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Building on the successful launch of SODIC East, we are proud to announce the launch of SODIC East Phase II. Don’t miss out on our new destination in New Heliopolis next to Sherouk City, only 15 minutes away from the New capital.

MOHAMED FARRAG His Journey from Stage to Screen


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Hello Cairo! The year is whizzing by so fast, we can hardly believe it’s June already! As Ramadan comes to an end, Egyptians are all eagerly awaiting the World Cup and the chance to cheer on our heroes. No doubt every screen in the city will be tuned in and every venue in the city will be transformed into a sports café. To join in the festivities, we are proud to present our first sports issue! We’ve included a bit of fashion, a bit of history, and 35 things to do in Russia for anyone heading to the World Cup! If you aren’t one of the lucky ones boarding a plane to Moscow, you get still get in on all the action here at home – flip to our upcoming events to find out some of the best places to enjoy matches with exceptional atmosphere! In celebrity news, we caught up with Mohammed Farrag to learn about his journey from stage to screen. We also have a great feature on veganism and its benefits for anyone considering a lifestyle change, and 6 ways to strengthen your core, courtesy of veteran trainer Hany Emam. As usual, we have a roundup of all the newest restaurants, fitness schedules and upcoming events on your side of town in our What’s Up section. Get ready for Sa7el season to rev into action next month, our Cairo to Sa7el Magazine will come out of hiding and hit stands on the North Coast! As the only magazine dedicated to the North Coast community, we will have all the best coverage on where to go, what to do and what’s new in 2018.

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From a humble beginning impersonating friends and family, and acting out small scenarios with his siblings, a passion and shining career ignited. Mohamed Farrag gained a decade worth of experience and knowledge from the stage, as many great actors have done, and was handpicked by superstar Ahmed Helmy and director Ahmed Galal from the wildly popular local theatre play Qahwa Sadda to star in his breakout role as Karim in Alf Mabrook. We sat down to chat with the charismatic actor about his beginnings, his role in the Ramadan series Aho Da Elly Saar, and his predictions for the World Cup. CEM: Tell us about your beginnings in theatre, how did that influence your career? MF: My career started on the stage, in college. I learned so much about the foundations of acting during that time, how to respect your work and people you work with, how to be dedicated to the role no matter how tired you are, how to conserve your energy and carry on against the obstacles, and how to properly study a character.

subtler. In all cases, I must enjoy my work so that satisfaction translates to the audience, because my job is to entertain the person watching my work. If they don’t enjoy my work, then the job isn’t a success.

How does the stage differ from film and television work?

How was the experience of working alongside the actor who discovered you, Ahmed Helmy?

In all three mediums, I am an actor, but every medium has its techniques and the attitude you approach the work with. I can’t act a role the same way on stage as I do on camera, it will come off as too exaggerated. On stage, I have to act with my entire face and body and project my voice a certain way so it reaches the audience. On film, the acting is

This was the first role that gave me the opportunity to be seen as an actor, working in a movie with a superstar like Ahmed Helmy. I am eternally grateful to have been chosen by him and the director to star in this film. I was a young man just acting in independent theatre before that. I was so nervous the first day of filming, but I managed to

cover that up really well. If I messed up, my chance would vanish. Tell us a bit about how you prepared for your role as Aly in Aho Da Elly Saar. This was a totally new challenge for me as an actor, because the show takes place over a long period of time and it required me to portray a musician in four different stages of his life – in his 20s, 30s, 50s, and 70s. My inspiration for Aly was Sayed Darwish. It’s a very artistic and sentimental series, and it required me to learn music! I learned how to play oud and sing a bit more professionally than I did before. I also had to learn how to portray an older man to pull off Aly in his old CAIROEASTMAG.COM


is no longer with us. I would have loved to work with Ahmed Zaki, to be standing in front of him. I adore him. Or Khaled Saleh, or Mahmoud AbdelAziz. Currently, the greats like Adel Imam and Yehia el Fakharany. I’d love to work with Mona Zaki. With Yousra again, with Ahmed Helmy again. I’d love to work with many actors I’ve worked with before. Who are your mentors in this industry?

age. I never watch my work before the finished product is out, so I was concerned how well I was portraying the character, but I hope I succeeded well in making him believable at all the stages of his life. What gave you the stamina and strength to overcome the challenges of breaking into Egyptian cinema? As a person, I’m a risk taker. I like challenges, even if the easy way is right there. So this pressure was always there, even in the world of theatre. The theatre made me tough, and it does that to any actor, it creates a thick skin. So I’m lucky to have had that background to give me the drive and character to deal with the challenges of an actor. What advice can you give young up-and-coming actors who want to break into the industry? This can be a soul crushing industry; it’s one of the toughest jobs. The industry in Egypt can stomp on potential and dreams, although it is in essence a noble and creative job. Anyone who loves it needs to really fight for it and have patience, intelligence, good judgment, and the ability to put up with a lot of disappointment. If you want to



become an actor, you need to get out there and get involved in acting workshops, practice, get involved in the theatre at your university or college. There is so much potential out there, and all the acting greats like Daniel Day Lewis, started in theatre. Read, watch cinema, travel, get inspired and feed your passion. How do you feel Egyptian cinema is progressing and developing now in comparison to Western cinema? I feel like even though we have serious challenges in how Egyptian cinema and talent is managed and developed, things are getting better creatively. The roles and storylines are getting much better in this current decade. Our generation of scriptwriters, actors, directors have tons of potential and talent. Drama is being shaped differently, the stories are more complex, the cinematography is improving, the directors and actors are using different methodologies to translate emotions and ideas onto the screens. We are doing great work behind and in front of the camera. Who would you love to work with? Unfortunately, the actor I would have loved to work with the most

The late Hussein Mahmoud. He wasn’t well known, but he was my professor in college and he taught me so much about the craft. He took me as a lump of flesh and molded me into what I am now. Also the director Tamer Mohsen and Mr. Khaled Galal, the director of the acting workshop at the Cairo Opera House. Last but not least, like so many Egyptians, Mohamed Salah! I adore him and have been following him since the very beginning of his career. He’s an amazing person and inspires me so much. What are your predictions for the World Cup? I love football and played the sport for a long time, I started playing and training in a youth club in Sayeda Zeinab and made it all the way to Al Ahly Club. I’m planning on going to Russia to watch the World Cup, but I can’t stay the whole time due to work. But I’m so excited to cheer Mo Salah and the rest of the team right there in person. How do you manage to stay fit while you’re working such long hours? Working a job like this, you have to carve out time to recover and maintain your stress levels. I practice yoga, and I’ve studied it. I try to go to the gym, but it’s tough to make it there with my schedule. I try to be healthy by cycling also. What other projects do you have coming up in the future? I’m in pre-production on a film that will hopefully be coming out early 2019. It is a dramatic role directed by Sherif Arafa and acting alongside Amir Karara and other great actors. The story itself is a meaty and cool plotline.




QUICKFIRE ROUND Favorite cuisine? Asian food! Social media – love it, hate it? I used to hate it, but now I see the good in it. It can be used for great causes. Who is closest to you? Not many people … the girl I love, my two sisters. I love female energy. What are your hobbies? Playstation! Watching movies, plays. I’d love to attend a play abroad. Cycling, yoga, and riding horses. What’s your favorite travel destination? I love to travel, any time and anywhere, but of course some locations are closer to my heart. I love the Far East and certain European locales. I love to be in nature – beach, camping, hiking. I love to disconnect. Favorite sport? Football and MMA. Favorite actor? Daniel Day Lewis and Tom Hardy. Favorite childhood movie? El Mashbooh with Adel Imam, and El Horoob with Ahmed Zaki.

Photography: Sarah Rafea - Luminism Studio Stylist: Khaled Azzam Assistant Stylist: Mona Make Up: Zico Clothes: Fashion TV






ports wear

Looking to add some new pieces to your sporty wardrobe? We’ve gathered the newest arrivals for both men and women from all of our favorite sportswear shops around town!




se T ank -




Gym Bag - Oysho

Sports Shorts - H&M




Waist Shaping Yoga Pants - H&M

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Summer is here and in comes the heat, guaranteed to add more stress on our hair. Whether you’re hitting the beach this summer or just battling the temperature in the city, we could all use a little help keeping our hair hydrated. Here are 3 easy recipes to whip up at home that will nourish your hair … if you don’t drink them first!

Milk & Honey

Combine ½ a cup of full fat milk with 1 teaspoon of honey, warm slightly and stir then transfer to a spray bottle. Spray the mixture all over your hair and scalp then wear a shower cap or wrap your head in cloth or towel. Leave the mixture in for up to half an hour then rinse well.

Avocado & Coconut Milk

Combine a ripe avocado with ½ a cup of coconut milk, a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey. Mash the avocado then blend with the remaining ingredients until smooth. Apply this mask to dry or damp hair and massage into your scalp. Leave in for up to half an hour then rinse well.

Banana & Milk

Place a very ripened banana, enough full fat milk to blend, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of almond oil in a blender and blend until smooth. The mixture should be runny but thick enough to hold to your hair. Apply on dry or damp hair, massage into scalp and leave in for up to half an hour then rinse well.







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La Viennoise

Restored to Former Beauty, Given New Life 28



“My first office was located in downtown, and ever since, I have formed a special connection to Cairo’s heart. While exploring every corner of it, I always dreamed of rescuing and reviving the incredible architectural heritage that was crumbling before my eyes. When Ismaelia Group for Real Estate Development approached me to work on the restoration of the La Viennoise; I felt that a dream had come true. With great passion and a very detailed design concept, the aim was to peel off the added layers that had covered and betrayed the true beauty of the building. Much momentum was also gained with the still ongoing renovation project of GROPPI, which Alchemy is also handling. These types of projects are the most rewarding for me; I work them as if I am sowing fragments of old and precious lace.” Karim Mekhtigian, Owner and President of Alchemy Design Studio



“ La Viennoise is a pioneer project that will hopefully set a new trend for downtown. Reviving downtown is not just a romantic idea, but also an economically interesting venture. For me it’s Cairo’s heart that has been broken and now we have to heal it.”






