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PANAMA More Than Just a Canal

Dini Enjoy Mercado de Mariscos:

Above a bristling fish market, an unassuming restaurant is the place to get your seafood fix. Gems include whole fried fish and cavernours bowls of ‘Get Up Lazarus’ soup.

Pa n a m a Miato:

With style and pedigree, Miato toys with the classics, tinkering in everyday Caribean, Latin and Chinesse influences. While results are mixed, it’s stil worthwhile.

ng Style Rene Cafe:

With an unbeatable location underneath the shadows of the Iglesia Catedral and overlooking the Plaza de la Independencia this relative newcorner is primed to become one popular ciry restaurant.

Manolo Caracol:

Manolo’s immerses you in tropical tastes, rescuing what’s native, toying with flavors, paring them down and surprising you. Tiny courses pair opposite flavors and textures such as beef and tongue sprinckled in salt.

Bird watching throughout panama may just be one of the most colorful and amazing activy that you may get wraped in when visiting Panama.

Kayaking is strongly alive here in Panama. Emjoy our rapids and submerge yourself inside this activity which will have you asking for more. Visi our various kayaking sites for a fun experience. Kayaking is all about adrenaline and it may be enjoyed by most ages.


Be delighted with such attractions Panama may have to offer. Rememeber Panama contains more than just a canal. Panama is home hundreds of species of birds which can be seen through bird seeing tours. Panama offers rapids for kayaking to boat rides up and down its streams. If that wasn’t enough wait until you enjoy surfing at panamas caribeans. If you really enjoy a good swim, then take a dive in Panams’s cristalized water and maybe go scooba diving in it’s rich water. Theres much to do in Panama, join the fun!


What to shop for?

City shopping is very different from shopping in rural areas where things are generally bought only as and when needed. In Panama’s three main cities, however, shopping and window-shopping are common and in Panama City the shopping opportunities are extensive. The wealthy cruise from designer shop by car-walking in not popular-in the expensive Marbella and central areas of the city. A number of vast malls are a recent addition to Panaa City, most of which feature top designer labels. Most large malls are also open on Sundays. For most fereigners, the shopping oportunities are even greater. The Colon Free Zone is enormous, and while the Free Zone is a wholesale market, visitors can sometimes buy duty-free products to be sent to the airport and collected once through immigration. Traditional Panamanian arts, crafts, and souvenirs are sold throughout the country. Duna, Embera , and ngobe Indians sell their wares in large market stalls, and in small individjal stalls in tourist spots.

Our Packages Silver






It includes:

It includes:

It includes:

• Paid dinner for 4 nights • Travel guide • A boat cruise • Bird seeing & much more

• Silver Package • Paid hotel for 4 nights

• Silver Package + Gold Package • Round trip transportation

Panama Travel Brochure  
Panama Travel Brochure