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Set menu: Upon walking into Aka Siro, we were greeted by the head chef and owner of the home style kicthen, WE sat down at the wooden table and chairs and orderd some saki between the group. The ambeance of the kitchen set the scene for our meal and left you with a feeling of being welcome and at home. for our main dish we were served with an array of colours and textures on the plate. There were 5 elements served: -miso soup -bowl of rice -a chilled lettice and shaved carrot salad with what tasted like a rice wine vinigar dressing. -Crispy chicken pieces -brocili and ricotta mix -boiled pumpkin -mushroom and eggplant mix. My eye was immidiatly draw to the cripsy chicken, but my mind was telling me to save it for last. I took my first bite from the brocolli and ricotta mix, my instant response was it melted in your mouth, as i moved around the plate taking a bite from every element on the plate i found myself having the salad after every bite, it had the ability to cleans my platate before i took a mouthfull from the next element. Each element on the plate had its own texture and taste but they were able to all compliment each other in the most delicate way which enhanced the experience of the meal. Once we had finished our main, we were served with -green tea cake, vanilla ice-cream and a brown sugar syrup Each element on the plate again complimented each other, if alone the the green tea cake would have been dry and strong in flavour, the syrup would be too sweet, but when served together the ice-cream complimented the cake and the syrup added an extra texture when you had a bite of all elements.

Aka siro kitchen  
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