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Issue 14 May/June 2009

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CONTACT AND MAGAZINE DETAILS Cairns Kids Magazine is published bimonthly. ADDRESS PO Box 7948, Cairns, QLD 4870, Australia EMAIL info@cairnskidsmagazine. WEBSITE www. cairnskidsmagazine. PHONE 0417 762 033 PUBLICATION MANAGER Jenny Griffiths SALES MANAGER Bec Waqanikalou


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editorial FROM THE CKM TEAM Hello to all our regular readers and welcome to all you new ones too – With Mother’s Day fast approaching we decided to dedicate this issue to that wonderful woman who selflessly looks after everyone else first and puts herself last – MUM!. We hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day and get well looked after by the kids! I am so excited to be onboard with Jenny and the team here at Cairns Kids Magazine and am looking forward to all the fun, and also the challenge of providing important and entertaining information for all you wonderful parents out there.

We have a great competition this month, a Mummy Make Over with thanks to MumMe family hair studio and Mum’s Nails and Beauty. Make sure you get your entries into us to be in the running to win! We hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to bringing you some new and exciting articles, competitions and ideas in the upcoming editions. Please remember that you can read all the issues of Cairns Kids Magazine online at any time from anywhere! Visit

We look forward to hearing from you.

ART DIRECTOR Karin Olofsson

Enjoy your reading!

SUB EDITOR Sandra McCormack

Kind Regards,

COVER PHOTO Shaz Spannenburg

Bec Waqanikalou, Sales Manager email:

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Disclaimer: The information and advice provided in this publication is believed reliable, but not guaranteed. Cairns Kids Magazine accepts no responsibility in respect of any products, services or goods which may be presented in the magazine, or any errors, omissions or mistakes in editorial references. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the prior written consent of the publisher.


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rashes If your child always seems to have a rash put 1-2 drops of 100% lavender oil into there baby bath make sure to aggitate the water very well. And see the rash dissappear within 1 to 2 days. / Rebena

Somethings that worked well for me. If you child is biting you regularly have your teething ring handy and as soon as they bite you place the teething ring in there mouth and say: "bite this" they soon learn what is acceptable to bite. If this does not work firmly say NO and put them down and turn your back on them and they realise bitting means being put down and will stop it very quickly. / Kristy


han ur c ce to

WIN MOSQUITO-BAND, ANTI-INSECT BAND Send your Top Tip to Cairns Kids Magazine and if we judge your Top Tip to be our winner, you will win the Mosquito-band, Anti-insect bands pack, consisting of 6 double packs.

Mosquito-Band, Anti-insect Bands are infused with natural Citronella Oil. Simple, safe and easy to use, just wear on the wrist or ankle for 48 hours protection. Citronella is non toxic and DEET free. Perfect for children, those with sensitive skin and anyone concerned about chemicals. Mosquito-Band, Anti-insect Bands help repel mosquitoes, flies, midges and sandflies as well as other flying insects. For more information and stockists: Send your Top Tip to: or Cairns Kids Magazine, PO Box 7948, Cairns, QLD 4870


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Cairns’ leading Learn to Swim School Operating for over 24 years C-Me Swim school offers quality learn to swim in a private, boutique and modern environment.

• Over 21 classes available for infants from 5 months and toddlers 4 levels of Learn to Swim and mini squads

• • Individual programs designed to cater for

the different learning styles of all children Heated pool with swimming all year round

• • Small classes • Private classes • Experienced, qualified teachers and coaches certified by Austswim and Swim Australia

70 Russell Street, Edge Hill (opposite Edge Hill State School)

phone: 4053 2549 “Learn to Swim at C-Me’s a gift for life.”

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what’s new

Motherly Foods produce a range of all natural food for babies and toddlers, gently cooked and snap frozen into cube trays and plastic pots. All mums want to give their baby the best start in life. Motherly is a wonderfully convenient range of home-style Baby and Toddler foods. Using only organic meats and quality Australian produce, Motherly promises to offer your child a true taste sensation (Real food real taste). All ingredients are simply cooked and snap frozen into convenient portions. Motherly uses no thickeners, starches, added salt or sugar, in fact no chemical additives whatsoever. Avoiding the use of chemical additives eliminates the risk of reactions in sensitive children.

All Motherly products are 100% Natural and high in nutrients. They are dairy, egg, soy & gluten free. You will be happy to feed your child Motherly. The perfect choice for a busy routine. Motherly is Australian owned and products are made in Queensland. Motherly is currently available at Woolworth’s Supermarkets and selected independent grocers. toll free 1300 662 229.

