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AMCULT 315: Rick’s vs. Skeeps A World of Fake ID’s, GDI’s, and Shark Bowls Lecture: 2pm – 3:30 pm, Tuesday and Thursday, 1305 Angell Hall Lab: 11:30pm - 2am Tuesday (optional), Thursday, and Saturday, Rick’s and/or Scorekeepers Office Hours: 2 am – 3 am, Thursday and Saturday, Backroom Pizza or BTB Cantina (depending on hunger/depression levels about not getting laid) Course Description This course will take you on a journey of two of Ann Arbor’s most popular nightclubs: Rick’s American Cafe and Scorekeepers Bar and Grill. As we learn about both establishments you will have an opportunity to appreciate their history and come to understand why so many University of Michigan students choose to spend their time and parent’s money here. By comparing such drastically different places you will have an opportunity to determine which one suits your nighttime binge drinking habits best while hopefully gaining a new perspective on the important historical events and traditions that make Rick’s and Skeeps prime spots for blacking out and being seen. To get the most out of this course you need to approach it with an open mind. Some of you might feel too old for Skeeps or that Rick’s lack of lighting fails to emphasize your defined facial features, but it is through the exploration and discussion of these issues that we will learn the most about these venues and why some individuals thrive at one while struggling at another. I expect and even encourage that you will begin this semester with allegiance towards either Rick’s or Skeeps based on your previous nights in Ann Arbor, but I hope that you will treat your experience here as an opportunity to better understand both while getting really drunk before you get too old and it becomes socially unacceptable. Course Requirements In order to take this class you must be over 21 or have a really solid fake ID. No exceptions. Any students with reputable morals or a religious upbringing need instructor permission. Attendance Policy Attendance for both lectures and labs is a mandatory and essential aspect of the course. I encourage you to attend all three labs, but Tuesday is technically optional. I condone the use of laptops, iPads, or any similar devices unless they are used to refresh Facebook or Twitter repeatedly in an attempt to determine whether the individual you were making out with on the dance floor the night before is attractive in real life or just good at Photoshopping profile pictures. I also expect you to be prepared for every class and lab. Please skim all the reading assignments before class begins and start to highlight important passages before realizing that you probably aren’t going to even participate anyway so it’s not even worth your time. There is no specific dress code for labs, but when you look in the mirror before arriving you should ask yourself “would anyone have sex with me in this or should I wear something more revealing?” Late Assignment Policy Late assignments are not accepted unless you are really hung-over. Please bring evidence (credit card bill/statement, vomit on clothes, broken cell phone, etc.). I will have a breathalyzer in class so that is also an option if you come to class and are still inebriated.

Assignments One a week I will be checking your Facebook & Twitter accounts for relevant and insightful updates about your experience at both Rick’s and Skeeps. While I only require one tweet or status update per lab, I have been known to award extra credit to students who update more frequently and get creative with their hashtags or include pictures. Foursquare updates do not count, but they would be very useful if I was trying to murder you. Your midterm will consist of trying to black out in under two hours at the bar while spending under $25 with no pre-gaming beforehand. It’s possible, but challenging; you will need to plan in advance to do well on this assignment. I believe that getting to know your classmates is an essential aspect of learning, and thus you are required to participate in at least one Shark Bowl race at Rick’s during the semester. This must be completed in less than thirty seconds and everyone in your group must participate. You will be filling out group evaluations afterwards to ensure that everyone did their part. Your final exam will occur during the last week of the course and will consist of convincing a member of the opposite sex that you have never previously met to come back to your place. While I cannot require you to provide proof of any sexual encounters, bringing any visual evidence (underwear, pictures, video, Power Point, etc.) is highly encouraged. Grade Breakdown Participation/Attendance Journals (Facebook/Twitter Status Updates) Midterm (Black Out on a Budget Challenge) Group Project (Shark Bowl Race) Final Exam (Take [Member of the Opposite Sex] Home Test)

10% 20% 20% 20% 30%

Academic Integrity Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Please don’t steal your classmates’ drinks or witty tweets without re-tweeting them and remember to tip your bartender. CLASS SCHEDULE WEEK ONE (1/6): Introduction, The Great Debate: Skeeps or Rick’s? WEEK TWO (1/11-13): Your Parents Blacked Out Too: A History of Debauchery 1. “Nickel Vodka Tonic Pitcher Night: The Good Old Days of Skeeps” by Joel Norman 2. “Conceived After a Shark Bowl: Confessions of a Rick’s Lovechild” by Michelle Harris 3. “Look at that Girl’s Ankles on the Stage! She’s Just Asking For It!” by Bruce Michelson WEEK THREE (1/18-20): Are We Even Moving? The Line & Social Dynamics of Waiting 1. “Plate Tectonics & The Line at Rick’s: What Moves Faster?” by Nicole Meyer 2. “Freezing to Death to Save $3: Braving the Michigan Winter & the Hidden Coat Checks at Rick’s & Skeeps” by Ari Willis 3. “Back Cuts: How Cutting the Line at Skeeps Made Me a Better Player Without the Ball” by Jalen Rose