1934 to 2018 Egypt’s World Cup Story The Pharaohs, Egypt’s national football team, with management in 1934

In 1934 Egypt became the first African team to play in the World Cup. With only one space reserved for a team from Africa and Asia, the deciding battle to see who would go to Italy was between Egypt, playing for Africa, and Palestine for Asia. As early as the first leg it was clear that Egypt would come out ahead. The first match in Cairo saw the team beat Palestine 7-1, the second match in Tel Aviv, although a closer win of 4-1, let Egypt qualify with an aggregate of 11-2. The Egyptian team set sail for Italy the following month. The four-day journey was on a ship called the Helwan and was recorded as an enjoyable experience by Mustafa Kamel Mansour, the team’s goalkeeper. The pressure stepped up however when they hit Naples. Their first match there was against Hungary and it was tough from the outset. Hungary showed its strength and experience quickly, and after the first 31 minutes were 2-0 up. Egypt drew on the skills of Abdulrahman Fawzi, and rising to the challenge, he scored two goals in the space of four minutes, putting Egypt soundly back in the game. His third goal, which he scored by threading through the defense, was ruled offside by referee Rinaldo Barlassina; a decision that is still queried to this day.



The Pharaohs on the ship to Naples


Goal Keeper Moustafa Kamel Mansour on the field vs Hungary during the World Cup in 1934

Although Hungary went on to win the match by two points, Abdulrahman Fawzi had made his mark and stood as the only African goal scorer at FIFA World Cup finals for decades to come. Hungary lost to Austria, who in turn was defeated by host country Italy. Czechoslovakia had come out 3-1 over Germany and went on to play Italy for the Cup on the 10th of June. Italy came out as winner, with a close score of 2-1. Although Egypt was knocked out early in the game, it could come home with its head held high, thanks to the efforts of Abdulrahman Fawzi.

Abdulrahman Fawzi on the field vs Hungary during the World Cup in 1934



The Egyptian team qualified to the World Cup in 1990

Magdi Abdel-Ghani scoring his famous penalty against the Netherlands in the 1990 World Cup Going forward to 1990, Egypt scored a solitary goal at the World Cup, which took place once again in Italy. Midfielder Magdi Abdel-Ghani converted a penalty in a remarkable 1-1 draw with then European champions the Netherlands, with a power-house team that included players like Marco Van Basten, Ronald Koeman, Frank Rijkaard and Ruud Gullit. Late and iconic coach Mahmoud El-Gohary was in charge of the Pharaohs in 1990. Since then, Egypt have had 19 coaches (8 foreigners and 11 Egyptians) in charge of their quest for another World Cup ticket until Argentinean tactician Hector Cuper got the job done.



Mohamed Salah celebrating Egypt qualification to Russia 2018







Embrace the spirit of Ramadan at Downtown Katameya. A unique food experience accompanied by great atmosphere. Downtown Katameya DowntownKatameya



Things to Do in Russia


World Cup aside, there is a heap of reasons to visit this vast and spectacular country this summer. Here’s our short list to help make for a memorable stay: EKATERINBURG A mere 1755 km hop from Moscow, the 4th largest city in Russia is tucked away at the foot of the Ural Mountains on the doorstep of Asia. Don’t be fooled by its grim facade; behind those somewhat drab walls you can find an edgy cultural and dining scene. • The Loft (Дом Печати) at 49 Lenin Ave. is the ‘go-to’ place to grab a meal and catch the best music, film festivals and live performances. Try to catch Sage Project, the duet’s live shows resemble ceremonies



with shamanic music and dances combined with vocals in a traditional old-Russian style. And, of course, all World Cup matches will be streaming live! • Find the latest trendy fashion from Russian designers at good prices at

Sunday Up Market at RIO Shopping Mall on Leninsky Avenue. • If you’re after an authentic Russian dining experience, head for Pelmeni Club for sweet and savoury pelmeni, vareniki and draniki. Vegetarians are well catered for as well. Don’t miss


the dessert of vareniki loaded with berries and sweet cheeses, a great way to finish a meal. There are two locations, 2 Krasnoarmeyskaya and 82 Lunacharsk. • Created by artist Anatoly Vyatkin, the Keyboard Monument on the Iset River embankment consists of around 100 stone blocks, each weighing up to 80 kg (176 pounds), positioned to look like an oversized QWERTY keyboard. Local lore has it that if you want to reboot your life, step on Ctrl, Alt, Del. KALININGRAD Kaliningrad is the capital of the Russian province of the same name, sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania along the Baltic Coast. • If you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a sailor in a Russian submarine or a researcher on a sea expedition, or maybe an opensea fisherman, pay a visit to the Museum of the World Ocean.

precious stones come from that city. What could make a prettier souvenir?

place to soak up local atmosphere, buy souvenirs, or indulge in a tasty lunch.



Kazan, a city over a hundred years older than Moscow, is a mixture of both Tatar and Slavic cultures, which makes the capital of the Tatarstan Republic a treasure to explore.

Moscow is the city of golden domes, impressive architecture and some of the best museums in Europe. There are some ‘must visit’ sights, including the historic and beautifully maintained Metro.

• Bauman Street is the main pedestrian thoroughfare and is buzzing with activity day and night. Enjoy souvenir shops, cafés, shops and museums, along with street performers and buskers out to entertain. At night try the restaurants, clubs, and bars that the strip has to offer. • Kazan’s central market is a vibrant reminder of life in bygone times. A cornucopia of smells, tastes and sights, the central market is the

• Cobblestoned Red Square is surrounded by beautiful architecture, and is now a key location in the city, surrounded by unforgettable sites such as the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum and other celebrated attractions. • Russia’s main department store, GUM’s stunning interior houses a variety of high-end boutiques. Built between 1890 and 1893 the

• Feeling peckish? Head for Bakery Konigsbacker, a chain of bakeries operating in the entire Kaliningrad region. They serve traditional Russian sweet and savoury pies, croissants, soups and sandwiches. If you want a snack on the go, it won’t break your budget. • Due to its unique location on the shore of Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad is known as the amber capital of the country, as most of these semiCAIROEASTMAG.COM


traditional Russian menu. It offers an antique chic environment crammed with authentic pieces that make dining a unique experience. ROSTOV-ON-DON Rostov-On-Don lies to the southeast of the East European Plain, on the Don River around 1,070 kilometres south of Moscow.

• legendary store is now home to over 200 boutiques selling a variety of brands. A bonus, the glass-roofed arcade faces Red Square and offers a variety of classy eateries. • For those on a more limited budget, ditch window shopping at the exclusive GUM and pass by Izmailovsky, Russia’s best flea market. Hunt for bargains, check out the artisan crafts, admire the local handiwork, matryoshka dolls, fascinating Soviet memorabilia, and glittering hand-crafted jewellery. • For a cup of what might be the best artisan coffee in Moscow to kick-start your day, pop into nofrills centrally located cafe, Chernyi Cooperative. • Seafood fans! This is your chance to try Kamchatka crab, a delicacy well worth making a trip to Russia for. It is known to be pricey, but one place where you can feast on crab and shrimp without maxing your credit card is Boston Seafood & Bar, at 2/1 Letnikovskaya.



NIZHNY NOVGOROD History-packed Nizhny Novgorod, situated on the Volga river in western Russia was founded in 1221, making it one of the oldest cities in the country. • Bolshaya Pokrovskaya is the place for fans of Russian literature. It is one of the central streets of the city with long lines of well-preserved 19th-century buildings stretch along both sides and sculptures of 19th-century inhabitants of the town. • Get some thrills with a cable car ride over the river from Nizhny Novgorod to Bor, a town on the other side of the Volga River. It is often used by the inhabitants as a means of public transport and the views from it are breathtaking. • Dine like a 19th-century Nizhny Novgorod merchant at Pyatkin restaurant on Rozhdestvenskaya Street. The interiors from the epoch match the mouth-watering

• Pushkin Street is full of cafés, restaurants and historical statues, along with beautiful flowers and trees; it’s an ideal place to spend a relaxing hour or two. • Step back into history at Onegin Dacha, a typical Russian venue named after Eugene Onegin, the main character of Pushkin’s novel. The restaurant’s chef de cuisine Anton Kochura creates impeccable culinary dishes with French and Russian accents alongside many traditional Russian dishes. It is located at 45 B Chehova. • When you get a craving for a good old-fashioned burger, track down one of the mini-chain Burger & Smoke outlets in the heart of Rostov-On-Don for an affordable lunch or dinner. They offer a large selection of classic American burgers, a good cocktail menu, and tasty desserts. All of the ingredients are delivered daily from local farms near Rostov-On-Don, so you know you are getting high-quality meat and vegetables.


SAMARA Industrial Samara is the gateway to the Volga region and a bustling hive of activity, a far cry from its early days as a military outpost. The spectacular Volga River is a life-force for the locals in terms of trade, business and leisure. • Take a trip out to Shiryaevo Village, tucked away in the beauty of the Zhiguli Mountains, yet easily accessible by boat. Here, you can soak up the village life atmosphere, or check out the Repin Museum with its Volga-inspired art. There are also naturally formed limestone caves for exploring. • Alternatively, take a boat tour around the Samara Bend, where, according to local legend, Volga River pirates used to hide out in the nooks and crannies of the mountains. SARANSK In between Moscow and St. Petersburg, Saransk, although small, has some hidden gems to offer its visitors. It is crammed with statues commemorating great events and figures, but if that is not your thing there is plenty else on offer. • Actor Gerard Depardieu chose Saransk to be his city of residence when he took Russian citizenship. He renovated a cinema here and established a cultural center named after himself. Watch a film in Gerard Depardieu’s own cinema. • Otmennaya Pelmennaya is a traditional restaurant at 31 Sovetskaya specialising in pelmeni, small Russian dumplings filled with different kinds of meat.

