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Summer 2013

No. 3

Letter From the Editor Dear Reader: It doesn’t seem possible, but the 2012-2013 school year has come to an end. By the time this issue comes out, many of you will be away at summer camp, travelling the world, or enjoying some personal time at home. Most likely thoughts of CAIS will be far from your mind (unless you are doing summer homework). Hopefully, whatever you are doing, you will have some time to enjoy our last issue of the school year. In case you missed the letter from the editor from Issue #2, I am reprinting a paragraph written by one of our editors, Zachary Ngin. In this paragraph, he explains the process our staff goes through when putting together an issue. I think it really captures the essence of what Journlism Club is all about. “In our Dragon journalism club, we encourage expression of anything that comes to mind through writing, and in lesser degrees, art and photography (which are included in every issue). In our weekly meetings, we throw up a list of ideas onto the 5th grade classroom whiteboard, and we come up to claim them or to add new ideas. There is no agenda of things that need to be written- there is never an article that needs to be written for a particular issue. To some people, our magazine may seem like a jumble of miscellaneous, sometimes frivolous, pieces of writing. But to me, each sequence of pages that rolls off the printer represents the interests, ideas, and the thoughts of the members of a community.” On behalf of the Dragon Magazine editors, staff, and advisors, we wish you all the best this summer and we hope you enjoy this issue. Good luck to all of the graduating 8th graders as you move on to high school! --Ron Morris Journalism Club Advisor

The Dragon Magzine Staff Box The Dragon Magazine is the Chinese American International School Journalism Club publication for the 2012-2013 school year. All opinions expressed in this publication are the opinions of the writer and do not reflect the opinions of the school or its staff. This is a student run publication (under the supervision of the Journalism Club advisors) and therefore the writing, layout, and editing are done by the students who make up the staff. Questions and comments may be sent to The Dragon Magazine, 150 Oak Street, Room 399, San Francisco, California 94102 or emailed to The Dragon Magazine ( Editors: Crissy Sak, Zachary Ngin, Mari Fong, Sheridan Lim, Michelle Morgan, Novia Kayfetz, Nasia Kayfetz Staff: Griffon Shen, Vivian Wu, S’Nova Kayfetz, Tianji Lukins, Oliver Chessen, Evan Lim, Nasia Kayfetz, Novia Kayfetz, Sheridan Lim, Crissy Sak, Graham Sak, Zachary Ngin, Kaitlyn Tran, Madison Laymon, Phoebe Mak, Elaine Jutamulia, Luxi Arnold, Michelle Morgan, Jet Sze, Picabo Mellquist, Harry Bernholz, Rene Fong, Amanda Lui, Elana Ridley, Zoella Barros, Mari Fong, Ian Tang, Amber Keown-Lang, Nicholas Go, Jackson Laymon Advisors: Ron Morris, Katherine Obertance

Dragon Lists

a collection of lists on a variety of topics, put together by the Dragon Magazine writing staff.

Crissy’s Top 5 By Crissy Sak

5. School. It’s a great place to learn new things and, of course, you have to go there, but I’ve made some really good friends over the years and it pains me to leave. I’ve also had some great teachers and learned many things. This isn’t really specific, but I can’t express how much it taught me in mere words. 4. Music. I. Love. Music. Music is my life and it has taught me a lot that I might have learned in real life, but who’s got time for real life? Haha, just kidding. Anyways, I listen to so many genres of music and I love almost all of them. Pop is one of my favorite genres as well as electronic. 3. YouTube. I found this site when one of my old friends told me about a video of a famous youtuber, Nigahiga. Soon after that, I started to watch his videos and many others as well. I learned of Epic Rap Battles of History, Captainsparklez, Tobuscus and many many more on this awesome website. 2. YOLO. Yolo stands for ‘you only live once’. I think that this is very important because you have to cherish what you have and never stop losing hope. It does not mean that you just blow off your money, but you just have to do live life happily. After all, you only live once ♥ 1. Love. I don’t mean a relationship between two people, I mean between a whole community. I love everyone at CAIS, even the ones that might have given me a hard time throughout the years, but that experience has shaped me into who I am. I love my family, my friends, everyone! I am grateful to everyone in my life and I love you all :)

