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This is Gabriel. He’s learning a new language, which is a big task! scene 1 take 1

There are some amazing automated computer programs he’s using right now to help him, but sometimes he feels alone in his progress. scene 1 take 2

Gabriel has discovered that having meaningful interactions with real people who are proficient in the language he’s learning seems to be the best way to improve his skills. scene 1 take 3

But what are meaningful interactions? And why are they important to language learning? scene 1 take 4 zoom in

A meaningful interaction between Gabriel and his friend, who is a proficient speaker in the language he is learning, looks like this: A question is asked, (character has a question posed to them, ? mark or person talking) An answer is given, (character gives a speech bubble answer) scene 2 take 1

Correction and feedback is offered, (other person speaks, maybe Answer is crossed out and replaced) scene 2 take 2

A second response is provided, (character gives “Answer 2” in speech bubble) scene 2 take 3

And positive encouragement is given. scene 2 take 4

These meaningful interactions happen all the time in oďŹƒces, scene 3 take 1

schools, scene 3 take 2

and other public settings. scene 3 take 3

They provide the spontaneous opportunities necessary to become truly uent in a foreign language. scene 3 take 4

Unfortunately for Gabriel, these interactions also come with significant costs like time, money, or even the need to travel to foreign places. scene 3 take 5

At BabbleGabber, we’ve squeezed these interactions into an app that lets Gabriel learn without the loneliness of a traditional stand-alone system, quickly and easily, wherever he is. scene 4 take 1

The BabbleGabber app features pre-made question packages for each level of proficiency, created by language experts and teachers. scene 4 take 2

When he posts a video response to a question, Gabriel’s answer is sent to his friends for evaluation. scene 4 take 3 pan

His friends are notified of a new question that needs to be graded and responded to, allowing Gabriel to quickly receive feedback and encouragement from real people, scene 4 take 4

simulating the in-person conversations and interactions that accelerate language fluency scene 4 take 4

Gabriel’s friends and connections ensure that his confidence in speaking a new language grows as quickly as his skills do! scene 4 take 5

Visit or download the app to learn more and sign up for free. scene 4 take 6

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