SOCHI A seaside city in the Russian Southern Federal District, Sochi came to fame with Winter Olympics. Blessed with amazing scenery, and an enjoyable summer climate, it has a lot to offer. • Breathtaking Ritsa Lake is surrounded by green hills and beautiful plants. You can pass through small waterfalls and walk along the banks to enjoy the scenic views. The lake is located around 950 metres above sea level and is an unbeatable spot for memorable Instagram shots.

• Matsesta (meaning: ‘fire and water’) is a micro-district in Sochi located on the Black Sea coast, surrounded by hot springs. The water from the hot springs used at the spas contains more than 27 types of minerals. Your perfect place for spa relaxation and treatments. • Serving affordable dishes made from local ingredients that are delivered daily from local farms, popular Che? Harcho! resto-bar and terrace also has regular live music and sport events on the huge wide screen.


separation of clothes by color in the store. ST. PETERSBURG Stylish, historic and a visual delight, this fashion-loving city is also the birthplace of Putin. Just saying... • Dine like Russian royalty at Tsar in Sodovaya Street. Named after the title given to rulers in the Russian empire, the interior and menu are stylised to resemble a 19th-century dining hall. • The best way to enjoy the view of Saint Petersburg is from the water. Cruises along the Neva River encompass most of the major landmarks of the city in just under an hour. • Vegan alert! Ukrop at 14 Malaya Konyushennaya Street has become a favorite even for those who usually eat meat. The trick is in the fresh ingredients used in every meal, with alternatives for almost every dietary requirement. Their desserts are also great alternatives to guilty pleasures. They have new outlets popping up around town, keep a look out. • Attention fashionistas! Gate31 has six different stores in St. Petersburg and keeps growing. It is known for a unique collection of brands and designers both from Asia and Russia, as well as convenient



• Museum on Moika Embankment is a great place to get to know some local designers as well as international ones. The showroom was inspired by the artistic spirit of St. Petersburg, and the clothing display resembles a work of art. Go there for some inspirational shopping. • Voyage! Voyage! at 17 Kamennoostrovsky Avenue is another stylish outlet. The designer dresses you can find here combine countrystyle floral patterns with leather belts and heavy boots, an effective combo. Keep an eye out for Chereshnya dresses. Yes, on the pricey side, but most of them are one-of-a-kind and a worthy investment for any fashion junkie. VOLGOGRAD Volgograd, located in the heart of Russia, is brimming with grand statues, and its downtown boasts a garden promenade along the Volga River and a lot of lovely parks. • Miles restaurant and bar, at 2A Elshanskaya Street is considered to be one of the best places in the

city to view the Volga with its huge terrace. Its menu line-up consists of contemporary Russian cuisine with European influences. Locals say that Miles is the best option for anyone in the mood for a romantic evening. • Need sustenance but funds running low? Head for Blin Club on Sovetskaya Street. Named for the typical Russian pancake, it is an ideal coffee spot with a combination of tasty local food, a cosy atmosphere and impeccable service, and it absolutely won’t put a dent in your wallet. For all the practical info needed for a trip to World Cup 2018 go to:




Road to World Cup 2018

THR 14/6 17:00

FRI 15/6 14:00

TUE 19/6 20:00

MON 25/6

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WED 20/6 17:00 16:00

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SAT 16/6 12:00

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THR 21/6 14:00

TUE 26/6

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SAT 16/6 21:00

THR 21/6 20:00

TUE 26/6

SUN 17/6 14:00 WED 27/6

THR 21/6 17:00

FRI 22/6 17:00 20:00

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FRI 22/6 14:00

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Al Sorat Farm

Gardening, Barbecues, Horses and a Petting Zoo

It’s never too early to introduce your kids to all sorts of animals, teach them about the great outdoors, healthy food, and how to interact and coexist with nature. Luckily, 25 kilometers from Downtown Cairo, Al Sorat Farm offers Cairenes exactly that sort of opportunity and experience.




Located in Abu Sir, off the Sakkara Touristic Road, the farm was founded by Maryanne Gabbani in 2006 as an escape from the smog of Cairo, and also as way, to live with her horses and dogs in open space. Since then, the farm as evolved and grown to currently house 15 dogs, 23 horses, 35 goats, 13 sheep, 3 donkeys, 2 mules, 1 cow and the loveliest water buffalo you’ll ever meet. A large aviary houses 25 chickens, 8 ducks, 4 geese

and 6 goslings, 2 turkeys, 1 Amazon parrot, 6 cockatiels, and 2 doves. There are also plans for a fish pond to farm tilapia and catfish, with fishing activities on the horizon. According the seasonal availability, Al Sorat also sells produce and dairy products to visitors. Goat cheese, milk, kale, leafy salad greens, herbs, fresh eggs and more. Assistance is also given if people want to buy chicken, duck, goose, and other poultry from local farmers. CAIROEASTMAG.COM


The farm is open to visitors and families by appointment all week long, admission for under 3 years of age is free and EGP 50 for older kids and adults – admission includes 30 minutes of horseback riding. Kids can play with goats in the pen, feed and pet the animals, learn about farming and gardening, and splash around in water pools on hot days. Visitors can bring their own lunches or barbecue items and use the farm’s facilities, or order lunches ahead of time and enjoy authentic, organic home-made food made by staff.














Beauty Multiplied .... A tile designed to dazzle CAIROEASTMAG.COM



For both fitness newbies and well-seasoned training freaks, a strong and flexible core is at the root of almost everything you do. Core exercises improve balance, stability, and can help prevent falls and injuries during sports or other activities. These foundational exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. So how can you work on your core from the comfort of home with no equipment? We spoke to Hany Emam, a veteran in the health and fitness field and Development Manager at Gold’s Gym Beverly Hills, for some quick and easy exercises. Begin and end your workout by stretching for best results.

CAT CAMEL STRETCH As you lower your spine, arch your neck backwards. Then arch your spine upwards forming a camel’s hump while lowering the neck to look between your arms and legs. Repeat 6 times.



KNEE TO CHEST STRETCH Grab hold of your right knee and gently pull it up to your chest as close as possible, until you can feel a slight stretch in your lower back. Repeat with left leg.


CRUNCH & TABLETOP TWIST For the traditional crunch, keep knees bent and exhale as you bring your rib cage up toward your pelvis. For tabletop twist, your legs should be at a 90-degree angle, as if your heels were resting on a tabletop. Elbows should be bent, hands resting lightly behind your ears. Exhale and lift your shoulders slightly off the mat using your abs only. Make sure that you do not pull your head up with your hands. Inhale and lower to start position.

HIP DROP On your back with knees bent to 90 degrees, twist your torso to lower your legs to the floor. Use your abs to return your legs to starting position, and then switch sides.


Lie on left side with legs stacked. Place right fingers behind head, keeping left arm on floor with elbow below shoulder. Lift legs and torso off floor, crunching right elbow toward top of right knee. Lower back to starting position without allowing feet or shoulder to touch floor. Repeat 10 times on each side.



SIDE PLANK Start by lying on the floor on your side. Your elbow should be underneath you. Lift your hips off the ground until your body is in a straight line. Hold that position for about half a minute or as long as you can. If you don’t hit the 30 to 45 second mark, lift again until you do. Turn over and do the other side.

THE BRIDGE This exercise may not primarily target the core, but it secondarily strengthens it. Good for glutes, hamstrings, and toning your core.

REVERSE CRUNCHES Bring your knees up so that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Your calves should be parallel to the floor with your feet in the air. Gently lift your hips off the ground, contracting your abdominal muscles as you do. Inhale as you move your hips back down. Repeat 10 times.

Hany Emam is a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Nutritionist, and Elite Trainer I with the International Sports Science Association (ISSA). He is also a specialist in Exercise Therapy, Aqua Fitness Master Trainer, and Spinning ®, RealRyder, BODYPUMP ™, TRX ®, RIP:60 ™, and BOXERCISE ® Instructor.







VEGAN Got Hip By Steve Gooch

Over the last few years, veganism has been battling its way into the public consciousness. Eschewing the conventional ‘wisdom’ of past generations, the young guns of Egypt’s ‘cool’ are driving forward a new food and lifestyle agenda. And at the heart of it is a resolute assertion, based on compassion, a sense of personal wellbeing and solid scientific proofs, that it is simply not right, logical or healthy to be eating the corpses of other beings. Meat is not necessary, the vegans say. Nor is it right to be consuming eggs, cheese, milk and honey, all of which lead to the unnecessary suffering and exploitation of other species. And do significant harm to your own health in the process.




