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Cairns State High School

valued traditions

Location, History and Development of the school Cairns State High School was founded in 1917 as an annex of Cairns Central State School and will celebrate its Centenary in 2017. The high school was moved to its present site in 1923 which at the time, also hosted a technical college. The foundation stone for the administration block was laid in 1939. In the early 1980’s the TAFE College transferred to its current site. This move left Cairns State High School as the sole occupant of a 5 hectare block located a 5 minute walk from the Cairns city centre and 3 blocks back from the Cairns Esplanade. The school is a 10 minute drive from the Cairns International and Domestic Airports and is serviced by both school and city bus routes. The Administration Block at Cairns High was successfully added to the Queensland Heritage Register as a State Hertiage Place in May 2014. The Queensland Heritage Council recognises the significance of the building as part of Queensland cultural hertiage and a place of cultural significance. Throughout its history, Cairns State High School has served the needs of generations of many Cairns families, including a significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population from Yarrabah to the Cape through the 1970s and 1980s. Cairns State High School is one of the largest secondary schools in Cairns with a very proud and distinguished history. It enjoys an exceptional reputation and is regarded as a genuine alternative to private schooling both locally and elsewhere. In 2001 as part of Education Queensland’s Secondary School Renewal Program, the school worked towards developing a unique identity by consolidating its various programs with a clear focus on:

• • • • •

Traditional Values – Respect, Learning, Tolerance, Safety, Honesty and Integrity Academic Excellence Excellence Programs in Music, Performing Arts and Visual Arts, Sport and STEM High Quality Teaching supported by Technology International Education

Cairns State High School as a community, decided to commit to the Council of International Schools (CIS) process of international accreditation in 2003. The accreditation process was very comprehensive and in 2005 Cairns High was awarded international accreditation. Cairns High is very proud of this accreditation as it celebrates the school’s long standing valued traditions and acknowledges that the school strives to implement the latest innovations. The school was also granted Independent Public School status in 2015. Cairns State High School is currently preparing for re-accreditation in 2016. This ongoing school improvement cycle ensures that Cairns High maintains high quality standards at an international level. Cairns High’s Guiding Statement aligns the school’s mission statement, goals, values, effective practices and programs. This statement is the foundation for the school’s future focus, describes the Cairns High learner attributes and ensures a global outlook. The statement also provides the framework for future school decision making and is directly linked to the school’s strategic plan. Cairns State High School was authorised as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in September 2008. The school remains the first school and only state school outside of South East Queensland to be authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. In 2010, the first cohort of students commenced the IB Diploma Program as an additional alternative to the senior school pathways. Cairns High is proud of the increasing number and high standard of students graduating with the IB Diploma.

Principal’s Welcome ANGELA TOPPIN B.Ed. Dip. Teaching, FBEAQ Cairns High School has, over many years, established both strong traditions and a reputation for excellence and innovative practice. Cairns High is very proud to have CIS International Accreditation and to be an IB World School. These accreditations recognise that the school meets an extensive set of international standards and is committed to ongoing improvement. Education is the most valuable gift we can give a child. At Cairns High we recognise that every child is unique with individual dreams and needs. By tradition, we are committed to achieving the very best possible educational outcomes for each and every student. This is achieved through a rigorous and flexible curriculum with opportunities in academic, arts and sporting excellence. The caring, supportive and very dedicated team ensure high quality programs are delivered. Staff continue to diversify and extend the innovative programs including the latest technology and curriculum developments. We are very proud of our school and the opportunities it offers for all students. We are certain that what you and your child are searching for in a high school will be delivered at Cairns State High School.

Established in 1917, Cairns State High School is a comprehensive high school located in the heart of tropical Cairns. The school has served generations of Cairns families and has an enviable reputation for academic excellence as well as excellence in Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Sport. As a learning community, we offer high quality, dynamic and innovative programs that encourage all students to achieve their full potential in a rapidly changing global world. These programs are underpinned by the school’s traditional values and lead to a broad range of academic and vocational pathways. Cairns High embraces and acknowledges the cultural diversity of our student body which is drawn from the wider Cairns region and includes students from a range of countries.

