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Winter 2012-2013

No. 1

Dear Readers, This is the first issue of 2013 and also the first magazine as under our new title, The Dragon Magazine. It is filled with informative articles about the happenings around CAIS such as the Winter Program and the Middle School Green Team. There are also fun articles such as “Oliver Chessen’s Animal Style” and a Gangnam Style review. I hope that you will enjoy the magazine and there will certainly be more to come! Crissy Sak Editor

The Dragon Magzine Staff Box The Dragon Magazine is the Chinese American International School Journalism Club publication for the 2012-2013 school year. All opinions expressed in this publication are the opinions of the writer and do not reflect the opinions of the school or its staff. This is a student run publication (under the supervision of the Journalism Club advisors) and therefore the writing, layout, and editing are done by the students who make up the staff. Questions and comments may be sent to The Dragon Magazine, 150 Oak Street, Room 399, San Francisco, California 94102 or emailed to The Dragon Magazine ( Editors: Crissy Sak, Zachary Ngin, Mari Fong, Sheridan Lim, Michelle Morgan, Novia Kayfetz, Nasia Kayfetz Staff: Griffon Shen, Vivian Wu, S’Nova Kayfetz, Tianji Lukins, Oliver Chessen, Evan Lim, Nasia Kayfetz, Novia Kayfetz, Sheridan Lim, Crissy Sak, Graham Sak, Zachary Ngin, Kaitlyn Tran, Madison Laymon, Phoebe Mak, Elaine Jutamulia, Luxi Arnold, Michelle Morgan, Jet Sze, Picabo Mellquist, Harry Bernholz, Rene Fong, Amanda Lui, Elana Ridley, Zoella Barros, Mari Fong, Ian Tang, Amber Keown-Lang, Nicholas Go, Jackson Laymon Advisors: Ron Morris, Katherine Obertance

Top Ten Songs of 2012

by Zachary Ngin

2012 was an interesting year in music, boasting hits that were both musically good (Somebody That I Used To Know, Diamonds) and massively overrated and overexposed (Call Me Maybe, Gangnam Style, We Are Young, One More Night). Here I evaluate my personal top ten favorite songs of 2012. These songs were all pretty widely known, so you’ve probably heard some of them on the radio. Here, I discuss all of them in depth. I hope you enjoy all of these songs as much as I do. 10. Drive By - Train

Drive By is a relatively catchy song, yet doesn’t seem too pop-y or annoying. It is considered tasteful, unlike many of today’s pop hits. The songwriting is mature and at least somewhat meaningful. Overall, this song is a great single from “Soul Sister” band: Train.

9. Too Close - Alex Clare

Too Close by Alex Clare was his lone debut into the mainstream music industry. It is well produced, with a dubstep-like wobble in the chorus. Alex Clare’s deep vocals give a lot of variety compared to the majority of today’s female-dominated popular music industry.

8. Scream - Usher

Scream is yet another top ten hit from Usher, an artist that has been around for over a decade. While the song is pretty mainstream pop, I enjoyed seeing another catchy hit from a very genuine artist. I especially liked the song’s chorus and Usher’s vocals.

7. Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye with Kimbra

Somebody That I Used to Know was the best selling song in the first half of 2012. It was number one on Billboard for several weeks. It is an alternative song that reached mainstream success. The song was never intended to be a mainstream song, but because of that it seems a lot less manufactured than a lot of today’s pop; this song is more adult contemporary than pop. Gotye’s chorus is very easy sing-a-long to, and Kimbra’s verses are a personal highlight of the song.

6. Skyfall - Adele

After a vocal hemorrhage in 2011, Adele hasn’t really sang all year, except for performances at the Grammys and the Brit awards. Everyone was really excited when she released Skyfall, the theme song for the new James Bond movie. This song is very dramatic (typical for a movie themesong) but Adele delivers killer vocals as usual.

5. Wild Ones - Flo Rida with Sia

This is a dance-pop song with great production. It has a good hook by the Australian vocalist Sia and energetic rapping by Flo Rida. It’s a little forgettable, but is a great dance/pop song that borders on hip hop.

