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New York District, Division 15

April 2012

Hello New York Division 15 Key Clubs! I am your new Lieutenant Governor, Caitlin Roberts. I’m going to start off by telling you a little about myself. I am currently a sophomore at a small school called Fort Ann Central. I joined Key Club when I was freshman and was hooked ever since! In 8th grade I became my club's website editor and the next year our secretary. Now I have been elected the Lt. Governor of this division. Currently, I have an almost finished website up, have started a Facebook group, and am working on selling t-shirts for our division as a fundraiser for ICON. I am planing for a divisional very soon and would like to speak to all of you about Eliminate, a district charity that we are all working very hard towards. As finals and AP testing are coming up, I wish you all luck on all of these. Summer is also coming up, and I'm sure all of you are looking forward to it, but I would like to remind you that Key Club is year round, therefore you need to still fill out your your Monthly Report Forms. Don't Forget! Also, on an end note, if any of you guys need anything at all, don’t hesitate to send me an email, Facebook message, phone call or even text. I’m here to serve you guys and plan to do so to the best of my abilities. Thank you, Lt. Governor, Caitlin Roberts Key Club District 1 5

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A Greeting From... District Governor Daniel Ivan Lin My name is Daniel Ivan Lin and I am your newly elected District Governor for the 201 2-201 3 service year. With new leadership comes change and with change comes a new perspective. This leadership comes from caring, which I believe is the most important of the four Key Club core values. We are a family, not only because we care about our homes, schools, and communities, but because we care for each other; hence caring is our way of life. At this year’s Leadership Training Conference, I promised you that I would do whatever it takes to bring this district to greater heights. I told you that I was confident that I would be able to keep this promise, but the word I used the most was trust. Thank you for trusting me. As promised, I will make sure that our district becomes more efficient, productive, innovative, and communicative. And I hope you can see the work that has already been done to make sure that this promise will be kept. This epic year is off to a good start and I am extremely excited for what this new service year has to offer. I hope that you are excited too. Let us continue to serve those around us and together we will make Key Club a household name. Thank you all so much! Stay strong, Mighty New York District! Yours in the spirit of service, Daniel Ivan Lin New York District Governor

A Greeting From... District Secretary Amber Lee Hey New York District Key Club, My name is Amber Lee, your newly elected New York District Key Club Secretary. Hopefully, you were able to attend last month’s Leadership Training Conference in Albany to hear about my goals and insights for this upcoming year. If not, that is still fine, because I look forward to enhancing our communication across the whole of New York greater this service year. I am currently working on releasing the board minutes in the form of a newsletter and video update. I will also be creating secretary newsletters on what I’ve been doing and video updates as well. I look very forward to hearing your comments and questions. Therefore, I will be creating a google group for all secretaries very soon after I receive most of the election report forms. I am looking forward to working with all of you in this upcoming service year to both greatness and success. Back into business, I would like all club secretaries to send their updated election report form to me, your Lieutenant Governor, and District Administrator Mr. Goldstein. This should all be done by May 1 9th. Also, remember that monthly report forms are due on the 7th of each month. I’m sure the whole board would love to hear the service you have been conducting. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through any means of communication listed below. Yours in the spirit of service, Amber Lee New York District Key Club Secretary

A Greeting From... District Treasurer Annie Porfido Hello Mighty New York District! I am Annie Porfido and I am your District Treasurer for the 201 2-201 3 service year. I am extremely excited to be on the District Board and to be able to serve the New York District Key Club. I hope everyone is doing well and studying hard for their finals and AP exams. The school year is coming to an end but that does not mean Key Club is ending. There is always time to serve the community and hold more fundraising events! If you have difficulty thinking of fundraising ideas, refer to the district website or Key Club international website. Also on the district website is the fundraising report form (FRF) which must be filled out after every fundraising event and sent to me. I will then be able to add the fundraiser onto our District Totals and it will count towards the New York district. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns! I look forward to working with everyone. Yours in the spirit of service, Annie Porfido New York District Key Club Treasurer

A Greeting From... District Bulletin Editor Holy Jia足ai Cheong Hello New York District Key Clubs! I am Holy Cheong and I will be your editor for the 201 2-201 3 service year. Communication is key. Our district newsletter, The Empire Key, serves to relay important information and updates to clubs in the New York district. It is my job to compile all the information clubs need to have a successful service year. I plan to publish four newsletters, one for each season. But each newsletter cannot be complete without le Service Spotlights and contributions from clubs. What are Service Spotlights? They are articles submitted by a Key Club member describing a Key Club event they participated in. It can be an event that was inspirational or successful or just simply exciting. The significance of the Service Spotlight is so members can be recognized for their hard work, contribution, and activeness in Key Club. After every event, members are encouraged to write about it! These articles must be emailed to me along with pictures. On a side note, there is no argument that Key Club brings laughs and smiles. To honor the jokesters and the unamused in Key Club, I am introducing a joke section in the newsletter. However lame, corny, or actually funny the joke is, email it to me! Please keep it appropriate and nice. Yours in the spirit of service, Holy Jia-ai Cheong New York District Key Club Bulletin Editor