CONGRATULATIONS! The winners of the Cairns Kids Magazine and Pine Creek Pictures’ photographic portrait competition were Peter and Kathryn Ghelfi from Atherton. Their children Kye and Tenae had a great time having their photos taken whilst exploring Pine Creek Pictures rural property. As a prize the Ghelfis won a fantastic composite print of a mixture of images from the shoot. To view some of the pictures from Pine Creek Pictures gallery and to see what they can do for you, visit

RARE DISEASE DAY IN FEBRUARY 2009 CKM met up with Meagan, the coordinator of “Rare Disease Walk Awareness Day” in February this year. Meagan is very pleased with the outcome and says: “I was so overwhelmed by the turnout for the walk and fought back tears on occasion! We had over 200 walkers and raised over $1500 in donations. We had door prizes on the day and although the walk was


free most people gave a donation to the cause”. A board was organised on the day for people to highlight a disease or disorder that had affected them. From the board a contact list created to help forming support groups. “It doesn’t change the struggle that we face daily dealing with our daughter’s rare syndrome but it does make us feel like people care” says Meagan. To top off the success of the event, Meagan and her family received some exciting news about the research into 'Angelman Syndrome' - the syndrome her daughter has been diagnosed with. To find out more about Rare Disease Awareness Walk, please visit

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competition WIN A MUMMY MAKE OVER! The winner will receive a stylish new look from‘MumMe Family Hair Studio’ and be glammed up with professional make up by ‘Mum’s Nails & Beauty’.

MumMe family hair studio

Mum’s Nails and Beauty

Ph: 0439 300 970 – by appointment only.

Ph: 0406 694 296 – by appointment only.

MumMe family hair studio offers a fun, convenient and healthier hair care option for the whole family. Being a parent herself owner Nikki Nicholls felt there had to be an easier way for the whole family to visit a salon. So Nikki created a small boutique hair studio within her family home to provide quality services. She has created a welcoming environment for the children, which puts them at ease for their hair cut and gives them a safe place to play while waiting for Mum or Dad.

We all know how easy it is for mothers to put themselves last! Mum’s Nails and Beauty offer a great range of Beauty services for mums to put themselves first for a change. From waxing, nails, facial and massage, Leanne is a beauty therapist with over 15 years of experience and after having her son realize just how hard it was for mum’s to look after themselves with quality and cost effective beauty services. She has set up an intimate beauty studio at her home with children’s play area for the kids to be safe whist mum takes some time for herself.

MumMe family hair studio uses quality eco friendly and organic products specialising in Ammonia free colouring and the Prevention and Treatment of Head Lice that is healthy for the whole family. Also offering an easy solution to help parents treat and prevent hair, scalp and skin issues that affect kids by using Ecokid organics for kids.

Let us know why in 25 words or less why you or someone you know, deserves a Mummy Make Over. Please send your entry including contact details by the 31st May 2009 to postal: Cairns Kids Magazine, PO Box 7948, Cairns, QLD 4870 or email:


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get organised helping busy mums get organised Being a mum and running a household is hard work, there is no doubt about it! There is so much to do and it seems there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. When life is chaotic and your home is cluttered and full of ‘stuff’, it can cause feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, depression and in general a feeling of being overwhelmed. By being organised, mums will be able to create time to do the chores, enjoy the family and have some ever important ‘ME time.’ A little hard work to get organised will pay off in the long run. Once you are on top of it, you generally feel more in control, less stressed and can start to enjoy your life. Here are 10 top tips to help get you on the right track.

Leonie Holland owns and operates Clear and Sort, a Cairns-based business which specialises in helping families become more organised, free up time and create more balance in their lives. To contact Leonie call 0417 648 250 or visit


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top 10 organising hints for mum Get yourself a good planner or diary - There are so many events and appointments to remember when you have a family. When those events are written in your diary nothing will be forgotten. Update your diary regularly and check it each night. Daily To-Do List - Use a To Do List to write down everything you need and want to achieve the following day. Make sure the list includes things you want to do for yourself. Be specific, and as you do these things, cross them off. This will give you a real sense of achievement. The Family Five Minute Quick Cleanup - Set the oven timer, put on some music and get the whole family to spend five minutes doing the Family Five Minute Quick Cleanup. Even the little ones can help. Schedule ME Time - All mums need to take some time to do what they enjoy. Even if it is something simple like reading a good book or 15 minutes of meditating. Whatever it is that makes you happy, schedule it in. You will be a happier and more productive mum by giving yourself time to rejuvenate and reenergise. School Lunches - The night before, while dinner is cooking, make the school lunches. If your children are capable, get them to make their own lunch. This will encourage them to prepare and pack food that THEY want, and give you a welldeserved break. The Quick 15 - Getting organised takes time. Each day allocate 15 minutes of your time to ‘make a start’. Clear out the junk drawer in the kitchen. Tackle one kitchen cupboard. By starting with small jobs, organising is far more achievable and not as overwhelming. Weekly Menu Plan - Get the family together for ten minutes and work out the meals for the week. This will make it much easier to shop, knowing you have planned the week’s meals in advance. Shopping List - Keep a list on the fridge or pantry so when items run out family members can add them to the list. Once you have planned the week’s meals write a detailed list of groceries, and be sure to stick to it! Buying only what you need will save you money. Laundry - Keep on top of the laundry by washing and hanging out in the evenings, and ironing during the day. By doing this regularly you will be able to keep it better under control. Mail - Check the mail at the same time each day. Open the mail and immediately discard anything that is not required. Create an ‘In Tray’ so you can file the mail immediately in a temporary filing system. Make sure you have a tray for bills, so they are paid on time.