The new vegans, revelling in their encampment on the moral high ground of nutritional superiority, are a part of an explosive global movement for a less violenceorientated dietary regime. In the UK alone, veganism has increased by over 400% in the last few years and in the US by a staggering 600%. Not catering for vegans is becoming financial suicide for a growing number of food outlets in many countries. Is veganism the future? Almost certainly it seems, yes. Veganism as a definable concept came into being in 1944 when the term was coined by the Englishman, Donald Watson who adhered to a lifestyle free from animal exploitation. For many years, veganism was on the back foot, fighting its corner, presenting its evidence to a hostile scientific community and food industry, and a public whose main response had been dismissive ridicule. Vegans were the fringe crazies at the party. But no more. In Egypt the embracing of the vegan agenda has taken a while to get going. Deeply entrenched (and wrong-headed) old wives tales about how meat is necessary for a healthy diet (“where do you get your protein?”) and how bones get brittle if you don’t drink milk

(osteoporosis, a bone disorder linked to insufficient calcium is most prevalent in those who drink the most milk – dairy farmers) continue to prevail. But more and more individual citizens are rejecting this as the unscientific nonsense that it is. Vegans are known to have significantly lower rates of obesity, reduced risk of type II diabetes and lower incidents of cardiovascular disease. Whilst consuming increased quantities of fruits and vegetables helps to reduce the risk of contracting certain cancers, especially colon cancer. The development of kidney stones, gallstones, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and gum disease are also exacerbated by consuming meat and other animal products. And there are environmental costs too. The meat industry is the biggest single contributor to global warming on the planet. According to the Worldwatch Institute, 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions come from animal agriculture – far outstripping the impact of the oil and car industries combined. There is also the issue of resource depletion. It takes approximately 78 calories of fossil fuel to produce 1 calorie of beef protein, 22 calories for 1 calorie of poultry, but just 1 calorie of fossil fuel for 1 calorie of soybeans. Water consumption to produce animal products for consumption is crazy. It takes 3 to 15 times as much water to produce animal protein as it does plant protein. So as a prospective vegan, where do you start? As amazing as koshary, foul and falafel and lashings of bessara are, sometimes you just want a good old-fashioned burger – Big Mac style. And how about pizza? What are you going to do to replace all that cheese? The reality is you don’t have a lot of options. Vegan consumers are not on the radar of the major food manufacturers, or indeed supermarkets scouting new products to import from more vegan-conscious countries. If you’re going to go vegan you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and start CAIROEASTMAG.COM


members and is growing at an astonishing rate. Check it out for tips, tricks and amazing recipes posted by the group’s users. Also worth checking out is Kouhl. com, the online healthy lifestyle magazine that actively promotes an ‘Egyptianized’ vegan agenda and has some great articles and recipes. And don’t miss the inspiring blog posts and recipes on One Arab Vegan.

experimenting in your own kitchen. Or there’s salad. Endless salad. Alternatively, you can get in touch with Yasmine Nazmy, vegan-guru and author of Happy Belly, Egypt’s first vegan cookbook. Yasmine has been at the forefront of promoting the vegan lifestyle for some time and is the owner of Earthly Delights, a home delivery service that caters for the meat (and eggs, milk, cheese etc) averse consumer, and Kaju, the

vegan food company, best known for its range of vegan ice cream. Earthly Delights and Kaju are going from strength to strength as the vegan and vegetarian communities expand across Egypt. Yasmine herself has been the subject of numerous articles and interviews over the past couple of years and is a leading light in the Facebook-based Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Egypt, which now has over eight thousand

The exponential growth of veganism across the world has been astonishing, and there is no indication that it is going to do anything other than speed up even more. Some would say that it is about time that Egypt got on board with the new world food order, after all, there are strong indications that our very survival might depend on it due to the environmental costs of sticking our heads in the sand and continuing as before. In reality, it would be more accurate to say that the rest of the world is possibly finally getting on board with something that was essentially Egyptian in the first place. According to researchers at the University of Lyon, the ancient Egyptians ate a diet that is very similar to that of modern day vegetarians and vegans. The mass consumption of animal products is, in historical terms, a more recent phenomenon and one that is slowly but surely giving way to the upsurge of veganism across the planet.


Venus Williams Tennis



Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 racing driver

Scott Jurek Long-distance runner

Jermain Defoe Footballer

Nate Diaz Mixed martial artist

David Haye Boxer




New Developments in Mobility and Bone Health Prof. Dr. Ali Ghoz Brings Us Up to Date




We can dance through our teens, jog through our twenties and thirties, stride confidently through our forties and fifties. But then, ever so gradually, many of us will start to detect a new stiffness when kicking ourselves out of bed in the morning, a lack of spring in our step, and aches and pains that hadn’t existed before. What used to be a kiss goodbye to an active lifestyle, or a need for complicated hip or knee replacement surgery with lengthy recuperation has now been changed, thanks to pioneering techniques, innovative materials and new technology. Leading orthopaedic surgeon Prof. Dr. Ali Ghoz banished a lot of our pre-conceived notions and fears about aging and bone health in a recent chat.

CEM: Professor Ghoz, what steps have taken place in recent years in the field of orthopaedic surgery? AG: There have been developments on several fronts, with many related to the use of more durable joint replacements that can last longer, such as plastic polyethylene for hip and knee replacements, along with more natural ceramic materials. Hip and knee replacements can now last for 15 to 25 years. There have also been major advances in the use of robotic surgery and computer-guided surgery, with specific instrumentation. An important step is related to cellular studies, regarding progression and the use of platelet-rich plasma as stem cells, which will be the future in 10 to 20 years time in the orthopaedic field. A ground- breaking advance has been the anterior approach hip replacement, a technique recently carried out by a select number of surgeons, including myself. This is minimally invasive, with a lower risk of dislocation, less bleeding and a shorter recovery period. Most patients who undergo this procedure usually recover in less than 6 weeks, often within 3 to 4 weeks, opposed to conventional hip replacement surgery which can involve at least 3 months’ rehabilitation to get back to normal, along with certain restrictions and precautions. Recent advances have allowed us to see much reduced recovery times, although of course, it can vary from patient to patient. Are most cases you see a result of age and bone degeneration or as a result of accident and injury? We see a cross-section of cases, covering an aging generation with problems that lead to arthritis, along with injuries caused by accidents and trauma. There is common ground between the two, as trauma can lead to arthritis later in life. Many patients fall within the 65 to 67 year range, however the number of patients suffering from early onset arthritis is increasing, especially that affecting the knees and hips. It can be an advanced condition that requires remedial surgery, even at a relatively

early age. Of course, there are also trauma and fracture cases that require immediate fixation and stabilization using plates and computer-guided surgery. What consultations and steps are usually undertaken to determine the best course of treatment for an orthopaedic procedure? First, there should be an initial consultation, listening to the patient and analyzing the complaint while treating the patient as a whole. This is followed up by a thorough clinical examination, assessing the problem and the carrying out of necessary tests and imaging. This covers X-rays and more advanced imaging like MRI. This has evolved to 3T and 1.5 T, which provide magnificent images of the whole body in addition to 3D construction, CT reconstruction and 3DCT reconstruction, not only for anatomy and fractures, but also for severely arthritic joints. After these investigations and history-taking examination we put an individualized treatment plan in place. This also has to take the patient’s expectations into account. It involves significant pre-operative planning, correct selection and sizing of the implants as well as an advanced type of X-ray to provide a more accurate positioning of the implants. The long-term treatment plan involves follow up for at least a year after any procedure to ensure that the patient has a good outcome. We also measure this on a database to use to assess mobility levels pre and post surgery and treatment. What is new in knee replacement surgery? In addition to the new computerguided techniques and durable replacement materials we now implement a minimally invasive approach to reduce trauma to the knee. This leads to a potentially shorter rehabilitation period, less pain, fewer possible complications and speedier recovery. Our work as orthopaedic surgeons also encompasses soft tissue knee surgery and reconstruction using keyhole orthoroscopic surgery, which is minimally invasive and allows for a shorter rehabilitation period. CAIROEASTMAG.COM


Are there factors that can impact the successful outcome of surgery, such as weight management and correct rehabilitation? Of course, and the most important of these has to be weight management. Patients with a lower BMI have a decreased risk of complications, a lower risk of infection, less risk of bleeding and deep vein thrombosis. Technically they will do better than a patient with a high BMI. It is also vital to maintain mobility both before and after surgery to avoid stiffness in the joints and to lower the risk of deep vein thrombosis. The treatment plan is not limited to surgery; it must be followed at all stages. Rehabilitation ideally should include physiotherapy and positive motivation for the patient to exercise and stay active. The surgery itself is a key factor. It is important to select a surgeon who is an expert in the field, a person who has carried out quite a lot of similar operations. This will help to ensure accurate placement of components, fixation and soft tissue



reconstruction, as well as correct handling of soft tissue and asepsis to avoid post-operative infection. In choosing an implant, your surgeon must ensure that it is one of the 10A Star rated implants for joint replacement, and a recognised device for reconstruction of ligament or cartilage. What advice would you offer to people in terms of maintaining good bone health? It is essential to stay at a healthy weight and BMI, to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet, along with a level of activity suited to your age. As we pass middle age we should move to less strenuous forms of exercise such as swimming and cycling. Visits to the gym for aerobic exercise are important, too. Correct footwear is also important as this will aid walking and gentle exercise, which allows bone homeostasis and regeneration. Don’t forget the importance of sunlight and Vitamin D intake, a big factor in maintaining bone health.

Although you are primarily London-based, are you also available for consultations in Cairo? Certainly, I provide an advice service at my local clinic for patients considering surgery, whether locally or abroad. In some cases patients may be unable to travel, or may simply prefer to have surgery where they have family support at hand. Either way, they are looking for an experienced, expert opinion from a surgeon who has up-to-the minute knowledge of the latest advances in the field. I travel regularly to Egypt and it is an important part of my work to offer that.

Prof. Dr. Ali Ghoz is one of only a few U.K. Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeons specializing in minimally invasive custom-made bespoke hip and knee surgery with an emphasis on computer guided surgery and precision surgery. For more information, visit our Address Book.



Homemade Egyptian Food Delivered To Your Door FOR ORDERS

0102 7077777 Matbakh Shams proudly boasts a variety of family recipes for your favourite traditional Egyptian dishes, cooked with a bit of extra love. Whether you can’t remember when the last time you’ve had a proper stuffed pigeon, or spent hours at night asking yourself what we put in our addictive stuffed onions, we recommend you give us a call. All orders must be requested a day in advance so get to it! we are based in the Sahrawy/Sheikh Zayed area, and deliver all the way to Mohandiseen, Zamalek, and Maadi. DELIVERY RATES BY LOCATION CAIROEASTMAG.COM


Health Tips for a Great Summer Vacation It’s summer vacation season. Whether you are heading to Sa7el, or are even lucky enough to go to Russia to support the national football team, plan for a safe and healthy trip by following the 3 P’s of safe and healthy travel.