4. Part of Me - Katy Perry

This song has a theme of staying strong, but beyond that isn’t super meaningful lyrically. However it has a catchy chorus, and empowering verses. It’s an upbeat song that was the title of Katy Perry’s 3D film that was released this summer. Part of Me was performed at the 2012 Grammy Award ceremony. However the music video adds a lot more depth and meaning to the song; it features Katy becoming a marine and standing through struggle.

3. Take Care - Drake with Rihanna

Take Care is the title track of Drake’s second album. Rihanna delivers a mellow chorus with a vulnerable hook: I’ve loved and I’ve lost. Drake sings through his verses, and the song ends up as a long key, tasteful pop song that shows a deeper side to both artists.

2. Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys with Nicki Minaj

Alicia Keys is an older R&B artist, and hadn’t released new music for a while when she returned this year with the pop single: Girl on Fire with Nicki Minaj. Alicia Keys delivers great vocals as always, and the song has a lot more meaning than a lot of other songs. However the simile of a “girl of fire” is a little overused lyrically. Nicki Minaj delivers a couple short rap verses over a drum beat. I think the song peaks at the bridge, where Alicia’s vocals and the production 0f the song coming together.

1. Diamonds - Rihanna

Diamonds was the lead single from Rihanna’s seventh album. It showed new maturity from the artist whom’s recent singles were more wild and party-like. Co-writen by Sia, this song boasts not only lyrical meaning, but great vocals and great production. The hook tells the listener to “shine bright like a diamond” while the verses celebrate love. The production is subtle, layering Rihanna’s voice with light synths and acoustic instruments. Diamonds was at #1 in the US for three weeks, and topped US radio songs I think this song is perfect, and deserves the top spot for the best song of 2012.

Michelle’s Top 7 1. Instagram Instagram. Where do I start? This app has definitely made an impact on my life. Because of Instagram, I’ve become really interested in photography. Right now, I’m taking classes with my friends Mirei and Ian and saving up for a DSLR. Also, I’ve met a number of people on Instagram who live all over the country that I’m super good friends with. 2. Alternative/Indie Music I used to listen to pop music and the old Taylor Swift. Then I looked up a song that my favorite Instagram photographer mentioned, Skinny Love by Bon Iver. It was totally different, but I listened to it nonstop. This whole new genre opened up to me, and it is actually good music. Yesterday I was listening to this new song by Britney Spears on the radio, and I was like, “Did I actually enjoy listening to this noise? Ew.” 3. Mainstream Hipster Attire Tube socks over leggings. Vintage floral this and that. Studded pockets and phone cases. That tacky (tacky in a good way) tribal print. Galaxy backpacks. This “hipster” fashion revolution is actually really cute, if you think about it. If you dress like that, you’re cool. It’s cool to be cool. I’m too lazy to dress like that most of the time. 4. Etsy I spend my life on the internet. What can I say? I’m a very solitary person. It’s probably a side effect of being an only child. Anyway, Etsy is the place to be. I’m a firm believer in internet shopping, especially when it comes to cutesy handmade things from Etsy. (I mean, who wants to actually walk around in stores? It hurts to be standing all day.) A few months ago I got these two pillows embroidered with tweets from Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. Don’t judge me. 5. Pretty Little Liars This addicting TV show has taken over everyone’s lives. This show is about the unsolved murder of Alison Dilaurentis, and four friends trying to solve it while constantly receiving threats from an anonymous ‘A.’ It doesn’t even follow the books. (But then again, who has actually read those books?) Pretty Little Liars is the reason you must finish your homework early on Tuesday nights. And the next day, everyone talks about it or ruins it for you if you didn’t see it yet. “Oh my gosh, Toby is part of the ‘A’ team! What do we do!?” 6. Carly Rose Sonenclar I don’t watch The Voice. I don’t watch American Idol. For me, it’s endlessly The X Factor USA. (The current season is over, but whatever.) Ever since the auditions, I’ve been rooting for Carly Rose Sonenclar, a girl my age from upstate New York with an unbelievable voice. I knew she was going to win, just by watching her audition. My hypothesis was proven to be (almost) correct, and she got 2nd place. I’m sure her name will be popping up all over the place when she’s older. 7. Tumblr If I’m not wasting my life on the rest of the insternet, I’m wasting my life on Tumblr. I take hours at a time to edit the HTML code for my website and make the perfect playlist with songs in the right order. Then I reblog. And I spend all my time Tumblring. For what? For only 26 followers. I’m such a loser. Hahaha.