SIGN UP FOR BLACKOUT ON A BUDGET CHALLENGE WEEK FOUR (1/25-27): Who Do You Know Here? Making a Big Entrance 1. “Just So We’re Clear, My Name is Chad For The Rest of the Night: How Fake ID’s Have Forever Changed Skeeps” by Terry Paulson 2. “Dude, I Paid Cover Last Time: Getting Past the Bouncer Without Denting Your Wallet or Your Forehead” by Arielle Williams 3. “Hey, How Are Ya? Why Shoulder Grabs Just Work Better at Skeeps” by Paul Adamson WEEK FIVE (2/1-3): What’s It Gonna Be? Different Drinks, Same Buzz 1. “I <3 Shark Bowls: The Social Advantages of Neon Colored Straws” by Leon Carver 2. “If I Lean Against The Bar and Hold My Credit Card Up in the Air He’s Bound to Notice Eventually: How to Get Served at Skeeps” by Allan Paris 3. “Looking Beyond the Menu: How to Find the Best Drinks Nobody Knows About” by Jim Martin WEEK SIX (2/8-10): Tier One, or Tier None? The Co-Existence of Greek Life & GDI’s 1. “Nice Cargo Shorts, Bro… Let Me Guess, You’re the One Who Just Requested Daughtry: A Frat Star’s Take on the GDI Revolution” by Adam Vincent 2. “Patience is a Virtue: Why After Four Years in the Greek System All a Senior Girl Wants is a GDI” by Christen Carpenter 3. “Nothing Is Handed to Me… Except Pitchers: How to do Skeeps with a Debit Card” by Jason Rogers BLACK OUT ON A BUDGET CHALLENGE WEEK SEVEN (2/15-17): Bathroom Break: Finding Solace in Smelly Places 1. “What They Really Do in There: A Semester Living in the Vent Above the Skeeps Women’s Bathroom” by Ryan Carver 2. “Three Stalls vs. Five: How Less Space Creates an Increased Sense of Community & Camaraderie in the Men’s Bathroom at Rick’s” by Jordan Altman 3. “Bro, Are You Really Playing With Your Hair? Challenging Masculinity in the Mirror” by James Levielle WEEK EIGHT (2/22-24): Get it on the Floor: Music, Grinding, & Awkward White People 1. “Stereo Hate: The Mainstream Music Conundrum” by Molly Harris 2. “High Heels, Fresh Kicks, & the Risky Dance Floor at Rick’s” by Rebecca Carlson 3. “Knowing When to Fold ‘Em: The Effect of Ending With ‘The Gambler’” by Marcus Sanders SPRING BREAK (2/26-3/6) WEEK NINE (3/8-10): Who Designed This Place, Art Vandelay? Architectural Differences 1. “Let There Be Light… or Not: Darkness, Rick’s, and Regrets” by Emily Sanderson 2. “Grab the Rope! Surviving the Slippery Stairs at Skeeps” by Bert Nicholson

3. “The Back Bar at Rick’s: Not Just For Watching Golden Tee” by Norman Greg WEEK TEN (3/15-17): VIP’s & Campus Legends 1. “Arm Wrestling Mike Martin & Other Bad Decisions I’ve Made At Rick’s” by Nate Burkin 2. “Free Cover Guy: Influence Under The Influence” by Patrick Jenkins 3. “My Parents Canceled My Credit Card and All I Got Was This Lousy Rick’s Black Card” by Nicholas Weber WEEK ELEVEN (3/22-24) NO CLASS, COMPLETE SHARK BOWL RACE WEEK TWELVE (3/29-31): Rallying 1. “Help! It’s an Emergen-C! Hangover Cures for Tequila Tuesdays” by Michael Little 2. “I Still Don’t Know The Difference Between Rotini & Penne, but Za’s Brought Me Back From the Dead” by Terrence Salter 3. “Sauna Salvation: Sweating Out the Shark Bowls” by Trevor Levine WEEK THIRTEEN (4/5-7): The Late Night Push 1. “The Sacrificial Science of Dispersing Groups of Girls” by Hank Ingridson 2. “I Can’t Talk to You Right Now! Avoiding Stop and Chats During Crunch Time at Rick’s” by Nate Palmer 3. “Locked In: How to Ensure She Stays With You Post-Gambler” by Nick Ferris WEEK FOURTEEN (4/12-14): What Happens Now? 1. “To Pitch Program Prestige or Location? What My NCAA 2011 Dynasty Taught Me About Recruiting Girls Home From Rick’s” by Daniel Mckinnon 2. “Road Games: U of M’s Top 25 Toughest Girl’s Rooms to Hook Up In” by Brent Hawkins 3. “Binging on Backroom: Drunk Eating & the Dangers That Lie on South U” by Frank Anderson WEEK FIFTEEN (4/19): Looking Ahead 1. “Rickileaks: The Potentially Devastating Effects of Rick’s Bar Tabs Being Leaked” by Ari Little 2. “ScoreCREEPers: CollegeACB & the Progression of Stalking Beyond Facebook” by Martin Barry 3. “ The Future of Rick’s & Skeeps” by Harrison Peters FINAL EXAM PRESENTATION DUE IN CLASS

Rick's vs. Skeeps Syllabus  
Rick's vs. Skeeps Syllabus  

Rick's vs Skeeps class