• Anti-motion sickness medication • Medicine for pain or fever (such as acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen) • Mild laxative

BE PROACTIVE Before traveling, it is recommended to visit a doctor familiar with travel medicine, especially if you have any special health needs (babies and small children, pregnant women, people with disabilities or weakened immune systems). You may want to arrange vaccinations or medications to protect against diseases such as hepatitis, typhoid or malaria. Some countries legally require travelers to take certain vaccinations, such as yellow fever. As vaccines need some time to work, it is best to see your doctor 4-8 weeks before you go. Be sure to give your doctor all the information needed to make recommendations such as: • Where you are traveling within a country. • The length of your trip. • What types of activities you might do. • Other personal matters such as your age, medical and vaccine history, and current medical state.

• Cough suppressant/expectorant • Antacid • Antifungal and antibacterial ointments or creams • 1% hydrocortisone cream Other important items: • Hand sanitizer • Insect Repellant that contains at least 30% DEET • Sunscreen that protects against UVA & UVB • Basic first-aid items (gauze, elastic bandages, antiseptic, tweezers, scissors, cotton) • Digital thermometer Plan ahead for illnesses or other medical issues Airplane travel, especially flights longer than 8 hours may increase the risk for blood clots also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). You are at increased risk for DVT if you: • Have had DVT in the past


• Have had recent surgery

Use this list to help you think of things to pack in your travel health kit. Be sure to think about where you are going and whether you will have access to health items and supplies.

• Are pregnant

• Prescription medicines you usually take

• Have cancer, restricted movement, or a blood-clotting problem

• Over-the-counter medicines

If you have any of these conditions, seek your doctor’s advice before

• Antidiarrheal medication • Antihistamine • Decongestant, alone or in combination with antihistamine



• Are a smoker • Are taking birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy

traveling on how to prevent DVT during the flight. People at higher risk for DVT may be prescribed medication during travel. BE PROTECTED Pay attention to your health during your trip. Be careful with food and water. The most common travel-related illnesses are gastrointestinal diseases usually picked up from poorly prepared foods or untreated water. To avoid diarrhea, stomach pains, nausea and vomiting associated with these illnesses: • Use bottled water and avoid ice in drinks. • Eat thick-skinned fruit and vegetables that you can peel yourself, such as bananas, oranges and mandarins. • Don’t buy food from street vendors • Use sunscreen and insect repellent as directed • Wear a seatbelt • Wear protective gear when engaging in adventure activities • Respect your host country and its people by following local laws and customs Finally, pay attention to your health when you come back home. If you are not feeling well, you should see a doctor and mention that you have recently traveled. Source: CDC Travelers’ Health Website


Preserving Traditional Arabic Calligraphy Markaz in Zamalek played host last month to a stunning exhibition of Arabic Calligraphy or Khatt. Works by leading masters and teachers of this art, Mohamed Hassan and Ahmed Fahd, were on display for a period that had to be extended due to a high level of public interest and appreciation. Both calligraphers share their skills through lessons which are available at Dar Medad in Giza. This is the first institute in Cairo to be solely dedicated to courses in Arabic Calligraphy, and was funded by professors who have studied the art to enable them to deliver their knowledge to a greater number of people. Importantly, there is a structured curriculum taught in the institution aimed at enhancing the best in its students, while from the cultural side there are also exhibitions and seminars aimed at broadening the knowledge of Arabic Calligraphy. The institute also has the special tools required for calligraphy, in addition to books on the subject that are not commonly found in bookstores. The courses cover different schools of Arabic Calligraphy that date back to the 10th Century. Students can learn to master Rekka, Dewani, Naskh and many other styles in 8-session courses for each style. The courses are supplemented with one or two-day workshops in which students can apply their new skills. Due to the high level of interest Markaz may hold a followup exhibition in the not so distant future. Look for details on their Facebook page.



Horoscopes By Maeri Frances

After all of the recent curveballs that seem to have been coming out of the blue, although admittedly May should have been an easier ride than April, you should look for a more relaxed mood as June gets under way. Venus will enter Leo, encouraging us to strut our stuff and enjoy life to the max. Get creative, love being in love, show it with grand gestures. Ok, so there are still serious matters lurking in the background, but hey, it’s summer! Let’s play a bit. Don’t forget, your rising sign plays a big role, so check that out as well if you know it. June Birthdays: Morgan Freeman (actor) June 1st, Angelina Jolie (actress) June 4th, Kanye West (rapper, entrepreneur) June 8th, Johnny Depp (actor) June 9th, Donald Trump (US President) June 14th, Mo Salah (footballer) June15th, Naguib Sawiris (business figure) June 15th, Paul McCartney (singer) June 18th, Ahmed Mekky (actor) June 19th, Ricky Gervais (actor, comedian) June 25th, Khairy Beshara (film director) June 30th.

Happy birthday,


Your month starts on a bright note. The planets are smiling on you on the 1st, and if you use this to be positive and proactive the mood should last. A financial boost could come your way, or you could just get a kick out of blowing your entire salary on something that catches your eye. The end result is the same, instant gratification. The 6th calls for a clearheaded approach, don’t be swayed by whims or wishful thinking. Money matters are a strong theme for you in June, Gemini.

Aries Even though you feel as though you are being pulled in several directions at once, you should be in the frame of mind to cope and juggle things with a new-found skill. Domestic life looks as though it is on the up and up, so spend time with those you love. There is plenty of activity to keep you busy, but most of the running around and communication will be pleasant and positive. There is a sensitive period between the 7th and 9th, keep a cool head and don’t be pressured into rash moves.

Taurus Let’s face it. The weather is getting a bit hot to handle, and you aren’t really in the mood for facing some of the issues that are coming your way. Your practical nature seems to be on hold while you neatly side step things that you need to deal with, now! That includes finances, meetings with friends and chores you have been procrastinating over. The period from the 10th to the 12th could be a wake-up call and shake you into action, and then you will be able to tackle things with your usual efficiency.

Cancer June ushers in a more embracing mood, you should feel that the emotional angst you have gone through has finally been recognized. Use this month to nurture yourself and communicate your feelings rather than curl up inside yourself to escape the harsh realities around you. Support and appreciation will be there once you reach out. There may be more cash available for little luxuries that you have been forgoing, so pamper yourself and those you care about.






Take it easy during the first couple of weeks of June; you will need the energy for making the most of Venus cruising through your sign after mid-month. You will have that special glow that everyone finds so appealing. When Leo decides to turn on the charm, nobody can resist. The only proverbial cloud to mar your upbeat mood is a probable need to attend to a health issue. It may be a chronic condition that has become more of a problem. Deal with it; it is not likely to go away by itself.

The people closest in your life, for better or worse, can make or break your mood this month. It seems there’s not much you can do to improve your finances, so cut back where you can and explore your credit options while the climate is supportive. Try to keep your domestic life as structured as possible, Neptune will go into a retrograde phase mid-month in your Solar 4th house, making it easy to neglect family matters and sink into a careless state of mind. Keep your mood positive and upbeat, as things will get better soon, very soon.

Virgo It’s time to get out there and make sure you are being recognized in professional circles. With the Sun highlighting your career sector it is not the time to hide your light under a bushel. Social life and networking is important this June, especially as the month opens, while more personal romantic matters should be discreet and kept private. You can cover a lot of ground in personal matters around the 18th and 19th of the month, so long as you stay focused and clearheaded.

Capricorn The first day or two of June should be perfect for spending quality time with your nearest and dearest one. Forget about responsibilities, work and all that stuff. It can wait. You have had a pretty grueling few months and may have forgotten to nurture your inner child. Even when we are all grown up we need to remember that inside of us there is a need to feel loved and protected, as well as to love and protect. Tap into that energy this month.



Career matters should be satisfying as the month kicks off. This builds nicely throughout June, along with a boost to your social life and networking opportunities. Your popularity is gaining momentum, maybe because you are sending out a positive, welcoming vibe. Even though domestic and family issues are dragging down your mood at times, you seem to be learning to project yourself into the world at large and show more empathy with others. There could be news from a friend from afar around the 13th.

You should have plenty of energy at your disposal, plus enough work and play to keep you fully occupied this month. Then from the 13th of June Venus will give a boost to your close relationships. It will be easier to mend broken ties, and forge new relationships as well. Those who have already tied the knot should get in now to book an idyllic getaway for Eid, romance is in the air. Your danger zone in the coming months will lie in letting finances get out of control. When you are having fun it is easy to ignore the cost!



Jump on board the general good mood on the 1st and 2nd of June. Planets in Cancer are urging you to nourish yourself emotionally, in spite of duty-driven Capricorn energy still being a dominant force. Venus will soar into your solar 10th house this month, putting you in the spotlight, especially when it comes to career and outward achievements. Make sure you are looking your best, as a stylish appearance will garner extra points. The 18th and 19th could call on you to temper idealism with commonsense in a romantic situation.

You shouldn’t really have grounds for complaint these days. Love and life both seem to be perking up, even if friends can be a bit of wet blanket when it comes to your euphoria. Be warned, however. There is a slippery slope ahead when Neptune, your planetary ruler, goes into retrograde, in your own birth sign. It is time to have your wits about you, a time to be absolutely honest with yourself and others. Any urge to see life through rose-tinted spectacles will bring you down to earth with a bump, sooner or later. CAIROEASTMAG.COM


In Theaters

Ocean’s 8 Danny Ocean’s estranged sister Debbie attempts to pull off the heist of the century at New York City’s star-studded annual Met Gala. Her first stop is to assemble the perfect crew: Lou, Rose, Daphne Kluger, Nine Ball, Tammy, Amita, and Constance.

First Reformed A former military chaplain is wracked by grief over the death of his son. Mary is a member of his church whose husband, a radical environmentalist, commits suicide, setting the plot in motion.

Four years after the Jurassic World theme park was closed down, Owen and Claire return to Isla Nublar to save the dinosaurs when they learn that a once dormant volcano on the island is active and is threatening to



extinguish all life there. Along the way, Owen sets out to find Blue, his lead raptor, and discovers a conspiracy that could disrupt the natural order of the entire planet. Life has found a way, again.

Incredibles 2 Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) is left to care for Jack-Jack while Helen (Elastigirl) is out saving the world.


