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Commonwealth Agency Inc. Title Company of Philadelphia Now Offering Tips on the Value of Title Insurance Commonwealth Agency Inc., a leading title company of Philadelphia, is pleased to announce they are now offering information on the value of title insurance. Whether people realize it or not, the title industry is one of the most important parts of life in America. The work done by Commonwealth Agency Inc. not only benefits the customers they work with, it also benefits the entire nation. By offering professional and reliable title insurance services, Commonwealth Agency Inc. does its part in keeping the entire title industry healthy. During a real estate transaction, there are many documents that need to be looked over or signed, leaving a high chance that an error will occur. When titles are changing hand, Commonwealth Agency Inc. will ensure nothing will go wrong. If there are certain issues that occur, the company will take the appropriate actions to enable the transaction to proceed smoothly. New homeowners who wish to have peace of mind about their new investment can contact Commonwealth Agency Inc. today. The services provided by Commonwealth Agency Inc. not only provide peace of mind to their customers, but they also assist in improving the title transaction throughout the entire country. The company is always active in providing educational materials for customers, informing them on how the real estate and title changing process works. By keeping customers informed, they are able to work with the title company and make the process happen faster and more efficiently. This not only saves them money, but also saves the real estate industry money as well. For services such as real estate, refinancing, or title search in Philadelphia, customers can contact Commonwealth Agency Inc. and speak with a representative for more information. Those interested can call 215-583-3544. About Commonwealth Agency Inc.: Commonwealth Agency Inc. is a full service licensed Philadelphia title insurance company committed to providing quality client-care that clients can count on. With over 40 years of experience in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, their team offers reliable, proactive services that will ensure quick, efficient, and convenient closings. Clients work with experienced, licensed closers who explain everything upfront and assist them throughout the entire process. Commonwealth also offers very efficient and professional service with refinances, working proactively to resolve issues quickly to get the client to closing much more quickly than most other title companies. For more information, visit

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