Midyear iPad Report By Jet Sze and Kaitlyn Tran In the 2012-2013 school year, the incoming 6th graders received personal iPads. This was because the school wanted to experiment with using technology to help students learn. In this article, the pros and cons of the 6th grade iPads are discussed. We interviewed some people in the CAIS community about the new iPads. First we interviewed 6th Grade Teacher, Mr. Jake Sproull: Jet and Kaitlyn: How do you like the iPad program? Mr. Sproull: There are some benefits but sometimes in class it is a little distracting. Jet and Kaitlyn: What good things do you like about the iPads? Mr. Sproull: I really like that you can go quickly to the Internet and some of the apps are great. Jet and Kaitlyn: Should we have the iPad program for the next years grade? Mr. Sproull: I think we should have it again because it makes learning more fun. We also interviewed 6th grader, Henry Peterson: Jet and Kaitlyn: how do you like the iPads Henry: They are good. I find them really fun. Jet and Kaitlyn: Do you think we should have them next year? Henry: Yes, because we can email, check homework and google things. Jet and Kaitlyn: What are the disadvantages? Henry: It crashes a lot though... We also interviewed 7th Grader, Crissy Sak about the 6th Graders having iPads. Jet and Kaitlyn: Are you jealous about the sixth graders having iPads? Crissy Sak: Yeah I have to admit, but it is going to be a great experience for the 6th graders. Jet and Kaitlyn: Do you think the whole middle school should get them and why? Crissy Sak: I don’t think so because the 6th graders and teachers will understand how to operate them also I think that is too much money to spend just on iPads. So from our evaluations, it seems that the 6th grade overall likes the iPads and we personally both like the iPads.

CAIS Winter Program By Amber Keown-Lang, Elaine Jutamulia, Picabo Mellquist, and Zoe Barros O’Haren

The 5th Grade Mean Flowers perform at the CAIS Winter Program.

Before the winter program, we interviewed the CAIS music teacher, Ms. Susan Kennedy and her assistant, Ms. Amanda Cruz. We asked them about the winter program and what it was like preparing for it. Every year, the CAIS 8th graders produce the winter program. It’s performed by the 8th graders and the lower school. It has dancing, acting, music and more. This year’s winter program was based on Alice in Wonderland (now called “Alice in Nonsenseland.”). The Dragon: How does it feel to work for the winter program? Ms. Cruz: “It’s very exciting; there is a lot of work to do, but I like it, ‘cause it’s all really creative. I like seeing what you guys can do.” Ms. Kennedy: “Well, it’s very exciting; it’s very fun. This uses lots of different things I’m interested in, like music and dance, costuming, visual arts, and script writing. It’s overwhelming a lot of the time, so much to do. Even though I have people helping me, a lot of it I have to do myself, I have to coordinate myself. It’s a lot of work, and a lot of fun.”

The Dragon: What inspired you to have the winter program? Ms. Kennedy: “Well, actually the winter program was already a tradition at CAIS when I came here sixteen years ago. But it was very different. The music teacher didn’t do the winter program. The classroom teachers (there was only one class per grade) would teach the kids one English song and one Chinese song. And they would all walk up, and line up, and sing the English song, and the Chinese song, and walk off. The next group would come up and sing their English song and Chinese song, and walk off. When I came, I wanted to add dancing, because I have a lot of dance background. It just kind of started simple like the only costumes were only like a red headscarf, and then the costumes became more and more involved. I also saw that the kids and parents really enjoyed the performances that were more like stories. But they weren’t all stories, sometimes they were just poems, or sometimes we just did a theme, like winter traditions.”

After this interview, we thought we had an understanding of how the winter program actually works. This year, we think that the program went really well. I really think the parents enjoyed it. We enjoyed seeing all the grades perform, we hope next year’s program is equally creative. A special thank you from Picabo Mellquist, Elaine Jutamulia, and Zoe Barros O’Haren to Ms. Susan Kennedy and her lovely helper, Ms. Amanda Cruz.