Guiding Statement MISSION STATEMENT To develop young people who are inquiring, knowledgeable and caring, and who are committed to learning, success and global citizenship.

Our students, in both a local and global context aspire to be: • Inquirers • Knowledgeable • Thinkers • Effective communicators • Principled • Open-minded and flexible • Caring and cooperative • Confident to embrace new challenges • Balanced and resilient • Reflective Adapted from the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile attributes

We value • Respect for self, others and the environment • Lifelong learning • Tolerance and acceptance • Honesty and integrity • Diversity of background, beliefs and abilities • Valued traditions and latest innovations

Our effective practices • A safe & supportive environment • Effective management & leadership • Effective communication • Consultative & collaborative processes • Support of active participation • Innovative use of technology • Community partnerships • Celebration of success

To achieve this we offer • Rigorous curriculum • Diverse & relevant educational pathways • Quality extracurricular programs • Effective & innovative teaching • Supportive student & staff care programs • A focus on improving learning outcomes for all students • International & intercultural curriculum and experiences

academic excellence

Curriculum Cairns State High School has a long standing tradition of offering a high quality and varied curriculum. A curriculum which incorporates the schools’ traditional values, its academic excellence and quality teaching supported by technology. The curriculum structure offers traditional, vocational and online subjects as well as Centres of Excellence in Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, STEM and Sport. It incorporates Australian Curriculum subjects in Years 7 to 10; and Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) and IB Diploma subjects in Years 11 to 12. In line with the Guiding Statement, the school undertakes constant review of the current curriculum, the alignment of all curriculum practices and the linking of the curriculum to both the local and international community. This ensures that: • Cairns State High School as a learning community engages in professional dialogue and encourages collaborative practices and collective responsibility • There is a common approach which aligns curriculum pedagogy and assessment • Curriculum, pedagogy and assessment practices are of the highest possible standard • Students have opportunities to challenge themselves through extension within the subject area or accelerated studies • The integration of technology and other latest innovations • Local and global curriculum connections are embedded within the curriculum

Cairns High Curriculum Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

Department of Education and Training

Cairns High Community

International Baccalaureate Organisation

Australian Curriculum

Cairns High Guiding Statements Whole School Curriculum Plan

Junior Curriculum

Senior Curriculum


Subject Specific Year Level Overviews or Work Programs

Curriculum to the Classroom Units

Art and Science of Teaching

Assessment Schedules

School Based Units


Monitoring, Moderation and Data Analysis Year Level Subject Overviews

Australian Skills Quality Authority

Junior School - Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 The curriculum in the Junior School is centred on the 8 Key Learning Areas and offers over 25 subjects. English English Health and Physical Education

Bulldogs Basketball, Bulldogs Rugby League, Health and Physical Education

Humanities and Social Sciences

Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, Geography, History

Languages other than English

Chinese, Italian, Japanese


Mathematics, Maths Science Enrichment, Short Course in Numeracy


Maths Science Enrichment, Practical Science, Science

Technologies Business Education, Digital Technologies , Graphics, Home Economics, Information & Communication Technology, Industrial Design, Industrial Technology, Introduction to Hospitality The Arts Art, Art Specialisation, Creative Arts, Dance, Dance Excellence, Digital Art, Drama, Drama Excellence, Instrumental Music, Music, Music Excellence

Senior School - Years 11 & 12 The senior curriculum offers a choice of over 65 subjects. These include QCAA subjects, as well as the IB Diploma Program subjects. Authority Subjects

Authority Registered Subjects

International Baccalaureate

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies Accounting Aerospace Studies Ancient History Biology Business Communications & Technologies Business Management Chemistry Chinese (Mandarin) Dance Drama Economics English Film, Television & New Media Geography Graphics Home Economics Information Processing & Technology Italian Japanese Legal Studies Mathematics A Mathematics B Mathematics C Modern History Music Music Extension (Year 12 only) Physical Education Physics Visual Art Technology Studies

