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FEAR + CLOTHING A complete retail project, involving branding and interior architecture Behind the Brand and Design

I have drawn on the figure of Clotho, one of the three sisters of Fate or ‘Fates’ in Greek Mythology, as inspiration for this outlet of ‘Fear and Clothing’. Due to the cultural annotations, there lies opportunity for the brand to expand and grow using Lachesis or Atropos, the other two sisters, as their identity. Clotho appears to us in the form of a cat, graceful, elegant, clever and selfish. Because Clotho is such a big infuence in my design, she is seen throughout the shop interiors in subtle and hidden ways. Fear is portrayed in my design by employing intimidating materials and scales, for example the 1st floor is completely made of metal and is suspended in the air.

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Ground Floor Plan

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First Floor Plan

Fear + Clothing  

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