Gangnam Style By Graham Sak, S’Nova Kayfetz, Griffon Shen

Our theory of why “Gangnam Style” is so popular is that the majority of people we ask will like it because of the dancing and because of the song’s catchiness. Now we will put our theory to the test:

Ian Tang: “I like it because its cool!”

Q: If we told you that Gangnam style was making fun of rich Korean people, would you still like it?

Q: Do you like Gangnam Style and why?

Cassie and Mia: “Yea, because we already knew that!”

Cassie and Mia: “Yeah, we both like the dancing in the music video cause its soooo stupid it’s funny.”

Dexter: “Yes, because my brother listens to it a lot and I’ve grown to like this song.”

Noah: “Yes, because it sounds funny.”

Crissy Sak: “Not really, just kind of.”

Dexter: “Yes, because it’s because it’s Korean.”

Rene Fong: “Depends on how nice Korean people are.”

Monique Kayfetz (parent): “Yes! I liked it because it shows that nerdy style-ed people can be [in] pop cultures.” Crissy Sak: “Yeah. I liked it because it’s differen’t and not like other YouTube videos where they kill themselves to do something funny.” Ms. Liu: “I never watched the whole thing but I think the clips I saw were funny. I think it’s interesting that a video like that can become so trendy and get so many people involved.” Mari Fong: “Yes. I don’t love it but its good.” Novia Kayfetz: “I like it and it is one of the few Asian songs to make top hits.”

Mari Fong: “Depends on the [personality of the] rich people.” Novia Kayfetz: “Mmm, I don’t care [sic].” As it turns out, ten out of the ten people we interviewed like Gangnam style. Gangnam style has been attracting a lot of attention lately and has been spread throughout this school, even to the French American stud. So, I guess that concludes this survey of Gangnam style. Also, coming soon we’re going to release a CAIS Gangnam style video, so stay tuned if you want to see it! How to Gangnam Style: ngnamStyleThe5BasicSteps_50b941fe62867.jpg

How to Make a Lyric Video By Mari Fong

All over YouTube there are “Lyric Videos” for just about every kind of music. If you want to make one for your favorite song, it is as easy as following these 10 simple steps. 1. Decide which song you want to make a lyric video of. Make sure you have bought the song through iTunes or media store, or own the album/ single and have “ripped” the song from the disk onto your computer. 2. If you don’t know or are not sure what the lyrics to the song are, look up the lyrics online on a lyric website such as . 3. Create a new presentation. You can use any presentation making software, but I prefer to use Google Presentation. 4. Make the title. Include the song title, the artists name, (the person/ people who sung the song) and your name. If you’re going to post this online, use your username that you use for the website you are posting it on. 5. Add a new slide. Write the lyrics like a poem. A good way to get good feedback from your viewers is to add pictures of the person singing that part of the song. Put the lyrics in short segments, but make sure the segments aren’t too short. 6. Save each slide as a JPEG or PNG image 7. If you have Windows Live Movie Maker or iMovie, use that to make your lyric video. 8. When you open the video editor, upload your slide photos in the order of the lyrics. 9. Add the music. Then change the timing of each photo to the timing of the music. 10. Now just review your video, make some finishing adjustments and you’re finished!


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The Hottest Presents for the Holidays

(5th-8th grade)

By Oliver Chessen, Ian Tang, Elana Ridley, and Evan Lim

Phone (preferably an iPhone) Wii U GoPro Camera IDJ2GO Remote Control Helicopters & Cars Beats Headphones Toms Shoes Glow in the dark Nike Shoes Glow in the dark nail polish NERF gun Kindle Fire iPod Touch Razor Scooter Xbox Kinect iPad Mini Sony Smartwatch Beacon Phoenix Speaker Bucky Balls (powerful magnets) Sodamaker