Aquatic Practices Certificate I in Construction Certificate II in Business Certificate II in Engineering Pathways Certificate II in Hospitality Certificate II in Tourism Certificate II in Workplace Practices Certificate II in Visual Arts Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care Certificate III in Hospitality Dance Studies Dance in Practice and Drama in Practice Drama Studies English Communication Multi-Media Arts in Practice (Euroka – school magazine) Multi-Arts Studies Music Studies Prevocational Mathematics Recreation Visual Arts in Practice

Biology Business Management Chemistry English Environmental Systems and Society Film Geography Italian Japanese Mathematics Mathematics Studies Music Physics Psychology Theory of Knowledge Visual Arts

International Baccalaureate The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is a university preparatory course which is offered by a worldwide community of accredited schools. Over 40 years, the program has gained a reputation for high academic standards, for preparing students for life in a globalised 21st century, and for helping to develop the future global citizens who will create a better, more peaceful world. Since 2010 the IB Diploma Program at Cairns State High School has provided an alternative senior schooling pathway. The challenging two year program “aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect”. The program also serves as a preparatory university course with the possibility of university credits. The school is very proud of the increasing numbers and calibre of graduates in each cohort. Only schools accredited as IB World Schools can offer the IB Diploma Program. Cairns High was the first school and continues to be the only state school outside the south east corner of Queensland to be granted this prestigious accreditation by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).

The IB Learner Profile The IB Learner Profile is central to the IB program and encourages students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. IB learners become inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, courageous, balanced and reflective beings. These attributes also underpin the Cairns High Learner Attributes.

Core elements of the IB Diploma Program

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) – The interdisciplinary Theory of Knowledge course is designed to enhance coherence by exploring the nature of knowledge across disciplines, encouraging an appreciation of other cultural perspectives. Extended Essay (EE) – The Extended Essay offers the opportunity to investigate a topic of individual interest, and acquaints students with the independent research and writing skills expected at university. Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) – Participation in CAS encourages students to be involved in artistic pursuits, sports and community service work. This aims to foster students’ awareness and appreciation of life outside the academic arena.

IB Diploma Subjects


Group 1

Studies in Language and Literature

Group 2

Language Acquisition Italian Ab Initio (beginner) (SL) Japanese B (SL)

Group 3

Individuals and Societies Business & Management (SL / HL) Environmental Systems & Societies (also Group 4) (SL) Geography (SL / HL) Psychology (SL / HL)

Group 4

English A: Literature (SL / HL)

Experimental Sciences Biology (SL / HL) Chemistry (SL / HL) Environmental Systems & Societies (also Group 3) (SL) Physics (SL / HL)

Group 5

Mathematics and Computer Science Mathematics (SL) Mathematical Studies (SL)

Group 6

The Arts Music (SL / HL) Theatre (SL / HL) Visual Arts (SL / HL) Film (SL / HL)

IB learners study six subjects, one from each of the subject groups. Three subjects are to be studied at High Level (HL) and these courses represent 240 teaching hours over two years. Standard Level (SL) subjects represent 150 teaching hours.

IB learners are assessed both internally and externally in ways that measure individual performance against stated objectives for each subject. External assessments form the largest share and include written assignments and essays marked by external examiners. This allows for a greater degree of objectivity and reliability.

Experienced and Passionate Teachers IB subjects are taught by very experienced teachers who have a passion for their subject area. Heads of Department and teachers have participated in IBO professional development workshops and have visited accredited IB World Schools throughout Australia and internationally.

providing opportunities and pathways

Vocational Education Vocational Education and Training (VET) plays an important role at Cairns State High School by helping students to move from school to further education, training and employment. VET qualifications are recognised nationally and are industry endorsed.  These courses combine relevant knowledge and practical skills that reflect current industry standards.   As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Cairns High is able to deliver a range of nationally recognised training packages at Certificate I and II levels. Students are also able to obtain VET qualifications (Cert III or Diploma) offered by external RTO’s. These courses can be studied as part of their timetable in a flexible mode.

