs.

Loralie Acrylic on canvas 76cm x 101cm 2012

This painting from a live model is abstracted from reality by making some of the lines more implied rather than real. I added my own background to create fun textures and colors, showing off my style but also adding a little bit of variety and excitement to it.

4 Seasons Flowers Digital file n/a 2012

Designed in Illustrator, this piece can be viewed as 4 separate sections or as a whole. The theme of 4 seasons can be used to unite the images.

Packaging design Digital file n/a 2012

Modeled after a cold and flu package, I added my own color and design to the form to make it my own. The way it is shaped allows for easy cutting and folding once sent to a printer, allowing for easy reproduction and fast printing purposes.

Paul McCartney Graphite on paper 18cm x 25cm 2012

Using a grid, I covered a picture of Paul McCartney in tiny little squares. Working one square at a time, top to bottom, left to right, I created a reproduction of the original photograph to create my own image of a larger scale.

Silhouette Digital photograph n/a 2012

Using a lighting studio set up with a backlight only, I created a silhouette from a live model. With the backlight facing the dark background, the end result is a circular glow around the center of the figure, creating a silhouette and focal point.

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see" Edgar Degas

Caitlin Sharpe portfolio  

This is my portfolio for my Portfolio and Work Term Preparation class. Enjoy :)

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