Oliver’s 7 Favorite TV Shows Many people love watching there weekly TV shows, and I am one of those people. If you want new TV shows to watch, try some of my favorites! 1.The Big Bang Theory: This sitcom is about 4 scientist working at one of the top universities in the U.S and their ups and downs in relationships, work, and friendship. Slightly inappropriate with sexual content; Rating: 9 ½ /10 Age:11+ 2. Survivor: This reality show places 16-20 contestants in a random location in the world, forcing them to work together, survive the elements, and build an all new society. But one by one they are voted out until one survives them all. The last person wins a MILLION DOLLARS. Very Brief language; Rating 8 ½ Age: 10+ 3. Parks & Recs: This comedy is about a group of government workers working in a town. It follows them through all of their problems and issues. Hilarious, super funny, and an A list of actors and actresses. Adult humor. Briefly inappropriate. Rating 8 ½/10 Age:11+ 4: Hawaii 5-0: This dramatic cop show takes place in honolulu. It follows 4 agents and the cases that they have to solve. I prefer this show over NCIS because it is more creative and has more humor. It can be very intense at times and very violent. Rating: 7 ½ /10 Age: 12+ 5. Go On: This sitcom stars Matthew Perry as Ryan King, a sports talk show host who tragically loses his wife and is sent to rehab. The show follows Ryan King through his therapy and rehab and how he connects and socializes with his fellow rehabbers. Very funny and appropriate. Rating: 7/10 Age: Mature 10 6. Glee: this musical comedy follows a group of glee members and their funny and emotional journeys. Very good music, funny, emotional and intense, and inappropriate at times. Rating 7/10 Age: 11+ 7. Modern Family: People can’t get enough of this show. But i’m not a huge fan. It follows the lives of 3 very different families with kids. Funny, and kind of hard to follow. Not very good acting. Rating:6/10 Age:10+

The Dragon Grammys By Jet Sze, Oliver Chessen, Jack Depenoloza and Evan “Bo” Lim Every year the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States recognizes outstanding achievement in the music industry by awarding Grammys in a big televised show. They generally do a good job, but we think we have a better idea of how the students at CAIS think about music. The following are our own opinions.

Best Rock Song Winner: "Gold on the Ceiling" by Black Keys Runner up: "Lonely Boy" by Black Keys

Best Album The Heist by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Song of the Year Winner: "Rattle" by Bingo Player ft Far East Movement Runner Up: "Can’t Hold Us" by Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis

Best New Artist Icona Pop

Most Inspiring Artist Macklemore

Best Mustache

Winner: Boston blows it away Runner ups: Frank Zappa

Best Comeback Song

"Suit and Tie" by Justin Timbelake

Best Boy Band One Direction

Best Acapella Group Treblemakers

Best Afro

Jimmy Hendricks

Best radio station 92.7 REV FM

Middle School Drama By Novia Kayfetz

Chapter 1: Goodbye 7th grade!

the world.” Fawn deadpanned. Ariel nodded, a big smile on her face. Her frizzy brown hair bouncing along with her head.

There was two weeks till the end of school, two weeks until the 8th graders were leaving. Ariel walked down the hall, looking at her friends thinking about “You’re not gonna tell till i guess right?” Fawn tried to how immature they were last year, all the pointless dra- keep a straight face. Ariel nodded again, her smile even ma. Well, there was still drama but it was LESS pointless bigger. than last year of course. “Fine, let me guess.” Fawn said, “Your mom got abduct She walked into math class and sat down in front ed by aliens.” of Tas. Ariel loved sitting with him, she had the most fun ever. He could make her laugh about anything, but Ariel couldn’t hold it in anymore, “ Tas has a crush on that wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Especially since she me!” She slapped her hand over her mouth in surprise, was in Ms. Balser’s class. That woman was strict. and looked around the hall to make sure no one was there. As she was opening up her planner to write down the day’s homework she heard a familiar laugh Fawn gasped, she couldn’t believe it. She grabbed Ariel’s walking into the class. It was Adriana and her boyfriend arm and dragged her into the janitors closet. The little James. Last year, James had pinned after one of Adri- closet smelled like mildew and dirty socks but it was ana’s best friends, Eve. But now, those two were joined private so no one would over hear. “Spill. Now.” She at the hip; they tried to spend as much time together as whispered. possible. Ariel grinned, her special smile that she only gets when Ariel whispered to them, “Guys, shush! Ms. she has new gossip. “I overheard Tas telling Ryan and Balser’s in the room next to ours printing the home- James during a game of truth or dare.” work! She can hear us!” Fawn grinned, “Are you serious!? I can’t believe it! Do Adriana shot her a grateful look as she sat down you have anything else?” at the row of desks on the other side of the room with James. The next second, the teacher walked into the Ariel laughed, “ Don’t I? Did you hear about Michelle’s class and started passing out homework. “boyfriend”? Well guess what, he’s not real! She’s pulling the classic “fake boyfriend prank”, and so far half the ----grade has fallen for it. Oh yeah, Julie has a crush on one of the 8th graders even though they are leaving in like, Ariel sped out of class. She wanted to meet up a week.” with Fawn before heading to lunch. She had just gotten wind of the juiciest gossip, and it was even better Fawn started laughing, “Are you serious! Mebecause it involved her. She bumped into Fawn at the lockers. One look at Ariels face, and Fawn knew what was gonna happen. “Let me guess, you just found out the juiciest gossip in