Flexible timetable (year 11 and 12) Students in Years 11 and 12 have the opportunity to become School Based Apprentices/Trainees (SATs). SATs are proving to be a valuable way for students to start their career by combining school with work and training (at Certificate II or Certificate III level).To assist students in developing their skills for career pathways, periods 1 and 4 on Wednesdays are flexible timetabled periods. The options are: School to Work

Independent Study Program

Timetable Extension Programs

This includes:

One or a combination of the following:

The following courses are available:

University/TAFE courses

QCS Preparation Lessons

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Work Experience

Music Extension

Work Experience

Structured Work Learning

Multi-Arts Studies (Tech Theatre)

Structured Work Learning

Home Study

Multi-Media Arts in Practice (Euroka - school magazine)

Courses and certificates as required for careers

Work experience during school holidays

Home Study

Subject extensions CISSA sport (Semester 1 only)

Unique Student Identifier All students enrolled in a VET program must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). The USI number is issued by the federal government and without the number students cannot be issued with their qualifications. Please refer to for more information.

Centres of Excellence Cairns State High School identifies Academic, Performing Arts (including Music), Sport, and Visual Arts as areas of excellence. Programs in these areas are offered as extensions to the curriculum before and after school. The programs are very popular and entry is via annual audition.

Junior School

Senior School


Performing Arts


Visual Arts

Science, STEM (Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Chorale Dance Drama Instrumental Music Young Singers Ensemble

Basketball Soccer Hockey

Visual Arts

Chorale DanceDrama Instrumental Music


Visual Arts

Facilities The physical resources of Cairns State High School are impressive, visually appealing and functional to suit the needs of a diverse range of students and staff. The school’s facilities include an Auditorium which seats 150 people and has two purpose built science laboratories adjacent. The Library has flexible learning areas and broadband wireless connection. The Performing Arts Block caters for the delivery of high quality programs in Music, Dance, Multi Media, Digital Art and Film and Television. The multi-purpose Sports Complex provides the school with exceptional sporting facilities to cater for its Centre of Excellence programs and is often used by community groups out of hours. Various shaded and non-shaded seating areas around the school offer space for students to congregate during breaks. The Senior Memorial Area, which was built in 1996 in memory of students killed in the 1987 Cairns High bus crash, forms an important part of school history and tradition and is a designated senior student area. The school grounds include extensive lawn areas, paved and shaded areas as well as established garden beds. Crosswell Hall, the school’s assembly hall, provides a venue for year level assemblies, performances, formal ceremonies, parent information evenings and classes as required. It has a stage and is equipped with significant sound and lighting equipment. The seating capacity is approximately 750. A new building (R Block) was built between A Block and F Block (the Library) to cater for Year 7s commencing high school in 2015. The building is surrounded by aesthetically pleasing landscaping which also extends out into the quadrangle. There are 11 General Learning Areas and 2 Flexible Learning Areas and a staffroom which accommodates 15 staff.

Other facilities include • 52 General Learning Areas • 3 Flexible Learning Areas • 9 Science Laboratories • 7 Computer rooms including 3 dedicated Macintosh Computer Labs • Resource room for large scale digital printing • Simulated office for Certificate II in Business students • 5 dedicated Art rooms including a kiln room for ceramics • Photography room and a fully equipped photographic dark room • 3 junior and 2 senior workshops, 2 kitchens and 1 textiles rooms • 3 special education rooms • Performing Arts Complex including: drama rooms, music practice rooms, orchestra & choir practice area, 2 dance studios and a recording studio • Sports Complex including: a competition standard court with markings for basketball, netball, volleyball, 3 games of badminton, indoor soccer; 2 classrooms; a weights room; male and female toilets, showers and change rooms; a large storage facility and a staffroom • Main Oval including a 300m running track; rugby league field; rugby union field; soccer field; hockey field; 2 touch football fields • Netball, beach volleyball & basketball courts • Multi-court shade area which includes 2 netball courts; 2 volleyball courts; 2 indoor soccer; 6 mini tennis courts • 25m swimming pool • A Sick Bay with a full time attendant • A newly refurbished Canteen

latest innovations

Technology at Cairns State High School The school provides Information and Communication Technology (ICT) access for students through a variety of teaching and learning models and settings. There are seven subject specific computer laboratories which students can access during class and at lunch time. All buildings are connected via fibre optics to our Microsoft network, with five servers and a high speed fibre optic connection to the internet. There are three Macintosh labs for Film and TV Studies. Additionally, the recently constructed Science and Technology Centre hosts an Auditorium which has a state of the art and fully integrated multi-media control and presentation system.