A Greeting From... District Webmaster Barry Lee Hello New York District Key Club! I am your new District Webmaster, Barry Lee. For those who do not know me, I am a junior at the High School for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering at City College. I have been in Key Club for three years, this being my third service year. It is an honor for me to work for the best district in Key Club International. From what I have seen at the first District Board meeting, this will be another great service year. I was the immediate past webmaster of HSMSE Key Club andI am ready to apply my skills obtained as a club officer to the district level to serve you. From the time I was appointed as District Webmaster, I have created email forwarders for the entire board. As of right now, forms are currently being updated one by one so please check them out once they are uploaded. Also, active clubs under each division are updated as well. If you wish to learn more about each member of the District Board, their "About Me's" have been updated and I highly advise that you read them because they are quite interesting.the near future, I will work on the whole NYDKC website. I am open to suggestions and statements of how things should be reorganized or reordered. I really look forward to hearing from everyone and working with you all! Good luck on AP exams and finals. Yours in the spirit of service, Barry Lee New York District Key Club Webmaster

A Greeting From... District Executive Assistant Tina Lee Hello Mighty New York District! This is your Executive Assistant speaking, and I am so excited to work with all of you in the 201 2-201 3 service year! Let me begin by telling you a little bit about myself. I am currently a junior and I attend the High School for Math, Science, and Engineering at the City College of New York. Throughout my high school career, I was a member, Treasurer, and President of HSMSE's Key Club. As you can see, I have devoted myself to my home club ever since freshman year, and I couldn't be more ecstatic to move a step up and commit myself to the great New York District Key Club. Mother Teresa once said, "Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." I think that's kind of what Key Club's mission is. Spreading service everywhere we go. Letting no one ever come to us without leaving happier. It's funny, because most of the time, I'm the one leaving happier. Service is rewarding. It helps others as well as make you feel good. If Key Club stands for caring as a way of life, how could you NOT join it? This year, I plan on doing exactly what every other Key Clubber does: providing service. As one of the Executive Assistants, I will do my best to work diligently with Emily and Governor Daniel in hopes of making a smooth and successful Key Club year! Using my qualifications such as organization, communication, and creativity skills, I will serve as the District Governor's right hand and be always willing and enthusiastic in helping him with anything he needs. Yours in the spirit of service, Tina Lee New York District Key Club Executive Assistant

A Greeting From... District Executive Assistant Emily Gicewicz Hello New York District! How do you feel? My name is Emily Gicewicz and I am one of your Executive Assistant for this service year. I am super excited for another successful service year being able to serve you! I have the honor of helping out our amazing board and being the chair of the Rules and Regulations Committee. I plan on aiding help your board to the best of my ability. I have many goals and ideas I want to implement during my term. None of which can be achieved without all you! I want to educate you on your District and International Bylaws. They are the foundation of our amazing organization and knowing them essential to the functioning of a successful club. If you have a moment in between school and being a good Samaritan, glance through them. Do not let the voluminous pages inhibit you! Here are the links to the District Bylaws: and the International Bylaws: book_2011 -201 2.sflb.ashx Keep your eyes open concerning a resource to aid you in learning the bylaws. As always if you have questions, please feel free to contact me. Keep doing all the amazing things you to do make our world a better place! Good luck on APs and finals. Yours in spirit of service, Emily Gicewicz New York District Key Club Executive Assistant

Division Groups

I believe that communication is key when it comes to keeping our Key Clubs running smoothly. In order to help keep communication between all of the different Key Clubs and I, I have started a division 1 5 Facebook page, as well as a division website. The division 1 5 Facebook page is a private group where I have been posting little snippets and comments about different things that I have been working on. On here, people have also posted different ideas and comments that they wanted to voice to me, which is useful. I encourage all of you Key Clubbers to please email me or Facebook message me if you are not already apart of that group so I can add you. I have also created a simple google-based website for our division. This website has more in dept details about things going on at the division and board level. Some of the subjects on this website include: the Governor's Project, Icon, Eliminate, and a little bit about me. If you want to know more about different things posted on the Facebook page, I encourage you to look here. Please feel free to email me if you have any suggestions for the website as well as if you want more info on anything Key Club related. I am happy to help serve you.