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moment with the midwife CHECK UPS FOR MUMS in a new mum should be investigated. Often it is nothing to worry about, but occasionally lower abdominal discomfort may be more than just "after pains" and could be related to bladder and uterine infections. Any offensive or prolonged bleeding should definitely be investigated and a temperature in a new mum can be potentially very serious. Mastitis is also a common cause of feeling unwell, and needs to be assessed and treated if infection has taken hold in order to prevent long-term problems such as abscesses. Having a post-natal six week check is important. This should be a thorough physical and psychological check and is a great opportunity too discuss future contraception. Remember breast feeding is not a reliable contraceptive! With all the focus being on the baby once home from hospital, it is easy for mums to forget that they need to look after themselves as well, and remember to have their own health checked regularly. In the early post-natal days any unusual pains or temperatures

Ensuring all your other women's health checks are on track also needs to be remembered. Pap smears are still required every two years, and mothers over 40 need to remember to have a mammograms every two years (call BreastScreen

QLD on 132050 to organise your free mammogram). We also recommend all adults planning a pregnancy, and all new parents as soon as possible after the birth of their baby, have a whooping cough (pertussis) booster shot. Babies under six months old are most at risk of this disease as they are not yet fully protected by vaccine, so immunising parents and future parents reduces this risk. This is easily organised via your GP. Last but by no means least, don't forget to go and have a pre-conceptual check up and chat with your GP or midwife prior to planning your next pregnancy. Many potential health risks to you and a future baby can be sorted out before pregnancy, but may be untreatable once you are pregnant. Moment with the midwife is supplied by Draper Street Family Medical, which provides a wide range of specialised postnatal services, including breast feeding support & advice, settling techniques, coping with the “Baby Blues”, immunisations, contraceptive advice & “pramercise classes”.

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cairns’ british super nanny JULIA MARSHALL IS CAIRNS’ BRITISH SUPER NANNY Please send your question to email: postal address: Super Nanny, PO Box 7948, Cairns, QLD 4870

I want to dress myself! After an interesting letter recently, I thought we should cover the topic of children dressing themselves. Usually at any point over the age of one children start to become interested in what they are wearing. The joy of not wanting to wear a hat can start much earlier. With this one be consistent in putting the hat back on and using the words to explain your actions. Maybe try one with a strap underneath. Try not to let it turn into a game by laughing at them. When laying children's clothes out for them, try to keep it simple for them. No fancy openings or tricky fastenings. This is a milestone for them. Lay t-shirts face down so that they can just pop their arms in and head through. Choose undies which have a picture on the front. Explain about labels going at the back, near your neck or bottom. Perhaps mark shoes with an L for left and R for right. The same can then be done in washable pen on their feet, for a short time. Explain about the little toe and where it sits in the shoe to help them remember. Again keep things simple - use slip on or velcro shoes first and then move on to the skills of buckles and shoelaces. When children wish to choose clothes for themselves simply label their drawers with the words and pictures to help them locate their belongings. Keep their choices to a minimum if this is causing a problem. By this I mean have two or three shorts in the drawer at a time for them to choose from and put the rest away out of sight. Give praise when they choose and put on their own clothes. Who cares if they are wearing completely colour-clashing clothes! They may start a new trend... Or at least look on the funny side it will make most people you see smile, I would hazard a guess that it will bring back funny memories of themselves or their children, doing exactly the same thing. When they need to wear a specific outfit be strong, be definite and do not back down. Make it into a game, such as who can

get dressed first. Get dressed before the alarm goes off. Try reward charts. Take pictures. Ask them to watch themselves in the mirror. When a child wants to change their clothes numerous times a day or takes forever to get ready, we must start by looking at ourselves. Is this what they see as normal, because in actual fact this is what we do? Try to set a good example. Also try having a dressing up box. Not only with bought outfits in, but also old shoes, bags, hats etc. So they can experiment and practice, when there is no rush or pressure. Keep smiling and remember we have all been fashion victims at one time or another and many people commit crimes against fashion everyday.

Julia Marshall from Cairns Nannies offers problem solving, parental courses and nanny service on a full or temporary basis. For more information contact Julia on 0408 983 771 or


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healthy smiles

photo: Shaz Spannenburg

We all know the importance of good dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing daily, as well as eating a good balanced diet and drinking plenty of water all contribute to ensuring healthy teeth and gums. And we all know we should have regular check ups with the dentist, but unfortunately not enough of us do. So many of us put this at the end of the to-do-list, or don’t think about it until we ‘need’


to go. This could be doing us more harm then we ever thought. Here are some important reasons to maintain consistent six-monthly check-ups with your dentist.

To help prevent dental emergencies. Don't wait until you have a toothache to visit your dentist as many problems are easily avoided by regular visits to the dentist.

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Page 13

To retain your teeth.

To maintain good overall oral health.

