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ethiCool jewellery collection The world I want is not a world apart where abuses and violations could flow during everyday activities. No, the world I want is the one I always dreamed to reserve for my children. This world is not a distant dream although, it is still a dream. But, when I close my eyes I can feel we can change and make it reality. It is inhabited by radiating people, bright like the sunshine, who share basic values fulfilled with love, respect and sense of community.

People, animals, trees, flowers, rivers, forests, all breathe the same breath of happiness. I believe the world I want is dreamed by many others. Do you dream it too?

ethiCool jewellery collection

Mini pendants: plant, save, love, wake up, 3 R’s, sustainability, i’m pet - i’m in, kindness is happiness.

ethiCool jewellery collection

ethiCool jewellery collection

Mini pendants: plant, save, love, 3 R’s, volunteering, peace.

ethiCool jewellery collection

Mini pendants: plant, save, love, wake up, 3 R’s.

ethiCool jewellery collection The ethiCool jewellery collection has been inspired by a desire for a better world; a world which priorities respect for the environment, love and happiness. The ethiCool collection has been created to reflect mankind’s basic needs and how we interact with the natural environment, and encourages an engagement with nature.

ethiCool jewellery collection represents the deepest desire of those who work today for a dependable future.

ethiCool jewellery collection Caipora new collection introduces a fresh meaning to striking jewellery; ethiCool jewellery features the luxe of natural pearls and the wear ability of gold plated recycled silver.

Customer Service and General Inquiries Phone +44 (0) 7538531289

Media Contact Phone +44 (0) 7538531289 ethiCool jewellery collection results from a collaboration between Caipora Jewellery and the talented sisters Mercia Stela and Paula Santos.

Caipora Jewellery Collection - ethiCool  

Caipora seeks to extend the brands sustainability message, and address some of the basic issues surrounding simple environmental actions thr...

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