BYOx Program The Bring Your Own Device (BYOx) Program was introduced in 2015 for Years 7, 8 and 9 students. In 2016 the program was extended to all students in the school. eLearning at Cairns State High School is embedded within a whole of school approach to curriculum delivery.  Contemporary learners demand seamless delivery between school and home and the school is responding to this demand by providing 24/7 access to teaching and learning materials through the Learning Place and a vast array of online resource databases. The Library manages a day loan laptop pool for students who through financial hardship cannot purchase a BYOx device. The school has determined minimum requirements for student devices to ensure they are able operate within the school’s network. There is also a Student BYOx Charter which provides excellent advice to students and parents about the use of their devices. The BYOx program is also supported by information evenings, group sessions and the opportunity for independent assistance throughout the year from the Technical Officers and the eLearning team.

Internet Access Internet access is via Department of Education and Training’s services of MIS (Managed Internet Services) with each student allocated their own internet and email account on enrolment. Firewall protection and usage is controlled by departmental and school policies. There is wireless connectivity to the internet and the school’s network throughout the school to facilitate student access to the school’s intranet and the internet.

Library The Library is a bright, air-conditioned space located on the corner of Grafton and Upwards Streets. It has traditionally been an integral part of school life and is a popular place during recess times for students studying and for recreational readers. The Library is open from 7.15am until 4.00pm Monday to Thursday and 7.15am to 3.00pm Friday. Students and staff can access a vast array of quality literature and non-fiction texts in the Library, as well as a range of online resources 24/7. The Library Online portal links to online databases and other useful research information and the Clickview digital video library is available to all staff and students for access to curriculum related video content. The Library also provides recreational activities during breaks such as The Fellowship of the Book Reading Club for students in the Junior School, chess competitions, and card and strategy games. A selection of current magazines is also available for leisure reading.

striving for excellence in all endeavours

Beyond the Classroom Cairns State High School offers students vast opportunities to involve themselves in co-curricular activities and to enhance their educational experiences. There is a busy year-round calendar of special events which is facilitated by commited staff and students. Participation in such activities brings increased self-esteem and confidence, as well as the satisfaction of working successfully in a team.

Co-Curricular Activities include: • Academic Activities – CHIMP (Cairns High Investigative Maths Program); Debating; Public Speaking; OPTI Minds; National Student Competitions for Schools; QAMT Maths Competition and Enrichment Day; Wonders of Science Challenge; Science and Engineering Challenge; Constitutional Convention; Youth Parliament; INTAD Awards; Business Liaison Association Awards & Expos, visiting author workshops. • Arts Activities – Film Festivals; Photography workshops; Musicals; Fanfare; Music Productions; Cairns & District Junior Eisteddfod; Musically Outstanding Students (MOST) program; Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Art; CAD Fashion Parade; Dance, Drama and Music Evenings; Community Performances; Master Classes; Children’s Festivals; International Dance Festivals. •  Community Service Activities – ANZAC Parades; Interact; Remembrance Day Ceremonies; Storytelling at Primary Schools; Being a Rosies - Friends on the Street volunteer; Formal Parades. • Fundraising for Charities – Jeans for Genes Day; Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal; Relay for Life; 40 hour Famine; World’s Greatest Shave; Daffodil Day; Bandana Day. • Student Welfare/Support – Year 12 Camp; Dances; Boxing program; Study Skills and Time Management Seminars; RAW (Learning Curve online program associated with Student Diaries); Year 7 Transition program; Movie Nights; Year 10 Informal; Year 12 Formal. • Spiritual – Chaplaincy Program