TV Shows

Sense8 A group of people around the world are suddenly linked mentally, and must find a way to survive being hunted by those who see them as a threat to the world’s order.

Cloak & Dagger Two teenagers from very different backgrounds find themselves burdened and awakened to newly acquired superpowers while falling in love.

Humans is set in a parallel present where the latest musthave gadget for any busy family is a Synth - a highly-developed robotic servant eerily similar to its human counterpart. In the hope of transforming the way

they live, one strained suburban family purchases a refurbished Synth only to discover that sharing life with a machine has far-reaching and chilling consequences.

The Bold Type Inspired by the life of Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Joanna Coles, this series is a glimpse into the outrageous lives and loves of those responsible for a global women’s magazine. Their struggles are about finding identity, managing friendships and getting your heart broken, all while wearing the perfect jeans to flatter any body type. CAIROEASTMAG.COM


Music Scene



The Musical Phenomenon of Fatman & Robin

There are many great things in life and Cheeseballs is one of them, a musical phenomenon that hit the music scene and Cairo’s night-life hard! Who are they? They’re Jack & Anis aka Fatman & Robin. In the beginning there was Jack (who is a brilliant bassist and a metal-head at heart) and he decided a year ago on Valentines to DJ love songs until you die, (so you can imagine the amount of cheese) and well, people loved it. With different backgrounds, both Jack and Anis found their passion in Cheeseballs. Anis who was a straight-A-student, started DJing at a young age and was inspired by international Trance DJs like Armen Van Buren and Aly & Fila. His main goal was to be on a stage, take control of the decks and make people lose themselves in his music. On the other hand, Jack Avakian (who you might see a lot at The Tap



wearing the coolest T-shirts) found his passion in rock music and fell in love with the bass guitar. He collects special edition bass guitars as he started playing at a young age; he has joined many bands with Egypt’s finest musicians. Even though Fatman and Robin are different, they’re similar when it comes to those guilty pleasure hits and when on stage, you definitely feel their outstanding vibes. Despacito is always on their list, and it gets even cheesier than this when they start playing those 80s and 90s guilty-pleasure songs.  The idea of playing the cheesiest hits of all times became Cheeseballs and then Fatman needed someone to help with the amount of cheese and Anis came to the rescue. Anis is

a mechanical engineer, which proves that being cheesy has nothing to do with anything else. The songs they play get stuck in your head and spread a mix of emotions that is nostalgic, happy and fun. Cheeseballs are sometimes joined by some of the hottest DJs in town, the likes of Djunkie, Sebzz, Aguizi & Fahim, Safi, Kidmims among many others. (They can never resist the cheese-charm that is Jack and Anis). So stay tuned to find out when they’ll be throwing them cheeseballs at you!


June Reads by Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins by Garry Kasparov  (Author), Mig Greengard (Contributor) In May 1997, the world watched as Garry Kasparov, the greatest chess player in the world, was defeated for the first time by the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue. It was a watershed moment in the history of technology: machine intelligence had arrived at the point where it could best human intellect. It wasn’t a coincidence that Kasparov became the symbol of man’s fight against the machines. Like all passionate competitors, Kasparov has taken his defeat and learned from it, devising ways in which humans can partner with machines in order to produce results better than either can achieve alone.

How Women Rise: Break the 12 Habits Holding You Back from Your Next Raise, Promotion, or Job by Sally Helgesen & Marshall Goldsmith  Business guru Marshall Goldsmith and women’s leadership expert Sally Helgesen have created an invaluable handbook for women trying to take the next step in their careers. They realized that for women in particular, the very skills and habits that made them successful early in their careers could actually be holding them back as they advance to the next stage of their working lives.

The President Is Missing by Bill Clinton & James Patterson  Set in real time, over the course of three days, The President Is Missing is one of the most dramatic thrillers in decades about the disappearance of the U.S. President. And it could all really happen. The President Is Missing is former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s first novel; a collaboration with best-selling author James Patterson.

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New Power: How It’s Changing The 21st Century - And Why You Need To Know by Jeremy Heimans & Henry Timms   For most of human history, power was something to be seized then jealously guarded. Under this ‘Old Power’ we lived in a world of rulers and subjects. In New Power, Jeremy Heimans and Henry draw on examples from business, politics, popular culture and social justice, as well as case studies of organizations like LEGO and TED, to explain the forces that are changing the course of our age. CAIROEASTMAG.COM


Palm Hills Developments Launches the First Phase of Badya Palm Hills Developments recently signed a partnership agreement with the Egyptian Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development to develop a city on 3000 acres of land in 6th of October city. Palm Hills is set to deliver the first phase of the 320 billion EGP project, Badya within 5 years, and the whole project in 12 years. The first phase of the project, which has just been launched, is fully equipped with high-tech utilities to provide home owners with unmatched luxury and security as well as technology such as facerecognition, self-driving public transportation vehicles, and an application where residential shoppers can use to pay electronically. Badya consists of 6 fully integrated, independent districts in the heart of 6th of October city. It will

Magical Ramadan Nights at Bab Al Qasr Ramadan Tent Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski unlocked its renowned Bab Al Qasr Tent for the second consecutive year after the great success it was last year. In Bab Al Qasr, guests are treated to a colorful oriental theme infused with a modern touch and luxurious hospitality. The Tent opened its doors to welcome public figures, football players and celebrities who gathered for an unforgettable Ramadan Night featuring live entertainment and delicious sohour crafted by Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski’s talented chefs. Bab Al Qasr Ramadan Pool Tent occupies the captivating courtyard of the Palace and presents to the public an exciting line-up of entertainment this Ramadan. The tent hosted so far the stars Mahmoud El Leithy and Poussy and has a busy schedule of ‘Star Nights’ coming up every Thursday and Friday alongside a daily oriental takht.



also provide an international university, a country club and a mall surrounded by greenery and plenty of open spaces, in addition to green promenades between houses and streets equipped with bicycle lanes.


Share the Meal at Cairo Marriott with MBC Hope and World Food Program As part of Marriott International’s continuous initiatives to support the community known as “Serve 360: Doing good in every direction”, over a hundred guests, shared their iftar together at Salon Vert. The aim of the event was to increase awareness about the Ramadan campaign Sharek Iftarek (Share your iftar) and ShareTheMeal mobile application by World Food Program. The event was organized in collaboration with MBC Hope and World Food Program (WFP). During her speech, UN Goodwill ambassador actress Hend Sabry, who’s been supporting the initiative since its birth in 2013, empowered guests to use social media for charity purposes. The goal of the year is to provide meals for 5000 persons in Palestine, Syria and Yemen. Mountain climber and adventurer Omar Samra together with a big number of influencers, social and humanitarian activists along with top heads of WFP were in attendance. WFP’s main mission is to secure meals, fight against hunger and empower girls in less privileged areas to

go to school through providing good nutrition for them and their families. During a workshop, attendees were invited to come up with creative and sustainable ideas to defeat hunger. At the end of the day guests shared photos on social media to inspire others using #ShareTheMeal.



G-Cribs by Inertia

What do you get when a thinkoutside-of-the-box leading real estate developer joins up with one of the best known getaway spots on the Red Sea coastline? Something very special. A place created to match the dreams of customers who love everything that El Gouna has to offer. Think days of endless sunshine with gentle breezes, a vibrant nightlife, an exciting fine-dining scene, challenging water sports and a diverse, welcoming community. Then throw in edgy, minimalist residential design, intelligent planning and a range of unit sizes and types to encompass all accommodation preferences, and you have G-Cribs. The G-Cribs Lifestyle Laid out over 25,000m2, G-Cribs Phase II offers around 225 fully finished residential units, set in an exclusive area that offers an enviable, relaxing lifestyle, whilst still being within a few minutes of the pulsing heart of all the action and facilities that El Gouna enjoys. There is space to breathe, only



22% of the expansive area is taken by the building footprint. The remaining 78% is dedicated to sympathetic landscaping, panoramic views, with seven heated swimming pools, all adding to the serene vibe that defines G-Cribs. Residents even have a dedicated Clubhouse, with its own workout area, making fitness and social interaction an integral part of daily life. Natural Living With The Right Services and Amenities Each unit is designed in neutral tones that work within the palette of the surrounding nature. Light and air blend with aesthetic design to create interiors that induce a relaxed stress-free lifestyle. Comfort and convenience are seamlessly integrated into this. Each building has elevators for easy access to the first and penthouse levels, garbage chutes are handily installed, and 24/7 security is in place to afford residents peace of mind. Equally important, things hum along perfectly with generators on standby for emergency support.

So Many Benefits Being a G-Cribs homeowner brings much more than the standout features already offered within its community. Each unit comes with an El Gouna Homeowners card, giving access to over 60 restaurants, bars and the liveliest evening hotspots. Add in spa outlets, El Gouna Marinas, public access beaches and islands, an 18-hole Championship golf course, kite-surfing centres and diving locations and everything is in place. Residents of El Gouna enjoy a high level of health care and education facilities with an international school, community library and European standard hospital. Everything is there, a few minutes away. About Inertia Inertia is a leading Egyptian real estate company that develops distinctive, valuable, and dynamic projects in different parts of Egypt. From its inception in 2007, Inertia has been renowned for projects that cater to today’s cosmopolitan clientele, whether in Cairo, by the Mediterranean Sea, or on the Red Sea.