lina also has a crush on a 8th grader. I feel so bad for her though, Michelle is also pinning on him.”

TED: An Idea Worth Spreading By Zachary Ngin While you were scrolling or flipping through this issue of The Dragon, perhaps this title caught your eye. Perhaps you thought that I had documented the life of Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, or that I was promoting the movie Ted. But after an article highlighting “good” pop music, I am actually promoting the spread of ideas (I still love you Rihanna!). TED is an organization that is devoted to spreading ideas. It originated as a 1984 conference for people in Technology, Education, and Design to share their ideas. Now, TED is a huge organization with many different aspects- the original conferences, awards, but the most important aspect of TED now are the TED Talks. These are talks by leaders, educators, politicians, artists, scientists, and more. They share ideas worth spreading. Past speakers include Bill Gates, Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, and Bono of the band U2, though Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber have yet to make an appearance. Some might talk about reforming the world, some might talk about a personal experience, some talk about weighty topics in today’s world like the death penalty, and still some talk about human emotions, experiences, and meaning. Some TED speakers seek to persuade, inform, or entertain, but many of them, no matter what topic, inspire. Out of the more than a thousand TED talks, here are five of my favorites: Sherry Turkle: Connected, but Alone? This talk is one of the first TED talks I watched, and I felt so inspired while watching it. It’s about how digital communication (texting and email) is illegitimate conversation. Before I watched this talk, I had always been frustrated by the limitations of texting. But this talk was eye-opening to me and Sherry Turkle voiced my frustration so well. One point she made was that people aren’t truly getting to know each other through text. Texting and email is usually devoid of emotion. Think about this: would you rather tell someone that you broke the project they worked so hard on in person or through technology? She followed this up by explaining that we feel the constant need to feel connected, but because of this emotional isolation, we’re actually really alone. This is an inspiring talk that will be interesting for many people of this generation.

Hyeonseo Lee: My Escape From North Korea This TED talk features a North Korean woman describing her escape from the country and the ensuing events. She talks of her life in North Korea; when she was a child she thought she lived in the best country in the world. She lived in a relatively wealthy family, but she starts realizing her true situation after her relatives die of starvation and she witnesses public executions. After she escaped North Korea, she tells a touching story of family devotion, financial struggle, tremendous difficulty, avoiding capture, and endless perseverance. If you’re interested in North Korea, this is a great talk to watch. However be warned, this talk is a little intense.

Avi Rubin: All of your devices can be hacked

If you have time, you might want to consider looking In this talk, Avi Rubin talks about sinister ways devel- these up. I found them all very enjoyable, and I feel like oping technology could be, and already has been used. even if you’re instantly repulsed by anything education, More and more of our devices are becoming reliant on you will too. the Internet, and this means that many can be hacked, or broken into/controlled by whoever has the skills. I I think TED is a great website full of interesting content. found out that a group of tech students used cheap, eas- If you want a break from killing your brain cells with ily obtained technology to hack into a car. They could YouTube or dubstep music, this site is a great place to play with the displays (like the speedometer), unlock go. So next time you’re bored of replaying the same Taythe car, listen in on the car from far away, and even dis- lor Swift song over and over during the weekend, you able brakes. A malicious person could easily steal a car should go check out some TED Talks. or cause an accident with this technology. Other people have used a program to determine what people are typing on their smartphone simply by the reflection in their glasses, or used the motion detection on a smartphone to figure out what someone is typing on a nearby keyboard. This hacking could even extend to life-sustaining pacemakers, (nuclear) power plant controls, traffic control (lights and signs) and other transportation like aircraft and trains. Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work? This talk is about how we have an unconscious attachment to our personal work. Dan Ariely described a couple studies that showed how people were attached to their work and were much more motivated when others acknowledged it. People were asked to fill out a sheet of simple exercises and were paid a certain amount of money per sheet. When their work was checked and acknowledged, they filled out much more sheets than when their work was immediately cast aside or put into a paper shredder. I find the unconscious impulses of humans very interesting; I like to know why we do the things we do. I also think this talk is well presented; I enjoyed it a lot. Charlie Todd: The shared experience of absurdity This talk is about how absurdity can be a connection point in our lives, just as we might bond over the common hatred of a crabby teacher. Charlie Todd talks about several experiments done to bring a bit of absurdity and fun into the grim business of the city. One venture included a large group of people dressing like employees of Best Buy (blue shirt and khaki pants) and walking into a Best Buy. These people were instructed to just stand around, rather than act like an employee or a customer. This is another talk about how people think, which I personally find very interesting.