Upcoming Events Currently, I am trying to find a good time to do a divisional! I'm planning for sometime in early June, so please contact me with when you all are free. This will be our first divisional. I plan to talk about things like Icon, Eliminate, and answer any questions you might have. More information about this will be coming out very soon via email so keep a look out! Thank you all for hanging in there with me.

Division Service Spotlight Hadley Luzerne Key Club Hadley Luzerne Key Club has been very busy for the past few months. We raised 1 ,650 dollars for a local boy, Devin Weiss' family. He has been diagnosed with a very rare form of Luekemia. We organized a basket raffle and with the help of our community and school had a very successful outcome out reaching our goal of 500 dollars. We have also continued distributing books to elementary students. Our latest event was the Hadley Maple Festival. We played games with children, collected bottles, and also volunteered our services at the Autism Walk in Luzerne and the Pet Parade. A great time has been had by all and we look forward to continuing on our great service journey by walking in the memorial day parade here in Luzerne and continuing to pass on the joy of reading with youngsters! By: Emily Heald

Saratoga Springs High School Key Club

The Saratoga Springs High School Key Club held its second-ever “Senior” Prom for senior citizens this past April at the Senior Citizens Center of Saratoga Springs. The event was a wonderful success due to the careful planning of our Senior Prom Planning Committee whose members were able to secure donations from various restaurants, book a fifties band--Betsy and the Byegons, and work on advertisements and decorations. The event would not have been possible without the efforts of the 25 Key Club volunteers, who brought in refreshments of their own, and whose contagious enthusiasm had the seniors out of their chairs and dancing the night away! The night was complete with wonderful refreshments, lots of laughs, twisting to fifties beats, and, of course, a Prom King and Queen. In the end, there were about thirty-five guests, and just over four hundred dollars was raised for improved programming and renovations for the Senior Center. Both the seniors and the Key Clubbers had a blast, and everyone is anxiously awaiting next year’s dance. By: Elior Moskowitz

Leadership Training Conference 2012

This was my second year at the Leadership Training Conference (Ltc), so I knew what to expect. Ltc is something I look forward to go to. This is a huge conference with Key Clubbers from all over, where you go to amazing workshops, meet awesome people just like yourself, and have fun in the spirit of service. Ltc has little workshops that you can go to, in order to help inform and teach you how to do things from getting more members to come to meetings to learning about different fundraisers that Key Club does every year. I went to several of these meetings and was informed on things like Kamp Kiwanis, Project Eliminate, and Advocacy. In addition to going to workshops, I was also able to meet people from all different Key Clubs and vote for International Board. We had some extremely talented Key Club members this year who showed us amazing musical numbers and other talents! We all also got to listen to Jon Vroman speak about 'living in the front row'. Jon spoke about how we can all use our talents to help make a bigger impact on our lives and our community. One of my favorite things about Ltc is the dance. This year was super hero themed, so at the dance everyone wore there super hero costumes. The costumes were simply amazing and really fun to see after spending most of the day in business casual cloths. For me, the dance is a time to relax and just enjoy yourself with a huge group of dancing, hyper, teenagers. I cant wait to see you all again next year! Caitlin Roberts

District Projects This year’s goal for fundraising for our District Projects is $200,000. Each month we will be assigning a new charity to be donated to this way all charities will get approximately the same amount of funding without one being an obvious favorite.

Kamp Kiwanis Kamp Kiwanis is a camp designed for kids and teens that come from all different backgrounds. The camp is focused on showing young people their potential through various character and team building activities. Kids partake in social events, bonding experiences and physical activities all designed to give them the time of their lives. The camp is currently located in Taberg, NY and has been operating for over 40 years under the New York District Kiwanis Foundation! Pediatric Lyme Disease Foundation The Pediatric Lyme Disease Foundation is focused on helping families pay for the treatments that their child received in response to his contraction of Lyme disease because it is not normally covered by insurance companies and it is very costly. It is usually contracted by a tick; the disease is most common in wooded areas, but is not limited to them.

District Projects Local Causes

Local Causes are the projects that you can do in your community! Whether it be collecting money and non-perishables for your local food cupboard, raising money to buy books for the library or cleaning up your town/cities parks; they are the projects that you want to do for your community.

ELIMINATE Kiwanis and UNICEF have made it their goal to eliminate a disease called maternal and neonatal tetanus which is a deadly disease that comes from the earth which mothers can contract while giving birth to her child and can affect both mother and child. Workers for UNICEF go to any length to go to the furthest parts of the world to help treat victims of the disease which is most prominent in third world nations. Since the start of the campaign, it has been eliminated in 25 countries, but remains in 34 around the world. By 201 5, Kiwanis and UNICEF would like to see MNT completely eliminated from the world, but in order to do an estimated $11 0 million will be needed; we are part way there, but strides still need to be made! Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center These are five children’s hospitals within larger general hospitals here in New York. The five locations are in North Shore, Albany and Buffalo and most recently in Rochester and Syracuse. These centers go to exceeding lengths to see that the children who come to them are treated with the greatest care and respect.