Sporting Activities Cairns State High School also hosts a strong sporting program including an Inter-House Swimming Carnival as well as Cross Country and Athletics Carnival. In Semester 1 students have the opportunity to participate in various sports through the Cairns Interschool Sports Association (CISSA) competition. Throughout the year students may also participate in the Trinity Coast North (TCN) Trials for selection in Peninsula and consequently State and National teams/competitions. Additionally, the school fields teams in a variety of competitions including the Bill Turner Cup Under 15 Inter-School Soccer Competition; the Cowboys Rugby League Schools Challenge; the Cairns District Schoolboys Rugby Union Competition; and Inter-School Hockey Competition; the Vicki Wilson Inter-School Netball Competition; the Cairns Basketball Junior Competition; the Champion Basketball School of Queensland Competition; and National Basketball Schools Tournament.

School Trips School trips are an important part of the school calendar, especially for Year 12 students and students involved in the Languages program. Year 12 students participate in an annual skiing trip to New Zealand in the September holidays. Japanese Language students visit Japan in alternate years and are hosted by Cairns’ sister city Oyama. Cairns High has a twin schools’ partnership with the Convitto Nazionale Paolo Diacono School in North East Italy. There is an organised school trip to the sister school for Year 11 Italian students each year. The school has established a Memorandum of Understanding with Zhejiang Yuyao Experimental School in China and is working towards a student exchange program. Additionally, students of Senior Japanese are offered an opportunity to win the Japan Travel scholarship, with the successful student traveling to Japan for a 4 – 6 week period over the summer vacation break.

Student Support A strategic focus of the Cairns State High School community is student and staff wellbeing. The Student Support Team collaboratively supports the wellbeing of students by ensuring that each and every one have the opportunity to reach his/her full potential.

Student Pastoral Care and Support Staff at Cairns High are committed to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to realise their potential academically, socially and emotionally. A comprehensive Pastoral Care program is in place and is supported by the Year Coordinators and Form Class Teachers. Year 12 Inter-year Leaders provide a mentoring program for Year 7 students to encourage a successful transition from primary school. The Student Support Services team is very experienced and comprises two Deputy Principals, two Heads of Department, two Guidance Officers, a School Based Youth Health Nurse, Youth Worker, Chaplain, and Community Education Counsellor. The team works collaboratively and consultatively with teachers, parents, and students to support wellbeing, equity of access to the curriculum and to identify career pathways beyond the school gates. A holistic approach is used to address student needs and to support referral when needed.

Local Chaplaincy Committee The Local Chaplaincy Committee (LCC) in partnership with Scripture Union, is made up of Staff, Parents, Students and interested representatives of local church groups. The committee provides advice to the Chaplain and oversees the chaplaincy program. The group is also active in raising additional funds to complement the existing funding received from Australian Government as part of the National School Chaplaincy Program. 

Centre for Diverse Learning The Centre for Diverse Learning assists students who have a verified disability through individual Education Adjustment Programs. The Centre provides a range of services to support each student based on their individual needs. This can range from consultative collaboration with both subject teachers and other school support staff through to highly individualised case management and support. The Centre offers the following support options: • Collaborative practices between special education teachers, teacher aides and subject teachers • Collaborative support to access a Guidance Officer and referral to therapists • Small group instruction and adjusted curricular • Evidence based intervention for specific disability areas • Parent engagement in planning for their child • Case management allocation for students • Tutorial support • Diagnostic testing • Assignment and exam support • Behavioural intervention support • In-class support

providing a nurturing and supportive environment

Teaching & Learning The Teaching and Learning Department assists students with identified literacy and numeracy needs. These students can include: • International students • Mainstream students • Students with a non-English speaking background • Students with an indigenous background • Gifted and talented students • Students with identified learning difficulties • In order to assist these students the Department provides: • In-class support • Small group and individual tuition • Exam support • A learning support register and extensive records of students • Diagnostic testing • Staff professional development centered on classroom differentiation and catering for the needs of students • QCS support • Senior Pathway programs • Subject delivery, moderation and approval