The Dragon staff interviewed CIAS students in 5th through 8th grade to see what presents were on everyone’s holiday wish lists. Our extensive list is very diverse with presents that are high tech, low tech, expensive, and inexpensive. The list is in no particular order and we didn’t try to judge any of the items. Simply, this is just a list of what CAIS students said they wanted. We know the holidays are over, but if you are still looking for a present for someone, or a birthday is coming up soon, this list may still be helpful. Sunglasses (Ray Bans) Foosball Table BB Gun Skee Ball Machine PS3 (Playstation 3) Just Dance 4 Now That’s What I Call Music 79 3DS XL Illegal Koala Fur Call of Duty Black Ops2 Perry the Platypus Footy Pajamas Clocky Mind Flex Duel Game Double Barrel Crossbow Scented Nail Polish Snuggie Aveda Box of Truffles (chocolate) One Direction 49ers Portable Party Fridge

Math Bingo Blackout By Tianji Lukins and Vivian Wu Math Bingo was an app on the 6th grade iPads. It was loved, maybe a little too much though... So, the app was deleted from all of the iPads. Some children didn’t enjoy Math Bingo, but most people loved it, and many used it. So, we interviewed some kids to find out what they thought of Math Bingo, and its disappearance. This is what they said: Harry Berholtz: I’m mad because a lot of people in our grade worked hard to get a lot of Bingo Bugs, and in a push of a button, all of that hard work was deleted.” Oliver Chessen: “My opinion of how math bingo was deleted is that people enjoyed it, and it’s good to see people happy. People loved Bingo Bugs. Some kids worked really hard to get where they were at, then it just got erased. It’s kind of like when you work really hard for $30, then some takes it away from you. Evan “Bo” Lim: “Yes because a lot of people worked hard on getting a lot of Bingo Bugs, and all their hard work disappeared. But part of me thinks it was the right choice because so many people were getting distracted.” Jet Sze: “I do not miss it, because I never played it, and it was boring.” Elana Ridley: “I’m annoyed, it was my favorite game, but I wasn’t addicted. I could live without it.” Kaitlyn Tran: “Yes and no. Yes, because it was really fun and it helped you learn math faster, and no, because it was a little distracting.” Then we interviewed some of the teachers to find out what they thought of Math Bingo, and why. This is what they said: Mr.Churchill: “I did not like Math Bingo, and it was only basic math problems. The student found a way around playing the math game, and just played the Math Bungee game, making it have no educational value. So it turned into a video game.” Ms.Hereford: “I think Math Bingo was a fun way to review math facts. I feel like Math Bingo was abused because they weren’t playing Math Bingo, but playing Math Bungee.” Mr.Sproull: “People just kept on playing the Math Bungee, and never played the math. They were playing at almost every waking moment. I don’t have any strong feelings towards to the game, except for that I strongly dislike it.”

Animal Style Oliver Chessen’s

By Oliver Chessen

Animal: Maned Wolf Physical Description: The Maned Wolf is a member of the Canidae family, or wolf family. Its most distinguishing features are its super long legs and mane. The Maned Wolf ’s coat color is an orangey tan, but their legs, mane, and nose. As I said, the most distinguishing feature is the legs of the Maned Wolf. The average height of a Maned Wolf is three feet tall because of the legs. Another interesting leg fact is that that their hind, or back legs are longer than the front legs, making them excellent uphill climbers. Behavior Unlike other large dogs, the Maned Wolf does not form a pack. It hunts alone, usually between sundown and midnight, making it a nocturnal species. When they catch their prey, they will bright it on the neck or back, and if needed, they will shake it violently. Dietary The Maned Wolf targets small to medium sized animals, for example rabbits, hares, rodents, birds, and sometimes even fish. Also a large percentage of the Maned Wolf diet is not meat. They will also eat sugarcane, tubers, and fruit.

Teacher Boo Boo Child

An Interview with a few of the Middle School teachers!

What do you think of Honey Boo Boo?

