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There was a boy who didn't know how to read music scores, He wanted to

I had a dream I wanted to realize I didn't know

compose and write songs, When the spirit of DIY hit him deeply, he unleashed himself from the fear of singing and started to believe in his voice,


He was still naive and so young but he urged to express himself using

I wasn't told I had to choose between my dreams and what I'll do

poetry and music. He wrote songs enough to make an album but the machine he loved had a problem and he lost a lot of work. Time passed and the boy is now ready for everybody to listen to the words of what happened during those years he lived in BeachTown.

everytime the heart gets hit by some frustration everytime you have to move without an option it feels better in the dark it's always better in the dark

ESPERANDO A CHUVA PASSAR eu vou pra London vou com os indies ver qual e 0 hype ta no West End eu vou pra Glasgow vou com os Primals ver algum show em Barrowlands

it makes me sick when I can't go on eu vou pra Goa my mind gets weak vou com os I'iMIf5 the darkness grows st(oDII--......r

I don't need u,t::,u"" to get my just and I'll be gone withOIJt


drifting in my own brain diving in my own pain . I can tell the sun is not there'again failure haven't beaten me today -",

the world can bum and bum again not my sou~ then I can still remain my soul win remain '.


~~ - .--~-~ -~~ ~








what I need to get to the next step is: . my dreams, my time, my dark. my life

cantar com Arcade e com Broken Social mas na verdade estou em Mongagua olhando pela janela esperando a chuva passar




YOU DIDN T KNOW WHO YOU ta na ETE tem roqueiro WERE MESSING WITH s6 tem emo paga-pau

TO CHOOSE people have the right to choose people have the right to live the way they wanna chose the way they wanna live

eu sou muito mais 0 funk when you loved me que e muito mais animal my heart has gone astray when you loved me emo chora 0 dia inteiro corta os pulsos e nao morre you took my soul away e se ouvir 'Tarde de Outubro" when you touched me se deprime e toma um porre I changed my point of view you got me so confused emonoOrkut yet I was amused

choose their work choose their friends choose their clothes choose their faith

emo na balada todo dia no espelho you fooled me, boy com a cara toda inchada and I forgive you but you ain't shit, boy I'm above you disser "bom dia" I loved you, boy emodiz

live for working live to love live to buy live to pray

~!~====::;;~ se~voce ~ 'ce nao


que eemo?

it's their choice, anyway


you were intended

para~ to take me everywhere _slio ~I:I:~~ rc deprimidos you were intended _ que 56 pensam em morrer


to care



pra acabar essa tunninha there ain't no happy ending

deu um rapa ta na m

you didn't know who you were mesing with

you got me in such pain e os emos foram embora good楼, you son of a bitch e os mano ta gritando: say you re a dead man 'cause "se emo senta e chora!"



:=:=-":':~peoP路Ile' sayYou have to get married _ people say you gotta go to churcn ~ - - = to have some children


_ _ _ " -t<:l !;a~yOtJr-SQ!./1

choose e youngest choose a pretty one choose a virgin choose a woman pray in the rnoming pray in the night confess aU your sins use your time it's time for me to choose






all tracks written and produced by Cairo Braga in Mongagua, 2005-2007 [except: 5. written by Cairo Braga, Larissa Macoris CecIIio, Heidy Werthmiiller, Mateus Oazem, Juliana Bento Porto]

photography by Heidy Werth mOiler in Mongagua, 2012 mastering and artwork by Cairo Braga in Sao Paulo, 2012 Mthe elegant elephane mascott by Pedro Vianna in sao Paulo, 2011 thanks a lot to: my parents Edner and Marcia and my stepfather Eurico for always supporting my crazy dreams and ideas; my sisters Heidy and Laura for all the help through dark times; my partner in crime Phill Wanzeler for the love, the art and the laughs; my friends and teachers from m Adolphe Berezin for the best high school years I could ever have; in memoriam to my stepfather Jose AntOnio for all the wisdom. and thank you for Ustening! .,

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2. My Soul Wil


3. Better In The Dark 4. Esperando A Chuva Passar 5. Funk dos Emos 6. You Didn't Know Who You Were Messing With 7. To Choose


CBEPO004/ 2012




The Beachtown Years Volume Two (Digital Booklet)

The Beachtown Years Volume Two (Digital Booklet)