Avoiding dental visits increases the chances of loosing teeth to gum disease. Gum disease, also known as gingivitis, can be diagnosed in its early stages during routine check-ups and is more easily treatable and reversible when caught early.

Maintaining good oral health is important to your overall well-being. Healthy teeth and gums not only enable you to look and feel good, they also make it possible to eat and speak properly. During your regular check ups ask your dentist or a hygienist to give your teeth a thorough clean to remove built up plaque and tartar which can cause gum disease, cavities and bad breath.

To keep your warranty on your previous dental work. Many patients don’t realise that more often than not, warranty on their fillings and bridge work, etc is only valid if a patient has maintained their six-monthly check-ups. You regularly service your car to keep its warranty, so why should your teeth be any different?

To prevent oral cancer. Oral cancer is highly curable when diagnosed early, so when you go in for your regular dental check-up and clean, ask your dentist or hygienist to also screen you for oral cancer.

Finally – remember prevention is better than cure, so why not book your six-monthly check-up today? Call 1300SMILES on 1300 764 537 or book online at

Healthy smiles is supplied by Tania Paterson who is a Dental Therapist at 1300 Smiles Cairns. You can find 1300 Smiles at Cairns Central and Smithfield Shopping Centre.

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NQ Baby and Children's Expo

Jodie, Cynthia, Jay Laga’aia, Pinky McKay, Celine and Bec. Busy mother of three Jodie Cox is both pleased and proud with the success of her company’s inaugural North Queensland Baby and Children’s Expo which was held in March this year. Jodie says the 4000 plus parents and children who attended over the two days of the event were given every reason to leave the venue satisfied. Jay Laga’aia and Pinky McKay were the undisputed stars of the show pictured with the Themevents team. Jodie says Pinky’s realistic, positive and empowering techniques, ideas and support for gentle parenting were appreciated and enjoyed by hundreds of parents. “And there was no doubt that Jay lit up the entire venue with his lively, enthusiastic and genuine love of his music and his audience of toddlers,” Jodie says. “Jay said he was delighted to be in North Queensland and it was obvious,” Jodie explains. With more than 70 exhibitors and all the essential services families could ask for in one location, the


Expo looks on track to become an annual family event, with the 2010 Expo (and exhibitors) already booked. So what does a busy mother of three children aged under six years with a self-employed husband and two companies do with her spare time? “There isn’t any,” Jodie laughs, adding she is kept busy with her other two passions, these being NQ Baby and Child and NQ Business Mothers Networking Group. NQ Baby and Child is an email newsletter with over 1200 subscribers. Visit to subscribe. Jodie says an online parenting forum is currently under construction too. Her other passion is NQ Business Mothers Networking Group, which is a monthly business meeting for like-minded mothers in business to network and share ideas. Jodie is currently calling for expressions of interest for this group with a view to a mid-year launch. For further information email Jodie at

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photo: Talia Ling

Hunter is the first child for Sarah and Eddie Sutherland of White Rock. In this edition’s Chat with a Local Sarah tells us about life as a mother to date, as well as her experience of and views on a home birth. Are you originally from Cairns? Yes, I grew up here. Eddie was born in Scotland. We’d just finished working and travelling together when we decided to move back to Cairns to settle down. What do you like about raising your child in Cairns? We love the fact that Cairns is a vibrant town with lots of family activities to do. Was having your child like you thought it would be? The first four months was such a special bonding experience when Hunter didn’t do too much but sleep and eat. Now it’s a surprise at how fast he is developing. He already has 6 teeth, loves having pictures taken and he is now crawling and standing. I never expected to have such a strong emotional connection with my child.


Does your child’s name have a special meaning and why did you choose it? We chose the name Hunter because we wanted a strong masculine name if it was a boy and this struck us both as being just that. A name can have such an effect on a child in the school ground which can lead on through to adult hood, so we will choose strong names for all the children we have. Are you a full time parent or is your child in some sort of care? Yes I’m full time mum however when Hunter is asleep and at night time I do our business accounts and general management. Is your child taking part in any activities? Yes I’ve been teaching him to swim at home with great success. But now that it’s freezing I’ll be going

to an aquatic school for some lessons in the heated pool so I can pick up more ideas to teach him at home once it warms up again. It’s so important to teach them to swim and they are never too young, especially as my parents have a large dam on their property. What is your family’s favourite activity? We love going on family drives to Kuranda or last weekend we stayed up at Thala Beach Lodge in Port (was quite romantic too). It’s just so cute looking around in the car and seeing and hearing Hunter enjoying his drive. It still shocks us sometimes to think we made this cute chubby baby. We can’t wait to go camping again, as we’re very much outdoors couple. Don’t think we’ll be tenting it first time but will borrow my parents caravan.