我觉得她说话的方式不太礼貌。我认 为六岁的小孩要天真,但是她说的话 像大人一样。其他的小孩可能会模仿 她不好的行为。

“I think she’s a very special person with a high opinion of herself, and I wonder what’s going to become of her when she’s older.” Ms. Cruz

许老 “It’s just another fad, something for people to talk about. Each week it changes.” Mr. Churchill

The Trial Part 1

By Nasia Kayfetz

I mean, they have the video footage and everything. It wasn’t the first time I got caught. Usually nobody finds out, and sometimes there are suspicions, but no solid evidence. The last time I sat here seemed like ages ago. I waited until the bailiff announced the judges arrival. “All rise!” he exclaimed. Simultaneously, everyone rose out of their seats. After the judge and the lawyers selected the jury, the judge announced the case. “Mr.Smith has been accused of vandalism of private property.” The district attorney stood up and gave me wicked grin. “We are going to show surveillance footage of Mr.Smith spray painting flowers on the side of a private school building.” The jury laughed. In retrospect, I guess I chose I sat nervously at the defendants table in the a really stupid thing to spray. courtroom. My defense attorney announced that there I turned away from the angry faces of the jury, would be no denial that the events described had ocbut I could still feel the heated glares boring holes curred. The defense would be that the beautification through my back. of the ugly blank wall was necessary to protect young All twelve men were probably annoyed, but how children on their way to school from the damage to could I blame them? their sensitive psyches which they would suffer with Who wouldn’t be irritated if they had to skip out the urban improvement. whatever they were doing for the day to go to some The judge announced that it was not a legitireckless teenager’s case? mate defense under the law and ruled that I was guilty I wrung my hands and stared at me knees. I as charged. He ruled that I had to clean the wall and looked at my lawyer and sighed. There really wasn’t keep it clean of any graffiti for one year. much I could do except plead guilty. It really was an ugly wall.

Escape By Crissy Sak

There is a place within our hearts that we constantly grasp at, trying to make it seem most realistic to their own clouded eyes. Some seemed stuck in that daze, thinking that their lives were filled with sugar cakes and sunshine meadows. In reality, we are living in a world of strife, people around us pillaging and trying to make a fortune, whilst we keep trying to make our fantasies come alive. Yet, we cannot do so, and we just dream. Dream and do nothing. Our bodies waste, our hands wither. Time passes us by and we hardly notice, for we live in the cloud of oblivion, unfeeling to reality. Every day was paradise, living through the joyful months that blended into years. Stuck in a daydream, others seem to try so hard for it, that it suddenly becomes reality, a shroud of blindness that no one could raise from our eyes. It seems like when reality rears its ugly head, we turn the other cheek. To avoid pain and to never face the truth, for it never seemed to find it’s way towards us. And so we dream.

The Mysterious Attack Based on the series “Warriors” By Erin Hunter By Mari Fong In the night, 2 black cats padded the forest floor. Their bright eyes shone in the darkness. “We have to be careful, Deathclaw,” Blackmuzzle whispered. Suddenly, a bush rustled at the base of a tree. Blackmuzzle and Deathclaw’s ears flattened. Someone or Something hissed. A large shadow of a cat appeared in the moonlight. The cat jumped on Deathclaw, but just missed by a whisker. Blackmuzzle scratched the enemy’s back. The enemy cat screeched. He got off Deathclaw. Blackmuzzle and Deathclaw said, “what do you want?! Who are you?!” The enemy cat, panting, said, “I am Blueflame … of… Fireclan. What I want… is for… you two … to get out of my clans territory!” Suddenly, 10 flame-colored cats with the same colored eyes appeared out of nowhere! They all attacked Blackmuzzle! Deathclaw screamed, “Nooo!!!” Deathclaw scared all the Fireclan cats off. He rushed over to help Blackmuzzle. Blackmuzzle had scars and gashes all over his body. He was hurt badly. The Deathclan medicine cat, Hellslash, was already at Blackmuzzle’s side, putting cobwebs on his wounds. “Thank you for coming to tell me what happened. He could’ve been dying by now if you haven’t come to find me,” Hellslash said. “No, thank you for coming. I’m glad that you’re here. I hope I didn’t interrupt anything. Is he going to be OK?” Deathclaw asked. “No, actually, I wasn’t doing anything at the moment. Actually, there were no wounded warriors or future queens that I need to attend to. Blackmuzzle will be fine. Don’t worry.” Hellslash said, “See these marks here on my shoulder? These symbolize ‘The Best Medicine Cat’. Every clan and member of a clan should know what it is.” Deathclaw stood guard, but was still worried that Blackmuzzle wouldn’t make it. Another warrior named Mortfang told Deathclaw that he would go to check the other ends of the border and would be back in a few minutes, but never came back. Over an hour had passed. “Where’s Mortfang? He said he’d be back soon!!” Deathclaw said, panicked. “I don’t know, but Blackmuzzle’s waking up!” Hellslash exclaimed. “Blackmuzzle!! You’re alive!! I’m soooo glad!” Deathclaw said, “But something happened to Mortfang. I’m going to go find him.” Blackmuzzle grunted then said, “I’m going with you.” Deathclaw retorted, “No, I don’t want anything else to happen to you.” “Then I’ll go with you. I’ll leave my apprentice to help Blackmuzzle. He already seems to be the new Medicine Cat,” Hellslash offered. They followed Mortfangs’ scent, knowing that he was still alive, to track him down. They followed the scent to find Mortfang all tied up. He tried to say, “Look out!” but couldn’t because leaves stuffed in his mouth stopped him. Suddenly, they heard a loud, meow as Deathclaw defended Hellslash. He recognized the cat. It was the cat that attacked them earlier! “What do you want?! Why did you do this top Mortfang?! Blackmuzzle could’ve died because of you!!” Deathclaw said, angrily. To be continued...

