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Guideline objectives • I know which technical profiles are a global focus • I share a global vision of integrating technical profiles into AIESEC efficiently • I know practical ways to do this

EP focus! • We will learn about the EP side in order to learn about all of the exchange process


* Paraphrased from the CEO of Toyota Motors, Europe

Need for technical students “Benchmark survey reveals looming Hunger Global Warming [technical] talent shortage” – E&P magazine, May 2011

Crowded cities “Not Enough New Scientists and Engineers Entering the Energy Industry” – Columbia University, Sep 2010 “…hardest to fill jobs are Skilled Trades, Sales Representatives, Technicians and Engineers Disease according to the survey of more than 35,000 employers across 36 countries.” – Manpower Inc, May 2010 Water shortage

So how do we get them? • •

6 simple steps Your goal: Identify your bottleneck

1. Define their backgrounds Which profile do you want to achieve?

Electrical Engineers Mechanical Engineers

Civil Engineers

Industrial Engineers Software Development IT

2. Get more specific

Who actually fits with AIESEC?

For these people…


They just need to know.

…and what it can give.

3. Recruit them Use the right product and the right message to impact the market. Talentos Globales IngenierĂ­a? Talentos Globales IT?

90% won’t care. You want the 10% that does.

4. Integrate them

X OPS and EP Development Programmes are great ways to do it!

5. Be smart about supply and demand, so they can go on exchange The fit AND the timing have to be right. See DAAL Files to more information:

6. Make matching happen • Track the application process: make sure that your EP is applying to the right TNs • Track the interview process: make sure that your EP is preprared • If the contact by email with the TN Manager fail, try to reach them in other communication channels • Provide the needed support to Visa and Insurances

Review. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Backgrounds Personality Recruit Integrate Supply and demand Matching

Great theory, but‌

(does it really work?)

Interesting Facts • By the Global Support Team Analysis, one of the biggest problem in MA oGIP is the lack of Supply & Demand knowedge. • By the Global Support Team Analysis, there is a GAP of IT EPs for Q4 Realization. • Brazil have now more than 20 Engeneering TNs Available and more than 40 IT TNs avaialble. • Turkey is known as a big supplier for Education TNs

There is a great possibility. What is left is to act.

Next steps: • OGX: Find your bottleneck in successfully matching technical profiles • OGX: Find your bottleneck in the segmentation and promotion to technical profiles • OGX: Generates good knowledge about the Supply and Demand to the profiles you want to recruit using the available resources (DAAL Files & AFT)

Last but not least

X is BOOM Dynamite!

Recruiting Technical Profiles  

Guidelines to the Technical Profiles Recruitment: Talentos Globales IT Talentos Globales Ingeniaría