Secret Life Of Teachers By Zoe Barros O’Haren, Phoebe Mak, and Luxi Arnold

We have been searching all around the school, interviewing teachers trying to find out what teacher do in their free time. These are the results. Ms.Liu- “I am going hiking and to the park with my friends to hang out. Oh and I am really excited to watch the new episode of “ Game of Thrones.” I Just went shoe shopping last weekend which was soooo fun, tonight i am going to have tea with my friends.” Ms. Kelly- “I go to school outside of school because I am trying to get my bachelors degree. I also love to see the Giants play and I absolutely love shoe shopping, I have so many shoes and some I don’t need.During the day I do attendence, then I meet my boss ms.Larose. I also work on projects like graduation. My work is fun, because I meet cool kids! Ms.O (Ms. Obertance) and I are like best friends, we like to go shopping and see music concerts together. My job is called “ The assistant head of school , curiculam director of middle school.” Ling Lao Shi- “I exercise alot and I play tennis, I love to travel, and next week i am going to Spain!” Xu Lao Shi -After school I go running with my dog and (hang out) with my friends.

Mr.Wright- after school I go home, eat dinner,watch TV. What I really like to do is take long drives, like to go out and eat vegetarian japanese food and cambodian food. I read mostly online magazines, I also like graphic novels! I like Wendy Mass, the author.

Mr.Peron- I ride my bicycle, I go camping, I also have my own restaurant. I like to travel, and go see my mother. I like to paint, I am actually going to have an exhibit for my art galleries. Liu Lao Shi- I eat and sleep, and eat and sleep. Ms.Obertance-Usually I run errands, like go shopping and wash clothes. I clean my apartment and cook. Then if I have time I would watch T.V. Chen Lao Shi- I eat, sleep, listen to music, read the newspaper, read my book, and my favorite... play BEJEWELED.

R U a Txtaholic Quiz? By Rene Fong After answering ALL the question, calculate your score and check your level of addiction to texting. 1. When do you text? a. Usually when I'm bored. b. When I'm down. c. When I have big news! d. All the time! 2. Who do you text? a. Just my parents. b. Family and Friends c. Whoever I know that has my phone number. d. Everybody in my grade. 3. Do you know what AFAP means? a. Any food at Pizza Hut b. Australian federation of awesome phoenixes c. As far as possible d. No idea 4. How many people can you text at once? a. 2-4 b. 1 c. 9+ d. 5-8 5. How many times a week do you have to clean out your text message box because it's full? a. 0-1 b. 6-7 c. 4-5 d. 2-3

6. How many times a day do you text? a. 0-25 b. 40-75 c. 100-150 d. 2 many 2 count

7. How many contacts do you have? (Including family, but not emergency) a. over 100 b. 60-70 c. 1-10 d. 20-30

Calculate your Score

1. a. 2 b. 1 c. 3 d. 4 2. a. 1 b. 2 c. 4 d. 3 3. a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 1 4. a. 2 b. 1 c. 4 d. 3 5. a. 1 b. 4 c. 3 d. 2 6. a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 7. a. 4 b. 3 c. 1 d. 2

Total Up Your Score

22-28 Total Txtaholic! Whoa! You must be mute cause you never talk, just text. You should only text about 30 times per day. Good Luck! 15-21 Way up there You’ve struck a good balance between a Txtaholic and only texting when you have to. Kudos! 7-14 Bare essentials You only text when you absolutely need to and that’s fine. But it’s good to communicate friends, remember this.