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Dragon Horoscopes By Rene Fong

VIRGO (August 24 - September 22) Earth Sign Trying to strengthen bonds would be a good decision for you this December, especially with your family. This is also a good month for opinion. LIBRA (September 23 - October 23) Air Sign Basically, you’re be having a hard time saying no. Now get off your butt, stop procrastinating and get to work on all those projects!

ARIES (March 21 - April 20) Fire Sign December is your month for working on big projects Aries! Even though your confidence SCORPIO (October24 - November 22) Water Sign will droop a bit in the beginning, you have to this is the time for you to use every persuasive work to focus on your point of view. skill you have to start earning money. Taking on a big money project would be an excellent TAURUS (April 21 - May 20) Earth Sign learning experience for you, and your chances Try being different this month and finally start are pretty good this month taking risks Taurus! Especially during Christmas time. On the 25th, grab some positive peoSAGITARIUS (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21) Fire Sign ple to surround you and have a holiday gathCongratulations Sagittarius! If you strengthen ering. Later, you’ll feel empowered to join your your relationships with family you’ll be having family in a after-holiday celebration. Try it, and a very memorable Christmas this year. increase your self empowerment. GEMINI (May 21 - June 21) Air Sign December is your month! You won’t be able to help getting happily distracted by the holiday hustle and bustle, in fact, you’ll be given plenty of opportunities for growth and adventure. CANCER (June 22 - July 22) Water Sign I’ll be direct with you Cancer, you need to work on your people skills. You have to work on how you work with others or you could wind up being bossed around by someone more willful and stubborn than you. LEO (July 23 - August 23) Fire Sign Here’s the only advice I can give you, quit your bad habit that’s holding you back and listen to your loved ones, so you can keep your feet on the ground. That’s all I can say to you.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) Earth Sign The extra energy and enthusiasm you’re feeling this holiday season will take a few detours, but if you’re flexible and adapt, unlike you usually do, you’ll really be feeling the holiday spirit. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February18) Air Sign You’re a free spirit and most of the time that’s just fine for you, but this month is time to really think about your life and all that spiritual stuff. Just let it happen naturally and go-withthe-flow like you always do. PISCES (Febraury 19 - March 20) Water Sign Even though you’ve had a hard time this year, it’s time to accept a change that requires you to step away from the past and turn your life in a new direction.

Firedragon Candids: Life at CAIS Clockwise from right:

8th grader, Michael Kim, goofs around with the 5th graders behind the scenes at the Winter Performance. Mr. Moore and daughter at the Lower School Assembly. Lower School students receive their Citizenship Awards at the Lower School Assembly. 5th graders practice for the Winter Performance. Lower school bun chefs show off their stuff at the Lower School Assembly. 5th grader, Olivia Ng, shares a book with her 2nd grade book buddies.

The Dragon 2012-13 (Issue 1)  
The Dragon 2012-13 (Issue 1)  

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