International Student Program Cairns State High School has a long and proud tradition of educating international students. The International Student Program (ISP) offers a high quality program supported by a strong, experienced team. Since 1993 Cairns High has offered a number of programs for international students. These include: • High School Graduate – Junior and Senior • International Baccalaureate - Senior • Study abroad (3, 6, 9 and 12 months) • Study tours (2 days to 4 week programs for up to 180 students)

Orientation and Support On arrival to Cairns, students are met at the airport by the Homestay Coordinator and homestay family. A comprehensive orientation program occurs during the first few weeks to assist with transition and to help students adjust to their new school environment. The orientation program includes enrolment procedures, introduction to the ISP team and support staff, a school tour, purchase of uniforms and overview of school routines. As the student settles into Cairns High, ongoing support is offered in many areas, including English as an Additional Language support, monitoring of progress and achievement and access to the Student Support team.

Homestay Services The school offers a range of homestay families and this is managed by an experienced full-time Homestay Coordinator. Our homestay families provide accommodation, meals and support for students and must undergo an accredited homestay orientation. The Homestay Coordinator closely monitors students in the first few weeks of placement and follows up with regular phone calls, emails and annual home visits. Students are provided with a 24 hour contact number and have access to ISP staff who are available at all times and located in a dedicated International Student Office.

International School Relationships Cairns State High School has enjoyed long-standing relationships with a variety of schools in China, Italy and Japan. The Chinese and Japanese relationships involve reciprocal school visits and fall under the Cairns City Council Sister Cities Committee. A Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Education and the Fri.Sa.Li Network of schools in Italy has been established with the introduction of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and the teaching of Italian.

embracing international mindedness

Student, Parent and Community Involvement Senior Leaders and Student Council The School Captains, Vice Captains and other nominated Year 12 students form the Senior Leader Team. As a group, the students meet regularly with the Principal and take on roles which serve the student body and the wider school community. The role of the Student Council is to act as a forum whereby the opinions and concerns of the Cairns State High School student body may be voiced. It aims to establish and foster communication between the year levels and within the year levels by providing opportunities for participation in community and charity projects.

School Council Cairns State High School formed a School Council in 1999. The School Council has 10 members with representatives from parent, staff and student groups. These representatives are duly elected on an annual basis. The Council meets twice per school term to consider and approve the School Annual Report and Annual Operational Plan, and reports from the various school programs. The School Council works with the Principal and Senior Staff to develop strategies which enable the school to deliver quality education to all of the students whilst providing a safe and secure school environment. The School Council aims to assist the school to meet the changing needs of Department of Education and Training in its pursuit of excellence in the delivery of education.

Parents and Citizens’ Association The most significant voluntary adult group that supports Cairns State High School is the Parents and Citizens’ Association (P&C). The group comprises of parents and interested citizens and operates as a constituted body. It is affiliated with the Parents and Citizens’ Association Queensland. The P&C aims to help maintain the academic, social, and cultural excellence offered at Cairns High. A significant proportion of income is derived from the operation of the Canteen, Uniform shop and school facility hire. The association employs a Liaison Officer to oversee and coordinate plans for the future. The P&C has been an important financial contributor to many vital projects in the school, including: • On a needs basis assist students with associated costs to represent the school at high levels of sporting, cultural or academic pursuits of excellence • the rebuild and expansion of the Canteen facilities The school encourages parents and carers to join the P&C and to make a contribution to the school in a way that best suits them. The P&C is a useful and effective forum to stay in touch with what is happening in the school and also to have input into school activities and policy.

Music Support Sub-Committee The Music Support Sub-Committee is very active and provides invaluable and substantial support for the maintenance and development of the exceptional music program at Cairns High.

Centenary Celebrations Sub-Committee The Centenary Celebrations Sub-Committee was formed in 2015 and is overseeing all planning and preparation for the multiple events associated with school’s centenary celebrations in 2017.

enhancing strong community connections

Cnr Sheridan & Upward Streets, Cairns, Queensland P.O. Box 5643, Cairns, Qld Australia 4870 Telephone: +61 7 4050 3033 Facsimile: +61 7 4051 5972 Email: Website: Department of Education and Training CRICOS Provider Number 00608A

Cairns State High School Prospectus