Dragon Horoscopes Summer ‘13 By Rene Fong

ARIES (March 21 - April 20) Fire Sign

VIRGO (August 24 - September 22) Earth Sign Don’t second guess what you want to try, just have fun! Summer won’t last forever. So live in the now! LIBRA (September 23 - October 23) Air Sign You love being surrounded by people, so why not try out for a team sport or camp this summer. You could make new bonds and new friendships. SCORPIO (October24 - November 22) Water Sign

This summer will be the perfect time for you to Go all out this summer! Show off your bold perbe independent and lay free to your hearts consonality and many will flock to you. I recomtent. You like to be in control, so take charge of mend trying a new summer activity or camp to your own summer! devote yourself to. TAURUS (April 21 - May 20) Earth Sign

SAGITARIUS (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21) Fire Sign

You crave independence and adventure so why You’re incredibly focused and determined so not go to a sleep-away adventure camp. You’ll why not try one goal to acheive by the end of enjoy a thrill and have awesome stories to tell, summer? It’ll be an incredible experience. come September. GEMINI (May 21 - June 21) Air Sign

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) Earth Sign

Even though you’re a free spirit, don’t forget to This summer, don’t wait on everyone else to savor every moment. It may be the only time start doing all the fun things you enjoy doing. you’llget to do... whatever you’re doing. Just jump right in and let worries drift away in the summer breeze. CANCER (June 22 - July 22) Water Sign You have to let yourself run wild this summer. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February18) Air Sign Try new things every day and charge straight You love summer where your free spirit gets to ahead. Don’t forget to engrave every moment in relax 24/7. So suggest a family vacation in Hayour head. waii and chill out in the sun. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen! LEO (July 23 - August 23) Fire Sign You hate being alone without anyone to support PISCES (Febraury 19 - March 20) Water Sign and encourage you, so hanging at the pool with You tend to be lazy and you love the dog days of your friends should be the best activity for you summer. Relaxing is your area of expertise, so this summer. embrace it and live out your own summer.

5th Grade’s Top Ten Youtube Videos by Elaine Jutamulia, Picabo Mellquist, and Jackson Laymon

The Following Videos are 5th grade’s top ten youtube videos. You can find these on Youtube.

Gentleman Goat Remixes Smosh- ALL Mister Epic Man- ALL Cross to Over Fish McBites Commercial ASDF 1-6 NIGAHIGA-ALL SHIP MY PANTS

Y17 5th Grade Exchange Program

By Madison Laymon and Zoe Barros O’Haren

When I was in Taiwan I had a 5 day break. On the 2nd day of the break, I went to Y17, a gym that has rock climbing, roller skating, and a bunch of other fun stuff. I went straight to the roller skating arena, because that’s where I was going to meet Zoe, Hannah, and Maia. Zoe and Hannah were already there when I arrived, and Maia was going to be late. So we went ahead and put our helmets and skates on, and got started. Finally, Maia arrived, but she didn’t know that for the last hour we had been skating and trying to get down a hill that was at the back of the arena. So suddenly, she just rode right down the hill, like it was the easiest thing she had ever done. We just stood there shocked, because Maia basically did something that we had been trying to do for an hour in just one try! Zoe finally got the courage to go down the hill one last time, and she was doing really well until she got to the bottom of the hill, then BOOM! Zoe landed flat on her face. She was fine, because she got back up and came back up the hill. The rest of the story isn’t that exciting, we skated for another hour and then went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. After dinner everybody came over to my house for about 2 hours, and that was the end of my long awesome day!

Saying Goodbye By Hannah Gong It is really hard to let someone go. Just last night my buddy and her friends went back to Taiwan. I thought about it again and again and decided that even though it is a very hard thing to do, we must do it. “If there is no sadness then there won’t be any happiness.” In other words if I hadn’t gone to Taiwan and she didn’t come here, then there wouldn’t be the depressing moment of saying goodbye. I remembered all four weeks of fun and joy. I remember when we went to Yi Lan and had a pillow fight with my friends and my new friends, my buddie’s friends. I remember when we made clay vases and bowls and cups. I remember when we talked all night and opened the window and talked to Ash who was staying next door. I remembered that afternoon when we ate snacks, played Chinese yoyo, listened to Taylor Swift, and watched TV. It was the perfect evening. Even though we only stayed at each other’s houses for 2 weeks each, I think we got really close. I knew all her friends and she knew mine. We played together, ate together, went to school together, and even slept together. It was the first time I was away from home without my parents for more than two nights. I especially had never been across the world from them! My host family made it possilble to have fun away from home. It also helped that all my friends were there.