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What is the most memorable moment with your child? Holding my baby on my chest after giving birth. My husband and midwife poured fresh warm water over us both to keep us warm after having a natural home birth in our huge bath. Are you planning to have more children? Yes, we love children and I loved giving birth! We would like three or four. What is your best sleeping tip? After three months of trial and error this is what worked best for us - for three to four days we’d just put bub in cot for five to seven minutes and painfully listen to him cry, and then I’d pick him up and calm him, give him a little water, then put him back down again. Hunter learned to take his thumb on the second day much to our relief! So he now can settle himself. He’s a real fighter of sleep but when he’s tired and whingey that’s it, its bedtime. But of course you do what you feel comfortable doing and what works for you. Tell us about your birth experience. It was the most wonderful and exhilarating experience for us both, it was awesome. I’ve always thought the hospital is where people go when sick, not to give birth which is the most natural thing in the world to do. I mean in some cultures the woman just goes off into the bush and does her thing then comes back with a


9:44 PM

baby! I organised a professional midwife who had successfully delivered healthy babies at home for years as well as in hospitals. I didn’t however just rely on her advice but I did my own personal research of mothers in Townsville and in Cairns who had given birth at home and I realised the success rate was really very good. I didn’t want any drugs. My pain relief was my husband rocking me. For six hours I paced the house as I knew that pain was good pain in labour, I had positive posters everywhere, every contraction I was saying to myself “it’s good, my baby is coming”. Funnily I refused to get into the bath right up to the last hour. I only had about three painful contractions in the whole labour before the lovely pushing stage, which is bliss by the way. But I didn’t want to push but let my body do it as I knew I’d tear if I did. However I got excited when my midwife exclaimed “only 10 minutes to go, the head has crowned” and by gosh I pushed then! I think I’ll ask for silence next baby as you are so into your own body, also known as ‘labour land’. So I tore only a little and she stitched me up at home as she’s fully qualified. There was no way I was going to a hospital! The money was not an issue, I chose home birth and I wanted the best for my baby. I still went to the hospital for all my antenatal and checks and let them know in advance just in case. I think I was so positive throughout and had done so much research of

Page 17

what could go wrong and also knowing that my baby was in the perfect position helped, although I would still have done it had I had twins or if the baby was breach. There is still a long long way to go, women need to be more aware that they have a choices and a voice. Look at Holland – midwifes and doctors go to the women’s homes for the birth. It would be great if we all had this option. Words of wisdom to expecting parents? If you choose a completely natural birth (ie. no drugs at all), I would recommend you talk it over in depth with your partner or support person. When the pressure starts and your mind starts to scream for pain relief and it will, you need your partner/support to remind you about your plan and how much it meant to you to be drug free. Drink raspberry and nettle leaf tea, Gatorade and water throughout and use straws. If you are tired lie down for a little on your left side but force yourself to get back up and walk around. Breastfeeding is best for mum and baby, so put bub directly on breast, ask your midwife to show you different ways of doing this. It’ll take a few weeks to figure it out and get it right. I used to shout why didn’t this baby come with a manual! I’d focused so much on the labour and given no thought about afterwards. But you learn after much trial and error.

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family therapy Mothers’ Day is the day on which we especially celebrate and acknowledge the love and hard work mothers give to their children. Partners play an integral part in making Mothers’ Day special. The efforts made by partners, as well as by grandparents, other relatives and special friends, can mean a great deal. And for most mums it has nothing to do with expensive gifts or restaurant meals (although of course these can be enjoyable!).

partners and family members can help mum celebrate mother’s day by: • Bringing her breakfast in bed. Teach the children to treat mum from a young age. There is nothing like memories of toast crumbs in the bed! • Organising brunch or lunch at home (do the shopping and the dishes too). And remember you can always cook the bacon and eggs on the barbecue! • Getting family and friends together for a family picnic or barbecue at a favourite park or beach. • Arranging a pamper rug for her, with magazines and treats to help her chill out while you look after the children. • Planning a play day with the children. Activities will depend on the age of the children and the family interests, but some ideas are cooking, crafts and sports. Play days can be staged either indoors or outdoors depending on the space, the location and of course the weather. • Cooking her dinner and letting her retire for an early night.

Remember, even though Mothers’ Day is celebrated only once a year, special family days can happen as often as you like, with the added bonus of strengthening the family’s relationship.

Family therapy is supplied by Birdwing Therapies which provides parenting and children’s programs. Contact Keran for further info on phone: 4041 3504 or visit

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Now open in Cairns! C Accredited re restraint estraint fitter! Short and long long term hires available! availa able! Free advice on n all your baby needs! nee eds! Compare our prices!

phone: 07 4032 1984 p c cairns@hireforbaby.c com

mobile: 0423 959 959 648 www.hireforba

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Page 20

women’s wellbeing pregnancy and antenatal depression Pregnancy can be a joyous and exciting time for women and often the experience is a positive one. However, pregnancy can also be a time of mixed thoughts and emotions. This reaction is normal because often the arrival of a baby impacts upon a woman’s lifestyle, finances and career. Many other factors can contribute to these mixed emotions for pregnant women, particularly if there is uncertainty about her relationship with the baby’s father. Religious and cultural issues can also create concern for some women, especially if she is unmarried. Some distress may arise from the difficulty of dealing with unexpected outcomes of pregnancy such as if their baby has a medical or genetic condition, or if a baby is lost through miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion or adoption. If you have similar concerns about your pregnancy, professional support is available.

relationship difficulties, stressful life events, a past history of abuse or a lack of social support. Research shows women who experience antenatal depression are also at an increased risk of developing postnatal depression after the baby is born. Therapy is effective in treating antenatal depression and often can prevent postnatal depression from occurring. Seeking help is a step towards keeping yourself and your baby safe and healthy.

