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Gangnam Style By Graham Sak, S’Nova Kayfetz, Griffon Shen

Our theory of why “Gangnam Style” is so popular is that the majority of people we ask will like it because of the dancing and because of the song’s catchiness. Now we will put our theory to the test:

Ian Tang: “I like it because its cool!”

Q: If we told you that Gangnam style was making fun of rich Korean people, would you still like it?

Q: Do you like Gangnam Style and why?

Cassie and Mia: “Yea, because we already knew that!”

Cassie and Mia: “Yeah, we both like the dancing in the music video cause its soooo stupid it’s funny.”

Dexter: “Yes, because my brother listens to it a lot and I’ve grown to like this song.”

Noah: “Yes, because it sounds funny.”

Crissy Sak: “Not really, just kind of.”

Dexter: “Yes, because it’s because it’s Korean.”

Rene Fong: “Depends on how nice Korean people are.”

Monique Kayfetz (parent): “Yes! I liked it because it shows that nerdy style-ed people can be [in] pop cultures.” Crissy Sak: “Yeah. I liked it because it’s differen’t and not like other YouTube videos where they kill themselves to do something funny.” Ms. Liu: “I never watched the whole thing but I think the clips I saw were funny. I think it’s interesting that a video like that can become so trendy and get so many people involved.” Mari Fong: “Yes. I don’t love it but its good.” Novia Kayfetz: “I like it and it is one of the few Asian songs to make top hits.”

Mari Fong: “Depends on the [personality of the] rich people.” Novia Kayfetz: “Mmm, I don’t care [sic].” As it turns out, ten out of the ten people we interviewed like Gangnam style. Gangnam style has been attracting a lot of attention lately and has been spread throughout this school, even to the French American stud. So, I guess that concludes this survey of Gangnam style. Also, coming soon we’re going to release a CAIS Gangnam style video, so stay tuned if you want to see it! How to Gangnam Style: ngnamStyleThe5BasicSteps_50b941fe62867.jpg

The Dragon 2012-13 (Issue 1)  

CAIS Journalism Club

The Dragon 2012-13 (Issue 1)  

CAIS Journalism Club