The Doodle Factory Unveils Collection at 18.213 in Maadi

When Yasmeen Khamis, Farah El Masry and Dina Hassan of The Doodle Factory needed a platform to launch this latest initiative last month, the trio turned to branding guru and pop-up whizz Sahar El Arishy of 18.213 in Maadi. With a mission to reach out to underprivileged children and empower them to help themselves through funding for surgery or other medical needs, education needs or basic survival, The Doodle Factory features an expanding range of eyecatching products bearing artwork created by the children themselves. This a chance for anyone who wishes to play a part by purchasing items from the bright, breezy and practical SS’18 Collection. Choose from coasters, cushions, beach towels, laptop sleeves, tote bags, makeup pouches, notebooks, pencil cases and book marks, they make great gifts too. The collection is quite affordable and proceeds go towards a very good cause. SS’ 18 Collection, named A Ticker’s Beat, raises funds to cover heart surgery for the young artists,10-year old Aliaa and 12-year old Mohamed. You can simply order online and have your selection delivered. More expansion plans are in the works, so follow the Facebook page to see where new exhibitions will take place. Plans for a retail outlet are in the works, so stay tuned!


What’s Up


Where To Go, What To Do, What’s New and Upcoming Events on the East Side





ARTS-MART Exhibition Name: Affordable Art Show Artists: Various Opening: June 1st, 2018 Ending: End of summer Address: Km 28, Cairo-Alex Desert Rd.

MASHRABIA GALLERY Exhibition Name: Siqilia: An Exhibition of Contemporary Jewelry Artists: Florinda Guadagna Exhibition Ends: June 14th, 2018 Address: 8 Champollion St., Cairo

MASHRABIA GALLERY Exhibition Name: My Favorite Things 3 Artists: Kamila Bassioni, Rania Atef, Afrodite W. Elseesy, and Malika Hassan Opening Night: June 24th, 2018 Exhibition Ends: July 19th, 2018 Address: 8 Champollion St., Cairo

DARB1718 Exhibition Name: The Cachette Exhibition Artists: Butheina Shalan, Salwa Rashad,Aliaa Elgready, Noha Nagui, Hemat Rayan,Yasmine Hussein with special participation of Marianne Fahmy Exhibition Ends: June 3rd, 2018 Address: Kasr El Sham3 Street, Al Fakhareen, Old Cairo



Restaurant The Edward’s Tivoli Plaza A Family Love for Food

Concept: Homely homage to a father whose passion was great food and better company. Dishes sampled: It was early evening and the place was already bustling with people and good looking food. We were greeted with a jar of fresh mint lemonade before we started with a couple of hot and cold appetizers – the classic Hawawshy – 4 pieces of medium spicy meat-filled bread served with tahini sauce and pickled cucumbers. We cannot hide our personal preference for another classic we had to try, the Kebad Debs Roman – chicken liver in pomegranate sauce, served with sprinkled onion and parsley. The



Salmon and Apple Napoleon was a very interesting mixture of layers of smoked salmon, cream cheese and slices of green apple tossed with capers, dill, lemon juice and topped with a balsamic dressing. Our starters were followed by the Japanese Crispy Salad - long thin strips of carrots and bell peppers, cabbage mix, golden crispy chicken tenders, topped with crispy tortilla, roasted almonds, balsamic dressing and tossed sesame seeds. The salad was light yet filling at the same time. It can easily be eaten as a meal on a hot summer day. One of the highlights was Vivi’s Spaghetti – a handpicked family



recipe – one of the many that are featured in the restaurant’s menu. Vivi’s creamy, Parmesan sauce, with roasted mushrooms was a delightful dish. The Moroccan Chicken deserves a special mention too, the aromatic cinnamon rice and chicken dish is prepared with golden raisins, roasted red onions, roasted lemon, green olives, in a creamy sauce base. You can order to share. To balance out on the meat intake, we tried out the Chimichurri Beef grilled beef and special Chimichurri sauce – served with grilled eggplant, tomatoes and feta cheese. The meat came cooked to the point we ordered. It is another plate to be shared.

after one of the family members favorite burger recipes; the shrimp-burger fusion sounds like an adventurous dish. Beef burger, grilled shrimps, rocket leaves and Caesar dressing.

Décor: The Edward’s stays true to its concept of a homely place. Its elegant and cozy interior is filled with nice personal touches and objects belonging to the owner, giving it the warmth of a family lounge – with a certain shabby chic feeling. The Edward’s is all about details, from the menu to the delivery boxes – every item has been conceptualized and customized to its brand image. The restaurant offers both indoors and outdoors seating areas.

We finalized our meal with Foufa’s Fondant – melted center chocolate, topped with vanilla ice cream, drizzled with caramel sauce, charmingly served in a tea cup. The perfect end to an evening of savoring into well-kept family recipes. We were pleased to come to The Edward’s for the second time, and try out a few of their family favorite dishes.

Beverages: Hot and cold beverages Clientele mix: Groups of friends and families. Price range: Very reasonably priced, value for money. Every day from 3 pm to 3 am – regular hours are from 1 pm - 1 am.

During the month of Ramadan, The Edward’s offers an open buffet for iftar and à-la-cârte menu for sohour, where it is also possible to order foul, cheese with tomato, eggs, yoghurt, vine-leaves, mixed grill, and more.

Tivoli Plaza, Omar Ibn el-Khattab, Heliopolis 0120 044 8000 (for catering: 0120 544 0008)

Other menu options that appealed: Amir’s Shrimp and Burger, named

Chimichurri Sauce Chimichurri is an Argentinean sauce most commonly served with red meat, but it’s also delicious drizzled over anything!


For the beef: • 1/2 teaspoon salt • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder  Preparation: Combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth. 


For the beef:

• 1/2 cup fresh parsley leaves

Sprinkle the beef steak with salt, pepper and chili powder and grill on both sides.  Transfer it to the serving dish and serve it with grilled eggplant, tomato cubes and cubes of feta cheese. Drizzle the Chimichurri over the beef steak and the sides and enjoy! 

• 1/2 cup fresh basil leaves • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro leaves  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil  • 2 garlic cloves  • 1/2 teaspoon salt  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 



Restaurant Tabak Beirut in Florida Mall

It never ceases to amaze how gems can be found in unlikely places. Tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood, in a mall that has seen better days, is an unassuming Lebanese restaurant that serves the best food we’ve tasted in years. Owner Sami Fouad takes immense pride in using authentic ingredients and spices to achieve unparalleled taste. We visited to sample the iftar set menu and left without an inch of stomach space to spare. Signatures Dishes: Shish Tawook, Kafta Maajooka Sandwich, Lebanese Hummos, and Baba Ghanouj. Dishes Sampled: What can we say? It seemed every dish on the menu was on our table. We can’t describe every single dish as it will fill 5 pages, so here are the highlights! The Muhhamara is exceptional – the traditional walnut and red pepper spread had us flying, crunchy and fresh Fattoush salad along with the staple Tabboula salad are winners, the Moutabel is unlike any other we have tasted due to the yogurt added which lightens it by miles. Sujuk, Kebbeh, a variety of cheese and meat samboussak are all light and amazingly tasty – the halloumi cheese is 100% authentic and sourced from a secret Lebanese export factory! A traditional meat dish named Ras Asfoor was also on the table, serving as a springboard for many jokes. No, it’s not actually bird heads, just the name for this particular cut of meat. The tender beef accompanied by



some batates kozbara – potato cubes with coriander – made a perfect pairing. A major key note here is how light all the food is, not at all heavy as most Lebanese cuisine in the city tends to be. For mains, we sampled the Shish Tawook, Kofta Lebnani, and marinated boneless chicken. All beautifully prepared and spiced, the chicken was succulent and perfectly marinated in traditional Lebanese spices and chargrilled, giving it a lovely smoky flavor.

and the color palette of the interior and furnishings is white and aqua blue, clean and crisp. This is a no frills restaurant where the focus is on the food and flavor. A garden space sits in front with additional tables, a TV screen airing Ramadan TV series (and the World Cup eventually!) and an opportunity to enjoy your cup of tea and shisha with a lovely breeze cooling you down in summer. Ambience: Warm and friendly. The owner of Tabak Beirut is usually on premises ensuring that operations are running smoothly and offers a friendly face and nice chat with regulars. This place is like a home away from home for residents of Sheraton and beyond. Beverages available: Fresh juices, soft drinks, traditional hot beverages. Clientele mix: Young couples out on a date and families. Price range: Unbelievably affordable and topnotch quality. It is a dream come true.

Other menu options that appealed: We’ll definitely be back to enjoy more mezze dishes and items from the à-lacârte menu like Kofta Maa’jouqa and Kofta Khoshkash. Décor: Tabak Beirut has a feature we always enjoy – an open kitchen, with no cooking smell in the space. Simple wooden tables fill the space

10 am – 2 am. Breakfast provided. 1 pm – 3 am. Florida Mall - Gad El Haq Street, El Sheraton 0115 808 4000 TabakBeirut


Crave Recipe

Eat Right & Improve your Mood Eating right can help you maintain a healthy weight and can help you avoid certain health problems, but your diet can also have a profound effect on your mood and sense of wellbeing. Simple things like eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, cooking meals at home, and reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates can alter your mental and emotional states.

Here are some tips for eating right: • Practice the 80/20 rule and eat only until you are 80% full. A good way to do this is to eat slowly, so you are aware of your satiation level while you eat. Eating on the go or while watching television are surefire ways to overeat and hinder your body’s ability to properly digest what you consume. • Ramadan is an excellent opportunity to learn how to plan your meals carefully and how to avoid the post-iftar slump that hinders our ability to pray taraweeh comfortably.

• The excessive consumption of sweets that follows the long days of fasting in Ramadan and that are a big part of Eid celebrations will take its toll on your digestive system. • Stay motivated with positive self-talk, pat yourself on the back for making good food choices and make exercise a priority by sticking to your workout schedule. During exercise, your body releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine that together improve your mood, keep you feeling healthy, fit and strong.

Rucola Salad Ingredients: • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard • 2 tablespoons vinegar • Salt and freshly ground black pepper  • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil  • 4 cups baby rucola  • 8 ounces white button mushrooms, sliced • Colored bell peppers, optional • Parmesan cheese for garnish Directions: Whisk the mustard, vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon salt and a pinch of ground pepper together in a medium bowl. Gradually whisk in the oil to blend. Combine the rucola, mushrooms and bell peppers in a salad bowl, add the parmesan cheese and toss with the vinaigrette. Serve immediately. CAIROEASTMAG.COM

Chilly Billy Burger We revamped our menu and its time for you to try it yourself at home. Our all new Chilly Billy burger is your perfect way to end a long day.