Pregnancy support counselling is available for women who have concerns about a pregnancy or a pregnancy within the past 12 months. At Women’s Psychological Health, pregnancy support counselling is bulk-billed when referred by a GP. Pregnancy support counselling is nondirective and aims to support women in making decisions about their pregnancy. Women are able to access three 30 minute consultations through this Medicare funded service.

Antenatal Depression Emotional changes during pregnancy is normal, largely due to the enormous hormonal changes that occur within the body. These can vary from mild to severe and about ten percent of pregnant women experience antenatal depression. Antenatal depression can effect a woman’s ability to enjoy their pregnancy and cope with day to day functioning. Women who experience antenatal depression should not feel ashamed. Antenatal depression is the result of biological, psychological and social factors impacting upon the pregnant woman. Some factors which contribute to antenatal depression include a past history of depression,


Remember, it is important to take care of yourself during pregnancy. Make life easier by getting help from family and friends to mind children you may already have or to help clean the house or set up the nursery. Finding time to relax is essential. Read a book, go for a walk or listen to some relaxing music to unwind.

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these are some of the symptoms of antenatal depression: Inability to concentrate and difficulty remembering Difficulty making decisions Anxiety and feelings of agitation Feeling emotionally numb Extreme irritability Avoiding family and friends Sleep problems Extreme or unending fatigue A desire to eat all the time or not wanting to eat at all Feeling like a failure, feelings of guilt Persistent sadness Thoughts of suicide or death Therapy is available at Women’s Psychological Health for women experiencing antenatal depression. Medicare rebates are available when referred by a GP.

Women’s wellbeing is supplied by Charlene Halfhyde from Women’s Psychological Health. Charlene can be contacted on 4031 8095 for individual or group therapy for women aged 16 and above

Charlene Halfhyde Psychologist Individual and group therapy for women aged 16 and above Medicare Rebate Available Pregnancy Support Counselling Bulk Billed

2/325 Sheridan St, Cairns ph: 4031 8095 email:

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fitness tips with Simone Mums and dads – you are considered a role model for your children. An active lifestyle and eating well are keys to keeping up with the ever-increasing demands children make on our time, and helps set our children up for a healthy and active lifestyle themselves. The Growing Up Australia Study released last year found 15.2% of Australian preschoolers are overweight and about 5.5% of these are classed as obese. Evidence shows these children will more than likely grow up to be obese and therefore have an increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. So what can we do? There are two simple actions you can take towards a fitter, healthier life. Firstly, get outdoors and get moving. It is essential that adults and children breathe fresh air and move. Simple suggestions like kicking a ball around the back yard, walking the dog, washing the car, gardening, hanging out the washing – all of these can add a little bit of movement to your day. Even if all you can manage is 10 minutes, schedule it in and spend time with the kids. You’ll enjoy the break yourself and at the same time create some good housekeeping habits in the children! Secondly, throw out the packaged foods and start eating the crunchy stuff. Cut up and bag celery, carrots, capsicum, grape tomatoes (whole), beans, whatever is in season, so that you have on the go snacks ready anytime. Put them in the fridge at a level your toddler can reach that way if they reach for something at least it will be healthy.

We are vital role models for our children. Their habits will follow ours, so look out for your children and yourself as well. Good health and fitness go hand in hand and a consistent daily effort is all that is required to enhance your life and give your kids a great start. And remember, when they throw you a curve ball, like a category five poo when you’re stranded in a fast food restaurant without a nappy – just think… if only you’d gone for a healthy picnic in the park. You wouldn't be stuck and totally embarrassed. Simone is a Personal Trainer, Pilates Coach & Internationally Certified Body Balance Instructor. Simone takes classes, including MUMBALATES at Active Health Clubs. Contact Simone on 0411 027 883 or

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notice board FOR SALE Thomas the Tank Engine timber rocker suit up to 3 years. Exc condition $60. Safe n Sound car seat good condition $40. phone Vicki 0419 671 500

Fisher Price, Aquamarine baby bath, near new fantastic bath from newborn to toddler in brilliant condition. RRP: $59.95 selling for $30. phone Cherie 4055 2531

Steelcraft Swivelrite 3 wheel jogger pram silver with black trimmings for sale. In excellent condition with heaps of attachments $120, Redlynch. phone Michelle 0417 337 969

"Love n Care" 3 wheel jogger pram with DETACHABLE TODDLER SEAT INCLUDED Excellent condition $180 ono. phone Nikki 4059 2035

Co-sleeping bed attachment, cot size, hinged side allows for attachment to bed frame or free standing. Beautifully handcrafted with heart cut outs. Castor wheels with locks and storage underneath. Bar on top for hanging mosquito net or mobiles $95. Text your email address for photos or phone Jodi 0413 125 805

