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oGIP: Moving Southern Cone

Description: The main purpose of the oGIP Moving is to rise growth on the outgoing GIP program of AIESEC in Southern Cone through GIP area development & education strategies.

Objectives: • Development and education of the OGX area • Provide a national view of OGX as sales • Increase the Supply & Demand Knowledge to leverage delivery results • Increase the performance of oGIP in Low and Medium performers • Develop the market segmentation in Big Performers to leverage results • Increase the feasibility of oGCDP & oGIP splitting in Medium and Big Performers • OGX Development-based Clustering Implementation

Goals: • 100% of the LCs using Talentos Globales brand • 100% of the LCs in clusters • 130 outgoing GIP experiences delivered until July 2013 • 80 oGIP RE in Argentina • 40 oGIP RE in Chile • 10 oGIP RE in Uruguay Key Actions: • Provide aligned packages and timelines to a high cycle in Q3&Q4 • National Webinars to externals to promote main destinations • Delivery of Development & Performance Reports • Education cycles delivered in MC level • Provide Supply & Demand knowledge and tools to the network • OGX Development-based Clustering Implementation • Provide coaching upon the regional strategies implementation

Timeline: September




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2013-14 term: national bottleneck analysis 2013-12 term: national oGIP trends analysis

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Starting Recruitment LC Segmentation Focus Delivery: ET, TT or MT? oGIP EP Manual oGIP Member Manual Regional Education & Development Report oGIP Talks VP Coaching

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Recruitment/MA OPS Support Second Round Recruitment New OGX Cluster Model National Webinars (Raise) VP Coaching

LC Deliverables MC & ROXT Deliverables

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MA/RE OPS ET & IT Matching Manias National Webinars (Matching) VP/VP Transition Minimmus guidelines

Education & Development Be a self-learner and drive your own experience. Find your information here!

OGX Resource Center: contentid=10156696

Let's move Southern Cone! Se nos organizamos matcheamos todo!

oGIP Moving  

As a umbrella strategy, the main objective of the oGIP Moving is to make it easier to every member in OGX area to understand the deliverable...

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