District Projects

GOAL GOAL focuses on helping those suffering and who are the poorest of the poor. They are a nondenominational, non-governmental, and non-political organization that strives to service the world through humanitarian efforts. They ensure that those who need the most have the fundamental needs (e.g. food, water, shelter, etc.) and that basic rights are met. Doctors Without Borders Doctors Without Borders works towards providing humanitarian activism and relief to countries who are need of assistance. Many of the workers and volunteers of this organization go to any length to see that people, who are in need of medical treatment, are tended to. Currently an international effort, lives are saved everyday because of the amazing medical professionals who go out of their way to help those in need. Alzheimer’s Association The Alzheimer’s Association works towards finding new treatments and a cure for Alzheimer’s; in addition, it provides care and support for Alzheimer’s patients. The Association is currently the world’s largest private, non-profit funder of Alzheimer’s research.

District Projects

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital provides care and treatment for children with cancer and other devastating diseases; as well as finding treatments and cures for such diseases. They believe that no child should be denied medical treatment and accept anyone who walks through their doors, no matter their background. While there, patients and their families are treated with loving care to make them as comfortable as possible. Front Row Foundation The Front Row Foundation’s goal is to provide terminally ill patients with front row tickets to their favorite concert, play, or sporting event as a way to have one last happy memory with their friends and family. This experience allows patients to set aside any emotional and physical challenges and just enjoy life.

Governor's Project

Hello New York District, My name is Daniel Ivan Lin and I am your newly elected District Governor for the 201 2-201 3 service year. Each year, the District Governor designates what is known as the Governor’s Project, an area or category of service outreach that he or she chooses to focus on for the service year. This year’s Governor’s Project is called “Keys to Accessibility,” which aims to help the elderly and those with disabilities, two extremely important components of our society. The goal for this year’s Governor’s Project is 5,000 service hours and what better than to be able to celebrate this achievement than at the 65th Annual Leadership Training Conference in 201 3. Work hard and be creative, but most importantly have fun. I look forward to hearing about your service projects throughout this year. For more information about “Keys to Accessibility,” please visit the district website at Thank you so much! Yours in the spirit of service, Daniel Ivan Lin New York District Governor

ICON International Convention (ICON), this year, takes place in Florida at Disney World. At this convention there will be members from different Key Clubs all around the world. This is an experience like no other. At Icon you get to vote for international board and leadership, go to amazing workshops, and much more. There will be talent events as well as oratorical contests and even some awards. The workshops that are presented there would help me in my job to serve you. Icon costs about 1 ,300 dollars to cover the plan trip, a hotel, convention registration, 4 day park hopper pass, 3 dinners and 1 evening special event with dinner, breakfast and snacks each day. This money is due, minus the 500 dollar registration fee, by June 1 st. Registration money should have already been sent in. To register you need to fill out a form at this link: 2 If you plan to pay with a check it needs to be made out to: NYDKCA Tour, and mailed to: NYDKCA Tour 201 2, 590 Mullock Road, Port Jervis, NY 1 2771 Personally, I am very excited to be going to Icon and cant wait to see some of you there! Caitlin Roberts

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Contact Information Caitlin Roberts Lt. Governor (518) 223­4218 P.O. Box 212 Fort Ann NY, 12827 Fort Ann High School

Mary Vail Kiwianas Representitive (518)783­6326 (518)364­3539

Daniel Ivan Lin District Governor 91 Boerum St. Apt. 7L Brooklyn, NY 11206 (917) 405 7968 Stuyvesant High School

Holy Jia­ai Cheong District Editor 56­47 79th street Middle Village, NY 11379 (347) 924­7875 (718) 428­3082 HSMSE Key Club

Executive Board

Amber Lee District Secretary 1935 Cropsey Ave Brooklyn, NY 11214 (347) 653­3656 Brooklyn Technical High School

Emily Gicewicz Executive Assistant 33 Helen Lake West Sand Lake, Ny 12196 (518) 763­7309

Annie Porfido District Treasurer 131 Franklin Street Patchogue, NY 11772 (631) 456­98254C New York, NY 10022 (708) 469­9346 HSMSE Key Club

Tina Lee Executvie Assistant 232 East 54th st. Apt. 4C New York, NY 10022 (708) 469­9346 HSMSE Key Club

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