Macpac Possum child carrier, used once excellent condition. Comes with headrest and rain protector. Lets you get off the beaten track $100. phone Alanah 4032 1078 Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story, large assortment of bedroom extras from $10 - $50. phone Jen 0400 153 313

Cairns Kids Magazine is offering FREE private listings on the Notice Board for events, notices and buy & sell. Please email or post us by the 10th of the month prior, for publication in the next issue. Email: Postal: Notice Board, PO Box 7948, Cairns, QLD 4870 Please indicate your preferred heading: what’s on, playgroups, for sale or wanted to buy.

while the boss is away, the new sales manager has put together some fabulous advertising packages!

phone Bec on 0417 762 033 for more information & rates or email

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P L AY G R O U P S LITTLE SQUIRTS PLAYGROUP Meet Wednesdays Venue: Community Church Hall, Hardy Road Time: 9.30am – 11.30am We have children from newborns through to 5 years olds. We have monthly outings, a great network of parents and would love to have new families join our weekly session. Contact Sheree on 4045 2783

SANDS (Stillbirth & Neonatal death support including miscarriage) SANDS support groups are casual gatherings for all family members who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month 10am - 12pm Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Ctr, 45 Cumberland Ave, Smithfield Contact Nerissa 4098 3089 or Kelly 4033 7917

CAIRNS SOUTH SINGLE PARENTS Meet other single parents, a no pressure easy way to meet other single parent families, fun family activities, Parents-only events to meet new friends and have an opportunity to be more than a parent. Phone Vicki on 0413 094 950 or log on to: cairnssouthsingleparents/

CAIRNS PLAYCONNECT PLAYGROUP FOR FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN WITH AUTISM Cairns families who have young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are meeting at a special playgroup that is starting at St Margaret’s Anglican Church Hall at 230 Aumuller St, Cairns. Will meet every Thursday, 9.30am - 11.30am. Contact Playgroup Queensland (toll free) on 1800 171 882 or email

NORTHERN BEACHES PLAYTIME Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre runs a playtime Mondays 10.00am – 12 noon. Cost is $4 per family, which covers morning tea. Bookings are not necessary. Phone 4038 1644 SPUNKY MONKEYS PLAYGROUP At Bentley Park has vacancies for families and carers with children aged 0-5. Mondays 9.30am – 11.30am. Venue: Community Church Hall, Hardy Road Phone 0424 735 692 GORDONVALE PLAYGROUP Meets Mondays 9.30am – 11.30am at the Gordonvale Community Kindergarten Moller Street Gordonvale. For more info phone 4056 1638 FAR NORTH QLD MULTIPLE BIRTH ASSOCIATION INC. For information on twins, triplets, multiple birth or social gatherings with other parents. Phone 0439 797 221 Email


HUNGRY MUMMY'S - A TIME FOR HOT MUMMY'S TO MEET AND EAT! Held every Tuesday at 12pm for venue details please call Nicole if interested as venue can change! Any mums welcome! For more info and venue phone Nicole 0435 193 346 or email THE TREEHOUSE It’s all about getting moms and babies to be creative. We do lots of arty stuff, relax, listen to music etc. We meet every Thursday from 2.30pm to 4.30pm in Machans Beach Community Hall on Tucker Street. Contact Rossi 0432 154 716 or Ela 0400 484 221

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business directory Cairns Weddings - Kay Earl Weddings, Namings, Commitments & other Occasions – 14 years experience Kay’s Naming Ceremonies are warm, friendly and professional. Be confident that your little one’s Naming Day is special for everyone. Great ideas and support. for more info visit: email: 28 Mann Street, Edmonton, QLD phone: 07 4045 26 60 mobile: 0419 799 637

Marlin Coast Family Day Care phone: 07 4057 9977 email: Government approved. Child care fee relief available.

limited vacancies available for affordable & flexible homecare for your child marchapr


l 2009 Issue 13 March/Apri

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birthd ay

party tips

food intolerance & allergy

women’s eing wellb management stress

+ a-z business directory


jumping castle hire for your party

Did you know that you can read the mag online from anywhere at anytime!

& CHILD MAGAZINE CAIRNS’ ORIGINAL BABY .au www.cairnskidsmagazi

Photography by Dominic Chaplin PINE CREEK PICTURES 0419 028 077 Studio: 247 McLeod Street


