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Sunshine Days

This children’s wear collection was created in response to S/S 2020 trend research. Inspired by my own childhood in seacoast New England, it tells the story of a blueberry picking picnic. Designed to be unisex, it is inspired by 70’s handmedowns and explores the idea of sustainability through emotional design to encourage the reuse of items.

The Future is Feline

This cheeky collection was created for Hallmark in response to Galentine’s Day trend research for 2020.

Modern Mizpah

Inspired by Victorian mourning rituals, Modern Mizpah is a collection of scarves and pocket squares, bringing 19th century ideas into modern practice. Drawing on a depth of research, each design was carefully constructed to portray a specific message through the use of Victorian era floriography. The collection was designed as a series of women’s scarves, along with coordinating men’s pocket squares, aligning with the Victorian requirement that a woman should publicly show herself in mourning while men faced less strict expectations. Each scarf was made to represent the mourning of a specific person- that of a friend, a romantic partner, and a relative.

Herbal Apothecary

This collection was inspired by medieval herbal remedies and the ‘wise women’ who provided these cures. Both natural and synthetic dyes were used to create the colour palette and care was taken to preserve the handle of fabrics. Hand embellished details further provide luxurious tactility.

Woven Woodland

This is the initial visual research for a commercial carpet collection for Milliken. Created for a Scandinavian tech company, birch bark was the main source of inspiration. Birch provided a connection between my native New England (where birch is abundant) and Scandanavia, where birch forests are an important ecoregion. I decided to make a further subtle reference to Scandinavia by performing my visual research through weaving. The region has a rich history of textiles and this approach lends a nod to this heritage and provides a comforting, “hygge” feel. Weaving also produces a slightly digital, pixelated effect, which I felt nicely echoed the company’s sector in technology. I played with colour through purposefully “breaking” the dye to create subtle variations and speckles and Brusho was used to replicate the effect on paper mediums.

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Caitlin Johnson - Printed Textiles Portfolio  

Caitlin Johnson - Printed Textiles Portfolio