1. 2 lb. ground beef 2. 3 cloves garlic, minced 3. 2 tbsp. chili powder 4. Freshly ground black pepper 5. 1 onion, finely diced 6. 1 tbsp. cumin 7. 1 tbsp. paprika 8. 1 tbsp. garlic powder 9. 15-oz can fire-roasted tomatoes 10. 8-oz can tomato sauce 11. 1 c. shredded Cheddar 12. 4 burger buns 13. Sliced green onions, for garnish

1. In a large bowl, combine 1 1/4 pounds ground beef, garlic, and 1 tablespoon chili powder and season with salt and pepper. Form into four patties. 2. In a large skillet over mediumhigh heat, heat vegetable oil. Add patties and cook 4 minutes per side. Drain fat. 3. Make chili sauce: Add onions to skillet and cook until soft and tender, 5 minutes. Season with salt. Add remaining ground beef and cook until no longer pink, 6 minutes, then drain fat.



4. Stir in remaining chili powder, cumin, paprika, and garlic powder until combined, then add diced tomatoes and tomato sauce and stir until combined. Let simmer 5 minutes (add 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup water to thin sauce to your desired consistency). 5. Return burger patties back to the skillet and spoon sauce all over. Top with cheddar and cover with lid to melt. Enjoy your meal with a side of french fries to have a combo made in heaven



ramadan kareem :-) special ramadan classes

we're offering morning & lunch classes, & special pre and post iftar classes check online for daily class schedule as normal class times may have altered slightly 150le drop in / 1300le ten class pass

beneficial ramadan treatments

ramadan is also a great time for self care, even while fasting - acupuncture & hypnotherapy for cigarette cravings and hypoglycaemia - massage for stress and exhaustion - reiki for relaxation and general wellbeing - abdominal massage to help with gas, stomach and colon issues related to fasting - life coaching and psychotherapy for year-round addiction management - integrative nutrition, chinese medicine, reflexology, and more! please contact reception for more info and bookings

sony's special ramadan package

for the month of ramadan enjoy weekly sessions with sony x 4 facial lifts with gold, x 1 Indian head massage and x 1 abdominal massage to make sure you stay fresh faced as well as stress free and less bloated during the ramadan season! discounted package 3,300le / individual 550le

no.4 el nady st, maadi for full schedule, treatment info and booking summer rizkallah kids art courses 010 1773 3770 popular kids art classes at osana for 3 different age groups ranging 3-12 yrs. follow us for updates starts 24th june-29th july. pre booking essential! osanafamilywellness 1350le (early bird 1100le) osanawellness yoga families wholefood coffee massage kids acupuncture pilates therapies pregnancy postnatal garden


June 2018   Time  








Ashtanga   Yoga  

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For Certified Yoga Teacher Training Please call or send message to: el.: 0155-­‐5706  421,  WhatApp:  0100-­‐1413  026,  Facebook:  @The  Vivid  Life  IniNaNve   13  Dr.  Naguib  Hashad,  Heliopolis,  near  Al-­‐Shams  Club  



Wellbeing Schedules



MUSIC PROGRAM We are delighted to announce the Music Ramadan Program to take place from May the 24th until June the 9th. The program presents a special series of MazzikaxElSat7 nights encompassing some of the favorite bands as well as singers in addition to StandUpxElSat7 nights. All concerts starts at 9:30 PM. Thursday 24th of May: Taksir Sharqi band Thursday 31st of May: Basheer Friday 1st of June: Noha Fekry and the jazz quartette Saturday 2nd of June: Best Of Al Hezb El Comedy Open Mic Thursday 7th of June: Asia Madani Friday 8th of June: ElDor ElAwal Saturday 9th of June: Best Of Al Hezb El Comedy Open Mic



1-One -day Pottery workshop for beginners Every Saturday from 19th of May to 9th of June 2- Akhanda Yoga- Yoga Sessions 19th of May to 9th of June Come and check “The Cachet” Exhibition. It is open everyday until June the 3rd except Fridays.

Facebook: Darb1718


What’s New By Tati Hafez Heliopolis Egy Eco Land - Your guide to eco-friendly living in Egypt Being genuinely concerned about the environment in Egypt is what pushed three expat girls to develop a social initiative aimed at raising awareness about environmental conditions in Egypt (air pollution, garbage, need for green areas). Their main aim through this platform is to provide systemized information on how to utilize waste and decrease consumption. Their platform is set to organize workshops and lectures in the future. A great example of, the “Think globally, act locally” trend that urges people to consider the health of the entire planet and to take action in their own communities and cities. Facebook & Instragram: @egyecoland Tel: 0128 477 9226 - 0101 458 7869 Tivoli Plaza – Heliopolis latest food hub A growing trend in the city, Tivoli Plaza is the latest food hub area. Strategically located close to City Stars, Tivoli Plaza is already becoming a favorite hangout place for gatherings, coffee breaks and meetings. The plaza offers a spacious parking lot and the restaurants and cafés have indoor and outdoor areas. Address: Omar Ibn el Khattab, Heliopolis Tel: 0128 318 1563 Facebook &Instagram: @tivoliplaza Maadi La Maison Blanche – Concept store We love seeing new shopping options popping up around Maadi like La Maison Blanche. Just in time for the busy social schedule of Ramadan, this concept store opened its door in the heart of Maadi’s Degla, offering a wide variety of products. At MB you can find

last minute accessories for your outfit, luxurious scented candles, home decoration and clothes from some of the most select local brands in town. Address: 7B Street 199 - Maadi Degla Tel: 0110 233 7340 Facebook &Instagram: @lamaisonblanche_eg Trio Egypt Proudly made in Egypt, by local artisans, Trio is a year-old brand that started with cheerful metal colored, silver and gold tables trays. Its product line developed along the way when the brand began working with acacia wood and transforming natural wood logs into tables, stools and beautiful serving platters – an earthy touch. Trio’s use of local products with a modern twist has gained customer recognition. Check out the new collection and get your house ready for the upcoming gatherings and summer vacation. Products are available in select stores in Cairo and Alexandria or through direct contact. Tel: 0114 400 0006 Facebook & Instagram: @trioegypt New Cairo Vandart – The creative hub A creative hub with a mission to reclaim the importance of art in our lives. A place to expand your creative potential, develop new skills and appreciate art and creativity in a dynamic and educative environment. Offering a number of courses for all ages and levels of expertise in Painting, Drawing, Photography, Fashion and Graphic Design. Address: Grand Residence Compound Clubhouse – 5th Settlement, New Cairo Tel: 0100 143 2333 Facebook & Instagram: @vandartcairo



Online Facebook: luluskitchenegypt Email:


Address: 41, Road 216 Degla, Maadi Tel: 0102 800 0439 Facebook: Coppermelt Instagram: Coppermelt Egypt

Address: 9 Sawra Street, 1st floor Tel: 0100 123 4941 Facebook: Tree Trunk Instagram: treetrunk_korbaview

Address: Cairo Festival City Mall Tel: 0111 620 0006



Established in 2014, Lulu’s Kitchen is a multi- culinary concept providing various food experiences for the hungry; ranging between thematic cooking workshops/classes at different venues, themed pop-up dining events entitled ‘wanderlust eats’ series where people get to experience a menu from a different region of the world, as well as menu consultancy and recipe development services - among other yummy stuff.

Coppermelt has opened a new dessert parlor in Maadi bringing their unique sweet and savory baked goods to the neighborhood for the first time. Every cake made by Coppermelt uses high quality ingredients and is freshly baked and handcrafted by a team of passionate experts, who are dedicated to make us all happy. Each shop has its own essence and character and offers a dazzling display of exquisite dessert creations. The contemporary décor uses a pastel color scheme with a touch of copper, offering a touch of elegance.

Bohemian chic restaurant/ bistro. Perfect for date night, chill out with friends or just having some good food!

At Mawlawiyah Lounge you can enjoy quality ingredients combined together to provide the best quality of oriental food and beverages. Inspired by the Ottoman’s Empire, the lounge creates the perfect combination of a quality meal with family and friends, the ambience of anoriental atmosphere that a customer cannot find anywhere else. Enjoy the ultimate experience of having a delightful time and enhancing your mood.



FASHION H&M Store locations online: Oysho City Stars Heliopolis Tel: 02 24802907 Cairo Festival City New Cairo Tel: 0115 555 6791 Mall of Arabia 6th of October Tel: 02 238260113 Nike Mohandeseen – Mossadak St Tel: 02 33378626 Mohandeseen – Lebanon St Tel: 02 33452758 Maadi City Center Tel: 02 25204471 Genena Mall Tel: 02 22608210 American Eagle City Stars Heliopolis Tel: 02 24803771 Point 90 Mall New Cairo Tel: 02 24803875 Cairo Festival City New Cairo Tel: 02 24803833

Tel: 0102 886 8681 Merghany Street Heliopolis Tel: 0102 801 1159 Obour Buildings Heliopolis Tel: 0102 801 1161 Abbas el Akkad Nasr City Tel: 0102 801 1154 Genena Mall Tel: 0102 801 1157 Mall of Arabia Tel: 0102 801 1164 Mall of Egypt Tel: 0102 801 1148

AL SORAT FARM Facebook: AlSoratFarm Tel: 0122 211 8386 Web:

CORE FITNESS Hany Emam Facebook: HanyEmam.Solutions Tel: 0122 232 4675

MOBILITY AND BONE HEALTH Professor Ali Ghoz Website: Tel: +44 7858 327872

Aeropostale Cairo Festival City New Cairo Mall of Egypt 6th of October Puma Mohandeseen Lebanon St Dokki Tel: 02 33375314 Adidas Cairo Festival City







Cairo East June 2018  
Cairo East June 2018