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business directory

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BABY SHOPS/SUPPLIES Atherton Juniors ph: 07 40912 732, 32 Main Street, Atherton Baby Barn ph: 07 4051 4900, 63 Anderson Street, Manunda Baby Trading Post ph: 07 4033 1227, Southside Shopping Centre Cairns Juniors ph: 07 4045 4044, 183 Bruce Highway, Edmonton Cocoboo Kids Boutique ph: 07 4038 3590, Smithfield Shopping Centre Hire for Baby ph: 0423 959 648, Hot Mummies ph: 07 4051 5676, 103 Mulgrave Road, Cairns Little Stars for Little People ph: 07 4051 7633, Showgrounds Shopping Centre The Green House Environment Shop ph: 07 4031 8787, 55 Spence Street, Cairns Toys “R” Us ph: 07 4031 1763, 157 Mulgrave Road, Cairns Toyworld ph: 07 4054 2212, 560 Mulgrave Road, Cairns CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES Cairns Civic Theatre ticket link ph: 07 4031 9555 Crystal Cascades Horse Park ph: 07 4039 3143, Lot 626 Intake Road, Redlynch Go Bowling ph: 07 4053 3497, Squeekers ph: 07 4055 4479, 179 Bruce Highway, Edmonton CHILDREN’S ENTERTAINMENT/ PARTIES Nikki the Clown ph: 07 4057 8019 email: Children’s party entertainer - puppet show, games, music, face painting. Different themes available! Balloons Etc ph: 07 4054 6466, 506a Mulgrave Road, Earlville Cheeky Monkey Club ph: 1300 880 669, Flip Ripley ph: 07 4039 0622, Gift of the Gab Party Shop ph: 07 4038 3939, Go n Jump Jumping Castle & Slide Hire ph: 07 4031 4131,



CHILDREN’S ENTERTAINMENT/PARTIES Jumping Jim’s Castle Hire ph: 0418 779 608, Ponies 4 Parties ph: 0407 470 662, Sumphun Kidzcraft ph: 0410 041 633, The Confectionery and Party Shop ph: 07 4051 0486, COMMUNITY SERVICES Child Support Agency ph: 13 12 72, 480 Mulgrave Road, Earlville Community Health Centre 277 Mulgrave Road, Westcourt, ph: 07 4052 9333 16 Danbulan Street, Smithfield, ph: 07 4038 9900 10-12 Roberts Road, Edmonton, ph: 07 4045 9900 Relationships Australia ph: 1300 364 277, 182 Gatton Street, Manunda Family Assistance Office ph: 13 61 50, 480 Mulgrave Road, Earlville SANDS - Infant Loss Support ph: 07 4098 3089, 45 Cumberland Ave, Smithfield HEALTH & WELLBEING Mum’s Nails & Beauty Studio ph: 0406 694 296 11 Tangenelli Close, City View • Kids welcome • Pamper Packs from $50 • Acrylic Nail $40 • Wax Packs from $30 • Qualified Beauty Therapist, 15 years of experience 1300 Smiles ph: 1300 764 537, Cairns Central & Smithfield Centres Beauty Spa Club International Ph: 1300 SPA CLUB, Birdwing Therapies ph: 07 4041 3504, Draper Street Family Medical ph: 07 4051 1074, 443 Draper Street, Paramatta Park Merluna Massage & Herbal Health ph: 07 4033 7887, Southside Shopping Centre MumMe family hair studio ph: 0439 300 970, Mumbalates ph: 0411 027 883, Specialist Kinesiologists ph: 0418 432 581, Women’s Psychological Health ph: 07 4031 8095, 2/325 Sheridan Street, Cairns

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business directory


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ONLINE GIFTS/PRODUCTS Berry Baby ph: 07 4055 6670 100% all natural skincare products for mother and baby, including the very popular Berry Safe Insect Repellent to scare off nasty mozzies! Don't leave home without it! Baby Rock, comfy carry sling ph: 0417 601 113, Belly of Love ph: 0408 077 185, ph: 0409 479 614, Cushie Tushies ph: 0424 247 675, Haggus and Stookles ph: 07 3378 7155, Nurture Nappies ph: 07 4098 3778, Simply Hampers ph: 0438 121 523, stix & stones baby ph: 07 4033 2750,

SWIM SCHOOLS C-Me Swim ph: 07 4053 2549, 70 Russell Street, Edge Hill Essential Skills Swim School ph: 07 4045 2782, 32 Fishburn Street, Bentley Park Janet Evans Swim School ph: 07 4053 7935, 110 Pease Street, Edge Hill Marlin Coast Swimming ph: 07 4057 7720, Leisure Park Road, Smithfield Waterwise Aquatic Centre ph: 07 4039 1078, 151 Harvey Road, Redlynch MISCELLANEOUS Cairns Nannies ph: 07 4054 7474, Catholic Education ph: 07 4050 9700, Mum on a Mission ph: 0407 996 726 Paws Outdoors ph: 0403 537 632, Twinkle Toes ph: 1300 78 11 55,

PARENT/CHILD ACTIVITIES Cairns GymbaROO 18 Charles Street Nth Cairns (Band Hall) ph: 07 4041 4140 Classes for babies to 5 year olds. Music, Movement, Motor skills and much more! email: Kindermusik with Nicole 9 Donnelly Close, Brinsmead phone: 07 4034 2219 or 0418 772 258 email: Music program for children 0-7 years KinderGym ph: 07 4055 1711, PHOTOGRAPHERS Barry Daly Photography ph: 07 4058 1662, Calypso Kids ph: 07 4041 5581, Cheeky Monkey Photography ph: 0421 150 717, Shaz Spannenburg Digital Images ph: 07 4039 0442,


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