5th Grade Student Government:

Community Service and Community Spirit By Elaine Jutamulia and Picabo Mellquist

jacket of my brother’s old tuxedo, bunny ears, and a mini blue hat. I thought that I could look even better if I had a tutu and leg warmers, but I didn’t have either of those On May 17th, the 5th Grade Student Govern- items. ment chose “Fashion Disaster” to be the last spirit day Picabo Mellquist of the school year. When I walked out of my house, My mom said Fashion Disaster Day was a day when fashion rules did not apply. The secretary (Picabo Mellquist) “No. Picabo you are not going out of the door like that.” I was wearing 2 shirts backwards, and I was and the treasurer (Elaine Jutamulia) interviewed some lower school students (including themselves) about wearing mismatched shoes. I had to go back to my room and change into what they thought of Fashion Disaster Day. something less crazy. Elaine Jutamulia Then when I went to school, some people were When I was eating breakfast, my mom told me, giving me the weirdest looks. I almost asked them what “What you are wearing does not look like a fashion di- they were looking at, when I was Fashion Disaster Day. saster!” At first I had no idea what she was talking about, Some of the Best Costumes We Saw: then I remembered that it was fashion disaster day! I realized that I had to hurry up and change my John Peabody, 5th Grade: Music Ensemble shirt with clothes! But I only had 5 minutes left before I had to go a dress on top. Shorts with stockings. A snowboot. A Nike shoe. A hipster hat. to school. So I quickly ran upstairs and put on random French American student’s reaction to costume: stuff. I ended up wearing suspenders, sweatpants, the “It’s She-Man!”

Fashion Disaster!

Zoella/Zoe: 5th Grade: Really high standing hair. Princess dress over long sleeved shirt. CAIS student’s reaction to Zoe’s costume: “Woah!, ha ha....” A lot of people participated in Fashion Disaster Day. The 5th grade student government were extremely happy. Even Mr. Moore participated with dyed pink hair, a backwards shirt and tie, and hawaiian shorts! These are the comments about Fashion Disaster Day: Elaine, 5th grade - “I had a lot of fun and I got to be in a fashion show!” Jackson, 5th grade - “It was fun and painful.” Picabo, 5th grade - “It was one of student government’s best spirit days, because a lot of people participated.” Zoella, 5th - “It was a good day to express a person’s inner self.” Mr. Wright, librarian - “It’s hard to tell.” Isabel, 2nd - “I liked it, because it was one of the funnest spirit day.” Lucas, 1st -“I liked it because i got to wear funny clothes.” Palima, 2nd - “It was fun. I got to see everyone dressed up weirdly.”

5th Grade Student Government John Peabody, President Elaine Jutamulia, Treasurer Picabo Mellquist, Secretary Hannah Gong, Red Class Representative Nick Go, Red Class Representative Olivia Ng, Gold Class Representative Soong-Ping Hill, Gold Class Representative Emi Steedman, Green Class Representative Oscar Wong, Green Class Representative

Animal Style Oliver Chessen’s

By Oliver Chessen

Lets Talk Takin! What’s a Takin?

The Takin(talk-in) is a species of Caprinae (Goat-antelope animal). They live in southern China and Bhutan. The habitat of the Takin is generally forested valleys to rocky, grass-covered alpine zones. They are very closely related to the musk ox in many ways. Many people believe that the Takin and Musk Ox are both species of oxen. Although they look like an ox, think about it’s shaggy coat. The Takin is actually a goat.

Features of the Takin The Takin has a very long and shaggy coat to protect it from the cold in high elevations. The coats of a Takin are golden creamy, dirty gold, light brown, and on some coats hints of purple can be seen. All takin have short curved horns. Takins stand between 97 to 140cm (38 to 55 in) at the shoulder and measure between 160–220cm (63–87 i=n) in head-and-body length. The tail is only 12 to 21.6 cm (4.7 to 8.5 =in).

Takin: Fun Facts The takin is at the highest level of protection in china along with the giant panda. There have been 50 takins born at the San Diego zoo. They are the national animal of Bhutan.

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